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Tobal 2 (Square, 3D Fighting Game, PSX)
Dryad Moves List
V1.1  2/23/99

Written by: Richard Uyeyama (ru e ama best.com)*

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Table of Contents:

0. Document History
I. Basic Stuff
   1. About this document
   2. A few words about Dryad
   3. Notation and stuff
II. The Moves
   1. Regular Moves
   2. Running Moves
   3. Standing From Crouch
   4. Back Turned
   5. Grappling Moves
III. Thanks and Stuff

0. Document History

V1.1: 2/23/99
      Added G+H,*L,f,f+M,*b+M
      Added G+H,*L,*b+M
      Minor editing in a couple places
V1.0: 9/18/98
      Launch version

I. Basic Stuff

I.1  About this document

     This document is an informational resource for the Sony PlayStation 
3D fighting game (J version; there is no U/C version currently) Tobal 2.  
More specifically, this is a moves list for the Tobal 2 character Dryad.  
I'm not gonna be covering combos, btw... just moves.  =)
     Move descriptions were written for contextual reference purposes.  
These are not their official names...  =)
     If anybody finds any further Dryad moves (or any corrections/ 
clarifications to what I've already listed), feel free to let me know...

I.2  A few words about Dryad

     Dryad is #113 in the monster list.  She can be found in the "Castle" 
dungeon in Quest Mode (capture her with a Purple Gem to make her 
playable).  Dryad has 3 losing poses, but only 1 win pose...!  However, 
unlike the humanoid characters on the main character bar, Dryad can 
actually walk backwards without tripping over her own feet... ^^;
     So... what's a dryad?  A dryad is a wood nymph.  Nymphs, btw, are 
mythological creatures that are sort of like female nature spirits.
     Related creatures in the monster list are: SHILPHID (112) and UNDINE 
(117) (sylphids, or sylphs, are air nymphs; undines are water nymphs).  
Shilphid and Undine have fighting styles very similar to Dryad's, so most 
of the moves below should also work for them... but do note that there may 
be some differences here and there...

I.3  Notation and stuff

     In denoting d-pad positions and movements, I'll be using the 
following notation:

   n   neutral              Here's a visual chart:
   u   up
   d   down                          u                      u
   f   forward                   ub     uf              uf     ub
   b   back                    b     n     f          f     n     b
   df  down-forward              db     df              df     db
   db  down-back                     d                      d
   uf  up-forward
   ub  up-back                (facing right)          (facing left)

     Lowercase means a short movement/duration (or a tap), and uppercase 
means to hold it in that direction for a longer duration.

Here are some other abbreviations and symbols I may employ:
   L      low attack button
   M      mid attack button
   H      high attack button
   G      guard button
   J      jump button
   bg     background
   fg     foreground
   cw     cartwheel
   BACK   noted move ends with Dryad with back towards opponent
   SIDE   noted move ends with Dryad with side towards opponent
   sfc    "standing from crouch"
   +      at the same time as
   ,      then
   =      a "then" that links commands yielding a single action
   /      or
   *      timing data has been noted for following move

     As far as the timing data, the numbers used were obtained from the 
"SPECIAL" Controller Data option in Training Mode ("Controller Data" is 
the third option from the top in the Training Mode menu (press START in 
Training Mode).  The timing numbers below indicate the amount of time 
between the noted move and the move previous to it.  The range indicates 
the timing numbers which should allow the move to work...  Note: Timing 
data is not necessarily guaranteed to be 100% accurate, though I have 
tried to keep the numbers as accurate as I can...

     Finally, any description with (l) or (r) in it means that the move 
*usually* will move in the direction of Dryad's left or right 
(respectively).  Note that the move will sometimes go in the other 
direction; I think the camera angle may have something to do with this...

II. The Moves

  Command                description                 notes

II.1  Regular Moves
(Dryad is facing opponent)
  L,*L,*L                two-leg sweep
                           left leg hook sweep       Timing: 47-55
                           (see G+L)                 Timing: 47-49
  L,*L=M                 two-leg sweep
                           backwards flip kick       Timing: 47-55 + 1-9
  L,M,*f+M               two-leg sweep
                           flip kick                 BACK
                           reverse flip kick         Timing: 49-64

  M,M                    spin chop
                           spinning axe kick
  M,H                    spin chop
                           hop chop

  H                      one-legged palm thrust

  G+L,M,H                hook sweep
                           hook kick
                           high hook kick
  G+L,*b+M               hook sweep
                           (see sfc-M)               BACK, Timing: 39-49
  G+H,*L                 jump spin side kick
                           sweep spin                Timing: 34-54

  above move (G+H,*L), then one of the following:
    f+M                    (see f+M)
    *f+M                   (see sfc-M)               BACK, Timing: 49-59
    *f+H                   (see G+H)                 Timing: 39-49
    f,f+M                  forward cartwheel
      *b+M                 (see b+M)                 T: 105-112 (from *L)
    *b+M                   (see sfc-b+M)             Timing: 49-72
    *b+H                   (see b,b+H)               Timing: 39-49

  f+M                    forward flip kick (w/kiai)
  f+H,(H,)L,M,H,H,L      high kick
                           (high kick)
                           low kick
                           mid kick
                           high punch
                           high punch
                           hop hook sweep
  f+H,(H,)L,M,H,H,L=H    k,(k,)k,k,p,p
                           flying hook kick
  f+H,H,M,H,H,L          high kick
                           high kick
                           pause & mid kick
                           high punch
                           high punch
                           hop hook sweep
  f+H,H,M,H,H,L=H        (k,k,p-k,p,p)
                           flying hook kick
  f,f+M,*b+M             forward cartwheel
                           (see b+M)                 Timing: 61-69
  f,f+H,*M               flying kick                 BACK
                           reverse flip kick         Timing: 49-73

  b+M                    backwards flip kick
  b,b+M                  forward flip jump           BACK, if leap over
  b,b+M,*f+H             forward flip jump
                           (see b,b+H)               Timing: 49-64
  b,b+M,*b+M             forward flip jump
                           rev.flip k. to (l) side   SIDE, Timing: 49-64
  b,b+M(over),*f+M       forward flip jump over      BACK
                           reverse flip kick         Timing: 49-64
  b,b+H,                 forward flip double kick
    (*b+L),*f+L,*f+H       (two-leg sweep)           (Timing: 26-54)
                           breakin' sweep            Timing: 27-54 (15-54)
                           (see b,b+H)               Timing: 17-88

  u+M / d+M              diagonal forward flip jump  (u - bg; d - fg)
  u+H / d+H              (see b+M)
  u,u+M / d,d+M          diagonal forward cartwheel  (u - bg; d - fg)
  above move, then:
    *f+L                   (see G+L)                 Timing: 54-59
    f+M                    (see f+M)
    f+H                    (see f,f+H)
    b+M                    cw to Dryad's right       (usually to the r.)
    b+H                    (see b,b+H)
    (d,)u,d,u...           cw back and forth...      Timing: 48 or less
  u,u+H / d,d+H          high kick (see f+H)         (d-pad to Dryad's r.)

  J+L                    flip forward
  J+M                    jump kick
  J+H                    jump-spin chop
  J,L/M/H                hop kick

II.2  Running Moves
(f,F to run towards opponent)
  M                      (see regular b,b+M)

II.3  Standing From Crouch
(execute these moves while going from a crouch to a standing position)
  M,*f+M                 backwards flip kick         BACK
                           reverse flip kick         Timing: 49-64
  *M=f                   f.flip kick to (l) side     Timing: 1-8 + 1-2
  *M=b                   backflip to (r) side        Timing: 1-8 + 1-2
                           Note: M=f/b can also be done after any move
                           labeled "sweep", except for the two-leg sweep,
                           the breakin' sweep, and the grapple sweeps; the
                           timing, however will be a bit more lenient than
                           above; for example, G+L,*M=f/b will have timing
                           of about (I haven't checked for precise
                           numbers): 44-65 + 1-10.
  H                      (see regular b+M)
  b+M                    backflip

II.4  Back Turned
(Dryad is facing away from opponent)
  M                      flip jump away
  (sfc) M                reverse flip kick

II.5  Grappling Moves
(G+M (or d+G+M) to grab; hold G during the following moves)

  From opponent's

    front: L             kick leg
           M             throw
           H             punch face
           b+M           suplex
           u/d+M         side throw

    back:  L             hook sweep                  BACK
           M             backdrop
           H             side kick in back

    left:  L             roundhouse sweep
           M             arm pull
           H             downward elbow to head

    right: L             hook sweep
           M             flip throw
           H             fist to the face

  Special grappling move against Chocobo, and related creatures:
    front: f,f+G+M       ride in circles             dizzies both

III. Thanks and Stuff

Thanks to:
     John Cavallaro, for finding some Dryad moves (G+L,*b+M; some stuff 
following G+H,*L; f+H,H,M; b,b+M,*f+H/*b+M; b,b+H,(*b+L),*f+L,*f+H...) 
that I'd somehow missed... =)

The latest version of this file can be found at:
  A New Century of Fighting... Has Begun