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From: (Richard D)
Subject: [TK2] Tekken 2 Wang's FAQ V2.0
Date: Fri, 17 May 1996 04:39:58 GMT

Table of Content
Introduction to Wang’s FAQ v2.0
A) General Description of Wang
- Wang’s appearance
- Wang’s winning post
- Wang’s story line
- Some facts about Wang
- How to select this character
B) Wang’s move list
C) Comparison of Wang’s moves to Michelle’s moves
D) Wang’s power fist
E) Wang’s unblockable
F) Wang’s reverse
G) Wang’s throw
H) Wang’s 10 hit string and modified 13 hit string 
I) Wang’s combo list
J) Wang V.S. the whole world
   1) Wang V.S. the computer 
   2) Wang V.S. human 

Introduction to Wang's FAQ V2.0
Time flies by like an arrow since I released Wang’s FAQ v1.0
4 months ago. In these months I have almost perfected my Wang’s skill
and rarely meet a challenge anymore. Now it is an appropriate time to
release version v2.0 of Wang’s FAQ, before Tekken 2 is finally
outdated as a whole.

My email address: 

A) General Description of Wang
i) Wang’s Appearance
Wang is an old Chinese philosopher. His appearance suggests that 
he is a very peaceful and calm and slow old man. He has reverse moves
(b+1+3) or (b+2+4). He also has interesting throw like reverse body
check (d/f, d/f+2+4) or whirlwind throw (d/f+1+3+4). 
He has a number of power fists (palms) which has attack level 
ranging from high to low. They are slow and has a medium range. All
these defensive moves and medium range power fist quick 
defined Wang as a short to medium range defensive player. If you
want to play Wang well , you have to master 2 moves from the Street
Fighter series: fire ball ( QCT) and blade kick (d,u).
(More discussion of these in the combo and computer cheese section of
the FAQ)

ii) Wang’s Winning posts
1) Kong Hei Fat Choi - Wang does the "Kong Hei Fat Choi" post.
2) Chinese Dance - Wang does a little song and dance.

iii) Wang’s Story Line
Wang is an old friend of grandpa Mishma, who want to use Lee ChaoLan
to overthrown Kazuya and win back the Mishma empire.
- translated from Game Communication magazine (or something similar)

iv) Some facts about Wang
Nationality :  China
Fighting Style  : shin-irokugoken
Age : 84
Height : 165cm
Weight : 56kg
Bloodtype : B
Career : growing vegetables
Hobby : nothing in particular
Favorite : the air in early morning
- from Cocoa’s Tekken homepage

v) How to Select This Character
Go to Jun, press and release start then go down forward, back, up.

B) Wang's Move List
- from Meanbean’s Tekken 2 FAQ v2.0

1+3                   Neck Throw
2+4                   Reaping Throw
D/F+1+3+4             Whirlwind Throw 
                         **throw occurs when conected with standing
d/f,D/F+2+4           Waning Moon  **renders opponent helplessly
2,b,1+2               P, Spin behind, German Suplex
<behind> (1+3)_(2+4)  Back Drop

QCT+2                      Death Fist
(1~1,1)_(d/f+1,1)          Catapult Combo
4,d+4,(N+4_d+4_1)          K, Leg Sweep, (HK_Fan Kick_Uppercut)
(WC)+4,(N+4_D+4_1)         Front Leg Sweep, (HK_Fan Kick_Uppercut)
(WS)+4                     Sky Cannon
U/F+3+4                    Earthquake Stomp
(WS)+2,1,1                 Slice Uppercut, Catapult Combo
f,f+1+2                    Double Strike
F+1+2                      Delayed Double Strike
d/f+2,1                    Death Push, Big Punch (1st punch must
d/f+3                      Punt Kick
D#,d/f+4                   Back Leg Sweep
   <BLS> 3                    +Penetrating Bow Leg
d/f+1+2                    Lunging Low Double Fist
f+2                        Front Strike

b,B+1                      Heaven Cannon (unblockable)
B+1+2                      Indigo Punch (unblockable)

B+(1+3)_(2+4)              Attack Reversal

2~1,1,2,3~3,3,4,4,1        Tenstring

C) Comparison of Wang's moves to Michelle's moves
A large part of Wang's moves are from Michelle Chang. 
If you are a competent Michelle player you should have no 
problem playing Wang. Some moves are done even better with Wang, e.g.
WS+2,1,1 and 1,1,1 are a combo of Wang (see the combo section below),
but there is a delay when Michelle is doing these moves.( hence it is
not a combo when she is doing it). Some of Wang's moves are different
from Michelle. E.g. Michelle's versatile 3 kicks combo (4,4,4) has to
change to (4, d+4, N+4) when used by Wang. Accordingly Michelle's kick
uppercut combo (4, 4, 1) has to change to (4, d+4, 1). You can still
leg sweep  like Michelle when the opponent is down.
Overall Wang’s moves do a lot more damage than Michelle. But the
drawback is that he doesn’t have as many variations as Michelle. What
he has is very power combo and throws that make him formidable and
hence one of the best character in the game.

D) Wang's power fists (palms)
Wang has 5 power fists to play with. (including his low 
unblockable). You have to use them according. Generally I think 
power fist are very useful attacking tools, since it is 
powerful, simple, direct. And it push people away if missed.

1) Straight power fist (QCT+2)-
By far the most versatile power fist. It is faster than the 
other ones that Wang has, and and it has a good range, and does 
decent damage. But sometimes it will miss a crouching 
opponent who is doing the leg sweep. You can use 
this fist to trade hit with other opponents. Or attack opponent after
they whiff their attacks. (e.g. engage Paul 
in a power fist duel, trade hit with aggressive Law etc). 
Please see V.S. section below.

2) forward lunge palm (f+2)-
This move hit low at a far distance and hit medium at close distance.
Useful if the opponent always blocks high.

3) clapping fist (d/f+1+2)-
This clapping fist hit low. It has good range but it also has a hugh
set up time. This move is very useful when you want to finish an
opponent after juggling combos.

4) double palm (f,f+1+2)-
This move is like Nina's double palm. And if you do it right, 
there is no delay. You can do it by (F+1+2), of which Wang move a step
forward and then do the double palm. It double the attack distance and
is very useful in fooling your opponent.

5) Indigo Punch (B+1+2)-
This unblockable will attack the leg part of the opponent, and 
Wang will duck down. It is useful if you are anticipating a high punch
string from your opponent. E.g Lei's punch + 
backpunch (every Tekken2 players' dream).

E) Wang's unblockable
Wang has 2 unblockables.
1) Indigo Punch (B+1+2)-
(see power fist section above)

2) heaven cannon (b,B+1)-
This move cannoned the opponent up into the sky, and can be 
followed by some easy 100% float. (See combo section below)
To cancel, do not release 1. 

F) Wang's reversal
Wang's reversal is either (b+1+3) or (b+2+4). Technically when you do
the reverse motion you open up a window that last for about 1/2
second. Within that time frame if the opponent high attack he will get
suck into the reverse motion. 

After a few email exchange with Joshua Turpen (thanks Joshua), 
I have two strategies to do Wang's reverse. (And everyone's 
too). Here it goes.

1) hold one of the button e.g (3) and move backward. (You can 
also do d/b+3). When the opponent is attacking high or middle, 
you just press one button (1), and there you go, reverse the 
guy with no sweat. It is just like a single reverse button that 
you use. Improve the chance of my reverse by more than 50%. The 
only drawback to this strategy is that you keep moving back 
(d/f+3 is moving slower). If the opponent doesn't attack, you 
will be moving further and further away.

- from Joshua James Turpen <>

2) just hold one button e.g. (3). When you see the opponent's 
attack coming, do (b+1). It is a kind of awful to pull out at 
first, but it is still easier to pull out than (b+1+3) in the 
heat of the battle, and you don't keep moving back. BTW, you 
can also apply this strategy to any general throw. (See Throw 
section below).

G) Wang's Throw List
Wang's has 4 throws in his arsenal. Some are general throw, 
some of them can be deadly when used in a combo.

1) Neck Throw (1+3)
This is one of the regular by Wang that can be followed by a 
leg sweep. You can also do this by pressing one button in 
advance, and then press the other when you are close to your 

2) Reaping Throw    (2+4)
See above. 

3) Whirlwind Throw (D/f+1+3+4)
Can be used as a counter attack to some VERY high attack. (e.g.
Standing kicks). You can also throw an opponent who whiffs an attack.
This is one of the special throw that last for about 1/2 second. You
can throw within that time frame if the opponent stand up. (a regular
throw the only last for about 1/4 second). Usually the computer will
get up quickly enough that even a running attack is will whiff.

This throw has a hugh delay if you misjudge the distance. Try to use
(d+1) to get out of sticky situation if you miss the throw.

4) Reverse body check (d/f, d/f+2+4)
Crowned as the "God Damn move that is so hard to pull out" 
by (whom I steal some combos, see combo 
section below), this move can be deadly and lead to some 90% to 
100% combo.  You can also press the 2  button in advance, so what you
have to do next is just, d/f,d/f+4.

H) Wang’s 10 hit string and modified 13 hit string
i) Wang’s 10 hit string (2,1,1,2,3,3,3,4,4,1)
Wang’s 10 hit string started with 4 high punches. This can be counter,
reversed, duck-jab or block very easily. For God’s sake, just don’t do
it in front of people’s face and hope to get away with it. Mix it up
with some other attacks.

ii) Wang’s modified 13 hit string(2,1,1,2,3,3,3,4,4,1,4,1,d/f+1+2)
Same as above. Only deadlier. Use it after the reverse body check will
yield a > 100% combo.

I) Wang's Combo List
A combo is a string of moves that when the first hit is connected,
other cannot be blocked. Most of the combos here are stolen from
either Usernet, or from some previously written FAQ, or from email
with other Internet buddies. Most of them has been performed numerous
times by me. The difficult levels are according to my experience V.S.
human player in the heat of a battle. A large number means a difficult

1) Modified old man's Combo number 1 -
1,1,1,d+4,1,d/f+1+2 (86%)
I have Michelle's version of Old man's Combo in her own FAQ, if 
you care to check it out. First you do the 3 punches combo 
(1,1,1) , and then followed up with a sweep (d+4) and uppercut 
(1), and then the clapping fist.
*Difficulty of pulling off the whole thing: 5
*Difficulty to get the first hit connected: 5

2) Modified Old man's combo number 2 - 
(WS)+2,1,1,d+4,1,d/f+1+2 (96%)
- from Meanbean’s FAQ v2.0.
This is my favourite and one of Wang’s best combo because it is
relatively easily to pull out and does decent damage. To do the (WS)+2
motion fast, you have to practice the SF2 Guile blade kick motion.
(d,u+2). This will give you an instant (WS+2).
*Difficulty off pull off the whole thing: 6
*Difficulty to get the first hit connected: 5

3) Old man and the Sea combo 1 - 
d/f,d/f+2+4,f,f,2,1,1,2,3,3,3,4,4,1,4,1,d/f+1+2 - (100%)
Old man and the Sea combos started with the reverse body check. 
It is named because  there is a sea of moves to do. It is not 
easy to pull out. But if done correctly, it is fatal. For this one,
first you did the reverse body check, and then  you dash up to the guy
and do the modified 13 hit string to the opponent’s back from an
unguarded position.
*Difficulty of pulling off the whole thing: 7
*Difficulty to get the first hit connected: 7

4) Old man and the Sea combo 2 - 
d/f,d/f+2+4, f, f, (WS)+2,1,1, d+4,1, d/f+1+2 - (100%)
First you do the reverse body check, and then you did the 
uppercut, punch, punch combo (WS+2,1,1) , and then do a 
leg sweep uppercut, then a clapping fist.
*Difficulty of pulling off the whole thing:6
*Difficulty to get the first hit connected):7

5) Old man and the Sea combo 3 -
d/f, d/f+2+4, f,f, b, b+1, U+4_3 - (100%)
First you do the reverse body check, then the uppercut unblockable,
then high kick in the air. The timing for the unblockable is extremely
*Difficulty to pull off the whole thing: 9
*Difficulty to get the first hit connected: 7

6) Old man and the Sea Combo 4 - 
d/f,d/f+2+4, f, f, QCT+2 (65%) -
This is the most simplifed version of the series of O.M.A.T.S. 
combo. Just backstab the opponent with a death fist.
*Difficulty (to pull off the whole thing):3
*Difficulty (to get connected):7

7) Grumpy Old man combo - b,b+1, QCT+2, d/f+1+2 (100%)
- from MeanBean’s FAQ v2.0
This one start with Wang's unblockable and then followed up by 
the death fist. And then the clapping hands. Again, for God’s sake,
don’t do the unblockable in front of the face of good players and hope
to get away with it. Trick him into it.
*Difficulty of pulling off the whole thing :2
*Difficulty to get the first hit connected :9.5

G) Wang V.S. The whole World
i) Wang V.S. the computer (arcade, Version b)
There is only 1 move that you need to beat the Tekken 2 arcade version
B - Wang’s Time Record Cheese. (More computer or human cheese can be
found in my Tekken 2 Super Big Cheese Guide v3.0, which was released
months ago)

Wang: "The Jumpy Old Man Cheese" (WS+4, f,f, b,b, b,b+1, U+4)
This one is a 3 to 4 secs 100% cheese V.S. CPU. The dash in, dash out
has to be timed exactly. For more style you can use the death fist
(QCT+2) instead of jump kick (U+4). For even more style you can use
the earthquake stomp (u/f+3+4) instead of the death fist. My best time
is 1’59".

If you don’t like the (WS+4) motion, do a (QCT+4) instead. Some SF2
people may think it is more natural this way. BTW, (WS+4) or (QCT+4)
is a very good move to knock the opponent down (human and CPU) and do
your okizeme techniques, (discussion of this can be found in my Tekken
2 Super Big Cheese Guide), as it is fast and has a high priority, and
it pushes people away.

Some moves that you can reverse very easily:
Jack's second scissors hand,
Yoshi's second turnaround kick,
Nina's low kick and hand chop combo,
Law's rushing punches.
Lei’s turning punches.
Almost any Heihachi’s attacks.

Someone has already pointed out that this cheese cannot be done in the
PSX version of Tekken 2. Since I don’t have a PSX, would someone
please be kind to keep me informed.

ii) Wang V.S. human
Months ago I have migrated from a "move counter move" gameplay to a
"style V.S. style" gameplay.

There are 3 styles that I can offer you for now:
1) Super Armor Man (SAM)
Hold the right kick right (4) all the time. When the opponent start to
attack, move backward and press (2) accordingly. You will either do
the reverse or you will escape the attack. When the opponent whiff his
attack, just press (2) for an easy throw. When the opponent does a
exotic move, do (QCT+2) to destroy him. When the opponent does some
exotic strings, use (d+1) to soften him up.
Although simple, the SAM style has won me numerous battles against low
to medium level player. Very seldom a medium level player can
penetrate my Super Armor and drive me into my second style of

2) Berserk Attack  
Instead of turtling, you use Wang’s powerful combo instead. When the
opponent whiff an attack you  do the Old Man and the Sea combos to
kill them instantly. When the opponent is doing a string, use Old Man
combo to counter and inflict heavy damage. When the opponent is
turtling use Grumpy old man combo to destroy and rape them. Don’t use
wimpy throws or (d+1) as they didn’t do too much damage and can be
countered easily.
Needless to say, this style is 10 times more powerful than the first
one. It is because one single combo of Wang can do 90%-100% damage. It
can destroy everybody up to expert level. 

3) Mixed up
V.S. master level player, of course you have to carefully mix up of
the above 2 styles. It is because if you go on defensive, you will
receive block stun and eventually has to gamble on blocking high or
low (50% chance) on the opponent’s non-stop modified 14-hit strings.
If you go on offensive all the time it is very predictable and you
will get reversed or counter attack easily.
You know the characters very well. You know your opponent very well.
You know of very single moves and their counter. You create the
mistake for your opponent. You  win before the fight has begun.

Richard D