• Misc. Codes

    All levels, skaters, tapes, boards and Officer DickPause the game, hold L1 and press Circle, Right, Up, Down, Circle, Right, Up, Square, Triangle
    All Practice AreasPause the game, then hold L1 and press Square, Up, Left, Up, Circle, and Triangle
    Always SpecialPause the game and hold L1 while pressing; X, Triangle, O, Down, Up, Right
    Big Head ModePause the game and hold L1 while pressing; Square, Circle, Up, Left, Left
    Level SelectPause the game and hold L1 while pressing; Triangle, Right, Up, Square, Triangle, Left, Up, Square, Triangle
    Private CarreraStart a game in any mode with Officer Dick. Pause the game, hold L1 and press Triangle, Up, Triangle, Up, Circle, Up, Left, Triangle. Then exit and return to the character select screen.
    Raise Stats to 10Pause the game and hold L1 while pressing; Square, Triangle, Up, Down
    Raise stats to 13hold L1 and press X, Square(2), Triangle, Up, Down
    Random Start LocationsPause the game and hold L1 while pressing; Square, O, X, Up, Down
    Skinny SkaterPause the game, hold L1 and press X, X, X, X, Square, X, X, X, X, Square, X, X, X, X, Square
    Slows clock and game down, making it easy to pull huge spins and massive combos.Hold L1 and press Square, Left, Up, Square, Left.
    Slows the game's speedPause the game, hold the L1 button, and then Press Square, Left, Up, Square, Left, Left
    Toggle blood modePause the game and press Right, Up, Square, Triangle
    Turbo ModePause the game and hold L1 while pressing; Square, Left, Up, Square, Left, Square, Left, Up, Square, Left


  • Glitch for extra points

    Skate towards the bowl. Get a lot of speed in the bowl and ollie out towards the video screen right beside it. Try to land on top of it and hold triangle. If you do it right, your skater will be stuck in one spot and you can link tons of tricks together and not land. Warning! Don't wait to get down too long, as the game freezes up after a while.

    Contributed By: Wild Gunman.

  • Grind in the air

    This is best done when jumping up from a transfer, because you have optimal height. When you have full special, input the normal command for a character's special grind once off of the transfer, but instead of pressing only the grind button, press grind, flip, and grab all at once. Your character will grind in mid-air! For example, when using Geoff Rowley, get special and jump from a transfer. Once in the air, press left, right+grab+flip+grind. You should do a darkslide in the air.

    Contributed By: ParadigmShift89.


  • Hidden Videos

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Video of Andrew Reynolds skatingComplete the game using Andrew Reynolds
    Video of Bob Burnquist skatingComplete the game using Bob Burnquist
    Video of Bucky Lasek skatingComplete the game using Bucky Lasek
    Video of Chad Muska skatingComplete the game using Chad Muska
    Video of Elissa Steamer skatingComplete the game using Elissa Steamer
    Video of Geoff Rowley skatingComplete the game using Geoff Rowley
    Video of Jamie Thomas skatingComplete the game using Jamie Thomas
    Video of Kareem Campbell skatingComplete the game using Kareem Campbell
    Video of Rune Glifberg skatingComplete the game using Rune Glifberg
    Video of Tony Hawk skatingComplete the game using Tony Hawk

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt.

  • Neversoft Bails Sequence

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Neversoft Bails SequenceGet all three golds with Officer Dick

    Contributed By: Menji.

  • Unlockable Characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Collect all thirty tapes with any skaterOfficer Dick
    Complete the game 100%Private Carrera

    Contributed By: Menji.

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