FAQ/Walkthrough by Rainmaker

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/09/01 | Printable Version

for Sony Playstation
(North American Version)
by Rainmaker (rain_maker@earthlink.net)
This document Copyright 2001 Rainmaker

Walkthrough Version 2.0






This is the first video game walkthrough I have ever written.  I didn't
see a walkthrough for the English version of this game....so heck... I
decided to write one!!  This game is based on an anime movie called
Vampire Hunter D.  The original Vampire Hunter D movie was released in
1985.  I recommend that you watch it sometime, because it's a great
flick.  This GAME however is based on the new Vampire Hunter D movie,
which has been released in Japan already.. the English version is
supposed to be released in American theaters sometime soon (I hope).
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this walkthrough and get something valuable
from it.  To see info on the new movie visit:

This Walkthrough is for personal use only.  This should only be
reproduced electronically and should not be used for profit or
promotional purposes.  If you would like to post this Walkthrough on
your site, please ask my permission AND DO NOT put your name on it!!!  I
worked hard on this and I want credit.  Vampire Hunter D is (c) Urban
Vision Entertainment and Jaleco USA, INC.

I'd also like to thank KYUSS for his Walkthrough of the Japanese Version
at GAMEFAQS.COM it helped me a great deal when first navigating through
this game and figuring out some of the bosses.

READERS:  If you'd like to ask me a question, please feel free to email
me at rain_maker@earthlink.net  Please put VAMPIRE HUNTER D in the subject so
I know what you're emailing me about.  Also, READ my WALKTHROUGH before
asking me questions about the GAME!  THANKS!


1. The Story
2. How to Control D and The Symbiot
3. The Pause Menu Screen
4. Item List
5. FAQs
6. Enemies
7. Bosses
8. Characters
9. Walkthrough
10. Alternate Endings
11. Credits
12. Gameshark Codes
13. Special Thanks
14. Author's Notes



12090 a.d. -

10,000 years have passed since vampires have reigned over the world.
Now, they are dying as a species.  The human race is beginning to regain
their power after many long years of Darkness.  However, there are still
a few vampires that live in the remote regions and continue their
gruesome attacks on humans.  Such actions have brought about the hiring
of bounty hunters to eliminate them.  Among these hunters are the
Dunpeals.  They are a race born of a human and a vampire and are
considered to be the best.

John Elbourne, a wealthy village man, whose daughter has been kidnapped
by the vampire, Meier Link, has hired bounty hunters to find and return
her.  Of these bounty hunters is a Dunpeal talked of having
extraordinary skills...

His name is D.

Elbourne:  "My daughter was kidnapped by a vampire.. please, help us.. I
have 500,000 dollars for you now, and I will pay you another 2 million
dollars when you bring my daughter home safely.."

D:  "It may be too late.."

Elbourne:  "If...if she has already been taken by the vampire...and if
she should ever be killed... let it be without suffering.."

D:  "What is her name?"

Elbourne:  "Charlotte.  She is my most precious daughter...now,
hurry...my son has also hired other hunters..."

Your job as D is to safely rescue John Elbourne's kidnapped daughter,
Charlotte, from the clutches of Meier Link.  As advance money, $500,000
has been supplied.  Upon the safe return of Charlotte, you will receive
another $2,000,000.  If you are too late and she has been converted to
vampirism, you are to save her from her awful fate without her




Up................................................Move Forward
Down........................................................Move Backwards
Right...............................................Turn Right
Left............................................Turn Left
(you can double tap left, right, up or down to strafe in that direction)

Triangle Button...................Switch between Battle and Search mode, draw
D's sword
Circle Button...............Battle mode: strike with sword/examine
................................................................................Search mode: examine
................................................................................Collect items/open doors
X Button....................Jump/Cancel/Select/Use
Square Button.......................Select and use an item (Left Hand mode)
L1 Button...................Press with D-pad to walk
L2 Button...................Lock On/Off enemy
R1 Button...................Guard (Block)
R2 Button...................Switch between opponents when locked on, or
lock on to an opponent
L2 + R2.....................Turn 180 Degrees
Start Button................Display Menu screen/inventory or skip cinema
Select Button...............Switch Left Hand mode (recovery, attack,



HP (hit point) GAUGE:  Decreases as D receives hits from opponents.
When the HP Gauge reaches 0, the game is over. (unless Left Hand can
revive you)

VP (vampire point) GAUGE:  Indicates D's current status.  The higher the
gauge, the higher D's vampire abilities.

Increase in the VP GAUGE occurs when - You are showered by an opponent's
blood or you consume a Blood Pill.

Decrease in the VP GAUGE occurs when - You receive damage or use a human
remedy medicine.


LOCK ON:  This resembles a little red eye.  Lock onto your opponent
automatically when sword is drawn or by pressing L2 or R2.


LEFT HAND MODE:  This meter shows how much power the Symbiot (Left Hand)
has.  Hit the select button to scroll through the different Left Hand

Inhale - After an opponent has been weakened, Left Hand will be able to
inhale their energy.

Revive - Regain HP by consuming one section of the Left Hand Gauge

Attack - There are 3 stages depending on the VP GAUGE status

Low VP - a sphere that freezes an opponent is emitted.
Med VP - a beam that traces an opponent is emitted in 5 directions.
High VP - powerful fireballs are emitted.


To Use Left Hand make sure he is in the LOWER RIGHT HAND CORNER OF THE
SCREEN and press square.  To replenish Left Hand's Power Meter you must
use Elemental Stones or inhale energy.


Whatever item is displayed will be used when the SQUARE BUTTON is



On the top of the screen in white lettering is the name of D's position
(ex. East Small Hall)

Below you will see a list of items, this is your inventory.  When an
item in your inventory is highlighted, you  will see a preview of it to
the left (ex.  if you highlight your little Hand friend, you'll see a
cute picture of him to the left).  The 'preview picture' will also be
highlighted in a certain color.  The color indicates what kind of item
it is:

Red means - sub weapon (any weapon besides your sword, and this includes
the Symbiot)

Green means - supplementary items (health, recovery, etc)

Blue means - Event items (keys and such)

Yellow means - buttons

Press the X Button to Use a highlighted item in your inventory.
When you choose a subweapon from your list, it will appear in the LOWER
RIGHT HAND CORNER OF THE GAMEPLAY SCREEN, which means you must press the
Square Button to use it.

There is a message window below the list of items in your inventory.
This window gives you an explanation of the highlighted item.  This
includes the name and how many of this item you have.

When Left Hand is highlighted in your inventory, you can press SELECT to
change modes: Attack, Recovery, Inhale.

Press R1 to access the OPTIONS SCREEN from the PAUSE MENU SCREEN.

Press the TRIANGLE BUTTON to access your MEMORY CARD and SAVE

Press L1 to access the MAP SCREEN or select the map in your inventory.

MAP SCREEN:  If an area is colored GREY, this room has already been
searched.  If an area is colored BLACK, this room has not yet been
searched.  A section flashing RED indicates your current position.
Other maps in your possession can be viewed by pressing either the LEFT
or RIGHT Directional button.




Wooden Dart:  A hand-thrown dart made of plain wood.  This is good to
use against flying enemies, bosses or Female Warriors.

Hand Grenade:  Explodes over a wide area.  Press SQUARE BUTTON after it
is thrown to detonate.

Flash Bomb:  Stuns opponents momentarily.


Potion:  Recovers your HP GAUGE but lowers your VP GAUGE

Blood Pill:  Recovers both your HP GAUGE and VP GAUGE

Antidote:  Recovers you from the Poisoned Status

Elemental Stone:  Recovers the Symbiot's (Left Hand's) power meter by
one bar.


Maps:  Collect these to help you find your way through the castle.  More
than one can be used at a time.


Red Spider Key:  Needed to unlock door in the main hall. (found under
the portrait of Carmila in the main hall)

Blue Spider Key:  Needed to unlock door in the main hall.  (found in the
Study, 1st Floor)

Power Plug:  Needed to restore power to security systems.  (found in the
Chapel, 1st Floor)

Silver Plate:  Must use in Control Room to unlock doors.  (found in the
Catacombs, the room just under the stairs inside the room with all the
coffins, B1)

Gold Plate:  Must use in Control Room to unlock doors.  (found inside
the Moon Tower, Room of Stars)

Mirror Room Key:  Needed to unlock door that leads to bridge on 4th
floor. (found in the Sun Tower)

Sun Tower Key:  Needed to unlock door that leads to Sun Tower.  (located
in Guest Room 1 on the 2nd Floor)

Moon Tower Key:  Needed to unlock door that exits Moon Tower (found
inside the Moon Tower, Room of the Moon)

Wrench:  You need this to access the door to escape the sewers.  (found
in the left side of the sewers)

Music Box Key:  Needed to make the music boxes on the second floor work.
(located in Red Tube on 2nd Floor)

Plate of Water:  Needed to unlock secret passage behind Carmila's
portrait (found after you work one of the music box puzzles on the
second floor, in the Death Mask Room)

Plate of Wind:  Needed to unlock secret passage behind Carmila's
portrait (found in the Storage Room on the 1st Floor which is unlocked
after you use the Gold Plate in the Control Room)

Plate of Fire:  Needed to unlock secret passage behind Carmila's
portrait (found after you use the Green Gem and Blue Gem to unlock door
in courtyard)

Plate of Earth:  Needed to unlock secret passage behind Carmila's
portrait (you get this after you fight Borgoff for the second time in
the main hall)

Green Gem:  Needed to unlock door in courtyard to get Plate of Fire.
(found in the Room of Darkness, 1st Floor)

Purple Gem:  Needed to unlock door in courtyard to get Plate of Fire
(found in room where you rescue Leila, B1 Shuttle Repair Site)

Leila's Gun: Shuttle Repair Site B1 (the area just before the hangar).

Map 1st Floor:  Found in the 1st Floor Entrance.

Map 2nd Floor:  Found in the 1st Floor Playroom (on west side).

Map 3rd Floor:  Found in Basement Level 2 in the Crematorium.

Map Basement Level 1:  Found in the Power Control Room on Basement Level

Map Basement Level 2:  Found in Basement Level 2 on the Path to Flow

Map of Moon Tower:  Found on Moon Tower Balcony.

Map of Sun Tower:  Found in Spider Joint 1/Black, 3rd Floor.

Map of 4th Floor:  Found in 3rd Floor Elevator Hall.


5.	FAQs

EMAIL ME YOUR QUESTIONS AT rain_maker@earthlink.net

1. "What are the passwords for the doors on the 1st Floor?"

OKAY.. may I please stress that you READ my WALKTHROUGH before emailing
me a question like this.  I'll answer it anyway..
You need to find the obelisks (the black thingies) on the 1st Floor.
Solve the mini-puzzle and the obelisk will flash one of the two


ONCE AGAIN.. read the walkthrough!!!  You won't have access to the Main
Hall elevator till you reach the 3rd Floor Tower (the one that looks
like a spider on the map).  Once you get there, use the Silver Plate in
the Control Room (the round room on the map) then go to the middle
hallway.  There are two elevators.  One is the elevator to the Main Hall
(where Carmila's portrait is).

3. "How do I find the new Vampire Hunter D movie?"

Okay, so this isn't game-related.  Still, it's a FAQ.  Okay, first of
all the new Vampire Hunter D movie has not been released yet.  The game
is BASED on the NEW movie, not the old one.  You can find out any info
about the NEW movie at http://www.urban-vision.com/
I've been hearing rumors it might be released Fall or Winter of 2001 to
select theaters and released on VHS and DVD.
I also recommend renting or buying the original Vampire Hunter D, which
has been re-released with a new cover and there is also a cool special
edition DVD.



ZOMBIES:  You can hear these things lumbering around a mile away.  They
spew poison at you from a distance, but will run at you and try to slash
you with their claws.  You can easily run from or dodge these.

BATS:  These are hard to reach.  They shoot rings at you (kind of like
the ones in Parasite Eve =^_^=) and will chase and dive-bomb at you.
You either have to jump and slash or throw Wooden Darts at them.  These
are too fast to run from.  Very annoying.

RED ZOMBIES:  These are a little tougher than the regular zombies are.
They still spew acid and will give you a nasty slash if you try to combo
them with your sword.  Be careful.

FLYING DEMONS:  These are cool looking enemies.  They fly around,
carrying a big spear and throw fireballs at you.  These are hard to
reach like the bats, you have to jump and slash or throw Wooden Darts at
them.  You can easily run away from these.  Sometimes they'll be walking
on the ground or posing as statues too.

FEMALE WARRIORS:  I hate these.  For some reason your sword has no
effect on them.. it seems to go right through them.  They'll slash at
you with their own sword or they'll grab at you with their mutated arm.
They can cause a lot of damage FAST.  You can run from them but they'll
be hot on your tail till you go through a door.  Use Wooden Darts or get
behind them and slash with your sword.

TRANSPARENT BLOODSUCKERS:  I have no clue what these are but they sure
are colorful!  They kind of look like a sea horse with legs.  These
annoying little buggers will latch onto you and suck your HP or jab you
with their spikes.  Tap Circle and the D-pad like crazy to wiggle and
get them off.  (this brings back unpleasant memories about Snakewomen
for D  =^_^=)

SPIDER LIZARDS:  These are strange looking.  They'll spit poison bubbles
at you or slash at you with their front legs.  They come in different
colors.  Be careful because they're tough.  Use your block to avoid
their slash and hack them to death with your sword.

THUNDER DOGS:  These dogs are fast runners.  They throw balls of
lightening from a distance or jump up and bite you.  Their attacks are
hard to avoid so kill them quickly.

TRITON SLUGS:  You encounter these creatures in the sewers.  They look
like caterpillars with pitchforks.  Keep your distance until they are
finished spewing their poison cloud, then jump in for the kill.

CUBES:  These weird things seem harmless enough at first, but watch out!
They shoot lasers at you or morph into big spinning saws that will cause
quite a bit of damage.  Hack them up with your sword and watch them fall
to pieces.



MEIER LINK:  I think that Meier Link is a push over.  Just use your
'Guard' and stay close to him to avoid his wimpy attacks, then slice him
with your sword.  You'll fight him about 2 or 3 times.

BORGOFF:  One of the Marcus Brothers.  He'll run around the room and
shoot his crossbow at you.  Just use your 'Guard' and slice him with
your sword.  The second time you fight him he'll shoot three arrows into
the air and make a triangle of lightening around you, try not to get
caught in it.

BENGE (pronounced Ben-Gay  =^_^=):  When you first fight this guy you
are unable to block, but he isn't difficult to beat.  He'll run from you
like a coward, so just chase him around and hack him with your sword.
Be careful because he'll throw his staff at you like a boomerang.  The
next time you fight him he'll throw it down low also.

MACHIRA (the guy in the pink pants  =^_^=):  This guy is really
annoying.  He'll run away from you (like most of the bosses do) but when
you get close he'll punch the crap outta you or throw fireballs.  Just
'Guard' or throw Wooden Darts as much as you can and use your sword.

CARMILA:  Because she is composed of spirit, you can't just run up and
whack her with your sword because it won't work.  The first time you
fight her she throws ice daggers at you, which can be avoided with your
'Guard', she also attacks low where you can't block.  The way to hit her
is to wait till she throws fireballs that hang in the air, then hit one
in her direction with your sword (it's a good idea to turn the auto-lock
off for this fight).  The second time you fight she turns into a big
monster and is very hard to kill.  My advice to you is to stay far away
from her, she'll lash out with her arm and it'll get stuck in the
ground.  Whack it with your sword.  Repeat doing this till it falls off.
Now she will start using ground attacks and lash out with her arm again.
Whack it till it falls off.  Now you must hit her torso so stand right
in front of her and use you 'Guard'!  That is very important because
she'll trap you inside a bubble and shoot black fireballs at you.  Wait
till the fireballs are used up then hit her with your sword.  This takes
a long time but she'll finally die.



D:  The man in black.  A Dunpeal vampire hunter born of a vampire and
human.  His father is supposedly the infamous Dracula, King of Vampires.
He is a mysterious figure feared and revered by humans.

LEILA MARCUS:  One of the Marcus Brothers, the renowned vampire hunter
team.  She is a femme fatale, an expert shot and commercial rival to D.
A very tough woman.

LEFT HAND:  D's Symbiot and source for extraordinary Dunpeal abilities.
He constantly gives D advice and warnings throughout the game.  He's a
bit of a wisecracker and makes up for D's lack of personality.

MEIER LINK:  The mysterious vampire who abducted Charlotte Elbourne.  He
is known for never harming humans with his vampiric powers... so why has
he taken her??

CARMILA:  Lady of the Castle Chaythe, where Meier Link is holding
Charlotte.  She was rumored to be sealed in the castle 5,000 years ago
and destroyed by a Vampire King for her excessive brutality..

CHARLOTTE ELBOURNE:  John Elbourne's daughter, who was abducted by Meier

BENGE:  A mutant servant of Carmila with the power to 'melt' away and
disappear, then reappear somewhere else.

MACHIRA:  A mutant servant of Carmila who also has a Symbiot and has the
ability to transform into a werewolf.

KYLE:  One of the Marcus Brothers who is killed early on and placed in a

NOLT:  Another one of the Marcus Brothers who you find dead inside a

BORGOFF:  Another one of the Marcus Brothers who doesn't trust you and
tries to kill you more than once.

GROVE:  Another Marcus Brothers vampire hunter who is killed and appears
as a ghost to Leila and D.



"12090 A.D.............................................

Ten thousand years have passed since the Final War brought the history
of the human race to its end.  The vampires have reigned over the world
since that time.  But now they are dying as a species, this is their
final hour...

The humans are regaining their power after many long dark years.  But
some vampires remain in the remote region and continue their horrific
attacks against humans.  Such action has prompted the proliferation of
bounty hunters to destroy them..

Among these hunters the 'Dunpeals', half vampire and half human, are
considered the finest.  In time, people began to talk about a young
hunter of remarkable beauty and skills..."


You begin at the entrance of the castle.  The Symbiot talks to D and
then you get control.  To your right is a Potion and to your left is the
map of the 1st Floor.  After picking these up, head through the door in
front of you.  The Symbiot will say he feels a great evil and tells D to
be careful.  Once you regain control, run to the left and you will find
an Antidote and a Potion.  To the right you'll find a Blood Pill.
You'll notice both these doors are locked.  Head up the stairs in the
middle of the hallway.  Run forward and you will find the Red Key and
the Symbiot will comment on the portrait of Carmila.  A pop-up will
appear that tells you to use the key on one of the doors.  Before you
head back, run to the left and up the stairs to find a Flash Bomb.  This
door is locked.  Now run to the right and up the stairs to find a Hand
Grenade and Blood Pill, you'll noticed another locked door.  Now head
back down the stairs and use the key on the red door.  When you enter a
pop-up will appear warning you of a security system.  This is a tracking
laser.  To avoid it run, but if you want to get the items jump up on the
counter and the laser can't reach you.  You'll find some Wooden Darts, a
Potion and a Flash Bomb.  Once you collect these leave the room through
the next door.  You will see a small cutscene where D uses the Symbiot
to inhale a zombie.  (remember you can inhale an opponent once they've
been weakened)  Behind you are some Wooden Darts.  Continue down the
hall and fight a bat and two more zombies.  There will be a cutscene
where you hear Meier Link and a woman talking behind a door.  It sounds
like he attacks her.  You have the choice of entering this door now or
later.  It will alter the ending of the game.  If you enter now you will
find Meier Link standing over a woman's body.  You have to fight him.
Just use 'Guard' and slash him with your sword.  He will disappear after
a small cutscene.  You can use a potion on the woman or leave her.  Head
into the next door to find a Storage room with some items.  If you
choose to pass this door by then head into the green one right next to
it (you'll do this anyway after you checked out the Storage room if you
fought Meier Link).  This hall has a bat and a couple zombies.  Once
you've dealt with them head into the green door because the other one is
locked.  You will find the Blue Key on the desk.  Take it and leave.
Now head back to the hall and go through the golden doors at the end.
You'll be faced with three other doors.  Go directly into the one in
front of you.  Here is a small puzzle.  You'll see an obelisk ahead and
two statues to you left and right.  Go up to the statues and push them
forward till they 'click'.  The word 'MANKIND' will appear on the
obelisk.  Remember that.  You'll also notice a locked gate behind the
obelisk.  Leave the room the way you came in.  Go into the door on the
right.  There are two thunder dogs and zombies in this hall.  You'll
notice a locked green door.  Just go to the end of the hallway and enter
the door.  Take note of the position of the stuffed bird and the time on
the clock (2:25).  Leave the room and head all the way back to the Main
Hall (you can stop by the room where you heard Meier Link and check out
the storage room if you passed it by to get the better ending on your
way back.  You'll find a Potion, an Antidote and some Wooden Darts.
You'll need to jump on the shelves).  Use the Blue Key on the blue door
in the main hall.  Head to the end of this hallway and go in the door on
the right.  It's a Chapel and you'll meet the transparent bloodsucker.
Once you kill it you'll find these items:  Power Plug, Potion and Blood
Pill.  Once you're done here, head out and go through the other door.
You'll be faced with another multi-door room.  Head into the once
directly in front of you again.  You're faced with the same obelisk
puzzle except this time the word is 'VAMPIRE'.  Leave this room the way
you came in and head to the door on your left.  There will be flying
demons and zombies in this hall.  Run to the end and go through the
door.  You'll find a room with a clock and stuffed bird just like the
other one.  Go up to the clock and set it for 2:25, then move the
stuffed bird so it is facing you.  Some items will appear (an Elemental
Stone, a Blood Pill and a map of the 2nd Floor).  Leave this room and
head back down the hallway.  Back in the room with many doors enter the
one right across from you.  Be careful because there is a female mutant
in here.  Run to the end of this hall and go down the stairs.


You will meet a spider lizard at the bottom of the stairs.  After you
defeat it continue on through the door.  You will meet Meier Link here
if you didn't fight him upstairs.  Head through the next door and you
will be in the Power Control Room.  You will find a Flash Bomb and a Map
of Basement Level 1.  Use the middle console in the back of the room to
restore power to the security devices.  Head all the way back to the
main hall, then go through the red door and head to the junction with 4
doors (I find this path easier to follow and you get to see all the cool
events).  Head in the door to your left.


Head to the end of the hall to find a door with a console.  Enter the
word 'MANKIND' and the door will unlock.  Head up the stairs to meet a
spider lizard, then keep going till you go through a door.  In this hall
there will be two doors.  One is locked so enter the one at the end.
Watch out cause there are lasers in this room.  Jump over them or tough
enemies will drop down and an alarm will go off.  Take a left and take
note of the door at the end (don't go in here if you fought Meier Link
in the Art Room and rescued Leila.  If you fought Meier Link in the
basement it's okay to go in here real quick and grab the Antidote).  Now
go back out and take a right at the t-junction.  Head through the door
and through the hallway, then through another door to a hall with lasers
(you're basically exploring both sides of the second floor).  Jump over
them and take a detour to the left.  Enter the door at the end of this
hall.  You'll enter a room with a big mirror.  If you fought Meier Link
in the basement a woman will appear and point a gun at you.  She is
Leila Marcus.  If you rescued her downstairs before, she won't be here.
Search the room to find a Hand Grenade and some Wooden Darts.  When you
try to leave the room a cutscene will take place.  Pretty cool, eh?
Leave the room and head back to the room where the Antidote was (whether
you entered it or not before, go in now).  There will be a cutscene and
D falls through the floor.


You find yourself down in the sewers.  The Symbiot warns you not to come
in contact with water too long, since you are part vampire.  Behind you
is a Hand Grenade and Antidote.  There are also other items you can get
to if you jump to them.  While you're on the middle platform, walk
forward down one of the sides.  You'll see an open whole to the right.
Try to jump at an angle to land on the platform next to it.  Head
through the hole.  When you enter here be careful of the Triton Slugs
and their poisonous clouds.  Also watch the wall for little white spots
where spikes might pop out and jab you.  Head forward to the t-junction,
then go right and to the end to find a map of Basement Level 2.  Now go
back and head through the door.  Kill the thunder dog and use the
control panel.  Turn off the water for the LEFT side.  Now leave and
head back to the area where you started.  You'll notice the water has
stopped on one side.  Jump over there and go through the iron gate.
Watch out for the bat and run down the center of this room to avoid the
spikes.  Go up the stairs and through the door.  Watch out for the
Triton Slugs and bloodsucker in this room.  Head in the door at the end.
You'll find a room with moving platforms over water.  Jump on them to
get to the other side and obtain the Wrench.  Now head ALL the way back
to the water control room and switch it to the RIGHT side.  Head through
the gate and beware of the Triton Slugs.  Head into the first door and
meet a flying demon.  Head into the next door and in this room you'll
find an Elemental Stone, a map of the 3rd Floor and a Potion.  Head back
to the hall with the slugs and go through the crack to the right at the
end.  Now head along the railing to the door.  Inside you will be faced
with a puzzle.  Go up the stairs and find a potion in the corner.
You'll notice a box.  Don't touch it yet.  Just go past it to find a
machine.  Use the wrench to make it work.  Hit the middle switch, then
go back and push the box onto the platform.  Now go back and hit the
same switch to lower it.  This puzzle is easy I am sure you can figure
out the rest for yourself.  Once you get the box in the right position,
head through the door.  Head through the passage (watch out for the
bloodsucker) and you'll pop out of a coffin and surprise Borgoff Marcus.
He's a little depressed about the loss of his friend.  You end up
fighting him.  Just use 'Guard' and whack him with your sword.  Once
he's beat he'll run away.  Head into the door under the stairs (watch
out for the female warrior), where you'll find the Silver Plate and a
Blood Pill.  Now head back out and up the stairs.


You'll end up in a graveyard.  The gate is locked so head for the door
(watch out for the demon).  Head in the elevator and you'll meet a Cube
at the top.  Kill it and head up the stairs.  Go through the door and go
straight through the next door.  You'll find yourself in a room with two
elevators.  One leads to the 4th Floor and one leads to the 1st Floor.
You can't use these right now.  You'll find a Blood Pill and a map of
the 4th Floor in this room.  Take a look at your map of the 3rd Floor.
At the bottom you will see a round-shaped room.  Head for there.  When
you enter run around till you find another door, then enter.  This is
the Control Room.  Use the Silver Plate on the Control Panel and it will
unlock several doors.  A map will appear, showing all the unlocked doors
glowing in red.  Head into the next door just past the Control Room one
and head down the stairs (it's the lower right hand leg on the map).
There will be a demon, some Wooden Darts, a Potion and a map of the Sun
Tower.  Head back to the middle hallway with the two elevators and head
back to the 1st Floor.


This takes you to the main hall of the castle.  Run to the right and
head through the door.  You'll find a Potion here.  Now exit through the
next door and head for the unlocked doors on your map.  You'll find the
Sun Key on the right side of the second floor.  Once you obtain it head
back to the elevator in the main hall.  It doesn't work because someone
has cut the power.  Head back to the Power Control Room and on the way
stop by the room that has been unlocked to get an Antidote, a Potion,
some Wooden Darts, a Blood Pill and an Elemental Stone.  When you reach
the Power Control Room, you see that Meier Link has been tampering with
the panel.  You fight him, then turn the power back on.  Leave the room
and you'll find Leila in trouble.  Kill the zombies and the ghost of
Grove Marcus appears to Leila and D, then disappears.  You go outside to
find Leila in the Marcus' vehicle.  She finds Grove dead there.  You
regain control of D at the castle entrance.


Head back to the elevator and take it upstairs.  Now take a look at your
map.  Head for the lower left hallway on the 3rd Floor.  This leads to
the Sun Tower.  Go down the stairs and a man in black sneaks up on you
and cuts the Symbiot off your arm.  His name is Benge of Barbarois.  He
tells you to meet him at the Sun Tower.  So now you no longer have the
Symbiot powers, the ability to 'Guard' AND you can't use any subweapons
(sucks, doesn't it?).  Head through the elevator.  Kill the zombies and
head through the door.  You are now in the Sun Tower.  Go to your left
and grab the Potion.  Now go the other way and kill the bloodsucker,
ignore the door for now and head upstairs.  Go through this door (watch
out, tons of female warriors) and use the control panel to lower the key
in the tube down to lower floor.  Don't forget to grab the items before
you leave.  Now go back downstairs to the door you passed.  Inside are
quickly rotating planets.  Jump over them to grab the Mirror Room Key.
Now leave and go all the way upstairs.  Watch out for the two demons and
head all the way past the door to the end of the hall to pick up the
items.  Now go through the door.  You'll find Benge here and he brags
about his powers.  Just chase him around and whack him with your sword.
He'll turn on a machine that makes artificial sunlight, then drives a
steak through D's heart.  Next there is a scene showing the Symbiot
crawling around and Leila finds him  =^_^=  You then gain control of
Leila.  She has a cool gun that you draw with TRIANGLE and shoot with
CIRCLE.  The only bad thing is you can't run while shooting.  Now you
can't go through the gate because it's locked, so you have to head for
the elevator in the main hall.  Once you go up the elevator Leila runs
into Charlotte, who seriously twists the story.  Once you regain control
head for the hall that leads to the Sun Tower.  The Symbiot will say he
does not sense D there.. so head down to the Graveyard.  You'll find D
buried under a pile of dirt.  Leila digs him up and the Symbiot revives
D, then rejoins with him.  Leila and D return to the hall that leads to
the Sun Tower and she tells him what Charlotte told her.  D and Leila
part company.  You now have your Symbiot powers back.  Continue to the
top of the Sun Tower to find Benge.  He tries to turn on the artificial
sun but the Symbiot inhales it (yummy).  Then you fight Benge and he


Leave the sun tower and head for the elevator hall.  Go to the 4th Floor
by the elevator and use the Mirror Room Key on the door.  You will be
faced with a puzzle.  Whack the colored spheres with your sword and try
to get them both to be the same color.  A bridge will appear.  Go across
and through the door.  You'll find Charlotte and she'll tell you she
doesn't want to leave (as usual).  A weird guy in pink pants named
Machira shows up and grabs Charlotte, then jumps out the window.  D goes
after him.  Outside on the roof you'll find a Blood Pill and Elemental
Stone.  Head through the left window.  If you head out the door with
lights (next to the door without lights) onto the roof then back in and
fight Machira THEN check on Charlotte (in the door without lights),
Leila will appear.  The both of you will head back to Meier Link's room
and Leila will stay with Charlotte.  You can then grab some items here
and go back to fight Machira.  OR you can check on Charlotte first, then
come out and fight Machira.  If you choose to make Leila appear, then
you'll have to enter the Moon Tower from the bottom (Machira will drop
the Moon Key) and fight Machira again after he transforms.  If you don't
choose this way, go out on the roof to fight Machira again after he
transforms (there are just different ways of doing it).  Inside the Moon
Tower you need to turn on the Planetarium by using the generator on the
bottom floor.  Once you turn it on you can see the platform that you
need to walk on in the room on the second level.  Here you will find the
Moon Tower Key or Gold Plate (depending on which way you chose).


Now head back to the Control Room and use the Gold Plate on the machine.
Pick the option of "Reigns Over" and the rest of the doors will unlock.
Then as D is leaving he sees either Leila or Charlotte on the monitor
screen (depending on whether or not you made Leila appear in the Moon
Tower).  Then Carmila will appear and rant for a while.  You fight here
(look at the boss strategy to find out how to beat her).  She'll
disappear and the Symbiot will tell you where the room is that you saw
on the monitor.  You can go there now if you want.  I suggest heading to
the hangar first, so look at your map and head for the upper left leg of
the 3rd Floor.  Beyond the door you will find a Blood Pill at the bottom
of the stairs, then go inside the elevator.  When you enter the door
past the elevator, explore the hallway.  You will find Leila's gun on
the floor (if you want Leila to survive, take the gun).  Head into the
door that goes into the hangar and you will find Leila in trouble.
Rescue her from the zombies.  It appears she has lost track of
Charlotte.  You will find the Purple Gem here.


Leave the room and head back to the 2nd Floor via the elevator (where
Carmila's portrait is), then go through the door on the left.  When you
enter the hallway past this door, run forward and head through the door
on the left.  You will end up in a room with lots of bridges and
platforms.  Collect everything in this room, including the Music Box
Key.  Now head for the other unlocked rooms on this side of the 2nd
Floor.  In one of the rooms you will find a music box puzzle.  Just play
the music box with the key and repeat the melody on the machine next to
the door.  In this room you will find a Blood Pill, Antidote and
Elemental Stone.  Now head for the other side of the 2nd Floor.  You
will find another music box puzzle.  Past the unlocked door is a room
full of lasers.  Navigate them carefully to get the Water Plate.  Now
head back to Carmila's portrait.  Check it and there will be a place for
the Water Plate.  Now head back to the 1st Floor and explore the rooms
down there.  In the small room higher on the map, you will find the
Plate of Wind guarded by two flying demons.  In the lower room on the
map you will find little red dots moving around on the floor.  Avoid
them and enter the next room.  In this room put out all the torches by
slashing them with your sword, and the door will unlock.  This next room
is the Room of Darkness.  Jump up and whack the little balls for
temporary light and make your way through the room to the Green Gem
(apparently this Gem is in a different place on the Japanese Version, I
believe it's found behind the door in the Courtyard where you place the
Gems and not in the Room of Darkness).  Don't worry about falling down
you'll just start out where you were again.  You'll find lots of other
items in this room if you explore.  Once you're done here, head back to
Carmila's portrait, drop off the Plate of Wind and head back up the
elevator.  Once you're back on the 3rd Floor take a look at your map and
head for the middle left leg (the red hallway).  Follow this and you
will end up in a small courtyard with a big door and a little machine.
Run around behind the door to find a Blood Pill.  Now place the Green
and Purple Gem in the machine to unlock the door.  Go through the door
to find the Plate of Fire.  Now head back to Carmila's portrait and
place the Plate of Fire underneath.


Leila will appear, then Borgoff.  It seems Carmila has made him into a
vampire.  You fight him again and he drops the Plate of Earth.  This
event changes depending on whether or not you gave Leila her gun.  If
you didn't, Borgoff will take Leila, if you did, Leila will save you
from Borgoff after you fight him.  She'll demand to go with D but he
will use the Symbiot to knock her out.  Either way, enter the secret
passage after everything is finished.  You'll find an elevator, choose
to go to the 3rd Floor.  Enter the door and you'll find Meier Link stuck
to the wall by a stake through the heart.  He tells you to save
Charlotte, that Carmila has betrayed him, and comments about the City of
the Night.  After the scene is over, head through the door to the right.
Carmila will appear and this event is different depending on whether or
not you gave Leila her gun.  If you didn't finish fighting Machira in
the Moon Tower he will appear here.  Once everything is finished enter
the door ahead.  There will be a scene with either Charlotte or Leila
floating above an altar, then a monster Carmila will awake.  Use the
boss strategy in order to beat her.  Depending on who was floating on
the altar, there will be a short scene of Meier taking Charlotte or
Leila dying.  The ending will start and you must fight Meier Link.
Depending on what you did during the game, you can get three different
endings.  ENJOY!!!



There are 3 different endings to the game Vampire Hunter D.  Good, Bad
and So-So.

BAD ENDING - To get the Bad Ending don't pick up Leila's gun in the
hangar.  From there just go through the rest of the game normally.
Everyone will die, even Leila.  Then there is a cool FMV of D standing
outside of the castle while it's crumbling, and you hear the voices of
those who have died.

SO-SO ENDING - To get the So-So Ending, use a potion on Leila when you
find her downstairs, make her APPEAR in the Moon Tower and don't forget
to get Leila's gun before you go rescue her from the hangar.  Meier
leaves in his ship with a dead Charlotte, D and Leila escape and watch
the castle crumble (you'll notice the dialogue differs from the Good

GOOD ENDING - Use a potion on Leila, DO NOT make her appear in the Moon
Tower and get her gun before you rescue her in the hangar.  Meier Link
leaves on his ship with Charlotte alive and the dialogue differs (Leila
enters before Meier and Charlotte leave in the ship, she also kinda hits
on D later outside the castle).



BRANDEN BEAN - For telling me about the icon next to the Symbiot Meter,
and that it must be there in order to 'Revive'.

CECILIA YOUNG - For helping me out with the different Endings.  Thanks a



Infinite HP...............................................800A2904 00C8
Infinite VP...............................................800A291C 0019
Infinite Left Hand Power............800A2920 0047
Have Dunpeal Powers.......................800A294E 0000
Have No Dunpeal Powers............800A294E 0001
Always Have Left Hand ..............300A2D28 0001
Have 99 Wooden Darts..................300A2D29 0063
Have 99 Hand Grenades.................300A2D2A 0063
Have 99 Flash Bombs.......................300A2D2B 0063
Have 99 Potions...................................300A2D2C 0063
Have 99 Blood Pills.......................300A2D2D 0063
Have 99 Antidotes.............................300A2D2E 0063
Have 99 Elemental Stones............300A2D2F 0063
Have Map Level 1................................300A2D30 0001
Have Map Level 2................................300A2D31 0001
Have Map B2...............................................300A2D32 0001
Have Map B1...............................................300A2D33 0001
Have Map Level 3................................300A2D34 0001
Have Map Level 4................................300A2D35 0001
Have Map Sun Tower..........................300A2D36 0001
Have Map Moon Tower.......................300A2D37 0001
Have Power Plug...................................300A2D38 0001
Have Silver Plate.............................300A2D3A 0001
Have Gold Plate...................................300A2D3B 0001
Have Plate of Fire..........................300A2D3C 0001
Have Plate of Water.......................300A2D3D 0001
Have Plate of Wind .......................300A2D3E 0001
Have Plate of Earth.......................300A2D3F 0001
Have Mirror Room Key....................300A2D40 0001
Have Sun Tower Key..........................300A2D41 0001
Have Moon Tower Key.......................300A2D42 0001
Have Green Gem......................................300A2D43 0001
Have Purple Gem...................................300A2D44 0001
Have Blue Key.........................................300A2D45 0001
Have Red Key............................................300A2D46 0001
Have Leila's Gun................................300A2D47 0001
Have Wrench...............................................300A2D4A 0001
Have Music Box Key..........................300A2D4B 0001
Have Everything...................................500010010000
1 Hit Kill Bosses.............................d30a2ff400f0

These Gameshark Codes were found at GAMEREVOLUTION.COM



MY FIANCEE:  For being there for me, loving me and encouraging me to
express myself creatively  =^_^=

MY CAT:  For sitting up with me long hours into the night while I worked
on this Walkthrough

THE PEOPLE AT THE CROW CHAMBEROOM:  For putting up with my Vampire
Hunter D obsession

YOU:  For using my Walkthrough!  THANK YOU!!



I found this game to be pretty enjoyable, even though the graphics
aren't the best I've seen on Playstation.  I wish they could have
released the movie before the game, and maybe found a better company to
work on the game (like Capcom) instead of Jaleco.  Nonetheless I had fun
with it.  It sort of gives a peek of some of the characters that will
appear in the movie.  I was afraid this game wasn't going to have voice
acting, but surprisingly it did.  The only problem was whenever the
Symbiot talked his mouth just went up and down, not matching the words.
The voice actors were below average and the FMV movie sequences were
pretty cool.  I liked watching D ride into the castle on his horse and
Leila blow up the Gargoyle with her bazooka.  The pre-rendered
backgrounds were sometimes a little boring and the monsters and
characters should have been more detailed.  I also despised the fact
that enemies always returned in a room after you've cleared it out like
5 times.  They should stay dead.  The music could have been more
haunting.. like Resident Evil or Silent Hill.  Sometimes I listened to
the music and thought "wha??".  D looked really good graphic-wise and
usually had okay lines except the conversations he had with Leila were
kind of dumb.  I hope the acting in the movie will be better  =^_^=.  A
lot of the time I was gnashing my teeth in frustration trying to figure
out what to do next.  You have huge areas to explore and sometimes it's
hard figuring out where to go and what to do.  What made it even more
difficult were the constantly reappearing enemies.  There were also some
cheap little tricks.  Like the spikes that pop out of the walls in the
sewers, or a room full of lasers which is extremely frustrating to
navigate due to the camera angles.  Sometimes it is hard to see where
your enemies are due to these camera angles and they will gang up on
you, causing lots of damage.  If you can see past the flaws I'd say this
game is worth playing.  It's especially fun using a gameshark  =^_^=


FINISHED on April 10th, 2001
This document Copyright 2001 Rainmaker