Debug Mode FAQ by Aryuze RV

Version: Final | Updated: 11/11/01 | Printable Version

ヴァルキリープロファイル デバッグモード
Valkyrie Profile (Japanese Version) Debug Mode

Encoding : EUC (Extended UNIX Code) Japanese Encoding
Date     : November 11, 2001
Version  : Final
Author   : Aryuze RV
E-mail   : <>

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Revision History

Latest revision on top
Final Version = 2001-xxxx-xx = A remake for the most part.

Version 1.3 = 2000-December-16 = Added to the Contents to help find sections
more quickly.  Use Control+F to open the find box, and type the words from the
contents to jump to that section.  Use it if you don't like scrolling through
pages and pages of text.  I also expanded the item section with more
descriptions.  Organized the events numerically into list.  Basically, all
sections updated.

Version 1.2 = 2000-December-03 = All sections finished, and some spelling
corrections, and formatting done.

Version 1.1 = 2000-November-28 = Battle debug finished, added more
descriptions to the debug room.  Started on Questions and Answers and
Miscellaneous Section.

Version 1.0 = 2000-November-17 = Started the guide, most of the debug
features listed.  Battle debug not finished.

What is this?

This is a guide to the debug features in the game Valkyrie Profile.  The
debug allows you to go to any character and see the sequence before they join
the party.  A separate battle debug menu makes fighting monsters real easy.
This last version will give more information on the character events.

What is needed?

1. A GameShark for the Playstation or similar device.
2. A Japanese text viewer to see this document properly.  A great freeware
Japanese Word Processor for Windows can be found at
Glenn Rosenthal's home page, the creator of JWPce, the program you are looking
for.  This program is much more stable than the other ones I've used, and it
can handle moderately large files (this faq is typed on JWPce).

Debug Room

First off, enter these codes into the GameShark.  The Y-axis Modifier code
is optional; it is used just for adjusting position in case you get stuck.
Note: All codes listed are for the _Japanese_ version of this game.  The
codes may not work with the _English_ version.  All codes tested with
a GameShark Pro 3.2.  If you are using a GameShark 1.x, then you will
have to change the codes that begin with "D" to a "C".

Debug Code (Press L1+Select)
D002B698 0104 - this tells the game what button(s) is being pressed
801F61F4 0000 - this is the room modifier

Y-Axis Modifier Code (L2+Start/R1+Start)
D002B698 0801 - if Start and L2 is being pressed, then activate code below
301E7796 0001 - this drops you lower
D002B698 0808 - if Start and R1 is being pressed, then activate code below
301E7796 0000 - this puts you in a higher position

The code, D002B698 xxxx is the Key Judgement Code.  This type of code tells
what button is currently pressed, in hexadecimal.  For this game, the list
of buttons are the following.

Digits  Button being pressed
------  --------------------
0000    Nothing
0001    L2 button
0002    R2 button
0004    L1 button
0008    R1 button
0010    Triangle button
0020    Circle button
0040    X button
0080    Square button
0100    Select button
0800    Start button
1000    Up direction
2000    Right direction
4000    Down direction
8000    Left direction

If you want multiple buttons at once, you must add the numbers together in

Load the game with the codes turned on.  When you get to the title screen,
choose either [New Game] or [Continue].  If you choose [New Game], then
select the game level (Easy, Normal, or Hard) and then hold down the L1
and Select buttons before the screen fades.  If you went the [Continue]
route, then make sure the file that is to be loaded is on the correct
Disk.  Hold down the L1 and Select buttons while the file is loading, and
keep them held down.  If you did it correctly, you will be dropped off
in the Debug Room, at which point, you can release the L1 and Select
buttons.  You may have to adjust your position by pressing
L2+Start buttons or R1+Start buttons if you end up stuck inside the map.
If you are loading from the world map, then press R1+Start, then press right
on the control pad.  This should drop you inside the room without being stuck.
The place where you save determines the position at which you will
appear in the debug room, so if you are having trouble getting it to work,
try saving in different spots.  Also note if you enter the debug room
from New Game, then Valkyrie will be in street clothes, and she can't
swing her sword or shoot crystals, so beware.

The Debug Room looks like Camille Village, without the people.  There are
some invisible walls around, and in the middle of the village, the is an
invisible ladder you can climb.  Head on over to the left and once you
get near the edge, a menu opens up automatically.  This is the Main Debug
Menu.  You can also go to the well on the right half of the village, and
press Down.  The same menu pops up.

Main Debug Menu
人選択[ひとせんたく] People Selection
Hassy (name of programmer)
Guchi (name of programmer)
Yam (name of programmer)
スタッフロール Staff Roll
エンディングムービー Ending Movie

This is where you see a list of the names of programmers involved
in the debug process.  Each one had different parts of the game
as their responsibility.  This game is unique in that the majority
of events are character related.  Each of the characters has an
event number assigned to them.  Here is a quick list to find the
character you want to see.

Event #  Event Name                     Sub Menu Found Under
-------  ----------                     --------------------
      0  Tutorial                       Hassy
      1  Aryuze                         Yam
      2  Lawfer                         Yam, Hassy
      3  Belinas                        Hassy
      4  Rauli                          Guchi
      5  Kashel                         Guchi, Yam
      6  Jake Linas                     Guchi
      7  Nanami                         Hassy
      8  Yumeru                         Hassy
      9  Amy                            Yam
     10  Jun                            Hassy
     11  Riselia                        Guchi
     12  Badluck                        Yam, Guchi, Hassy
     13  Grey                           Guchi, Hassy
     14  Rolenta                        Guchi
     15  Meltina                        Guchi
     16  Shiho                          Hassy
     17  Jail                           Guchi, Yam
     18  Suou                           Yam, Hassy
     19  Gannosa                        Yam
     20  Lily of the Valley Gravestone  Hassy
     21  Suffering Young People 1       Hassy
     22  Suffering Young People 2       Hassy
     23  To the Edge of Gods            Hassy
     24  Sacred Phase                   Yam
     25  Ragnarok                       Yam
     26  Arlie's Awakening              Hassy, Guchi, Yam
     27  Arlie's Extermination          Hassy, Guchi
     28  Brahms                         Guchi
     29  None (Not Listed)              None
     30  Loki                           Yam, Guchi
      -  World Map                      Hassy
      -  Face Check                     Hassy
      -  Movie Check                    Hassy
      -  Ending After (A)               Guchi
      -  Forest Spirits                 Guchi
      -  Ending C                       Guchi, Yam
      -  Ending B                       Guchi
      -  Dipan                          Yam
      -  All Party Members              Yam
      -  No Party Members               Yam

Hassy Sub Menu
シナリオ選択[せんたく] Scenario Selection
現在デバッグ[げんざい] Present Debug
ベリナス(03) Belinas
那々美(07)[ななみ] Nanami
夢瑠(08)[ゆめる] Yumeru
洵(10)[じゅん] Jun
詩帆(16)[しほ] Shiho
鈴蘭の墓標(20)[すずらんのぼひょう] Lily of the Valley Gravestone
窮す若人たち1(21)[きゅうすわこうど] Suffering Young People 1
窮す若人たち2(22)[きゅうすわこうど] Suffering Young People 2
神々の袂へ(23)[かみがみのたもとへ] To the Edge of Gods
デバッグモード外す[はずす] Remove Debug Mode
ワールドマップヘ出る[でる] Exit to World Map
その他[そのた] Et Cetera
├チュートリアル(0) Tutorial
├ロウファ Hassy 担当部のみ(2)[たんとうぶ] Lawfer Section in Charge
├バドラック Hassy 担当部のみ(12)[たんとうぶ] Badluck Section
├グレイ Hassy 担当部のみ(13)[たんとうぶ] Grey Section
├蘇芳 Hassy 担当部のみ(18)[すおう] Suou Section
├アーリィ覚醒スタート(26)[かくせい] Arlie's Awakening Start
├アーリィ覚醒シーン3、4(26)[かくせい] Arlie's Awakening Scene 3,4
├アーリィ退治シーン3の1(27)[たいじ] Arlie's Extermination 3-1
├アーリィ退治シーン3の2(27)[たいじ] Arlie's Extermination 3-2
├アーリィ退治シーン4(27)[たいじ] Arlie's Extermination Scene 4
├フェイスチェック Face Check
│├Face No  0-192
│├次へ[つぎへ] Next
│├前へ[まえへ] Before
└ムービーチェック Movie Check
 ├ヴァルハラ崩壊[ほうかい] Valhalla Crumbling
 └ヴァルハラ再生[さいせい] Valhalla Rebirth

説明[せつめい] Explanation

Here is a description of where each of the choices takes you.  Most of these
events can be viewed over and over again if you go back to the debug room.
There is just a few events that can be viewed only if you haven't cleared that
section of the game yet.  That is mainly the Dipan area, for some reason, if
you already cleared that part of the game, the debug won't allow you to go
back and check the events there.

All events on Disk 1 unless noted.  After the event is over, you will find
yourself back on the world map, usually.  The number in parenthesis
is the event number, so the higher the number, the more likely it is
to go near the end of the game.  You can cross reference the numbers with
the list found under the Main Debug Menu.

Hassy Sub Menu
Present Debug = This option takes you half-way into Yumeru's scenario.  It
begins with a flashback with Yumeru talking about how she didn't cry.  Even if
she wanted to cry, everyone else would give her cold stares, so held back.
She then admits how stupid she was.  Fuyuki then says he was stupid too.  He
wonders why he did stop her.  Then he sees a flash from the shore.  It was the
Ball Lapis Lazuli.  He wished for Yumeru to meet her parents safely.  Valkyrie
then hears the wish and says the wish has been granted.  She picks up Yumeru's
body underwater and wonders if Yumeru can make it to Valhalla.  Back to
Fuyuki, the waters hasn't calmed down, Yumeru never returned, yet the boy
continues to stare out into the deep blue sea.  His wish was granted, but
there was no sign to indicate that it did.  Fuyuki for sure believed Yumeru
made it safely, as his father walked out to the beach to join him.

Belinas (03) = Two people are walking down the street of a town.  The woman,
named Asaka asks if Belinas know the name of a certain flower they find in the
middle of the road.  Belinas says is it that bad that she doesn't want to go?
No response from Asaka, just ... He then snatches the flower away from her.
She tells Mr. Belinas to give it back, but he doesn't.  Asaka says she doesn't
like to buy and sell people, in fact she hates just watching it.  Belinas says
that it can't be helped; his wife and Maria are now gone.  For her to manage a
mansion all alone would be impossible.  Asaka then mentions how she is happy
to be bought by someone like Belinas, but the other children are pitiable.
She goes on to say that she doesn't want to watch it happen.  Belinas says
that it would be a problem if she doesn't come along.  He doesn't understand
a foreign language, and if they don't pick a child that can be used for labor
... Asaka then says that's what she hates, the part about her saying one word
and that one word will influence the lives of others.  Belinas then asks if
she will leave the flower for now.  She nods in agreement.  Belinas asks, what
is difference between picking a servant and plucking the petals of a flower.
Asaka doesn't know the answer ... As he puts the flower in Asaka's head, he
says that this is the fate of the flower to end up where it is now.  Asaka
wonders is it really fate?  He says yes, it is destiny by the gods... then
a flashback.  A maid named Maria says it is inexcusable, but this child looked
poor.  She then says for a little while, wages won't be paid; please
have forgiveness.  A young Belinas tells his father that he and Maria will
take care of this child. The father agrees and tells Maria to hold
responsibility and educate this child.  After the father leaves, Belinas tells
Maria not to do anything unreasonable.  Maria then says, excuse me, little
boy.  Belinas then says forget about that, instead of that, what is the name
of this child? (The child that is crouched on the floor, still crying the whole
time).  Maria says, the name is Asaka.  Belinas then realizes that is a
Japanese name.  Maria says yes.  Belinas then offers a flower to the crying
Asaka.  She stops crying and looks up.  Belinas is happy that she finally
showed her face.  He says there is no more scary people around, so don't cry.
End of flashback.  Then the scene is back to the present.  An agent walks up
to the two of them, but Asaka says there is no one today.  (I don't what she
is referring to)  Then Belinas repeats what he said before, that this is the
fate of this flower.  Belinas then thinks to him self, is it really fate?
Was it fate that his wife and Maria died?  Was it fate that his father and
his friends also lost their lives fighting?  Was it fate that he met Asaka?
Was it the gifts of fate that he is here now?  Then Asaka is calling out to
him as he is staring out into space.  He then says there is nothing they can
do just by staying here.  Then the screen shifts to Belinas sleeping, only to
be awakened by a spirit of a dead person.  Valkyrie warps in and slays the
spirit.  Belinas wonders who she is, and then Valkyrie says that this mansion
is cursed with undead spirits, so the girl is in danger.  Belinas rushes out.
Then you see the Elder Vampire saying everything is for Veliza's Sleeve.  Yes,
even the sacrifice and contract person, all of it (he has sacrificed Asaka for
the evil deeds).  Now the contract is complete.  The Elder Vampire vanishes
before Belinas could get there.  Belinas pleas to Valkyrie to save Asaka.
Valkyrie says it is too late, and than no one can oppose the path of fate.
Belinas says, fate?  Is that all that can be said for this situation?  Belinas
says he loved Asaka.  Valkyrie says there is a way to save her... Belinas says
he will do anything, please tell me how!  Valkyrie tells him about the
Interchange Soul System, but that will require him to a substitute.  Which
means Belinas will have to die in exchange for Asaka the chance to live.
With his position restrained, he couldn't say anything.  After rising in the
air, and flapping her wings, the Interchange Soul System is complete.  Asaka
is revived in exchange for the death of Belinas.  Afterwards, Valkyrie finds
the drawer of Belinas' wife, which is stuffed with Western-style clothes.
Valkyrie says what a stupid thing, the things that she is doing.  Then the
game explains Veliza's Magical Battle Array.  Mainly that Veliza is fueled by
jealousy, among other things.

Nanami (07) = The event begins with a shadow walking behind some transparent
sliding doors.  It turns out it is Nanami's adoptive father.  He asks if
Nanami's body is all right.  She replies, yes, and that it is inexcusable for
her to make him worry.  He then tells her it would be better to rest some
more, but Nanami says that won't happen.  She has a mission that immediately
must be filled.  She will inherit the honorable power of the (boukou jinja),
or the "Rising Empress Shinto Shrine".  This time, for sure she will succeed,
so she tells her adoptive father not to worry.  Nanami then leaves to go pray
at the shrine.  She tells Minaru that she will inherit the power that Minaru
was supposed to have inherited.  Nanami's adoptive parents are actually
Minaru's.  Apparently, Minaru passed away before she could inherit the
honorable powers.  Then the scene switches back to Nanami's adoptive parents,
with her mother asking if Nanami already went.  The father says, yes, but the
mother asks why he let her go alone.  Surely he hasn't forgotten about the
disaster that happened since Nanami began the ceremony of inheritance.  The
mother says that it is impossible to inherit the power, unless a person with
legitimate blood relationship of the mother and father's family is performing
the ceremony.  Since Nanami is adopted, she not truly their daughter.  The
adoptive father says, oh yes, the blood.  Even without the relations, he still
thinks of Nanami as his own daughter.  The adoptive mother agrees, and says
she can't bring herself to think about the reality, because that would be too
cruel.  The scene shifts to Nanami walking inside a cave.  She wonders if
lineage is really that important.  What should someone do if they lose all
that is important.  She promises to herself that she won't lose.  Then she
finds the (goshintou rousen), which means, "Safeguard God's Sword, Imperial
Hermit".  Then the blade flashes, and the screen turns white.  Then Nanami
makes her way back to the "Rising Empress Shinto Shrine", where her adoptive
parents are waiting.  They are surprised Nanami brought back the sword, but
then Nanami collapses.  Now there is a flashback as to what happened.  Back at
the cave, Nanami wondered what that flash of light was.  Then you see a spirit
of a dead girl.  She asks if the spirit is Minaru.  The spirit floats closer
to Nanami, then seizes her.  Valkyrie jumps in as the spirit is choking
Nanami.  Valkyrie tell the spirit that it doesn't have a place to die.  At the
most, Valkyrie will send it away with her own hands.  Then Nanami tells
Valkyrie to stop.  Valkyrie says she can't overlook this spirit, because if
she let this lost child wander about, it will continue to cause calamity upon
Nanami.  Nanami disagrees and says this will be the end of it.  Valkyrie is
surprised that a human would want to be taken in by a spirit.  Nanami says
that in reality, she doesn't want to die, but anger, sadness, and silence
were the deepest inside her, or so she thought.  She says that was not true,
just by looking at this spirit, she understood how it felt, to a degree of
pain.  Now this is the only thing she can do.  Valkyrie then says if so, then
promise one thing first.  Nanami then says, first?  Oh yes, she remembers the
duties of a Valkyrie and thanks her for that.  Valkyrie says there is more
than one path to take.  Then the scene moves to Minaru alive again at the
shrine, looking up at the sky under a rainbow.

Yumeru (08) = The scene starts off in the middle of an ocean.  You can see
Yumeru in her mermaid form.  She is staring at the large boat that is floating
nearby.  She wonders if it is alright over there.  That boat could take her
away to some strange place... Then the scene switches to the deck of the boat.
A boy named Fuyuki (meaning "of tribute") says it is no good, they can't catch
any fish today.  The Father says this year is supposed to be bonito, but it is
a little late.  Then the Father asks what is wrong.  Fuyuki asks if he heard a
scream or not.  The Father says, what?  In the middle of this ocean?  Fuyuki
says, there it is again!  Then they can hear Yumeru calling out for help.  The
scene is back to Yumeru floating on a log while screaming for h.e.l.p.  Then
she gets angry at the fact that there is no response from a young lady calling
out for help.  Is that a phantom ship with a bunch of skeletons riding on it?
Then the two fishermen rescue Yumeru, and the father asks if she is alright.
She says yes.  The father is a bit surprised that someone would be drowning in
this part of the ocean.  Yumeru says that her boat was shipwrecked (she is
lying to them).  The father asks what happened to the others on board.  Yumeru
says she doesn't know.  Then the father asks for her name.  She says Yumeru.
Then the father scolds Fuyuki for his mind being in outer space.  Fuyuki then
says the fishing is suspended for now, and they will return to harbor.  The
father agrees.  During the ride back, Yumeru asks the father if he knows
anything about the Lapis Lazuli.  The father responds with, you mean the gem
stone Lapis Lazuli?  Yumeru says yes, but not the ordinary kind.  She is
talking about one with special powers.  The father says, ah yes, the Ball
Lapis Lazuli (gyokururi).  Anyone from the ancient country of Japan know about
that.  Yumeru says that wishes will be granted for those who find that jewel.
The father says that is just legend; something as useful as that would not
exist in the real world.  Then he says he is sorry to break her dreams, but
what is the reason for asking?  Yumeru says it's nothing... Then the screen
turns black with Yumeru asking herself, the Lapis Lazuli doesn't exist?  I
need that, otherwise... Then the screen shakes and she is asks what was that?
Fuyuki walks in and says, you don't know?  That is the big whirlpool.  Fuyuki
then explains that sometimes the ocean currents change, causing huge whirling
tides (uzushio) to form in the ocean.  The vibration just now was because he
just changed course.  No need to worry.  The three make it back to land
safely.  Fuyuki then says he believes the Lapis Lazuli exists.  Yumeru is
surprised at first, but then he says he happened to overhear the conversion
with his father while on the boat.  While they are walking on the pier, he
says that his father is getting up there in terms of age, and as a result,
his father's dreams and aspirations have all but dried up.  Then he asks if
that is weird.  Yumeru says no.  She thanks him and says she will believe in
it too.  Fuyuki agrees and says for sure if she doesn't believe in it, they
can't even begin.  Then Yumeru asks Fuyuki what he would wish for if he found
the Lapis Lazuli.  After pausing for a moment, he answers, since the house
boat is all worn out, an elegant boat that won't lose to the other fishermen
is something he would wish for.  He then asks what is her wish.  Yumeru says,
with hesitation, she is thinking of nothing really at the moment.  Then the
scene switches to nighttime, with the father saying to Yumeru that she doesn't
have a place to address, right?  However, it was her who said she wanted to
come to this metropolis.  He then says he may be pushing it, but he wants to
know the reason why.  Yumeru says that it wasn't her intention to hide it...
She then says she came here to visit _her_ father.  He then asks for the name.
Kou Rijun is the name, which means "nape of neck glassy abide by".  Fuyuki's
father says, you mean General Kou (shougun kou)?  Yumeru asks if he knows
anything about Kou.  He says the Kou surname is not a common name around here,
and that narrows the possibilities.  If so, then he didn't like to say it, but
that would make Yumeru the child of a mistress.  He then says that General Kou
has already died.  He explains, up until a few years ago, there was a great
war in this country (the ancient country of Japan).  The war revolved around
the Ball Lapis Lazuli, and the dispute with the mermaid tribe.  General Kou
fell into the ocean during that battle.  There was no spare time to save him,
and of course everyone thought he was a goner.  However, the General
accomplished a miracle in returning alive.  After that, General Kou was like
a changed man.  He spent the effort to reach a settlement for both sides.
The hero of war now became the leading actor in peace.  Even so, he was no
match for illness.  The funeral service was performed in front of the entire
country.  It was a grand event.  Then the scene switches to Fuyuki, who is
listening in on the conversation from another room.  He says, she wants the
Lapis Lazuli so she could meet her father again...  Fuyuki wonders why Yumeru
lied to him.  The next day, Fuyuki walks in the room with Yumeru looking out
the window.  He mentions that he cannot find anyone with the Kou surname.
Yumeru is sorry to impose trouble upon them.  Fuyuki says it's alright, he
is doing it because he likes it.  Yumeru then says he can stop searching now.
He asks why, don't you want to meet your father?  Don't give up now!  He says
the Lapis Lazuli exists as he said before.  Then Yumeru snaps back by saying
there is no such thing as that gem.  She says the Lapis Lazuli doesn't exist,
and she doesn't have a father.  She then says to leave her alone.  Despite the
protest by Fuyuki, Yumeru jumps out the window.  Fuyuki is surprised as her
speed as he wonders if she is going to commit suicide by jumping in the ocean.
Then he hears a familiar sound, the sound of the big whirlpool.  Fuyuki makes
his way to the beach and spots Yumeru.  She asks if he is surprised, since she
is not human.  She tells Fuyuki to return to land as quick as possible, since
the big whirlpool is coming soon.  He asks, what about you?  He moves closer
and says, the reason she fussed over the whole Lapis Lazuli is because she
wanted to meet her father.  He was shocked that he couldn't be relied upon.
He ran all around town for her and that didn't do much.  Yumeru says that is
wrong, and she did want to meet her father, but her wish was not that.  A
while back, her mother died.  Her mother, because of giving birth to a
Japanese child, was looked upon with harsh eyes by her own tribe.  As a
result, when her mother died, no one was really sad.  Yumeru says she didn't
cry.  Even if she did want to cry, her tribe would look at her with cold
stares.  Even in happy times, she wouldn't laugh.  In sad times, she wouldn't
cry.  She didn't realize she was in denial that she was living.  She admitted
that she was stupid.  At the most, she wanted to cry for her father.  To the
Lapis Lazuli, she wished to make is so that her father wouldn't hate her
mother.  She felt it was not fair that just her father and mother are
together.  Fuyuki says to stop, but she says that she is sorry for the lies,
and gives him a goodbye.  Now watch the full motion video of the big
whirlpool forming over the ocean. Now the rest continues at the Present Debug.

Jun (10) = It begins on a rainy day.  A Shinto Priest says to a woman how he
has admiration everyday for her, but with her body in that kind of shape, what
is trying to do?  The woman, named Ai (meaning "recessed garment") says she is
wishing the safety of her elder brother.  She says her brother is traveling in
pursuit of a medicine that can cure her eyes.  Then the screen switches to a
villager 1 wondering about a demon.  Villager 2 mentions of the demon that
is dwelling once again.  The samurai that is listening to them decides to go
and exterminate the demon.  The samurai underestimated the powers of the
demon.  The demon says to him, that he doesn't need both eyes anymore.  Back
to the Shinto Priest, he says a while ago, two young looking people paid him a
Ai says, could it be her brother?  Ai says that she and her brother are twins.
The priest understands.  The priest says he was given a charm to give to her.
Ai wonders, why here?  The priest doesn't know, but he says it seems her
brother knew she would come here.  Then he says twins are a mysterious thing.
The the scene switches to Valkyrie facing off against the demon.  The demon
tells her that inside the Demon Mirror Cavern (makyougutsu), her heart will
be reflected no matter what.  Valkyrie questions that, saying she has none of
that.  She slices the demon, which turns into Jun.  Then Jun has a flashback
recalling what happened.  He was talking to the demon, which said his younger
sister would be able to live long if Jun died.  Either that, or if Jun stayed
by her side until death, which would make his sister more happy is the
question the demon asked Jun.  He responded by saying he won't die, neither
will his sister.  The demon says such talk of ten becoming a thousand does
not exist.  If you seek life, then you also lose life.  The demon offers the
Soul Gem in exchange for Jun's life.  Jun draws his swords and says, he is
sure he said it before, that he won't die.  He then says from the beginning,
he had no intention of complying with such a transaction.  The demon says,
what?  Jun says he will take that gem by force.  Jun attacks and wins, or so
he thought.  He says he is not giving his life for a mere monster.  The demon
laughs and says nothing is more precious to him than blood.  For that very
reason, the demon never gets tired of the sight of blood.  Then the demon says
Jun's heart is much like the heart of a human, the way it should be.  That for
sure is the heart of the demon.  The demon says they are the same kind.  After
the demon disappeared, Jun turned into the demon.  The demon says that Jun's
body is nothing more than a container, which allows the demon to continue
living.  Now back to the present, Jun asks where the demon is.  Valkyrie tells
him that there was no demon, instead, he was just confronting with his own
heart.  Jun asks if that demon was his own heart.  Valkyrie says the truth
can bewilder people.  Oneself and oneself's heart meet and clash.  That is
the ways of the Demon Mirror Cavern.  Valkyrie says she understand what he
feels, but with a distorted heart, what possibly could he grant? She knows
that the spirit of twins share each other, but that shouldn't influence
mutually what happens to one.  The true thing that was cloudy was his sister's
eyes, or was Jun's own heart?  Then Jun realizes the reason his sister's eyes
where cloudy was because of his weak heart, and since they shared the same
spirit, that weak heart affected his sister's vision.  Now switch back to the
priest and Ai.  The weather is clear, as is her vision.  She says somehow her
brother must have done something to cure her sight.  However, her wish is...
Then the priest asks why suddenly she is acting this way.  She doesn't know,
but that's how she feels.

Shiho (16) = Disk 2 required.  Shiho says it's inexcusable for her lack of
power.  One of the villagers asks how many she has killed because of her
singing voice.  Shiho is not needed as the villagers see it.  They call Shiho
a doll.  Then during one of her melodies, (the one that makes the soldiers
into insane maniacs with no regard to life) she stopped suddenly.  Shiho got
punished for not singing.  Then Suou shows up (he was on the opposing side)
and he can't figure out why she stopped singing.  Shiho wonders what the color
red is like, since she is blind.  She says it was destiny for her to become a
singing princess since the day of birth, but god didn't give her light to see.
Suou asks if she would throw away the singing, what would she wish for.  Her
reply is "death".  Suou is about to strike, but something holds him back.
Instead, he takes her back to his leader. The superior officer says she is
lovely, but cuts her down.  Suou asks why, since she was abandoned by her
former friends.  The superior officer asks if Suou has been bewildered by the
colour and scent of a woman?  He says a lot their fellow countrymen have died
because she was the ringleader that brought them to their deaths.

Lily of the Valley Gravestone (20) = As Valkyrie walks in, she is wonders
where she is.  This place... if I remember correctly has human thoughts, or
so she feels.  Then she sees a group of ghosts surrounding a lone grave.
She tells them that they don't belong here.  After she cuts them down, she
says they escaped and vanished.  Then Valkyrie wonders why the undead would be
swarming around this particular rock.  At closer inspection of the grave, she
becomes surprised.  Why would a grave be placed here?  This rock is actually
the grave of Platina.

Suffering Young People 1 = A woman named Claire is walking in the middle of
town.  She mentions that there is just a bunch of "easy" fellows wandering
about.  Just as she is ready to return, something catches her eye.  Across
town, she spots Valkyrie (in street clothes), who is facing away from Claire.
This triggers a flashback in which Claire was talking to Rucio.  Claire asks
Rucio about his childhood friend, Platina.  She wonders if that Platina was
a beautiful person.  Rucio says, don't be stupid, Platina was only 14 years
old at the time.  She was more a cutie rather than beauty, but you might say
she would have become a beautiful person... Rucio says that Platina could
exist anywhere if asked, however, her hair was silver colored.  When light hit
that hair, it sparkled in a purple color, which was very beautiful.  Claire
thought to herself, that Rucio still likes that Platina, even now.  Then back
to the present time, the person she is staring at has silver hair too...
Claire thought, no, that must be another person.  Even though this person has
silver hair, the Platina they were talking about died long ago.  Despite so,
Claire threw a rock at Valkyrie anyway.  Claire thought, what I doing?  Being
jealous of a complete stranger.  Then the scene moves to the house of Dolchie.
Dolchie says it's alright, the injury was not too bad.  Please forgive me, she
said.  Claire is her daughter, even thought they are not connected by blood.
A kid walks in the room and informs Dolchie of their return.  Rucio follows
and greets the old woman.  He has brought her the day's earnings.  She thanks
him for all he has done for her.  Then Dolchie introduces Valkyrie as Meril to
Rucio, and tells him that Claire threw a rock at this person.  Rucio, shocked
could not believe Claire could do such a thing.  When Rucio came closer to
Meril, he suddenly stopped in his tracks.  Dolchie asked Rucio if anything is
wrong, but Rucio just said it was nothing.  Valkyrie says, nice to meet you,
Rucio san, right.  Afterwards, Dolchie explain that Rucio provides her with
money to support her, with his daily earnings.  However, there are some bad
rumors spreading around.  Her son and daughter are not talking much about it,
but thinking about where the money is coming from... Then the scene moves to
Rucio confronting Claire.  She admitted to throwing the rock.  Claire said she
did it because she was jealous of that person's beauty.  Plus that person had
silver hair.  Claire says surely he must understand her feelings, but inside
Rucio's heart...

Suffering Young People 2 = Disk 2 required.  On part 2, a group of three kids
wonder what is wrong with Rucio.  He tells them nothing, he is just thinking
of stuff.  Rucio talks to himself and wonders what is going on, even the kids
are worrying about him.  Then the scene shifts to a bar with Claire asking,
how much money did we earn today?  Rucio says exactly 230 Osu (that's probably
the currency).  A guy named Valen says, it was because of him.  Another guy
named Rasti say that is stupid.  Rucio says everyone had a lot to contribute.
Not one person could have this much saved alone.  Then the screen shifts to
Claire pacing back and forth and saying how late the two are.  Suddenly, a
villager runs in and tells Claire and Rucio to run away, because of what
happened to Valen.  It looks as though Valen tried to steal a wallet of an
aristocrat.  After that was exposed, Valen was killed for sport.  Claire says
that's a lie, but the villager tells her the corpse is hanged on a tree.
Now the worse part is because Valen put his hands on the aristocrat,
the town's pickpocket group are going to be swept clean.  The villager tells
them once again to run.  Since it would be difficult to find just the
pickpockets, they will kill without discrimination.  Claire then asks what
happened to Rasti. The villager says if he's alive, they will meet him.  The
villager then leaves.  Rucio says to Claire to exit using the backdoor.
Claire asks, what about the kids?  Rucio says he will keep them in custody,
and tells her to go first.  Despite her protest, Rucio says to rendezvous at
the forest outside of town; please understand it will be dangerous if they are
caught together.  Claire responds by saying the children are emotionally
attached to her rather than anyone else.  Rucio says there is no choice.
Then the scene switches to outside the town, which is now in ruins.  Claire
wonders why there are this many soldiers just to clean up a pickpocket group.
She then mumbles about not wanting to die.  Rucio tells her that is not going
to happen.  Unknown to them, an archer is aiming at Rucio's back.  After the
arrow hits, he lays in Claire's arms and tells her if they made it this far,
it will be all right.  All she could say is why, why.  Rucio says if he gets
left behind again, he would have no clue what to do.  Claire says, what are
you talking about, she would never run and leave him behind. Rucio says, no,
what he means is, that long ago, there was someone that left him to die first.
(he means Platina, also known as Valkyrie) If he got left behind again...
Claire says, then don't leave me behind!  Rucio says sorry...  Claire cries
and calls out to her mother that is hurts.  Valkyrie hears this and wonders
about those suffering young people.  Rucio tells Valkyrie he can't leave
Claire behind like this.  Valkyrie agrees and does something, (which is not
too clear), and then there is this scene with Claire staring up into the sky.

To the Edge of Gods (23) = Disk 2 required.  This is the event that occurs if
you send Rucio up to Valhalla before the end of Chapter 5.  It begins with
Valkyrie confronting Rucio about his unstable heart.  At first Rucio says
nothing, but then he asks if they can go together to the village that started
it all.  Valkyrie agrees.  Once there reach the village, Rucio explains this
was the place he used to frequent.  They reach a house, which Rucio explains
is the house of Platina, his childhood friend.  He says he discovered
Platina's parents were going to sell her away.  Since he was little, the only
thing he could think of was to take her and run away.  Rucio continued to say
they ran in the darkness, like this (as he grabs Valkyrie's hand) and
simulated what happened before.  Then they reach the Lily of the Valley.
Rucio says because of him, Platina died here.  If only he didn't try to bring
her here... Then Rucio asks of Valkyrie to take off her feathered hairband.
After she does so, Rucio admits that Valkyrie does indeed look like Platina,
as he thought.  Rucio says he knows it would be an insult if he continued to
pile the image of Platina and Valkyrie together.  However, his feelings still
don't change; the fact that he still likes her.  After they kiss, Valkyrie
wonders if the heart of a young girl's first love is looking at her.  She
hopes Rucio will live and come back someday.

Remove Debug Mode = Does nothing

Exit to World Map = As the name says

-[ Et Cetera Submenu ]-
Tutorial (0) = This is chapter zero.  A basic summary is that Aryuze smashes
the statue (which looks like the king), which doesn't sit too well with
Jerald.  This makes her go into disguise as Angela to get revenge against
Aryuze.  The problem is that after she gets drunk at the restaurant, she
passes out.  After bringing her home, Aryuze discovers, by accident, that
Angela is really Jerald.  However, he acted like he didn't know, so he just
played along.  The next day, Aryuze gets an offer from an agent to transport
a carriage.  This conflicted with the schedule of Angela's, so he dropped hers
in favor of this one.  He traveled with Badluck, but after it is discovered
that Jerald was inside the carriage, Badluck wants no part in this mess.
Aryuze then puts the pieces together and realizes this all a set-up by
Lombert.  Jerald turns into a ghoul, but Valkyrie takes care of that.
Afterwards, Aryuze goes after Lombert and gets him, but then Aryuze slays the
group of soldiers that come after him.  When confronted by Lawfer's father,
Aryuze turns the knife to himself and commits suicide.

Lawfer, Hassy Section in Charge (2) = Only a short part.  It begins with
Aryuze and Lawfer sitting on a cliff while the wind blows.  Aryuze asks if
Lawfer is just a grass being blown in the wind.

Badluck, Hassy Section in Charge (12) = Disk 2 required. This has the full
motion video of a cactus flower blooming in the moonlight.

Grey, Hassy Section in Charge (13) = Disk 2 required.  It begins with Celia
sitting by a campfire, thinking about the things her dead friends used to say.
Kashel, Baltos, Ralf, Amy... Celia walks to the Arcdine Ruins to confront
Grey.  She thought they could stop their travels and live happily.  When she
meets Grey, she accuses him of being the perpetrator who destroyed everything.
Celia says it all started the day Lemia died.  Celia holds her sword up to
Grey, but he says nothing.  She says, please say that I didn't kill Lemia to
Grey.  Celia says she can't kill Grey, otherwise, she will be all alone.  Then
Grey says he is sorry, as he crumbles to pieces.  She doesn't believe what
just happened.

Suou, Hassy Section in Charge (18) = Disk 2 required.  The scene starts part
way into the event, with the superior leader and his troops after the town is
destroyed.  Suou spots a survivor waving his sword nervously.  Suou realizes
the guy was trying to protect his family.  Suou thinks twice about the reason
his troops destroyed this town.  While in deep thought, Suou lets the guy stab

Arlie's Awakening Start (26) = Disk 2 required.  The starting point to the "A"
ending.  Frey is worried that the seal on Valkyrie's memories is breaking.
Frey releases Arlie, the black valkyrie to counteract this.  If you continue
to watch this event, then sometimes the game will drop you off in Bramhs
Castle, without fighting Arlie.

Arlie's Awakening Scene 3, 4 (26) = Arlie (the black valkyrie) takes over the
Valkyrie role, and tries to trick Aryuze and Meltina.  Arlie claims she and
Aryuze fought the "Vampire King" Brahms in the past.  It was an unfinished
battle, with Brahms holding the spirit of Silmelia, the third sister of Arlie
and Renas.  Disk 2.

Arlie's Extermination Scene 3-1 (27) = Disk 2 needed. Flashbacks of everything
Renas had experienced.  Valkyrie is in self-doubt, wondering if she had picked
spirits like plucking pedals from a flower.

Arlie's Extermination Scene 3-2 (27) = Disk 2 needed.  Flashback part 2 - if
you continue to watch it, sometimes it drops you off versus Sult for the "B"
ending, depending on what data you load from.

Arlie's Extermination Scene 4 (27) = Disk 2 only.  Valkyrie is in a hurry and
begins to frantically searching the ground for the earring Rucio hid.  After
she finds it, she remembers everything, but she wonders why Rucio had to die.

Face Check = This feature goes from 0-192.
Next = Moves one character ahead
Before = Moves one character back
+10, -10, +50, -50 = Self-explanatory.  Adds that amount to the current face.
This helps if you want to jump ahead or back quickly.
The funny faces are #88 (Rezard) & #106 (Aryuze & Meltina).
Note: Not all faces are included.  Most Sacred Phase characters won't appear
in this option.  Here is a list of all faces.

Face #  Character Name        Expression
------  --------------        ----------
     0  Aryuze                Normal
     1  Aryuze                Eyes Closed
     2  Aryuze                Angry with teeth clenched
     3  Aryuze                Laughing
     4  Aryuze                Suspicious
     5  Aryuze                Serious
     6  Aryuze                Hand on Forehead
     7  Aryuze                Surprised
     8  Valkyrie              Back Turned
     9  Valkyrie              Mouth Open
    10  Valkyrie              Surprised
    11  Valkyrie              Another Surprised Look
    12  Valkyrie              Angry
    13  Valkyrie              Eyes Closed
    14  Valkyrie              Normal
    15  Amy                   Satisfied
    16  Amy                   Angry with Hand Chained
    17  Amy                   Painful
    18  Amy                   Normal
    19  Kashel                Hurt, Leaning Back
    20  Kashel                Sorrow
    21  Kashel                Normal
    22  Ganossa               Menacing
    23  Ganossa               Normal with Pipe in Mouth
    24  Ganossa               Serious
    25  Grey                  Normal
    26  Jake Linas            Pain
    27  Jake Linas            Happy
    28  Jake Linas            Normal with One Eye Shut
    29  Jail                  Normal
    30  Jail                  Painful
    31  Jail                  Sad
    32  Jerald                Happy
    33  Jerald                Crying
    34  Jerald                Sleepy
    35  Jerald                Thoughtful
    36  Jerald                Normal
    37  Jerald                Angry
    38  Shiho                 Sad
    39  Shiho                 Scared
    40  Shiho                 Singing
    41  Shiho                 Normal
    42  Jun                   Injured
    43  Jun                   Determined
    44  Jun                   Normal
    45  Suou                  Angry
    46  Suou                  Normal with Face Covered
    47  Suou                  Normal, Unmasked
    48  Nanami                Happy
    49  Nanami                Painful
    50  Nanami                Normal
    51  Nanami                Alert
    52  Badluck               Injured, Bloody
    53  Badluck               Determined
    54  Badluck               Cheerful
    55  Badluck               Normal
    56  Brahms                Normal
    57  Frey                  Sorrow
    58  Frey                  Angry
    59  Frey                  Normal
    60  Frey                  Delightful
    61  Belinas               Painful
    62  Belinas               Normal
    63  Meltina               Puzzled
    64  Meltina               Surprised
    65  Meltina               Angry
    66  Meltina               Irritated
    67  Meltina               Happy
    68  Meltina               Sad
    69  Meltina               Fearsome Glare
    70  Meltina               Normal
    71  Yumeru                Mermaid, Happy
    72  Yumeru                Mermaid, Crying
    73  Yumeru                Human, Sad
    74  Yumeru                Human, Normal
    75  Yumeru                Human, Calling for Help
    76  Rauli                 Bright
    77  Rauli                 Sad
    78  Rauli                 Shocked
    79  Riselia               Happy
    80  Riselia               Angry
    81  Riselia               Normal
    82  Rucio                 Angry
    83  Rucio                 Hurt
    84  Rucio                 Surprised
    85  Rucio                 Shocked and Surprised
    86  Rucio                 Normal
    87  Rezard                Looking Backwards
    88  Rezard                Shaking Head
    89  Rezard                Normal
    90  Rezard                Cheerful
    91  Rezard                Evil with Blue Glow
    92  Rezard                Sneaky
    93  Rezard                Satisfied
    94  Lawfer                Smiling with Eyes Closed
    95  Lawfer                Doubtful
    96  Lawfer                Normal
    97  Lawfer                Serious
    98  Rolenta               Hopeless
    99  Rolenta               Disbelief
   100  Rolenta               Normal
   101  Asaka                 Sorrow
   102  Asaka                 Normal
   103  Young Girl            Crying
   104  Arlie                 Normal
   105  Arlie                 Smiling
   106  Aryuze & Meltina      Disbelief
   107  Altoria King          Normal
   108  Angela                Sleeping
   109  Angela                Sleeping with Bonnet off
   110  Angela                Normal
   111  Angela                Serious
   112  Angela                Confused
   113  Angela                Happy
   114  Angela                Determined
   115  Young Girl            Happy
   116  Elf                   Normal
   117  Odin                  Serious
   118  Odin                  Deep Thought
   119  Demon                 Normal
   120  Gyunta                Normal
   121  Claire                Angry
   122  Claire                Normal
   123  Old Woman             Normal
   124  Masked Fellow         Normal
   125  Old Woman             Normal
   126  Ai                    Eyes Closed
   127  Silmelia              Frozen
   128  Samurai Leader        Normal
   129  Sult                  Normal
   130  Flansburg Student     Happy
   131  Flansburg Student     Surprised
   132  Celia                 Painful
   133  Celia                 Normal
   134  Agent                 Normal
   135  Cat                   Normal
   136  Old Man with Turban   Normal
   137  Waitress              Shocked
   138  Waitress              Frustrated
   139  Waitress              Normal
   140  Young Man             Happy
   141  Young Man             Normal
   142  Valen                 Normal
   143  Fahn                  Normal
   144  Fuyuki                Sad
   145  Fuyuki                Normal
   146  Father (oyaji)        Normal
   147  Platina               Crying
   148  Platina               Happy
   149  Platina               Hurt
   150  Platina               Surprised
   151  Platina               Normal
   152  Freya                 Surprised
   153  Freya                 Distraught
   154  Freya                 Normal
   155  Belion                Normal
   156  Young Belinas         Cheerful
   157  Young Belinas         Normal
   158  Knight                Surprised
   159  Magnus                Doubt
   160  J.D. Wallace          Cold Stare
   161  Woman with Bonnet     Normal
   162  Minaru's Spirit       Lost
   163  Millia                Crying for Help
   164  Millia                Normal
   165  Millia                Full of Energy
   166  Platina's Mother      Scary
   167  Man with Bandanna     Unhappy
   168  Young Rucio           Shocked
   169  Young Rucio           Normal
   170  Young Girl            Happy
   171  Young Girl            Blushing
   172  Roy                   Normal
   173  Knight Leader         Normal
   174  Loki with Dragon Orb  Confident
   175  Loki                  Smirk
   176  Loki                  Normal
   177  Rolenta's Husband     Pain
   178  Lonbert               Pleased
   179  Lonbert               Normal
   180  Man with Moustache    Normal
   181  Flansburg Student     Normal
   182  Young Boy             Normal
   183  Knight in Armor       Normal
   184  Woman from Village    Normal
   185  Young Woman           Normal
   186  Old Man               Normal
   187  Samurai               Normal
   188  Old Man with Hood     Normal
   189  Old Woman with Hood   Normal
   190  Young Woman           Happy
   191  Young Woman           Cheerful
   192  Old Man               Normal

Movie Check = A Sub Menu opens with two options.  Too bad all the movies are
not in place.  There are still a few movies that are missing.

Valhalla Crumbling = Disk 2 is needed.  This option shows a full motion video
of Loki's Dragon Orb swallowing the life out of everything in the land.  No
sound is played.  Watch as the buildings crumble to pieces, and witness the
land turn into a barren wasteland.

Valhalla Rebirth = Disk 2 required.  A full motion video starting with the
feathers of Valkyrie's wings dropping to the parched land.  As soon as the
feathers hit the ground, the land fills with life.  The trees, the green
grass, and the buildings come back to life, as if it was the Valhalla
Crumbling movie being played in reverse.  This one also has no sound, but
that isn't too much of a problem.  Notice in one scene, where a blue building
is being reconstructed, there is the tri-Ace Logo hanging sideways on that
building.  This is movie that is played during the final showdown with Loki.

Guchi Sub Menu
04_ラウリィ クレルモン 04_Rauli Clermon
05_カシェル カミール村[むら] 05_Kashel Camille Village
06_ジェイクリーナス クレルモン 06_Jake Linas Clermon
11_リセリア ArcC5 11_Riselia ArcC5
13_グレイ Rezwood 13_Grey Rezwood
14_ロレンタ フレンスブルグ 14_Rolenta Flensburg
15_メルティーナ フレンスブルグ 15_Meltina Flensburg
17_ジェイル 17_Jail
28_ブラムス城 1[しろ] 28_Bramhs Castle
Curt Check Point
Link Sce Part
├26_05 メルティーナ Lab 26_05 Meltina Lab
├27_01-03 ブラムス 27_01-03 Bramhs
├27_33 --> レザード Lab 27_33 --> Rezard Lab
├27_38-40 メル ROOM 27_38-40 Mel ROOM
├13_30-40 グレイ 13_30-40 Grey
├12_54-55 バドラック 12_54-55 Badluck
├30 40-50 メル Lab N 30 40-50 Mel Lab N
├Event Ending After
├Check Ending C
├Back to Main Sce
Check Ending B

説明[せつめい] Explanation

All events are on Disk 1 unless noted. For the Disk 2 events, it helps to have
a save file on Disk 2, chapter 5, that way certain events won't be cleared.

Guchi Sub Menu
04_Rauli Clermon = Millia tells Rauli to listen to the sounds of the leaves.
When the entire forest comes to life, it's like listening to the waves of the
ocean.  Millia also knows Rauli was going off overseas to fight battles, which
Rauli tried to hide from her.  Rauli promised not to die, but he couldn't keep
that promise.  Now all Millia could hear was the sound of waves crashing.
After Valkyrie explains to Rauli how a strong bond will become stronger, and a
weak bond will become weaker, she mentions that she is not a Cupid's Angel.

05_Kashel Camille Village = You can access the Strangely Shaped Rock Caves
located within the village after this event.  Kashel and Celia find the
Camille Village people turned to stone.  They find out that a kid playing
around caused the seal to break on a monster.

06_Jake Linas Clermon = As Jake walks into the pub, Gyunta, the scary man in
the pub, tells Jake this place in not for cowards.  Jake insists he did not
run away.  Some of the castle people plotted towards killing Jake, but they
couldn't do in front of the former King.  They waited till a new King took
over before killing Jake.

11_Riselia ArcC5 = Riselia in the Arcdine Ruins - selecting this will drop you
off near the save point in front of her room.  Disk 2 required.

13_Grey Rezwood = Disk 2 required.  Grey tried to use the interchange soul
magic to revive Lemia, but one that is sacrificed using magic cannot be
revived using the same method.  In Valkyrie's eyes, that is desecration of
the soul.  Now Grey has no place to go, but Valkyrie offers him the chance to
fight as god's sword.

14_Rolenta Flensburg = Rezard's first appearance.  After the event, Rolenta
will join your party, and you will start off in the Tower of Rezard Valis,
where he awaits.  Rezard, being the devil that he is, used his necromancer
abilities to turn Rolenta's husband into a ghoul.  By doing so, he knew
Valkyrie could not ignore such a wicked deed.  Nothing could be greater
blasphemy to the soul than what he just did.  He did it so he could see his
"love" again.  Rezard's heart couldn't stop beating, to a point his chest
felt like bursting open.  Valkyrie realizes Rezard has the power of the Lost
Mystic, the Transport Square Formation (isouhoujin), which allow Rezard to
teleport anywhere at will.

15_Meltina Flensburg = Normally, this is Disk 2 event, but this can work on
Disk 1, except there won't be any voice samples being played. Meltina sneaks
into Rezard's Tower just for fun, and to see what "that guy" is up to.  She
finds some lost Rune Letters written on the wall and when she finds some books
written by Rezard, she comments how messy his handwriting is.  When she finds
the Homunculus, (looks like a little girl) she thinks, "what a pervert" when
she sees how detailed the girl is.  She decides to steal the Homunculus and
store it in her room in Flensburg.  Rezard is not too pleased, so pays Meltina
a visit that night.  Meltina tells him that at least she doesn't have Lolita
Complex (rorikon), or attraction to children.  Rezard explains why he needs
the body, basically so he could create a god-like body.  Later on that night,
Rezard decides to freeze her while she is in "the out of body experience"
mode.  Rezard viewed her a threat to his plans, so he got rid of her.

17_Jail = Disk 2 needed.  It begins with Jail talking to Fahn.  She asks of
him to keep a secret.  Fahn says he thought she was a youth of fine lines.
He was deceived by a woman's lack of common sense sword skills.  Jail wants
him to keep the secret that a woman is in the ranks of the male only knights.
Fahn says, at the least, tell me the reason for wanting to join the knight
association, and her real name.  She does as told.  Later on, during a
training, Fahn says he needs to watch his eyes, because of Jail's recent
improvement.  Jail says thank you.  Fahn says she better than "those guys"
over there, but Jail says, I told you not to say that!  Fahn says he is sorry.
Jail gives a small laugh, and Fahn wonders what is wrong.  She says that she
is the subordinate, so he should be more formal in his talk.  Then the scene
changes back to Fahn's room.  Jail says she can't excuse what Magnus has done.
Fahn says, but then need an excuse.  Recently around that guy, there have been
some inquiry into the outskirts.  Jail is shaking her fist, in that they are
so close, yet they can't do anything for now.  Fahn says now is not the time,
and tells her to be patient.  Jail says she may just be using him.  She says
if he were not the leader of the knights, she may not have looked at him quite
the same way.  She admits she is a sly woman.  He says that's all right, and
tells her to come together.  Later on, Fahn says, before the departure for the
front, Magnus performs on the soldiers a blessing ceremony.  That is their
only time to strike.  Jail asks if it is true that Magnus has faith in
grotesque gods.  Fahn says yes, that's the reason it will be the end of him.
Then the battle with Magnus.  He has some invisible shield protecting him, so
they can't lay a scratch on him.  J.D. Wallace warps in and casts her
captivation spell on all.  Magnus is surprised it didn't work on Jail.
Then Magnus realizes why.  He knows the knights have a prohibition on female
joining the ranks.  So Fahn was deceived, only to be surrounded by women.
Magnus thought Fahn was a stubborn person, but now he sees.  J.D. Wallace says
Jail has a cute face.  However, she used guys for her benefit.  It eventually
was reduced to Jail trying to stop her feelings.  Jail tells the monster to
shut up.  J.D. says she was only speaking for Jail, which would make her the
cupid.  Then Valkyrie warps in and says what a awful cupid.  J.D. tells
Valkyrie that is has been a while since they last met.  J.D. says the last
time they met, did she have a sky blue armor or was it jet black?  Valkyrie
says enough impudent talk.  Engage in battle now.  Afterwards, Valkyrie tells
J.D. to return from where she came.  J.D. replies, isn't what is happening
behind you more important?  Fahn, still under the influence of the spell, has
already stabbed at Jail.  J.D. tells Magnus that he is not one to employ her.
She tells him to carry the disaster on that frail body of his.  J.D. tells the
goddess that they will meet again.  By the time the spell is broken, Fahn
sees Jail laying on the floor.  He tells Letecia to wake up.  In her last
breath, she is happy that he returned to normal.  She asks him to get Magnus
now.  He does, as Magnus is still laying there in shock.  Works okay on Disc
1, since there is no voice samples.

28_Bramhs Castle 1 = The meeting with the vampire lord.  Here you can choose
whether or not to fight.  If you do choose to fight, beware as his finishing
move "Bloody Kalis" is killer.  The game usually freezes after battle though.

Curt Check Point = In the middle of Meltina's event, the scrolling forest
background.  You can witness a beautiful scene explaining how Odin came to
power.  Normally, the gods could not experience growth, since they are already
a perfect existence.  Odin was different in that he was half-elf and
half-human.  His human side allowed for growth, and it was only time before
Odin rose to the top, as explained by Rezard.  Rezard also discovered
something interesting.  He saw that a Homunculus and Half-Elf are basically
the same thing.  If he could insert his spirit inside a Homunculus, then he
could become a god, like Odin.  Plus he would have the growth advantage
offered by the human side.

-[ Link Sce Part Sub Menu ]-
26_05 Meltina Lab = Part of the "A" ending, inside Meltina's lab where they
are about to revive Valkyrie.  This has the scene with Aryuze and Meltina's
funny face.  Disk 2 is needed.

27_01-03 Bramhs = Disk 2 required.  Rezard, Aryuze, and Meltina go to Brahms
castle to find Arlie fighting Brahms.  Brahms mentions that Arlie's true power
is not with the Valkyrie Body.  He goes on to say Arlie woke up too early from
her sleep to be at her full potential.  Arlie comes back telling Bramhs,
that's not something for him to say, when he uses Silmelia as a shield, like a
cheater.  A battle will ensue, and you can fight Arlie with Brahms on your
side.  Part of the "A" ending route.  After battle, Meltina successfully
crystallizes Valkyrie's spirit.  Brahms asks Aryuze if he would listen to what
he has to say.  Aryuze says he has no interest about his past (apparently
Aryuze fought along side Arlie in the past).  Meltina tells Rezard how stupid
he his for comparing Valkyrie to a fish.

27_33 --> Rezard Lab = Disk 2 required.  Valkyrie asks herself whether humans
and gods can have a love relationship.

27_38-40 Mel ROOM = Disk 2 required.  Valkyrie screams as her head is spinning
with images from the past.

13_30-40 Grey = Starts with Celia at the Arcdine Ruins - she finds Grey and
she blames him for the death of Lawfer, Kashel, and Amy.  Disk 2.

12_54-55 Badluck = Part of Badluck's scenario on Disk 2.

30 40-50 Mel Lab N = Flashback of Meltina and Rezard in Mel's Lab.

Event Ending After = Bramhs and Rezard's speech during the aftermath of the
"A" ending.  Disk 2 needed.  You can see this after clearing the game.  During
the "Fin" screen with the feather on it, wait about 2 minutes then the speech
will begin.  Bramhs will begin talking about how Valkyrie became the new God
of Creation after the fall of Odin.  Bramhs can't contain his excitement when
he realizes what that means.  Since he has the spirit of Silmelia, (sister of
Renas) he holds the power of gods in his hands.  After laughing a bit, he then
goes off into to deep black abyss.  Next we have our old friend Rezard
speaking of how the Sage's Stone protected him from the Flames of End released
from the Dragon Orb.  The stone was lost as a result, but he survived.  He
comments that the change that happened to Valkyrie taught him something - that
he is the only human that is not under the management of Valkyrie.  After
giving his patented maniacal laugh, he finishes by saying he will eventually
gain the power to surpass mankind.  Could this be hinting at a sequel?

Check Ending C = Self-explanatory.  This is the "bad" ending where Frey
hunts you down, with intent to kill.  You will get into a battle against her,
but she is nearly invincible.  You can beat her, but you will still get the
bad ending.  Sometimes it freezes after battle.

CheckSpritEvent = This option drops you off in the Forest of Spirits.  Check
your item inventory to find the broken flame gem.  Disk 2 required.  If you
already cleared this event, you won't be able to see it again.

Back to Main Sce = Returns you to the previous menu.

Cancel = Returns you to the Main Debug Menu.

Check Ending B = A message giving you hints on how to get the "A" ending.
[Should Deny The Divine Destiny of The Destinies] = This game's subtitle is
the hint to getting the best ending.

Cancel = Returns you to the Main Debug Menu.

Yam Sub Menu
シナリオ選択[せんたく] Scenario Selection

01 - アリューゼ 01 - Aryuze
├アリューゼの家1F(3)[いえ] Aryuze's House 1F
├アリューゼの家2F(7、10、14) Aryuze's House 2F
│├シーン7 Scene 7
│├シーン10 Scene 10
│└シーン14 Scene 14
├アリューゼの家2F(夕方)(12)[ゆうがた] Aryuze's House Evening
├アルトリアの森(1、2、17)[もり] Altoria's Forest
│├シーン1 Scene 1
│├シーン2 Scene 2
│└シーン17 Scene 17
├ジェラードの部屋(4、6)[へや] Jerald's Room
│├シーン4 Scene 4
│└シーン6 Scene 6
├謁見の間(5、11)[えっけんのあいだ] Audience Space
│├シーン5 Scene 5
│└シーン11 Scene 11
├メインストリート(8、15) Main Street
│├シーン8 Scene 8
│└シーン15 Scene 15
├南楼飯店(9)[なんろうはんてん] South Watchtower Chinese Restaurant
├酒場(13)[さかば] Bar-Room
├街道(16、19)[かいどう] Highway
│├シーン16 Scene 16
│└シーン19 Scene 19
└ロンベルトの私室(18、20、21、22)[ししつ] LonbeltPrivateRoom
 ├シーン18 Scene 18
 ├シーン20 Scene 20
 ├シーン21 Scene 21
 └シーン22 Scene 22

02 - ロウファ 02 - Lawfer
├01 - 地下牢[ちかろう] Underground Prison
├02 - ホール Hall
├03 - ホール Hall
├04 - ホール Hall
├05 - ホール Hall
├06 - 丘[おか] Knoll
├07 - プロローグの森2 Prologue's Forest 2
└08 - 地下牢 Underground Prison

09 - エイミ 09 - Amy
├01 - 拷問部屋[ごうもんべや] Torture Room
├02 - 拷問部屋 Torture Room
├03 - 拷問部屋 Torture Room
├04 - 拷問部屋 Torture Room
├05 - 拷問部屋 Torture Room
└06 - 拷問部屋 Torture Room

12 - バドラック 12 - Badluck
├01 - 路地裏[ろじうら] Alleyway in the Back
├02 - 宿屋の庭[やどやのにわ] Garden of the Inn
├03 - 盗賊ギルド[とうぞく] Robber's Guild
├04 - 精錬綱街[せいれんこうがい] Smelting Rope Boulevard
├05 - 宿屋の庭(夜)[やどやのにわよる] Garden of the Inn, night
├05 - アルトリアの街道[かいどう] Altoria's Highway
└06 - 宿屋の庭(夜) Garden of the Inn, night

18 - 蘇芳[すおう] 18 - Suou

19 - ガノッサ 19 - Ganossa

24 - 神界でルシオ死ぬ[しんかいでしぬ] Rucio Dies in the God World
├01 - ヴァルハラ 鈴蘭の草原[すずらんのそうげん] Lily Meadows
└02 - 水鏡の間[みずかがみのま] Reflecting Water Space

24 神界フェイズ 特殊[とくしゅ] God World Phase Special
├01 - 水鏡の間 Reflecting Water Space
├02 - オーディンの玉間[ぎょくかん] Odin's Jewel Space
└03 - 水鏡の間 Reflecting Water Space

ラグナロク Ragnarok
├01 - ヨツンヘイム城 王の間[おおのま] Yotsunhiem King's Space
├02 - 神界廃虚[しんかいはいきょ] God World Castle Ruins
├03 - ヴァルハラ 鈴蘭の草原 Valhalla Lily Meadows
└04 - 神界廃虚 God World Castle Ruins

30 - ロキとの戦い[たたかい] Battle with Loki
├01 - 5-A
├02 - 5-A
├03 - 5-B
├04 - メルティーナの実験室(夜)[じっけんしつ] Meltina's Laboratory
├06 - 5-B
└07 - 5-C

一部担当シナリオ[いちぶたんとう]Partly in Charge Scenario
├05 - カシェル(シーン4 ヴィルノア) Kashel Scene 4 Villnoa
├17 - ジェイル(シーン2 アルトリア) Jail Scene 2 Altoria
└26 - アーリィ覚醒(シーン2 ヴァルハラ)[かくせい] Scene 2 Valhalla

その他[そのた] Et Cetera
├ディパン Dipan
│├01 - 広場(現在)[ひろばげんざい] Plaza Present
│├03 - B-10(現在)
│├04 - A-1(現在)
│├05 - A-1(過去)[かこ] Past
│├06 - メインストリート(過去) Main Street
│├07 - A-1(過去)
│├08 - C-1(過去)
│├09 - 広場(過去)
│├10 - 広場ー夜(過去)
│├11 - 広場(現在)
│└12 - D-1(現在)
├全員仲間にする[ぜんいんなかま] All Comrades
└全員仲間から外す[はずす] Remove All Comrades

説明[せつめい] Explanation

All on Disk 1 unless noted.  Yam's sub menu has a lot of choices, but most
of them put you half-way into a scenario, so usually if you view the event
from the beginning, then you don't need to visit all the choices listed.

Yam Sub Menu
-[ Aryuze Sub Menu ]-
アリューゼの家1F(3) = Aryuze's house from Chapter zero.
シーン7 = Scene 7 - You have control of Aryuze.  Move to the right to
 trigger the next event with Jerald in disguise.
シーン10  = Scene 10 - Aryuze with Roy, and Jerald asleep on the bed.
シーン14 = Scene 14 - Move Aryuze to the right.  Go outside of his house
 then go back inside to trigger the next event.
アリューゼの家2F(夕方)(12) = Aryuze's house 2nd floor, sunset -
 Jerald wakes up and realizes how late it is.  She says they will have to
 wait until tomorrow.
シーン1 = Scene 1 - Lawfer slays an ape monster in a forest.
シーン2 = Scene 2 - Soldiers facing a Harpy.  Aryuze says "Get out of my
 way!"  Move to the right to engage in battle.
シーン17 = Scene 17 - Badluck and Aryuze having a conversation on what
 just happened.  Aryuze wanted to kill Badluck, but he had better things
 to do.
シーン4 = Scene 4 - Lonbert talking with Jerald.  Afterwards, she throws
 her stick to the floor in disgust.
シーン6 = Gerald thinking of a way to get revenge on "that rude" Aryuze.
 The game crashes afterwards.
シーン5 = Flashback where Aryuze gets chosen and receives a statue from
 the king, and he crushes it with his huge sword.
シーン11 = Flashback like Scene 5, with Aryuze's voice-over.  He
 understands why Jerald was in disguise.
シーン8 = Aryuze asking "Angela" where to go.  They decide on the
 nearest restaurant.
シーン15 = Altoria street, with an agent, Badluck, and Aryuze.  A
 carriage is parked nearby as they are about to depart.
南楼飯店(9) = South Watchtower Oriental Restaurant.  Jerald orders
 everything on the menu while Aryuze sits there looking bored.  She passes out
 after drinking alcohol, which she thinks is dirty water.  Aryuze says she is
 not of royalty, so she can't just ask for the chef like that.  He doesn't
 know yet that this Angela is really Jerald.
酒場(13) = Bar scene with Badluck negotiating with an agent.  The task
 is to carry baggage to Villnoa Town.
シーン16 = Badluck and Aryuze walking with the carriage, with Badluck
 commenting how great the money is.  Suddenly, a group of Altoria Soldiers
 appear and confiscate the carriage, and discover Jerald was inside.
シーン19 = Scene 19 - Jerald and Valkyrie talking.  Save Aryuze!
シーン18 = Aryuze confronting Lonbert. Lonbert mentions what a great
 warrior Aryuze was, but the lack of knowledge of spells was Aryuze's
シーン20 = Lonbert wonders how Aryuze could have defeated the Ghoul.
 Valkyrie saves Aryuze from Lonbert's magic.  Get into battle with Lonbert.
 The game freezes after battle.
シーン21 = Lonbert's soldiers come after Aryuze.  He defeats them easily.
 He then asks Valkyrie "What is the difference between you and the Grim
 Reaper?"  Valkyrie answers "A Grim Reaper can only bring you an end.  I can
 create a new path for you."  Aryuze then takes a dagger and kills himself.
シーン22 = Aryuze joins the party, with Jerald commenting they will be
 together for a long time.  Frey then comments on your progress.  Frey says
 that although Aryuze is powerful, she worries about his mind and heart.  She
 doesn't think he is fit to make it to Valhalla.

-[ Lawfer's Sub Menu ]-
01 - 地下牢 = Undergroud Prison cell with Roy inside.
02 - ホール = Hall - Lawfer saying that what Aryuze did was untrue.
03 - ホール = Hall - A flashback of Lawfer saying he is not a genius.
 Aryuze then says, "Genius? That word was created by losers a long time
04 - ホール = Hall - Back in the present, two soldiers talking about how
 Aryuze must have been under the influence of Berserk.
05 - ホール = Hall - Another flashback with Aryuze saying "If the world is
 hell, then god must really be a good person."
06 - 丘 = Cliffs around the hill - Lawfer and Aryuze sitting on a cliff,
 looking at the scenery.  Aryuze asks Lawfer, "Are you a piece of grass that's
 being blown in the wind?"
07 - プロローグの森2 = Prologue Forest 2 - A scene with Lawfer, Kashel, and
 Celia.  Lawfer leaves the two behind despite their protests.  Lawfer wonders
 why Aryuze did what he did, knowing what would happen to Roy.  Lawfer
 knows he can't run away.
08 - 地下牢 = Underground Prison cell - Lawfer thanks his father for giving
 him the name "LAW", even if that wasn't the justice his father had hoped for.

-[ Amy's Sub Menu ]-
01 - 拷問部屋 = Torture Chamber - Amy feels as though she can't make it.
 When Valkyrie appears, she calls Valkyrie the Grim Reaper.
02 - 拷問部屋 = Torture Chamber - Soldiers are surprised Ganossa's magic
 has no effect on Amy.  Ganossa comments that the dragon blood-line is
 immune to magic.  Amy tells him the Dragon Orb is fake, and such a thing
 doesn't exist.
03 - 拷問部屋 = Amy still struggling to survive.
04 - 拷問部屋 = Torture Chamber - Amy says, "Just when I found out the
 resting place of 'him'" I don't know what she is referring to by 'him'.
05 - 拷問部屋 = Torture Chamber - The soldiers notice that Amy won't eat
 anymore.  With the little energy she has remaining, she calls Ganossa a
 piece of s.  Gannosa replies he'll find someone else to torture, and kills
 her on the spot.
06 - 拷問部屋 = Amy asks Valkyrie why the gods need the fighting powers
 from the Enfirias, instead of passing the hand of judgment themselves.
 Valkyrie responds "Even if (the god's) powers can twist a body, it won't
 be able to tie up the heart."

-[ Badluck's Sub Menu ]-
01 - 路地裏 = Back Alleyway of Badluck's scenario.  All of these scenarios
 must be on Disk 2 to view properly.  This scene starts off with Badluck
 running away, but he gets caught by an assassin.
02 - 宿屋の庭 = Garden at the Inn - Gina is yelling at Badluck to wake up,
 it's mid-afternoon already.  When Badluck does come out, in his pajamas,
 he asks when the flower will bloom.  Gina explains the flower is like a
 cactus; only on a moonlit night and only for a few hours will the flower
 bloom.  She goes on to say Badluck will miss it if he oversleeps.  On the
 other hand, if during the bloom, you make a wish, the flower will grant it.
03 - 盗賊ギルド = Thief's Guild - Badluck wonders if there is any quick way
 to earn some money.  The woman residing there asks him, "Do you know where
 you are?"  Badluck realizes he is in the infamous Thief's Guild of Villnoa.
 Badluck's weaknesses - money, sake (the alcoholic drink), and women.
04 - 精錬綱街 = Smelting Rope Boulevard, Villnoa Town - Badluck thinks how
 boring this job is.  He thinks about getting out for good.  Things fade to
 black, and Badluck wonders if he is still alive.
05 - 宿屋の庭(夜) = Garden Inn at night - Badluck is split into two when
 Valkyrie appears.  She comments that the way he is now, he will go see
 the Queen of the Underworld, Hell.  Badluck tries to explain, but all his
 deeds point to hell.  Then the flower blooms in the moonlight, as if to
 show him the way.  Badluck remembers the one good deed he did 3 or 4
 years ago.
05 - アルトリアの街道 = Altoria Highway - Yet another flashback, this time
 we have Badluck taking a job from slave-trader.  Since the slave-trader
 wouldn't give Badluck his money, instead of completing the job, Badluck
 took the innocent kid to a church in Camille Village.  Badluck then
 comments that would you have cried if he said he took the kid to an
 orphanage?  Would that have made a better story?  Valkyrie agrees to let him
 join the party.
06 - 宿屋の庭(夜) = Garden Inn at night - The part where Valkyrie
 agrees to take Badluck along.  Then the scene shifts to the inn with
 Gina coming out to find Badluck hunched over the flower that just bloomed.

18 - 蘇芳 = Suou's scenario.  No submenu opens, and Disk 2 is required.
 Suou hesitated before a surviving family in a town of ruins.  Suou
 remembers the time he found Shiho abandoned, and how she died by his
 leader.  While lost in his thoughts, he lets the man slay him.
19 - ガノッサ = Ganossa - You must be on Disk 2.  There is no sub menu.
 Inside the Dragon's Hall, Ganossa finds out the Dragon Orb is gone.  Who
 could have destroyed the guardian?  Suddenly Frey comes in with orders to
 kill Ganossa, but Valkyrie arrives in time.  Frey then orders Valkyrie
 to kill him, but not to destroy his spirit.  Fight!  After winning the
 battle, Ganossa joins when given the choice between Odin or Hell.
 But he says he is not a dog on a leash, and he could cut her head off at
 anytime.  Are you up to the challenge?

-[ Rucio's Death in Valhalla Sub Menu ]-
01 - ヴァルハラ 鈴蘭の草原 = Valhalla, Lily of the Valley Meadows.  Disk 2
 event.  Rucio can't help but notice the similarities between Platina and
 Valkyrie.  Freya finds Rucio and wonders what he is doing.  Freya can tell
 something is bothering him, and Rucio comments that he can't hide anything
 from the gods.  Freya explains how Valkyrie was born, but Renas has no
 memories, due to the seal by Frey.  Rucio thinks about that, and wonders if
 there is a way to remove that seal.
02 - 水鏡の間 = The Reflecting Water Interval.  While Rucio is talking to
 Valkyrie (via the mirror), Loki steals the Dragon Orb from the sacred
 chamber.  Loki then frames Rucio by making it look like Rucio used the
 mirror to send the Dragon Orb to the human world.

-[ Sacred Phase Special Sub Menu ]-
01 - 水鏡の間 = Sacred Phase Special sub menu, all on Disk 2.  This
 scene has Loki and Rucio battling out.  Rucio eventually loses out inside
 the Reflecting Water Interval.
02 - オーディンの玉間 = Odin's Throne Room.  Odin hears of what happened
 to the Dragon Orb.
03 - 水鏡の間 = Reflecting Water Interval - Odin couldn't find solid evidence
 of what happened, so he decided to keep a close eye on Loki.

-[ Ragnarok Sub Menu ]-
01 - ヨツンヘイム城 王の間 = Yotsunhiem Palace - Loki visits Sult.
 Loki tells Sult, with his army, he will lose the battle.  Loki explains
 about the four treasures.  Three of four treasures, [God's Spear Gungnir],
 [Light Bow Sylvan Bow], and [Holy Tool Dragon Orb], are in Odin's possession.
 Then he shows off the Dragon Orb that he just stole, and summons two
 beasts, Devil Wolf Fenrir, and Devil Dragon Bloodvain.  Bloodvain holds the
 fourth treasure, [Devil Sword Levantine], inside his stomach.  Isn't is
 great? The Four Treasures, and Two Beasts that rival the Four
 Treasures combined.  (Actually, only Bloodvain is the real problem).
 Sult then mentions that he's not going to stoop so low to borrow some
 dirty monsters.  Loki then says fine, it's your loss, and transforms
 using the Dragon Orb.  Loki kills off Sult, then he goes on to kill
 Odin.  Disk 2.
02 - 神界廃虚 = Valhalla in Ruins - Loki vs. Odin.  Loki wanted to see
 Odin release the true power of the Gungnir Lance.  The color black, which
 swallows everything, just like the black aura emitting from the Gungnir.
 As it swallows, the lance gains power, just like Odin himself, as
 explained by Loki.  A fitting weapon, but Odin didn't stand a chance.
 Disk 2 required to view this event.
03 - ヴァルハラ 鈴蘭の草原 = Valhalla, Lily of the Valley Plains - Freya
 explains to Valkyrie how Loki stole the Dragon Orb.  You will see an list of
 the four main worlds in this game:
  Midgald   = Human World
  Asgald    = God World
  Alhiem    = Fairy World
  Nibelhiem = Underworld
 The Dragon Orb was part of the human world.
04 - 神界廃虚 = Valhalla in Ruins - Odin dies while Frey cries.  Valkyrie
 chases after Loki, ignoring Frey's words.  Valkyrie wonders why Frey wouldn't
 show that kind of emotion in front of everyone else.

-[ Battle Against Loki Sub Menu ]-
01 - 5-A = Battle with Loki, all on Disk 2.  Valkyrie faces Loki.  You
 will get into a battle with his first form.  The battle ends after
 three turns.
02 - 5-A = After round one, Loki says there is a huge difference in
 their strength (depending on your weapon that is equipped).  Loki then
 releases the power of the Dragon Orb.  A FMV of Valhalla being destroyed
 is played, with full sound.
03 - 5-B = Valkyrie hears the voices of all the land, crying for help.
04 - メルティーナの実験室(夜) = Flashback to Rezard and Meltina's
 conversation about how a Homunculus and an Half-elf is basically the same.
 Valkyrie's spirit went into a body of a Homunculus, and thus she became
06 - 5-B = Valkyrie spreads her wings, then you will see the FMV of the
 world reviving, complete with sound.
07 - 5-C = After the movie, Loki is surprised at Valkyrie's power to give
 life.  Valkyrie gains the sword, [Divine Sword Glance Reviver] a powerful
 weapon.  Fight the final battle.

-[ One Part Responsible Sub Menu ]-
05 - カシェル(シーン4 ヴィルノア) = This is part of Kashel's scenario.
 Here you see Celia crying over the death of Kashel.  Disk 1 only.
17 - ジェイル(シーン2 アルトリア) = Jail, scene 2 in Altoria - here
 you see Jail and Fahn laughing because Fahn doesn't really treat Jail as his
 subordinate.  Disc 2.
26 - アーリィ覚醒(シーン2 ヴァルハラ) = Arlie's awakening, scene 2,
 Valhalla.  Valkyrie's seal is broken.  Her memories are flooding back.
 As part of security, Arlie is released, and Arlie takes over.  Disk 2.

-[ Dypan Sub Menu ]-
01 - 広場(現在) = This is Dypan's event.  This option takes you to the
 Central Square in the present.  Nothing much of interest, maybe because
 I already cleared this event when I used the Debug Mode.
03 - B-10(現在) = Present Castle with enemies roaming around.  From
 here, you can warp to the past.
04 - A-1(現在) = Valkyrie steps into the machine, and she gets warped
 to the past.
05 - A-1(過去) = Dypan Castle, past.  Walk outside of the castle to
 trigger the next event.
06 - メインストリート(過去) = Main Street, past.  Valkyrie feels a
 human presence nearby, so she quickly changes to street clothes and
 hides behind the statue.  Arlie comes walking in, with a Rauli and
 Meltina look-a-like.  Who are they anyway?
07 - A-1(過去) = Valkyrie inside the teleport room in the past.  She
 discovers that it is broken.  How can she get back?
08 - C-1(過去) = Valkyrie finds the hidden room in Dypan Castle.  She
 finds the Princess Malbes, Balbarosa's wife.  Malbes gives Valkyrie a
 crown, which she wants Valkyrie to deliver.
09 - 広場(過去) = Central Square, past - This is where Arlie orders the
 execution of Balbarosa.  You also see Aryuze near the guillotine.  So this
 is what Aryuze did in his past life.  There is someone that looks
 remarkably like Lawfer standing on the other side too.
10 - 広場ー夜(過去) = Dypan, past, on a moonlit night.  Valkyrie finds
 out that she's too late, but she finds a way to transport back to the
 present.  The bond between people can overcome time barriers, as
 explained by Valkyrie to the mages.  She knew the real culprit behind
 the whole mess.
11 - 広場(現在) = Dypan, present time.  The mages curse Valkyrie for
 escaping.  If you already cleared this event, you won't see this for a
 second time.
12 - D-1(現在) = Dypan Castle, present - inside the hidden room behind
 the stained glass window.  Normally you will fight the three mages, but
 if you already cleared this event, there won't be a battle.

エンディングC(BAD) = Ending C - Odin and Frey talking after Renas
 is eliminated.  They decide to use Arlie for Valkyrie's astral body.
 There is some concern over Arlie's past with Brahms, but they go ahead
 with the plan.  Game Over.
全員仲間にする = Have all party members.  After selecting this feature,
 check [Party] under the status menu, and you should see all members,
 including the Seraphic Gate members.  There is one problem with this
 feature, though.  If you select this option, it also resets to Chapter
全員仲間から外す = Remove all party members.  Everyone will be gone,
 except for Valkyrie.  Selecting this option will also reset back to
 Chapter zero, so be careful.  Actually, selecting the [Sono Ta] menu
 will cause it to reset, so be careful.

Staff Roll.  Selecting this option allows you to view the credits.  It lists
all the (seiyuu) for the characters and the entire staff.  The list is kind of
blurry, though.

Ending Movie.  Disk 2 is required to see it. A short anime style movie, with
Rucio giving Renas a kiss, then the credits roll.  It is based on the "A"
ending.  Even after the "Fin" words come up, wait a while, and you might see a
surprise.  If you wait a bit longer, you can see a speech by Brahms and Rezard
talking about the future.

In Battle Debug Function

The Battle Debug is a separate feature from the Debug Room, in that this
menu is used while fighting a battle.  There are some neat stuff you can
do, so read on.

Enter the following code in the GameShark.

Battle Debug Code (Press R2+Select)
D002B698 0102
8009CFC0 0006
D002B698 0102
8009D018 0007

Now start your game and when you get into a battle, you can access this
secret menu.  When it is your turn, press R2 and Select buttons at the
same time.  Now notice you can move the cursor off to the left.  It
should read [ デバッグ機能 ] (Debug Function).  This is the battle debug
menu.  Hit the enter button and you will hear a buzz.  Now use the Up or
Down key on the Direction-pad to switch between characters.  Hit the
enter button once again to access the Main Battle Debug Menu,
which looks like what you see below.

Main Battle Debug Menu
逃走[とうそう] 1/15

説明[せつめい] Explanation
You will see a list of 15 options.  Some have a sub menu underneath them.
Here is a list of the sub menu options and what they do.  Use the cancel
button to exit the battle debug menu.  Here is a list of the Main Battle
Debug Menu in English.  Note that it is not really Escape, but that is how
it is displayed in the game.

Escape                         1/15
DME Establishment
Status Establishment
Invincible Mode Establishment
Counter Attack Mode Establishment
Skill Level Establishment
Skill Set
Technique Rotate
Hit Judgement Display
Wall Display
Camera Target Display
Great Magic Test
Friend Party Selection
Enemy Party Selection
Background Selection
Sound Test

-[ DME Establishment ]-
体力設定                     1/7
体力100%  = Valkyrie's DME at 100% + reduce charge time to zero!
体力50%   = Valkyrie's DME at 50%
体力25%   = Valkyrie's DME at 25%
体力5%    = Valkyrie's DME at 5%
敵体力30% = Enemy's DME at 30%
敵体力100 = Enemy's DME at 100
敵全滅[ぜんめつ] = Enemy Annihilation

Note: The Enemy Annihilation option works against any enemy, even
bosses.  Also note that Enemy's DME at 100 means 100 points,
not 100%!

-[ Status Establishment ]-
ステータス設定               1/8
ステータス全回復[ぜんかいふく] = Recover all status ailments
毒[どく] = Poison
麻痺[まひ] = Paralysis
石化[せきか] = Petrification
呪い[のろい] = Curse
気絶[きぜつ] = Faint
凍結[とうけつ] = Frozen
沈黙[ちんもく] = Silence

Note: This doesn't work against enemies with resistance to
status ailments.  You will have to move the cursor to the
target you want affected by using the Up or Down on the
direction pad.  Sometimes the cursor won't move to certain
characters no matter what you push; I don't know the cause
for this.

-[ Invincible Mode Set Up ]-
無敵モード設定               1/4
味方のみ無敵     = Valkyrie's party only invincible
敵のみ無敵       = Enemy's party only invincible
敵味方ともに無敵 = Both party and enemy invincible
無敵解除[かいじょ] = Cancellation of invincibility
v  e

Note: When you turn invincibility mode on, the v and e on the fifth row
will light up red.  Red = On, Black = Off.  v = Valkyrie's party,
e = Enemy's party.  If both sides are invincible, then it is just
like practice mode, except you can use skills.

-[ Counter Attack Mode Set Up ]-
反撃モード設定               1/4
味方のみ100%反撃 = Valkyrie's party only 100% counterattack
敵のみ100%反撃   = Enemy's party only 100% counterattack
敵味方100%反撃   = Both party and enemy 100% counterattack
反撃解除         = Cancellation of counterattack
v  e

Note: Same as invincible mode, v = Valkyrie's party, e = enemy's party.
Red = On, Black = Off.  I have not found a practical use for this
mode, since my characters have the counter skill anyways.

-[ Skill Level Set Up ]-
武器装備                    1/47
First Aid                  8/8
Auto Item                  8/8
Throw                      8/8
Cure Condition             8/8
Guts                       8/8
Adept Illusion             8/8
Dancing Sword              8/8
Last Trial                 8/8
Splash                     8/8
Reverie                    8/8
Combo Counter              1/1
Noise Arrow                8/8
Triple Distress            8/8
Steal Magic                8/8
Stun Magic                 8/8
Concentration              8/8
Scarlet Edge               1/1
Charge                     1/1
Strike Edge                1/1
Dark                       1/1
Trick Step                 1/1
Mental Reaction            8/8
Wait Reaction              8/8
Slanting Rain              1/1
Darkness Arrow             1/1
False Arrow                1/1
Tactics                    8/8
Hear Noise                 8/8
Find Trap                  8/8
Survival                   8/8
Identify                   8/8
Leader Ship                8/8
Fight                      8/8
Trick                      8/8
March                      8/8
Formation                  8/8
Attack Pow                 8/8
Defend                     8/8
Avoid                      8/8
Hit                        8/8
Resist Damage              8/8
Magic Pow                  8/8
Resist Magic               8/8
Monster Int                8/8
Undead Int                 8/8
Demon Int                  8/8
Counter                    8/8

Note: This is where you can set your skill levels.  The advantage of
using this mode is that it won't cost CP, and some skills can go higher
than normal levels.  Use the circle button to increase the level by 1.
If it reaches 8 and you press circle again, the level resets to 0.

Throw - Normally level 1 is the max, but here you can set it to level 8.

Concentration - Normally this skill's max level is 5, but here you can
 set it to level 8.

Mental Reaction - Normally this skill can only go up to level 4, but
 using the debug, you can see this skill can be set to level 8.  At level
 8, this skill will set your CT (charge time) to 0, at minimal cost of
 DME.  For magic users only though.

Counter - Again, level 1 is the max level, but the debug allows you to
 set this skill to level 8.

-[ Skill Set ]-
スキルセット                 1/4

Note: This is where you set the skills for your character.  The advantage
of setting it here, rather than the one outside of battle is that here, you
can mix and match.  Skills that normally cannot be equipped together can
be done here.  Here are some examples.

-----------------   -----------------   ---------------
For Fighter Types   For Archers Types   For Magic Types
-----------------   -----------------   ---------------
Guts                Auto Item           Guts
Reverie             Guts                Steal Magic
Splash              Noise Arrow         Stun Magic
Combo Counter       Triple Distress     Mental Reaction

-[ Technique Rotate ]-
Skill Rotate = This feature doesn't seem to work.

-[ Hit Judgement Display ]-
ON/OFF切り替え               2/2[きりかえ] Switchover

Note: Display Collision Detection -  This also doesn't seem to work.
Default is OFF.

-[ Wall Display ]-
ON/OFF切り替え               2/2

Note: Display Wall - Switching ON has no noticeable effect.
Default is OFF.

-[ Camera Target Display ]-
ON/OFF切り替え               2/2

Note: Display Camera Axis - Switching ON displays three vertical
lines, red, yellow, and gray.
Default is OFF.

-[ Great Magic Test ]-
大魔法指定                  1/1[してい] Designation
大魔法番号                  255[ばんごう] Number

Note: Great Magic Test - For fighter and archer types, the number
displayed is 255, which means none, since those types can't use
magic, but for magic users, you can change the numbers to change
the magic that comes out.  To see the Great Magic version of the
spell, you need to equip a staff that can use Great Magic, like
[ Unicorn's Horn ] [ Apocalypse ] or [ Mystic Wiser ].  Here is
a list of what magic goes with what number.  Use the circle button
to increase the number by 1.

 #   Magic
 0 = Fire Lance (Calamity Blast)
 1 = Burn Storm (Ifreet Caras)
 2 = Icicle Edge (Delta Strike)
 3 = Cool Damsil (Absolute Zero)
 4 = Lightning Bolt (Brutish Bolt)
 5 = Prismic Missile (Gravity Press)
 6 = Shadow Servant (Meteor Swarm)
 7 = Dark Sabre (Final Cheriot)
 8 = Poison Blow (Petrol Disruption)
 9 = Stone Torch (Carnage Anthem)
10 = Cross Airraid (Celestial Star)
11 = Ignite Javelin (Seraphic Lawsite)
12 = Dragon Orb = enter this code to use it.
     D002B698 0028
     800EC1EC 000C
     Press R1+Circle while in battle once, then the magic user in the fourth
     position will use this as a finisher move.  That is the character
     assigned to the Circle button.

-[ Friend Party Selection ]-
(Choose Party Members) - Doesn't seem to work.

-[ Enemy Party Selection ]-
敵パーティ選択              1/23
ガスト = Ghast
ナイトフィーンド = Knight Fiend
ウィルオウィスプ = Willow Wisp
ネクロセンチ = Necrosench
Lバンパイア = Lesser Vampire
グリムロック = Grimlock
ブラッドサッカー = Blood Sucker
G狼[おおかみ] = Greater Wolf
スライム = Slime
マンドレイク = Mandrake
くも = Cloud
空とぶ さかな[そらとぶ] = Flying Fish
さかな & Gミスト = Fish and Greater Mist
ローパー = Roper
低級魔族女[ていきゅうまぞくおんな] = Low Grade Devil Tribe Female
低級魔族男[ていきゅうまぞくおとこ] = Low Grade Devil Tribe Male
デュラハンバルバロッサ = Dulahan Balbarosa
最高位魔術師[さいこういまじゅつし] = Highest Rank Magician
肉食植物[にくしょくしょくぶつ] = Meat Diet Plant
アンデッドカーカス = Undead Carcass
スペクテーター = Spectator
ブラッドベイン = Bloodvain
レイス モンディーン = Race Mondine

Note: Choose Enemy Party - This submenu has a list of 23 choices, but none
of them seem to do anything.  Could this have been a monster test?

-[ Background Selection ]-
(Choose Background) - This option is weird, instead of being able to select
backgrounds, you get taken to the sound test option, which is below.  I'm
guessing this feature got removed.

-[ Sound Test ]-
サウンドテスト               1/8
SE番号      0/206
トランスポーズ     0
ピッチ        8192
再生[さいせい] Playback
停止[ていし]  Stoppage
ボリューム      127
パーン        64

Note: The Sound Test Option - Here use the Triangle button to subtract,
and use the Circle button to add numbers.
SE番号 = Choose from 206 sound effects.
トランスポーズ = Transpose.  Goes from -64 to 64, default is 0.  Playing
 with this makes the sound effects funny.
ピッチ = Pitch.  Goes from 0 to 16384, in 128 increments.  Default is
 8192.  Changing this value makes the sound funny too.
再生 = Play Sound
停止 = Stop Sound
ボリューム = Volume.  For Sound Effects only, doesn't affect BGM.  Goes
 from 0 to 127.  Default is 127.
パーン = Pan.  Goes from 0 to 127.  Default is 64.
デフォルト = Default.  Resets everything to default settings.

end of file