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"This is the best twisted metal on the PSONE"

Gameplay:I found this game very fun and entertaining.Everyone who like car combat will find enjoyment in this.The game is easy when you first start.If you keep playing after you beat sweet tooth the game gets a little harder each time.Unlike other Twisted Metal games the controls are different but they can be changed to your liking.I set up the controls like the other twisted metal games which other people should do.The gameplay is good and I give it an 8.

Features:This game has lots of features.Like the other versions of the game,there is the famous tournament mode which can be played in 1 or 2 player mode.In it you select a vehicle and you go to the levels in a predetermined level fighting randomly selected computer cars.This is exactly like the other games but its good.For multi-player you can play 1-4 player deathmatches.You can play as any vehicle including the boss cars if you have beaten them in tournament mode.There are many levels to explore.You get all the tournament levels plus 8 more levels if you beat the corresponding tournament level.The tournament levels are big but most deathmatch levels are pretty small but fun.There is a cool create a car mode in which you create a vehicle from few parts.If you select the right parts you can create a cop SUV and battle vans and all kinds of good vehicles to torment others with.Yes the features are great and many so I give this section of 10.

Story:Choose a gameplay mode,pick a character,travel the levels defeating all the vehicles and bosses that oppose you.All you do is just blow up other vehicles.Pick up weapons and use your cars special weapon.Its pretty fun and basically like any car combat game.If you playet other TM games then you know the story here.Beat the game and you see an awesome ending movie.I give the story a score of 9.

Graphics:The graphics arent perfect but they are still good.At times you can notice the choppiness of the graphics.Still they look great though.I give the graphics a score of 7.

Sound and Music:Lots of stuff to listen to here folks.From the sound of getting ammo to firing your many weapons to the cool sound of other cars blowing up.Each stage in the game has its own little background music.Rob Zombie is in some of them and his music rocks.The sound gets a well deserved score of a 9.

Replay:Beat the game once and you pretty much have unlocked everything.It is good to play the tournament over and over after you beat sweet tooth because it dos get harder each time you do.Of course you will die fairly often but its fun to replay it with the different vehicles to see all the movies.The replay rate is about a 8.

Buy or Rent?:If you are into car combat games or if you just like twisted metal games then by all means purchase this game.I found it fun and so did my frieds.This is a must buy game.

The Verdict:
Sound and Music-9

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 11/07/01, Updated 11/07/01

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