Lei vs. CPU by Sub-Zero

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Lei CPU Cheese FAQ
Author: Sub-Zero (subzero@rat.org)
Revision: 1st And Last :)

I read the other Lei Cheese FAQ on MG's site and just had to write one of
my own, cuz I know that the other one is *NOT* guaranteed to work. We have
our difficulty jacked to the max, and the CPU always manages to roll away
from that shit. Anyway, here's how I got a time of 2 min. 42 sec, which
is 16 seconds better than that other guy :)


CPU Opponents 1 thru 3 (Average Round Time = 5-7 Seconds)

Once the round begins, immediately do the High Crescent, Turning Heel
Sweep Kicks (3,3). This will take just under 50% of the opponents life.
Now run up to opponent, and back away just outside sweep range. The CPU
will roll away, and try to either...

1. Roundhouse. If they rise to their feet and attempt a roundhouse kick,
they will be out of range and miss you. Now, you can push forward to get
back into range and do the (3,3) again. This will leave the CPU with just
a sliver of energy. After the (3,3), Lei always has his back turned, so
just simply tap (3+4) and Lei will backflip onto the opponent and take the
last shred of life.

2. Sweep. If they try to sweep, pause a split second, then repeat the
(3,3) kick combination while they are rising from the sweep, otherwise if
you kick to soon, your kick will sail right over their head and they will
either land the sweep or get up and introduce their foot to your face.
If you time things correctly, however, you will be able to connect with
your crescent kick as they begin to rise to their feet. After connecting
with the (3,3) again, you can either repeat the process, or just press
(3+4) to end it quickly.


CPU Opponents 4 thru 7 (Average Round Time = 7-10 Seconds)

Not too much variation here, except that the round should be started with
the Sleeper throw (2+4). You should be able to catch the CPU opponent
with this throw 95% of the time up to and including the 7th opponent.
As soon as Lei begins to get up, move up to opponent, then while they
are getting up, quickly move back. The opponent will once again roll
away and try to roundhouse or sweep you. You should then do the (3,3) kick
combination. Move up to opponent and back away again, now when they get
up, you can finish them off by doing the (3,3) combination, or my favorite,
just push (F+4) and watch them go sailing. Either will finish them off.


CPU Opponents Bruce, Kazuya & Devil (Average Round Time = 5-10 Seconds)

These last 3 opponents are actually the easiest for me, because they are
extremely stupid. The method works equally against all three. Once the
round begins, run right up to the opponent and play dead (D+3+4). These 3
fools will attempt to hit you high, even though you're on the ground.
While they are starting, or after they've attempted an attack, simply press
(3+4). Lei will do his spring kick and knock the opponent up in the air.
Immediately lay back down. The opponent will crash to the ground and since
you are lying right next to them, they will roll away. Now, right after
the end of their roll and *right* as they get up, do the (3+4) spring
kick again. You just lay down again and repeat the process. It takes
on average 4 spring kicks to kill. If for some reason the opponent flies
at an angle away from you instead of straight up, you can still run to
where they are and have time enough to lay down and spring kick. For
a little variation, the last attack can be the Footsweep, Jumping Hook
(3,4) combination. Timing is a little trickier, but it does make for a
nice change.


*NOTE* The method listed in the previous section will work on opponents
1 thru 10, but earlier opponents tend to stay on the ground longer, thus
causing those precious seconds to tick away. At no point should any
round last longer than 10 seconds. I must admit that the game I got a
time of 2'42" was nearly perfect, as I only took *1* hit from the CPU,
that being from Bruce. Every other round was perfect and was over in rounds
ranging from 4 seconds to 10 seconds.


*NOTE* My method only works for the aggressive player who is willing to run
up to the CPU characters. If you're a pussy-ass player who is afraid
to take risks, and likes to start rounds by backing away and hiding, then
forget you even read this, because it just won't work for you, and I don't
want you trying it anyway.


BTW- If any of you doubt that a time of 2'42" is actually possible, just
let me know and I'd be more than happy to take a picture of the screen,
scan it and put it on the web. My top 3 times are in the 2 minute range
with low 3 minutes rounding out the top 5. It's nothing special and not
that hard to acheive once you know how.