Lei vs. CPU by Victar

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From: Vctr113062@aol.com

Lei vs CPU cheeze guide v2.0

Lei is the Tekken 2 CPU-killing Cheeze God!!! When I first started playing
TK2, after weeks of being unable to get past stage 3, I gave Lei a try. (Well
actually, I screwed up the Alex code :). I breezed my way up to stage 6 just
reading the cabinet, smashing the buttons and generally messing around. Lei
was the first char I beat the game with (set at "Hard" difficulty), back when
I still couldn't get past stage 5 with anyone else.  

But it isn't just that Lei can cheeze the CPU; every char can do that (some
more easily than others, though). Lei deserves his title of Cheeze God
because he has so MANY different ways to cheeze the CPU, and they ALL look
incredibly cool!!!!

"Whee-yat! Wheeah!" 

Lei's four basic anti-CPU patterns (I mostly rely on #1-3, but the other two
can come in handy):

   #1) tap forward, let joystick return to neutral + 1, 2, 1, 2, 3

This combo is Lei's Razor Rush, a barrage of rushing punches followed by a
trip kick. The CPU tends to block the punches and eat the kick over and over
again (and Tekken 2 has significant block-damage, unless the arcade operator
switched it off). If you overuse this combo the CPU may hit you out of the
rushing punches. So, it's safest to start this technique while the CPU is
recovering from a missed attack or getting up from a knockdown.

Unfortunately, the Razor Rush is kind of tricky to do; if you don't get the
f, N joystick movement/timing right, 1, 2, 1 gives you these useless turning
punches that leave you waaaay too vulnerable. The timing of the actual button
presses is pretty easy though, even for a spaz-meister like yours truly. I
just spaz alternately on button 1 and 2 (so I'm hitting 1~2~1~2~1~2 etc.) and
watch Lei closely. When Lei's fourth punch is coming out, I stop spazzing on
buttons 1 and 2, and I spaz on button 3 in time for Lei to finish off the
Razor Rush with a trip kick. 

I prefer start the round off with the Razor Rush (since the CPU will let you
get away with almost anything at the start of a round), maybe try it again if
it knocks the CPU down, then switch to something else for the rest of the
round. Relying heavily on the Razor Rush, especially in the first five
stages, is a good way to get a short finishing time. The best Lei time ever
at my arcade was a  little over 3  minutes. (My time is more like 7 
minutes. :) Basically, the guy knocked the CPU down with the Razor Rush,
waited a little bit out of range for it to get up & kick, immediately knocked
it down with this combo again, etc.

   #2) tap 3~4 in quick succession, hold joystick up until Lei is doing the
third crescent kick, D+1, 1, 1, (keep crouching & wait for the CPU to roll
sideways) 4, 4

The first part is a jumping crescent kick; Lei does up to three if you keep
holding the joystick up. Then he does three low turning punches that knock
the enemy down & juggle him. Keep crouching for a bit; the CPU will do a
sideways roll. Then 4, 4 gives you the low trip kick + hook kick combo. The
CPU will usually block the jumping crescent kicks and eat everything else.

Timing notes: I find it easier to do the 3~4 button press with my index and
middle fingers, respectively. Also, I used to have trouble making the low
turning punches work, until someone pointed out that D+1 means to hold the
joystick down and tap 1 SIMULTANEOUSLY, not successively. If you hold the
joystick D too early during the jumping crescent kicks, Lei will just go
directly from a jumping crescent kick to lying on his back, which is not what
you want. You have to hit D+1 pretty much as Lei finishes his third jumping
crescent kick. You can do an infinite number of low turning punches, but if
you try more than three the CPU will roll out of your reach and retaliate.
After your third low turning punch, stay in a crouch. Wait for the CPU to
almost finish its sideways roll and begin to get up with a standing kick . If
you time the 4, 4 button taps right, your trip kick + hook kick combo will
hit the CPU out of its rising attack. If you hit 4, 4 too early, then your
trip kick will hit and the hook kick will whiff, but the CPU won't be able to
penalize you for the whiffed hook kick. If you hit 4, 4 too late then you
will probably eat the CPU's rising kick. 

The biggest risk in this pattern is that the CPU might hit you out of the
jumping crescent kicks, but it usually won't unless you do this trick too
often, or you do it when CPU Kazuya in particular is just standing there,
waiting for you. It's safest to start this pattern when the CPU is getting up
from a knockdown or recovering from a whiffed attack. But don't start this
pattern immediately after a knockdown, or the CPU will roll to the side
(shifting its axis away from your jumping crescent kicks) and blindside you.
Wait until the CPU begins to get up, then start this pattern.

   #3) (wait for CPU to attack) D+3+4, 3+4, jumping 4

This is, of course, Lei's Play Dead (Quick Drop, lie down, whatever you wanna
call it :) into a kippup attack, which usually (not always) tosses the enemy
high in the air. Jump straight up and kick 'em with an air 4, and maybe
finish it off with a low 3 while they're lying on the ground. The key to
using this combo is not to do it when the CPU is just standing there; always
wait for it to start something first, preferably a string of high attacks.
Otherwise the CPU will start kicking you when you lie down. Works
particularly well on CPU Yoshimitsu & Bruce, and poorly on CPU Paul (but he's
a sucker anyway). You can also follow up the Play Dead with a trip kick +
hook kick (D+4, 4) or standing kick (3). I think the trip kick + hook kick
does slightly less damage, and I know the standing kick does the least
damage, but if you rely on the kippup attack all the time the CPU will come
to expect it.

When Lei does the Play Dead, he lies down with his head pointed toward his
enemy. If Lei is lying down with his feet toward the enemy (i.e. he's getting
up from a knockdown, or he does the 4~4 lie-down kicks) do *not* tap 3+4. In
that circumstance, Lei will get up with an ordinary kippup that is
horrendously slow, can barely scratch his opponent, and leaves him extremely
vulnerable. He may as well wear a sign on his neck saying "Hit me! Hit me
now!" Get up with a standard kick or roll instead.

   #4) B+1+4, 4 (CPU jumps over you) D+4, 4

The first part is Lei's unblockable Phoenix kick. If you start it from a
certain distance away, or while the CPU is getting up, the CPU will usually
jump over you. When it lands behind you, hit it with the trip kick + hook
kick combo. Don't overuse this pattern or the CPU (particularly CPU Nina)
will start turning around and kicking you, but it's a good way to buy
yourself some breathing room. If by some chance the CPU blocks your trip
kick, do not follow it up with the hook kick or you'll be left wide open.

 General tips & misc. cheeze:

-It's usually safe to go for a "free throw" at the start of a round. At
higher levels, the CPU may duck or escape your throw, but if you back off
after that you probably won't be penalized. I like to use the Jumping Bird
throw (1+3), then run toward the CPU and slide. The CPU tends to take the
sliding hit. (CPU Paul likes to double-kick you out of running attacks,
though). Or you can use Lei's inescapable f, f+1+2 Tai Trip throw, but be
careful; if you screw up the joystick motion then 1+2 gives those lousy
turning punches (now Lei is wearing a sign that sez "Throw me while my back
is turned to you!")

-When you get knocked down by mid-level (say, level 4-7) enemies, a nice
trick to gain an edge is to roll to the side (tap 1) and then get up with a
kick (3 or 4). The CPU may get baited into a missed pounce and eat the kick.
This tactic doesn't work well on CPU Kazuya/Devil, though - he'll kick you
out of the sideways roll over and over. Even if you roll backward, he'll
probably get at least one low kick on you before you escape. It sucks, but
c'est la vie.

-the more you mix up your tactics the better. The CPU does learn your
patterns. If possible, I like to beat the first three opponents with funky
stuff that I never use later, such as the turning kicks into a set of Flip
Flops (3, 3, 3+4, 3+4, 3+4) or the "aerobicize with Lei" lying down kicks
(4~4~3 feel the burn! ;-). 

-I imagine that Death From Above would work with Lei (just like it works for
Nina, Anna, Heihachi, Devil/Angel, & Jun) because I'm almost certain Lei's
U+2 is a flying punch like theirs. I haven't tested it out with Lei, though.
Death From Above works like this:

   1) knock the CPU down
   2) stand real close to the CPU, practically stepping on its head or knees
   3) when it rolls to the side, do a long pounce (U+2)
   4) If you time it right, the CPU will whiff a rising attack and you will
land on its head for some 25-40% damage, depending on whether you score a

-It is possible to trick the CPU into eating Lei's unblockable Phoenix Kick.
I've seen it done, but I'm not good at duplicating it. Basically, the Lei
player knocked the CPU down and did the Phoenix Stance into a set of hopping
sidekicks medium-close to the prone CPU. When the CPU started rolling
sideways, he let loose with the Phoenix Kick and nailed it (Lei's Phoenix
Kick will hit an opponent on the ground, BTW). A fellow Lei player has the
following to say about this cheeze:

anastos@informatik.tu-muenchen.de (Tiri) writes: 
>My alltime favorite is 2xSide-Kicks + Phoenix-Kick killer in no time!
(That's: B+1+4, 3, 3, 4). This depends of course on difficulty level and
Version. I found it to work great on original Version (not B), especially
against Yoshi, Jack-2, Kazuya, Devil, Heihachi. Too bad the Phoenix-Kick
doesn't connect on a grounded female and Law (that's the proof: Law is a
woman; what a wuss! I always knew it!). Against Yoshi and Jack-2 do the combo
right as the  round starts and they'll be knocked out in less then 4(!) sec.
Against others, double tap back and do the combo (usually do 1 or 2
additional Side-Kicks to connect at least once before the final
And if the CPU rolls to the side while doing the Phoenix-Kick: they get hit
anyways (provided the distance you started the Phoenix was within reach);that
makes the Ladies and wuss-Law additional victims of Lei's

Lei VS individual CPU characters, esp. at higher levels:

Baek - He's a "boss" on the machine I play, so I've only killed him will Law.
But I imagine Lei's Play Dead into a kippup attack would work well against
his high-hitting kick strings...

Heihachi - I hate him. Mix up your tactics, because if you rely on just one
he'll probably start hitting you out of it. Sometimes he jumps toward you
with a quick air kick; block it high. If it doesn't force you into guard-stun
then dash up to him & hurt or throw him (he's got a long recovery time from
that move). Watch out for his hell sweep -> axe kick string; you must block
the hell sweeps low and the axe kick high. Don't forget to block his
deathfist high, 'cause it hurts! He throws like a bastard, too.

Jack-2 - Some of his strings will hit you while you Play Dead into a kippup
attack, but most won't. The jumping crescent pattern works OK. Heck, if you
just stand a short distance away he'll start a string of slow uppercuts; when
the second uppercut whiffs, you can retaliate with almost anything. Do watch
out for his throws; his tombstone piledriver does about 60%. Also be on the
lookout for his horizontal scissors -> meltdown (F+1+2, D+1+2) or horizontal
scissors -> straight punch. You have to block the horizontal
scissors/straight punch high, and the meltdown low. 
    If Jack-2 is still driving you nuts, knock him down with anything, dash
up to him, and wait for him to roll sideways. Then kick him with a low 3,
dash up to him again, kick him with another low 3, and repeat the pattern
until he's dead.

Jun - she likes to throw a LOT, so be prepared to crouch or cancel the
throws. She'll try to double-kick you out of the Play Dead -> kippup attack,
but if you space it just far away enough she'll miss and get hit. Watch out
for her spinning straight-leg kick (either by itself or at the end of a short
string), which does major damage and must be blocked high (she is vulnerable
for an instant after it, though). 
   If Jun is still driving you nuts, let her run into a crouching punch, dash
a short ways away, and repeat until she whiffs a cartwheel kick. Then let her
have it with 3, 3 or nearly anything else. Note that while Jun is left wide
open whenever she whiffs a cartwheel kick, she is *not* left open if you
block the cartwheel kick.

King - he falls for the Play Dead -> kippup attack a lot *if* you wait for
him to attack first. The jumping crescent kick pattern works well, too. Stay
in a crouch whenever you're close to King, because he'll try to do his
multi-throws on you more frequently than any other CPU character (IMHO).
Watch for his single Ali kick -> uppercut string; you have to block the Ali
kick low and the uppercut high. He's left wide open after you block the
uppercut. You can also retaliate after blocking just his Ali kicks; try
dashing up to him and throwing him. When King is knocked down, he sometimes
likes to do a kippup-style spring to his feet; block it and hit him with
anything fast.

Law - wait for him to do a string of high kicks, then Play Dead into a kippup
attack. Watch out for his string of punches ending in an elbow smash; you
have to block the elbow smash high.

Lei - you won't face him unless you continue someone else's game, which is
too bad 'cause he's incredibly easy. Just duck his set of two turning punches
(he does 'em over & over again), and either back-throw him or hit him with a
crouching punch. (BTW Lei's back-throw is the Bulldog, same as Lee and Law).

Michelle - wait a short distance away for her to do one of her two- or
three-hit strings out of range. She's vulnerable for an instant afterward;
dash up to her and throw her, or start one of the  other patterns. Don't use
the Play Dead on her very often; too many of her strings involve low kicks
that'll hit you out of it. She tends to end her strings either in low kicks
(which must be blocked low) or an uppercut (which must be blocked high).

Nina - only use the Play Dead if she starts a string of high attacks. The
jumping crescent kick pattern works OK on her. She will hound you mercilessly
if she gets low on energy, or if you are knocked down, and she likes to
multi-throw if your kicks miss her!

Paul - stand just outside of his sweep range, and wait for him to do his trip
kick + dashing elbow combo. Block the elbow high and retaliate with virtually
anything quick (the inescapable Tai Trip throw works nicely). Repeat. Don't
use the Play Dead on him; he'll kick you out of it most of the time. If Paul
closes in on you with his low kicks/two-hit jump kick/roll, block it, do a
crouching punch, and dash away until you're outside his sweep range again.
Watch out for his deathfist(s), which must be blocked high.

Yoshimitsu - wait for him to do his two standing high kicks in a row, then
Play Dead into a kippup attack. Gets him every time.

Alex/Roger - They fight a lot like King and have all of his weaknesses,
especially springing to their feet after a knockdown. Watch out for their
bicycle kicks, which must be blocked high.

Bruce - CPU Bruce is almost as easy for Lei as CPU Lei is for Bruce. Same old
story, wait for him to start a string, Play Dead, kippup attack. Don't Play
Dead when he's just standing there waiting for you, or he may hit you out of
it with his Tiger Uppercut.

Kazuya - worse than Devil, IMHO. Don't do the crescent kicks when he's just
standing there, or he may hit you out of them with his dragon punch. Don't
Play Dead until he first starts an attack, or he *will* kick you while you're
on the ground. The Play Dead into a kippup attack or trip kick does work
fairly well as a reactive tactic. Watch out for his spinning sweep kicks,
which must be blocked low, and his *#$% dragon punch, which hurts like hell
(50%) and must be blocked high. Kazuya also likes to use his standing tackle
once or twice each round. 
   Kazuya throws like a total bastard, so stay in a crouch and do not whiff
your attacks (with the possible exception of starting the jumping crescent
kick pattern from a short distance away). That means you don't attack unless
he's within range, and NEVER do any attack he can duck underneath unless
you're hitting him out of a move, or while he recovers from a move.

Devil - He's pretty similar to Kazuya except that he's more likely to block
stuff instead of hitting you out of it. The Play Dead into a kippup attack
seems to work a little better on Devil, for some reason. The jumping crescent
kick pattern works best if you start it up after he whiffs an attack from a
short distance away. He doesn't have as many of Kazuya's moves (no standing
tackle, and his hell sweep only hits twice), but he shares Kazuya's passion
for dragon punching you and throwing you out of ill-timed attacks. 
   Beware the *#@$ unblockable laser. CPU Devil always uses it at least once
or twice per match, occasionally up to four times in one round. Duck the
ground laser (he bends over a moment before firing it). You can stand up and
kick him afterward, or quickly dash up to him and throw him (assuming you can
do the f, f+1+2 throw consistently; CPU Kazuya/Devil will escape basic throws
up to five times in a row).
    When Devil flies up for the air laser, react fast! If you can run (f, f,
F) behind him and back-throw him when he lands, great. Be careful not to do a
normal dash (f, F) or you'll stop after a few steps and get fried. If you're
standing at least a screen length away, the safer option is to dash away (b,
B) and keep on dashing. When he starts to fire, hold the joystick U/B and you
should jump out of the laser's path. Then run to close the distance between
you and Devil before he charges you with the running battering-ram. If Devil
prepares the air laser while you're lying on the ground, tap 1 to roll to the
side (out of its path) and then roll away or toward him (this is also handy
vs human Devil players).

A word on unblockables other than Devil's laser. The CPU very rarely uses
them. When the CPU has decided to do an unblockable, you'll see your enemy
"power up" while a pretty sparkly flashes. That is your warning to either hit
him *fast* or run/jump away. 


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