Kunimitsu by Aoi

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	                 Kunimitsu FAQ
                          version 1.0

Created by William Knight
This may be distributed freely as long as it is not
altered in any way.

Intro: Not too many people play Kunimitsu because they think 
she doesn't have too many moves or she is plain useless.
Well I beg to differ. I recently started playing her because
I beat the arcade game with everyone else and she was one
of the people I didn't beat it with. She is more of a strategy
player if anything because her moves can be very powerful
if you know how to string them together and get maximum


1+3                  Flying Press
d/b+1+3              Hip Lock
2+4                  Jawcrusher
<behind> (1+3)_(2+4) Back Drop

f,f+3+4,[1+2]        Spiral Launch, [Spiral Dive]
F+2                  Backfist **turns opponent around**
B+1,1,1,1,1,1        Spinning Hilt Strikes
D/B+3,[3],[3],[3],3_f+4   Spinning Leg Sweep[s], SLS_Falling Tree Kick
4,4,4                3HK
u/f+3+4              Flipping Stomp
f,f+4                Jumping Knee
3,4                  Lightning Kick[s]
D#,d/f+3             Spinning Sweep
2,(3_D+3)            Punch (HK_LK)

d/b+2                Kunai Stab (unblockable)
b+2                  Kunai Murder (unblockable)
f,f,N+2              Kunai Advance (unblockable)

1~2,1,4~4,4,1,2,3,2  Tenstring

d/f+2                Uppercut (combo starter)
     f,1,f,2~3            +P, P, Spin Kick                   4-hit  49pts
     f,1,f,f+4,f,d/b+1    +P, Jumping Knee, Kunai Stab       4-hit  46pts
     f,1,B+1~1,D/B+3~3~3  +P, Spinning Hilt and Leg Strikes  5-hit  39pts

Basic Combos

These are combos that I figured out while playing people at
the arcade:

1: Two kicks,Hopping Knee,Low kick, & Stomp: 3,3,F,F+4,d+3,U/F+3+4  
<h3>Damage for #1 is roughly 70-100%

2: Low Kick,Hopping Knee, & Stomp: d+3,F,F+4,U/F+3+4
Damage for #2 is roughly 30-40%

Kunimitsu is a cheese character against the CPU, but not too
many people know about it. So is Yoshimitsu.

The idea here is to knock your the CPU down, then run towards
it and wait for it to recover. Before it gets up back away
about 2-3 step very quickly. The CPU will kick at you. From
here just do the hoppin knee (F,F+3+4) repeat this over & over
until the CPU is KO'ed this is one of the glitches that the
CPU falls for. The same goes for Yoshimitsu.

Against a novice/intermediate player: I normally start off
with a juggle combo, the three kicks (4,4,4) then do a
hopping knee this takes off massive damage right from the 
start about 40-45%. If they block while you are going the
the juggle, quickly duck then do the Kunai Stab (d/b+2) 
which is a downward overhead stab for an extra hit.

Against experts: Start off with low kicks to the shin 
preferably (d/f+4,4,4) then do a hopping knee (F,F+3+4).
I sometimes start off ducking in close while blocking.
From here I do the Kunai Stab (d/b+2) or the Kunai Advance
(f,f,neutral,2) because they are quicker than the Kunai Murder 
(b+2), then I do some of her smaller combos like the ones under 
"Basic Combos" listed above.

Well I hope I have given you enough information that when 
you challenge the CPU or humans you have a better chance
of winning. If there are any question please email me at

Created by William Knight