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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Demo - Sony PlayStation 
FAQ/Tricks Guide
Author: MF (lynch1@mail.com)
Version: 1.6c
Last Updated: 10/03/99     
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                             T  O  N  Y   H  A  W  K  S

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                                    D  E  M  O

I. - Introduction
II. - Updates
III. - Skaters
IV. - Tricks List
V. - Special Tricks
VI. - Points
VII. - Extra
IX. - Credits/Thanks/Links
X. - Copyright Info

This faq/tricks guide is based on the demo of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. You can find the demo in 
the PlayStation Underground Jampack Summer '99 edition (got mine at Target, a friend got his at 
Wal-Mart). You can also find it in the demo of a recent issue of the Official PlayStation 
Magazine and PlayStation Underground. For the record I figured out most of these tricks on my 
own (since none of the tricks are listed in the demo) after hours of playing. I hope you enjoy 
this little guide. Yes, I do Skateboard. 

Demo: PlayStation Underground Jampack Summer '99 Edition
      Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine July '99
      PlayStation Underground 3.2

E-mail me with your comments, suggestions, additions - lynch1@mail.com
I'll give credit for any help I recieve

The 1st and original Tony Hawk Pro Skater Demo faq!

Version 1.6c: This is now a complete demo guide/faq. I will work on a new guide/faq for the 
full game as soon as I purchase it. Until then please be patient. Sorry for the inconveniance. 
MF - lynch1@mail.com

S K A T E R S 
Here is a list of the skaters in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Demo.

Vert: The skating style that consists of mainly half-pipes, bowls, and transisitions. Tony Hawk 
is well known for his vert skating.

Street: This skating style is like the name says. It's on the street and is basically skating 
curbs, rails, and doing regular flat ground tricks.

*Tony Hawk:
Style= Vert
Age= 31
Born= USA
Hometown= Carlsbad
Years Pro= 16
Stance= Goofy
Height= 6'2

*Bob Burnquist:
Style= Vert/Street
Age= 22
Born= Brazil
Hometown= Encinitas
Years Pro= 7
Stance= Regular
Height= 5'11

**Chad Muska:
Style= Street
Age= 22
Born= USA
Hometown= Los Angeles
Years Pro= 5
Stance= Regular
Height= 5'10

**Kareem Campbell:
Style= Street
Age= 25
Born= USA
Hometown= Los Angeles
Years Pro= 6
Stance= Regular
Height= 6'

*only Tony Hawk and Bob Burnquist are available in demo version
**playable characters that are not meant to be used in the demo

T R I C K S  L I S T

X= X button
Sqaure= Square button
Circle= Circle button
Triangle= Triangle button
Up= up directional arrow
Down= down directional arrow
Left= left directional arrow
Right= right directional arrow

X= Use this button to perform an ollie. While holding it you will go into the crouch position 
and upon releasing it you will jump, or better yet, ollie.

Square= The basic trick. Mainly flip tricks like kickflips and heelflips. Holding the arrows
while doing the tricks is similar to real skateboarding. For example, holding left while using 
the square button will do a kickflip, much like how you kickflip by kicking out towards the 
left side of your board. Holding right while using the square button will do a heelflip, much 
like how you heelflip by kicking out towards the right side of your board (example is based on
skating regular, goofy would be the opposite, but you dont need to worry about that).

Circle= A grab trick. A grab is a trick that's done while in the air. You use your hands to 
grab a part of the board.

Triangle= A grind or board slide trick. A grind is when one or both of your trucks (thingies 
that hold your wheels) are grinding against a surface like a rail or the coping of a half-pipe.
A board slide is when the bottom of your board is sliding against a rail or coping. Ollie at an 
angle (about 90 degrees) against a rail or coping while holding triangle to do a board slide.

L1= turn left while in air

R1= turn right while in air

note - you must ollie before you do these tricks (X button)

Launching and wall rides:
up+x= do this against a wall for a wall ride, also used to launch out of the bowl or half-pipe

Basic Tricks (square button):
left+square= Kickflip
right+square= Heelflip
up+square= 360 Shove It
down+square= Impossible
diagonal up,left +square= Kickflip to Indy
diagonal up,right +square= Fingerflip
diagonal down,left +square= Varial
diagonal down,right +square= 360 Flip 

Grabs (Circle button):
left+circle= Method
right+circle= Indy Nosebone
up+circle= Japan Air
down+circle= Tail Grab
diagonal up,left +circle= Madonna
diagonal up,right +circle= Rocket air
diagonal down,left +circle= Stalefish
diagonal down,right +circle= Benihana

Grinds, Board Slide (triangle button):
triangle= 50-50
up+triangle= Nose Grind
down+triangle= 5-0 Grind

note - use left and right directional buttons to balance your skater while grinding or sliding

S P E C I A L  T R I C K S
Below is a list of some special tricks availabe for the skaters:

Tony Hawk:
left, left+square= 540 Board Varial
left, right+circle= Christ Air

Bob Burnquist: 
left, left+square= Fingerflip Airwalk
up, down+circle= Backflip

Thanks to Mike Brooks for the info on some of the special tricks.

In this section you will find a list of how many points each trick is worth. Each trick 
decreases in points with each execution, for example, a kickflip is worth 100 points the first
time you do it, 50 the second, 25 the third, and 10 every other time you do it. When doing grab 
tricks they vary in points depending on how long you hold the grab, i've listed the basic 
amount of points for the grabs (a couple of the grabs may have an approximate amount of points 

Spin: With each spin (L1 or R1) added to a trick you multiply the amout of points:
 180 turn= x1.5
 360 turn= x2.0
 540 turn= x2.5
 720 turn= x3.0
 900 turn= x3.5
1080 turn= x4.0

Trick:             Points: 1st            2nd            3rd            final
Kickflip:                  100             50             25             10
Heelflip:                  100             50             25             10
Kickflip to Indy:          320            160             80             32
360 Shove it:              400            200            100             40
Varial:                    500            250            125             50
Fingerflip:                620            310            155             62

Tail Grab:                 220            110             55             22
Method:                    220            110             55             22
Indy Nosebone:             220            110             55             22
Stalefish:                 270            135             67             27
Japan Air:                 320            160             80             32
Rocket Air:                370            185             92             37
Madonna:                   420            210            105             42
Benihana:                  620            310            145             58

Tony Hawk-
540 Board Varial:         1200            600            300            120
Christ Air:               1020            510            235            102

Bob Burnquist-
Fingerflip Airwalk:       1200            600            300            120
Backflip:                 3620           1810            905            362  

Play as Kareem Campbell Glitch= Start a 1 or 2 player game and play 1 or 2 full games (not 
necessary but it helps to stop the game from freezing. Afterwards, exit 2 player mode and go to 
single player mode. Try and select Jamie Thomas and then hit the triangle button. Select 2 
player mode again and the 1st player will be Kareem Campbell. It is possible that the game will 
freeze, that is why you should play 1 or 2 full games when first attempting this. Thanks a lot 
to Neversoft for the basic info and Bryan Woeber for confirming this glitch with extensive 
instructions. I've tested this and it works, but it tends to freeze. Note: You can't use 
special moves with Kareem Campbell.

Chad Muska/Kareem Campbel GameShark Code= 8009CAC8 0002
READ: To do this in one player, you must turn off the code, then highlight Tony and the instant 
you select him, turn the code on. To use this in two player, leave the code on from the start. 
Do not press up+square when playing as Chad or the game will freeze. This code was tested on 
version 3.0 of GameShark. I cannot test this because I dont have a GameShark. Much thank's to 
Mike Harrison for this information. Note: i've been told this code allows you to play as Kareem
Campbell, and not Chad Muska (thanks to Slateman for that tidbit).

1080 Half-Pipe Glitch= Get a lot of air and speed and ollie out of the half-pipe near the 
quarter-pipe and the big pole, if done correctly the game will glitch and you can get a little 
extra time to 1080. Hope that makes sense. Thanks to line316@aol.com

1080 spin= Use Bob Burnquist and head for the first rail/platform you see in the middle section
of the course. Do a flip trick into a grind, and then do a flip trick out. Keep your speed up 
and head for the middle section of the bowl, where the pillar is, do down that section and do 
any type of regular grab, then a finger airwalk, come back down, go back up and do a 180 
backflip, after the back flip you should have enough speed to try a 1080. Note: try and stay as 
straight as possible so you can keep good speed. I've tried this and the best I can get is a 
900, but I think i'm doing it wrong. Thanks to Rick Archer for that one!

Dual Shock Controller Fix= Sometimes when first starting a game the Dual Shock controller will
stop functioning, to fix this turn "Analog" on and off.

10,000 Point Opener= To get 10,000 points in the very beginning of the game perform the
following: Ride directly straight while holding the X button (ollie) to the first platform in 
the center of the course that you see. Release the X button right before the platform and 
execute a 360 flip (down,right+square) and then immediately follow with a nose grind 
(up+triangle), the platform will get lower, then immediately execute a 5-0 grind 
(down+triangle), at the end of the platform do a 360 shove off it (up+square) while holding L1 
or R1 to do a 180 spin. You will get a little over 10,000 points for that. 

Grind Combo's= When grinding you can do combos to gain some massive points. For example start 
out on the coping (top part) of the half-pipe by doing a 50-50 grind, then Ollie (X button) and
immediately follow with a 5-0 grind (down+triangle), then ollie again and immediately follow 
with a nose grind (up+triangle), then follow with another 50-50, 5-0, or nose grind and repeat.
You can do this over and over again and get big time points. You must ollie before you transfer
to each grind. It's hard to do but well worth it. This can be done on just about anything that 
grinds except rails. If your doing this and you come up to a wall, ollie before you reach the 
wall and you will bounce off it and go right back into a grind if you hold triangle.

Screen Glitch= With this glitch you can rack up to 300,000 points! All you have to do is skate 
the section of the bowl nearest the big screen showing skate videos. Get some big air and ollie
out of the bowl directly towards the screen while holding triangle (it may take a while). If 
you've done it correctly you'll get stuck in the screen and you can do a ton of tricks to rack 
up big points. To get out of the screen try some rapid button pushing. Good luck! 
- Thanks to Mike Brooks for that.

Bowl Gap= All though this doesnt give you any points, I think it's a fun thing to try. At the 
middle area of the bowl there's is a section that goes in and seperates the left and right 
sides of the bowl. It has a big metal pillar in the middle of it. Try going around the pillar 
and ollie the gap between the middle section of the bowl and the other side of the bowl near 
the screen. It's very hard but is possible. It's actually easier with Bob Burnquist because he 
skates faster. I recommend trying to go up the quarter pipe near the half-pipe for extra speed 
then as you come back down head for the middle section of the bowl and dodge the pillar while 
holding ollie and let her rip. Keep trying this until you eventually get it.

Half-Pipe to Quarter Pipe Grind= This is a challenging thing to try, but is well worth it. Go 
to the right side of the half-pipe (side with the quarter pipe next to it, also has windows 
behind it) and start grinding, grind off the edge of the half-pipe and try to land onto the 
quarter pipe while still grinding. It's very hard but can give you around 11,000 points.

C R E D I T S  /  T H A N K S  /  L I N K S
thanks to GameFAQs for hosting this faq
thanks to Sony for the PlayStation
thanks to Activision for publishing it
thanks to Tony Hawk for inspiring the game (or at least endorsing it)
thanks to skateboarding in general, I dont know what i'd do without it

much thanks to Neversoft for this great game and their support
much thanks to Mike Brooks, Bryan Woeber, Mike Harrison, Rick Archer, line316@aol.com and 
Slateman for their help

Here some general links you may find interesting:
Neversoft - http://www.neversoft.com -   people who made this excellent game
Activision - http://www.activision.com -   publishing this excellent game
GameFaq's - http://www.gamefaqs.com -   hosting this excellent faq
Videogames.com - http://videogames.com -   my favorite video game page
Slateman's Visual THPS faq - http://www.cyberealm.com/~godflesh/tonyhawk -   great online faq
Austin's Tony Hawk Pro Skater Page - http://auztin.8m.com/thps.html -   fan site

C O P Y R I G H T  I N F O
Do not plagiarise this guide in any way, shape, or form. This guide is copyright 1999 MF. 
If you would like to put this faq on your webpage then feel free to do so as long as you e-mail 
me (mfreitas@c-zone.net) about it (i'll say yes). You may not alter this faq in any way, by 
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