FAQ/Walkthrough by Xenon

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Vanguard Bandits Walkthrough/FAQ/Database
By Xenon
Vesion 1.00
Guide Started 2/17/2003
Last Updated 12:55 AM 8/15/2003

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Legal Stuff
3. FAQ
4. General Info (Version 1.3)   <===========[*Newbies Start here*]
     A. Menu Screen
     B. Battle Stuff
     C. Equip for Success (that's how it goes, right?)
5. Interview and Morale
6. Stat Information
7. Walkthrough
     A. Branch Explaination
     B. The Beginning
           Chapter 1:  Mission 1
           After Chapter 1
           Chapter 2:  Mission 2
           Chapter 3:  Mission 3
     C. Kingdom
           Chapter 4:  Mission 4
           After Chapter 4
           Chapter 5:  Mission 5
           After Chapter 5
           Chapter 6:  Mission 6
           Chapter 7:  Mission 9
           Chapter 8:  Mission 11
           Chapter 6:  Mission 7
           Chapter 7:  Mission 8
           Chapter 8:  Mission 10
           After Chapter 8
           Chapter 9:  Mission 12
           Chapter 10: Mission 13
           After Chapter 10
           Chapter 11: Mission 14
           Chapter 12: Mission 15
           Chapter 13: Mission 16
           After Chapter 13
           Chapter 14: Mission 17
           After Chapter 14
           Chapter 15: Mission 18
           Chapter 16: Mission 19
           Chapter 17: Mission 20
           Chapter 18: Mission 21
           Chapter 19: Mission 22
           After Chapter 19
           Chapter 20: Mission 23
           Chapter 20: Mission 24
     D. Empire
         I.   Main
           Chapter 4:  Mission 25
           After Chapter 4
           Chapter 5:  Mission 26
           Chapter 6:  Mission 27
           Chapter 7:  Mission 28
           Chapter 8:  Mission 29
           After Chapter 8
           Chapter 9:  Mission 30
           Chapter 10: Mission 31
           Chapter 11: Mission 32
           Chapter 12: Mission 33
           After Chapter 12
           Chapter 13: Mission 34
           Chapter 14: Mission 35
           Chapter 15: Mission 36
           Chapter 16: Mission 37
           After Chapter 16
           Chapter 17: Mission 38
           After Chapter 17
         II.  Sadira
           Chapter 18: Mission 39
           Chapter 19: Mission 40
           After Chapter 19
           Chapter 20: Mission 41
         III. Cecilia
           Chapter 18: Mission 42
           After Chapter 18
           Chapter 19: Mission 43
           Chapter 20: Mission 44
     E. Ruin
           Chapter 9:  Mission 45
           Chapter 10: Mission 46
           After Chapter 10
           Chapter 11: Mission 47
           Chapter 12: Mission 48
           Chapter 13: Mission 49
           Chapter 14: Mission 50
           After Chapter 14
           Chapter 15: Mission 51
           Chapter 16: Mission 52
           Chapter 17: Mission 53
           Chapter 18: Mission 54
           Chapter 19: Mission 55
           Chapter 20: Mission 56
8. Character Bios
9. Ability Data
     A. Attacks
        I.   Attack Types
        II.  Normal
        III. Stone
        IV.  Special
        V.   Enemy only attacks
     B. Support
     C. Dormant
        I.  Normal
        II. Special
10. ATAC Info
     A. Generic ATACs
     B. Special ATACs
11. Item List
     A. Weapons
           I.      Swords
           II.     Spears
           III.    Ninja Swords
           IV.     Special Weapons
           V.      Enemy Weapons
     B. Stones
           I.      Earth Stones
           II.     Water Stones
           III.    Fire Stones
           IV.     Wind Stones
           V.      Special Stones
     C. Amulets
12. Enemy Data
     A. Generic Enemies
     B. Special Enemies
13. Extras
14. Contact Information
15. Version Data
16. Credits
17. Closing


1. Introduction

Welcome to Xenon's guide to Vanguard Bandits. Vanguard Bandits is an odd
little Strategy RPG, but I liked it from the very first time I played it.
After all, with branching storylines, war battles, and giant robots, what's
not to love?

But even so, it's quite a complex game. A LOT of things need explaining, and
in more than just one area. So, I decided to write this guide. I like to help
people, what can I say?

I would like to point out that some of the strategies in this guide ARE quite
meager. I know this. The MAIN focus of this guide is the database. This guide
is to serve as a wealth of information on Vanguard Bandits if anyone needs it.
There ARE still strategies that I think'll be helpful, but I believe that in
a strategy game, the best way to come up with strategy is to make your own
based on what tools are provided to you. I hope I'm giving you some nifty
power tools!

Anyway, let's get to writin'!


2. Legal Stuff

This guide is copyright (c) 2003 by Luke M. Stevenson. Any distribution,
reproduction, or retransmission in part or in whole is both unlawful and just
plain not nice.

If you want to post this guide on your site, e-mail me to ask permission. I'll
probably give it, but I want to know where my guide is.

As of 12:09 AM 8/11/2003 These sites have permission to post this guide.

GameFAQs    www.gamefaqs.com

If you see this guide anywhere else, e-mail me so I can well, do something
about it.


3. FAQ

Q: How do I reduce FP?

A: FP is reduced based on how much AP you still have at the end of the turn.
So if you have a lot of FP, you may want to wait without doing anything.

Q: Ack! Someone went down! Can I bring him/her back!?

A: Nope, sorry. Don't let you unit's HP get down to zero or there's no
bringing him back.

Q: How do I get _______.

A: For the most part, if you don't get a certain character, it's not your
fault. Most of the characters that will join you will do so based on which
branch of the story you're on. You can't make any character leave, either. As
with everything, though, there are a couple of exceptions. Two of them, and
both are on the Kingdom Branch.

Q: How do I get to the ________ Branch.

A: While I explain it IN the walkthrough, I'll tell you here, too.

Kingdom: Don't move onto the other branches. Simple, no?

Empire: Be at level 8 by the end of the Chapter 3 battle. Then, choose
"I shall find that Murderer!"

Ruin: After completing the game once, go on to the Kingdom Branch until after
you get Gratia (and defeat Radcot, if you met him). Afterwards, Princess
Sadira will ask Bastion a question. Say "I will conquer the Continent". When
asked again, repeat you're first answer. Viola! You're on the path to Ruin!

Q: Hey! I beat the game once, but Sadira still doesn't ask me the question!

A: Yeah, this is a common problem. The game reads the system data to determine
whether or not Sadira asks you the question. If she doesn't ask and you have
completed the game, it means one of two things. A) You didn't save System Data
or B) The Game isn't reading your data. Solutions...

A) Heh, play though again, and SAVE the system data this time.

B) Well, here's the deal, as far as I can tell, you have to make sure that the
system data is loaded BEFORE you start your new game. You should do this
anyway, as if you don't you're new system data will overwrite your old system
data instead of building it up, like its supposed to. This isn't guaranteed to
work though... :(

Q: What's the Strongest ATAC?

A: Zulwarn. It's not even close.


Q:OOOO!!!!! When do I get to control Zulwarn!?

A: You don't. Tough Cookies.

Q: Well, other than Zulwarn, what IS the strongest ATAC?

A: That's not as simple. It comes down to either the Ultragunner or the
TIC-TAC. By itself, the TIC-TAC is stronger, possesing 40 more HP, 5 more BAS,
and a point more in all the other stats (save for move and WEP) than the


Both the Ultragunner and the TIC-TAC have set weapons and stones. Therefore,
the stats that they add could be considered part of their stats. The TIC-TAC's
Caliban adds 16 WEP, but that's it. Ultragunner's Eternus adds 15 WEP, one
less than the Caliban, but it boosts _ALL_ of the Ultra's stats by 1 which
evens out the Eternus and the Ultragunner in all stats, save for WEP.

Stone-wise, the TIC-TAC has the Water 5 stone Ocean Mist. As a Water stone,
the Ocean mist boosts the DEF of the TIC-TAC by 4. Ultragunner's Gratia, on
the other hand, again, boosts ALL by 1.

The Result of Stat comparison makes the Ultragunner edge out the TIC-TAC in
all stats except for HP, BAS (where it loses by 1), and DEF by 1.

So then there's attacks. Ultragunner has 5 attack abilities and a support
skill. Of them, 3 attacks are really good, and the support is useful. The
TIC-TAC is hindered by the fact that it uses Water skills, which suck. Cooling
Mist is useful, but other than that, I'll pass on them. However, the TIC-TAC
has an attack that is better and stronger than any of the Ultragunner's, the
amazing Tidal Wave.

So, in the end, it's up to you, does the Tidal Wave's power outweigh the stat

Heh, kinda a long answer considering I just sorta dodged it at the end, huh?

Q: Hey! That ATAC is on my side, but I'm not controlling it!

A: That's an AI controlled ATAC. It's still on your side, but the CPU will
determine its actions.

Q: Uh, I don't get an EXP message when the AI-controlled character attacked.
What's up with that?

A: AI-controlled characters gain NO EXP or money. Zip, zilch, nix, nada, ZERO.
With that in mind, DO NOT let AI-controlled ATACs kill enemies, as you won't
get the cash for the kill

Q: Can I hit more than one enemy ATAC with one attack?

A: Nope. All attacks are one-on-one.

4. General Info (Version 1.3)

Hey there! This section will give both basic and general info about the game.
Newbies should definately read this section, and most veteran players can
gleam SOMETHING from it.

Menu Screen

The Options on the Menu are...



Mission starts the next mission. That's it. Nothing Special about this. Well,
I guess it is special because once you go to the Mission, you'll move on.


Briefing shows you a map of the next mission, along with red dots for the
enemies and blue dots for allies. The characters will also say something.
Sometimes it's strategy, and sometimes they just spout off their mouth.

While I find the Briefing's fun, you don't actually have to go to them. In
fact, with the exception of the first one, you never have to Briefing.


Allows you to interview your party members. You can only interview three per
mission, so choose wisely. For more info, go to the "Interviews and morale"
section of this guide.


Allows you to, well, shop! You can buy and sell weapons, stones and amulets at
a store. However, Shop won't be available every mission. Here's the list, it's
based on Branch.

Shop Chapters
Kingdom: 4, 10, 14, 18
Ruin: 4, 10, 14, 18
Empire-Sadira: 4, 8, 12, 16, 19
Empire-Cecilia: 4, 8, 12, 16, 18


All those nifty trinkets you bought at the shop are useless unless you equip
them! The Equip menu lets you do just that, AND you can even switch ATACs.


Eh? You want to know what save does??? It, well, saves the game to a memory
card. Though, if you REALLY needed to ask that question, you might need more
help than I'm able to give.


It's like the opposite of Save. It loads a past save file for you to play off


Quits the game and returns to the title screen.

Battle Stuff

~EVERY attack that you possess causes FP, no getting around it. Tough Cookies.

~EVERY attack reduces AP. Period.

~When you're attacked, you'll have a few options. All cause FP in some amount.



Commences the engagement. Your ATAC will try to do your selected action.
The Default is Avoid.

FP varies based on attack

Lets you pick an Attack from your list and hit the enemy with it AFTER they've
hit you. Attacking uses no AP, but the normal required AP will be added to the
FP. You can't Attack when you're attacked from behind.

*IMPORTANT NOTE* You cannot attack if you've been knocked down. Make sure you
know what type of attack the enemy is trying to use. You can still attack a
Knockdown or Collision type attack, but it will only work if they miss.

30 FP

Allows you do defend against the attack, which will halve the damage done to
your ATAC. You can't defend against Collision type attacks, and you can't
defend when attacked from behind either.

20 FP

Causes your ATAC to focus on Avoiding the attack, which will cut the enemy's
hit percentage to be cut in half. You can ALWAYS avoid, and it will be your
only option when attacked from behind.


Gives you the chance to hit the enemy with a 1.20 strength attack BEFORE they
attack. Unfortunately, your hit percentage is usually really low (unless you
have the Mental Vision skill), and the enemy will do extra damage to you if
it hits. You also are liable to just block instead of hitting the enemy. You
can only counter when atttacked from the front.

~When an attack occurs, there will be a support bonus for all of the ATACs
surrounding the attacked. For every ATAC around the attacked, the ally of
that ATAC will get a six percent bonus. This works for both sides, attacker
and attacked.

***~FP is reduced by 2/3 of your remaining AP at the end of your turn.***

~The Turbulence Technique...

When attacking a high power opponent, the Turbulence Technique is very valuble
to have. All you need is two or three ATACs with the Turbulence skill and
you're set. Basically, you stand four panels away from the enemy and use
turbulence with all of your ATACs that can. The enemy ATAC will rest to reduce
their 60 or 90 FP. If you have four, you can Dizzy them quick. This allows you
to crush stronger opponents with relative ease.

~The Bastion Bunch-up Technique...

Once Bastion has the Ultragunner, he can learn the Holy Light skill by
raising his BAS to 18. Once you have the Holy Light skill, you can start to
use the Bastion Bunch-up technique is you so choose. So, what is the Bastion
Bunch-up, you ask? Good question, let me answer it!

Holy Light is a very potent skill. It can restore around 50-60 HP, AND reduce
FP by about that much. Plus, it's got a range of 2! Of course, with all that
niftyness, there's bound to be a downside, right? Right. Unfortunately, Holy
Light costs a whopping 90 AP. Thus, it's IMPOSSIBLE for Bastion to move AND
use Holy Light in one turn, this is where the strategy comes in.

The Bastion Bunch-up strategy involves moving your ATACs in a formation where
they are never more than two spaces away from Bastion, usually in the form of
a big block. This does two things. One, it protects all of your characters
from getting severely gangtackled, since two of thier sides have allies on
them. ALSO, it allows Bastion to heal any given member of the party that needs
it. Viola! Pure defensive magic. So, if you are ever really worried about a
battle, just use the Bastion Bunch-up for a more defensive approach!

~In General, when Leveling up, don't focus TOO much on a single stat. For one
level, it's fine, but continually doing so will leave you too open in some
area. If you want to focus on a specific stat, that's all fine and dandy,
just make sure you put a point or two in the other stats.

~Also, to really level up lower level characters, make sure that they strike
the killing blow, as the EXP for kills isn't several times that of just
hitting and enemy ATAC.

~The AI is fairly stupid, and only gets its challenge from the fact that the
enemy is usually equpped better (like with Sharkings). That being said, the
enemy AI will do some things fairly predictably.

If an AI controlled character has 60 FP or more it WILL rest on its following
turn. NO exceptions!

When being attacked by a Knockdown attack, the AI will select the Defend
option if it can.
When being attacked by a Collision attack, the AI will try to Avoid. Of
course, it's not like it has many options.

The only time the AI pays any attention to its HP is when it is attacked.
That's it.

What does that mean? It means that it will attack even if it knows a
counter-attack would kill it.

Equip for Success (that's how it goes, right?)

~Weapons in Vanguard Bandits are pretty straight foward. Each new weapon is
stronger than the last. The only option comes at the first shop, where you
will be presented the choice between the Preshuze and the Quicksilver. The
Preshuze boost DEX by 1, and the Quicksilver boost AGL by 1. It's your call.


Earth Stones are just bad. None of their attacks are that good, plain and
simple. The only reason to equip Earth Stones is if you're going to use an
ATAC as a support one. Don't have it attack, just help and heal other ATACs.

Water Stones are decent, but they fall short in the end. Ice Shards is ok,
but easily surpassed. Lowering the AGL or DEX of an enemy unit can come in
handy sometimes, but not often. Cooling Mist is quite useful, though. I'd
just leave Water Stones on Reyna, Milea, Alden, and possibly Barlow. Reyna
needs one for her special and Alden can equip nothing else. As for Milea, I
just never bothered to change hers.

Fire Stones are very good. They possess Fireball, which fire users should use
as their primary attack, and they have Flare Bomb, which can do some massive
damage from long range.

Wind Stones are the BEST. Turbulence is great, and Wind Strike can replace
Str. Slash as your main attack for less AP!

~Amulets can be used in one of two ways. You can either use them to boost up a
weak point in that character's stats, or you could use them to supplement yon
character's already good stat. Your choice.

5. Interviews and Morale

VANGUARD BANDITS uses a unique system of interviews and morale to determine a
few story branches, and just for the player to entertain himself (or her, I
suppose) with.

After every mission, you'll have the opportunity to interview three people.
Interview increases the morale of the character that you interview.

The interview screen also provides a very valuble piece of information, how
happy everyone is with you. This is an important factor for two different

If it's allowed to flow it's normal course, different people will have
different reactions to Bastion throughout the course of the game. For example,
Sadira, Zeira, Andrew, and Cecilia (among others) will all curve positively
towards Bastion. On the other hand, Devlin will almost assuredly hate you.

However, more than likely, it _WON'T_ be allowed to flow its natural course.
There are a few other factors that can determine which way morale goes besides

First, there are a few in game decisions that can affect the morale of
different characters. These can go either way. Some greatly raise morale, and
some drop it through the floor. They could just be minor changes too.

Also, the outcome of battle increases your morale if you win, and in a few
instances, decreases if you lose.

Finally, having their ATACs destroyed tends to drop their morale as well. In
fact, this is really the way that you lose morale. So KEEP your ATACs alive!


6. Stat Information

This section explains the various different stats and what they do.

BAS is a requirement for almost every new skill, so you have to boost it in
order to gain new skills. It also boosts your HP considerably more than just
your average level up.

Fairly straight foward. POW increases the attack power of all your attacks.
Since the character that hits the hardest is generally the one left standing,
you should invest several points in this.

DEX increases your ability to hit the enemy. After all, if you can't hit
anything, it doesn't matter _how_ high your POW stat is. This is another one
I like to boost alot. In fact, for most characters, your DEX should stay
within a few points of your DEX, unless you like to gamble a lot.

The opposite of DEX, AGL determines your ability to dodge the enemies attack.
This can be VERY effective. Don't take my word for it, just look at Andrew.
Super High AGL makes you VERY difficult to hit, so most attacks will just
whiff by you, leaving your ATAC without a scratch. The downside is that
characters with that high of AGL probably didn't have very many stat points to
invest in DEF, so when they _DO_ get hit, it'll hurt, ALOT. The OTHER thing
that AGL does is increase your speed. So, you'll want this at least at, say,
fifteen before the end of the game. This is more important than DEF, since it
allows you to avoid strikes AND increases your speed.

Another fairly straight foward stat, DEF reduces the amount of damage that you
take when you do get hit. It's a good idea to have several points in this for
those times when you HAVE to get hit. Having high DEF is certainly nice
insurance, but you should'nt really focus on this with anybody important. AGL
should let you survive long enough for your high POW and DEX stats to destory
the enemy. Basically, if you notice that the enemy is doing particulary high
damage, it may be time to boost DEF.

This is the stat that the weapon that you equip increases. At the very least,
it increases the damage that attacks with your weapon do. However, it _MAY_
increase the strength of ALL of your attacks. I'm not really sure. Regardless,
you shouldn't really mess with this much, as POW will raise the attack damage
and your weapons increase this.

7. Walkthrough

The Walkthrough is divided into four parts. The Beginning covers just that,
the beginning missions of the game that everyone has to go through. Then, the
others cover their respective branches.

B.The Beginning

The game opens up with Bastion and Kamorge on a hill training. Puck and Milea
will come up to tell them that the Imperials are attacking a village. Into
Battle we go!

Chapter 1: Destiny's Child

You only get to control Bastion in this battle. After everyone has had one
turn, Reyna and Ione will show up to help (not that it's needed)

*The following strategy will get Bastion 3 kills in this mission, the most
that I believe is possible. It must be followed to the letter to get all
three of these kills, however.*


~Bastion's first turn, Move up as FAR as he can and face the enemy. Also,

~He should be attacked by Imperials 4 and 3. Attack with Thrust to both of
them. Also, depending on your luck, you may want to try to counter Imperial 3.
If your counter misses, you'll need to reload the data you saved.

~When Reyna and Ione show up, Bastion will have an option on what to say, but
it doesn't matter either way.

~When Bastion gets his turn again, attack Imperial 3 or else Kamorge will
finish off Imperial 4. Now wait.

~When Imperial 4 gets his turn again, attack with Thrust. Because you attacked
and waited the last turn, you'll get your turn next and be able to finish him.

~At the level up, put two points on POW and one on DEX.

~By this Point, Imperial 2 will be off to face his doom at the hands of Reyna
and Ione, consider him dead and don't worry about him.

~Wait for Imperial 3 to attack you again before you attack him. Otherwise,
Kamorge will finish him off.

~Kill Imperial 3, then move behind Imperial 1 to finish him off.

~Reyna and Ione should now finish Imperial 2, and the battle will be over.

After Chapter 1: Destiny's Child

~Here you'll get your first Menu screen. This happens after every battle. You
can get breifed on the next mission, Interview people, Equip your ATACs, and
sometimes Shop.

~You don't have anything to equip, and the Shop isn't open, so the only things
you can do is get Breifed and Interview people.

~In the Interview, If you're going for the Kingdom Branch, then Talk to Reyna
three times. The other two aren't going to be with you, so it doesn't matter.

~If you're going for the Empire Branch, then it doesn't matter, as NONE of yon
characters will be with you, so just talk to whom you wish or just skip it.

~If your're going for the Ruin Branch, again it doesn't matter, as people's
opinions of you don't matter in the Ruin Storyline. Because of this, I
won't mention Morale in anything that deals with the Ruin Branch.

Chapter 2: Bandit Brigade

Here you're faced with 9 bandits and you have two guests, and three ATACs.
Soon after the battle begins, Sadira, Franco, and Halak will show up and
dispatch any ATAC that gets close to them.

Also, your strategy for this battle depends on which branch you're going onto.

~Once the battle starts, move Ione down and away from the battle. That's where
she should stay for the remainder of the battle.

~On level up, raise Bastion's BAS 1 to make it 8. This should bestow you with
Str. Slash. If not, check and make sure that POW is at 7 and DEX is at 6.

~Barlow and Devlin will move down toward you and sit there for practically the
rest of the battle.

~Balance out the kills between Reyna and Bastion, as it will be helpful later
on to have many high level characters.

~Reyna should join Ione in here corner and not do anything.

~Bastion should be your killing machine. If Kamorge weakens anything so
Bastion can kill it, then he should. More EXP.

Chapter 3: Tagic Farewell

This mission is the final battle with Kamorge to aid you, and also the first
appearence of Faulkner in battle.

~Duyere is low level, so despite his excavated ATAC, he doesn't give much EXP.
However, he _is_ worth 12,000 money, so he's still worth the kill. However,
his Sarbelas ATAC has a decent attack and very high AGL. Killing him will take
some time, and in that time, you're going to get hit.

~After Duyere's forth turn (resting turns don't count) his ATAC will cut out
and he'll leave along with Bodyguard 1.

~When Faulkner and Kamorge engage for the second time, say goodbye to both of
them. Kamorge's is permanent, but Faulkner's is just temporary (entire game

~When Faulkner retreats, so does Duyere, but Bodyguard 1 stays.

Again, your strategy varies based upon what branch you want to go on.

~Ione will only be with you for one more battle, so she should be used as
bait. Move her all the way up. In the thick of the battle, she should move in
front ATACs and face her back to them.

~If you want to kill Duyere, rush up with all your ATACs on their first turn.
He's an idiot, so you'll be able to surround him on your second turns with
three of your ATACs(he's against the bush). Thwack away at him while the other
two characters attack the Bodyguards that attack them. Ione should just get in
the bodyguards' way, nothing more.

~After Faulkner leaves, the two Imperials will move over to attack you. You
have killed two bodyguards and Duyere, or two and the third BG almost ready to
die. They're weaker than the bodyguards, so unless you've been hurt real bad,
they shouldn't pose any threat.

~In order to reach the Empire branch, you have to have Bastion on level 8 by
the end of this mission. That means you'll probably need about 750 EXP.

~Rush everyone foward at the beginning of the battle and surround Duyere, but
not with Bastion. Killing Duyere will net you 12000, and more importantly,
keep Bodyguard 1 there for Bastion to kill, but it provides almost NO

~Just have Bastion attack the enemies, and make sure he gets all the killing

If Bastion is level 8 by the end of the mission, you'll be presented with a
very important choice.

A) We must attend to Kamorge!
B) I shall find that Murderer!

Choose A, and you'll continue onto the Kingdom branch of the game.
Choose B, and you'll move to the Empire branch of the game.

C. Kingdom

The Kingdom Branch of the Story is the default one, though that doesn't mean
it's the only accurate possibility. The Kingdom Branch plays out at about the
rate you'd expect. No severe plot twists, just an average RPG storyline.
Kingdom branch is also the only branch where ALL of your character's morale
will matter, and will, in fact, determine the outcome of the game.

All three of the Branches of the game are VERY distict in their gameplay. As a
whole, Kingdom is fairly easy. You will acquire a number of powerful ATACs
with which to deal out punishment to your enemies. At the end of the game,
you'll have at LEAST _4_, count'em, _4_ excavated ATACs at your beck and call,
and you could even pick up a fifth! Plus you'll also have the command of
several powerful Unique ATACs that will help cut a swath through your
opponent. This is not to say you're invincible, however. On the contrary, if
you rush out and spread your considerable amount of forces too thin, then the
later enemies will cut you too ribbons. You also have to be careful to balance
your kills amongst ALL your members (with one notable exception), or risk
being simply overwhelmed at the end.

Basic strategy in the Kingdom branch is to move as one or two groups to crush
your opponent. You have so many ATACs in the Kingdom branch that you'll
sometime's be able overwhelm the opponent. One distinct advantage to the
Kingdom branch is it allows the earliest access to the Ultragunner.
After a lot of story, you'll arrive at Araba castle to rescue Galvas. You'll
be accompanied by Ganlon and Zeira along with two each of Avalon and Kingdom
soldiers. None of them are under your control.

Chapter 4: Araba Reclaimed

Bation's been getting a lot of experience lately, so I'll take time to point
out where some crutial stat points should be going towards.

While you need to have your stats somewhat balanced by Chapter 10, you can do
that later. Your first concern right now is POW. You should take every
opportunity to boost this crutial stat up to about 17. This will make you a
force to be reckoned with, and more importantly, will allow you to net the
kills you need, when you need them.


~Move Bastion, Barlow, and Devlin up as far as you can on your first turn.

~The two imperials on the bridge should come after you, good. Kill them.

~All through the battle, Faulkner, Duyere, The Bodyguards, and the Imperials
will be duking it out with Zeira, Ganlon, and the soldiers. Except in VERY
rare instances, the empire WILL win.

~Eventually, Zakov and four Imperials will come out of the castle. Reyna and
Ione will also join the fight.

~At this point, your goal becomes to occupy Araba castle, you can do this by
ending your turn in front of the entrance to the castle.

~However, in order to accomplish this, you're going to have to go through
Zakov and his four Imperials.

~You COULD just rush across the bridge, and work your way past them to the
entrance. This is the easy way out, but it doesn't net you much EXP or money.

~The Second option is to kill most of Zakov's troops (hopefully including
Zakov) and then move on before the Empire's eventual victory.

~The third option is the most dangerous. What is it? Kill all the enemies and
THEN capture Araba. This DOES involve killing Faulkner, which is dangerous to
say the least. Luckily, Zeira and Ganlon should be able to kill all but
Faulkner, Duyere, and maybe one or two bodyguards or Imperials.

~In order to survive Faulkner/Duyere, you HAVE to kill Zakov by the time they
get there. Almost all if not all of his troops should be dead too. Now you
need all of your characters (save maybe Ione).

~Duyere is your first target, as he provides massive fundage, is weak in
the defensive area, and probably got hit in the battle with the Kingdom.

~While you are trying to kill Duyere, if Ione is still alive, use her as bait
to distract Faulkner, who is by and far the most dangerous ATAC on the field.
With his sky-high POW and DEX, she won't last very long at all, but it may be
enough time, because as I said before, it won't take many hits to send Duyere
packing (especially if he's weak from the fight)

~Faulkner is the next concern. While Duyere probably got worked during the
battle with the Kingdom and Avalon, Faulkner probably made it out with nary a
scratch. This is bad.

~The only hope you have with Faulkner is to gangtackle him and then hit him
hard a couple of times while he's frozen. If you're willing to take a hit,
then you can freeze him pretty quickly, but it will probably cost you an ATAC
(yes, he's that strong.)

~Once Faulkner is gone, you should go ahead and kill anything that's left (if
you CAN, that is). Once everything's dead, go ahead and move to the entrance
to end the mission.

~Ok, on my most recent playthrough, I saw what I never though was possible, a
kingdom victory! If you really want to cause this, here's how to try...

~The First step is out of your control, and that's the luck the Kingdom gets
in its initial skirmish. All you can do here is pray that the soldiers don't
do anything _TOO_ stupid.

~If the Kingdom gets lucky enough, than the only things left will probably be
Zeira, Ganlon, Faulkner, Bodyguard (high HP), Bodyguard (low HP) -or- Duyere,
Zakov, and an Imperial or two form Zakov's group.

~If you're REALLY lucky, then Duyere will be around, so you can get the 12000

~Basically, if the Kingdom holds up, just make sure you put a few troops out
exposed on the grass. This will either cause one of Faulkner's minion's to
come after you (pray that it's not Faulkner himself) or, preferably. it will
cause one of Zakov's weaker Imperials to come after you, which will move the
selected imperial close to the other action. Ganlon has a habit of picking on
weak ATACs, so he'll come after the exposed one, and leave himself open to an
attack by Faulkner. After this, the stage should be set to allow the Kingdom
to win with your help.

~You really need to dispose of Zakov quickly for this plan to work, too.
Otherwise he'll seriously mess with your ranks.

After Chapter 4: Araba Reclaimed

Only thing notable about this is that it is the first Shop. Buy new weapons
for everyone first, then new stones, and finally amulets.

Okay, one more thing. Galvas and Zeira have now joined your party, and Ione
has left your party.

Unfortunately, although Zeira is IN your party, he still answers to no one
but himself, and you'll have absolutely NO control over him.

Yeah, yeah, one MORE thing. Before you shop, take Galvas out of the Serata and
trade up with Devlin (or Barlow, if you're so inclined).

Chapter 5: Nordilain Assault


~Galvas will be leaving you eventually (after Chapter 14) so you don't want
to give him very many (i.e. NONE) kills.

~This mission starts you out against some Bandits, but after you kill the
Bandit Chief (or if you take too long) then Claire and the Nordilain Soldiers
will arrive.

~Claire and her Nordilain soldiers are considerably stronger than the Bandits,
so be careful.

~Nordilain soldiers are _VERY_ "POW" heavy. One or two hits from one can take
out one of your characters. However, because of their atrocious DEF, you
should be able to take them out almost as quick.

~Also, if you reduce Claire's HP to less than 50%, she'll leave, and take all
of the Nordilain soldiers with her.

~Since you want the EXP and Gold that the Nordilain troops provide, you should
put off killing Claire until the very end.

After Chapter 5: Nordilain Assault

~Here's where you're given a branching choice, when the Kingdom soldier tells
you that a messenger from Duke Radcot has arrived, Zeira will want to send him
into the Desert. You get a chance to respond.

A)Actually, Zeira, I'll meet with him
B)... ... ...

Select B to go on to Mission 7.
Select A to get another option.

A)Yes. Tell him I will depart soon.
B)I'm afraid not.

Select B to go on to Mission 7 (again).
Select A to go on to Mission 6.

Chapter 6: Radcot's Trap

This is Mission 6, where you will go if you meet with Radcot


~As you can tell from the title of the Mission, Radcot does NOT have the best
intentions for the meeting. At the start of the mission, Bastion will be
surrounded by 7 Muspel soldiers.

~If Bastion is pretty high level, he'll be able to move toward his friends
before getting surround by the soldiers. If he's not, then you'll be
surrounded before he can move.

~If you're surrounded before you can move, then the only hope you have to win
is to dodge virtually EVERY attack for about three or four turns.

~Moving will make things a little bit easier, but it'll still be difficult to

~In order to win the mission, you have to reduce Radcot to 50% of his total
HP. This can be accomplished with the standard gangtackling method.

~Don't get too discouraged though. In my opinion, it's actually better to
lose this mission. Losing won't give you a Game Over, but it will send you to
Mission 9. Going that way will allow you to procure Radcot's powerful Bahamut
ATAC, and a pilot to go with it.

~Since you want to lose, your best bet is to kill all of the Muspels, and then
Move Bastion up to Radcot to get a few whacks in (keeping him above 50%) and
get killed.

~If you DO manage to win, you'll head on to Mission 8: Dionne's Test.

Chapter 7: Desert Escape


~At the start of the mission, It'll be Bastion vs. six Muspels.

~After everyone has had one turn, Andrew will appear to the south of you.

~Soon after Andrew appears, the rest of your buds will appear at the west side
of the map.

~At this point, you can either run to help Andrew or you can run to the safety
of your friends. Going to Andrew is more dangerous, but it most likely will
prevent him from dying. Going to your friends is safer, but you'll probably
get less kills for Bastion.

~Either way, it's your decision.

Chapter 8: Ganlon's Betrayal


~This mission pits you against the soldiers of the Muspel Nation, again.
Radcot will leave with Nana at the start of the mission, leaving you to deal
with just the Muspels.

~Luckily, in THIS mission, you get to control Andrew. From now on. Andrew is
virtually impossible for the enemy to hit, and he is very fast, AND he does
decent (albeit not great) damage.

~The Muspels in this mission attack in waves (thankfully). The first six,
followed by two more, and then the last four.

~Wondering where the title comes from? well, wonder no more. Around the
second or third wave, Ganlon will appear with two Kingdom Soldiers. To make a
long story short, you gotta bust him up now.

~The Kingdom soldiers are POW heavy, but still not TOO much more of a threat
than the Muspels already in combat.

~Ganlon is the most dangerous enemy ATAC out on the field, so he should be the
first target for gangtackling.

~Once Ganlon has been taken care of, just focus on keeping as many people
alive as possible.

~Remember to balance your kills! Except for Galvas. Don't let him kill squat.


Chapter 6: The Muspel Army

What? You thought you wouldn't have to deal with Radcot by not meeting with

This is NOT the reccommended Mission path. There's still time to move onto
the other paths chapter 7. All you have to do is lose this mission.

However, for you stubborn ones, here's some strats.

And actually, for the Bad Kingdom ending and the Ruin Branch, this IS the
reccommended path.


~Regardless of what Working Designs and the characters in game think, this
mission is a cakewalk.

~Even though you are outnumbered almost two to one, the Muspels (as usual)
come in waves. This makes life MUCH easier.

~The waves come in four, two, and three.

~Since all of the characters you're using (Bastion, Reyna, Devlin, and
Barlow) should be higher than level 6 (the weakest Muspels level), the first
wave should be NO trouble at all.

~The only thing you have to watch out for is Bastion getting surrounded. Make
sure you don't move him out TOO far, as the others can't keep up.

~If you get any levels in this mission for Bastion, there are a few things
you should consider for the next mission. Your POW should be high, with your
DEX following close behind. Your next concern is AGL, followed by DEF. Having
high AGL is crutial to the next mission, as you do NOT want to be hit. If you
gain any levels in this mission, it may be wise to focus on AGL instead of
DEX, at least for now. DEF is more of a safety net to help you survive in case
one of the mercenaries gets through, but you're basically screwed if you're
getting hit that much.

Chapter 7: Dionne's Test

It should be noted that it doesn't REALLY matter how far you get in the test.
Whether you get worked by the first Mercenary (which is SAD) or beat Dionne
into a bloody pulp (which is impressive), you'll still move on.

However, the more enemies you trash, the more EXP and Funds you'll get, AND it
will significantly increase the morale of your troops. (though if you're going
for the good ending of the Kingdom, you SHOULDN'T BE HERE!!!)


~Bastion will be going up one-on-one against up to five different ATACs.

~Unfortunately, you aren't able to get healed between each fight, so it's
important that you avoid being hit almost at ALL by the first few.

~Luckily, this shouldn't be too much of a feat to accomplish, as they're weak.

~DO NOT rush foward to meet your opponent. Instead, back up into the center of
the wall, and wait for him to come to you.

~You may notice that at least for the first and third opponents, Bastion will
be fast enough to get double turns a lot. Save, then Waltz around and Smack
the enemy in the back. If you get another turn, then finish the enemy off with
a Str. Slash, if not, reload your saved data and attack from the front, then
finish them off.

~The Second mercenary has higher AGL than the other two, so you probably won't
be able to pull double turns on this one. Instead, hope you dodge,
couter-attack with SOMETHING, then either nail him with a tornado if you must
weaken him, or finish him off, simple, no?

~The Third Mercenary is significantly stronger than EITHER of the other two,
so he'll require some caution.

~However, he does have low AGL, which means he's slow enough you should be
able to double-attack him. His DEF is MUCH higher though, so you may need to
weaken him with a counter-attack (not highly reccomended) or a few Tornados.

~Andrew is the fourth opponent, and this is where things get messy.

~While he's no stronger than Mercenary 3, and actually has less HP and DEF,
Andrew is a MUCH more dangerous opponent. He has only 3 more DEX, bringing
its total to 10(which is enough to make a difference) and a whopping _23_ AGL.
Needless to say, hitting him isn't going to be easy.

~There are two ways to approach this portion of the battle...

~1)Luck and Counter-attacking. Without counterattacking, it'll be
nigh-impossible to hit Andrew and even with counter attacks, it ain't gonna be

~You'll still probably have to hit him on your own some, so you'll probably
have to incorperate some of #2 in your plan.

~2) This is the semi-cheating way. Save your game, move behind Andrew, and
attack. If you hit, save, if you miss, reset and load. Then, if Andrew hits,
reset and load, and if he misses, save. This will take a LOT of time. But, it
is a basically guaranteed way to win.

~If you get a level for beating Andrew, you need to decide if you're
comfortable with your AGL. If you are, then pour the points into DEF, as it
may make enough of a difference to survive Bursting Fire, though it depends on
your HP. If you HP is already below about 70-85, then it won't matter, and
just build up Bastion as you feel neccesary, though I would still reccomend
pouring them into AGL.

~If you manage to survive Andrew, then the Marquis will step into the ring.

~This is hardly a fair fight, but, it IS still possible to win.

~Hopefully, you'll have HP above 100 and a high enough DEF, which will prompt
Dionne to use his Bursting Fire attack. If you aren't strong enough though,
Dionne will just stick with Flare Bomb, which doesn't add NEAR the FP to him.

~Either way, it's probably a one-shot kill, so if you really want to win,
make sure you save at the end of successful attacks and at the beginning of
the fight.

~I have come up with a way to beat Dionne with minimal luck, but it requires
AGL of around 14, a DEX of about the same or higher, and a wind stone (which
you should be using anyway).

~Back up against the center of the wall, just like all the other strategies.

~Now, check the turn order. If you have two turns, use Tornado, then
Turbulence. If you only get one, then use Turbulence.

~That's basically how the strategy works. It should run into a cycle of these
turns; Bastion, Dionne, Bastion, Bastion, Dionne, Bastion, Dionne, Bastion,
Bastion, etc.

~Every second turn of Dionne's should be resting turns, which will be followed
by Bastion's single turn.

~This works because Turbulence and Tornado (though you could use Tackle)
are both un-counterable and Turbulence adds 30 FP, since the Marquis is forced
to defend. This forces the Marquis to rest every other turn, which cuts his
attacks in half!

~AT 10 damage per attack (it'll be at least that), you'll only have to dodge
5 or 6 of Dionne's Bursting Fires. At 15 damage per pop, you'll only have to
dodge 4 to 5.

~Since Dionne only has about a 22% chance of hitting anyway, you should be
able to survive, though I would reccomend saving peiodically, just in case.

Chapter 8: Radcot's Attack

Wow! Radcot and 12 Muspels vs. you!

Just an interesting Note, each of the character's has a unique statement that
they make if they're the one to kill Radcot.


~Good News, Dionne and Andrew join you for this fight (albeit as guests)

~More Good News, as in Muspel tradition, the enemies come in waves.
Translation, more easy kills for you.

~If you're going on to the Good Kingdom ending (which if you're playing this
mission, you SHOULDN't be). Make sure to balance your kills, as Bastion is
probably several levels above them, especially if he beat Dionne.

~There really isn't much to worry about in this mission.

~The only word of caution is that you shouldn't follow Zeira. He'll go
charging in, and this will only cause you issues if you try to pursue.


After Chapter 8

Regardless of the path you take, after chapter 8, You'll run into Sadira, and
she'll ask you a question about what you intend to do with Ultragunner. If
you've completed the game at least once, you'll be given an option on what to

A)I intend to end the War.
B)I will conquer the Continent!

Choose A to continue on the Kingdom Branch.
Choose B for Sadira to repeat the question


Choose A to continue on the Kingdom Branch
Choose B to confirm the statement, and that sends you onto the Ruin Branch

Chapter 9: Legendary Light

Good news and bad news. Good News, Bastion gets the Ultragunner! Bad News,
You start the battle Bastion-less.


~They outnumber you, so at least for now, split you party into two groups and
guard each of the bridges.

~Soon after the battle begins, Bastion will show up in his Ultragunner. When
this happens, Faulkner hatches his plan. Sadira shows up and foils it, but
Imperial 13 stays.

~Alden and Melior will appear soon after the Ultragunner. They will be
inaccessible from their position, and leave after the last imperial falls.

~This battle should be almost a cakewalk, especially if you've kept Bastion's
stats balanced. If not, you AT LEAST want to get all the stats to 11 as soon
as possible, as that unlocks the very nice Lightning Strike.

~Faulkner cuts out once he has 50% or less of his HP.

After Chapter 9: Legendary Light

The Alba is now empty, so give it to Reyna. Well, you may want to wait until
you can get a water stone for it, but then, do it!

Chapter 10: Kaidul's Revolt

Yea! Control of Zeira is finally yours!!!!


~At the beginnning of the battle, the only thing you'll be able to do is wait.
Pray that you dodge a lot.

~Eventually, Ione will appear and tell you that the hostages have been freed.
Good. Now, kick some metal butt.

~Split up your characters to deal with the Avalon units. Bastion and Zeira
should be enough to deal with the top group, with Barlow and Devlin at the
bottom, and Andrew and Reyna at the side. This should be enough.

~The battle's pretty easy, but if you ARE concerned, more all your characters
up near Zeira. You'll be protected, and life is good.

After Chapter 10

Shop time!!! Remember, weapons first, then Stones. Again, there shouldn't be a
problem affording everything.

If you met Nana back in Chapter 6-7-8, then she'll come and join you in the
powerful Bahamut ATAC.

Chapter 11:Thomson's Tradgedy


~Your first goal is to destroy the four weakling imperials. they should be
dispatched with NO effort.

~Instead, focus on positioning your characters behind the Kingdom ATACs. This
will prove useful later on.

~In fact, Since the Imperials are so weak, it's better just to let the
Kingdom ATACs attack them and just stay positioned, just attack when you can
kill an Imperial.

~Once you've killed the first four Imperials, Zakov will appear with Four
stronger imperials, and Thomson will become your enemy, along with his men.

~If you've positioned yourself well, you should be able to bump off most of
the Kingdom troops almost instantaneously.

~Zakov is a minor threat, so send Bastion and his Ultragunner there to counter
him. Most of the Kingdom dudes are probably too weak to help him level up

~If nothing else, Galvas should be used as bait for Thomson and his men.

~If Nana joined you, focus on training her. This is a fairly easy mission and
she's way under level, and so this is a perfect opportunity.

~If you want to try the cheap way, then have Bastion block the Northwest
passage. The Imperials will just sit there trying to move him. Then you just
stick a spear person behind him (Nana if you have her) and whack away. You can
use everyone else to polish off the Kingdom troops and then slip around back
to crush any remaining imperials. Don't worry, they're too stupid to go around
back. Idiots.

~For training purposes, it's better to block off the passage with Bastion on
one side next to the bush, and then put Nana where she would be if Bastion was
blocking the passage. Now, just make sure Nana gets the kills and watch her
level up!

Chapter 12: The Deadliest ATAC

Bad news. Devlin is all by his lonesome against two Imperials.

Of course, as long as you've been leveling him up, he should be able to wax
them with little effort.

If he DOES need help, you can always have him run to the rest of the group.

More bad news, Zeira and Andrew are both out of commision as they are in Eiza
liberating it.

Oh yeah, time for the _Worst_ news. After you kill the two original
imperials,Zakov shows up controlling the immensly powerful Sharking ATAC,
along with six imperials, thankfully not in Sharkings. This is bad, to say the

After Zakov strikes someone, Princess Sadira will appear with Franco. They'll
start coming after Zakov.


~The Sharking only has three attacks, but that's it needs. Slash, Str. Slash
(special sharking version), and Cutting Wheel. Cutting Wheel is long range,
and the others you're familar with (sorta).

~Since the Sharking is strong enough to kill almost any of your ATACs with
just a few hits, he should become Bastion's priority.

~Your basic strategy here should be to kill Zakov's lackeys and then
gangtackle him.

~Since he's gonna leave anyway, use Galvas as bait for Zakov. Move him close
to the Sharking and put his back to it. This should be enough to persude
Zakov to attack him, which leaves you enough time to dispose of the minor

~Also, make sure you keep Sadira and Franco as far away from Zakov as
possible. You DO NOT want them stealing your Zakov kill.

Chapter 13: Norze Reclaimed

Time to go on the offensive. Well, sorta. You're technically attacking in
this mission, but you play defensively. Ah, well.


~At the start of the mission, divide your ATACs into two groups and send them
onto opposite sides of the hill. I always use Bastion, Zeira, Nana, and Galvas
on the Northern side with Devlin, Barlow, Andrew, and Reyna on the East.

~Galvas is just there to use Searing Flame, he hasn't got any kill yet, right?

~Set-up your ATACs so that the paths that lead up to the main hill are block
by an ATAC. This will only allow one enemy to go up at a time.


~If this seems too slow for you, you could open up the East side and let the
enemy come through. This will allow you to dispose of the enemies quicker, but
at an increased risk to your troops.

~After some time, the Imperial General will decide to come out and fight you
himself. Of course, he brings along Imperials 1, 2, 3, 11, and 14.

~Imperials 11 and 14 are pushovers just like the rest, but 1, 2, 3, and the
General are in Einlagers and are much more of a threat.

~If you're still in defensive formation by the time that the General gets
near, then break it and go on the offensive. It should just be the General and
his entourage by then.

****~Hey! You want Milea right? Well, in that case, you should go over level
18 with Bastion by the end of this mission. If he gets to 19, you'll be
practically unable to use him in the next mission, and that's something that
no one wants, well, besides Faulkner, and Duyere, and, well, ok, the entire
Imperial army, but that's not the point. And besides, since when do you care
what they think?

After Chapter 13: Norze Reclaimed

Oh, yeah. You get a Waiban (like Ganlon) ATAC after this battle. Give it to
Barlow, as he has nothing better to do.

Chapter 14: Faulkner's Ambition

Hey, hey, kids! We're on the trail to retake the captial, the Royal Capital
that is. Notice how none of the capital cities have names in this game?


~When the mission starts, charge the wall of Barbatos Imperials that are in
your way. Hit'em with everything you've got, time is of the essence. Of
course, don't get Frozen.

~Once those four are dispatched, quickly charge up to fight the remaining two.

~Before you get a chance to finish both of them off (you may have got one),
Duyere should appear with his four trusty Bodyguards.

~As always (almost) the Bodyguard Chief (a.k.a. Bodyguard 1, a.k.a. Matisse)
is the strongest ATAC on the field, punching in at level 20.

~Here's the deal with Duyere and the chief. If either one of the two is
reduced to 50% of HP or less, then they both chicken out. If one or the other
is destroyed, then the remaining ATAC will reatreat (not all of them, just
Duyere or BG Chief). So, which one do you want to hurt? Well, Matisse offers
more EXP than Duyere, but if you can beat Duyere then you get 12000 Money.
So it's up to you, but if you can't take Duyere out without making him run
away, then you're best bet is to go after Matisse.

~Once Duyere/BG Chief are dealt with, then you can go ahead and polish off the
rest of the Bodyguards.

~DO NOT let Bastion get above level 19, as if he is even one level over
(i.e. 20) then you won't be able to get Milea.

After Chapter 14: Faulkner's Ambition

First things first. Milea will present you with a choice...

A) Of course, Milea, I would be Honored.
B) I'm sorry, Milea, but I can't do that.

Choose A and Milea will join
Choose B and Milea, well, Milea WON't join. Which is stupid, so pick A!

Ok, so now Galvas is gone, but you definately get Alden, and you should get

Also, the Shop is back, and it's been restocked with all new merchandise!
Upgrade all your ATACs, but make sure that Andrew, Reyna, and Devlin get
they're proper stones to unlock their special attacks!

Chapter 15: Ice-Cold Claire

This is a breeze.


~Remember basic Nordilain strategy, hit them first, and with
Knockdowns/Collisions. That should get you through.

~Don't let any one ATAC to get too close to the enemy, as they'll be quickly
diced by the Nordilains superior POW.

~Claire is semi-dangerous, so take her out quickly.

~Also, do the training thing for Milea. You want her to get as many kills as
she can.

Chapter 16: Logan's Seige

He brings six ATACs and calls it a seige? Please.


~This is almost the exact same mission, only with Duke Logan. Of course, he
_IS_ kinda a major addition, but even so, this mission isn't very difficult.

~Stay to the left side of the bush, and hopefully that's the way Logan will
go. That way you'll only have to deal with one or two ATACs at a time.

~Once Logan's in range, focus entirely on him. He's REALLY dangerous, and
besides, he gives tons of EXP.

~Oh, yeah, by the way, Logan will leave after his HP has been reduced by half.

Chapter 17: Warrior of Honor

Wow! That's a LOT of ATACs.


~This battle is a three-way (not that sort of three-way, buddy >_<) between
your forces, Nordilain's forces, and the Imperial Forces.

~It'll start out with just you and Nordilain, but a little while after the
battle begins, an Imperial General and ten of his soldiers will surround
everyone. Joy.

~The Imperials will attack either side, depending on how many Nordilains are
left. You, my friend, should pick off the weak ATACs from both sides. Make
sure you get Claire and Shion, as they provide more EXP for your characters.

~With the exception of Duke Logan, the Nordilain soldiers will be wiped out
first. Obviously, your next course of action will be to go after the remaining
Imperial troops.

~Logan, meanwhile, will be man-handling any Imperial ATAC that comes near him.
So, don't worry, the Imperials aren't going to steal your Logan kill.

~Once you've eliminated all of the Imperials, charge ahead as a group and
takedown Logan. Make sure that characters' with weaker POW use knockdown
attacks or have enough HP to survive before you attack him.

~A safe approach to this mission is to use the Bastion Bunch-up, but you'll
have to spread out if you want those kills!

~With luck, you may be able to make it out of here with only a single ATAC

Chapter 18: Zulwarn Unleashed

Big black waves of energy CANNOT be good.


~Really bad news time. All of your ATACs, save for Bastion, will start their
turn with only 50 AP. This will last for the ENTIRE battle.

~Semi-good news, the strongest Imperials (1-4, including the Sharkings) will
not move from their position. Of course, this also means that you have to
approach them :/

~If you have three or four Wind Stone users (you've got at least Zeira) then
you can stand four panels away and use Turbulence until they die. Of course,
if you don't have enough...

~The other thing you can do is just to swarm them. You'll take some damage,
but you'll be able to dish out more damage.

~Not that long of a mission, but it's a pain, since you can't use a lot of
your strongest attacks, as they require more than 50 AP.

After Chapter 18: Zulwarn Unleashed

Hey! Guess what? it's the last shop in Kingdom! Spend that cash, kids!

More Importantantly, you now control the power of the mighty Marquis Dionne.


Chapter 19: Capital Clash

This MAY be the hardest mission in Kingdom. This or mission 23.


~Every single enemy ATAC is in a Sharking. ALL OF THEM.

~As if you weren't already overwhelmed, after you bump off Imperials 3, 4, 5
and 6.

~The replacements appear...
Defeat...   for the imperial...
         3:                    Northeast above the hedge
         4:                    East between the hedges
         5:                    West between the hedges
         6:                    Northwest above the hedge

~Luckily, Zakov won't move for quite some time. A LONG time.

~To play it safe, and you SHOULD, use the Bastion Bunch-up at the top of the
map where Bastion and Dionne start.

~Have Bastion heal and kill. Don't expose your backs, as that's a surefire
way to get killed. Focus on killing one Sharking at a time, as that'll make
life more simple.

~A word of caution, however. Unless you are able to cause upwards of 70-80
damage, you'll feel the bite of a Sharking counter-attack. They counter-attack
_very_ liberally. The other way to do it is to use Knockdown/Collison attacks,
which is MUCH safer.

~Also, if for some odd reason you DON'T have Nana/Milea, this mission gets
even more difficult than before.

~If you're playing smart and safe, that's the end of the strats for this
mission. Just be VERY careful, as it's easy to rack up casualties in this

~If, however, you're feeling Brave/Stupid/Reckless/Foolish, then read on my
alternate risky strat. You should do this if you don't have BOTH Nana and

~This alternate strategy is much more offensive, can enable you to spread
kills better, AND is quicker. Of course, it also is very possible to get
yourself killed this way...

~This strategy involves splitting your ATACs into three (temporarily four)
groups. 1)Bastion and Dionne, 2)Reyna, Nana, Andrew/Zeira, and possibly
Andrew/Zeira 3) Alden, Milea, Devlin, Barlow, and Andrew/Zeira.

~I'll elaborate. Bastion and Dionne have such powerful attacks that barring
very bad luck, will enable them to eliminate the two top Sharkings on thier
own. If you and lady luck are in an argument then you might not be able to
pull this off.

Now as for the Andrew/Zeira thing. At the beginning of the mission, Andrew and
Zeira should wax the nearest Imperial to them. Then, once he's taken care of,
Andrew and Zeira should go help the RN group and the AMDB group. If you have
confidence in your AMDB group, then both Andrew and Zeira should go toward
Reyna and Nana. If, however, you DON'T think that AMDB can take four by
themselves, then send ONE of the two over there.

~You can variate on this strategy as you see fit, mind you. Sometimes I'll
send Bastion and Dionne down to help Reyna and Nana while Zeira and Andrew
help the other four. Experiment and see what works best for your character's
and playing style.

After Chapter 19: Capital Clash

After the mission, they'll be a cut scene, you'll get a couple choices...

A) Of course, Sadira.
B) I'm sorry, Sadira.

Choose A and Sadira joins you with thanks.
Choose B and Sadira joins you after screaming, alot.


A) Let's bring peace to the continent
B) Let's bring an end to Faulkner's Life.

As far as I can tell, it doesn't matter what you choose.

Ok, now, once you choose mission, the game will calculate the morale of all
your characters. If the average morale of all of your characters is plus 8 or
higher, then you'll go on to the proper, good ending. On the other hand, if
the average morale of your character's is plus 7 or lower, then you're on to
the bad ending, sucks for you.

Unfortunately, since the game only lets you see morale as smiley faces, it's
quite difficult to really tell if you're borderline. The normal round face
goes from minus 32 up to plus 32. So even if EVERYONE was a round face, it
could go either way. If you've got a lot of Pink Stars and Hearts then you're
in great shape.

Really, the only way to determine which path that you're on is by Faulkner's
opening words.


Chapter 20: Light and Darkness

You'll know you're on this ending if Faulkner's opening words are...

"Warm greetings, my foolish foes."


~In this mission, you face the Sarbelas, the Crimson, the Zulwarn, Ten
Sharkings, and two Korbelans. That's quite an impressive enemy force.

~You DO gain the advantage of having Sadira help you, but she's AI
controlled, read:BAD.

~Also, Bastion needs at least three or four allies to take Faulkner and his
Demi-god ATAC, the Zulwarn.

~The trick to this mission is that at any given time, you should have about
twice as many active ATACs as your enemy.

~So, since you have more than them, be aggressive!

~Franco and Halak aren't even that much of a threat, just swarm them and take
them out from the beginning.

~A little after the two of them go down, Claire and Shion will come after you.
The duo will be in Sharkings, but they're not really any more dangerous than
the normal version. So use Knockdown attacks until they're frozen, then polish
the two of them off.

~By the time you take out Claire and Shion (or are about to) Imperials 1-4
will appear on the pedastals, in Sharkings, of course. If Claire and Shion
aren't gone yet, quickly dispose of them.

~Keep your ATACs nice and close together, but keep after the enemy!

~Sometime during all this, Logan and Duyere will join the battle.

~Though you should've figued this out by now, once Logan starts to move, take
him out as quickly as possible. Duyere isn't near as much of a threat, but
don't get reckless.

~About the same amount of turns after the first group of Imperials show up
(57, to be precise), the second group of Imperials will show up in their
place. Even if the original four are still around.

~Anyway, once all of the Sharkings are disposed of, heal everyone and get
ready to take down Faulkner!

~In case you were wondering, no, you can't use the Turbulence technique that
you used on the Empire branch. In this battle, Faulkner will start to move
after he takes about 200 HP worth of damage.

~Also, if anyone other than Bastion strikes the killing blow against Faulkner,
he'll restore about 150 of his HP and taunt you.

~So, find out how much damage Soaring Dance will do to Faulkner. There's a
trick to beating Faulkner in this mission, too.

~Armed with the knowledge of how much damage Soaring Dance will do, you're
ready to attack!

~Since Casualties really don't matter, just Swarm the jerk. Unleash everything
your ATACs have against him.

~Once you've reduced his HP to the level where a Soaring Dance COULD kill
him, target him with it. Congratulations, you've won?

~I know, you wonder how I can be so sure. The trick is, if Bastion targets
Faulkner with an attack that could kill him, then Faulkner and Bastion enter
into a story battle like Kamorge and Faulkner did way back in Chapter 3. You
don't have to do anything, just watch.

~Also, if you're quick enough, you may be able to defeat Faulkner (and end the
mission) without defeating the second wave of Imperials.

~In fact, If Princess Sadira has no enemies to attack, she'll go straight for
Faulkner. You could just let her die, but I prefer to let her push the issue.
Congratulations! You just beat Vanguard Bandits! Well, one Branch anyway!


Chapter 20: Darkness and Light

If Faulkner's opening words are...

"And here they are."

Then you're on this mission, the bad ending!


~You're on Faulkner's side for this mission. What does that mean? You win!

~Seriously, the AI is NOT smart enough to defeat Logan, Duyere, two Sharkings,
AND have enough juice left to topple Faulkner.

~SO, all you HAVE to do is sit behind Faulkner and let him annhilate
everything in his path.

~Of course, you could attack your former comrades and listen to what they have
to say, just for fun.

~Actually, if you've been planning on playing this mission since the very
begginng (like I was when I played it) then you should have been training
Bastion almost exclusively from the beginning of the game. If this is the
case, then you should have no trouble wiping the ATACs from the face of the

Congratulations, I guess. I mean, you DID get the bad ending. Which means that
you lose!


D. Empire

Ah, the Empire Branch. The Empire Branch is the second branch, though if
people were un aware of it, it might be the last one they play through, as it
doesn't even reveal itself unless you're at a high enough level. Of course,
if you're reading this, then you know about the Empire Branch, now don't you?

The Empire branch isn't exactly what you'd expect though. You are not actually
helping the Imperial Army, but rather Princess Sadira, Franco, Halak, and
Cecilia. You do end up attacking Faulkner, you still have to deal with
Sharkings, and no, you don't conquer the Kingdom. You still get the
Ultragunner, but five missions after you would get it in the Kingdom branch.
You're stuck in the Alba until then.

Difficulty wise, the Empire branch is the hardest of the three. You only get
six ATACs total, and they aren't all with you for all of the missions. Then
there's the lack of Excavated ATACs. While the Ruin Branch only has six
members, half of them are in exacavated ATACs (not to mention the Vedocorban),
making life a lot easier. In the Empire Branch, you will only get two, and
while you'll have one from the beginning, the other doesn't come along until
Chapter 14 (along with the Vedocorban)!

Still, the Empire Branch is my favorite. It offers challenge and is the only
branch in the game that has two endings where both are really acceptable.

I. Main

This is the Main part of the Empire branch, you'll go through these missions
regardless of what ending you get.

Chapter 4: Faulkner's Trap

No killing of Faulkner will be taking place here, no siree.


~Since you're on level eight, you're considerably stronger than the Barbatos
ATACs, but you are still weaker than the Einlagers.

~Hopefully, you'll have your AGL up to 8 or 9. If you do, you can move behind
Imperial 5, and finish him in two turns before he can do anything.

~Once he's dead, it's time to hide behind the bushes. Move the Alba down into
the corner and move up to where there is bushes on two of your sides.

~From this position, you should be able to take out Imperials 3,4, and 6 with
relative ease. They'll only have around a 35% chance of hitting you, so you
should dodge most of the attacks.

~The Einlagers are considerably more of a challenge. Imperial 1 will be hard
to hit, and Imperial 2 will be hard to dodge.

~If you do manage to get through the six imperials, then Faulkner will start
to move after you.

~You can't BEAT Faulkner, but if you hit him, you'll get a significant amount
of EXP.

~Therefor, move out of your hiding space. You really need to be the one who
attacks, as If Faulkner goes first, you won't get a chance to reciprocate.

~It should be noted that it doesn't matter if Faulkner's counter attack kills
you. As long as you hit him, you should get your EXP.

~After engaging Faulkner once, the Alba will shut down, ending the mission.

~Of course, you still move on if one of the other imperials manages to get you
before Faulkner gets a chance to.

After Chapter 4: Faulkner's Trap

It's shop time! Buy weapons and Stones first. Then, buy Accessories, but make
sure that you buy a Str. Gauntlet for Sadira. Her POW is terrible, but you
won't be fixing it for a little while, so this'll come in handy.

Chapter 5: Cave of Cretins

Level building time!


~Of the five of you, Bastion and Halak are level 11 (Bastion may be 12, if
so,all the better), Franco's at 10, Cecilia is at 8, and Sadira is at 6.
Therefore, Sadira and Cecilia should get as many kills as you can give them,
and Franco should be doing a lot. At least this should be the plan for the
first part of the mission

~Even though Sadira is the farthest underlevel, she isn't the weakest ATAC
thanks to the Sylpheed ATAC. Her AGL is at 17, so she'll go more often and
hence, get more kills, than Cecilia, so it doesn't take TOO much effort to
build her.

~When Sadira raises a level in this mission, all of her points should go into
DEX. ALL of them. She gets Spiral Dive as SOON as she gets 20 DEX (since her
AGL starts above 15), and you want that as soon as possible. Even as low as
it is now, you should be able to get Spiral Dive by the next mission if you
invest heavy in DEX.

~Cecilia will be a bit harder to raise up, as she is much slower. When she
does get her first Level, boost her stats to get Str. Slash, and then do what
you want with her. But remember, you'll need her to have high DEX later on.

~Bastion and Halak, for the most part, should sit back and let the other three
get stronger. Trust me, you'll want everyone strong, not just Bastion.

~Once the original group of six are dead (or if you take too long), the Bandit
Chief and three more Bandits will appear.

~NOW Bastion and Halak can take action, but remember that Sadira and Cecilia
could still use the kills.

Chapter 6: Harsh Reality

Time to square off against the Kingdom!


~Two ways to approach this mission.

~Make one group and let them come to you. This is the safe way (no, not the
store, smart-alec).

~The Risky way is to send Cecilia and Halak to the left, Franco and Sadira to
the right, and let Bastion deal with the middle.

~Of course, with this method, Bastion could get into a spot of trouble. Make
sure Sadira is within range to help him in a turn's time. Which isn't too
hard, when you consider Sadira's move rating.

~Also, defeating one enemy in this mission will usually cause another to
appear. Kill #3 for #6 to arrive, #4 for #7, and #5 for #8

~Fairly straight forward, huh?

Chapter 7: Traitorous Warrior

Time for a toughie. Though, as usual, they give you an out of the REAL tough
ones. Losing doesn't cause any Game Over, just the next mission


~Have Cecilia just run across towards the Bridge and Bastion.

~Since he IS right there, have Bastion Attack Ganlon, but don't move, just hit

~Since Ganlon Retreats at 50% HP, you should be able to kill Ganlon before he
gets his turn, though you will probably take some damage.

~Once Ganlon is out of the way, run and get on the bridge. Make sure you're on
enough that the tiles on the side are inaccesible.

~This will allow you to take on the enemy ATACs one at a time.

~Luckily, since the Kingdom and Impeiral Soldiers will be trying to kill each
other the entire time too, you won't have to deal with ALL of the enemies.

~Just to let you know, the Kingdom is gonna lose. Partially cause you killed
they're special ATAC at the beginning, but mostly 'cause the Empire has almost
twice as many units.

~Once a victor has been decided, the remaining units will come after you.
Zakov is the most immediate threat, but the others are chumps and shouldn't be
any problem.

~Don't feel bad if you die. With only two ATACs, if Lady Luck isn't with you
your sure to fall.

Chapter 8: Bastion's Secret

The actual battle in this chapter has nothing to do with the title, by the


~WOW!!! For once, the KINGDOM is going to win the fight without your help.

~Zakov is an idiot in this mission (I know, I know, but even MORE so than
normal) and will only sit there and Defend. You ain't gettin' any help from

~His Soldier's will try, but they'll simply be overrun by the sheer numbers
against them. Hey, you can't blame them for not tryin'!

~Since you'll have your full complitment of soldiers, this is a fairly easy
mission. Just let the low-level characters catch up with the stronger ones

After Chapter 8: Bastion's Secret

Just thought you might want to know, shop's open. They're having a one-mission
sale. You should look into it. Things are like, 50% off! (Ok, not really, but
you should still buy new stuff!)

Chapter 9: Logan's Test

You must prove yourself worthy of facing me in battle before I join you in
peace?! What sorta flawed logic is that!


~Logan waits some time before he joins the fray.

~By the time he DOES join the fight, you should have dispatched all the other
ATACs of Nordilain.

~This is just a fight against the Nordilain type of soldier. So, use the
tactics for Nordilain Soldiers and you'll do fine.

~Claire is just a beefed up Nordilain, but Shion is balanced and will probably
be the hardest to kill.

~Logan is just Dangerous. He has enough DEF to hold up, too.

~Sadira's Spiral Dive will make quick work of him if you can get it off.

~Oh, and don't let anyone get dizzy. Logan will make short work of them.

Chapter 10: Clashing in the Snow

Sure, Claire COULD have told you sooner, but then you wouldn't get to beat up
the nice little Hibernerians.


~The Goal of the Mission is to defeat either the Security Chief or Devlin. So,
you should kill all the Hibernians and Barlow before taking one of them out.

~Whether they're playing defensive, it would fit their personalities, or
they're just cowards, the Hibernians won't move until you do.

~Also, Barlow, Devlin, and the Chief won't move until much later on.

~So, how to deal with the DEF heavy Hibernians? Rush em'!  Use the two groups
that you are given and just attack. They'll crumple under your collective

~Claire is underlevel, so give her some kills to catch up.

Chapter 11: Thomson's Fate

More Kingdom buttkicking.


~Since Bastion starts out right in front of Galvas, then attack! Galvas should
be swarmed first thing, and should be out before he gets his first turn.

~Of the remaining Kingdom troops, there are three Haizurons, and the other
five are in Glaives.

~The Haizurons are much more dangerous, as they're in a superior ATAC AND
they're level 16 as opposed to the Glaive's 12.

~Group up and Focus on the Haizurons. You should make it out of here fine,
though if you're not careful you could get a casualty or two.

Chapter 12: Andrew's Test

You didn't think you could avoid good old Andrew, did you?

~It's good to know that the Mercenaries fight like Muspels, in waves. Idiots.

~Plus, of the four groups, two of them are Barazaph and Andoras.
The two weakest ATACs in the game.

~On your first turn, move Bastion up to one space less than his maximum, and
have everyone else follow in formation.

~The Barazaphs will attack, dispatch them. Sadira should be able to take the
one on your right with a counter-attack (Wind Strike) and back-attack. The
one who attacks Bastion should be counter-attacked, attacked by Bastion, and
finished by Claire (or vice-versa).

~The one on the left takes a little more effort, because it takes AP to get
there, so send Franco, Halak, and Cecilia after him.

~The Second group will take a little effort, as they are in Dantarius'.
However, they only have and AGL of 17. On the Kingdom branch, this would pose
more of a threat. However, considering all save Claire and MAYBE Halak are
using Wind Stones, and hence, have really, really high DEX, they usually go
down with ease.

~Once the Dantarius' have been defeated, two Andoras will appear on the left
side of the screen with Fire Stones, too. However, unless one of your
Character's is near that edge and has his or her back turned (I had that), you
should be able to eliminate them with ease.

~The final wave is that of a Flaros (Mercenary 1) and Andrew. Andrew is more
dangerous, so take him out first.

~Actually, though, you only have to eliminate 50% of Andrew's HP before he
turns tail and runs. Note that Andrew gives booku EXP, though.

~Unless something goes wrong, you should make it out of the battle without a

After Chapter 12: Andrew's Test

There's a shop, but there's nothing new, so unless you didn't have enough
money the last time (and WHY not!?) you don't need to worry about it.

Chapter 13: Grabbing Gratia

One-on-One Madness! In this mission, a character will keep battling new
opponents until they are defeated. OR until Dionne is beaten (#5)


~You fighting order is Claire, Franco, Cecilia, Sadira, and Basion. Bastion
shouldn't have to fight. The opponent's fighting order is Mercenary 1,
Mercenary 2, Mercenary 3, Andrew, Dionne.

~While Claire is really only boasting before the mission and in the breifing,
it actually IS possible for her the beat the first four by herself. It's
unlikely, though, so don't get upset if Andrew beats her.

~Your general strategy in this mission is to back up against the wall and let
the enemy come at you. Only move behind the enemy for a finishing blow, and
don't counter-attack if your FP is too high. Get it. Got it. Good.

~Claire should be able to take care of all three of the Mercenaries by herself
unless something goes wrong. If you mess up a bit, Franco might have to finish
Merc 3.

~When Franco fights Andrew, he should be rather self-destructive.
Counter-Attack all of Andrew's attacks, as that's the only way to get decent
damage against him. If your DEX is high enough, Andrew should try to block,
too. With luck, Franco should be able to take out Andrew, though he'll lose
some HP in the process (a lot).

~If Franco survives Andrew, he COULD beat Dionne, if your lucky. Dionne will
use Bursting Fire almost exclusively, which will cause him to be Dizzy at
least every other turn. Four Wind Strikes was all my Franco needed to kill
Dionne, so, if Dionne keeps missing, which isn't too hard as his success
percentage in always under 50%, you could beat him.

~If Franco does die, which is as likely as it is not, then have Cecilia try.
If she falls, well, Sadira can make short work of a Frozen Dionne with Spiral

Chapter 14: Rotten Radcot

More brief appearances from Kingdom branch major players!

This is the one time where Radcot and his men are actually capable.


~Sadira starts off in a VERY bad position, being surrounded by 4 Muspels.
Your group of five is surrounded by five as well, but that's less of a threat.

~Oh, yeah, by the way, if Sadira goes down, then you'll see Mr. Game Over

~Anyway, Sadira should immediately move away from Radcot and straight towards
your characters.

~You character's should head toward Sadira, meet in the middle.

~Now, group up and get to fightin'! For the most part, don't try to get behind
the Muspels, as you'll just use up all of your AP in the process, and that'll
do you no good.

~Once Radcot gets close enough to thwack, thwack him good! Don't let up until
you kill him, too.

~It's a good thing Muspels are wimps, or this mission would cause you some
SERIOUS problems.

Chapter 15: The Royal ATAC

Late's better than never, it's time for some shiny white Ultragunner goodness!

~Unlike the Kingdom branch, you start out this mission with the Ultragunner.
No waiting here!

~A word about the Ultragunner. At the start of this mission, you should
definately have enough BAS for the support skill Holy Light. This skill is
an essential part of many late-game Empire strategies, so you'll need it. You
_should_ also possess Splitting Smash, or are darn well close. If Bastion gets
any level ups in this mission, then you should have him focus on getting his
stats to 18, and then to 20.

~Anyway, the Imperials are divided up into two groups, so you should follow
suit. Send Bastion, Sadira, and Cecilia over to the group closest to Faulkner
and send Claire, Franco, and Halak over to deal with the other, weaker

~The strategies for the two groups is completely different, however. Claire,
Franco, and Halak should move to the end of the bridge and sit
there. You make the decision as to which two go up front and which one goes
in back.

~Bastion, Sadira, and Cecilia should take on a completely different
idea. The Bodyguards won't move for several turns, and Faulkner and Duyere
will wait even longer. You should take out both of the Dantarius' and maybe
one of the bodyguards before they move.

~Now, If either Faulkner or Duyere is reduced to 50% or less of HP (or
destroyed) both of them will run home. With that in mind, focus on attacking
Faulkner, since he'll give you considerably more EXP.

Chapter 16: Refuge in Nordilain

More action with the No-kingdom.


~There are two groups of Kingdom Soldiers in this mission. An initial group of
five, and then Galvas, Ganlon, and 4 more Kingdoms, for a total of six in
the second group.

~The second group will show up either once the first group is defeated, or
after 30 turns, whichever comes first.

~You have two options in dealing with the first group. You can either bunch
up and the exit of the line of bushes around Bastion, which is safer, but
will probably cause you to still have enemies left when Galvas and co. show
up. The second method of defeating the first group is just to abandon strategy
and beat the crap out of them. They're not THAT dangerous, so strategy is
really superfluous, or just overly cautious.

~The Second group, on the other hand, should be dealt with by grouping around
Bastion. Have him Holy Light the ATACs weakened by the first group, and just
kill anything that gets near your ATACs.

~Galvas is the most dangerous enemy, so when he gets near, focus on him.

~Also, Bastion should have all his stats at 20 by the end of this mission.
You want Soaring Dance.

After Chapter 16: Refuge in Nordilain

Hey! It's time to buy everything else that you need! Make sure you get a Jade
for Cecilia, as it'll open up the Somersault attack for her (assuming you
actually have the stats)

Also, this next mission is the last chance you'll get to  drastically alter
either Cecilia or Sadira's Morale. Two ways...

1)During the cutscene (that would be before you get the option to shop) You'll
be presented a choice during the conversation with Sadira.

A)Alright, Sadira. Good Night
B)Please tell me what's wrong!

Choose A to drop Sadira's morale.
Choose B to boost it through the ceiling.

2) If it's really close, just make sure during the next battle that the girl
whose branch you DON'T want to go on dies during the battle, and you give the
other one a few kills. That should do it.

Chapter 17: Sharking Attack!

Sure, you've got one more ATAC than them, but they're POWERFUL.


~At the Start of the Mission, move up slightly, but not too much, the
Sharkings will come to you all too quickly.

~Once the Sharkings get in range. Unload all of your most powerful attacks on
them at once. For this reason, Sadira should be in the back, so she doesn't
get dizzied from Spiral Dive and getting attacked.

~Don't be afraid to move a little out of formation. It's better to have a dead
Sharking if you can. Less of them=more of you!

~Zakov does more damage, takes less, and has a bit more HP, but he's easier to
hit, and he's more liable to miss. Wimpy special enemy. :)

~Even if you're careful, you could still suffer some casualties in this

After Chapter 17: Sharking Attack!

Oh, just to let you know, you're now on either the Sadira or Cecilia branch.
So, how do you tell?

At this point, the game calculates the morale of both Sadira and Cecilia.

If the Morale of Sadira is > or = Cecilia's Morale, then you will go onto the
proper, Sadira branch.

If, on the other hand Cecilia's Morale is > Sadira's, you will head onto the
Cecilia branch. Note that Sadira wins the tie.

While this is all fine and dandy, to you, all the morale is is a smiley face.
Instead, you can tell what branch you actually ARE on by Duke Logan's opening

"Congratulations on your victory!" is the Sadira line.

"I take it that you were able to repulse their attack, Sadira?" is the Cecilia

If you're on the Sadira branch, Cecilia leaves, too. Boo-hoo.

II. Sadira

These last three missions are exclusive to the Sadira branch. Unfortunately,
you lose Cecilia by going onto the Sadira branch, but, sacrifices must be

This is the proper ending to the Empire branch, and my favortie. But, hey,
the Cecilia branch is good, too.

On the whole, since you have one ATAC less, you'll have a harder time than
with the Cecilia branch.

Chapter 18: Howl of the Ice Wolf

I know, I know, Cecilia just got Somersault and now she's gone. Yeah, Yeah,
Tough Cookies!

Alden has almost as many special character's as you do, plus, he's got troops
to back him up.


~This is one mission where the gung-ho strategy that I usually advocate will
just plain NOT work. Don't even think about trying it. There's too many of
them and they all have too much DEF.

~Bunch up in front of the two exposed ATACs and sit there for the rest of the

~Be aware that bunching up here may cause one of the Hibernias to go around
and attack your back side. He won't do much damage, but he'll be there.

Each of the special character's should be dealt with differently.

~Devlin MIGHT be the most dangerous, as he has the most POW and easy access to
his unique attack, Burning Soul. You do NOT want burning soul to connect, so
take out Devlin as SOON as he gets in range. It actually isn't too difficult
to knock him out of the battle, since he's only got 14 DEF

~Melior can do some decent damage, but with your Sky-High AGL you should be
able to survive. She has lower DEF than any of her buds except for Devlin, and
she also has the lowest special character HP. Unfortunately, with her high AGL
connecting might be a problem unless you have high DEX (as I did) or you use

~Barlow is't dangerous at all, he's just Impossible to kill. Even though he
only has 126 HP, he has _30_ DEF (more than any other enemy in the game, even
Faulkner) and therefore is next to impossible to damage. Ah, well. Just don't
worry about him until everybody else is gone. On the plus side, DEF is his
ONLY high stat, so you'll usually have a 99% chance to hit him even when he
tries to dodge. I had 99% on Soaring Dance. It was nice.

~Alden has the highest DEX of the group, so he'll hit you, and he's got the
power to back it up. He's probably not as dangerous as Devlin though. Because
he starts so far back, he only rarely gets close enough to use his good
attacks. He's mostly stuck two or three squares away, and he'll almost always
move, so you don't really have to worry about Blizzard Break too much. That
being said, Alden has some serious potential to do some serious damage to your
ranks, so you should eliminate him very quickly.

~With the exception of Alden, Devlin, and to a limited extent, Melior, the
enemies in this mission aren't that capable of damaging you. However, since
they outnumber you almost two to one, it's very easy for your character's to
get frozen. Don't send one character out by their lonesome, or else they'll
get gangtackled. Once they're frozen, Alden/Devlin will finish them off with

Chapter 19: Zulwarn's Heartbeat

On the bright side, this is the last time you'll have to fight the No-kingdom.


~There are four Imperials at the start of the mission. However, they leave
soon afterwards. Even if you can attack them, don't bother. They're only level

~About when every one gets one turn, the Imperials dissapear and the
No-Kingdom troops arrive. Meet your new enemies.

~There are three different defensive (the only way you'll survive) strategies.

~You can put them in a row of four in the farthest row back that can
hold that many.  Then just stick the last ATAC right behind one of the middle
ATACs. The enemy is only able to attack your front, but if something goes
wrong, then the entire Formation has a tendancy to fall.

~The second method involves putting four of your ATACs into a two-by-two
formation in the little box part of the map in the very back. The last ATAC
is then stuck out front. The downside to this approach is that it almost
guarantees the destruction of the odd ATAC out. Other than that problem,
though, the formation is defensivly solid.

~The final method is like the second, only the formation is flipped. The odd
man out will go to the very back row, and the two-by-two formation will go
out in front of that one.

~The Glaives will move before the Haizurons, and the Haizurons will move
before the Specials, but because of how the ranks are, they'll all get there
at about the same time. :(

~Once Zeira gets close enough for you to take care of, do so. Zeira loves to
use his powerful Sonic Blade attack against you, and you don't want that.

~This is a tough mission, so even if you play carefully, you're still liable
to lose an ATAC.

After Chapter 19: Zulwarn's Heartbeat

The final Empire shop is here, but there's nothing new. If you want to get
Family Jewels, you'll actually probably be able to afford them now.

Also, make sure that at the very least Franco is equipped with a Jade, and
it helps to have Halak to have one too. If want to have an earth stone though,
that okay, just make sure you have at least two Turbulencers.

Chapter 20: Battle for Tomorrow

Yea! Faulkner killing time!!!

As a side note, with only six enemy ATACs, this is the second smallest final
battle in the game.


~When Cecilia attacks you before the mission starts, you'll lost about 80 HP.
Or, at least I did. It's possible that she takes off a 1/4 of your HP.

~My suggestion to deal with Cecilia is to save, then unleash a Soaring Dance
her way. If it misses, reload. If it hits, she's dead.

~After she's been taken care of, go ahead and bunch up around Bastion and take
care of the two generic Imperial Sharkings.

~Soon after the Generics reach you, Duyere will start down.

~About a turn after Duyere, Zakov will follow. You've dealt with them both
enough by now that you should know what to do. Beat them down!

~Now, use Bastion's Holy Light spell on all the damaged ATACs.

~Good, now you're going to have to whittle down Faulkner's 662 HP so you can
kill him with out him killing you. Turbulence time!

~But, first, let's have so Fact about Faulkner! 1) Faulkner has 662 HP
2) He has a range four attack. 3) Only one of his attacks causes FP, and then
it only causes 5 FP. 4) Faulkner has a speed of 10. 5) Faulkner will NEVER
MOVE, EVER 6) Faulkner has 662 HP, I know it's been said before, but this
needs to be emphasized.

~Keeping the above facts in mind, here's how you defeat Faulkner with ease.

~Move all of your ATACs so that the Turbulencers are exactly five panels away
from Zulwarn and the others are right behind them. It should look like this...

x x


~Now that you've got it set-up, all you have to do is execute it. Move a ATAC
with Turbulence up one square, use Turbulence, then move back to your starting
point. Do this with all of your Turbulencers. Viola! Repeat until Faulkner's

~If Sadira has the Second attack ability and Bastion is behind her, then you
can simply have her use Turbulence Twice, then have Bastion remove her FP with
Holy Light.

~Of course, said strategy DOES get boring after a while, so what I reccomend
is to Turbulence him until he has about 400 HP, then rush him when you have
several character's turns in a row.

~If you can freeze him, you'll should be able to finish him off. After all,
with Second Attack Bastion can do about 300 HP worth of damage on his own. Of
Course, he'll be frozen afterwards (Splitting Smash + Soaring Dance _or_
Soaring Dance x2), so make sure you finish Faulkner off. :)

Congratulations! You just beat the hardest branch in Vanguard Bandits! Go You!

III. Cecilia

These are the three missions that are exlusive to the Cecilia branch of the
Empire branch. They pick up right after Chapter 17, just like the Sadira

The Cecilia branch is considerably easier. Not only do you have the help of a
sixth ATAC in Cecilia (who's like #3 in power), but you also avoid Alden and
co. AND you get a watered down Faulkner to defeat.

I don't like the Cecilia branch as much, but everyone should play through it
once and make up their own mind.

Chapter 18: Zulwarn's Breath

NO!! This mission is NOT exactly like mission 40! <_< ... >_>

Uh, you have a sixth ATAC, so there.


~The addition of Cecilia makes life WORLD's easier. There are more targets for
the enemy to attack, and more characters that you can use to do damage.

~Anyway, you should use the row of four formation since you have six ATACs.
Put four ATACs onto the last row that can hold that many. Put Bastion, Sadira,
Cecilia, and Claire in the front row with Franco and Halak in the back.

~Have Cecilia use Somersault like it's going out of style! Really, while the
other characters Special attacks add too much FP to be used over and over,
Somersault has a low enough FP that if Cecilia doesn't move, she'll gain next
to no FP. It's great!

~Also, make sure you have Bastion use Holy Light a LOT. Hopefully is at a high
enough level that it won't hurt him EXP wise. If he's not at least level 24,
then you'll need to attack more.

~Remember that only Cecilia and Bastion will be facing off against Zulwarn, so
favor them when dishing out EXP.

After Chapter 18: Zulwarn's Breath

The last Empire shop on this branch is right here, kiddos. Buy any other
accessories you want, you should have the proper weapons/stones already and
you won't get another chance to go shopping (at least not on THIS playthrough)

Chapter 19: Continental Invasion

Time to kick Zakov and Duyere's butts!


~Take the same formation as Chapter 18, it'll be easier, but no need to fix
something that's not broken.

~The Bodyguards will line up in front of your ATACs. Focus on taking out one
or two of them, or focus on keeping their FP at 60 or higher so they won't
attack you.

~Once there's only two or three enemies left, it's ok to break formation and
overwhelm the rest.

~There really isn't much to this mission, just make sure you train Bastion
and Cecilia.

~Oh, and be careful, if you're careless the Sharkings will slice and dice you.

Chapter 20: The Journey Begins

One-on-one with Faulkner! Well, sort of. You get SOME help.


~When Faulkner attacks you in the beginning, defend. Trust me.

~Once you have the Cecilia event, Cecilia will join you and Faulkner's HP will
go to 311.

~Also, Faulkner isn't NEAR the threat he is in other missions. Don't be
stupid, but don't be TOO fearful. I've seen Faulkner miss in this mission.
NEVER seen that before in Zulwarn.

~Just have Cecilia and Bastion go all out on Zulwarn. Cecilia may fall, but
you'll get him. And even if by some stupid measure or bad luck you DO lose,
you can always load your data. It's not like it was that long of a battle.

Congratulations! You just beat the most depressing (not counting the Faulkner
ending, since you really LOSE when you get that ending) branch of Vanguard





E. Ruin

The Ruin branch IS an odd one, but one that shows the sense of humor a game
development team can have. Nothing in the Ruin branch should be taken very
seriously, in fact, nothing in the ruin branch should be taken seiously at
ALL. Just take a look at the supporting cast; Reyna, Barlow, and Andrew. Not a
serious bone in the entire bunch!

That being said, gameplay-wise the Ruin Branch is quite different as well. The
Ruin branch is the only branch in the game where Bastion doesn't get the
Ultragunner, AND Faulkner doesn't get the Zulwarn. Instead, you are blessed
with the TIC-TAC. Though the TIC-TAC is weaker on the whole than the
Ultragunner, you'll practically swear otherwise after playing through. While
the TIC-TAC only has one special attack, it IS a doozy, and should be
employed to its fullest extent. The characters in the Ruin branch tend to be
land on the high side of levels, but they'll be needed. The Ruin branch also
forces you to go up against an ATAC even more powerful than the Sharking,
though you'll get some help. You get three excavated ATACs for this branch,
Bastion's TIC-TAC (close enough), Sadira's Sylpheed, and the Altagrave, though
you will have the much needed support of Andrew's Vedocorban.

Just have fun when you play the ruin branch! Oh, but try to play it AFTER
playing the Kingdom and Empire-Sadira branches. Otherwise, your opinion of
Sadira may become tainted. Remember, the Ruin Sadira isn't a serious one, just
a way to capitalize on the spoiled brat princess stereotype.

Chapter 9: Faulkner the Filcher

Without a doubt this is the easiest mission in the game. The battle will end
exactly 39 turns after it begins, no matter what, with Faulkner taking the


~The only thing of note is possible experience. Andrew, Barlow, and Reyna can
gain SOME much need EXP.

Chapter 10: Futile Search

Yawn! Eventually, the game will send enemies your way that are capable of
defending themselves, but not yet.

The enemies come in two groups. Six pathetic enemies start in the battle, and
are joined by three enemies which are only slightly less pathetic and a decent
Bandit Chief.

~Bastion is probably a few levels above the rest of the company, so send him
foward to dismantle the two bandits up there.

~Send Barlow to deal with the one on your left, while Andrew and Reyna take
care of the three on your right.

~Once the four arrive, it's experience time! The area that they appear on
doesn't allow you much room to manuever, so getting to the enemy you want to
kill may pose a problem.

~You could also just move down and wait for them to come after you, which
would skip the whole mountain terrain difficulty thingy.

~The only enemy that really poses any threat is the Chief, so send Bastion
after him when a gap appears. He's also probably the only enemy that will
provide the royal one with any EXP worth his time, so that's an added bonus!

After Chapter 10: Futile Search

~Bastion is out of his amazing Alba (and into the even MORE amazing TIC-TAC),
so give it to Barlow, who has a crappy ATAC with no bonuses (unless you gave
him the Serata, but still give him the Alba, it's better).

~Oh yeah, shop time. New Weapons all around, then get the stones and Amulets
if you can afford them. Make sure you shop AFTER you've moved Barlow.

Chapter 11: TIC-TAC!

Ah, the mighty TIC-TAC. You got the stats for Tidal Wave yet? No? Slackers!

Ok, it's difficult to have ALL the stats for Tidal Wave, even with TIC-TAC's
bonuses. It SHOULD be a level or two away though.

Andrew's Somersault should be even closer. Reyna's Trick will probably be
still a bit away, as the stats you have to increase aren't what you normally

Oh, yeah, by the way, you have a couple of Kingdom escorts for this mission.
They'll sit around for a few turns, then charge on.


~Rush'em! The threat of the enemies in this level is slim to none. Therefore,
you should be concered with killing them all before the Kingdom lackeys get
near them.

~Remember how dangerous Zakov was in the last mission? He's not anymore.
Still, he IS the second strongest ATAC on the field, so take care of him as
quickly as possible.

~Bodyguard 1 is actually the strongest ATAC on the field, so you should be
minorly wary of him and Bodyguard 2.

~Since this mission is pathetically easy, I'll give you a challenge.

~Duyere runs away when HP is less than or equal to 50%. Get him to 51% (or as
close as possible), then have your strongest ATAC nail him for a killing blow.
This will net you 12000 funds too, so it's worth your time.

Chapter 12: Snowy Reunion

Sure, Milea IS surrounded, but she's also the strongest ATAC on the field, so
she's capable of taking care of herself.


~As is the case almost always with Nordilain, you gotta hit'em fast and hit'em

~Also, Milea doesn't get any EXP or Funds for the kills she gets, so work hard
to kill them before she can. Claire's group has next to nigh defense, so it
will only take two hits to finish them off.

~Shion and his group of soldiers are more balanced, but are really less of a
threat. Their attempt at balancing just makes them weaker over all.

~Shion himself will take some time to kill, but as long as you don't do
anything too stupid, you should pull through with barely more than a scratch.

Chapter 13: Runaway Princess

This is the mission where you'll get your sixth and final member, Sadira.
You'll learn to hate Ruin-Sadira, but her Sylpheed is the second strongest
ATAC you'll get, so you'll want her around.

Also, if it's possible for Milea to gain a level, make sure you raise her DEX
by 1, as that will give her the powerful Blizzard Break attack.

~Protect Sadira. Yet again, the difficulty meter is flatlining for this
mission, so it won't take much.

~But remember, she still doesn't get any EXP or Funds, so don't let her kill

~When Franco and Cecilia join the fray, concentrate on them, as they are
particualary gunning for the princess.

Chapter 14: Sharking Sortie

So here's the Ruin debut of the Sharking. Things could get ugly.

Oh yeah, Sadira is way underlevel, so she'll probably go up a few levels by
the end of the mission, make sure you try to get Sprial Dive.


~You want some strategy? Stay the heck away from Zakov, how's that for

~The Imperials attack in two waves, and Zakov himself is the third wave.

~Stay West and let them come to you.

~If you really can't stand to just wait, make sure you stay at LEAST four
panels away from Zakov, and don't move up until you've disposed of the first

~When Zakov DOES move, gang-tackle him. Zakov should get off no more than ONE
attack and the counter attacks.

~Zakov will retreat at the standard 50% or less mark, but he's worth some
effort to kill, as he give 18000.

After Chapter 14: Sharking Sortie

Make sure you got your Grocery List, cause it's time to shop!

~You may not have the cash to get everything, so here's your
priority list. Jade for Andrew, Lapis Lazuli for Reyna, Stone for Barlow,
Durandar for Barlow, Halberd for Reyna, Widowmaker for Andrew. You want those
special attacks!

Chapter 15: Defending the Town

Hey! You get a LOT of help for this mission, in the form of Kingdom troops!

Oh, and by the way, the Difficulty level is going to spring to life soon,
though not this mission. Just thought you'd want a heads up.


~Get those Kills! The six imperials that are already in place at the beginning
of the mission are half-dead. Get as many as possible and don't let the AI
controlled Kingdom units get them.

~A little while after the beginning of the battle, Zakov will arrive with
four Imperial escorts.

~Once again, when Zakov gets close, make him pay! Tidal Wave, Somersault, and
Spiral Dive should all be at your disposal, so use'em!

~Because of their higher level, send Milea and Bastion after the four new
Imperials as soon as Zakov's been bumped off.

Chapter 16: Howling Duyere

And now the Ruin Branch difficulty takes a sharp turn up. All the rest of the
missions are quite difficult, so you gotta watch yourself.


~Okay, It't ten-to-six, and the enemies aren't wimps either. Time for some
actual strategy.

~The key to surviving the mission is to bottle up your character so that only
a few people have to be dealt with at one time.

~One way is to run across the bridge, at which point Bastion should sit on
the Bridge and wait for the enemy to come to him.

~The only problem with this method is that severely limits your offensive
capability. With the exception of Sadira (and Bastion), all of your other
long range attacks are pathetically weak.

~You COULD put Milea up front and Bastion right behind her, it's a gamble,
but if your Milea is strong enough, it'll pay off. If this doesn't sound
appealing to you, then we're left with the slightly more risky Plan 2.

~The Plan I usually use is to bunch up in the little pass between the bushes
in front of you and the enemy on the side closest to the bridge.

~Bunch up so no one can get by, which will require three fronts. This should
provide two spaces for range two attacks. It sounds complicated, but it's
much easier in practice.

~Of course, that leaves the question of who to put where, doesn't it? And
what to do with the odd man out of the formation.

~Even though Bastion and Sadira are the only characters with decent long range
attack, you should still put Bastion up front, as he's just the all-around
resident butt-kicker, and can take a few hits. Milea should also get in the
front line, where she can get the most experience.

~Sadira and Reyna should be in the range two spots. I know what I said
earlier, but Reyna also is a semi-decent Long ranger.

~Put Barlow on the front line, but put him next to the bush. Bastion should
go right next to him, with Reyna right behind Bastion. On Reyna's left should
be Sadira, and Milea should be to her right. Andrew should wait until the
enemy is engaged witht your troops, then work his way around to the other side
of the bush to _am_bush them (I crack myself up, a ha, a ha).

~In case your wondering why this works when you don't want Milea to be
point-man, it's that she'll only have to deal with roughly 1/3 of the enemies.
On the bridge, she'd have to deal with almost all of them.

Chapter 17: Dark Cloud

Get ready to take a beating, Eight Sharkings are just waiting to take you on.

Strategy (you'll need some!)

~Okay, let's go over the ground rules for this fight...

~1)Sharking>Non-Excavated ATAC. What does this mean? It means that Reyna and
Barlow should stay the heck back, that's what it means! Andrew shouldn't get
too cocky, either, though he is semi-capable.

~2) DO NOT go on the offensive unless you have a death wish. Charging out
after your enemy will just result in the slicing and dicing of your ATACs, so
don't do it.

~Now that we have that settled, time to get to business.

~See those buildings? those are what we like to call, "choke points". Time to

~Put Bastion in the Single space, and put Sadira and Milea on the double wide.
Make sure that Bastion is actually IN BETWEEN the two buildings, so Barlow
will have enough room. Also put Sadira closer to Bastion, no matter how much
Milea hates it.

~Reyna and Andrew should go behind Milea and Sadira, and Barlow should go
behind Bastion.

~Now hunker down and wait for the onslaught. It'll come soon, don't worry.

~A few points of advise...

~If Bastion, Sadira, or Andrew have the Second Attack ability, they should
make full use of it. The quicker the sharkings die, the longer you live.

~Plus, any enemy unit with 60 FP or more will automatically wait when their
turn comes up.

~You should focus on _killing_ one enemy, but you should still throw a couple
of turbulences the way of a nearby Sharking to get its FP up to 60. Since
you'll be attacking and waiting, you'll get more turns than they will.

~That last one doesn't apply to Bastion. He should just decimate anything on
his side. If his FP is too high, have Barlow throw something at one of the
Sharkings to get his FP up.

~Since one enemy will be in front of Sadira and one in front of Milea, I would
reccomend going after the Sharking in front of Sadira first,as she seems to
be the preferred target. Milea should just use Blizzard Break repeatedly on
the enemy directly in front of her.

~If Barlow has an Earth stone, then he'll need to move around some to heal. If
you don't have and Earth stone on Barlow (I never do) then he should sit
behind Bastion and Turbulence the enemy in front of Sadira, or Bastion, when

~When Sadira and Bastion have high FP, have Reyna use Cooling Mst to get rid
of some of it. Milea shouldn't have a problem.

~You might have noticed how much time I've spent on Bastion. That's because
him and his mighty Tidal Wave and Second Attack are pretty much self
sufficiant. Only attack once every other turn, and along with cooling mist,
you should be fine.

~If Bastion has high FP and looks to be attacked by two sharkings, have Barlow
Turbulence one of them to get their FP up to 60. That'll prevent Bastion from
going overboard.

~Once you've eliminated all the Sharkings but one on the Sadira/Milea side,
you can go ahead and move Andrew and Barlow out to put the hurt on that last

Chapter 18: Nordilain's Secret

What, you thought you wouldn't have to fight Logan on the Ruin Branch?


~Andrew will go first. Have him wait. Otherwise he'll get gang-tackled.

~Once they've all had their turn, move up and nail'em with your strongest
attacks. Don't hold anything back.

~Between Spiral Dive, Tidal Wave, Somersault, and your superior speed, you
should be able to kill 3 Nordilain soldiers before they get their turn again.
At the very least, 2.

~Next turn should be used to wax the remaining Nordilain and beat Shion.

~Shion has fairly high DEF, so gangtackle him.

~By this time, Claire and Logan should be just about in range.

~If your ATACs are close enough that you can gangtackle Logan, than do so, as
he the far more dangerous of the pair.

~If you can't Gangtackle him, then knock off Claire, then go after Logan.
Logan will probably claim an ATAC in the process.

Chapter 19: Final Battle

Misleading Title, huh? You still got one mission to go!

Of course, this is the Final real Battle between the Kingdom and Empire.

There are more ATACs on the field in this mission than in any other. Just
though you might like to know.


~There are 10 sharkings in this mission plus Duyere and Faulkner. And you
thought you were swamped in Chapter 17.

~OK, so this time you do have some distractions to help you. Distractions are
all the Kingdom soldiers are in this mission. A lot of them will get knocked
out by counter attacks. The others will just get swarmed and die before they
can even commit suicide.

~Zeira and Galvas MAY be capable of doing damage. MAY. Galvas waits forever
without moving and Zeira sometimes gets killed without landing a single hit.

~Well, maybe I'm being a bit harsh. The kingdom soldiers ARE capable of taking
out Duyere by themselves, and will most always do so. Of course, Duyere is the
weakest ATAC in the battle, so...

~Just in case you're wondering, Faulkner is still the strongest character on
the battle field. Luckily, like Galvas, he doesn't move for several turns.

~And yes, the Bodyguards are STILL stronger.

~Anyway, time to get to matters that directly involve you.

~The Goal is to pick off as many lone sharkings as you can
 before the hoarde arrives.

~That being said, the three sharkings that are closest to you (Bodyguard 4 and
Imperials 4 and 5) should be your first targets.

~In fact, taking out these three will take most of the time you have.

~Most does not mean all though. You'll probably attract one or two more
sharkings over, they should also be dealt with.

~If you see Galvas start to move, then look out. That means that Faulkner is
going to enter the battle, too. You're closest to him, so be prepared!

~Faulkner will probably take the rest of the time you have before the Kingdom
troops croak. When he gets close, focus on him, as he is VERY dangerous, VERY.

~Of course, with great risk comes great reward. My Level 25 Bastion got 1007
EXP for killing Faulkner. 1 0 0 7!!! That's two levels, by itself!!!

~Stay together, separation will only lead to death.

~Depending on the strength of your characters, you could end this mission with
all or 2 of your ATACs (Bastion and Sadira and hard to kill).

Chapter 20:  Ultimate Weapon

An ATAC more powerful than the Sharking!?!! What could this monstrosity be!!

Oh, and by the way, if you're one of those people who just scrolls through the
text without reading any of it, I suggest you don't skip through the
encounter between Bastion and Faulkner. I found it quite amusing!


~Yeah. The No. 86s are rediculously powerful. AND their abilities are Cheap,

~It IS still possible to triumph over them on your own, though Andrew, Barlow,
and Reyna are almost assuredly gonna kick the bucket.

~Of course, you'll never get the option to fight them on your own. But this is
a good thing.

~See, you really don't need much strategy to win this mission. Just kill one
or two of the bodyguards.

~Stay where you start, too.

~Why? Simple. Soon after the mission begins (about the time the bodyguards
reach you) Puck appears to help you out in an ATAC.

~Of course, he's only in the _ZULWARN_, so he won't do much good </sarcasm>

~Zulwarn will nuke anything in its range, so you really don't have much to
worry about. Just watch Puck annihilate everything in his path, and if he gets
surrounded by 3 or 4 86s, then attack them to draw them away.

~That's basically it. Zulwarn is all-but-invincible, and will decimate
everything. There's really very little need for the rest of your ATACs in this

Congratulations! You just beat the Ruin Branch. Well, sorta. I mean, Zulwarn
did all your work in the last mission.




8. Character Bios

This section gives a short bio over all the characters in the game! It also
gives Growth tips for you, in case you can't decide how to raise them.
Obviously, if they don't join you, I'm not giving Growth, so Tough Cookies.

The order was just determined by me, and is of no real signifigance.



Bastion has been traveling with his father Kamorge for as long as he can
remember. Through his sixteen years, Kamorge has been training and teaching
Bastion to fight the Junaris Empire. Though he doesn't know it when the story
begins, Bastion is actually the Prince of Pharastia Kingdom. Hence, the Green
Hair. This also gives him the power to pilot the Ultragunner, the most
powerful ATAC ever.

Growth: Bastion is probably the most important character in your team, ok he
_is_ the most important character on your team. While in the beginning it's
okay to make him POW heavy at the beginning, but by about Chapter 8 he should
be balanced out. You should have 11 in all by the time you get the Ultragunner
and that's the goal, at least on the Kingdom branch. After that, keep'em
balanced. On Empire, your stats can stay unbalanced until about Chapter 12 or
13, and your goal is 17 in all, or near there.


Sadira is the beautiful red-haired princess of the Junaris Empire. She's got a
temper to match her hair, too. Quick to action, Sadira usually takes the shoot
first, ask questions later approach to everything that comes along. Her mother
died when she was young, and her realtionship with her father is basically
nonexsistent. She DOES have a relationship with her brother, but it's more of
a rivalry than anything else. Franco and Halak have been assigned to protect
Sadira from the multitude of messes she gets herself into. Of course, with her
Sylpheed ATAC, she can take care of most of the messes herself.

Growth: Since Sadira has an Excavated ATAC from the very moment you get her,
she also has access to her special skill from the beginning, assuming you
get the right stats. So, from the very beginning, boost her DEX until it gets
to 20. After you do this, you should give her a few more points of DEX and
DEF, but focus on bringing her POW up to speed.


The main Antagonist of our story, Faulkner wants revenge against basically
everyone and everything for the loss of his father. Oh sure, he acts all
repectable in front of the Imperial bigwigs, but he's really just looking out
for one man, himself. Faulkner is a cruel, heartless, evil man to his core.
Be VERY careful around this guy.


Kamorge has been raising Bastion for Bastion's entire life. The old man has
exceptional skill at piloting an ATAC as well as an exceptional hatred for the
Empire. He trains Bastion for the day that will arrive when the Empire will
fall before the Kingdom's might. Kamorge carefully avoids the subject of his
past, and hence it is unknown. There's also the matter of the Alba ATAC, a
heirloom to the Kingdom. So, what's this guy all about?

Growth: He is under his own control the entire time, so you can't determine
his growth.


Milea is a young girl who travels with Bastion and Kamorge. Kamorge had been
friends with Milea's parents when they were killed during a border skirmish of
Kingdom and Empire forces. She cooks and cleans up after the other members of
their little entourage. Bastion sees Milea as a dear sister, and cares very
much for her. Milea cares very much for Bastion, but her intentions go beyond
platonic or family relations.

Growth: That depends, in Kingdom you REALLY won't have long to build her up,
and she doesn't have any special skills. I've never really known what to do
with her. If you boost her POW and DEF, she may be useful, but that's only if
she raises enough levels. In Ruin, she's considerably more powerful, and you
should boost her stats enough to get Blizzard Break.


Puck is just a little guy who loves ATACs. Puck acts as the ATAC engineer for
Bastion's little group. He was sent with Kamorge by his father to give him
some real world experience in fixing ATACs. No better ATAC engineer can be
found in the world, and that's quite an accomplishment for such a little guy.


Galvas is one of the most stern and serious men you will or could ever meet.
He is the commanding officer for half of the Kingdom's remaining troops. He is
(or more accurrately, was) the older brother of the Kingdom's Royal guard
captain Alugard. Alugard was slain on the day that the Kingdom's capital fell
fifteen years ago. Galvas dreams one day of the kingdom being restored to its
former glory, and he will do anything or go anywhere to see that goal reached.

Growth: Don't. Galvas leaves with several missions left in the game, so don't
give him any kill/levels.


Duyere is the oldest child and only son of Emperor Degalle, and hence he is
the heir to the throne. Unfortunately for the rest of the Empire, Duyere is a
spoiled brat. At least at the moment, Duyere lacks the leadership skills or
military mind to be a general or any sort of good. His short temper and
naivete makes him an easy pawn for Faulkner's plans. Of course, his
recklessness can also be a problem. He isn't that good of an ATAC pilot either
and is only a formidible opponent because of his Bodyguards and his Sarbelas
ATAC, which could turn a dog into a formidable opponent on the field.


Madoc is the Chief ATAC Engineer for the Imperial army. He's also one sick
puppy. Madoc has little (i.e. None) respect for human life, and that attitude
is reflected is his latest ATAC designs. Sadira has banned him from creating
these monstrosities, but he continues in secrecy with Faulkner's support.


Zakov is an incompetent General of the imperial army. He has a heavy european
accent, which is strange, considering I don't think Europe is anywhere close.
Zakov is always kissing up to Madoc so that he can get the best and strongest


Cecilia is an odd one. She's the Maid/Ninja/Assasain for Sadira, and is very
good at what she does. She's got a bubbly, ditzy, personality, but a troubled
past. Apparently, she had some sort of relationship with the mysterious Andrew
though the extent of that relationship is anyone's guess. Cecilia has the
distinction of being the most missed character in the game. You will NEVER see
her on the Kingdom branch. N E V E R.

Growth: Since she eventually gets the Vedocorban ATAC (and hence, Somersault),
you should boost her DEX and AGL to the appropriate levels. Your first course
of business should be to get her Str. Slash, then worry about the Somersault


Alden is the Lord of the Duchy of Hibernia. He is a cold, calculating man who
enjoys playing chess and hasn't been defeated at it in years and maybe
decades. The story of Hibernia is indeed an interesting one. A few hundred
years ago, the King of Pharastia section off the land that is now Hibernia and
gave it to his relative. He told his relative that it was the duty of Hibernia
to protect the people of the Kingdom from the Kingdom or from an outside
force. This is why Hibernia keeps its neutrality. If a King ascends the
Pharastisian throne who is cruel and evil to the people, then Hibernia will
attack to restore order. Also fitting that legacy, Alden trusts virtually no

Growth: Like Milea in Kingdom, you really won't get much chance to raise him.
However, unlike Milea who is fairly weak, Alden is fairly well off. As such,
raise his DEX a little, but focus on getting his subpar POW up to where
Blizzard Break will do the damage it's meant to.


Melior is the faithful attendant of Lord Alden. Melior is the only peson that
Lord Alden truly trusts with everything. As such, she is sometimes called upon
to take care of the country's affairs and acts as Alden's confident and
advisor. She does have a relative that has recently became invovled in the
Kingdom/Empire struggle.


Devlin is a brash young man who takes matters into his own hands. He has a
strong sense of honor that caused him to become a protector of merchants and
civilians as they trek across the land from Bandits, the Empire, and the
Kingdom. He's a good friend to Barlow too. Not much else is known about him,
though. He ain't talking, either.

Growth: Devlin is one of the two characters that posseses a special attack
that is independent of his ATAC. I reccommend that you boost his POW almost
exclusively. This will turn him into a POWerhouse that will destroy almost
any ATAC in one hit. Give him Fire stones and make sure his BAS gets up to
16 and all his other stats up to 7 by the time you get the Kunzite. Remember
that the Kunzite adds 3 POW, so stop at 29 (not including the White bars).


Barlow is Devlin's "special friend" as Devlin puts it. That's basically all
that's said about Barlow. That and he's fat. And is fixated on candy and other
types of food. In the Japanese version of the game, all Barlow talks about is

Growth: Yeah. Barlow is basically a freebie. He has no special techniques to
learn, so you don't have any constrictions. That being said, I always boost
his DEF so high most attacks do very minor damage. Be sure not to completely
neglect AGL, though. Another way you can do it (probably better this way) is
to boost Barlow's DEX and put him in the Waiban ATAC you get. This'll make him


Andrew is a Ninja in the service of Marquis Dionne. Andrew is a lover of many
things, women, wine, song, but mostly, himself. Andrew loves no one more than
himself. Surprisingly, Andrew is a VERY good ninja and he cuts the field up in
his amazing Vedocorban ATAC.

Growth: When you get Andrew, his AGL is already almost at 32, so I always
finish that off (to 30, including the White bars, since the Jade adds AGL +3
and the Widowmaker adds AGL +2) before leveling up his DEX to 20. AFTER
getting his DEX to 20 (since you'll want the awesome Somersault),then you can
boost his POW up. You also will want to boost his DEF up a little bit.
He _will_ get hit eventually, ya know.

Marquis Dionne-Lehve

Marquis Dionne is a gruff old man in with a country and some Mercenaries. His
family was entrusted generations ago with the safekeeping of Gratia, the magic
stone which is capable of powering Ultragunner. He is the owner of the Roaring
Lion ATAC, and there's not much he likes more than a good battle. As such, the
only way to earn the man's respect is to engage him on the field of battle. As
Duke Zeira puts it "Dionne's idea of stimulating conversation is a nice, long
battle cry."

Growth: You have him for two battles and he'll probably raise only one level
during the time he's with you. When he DOES level up, I'd reccommend boosting
his DEX, so that you can connect with his absolutely amazing Bursting Fire


Duke Logan is the ruler of Nordilain. Logan is a Man's man and can never get
enough fighting. Logan loves nothing more than the glory of battle and the
honor of victory. He is a very aggressive warrior and is the possesor of one
of the most POW heavy ATACs in the game, the Crimson. Logan loves a good
challenge in battle, and since he's allied with the Empire, you can bet that
he'll be eager to engage Bastion and Co.


Duke Logan's only child, Claire is a fiery young redhead. Maybe because she
was raise by her warmonger of a father, but for whatever reason the
valley-girl talking Claire loves the battlefield almost as much as her father.
She and Sadira seem to have some sort of rivalry dating back to military

Growth: I always turn Claire into a Fire Powerhouse. Even though she doesn't
have any specials, I still like having a Devlin-like character on the Empire
branch. I balance her a bit though, since you only get 6 ATACs.


Shion is the calm, calculating advisor to Duke Logan. Or more specifically, to
Duke Logan's daughter, Claire. Claire considers Shion to be a good friend to
her, and uses him to vent her large amounts of frustration on many topics, and
plenty of it. Shion has more than friendly emotions for Claire, if you know
what I mean. Of course, being intelligent, Shion will never even attempt to
make a move on her, because if he did, he would have to deal with Logan, who
probably wouldn't respond to kindly. Ah well, forbidden love...I guess.

Duke Radcot

If their ever a foul swine that inhabited the continent, Radcot is that swine.
The overweight dictator of the Muspel Nation has high goals. Radcot wants to
rule the entire continent, and he's not above sneaky double dealings to get
what he wants. It's suspected that he has some sort of secret agreement with
the Empire. That would explain why he continues to pester the Avalon
Principalty with border skirmishes. Also, through some method (he may have
just inhereted it, but then again, he probably stole it), Radcot posseses the
powerful Bahamut ATAC. Keep your guard up around him.


Nana is a young girl who possess a, uh, _pet_ of some sort, Kyu-Kyu. Nana's
father is a high ranking ATAC pilot of the Muspel Nation. She may join Bastion
to gain revenge for him. She's a loud little girl that's not quite developed
tactfulness and _has_ developed quite a crush on Bastion.

Growth: Nana will be WAY under level when you get her, so you'll get to
dramatically alter her growth in her first battle. That being said, you're
first order of business is to boost her stats in order to get her powerful
Terra Shock ability. After you get it, boost her DEX up to about 16 or 17 and
pour the points into POW. A point or two in DEF couldn't hurt either.

Duke Zeira

Zeira is the leader of the Principality of Avalon. In the absence of their
King, Zeira has tried to help the people of the Kingdom in their battle
against the Junaris Empire. Of course, he's taken some flak for this back home
in Avalon, as their are some that believe that Avalon should stay out of the

Growth: When you FINALLY get control of Zeira, finish getting his stats up to
get his powerful Sonic Blade attack at DEX 20 and AGL 15. Once you have it,
give him a little more DEF and send the points into POW again. Raise his AGL
a little more too. You could raise his AGL even more instead of DEF, but it's
up to you.


Reyna is the lively blonde of Bastion's group. Reyna hails from Avalon and has
been a member of the defense corps for some time. She's one of the most
well-traveled individuals in Bastion's little group of companions, too. A good
friend of Ione and a shameless flirt, Reyna's quite the free spirit.

Growth: Reyna is the first character that joins you, and hence, you'll have
the most control over her growth. The first thing you should do is get
Str. Thrust. Once you have that, it's basically up to you. As long as you make
sure that her BAS is at 16 and her DEX is at 20 by the time you get the Lapis
Lazuli (to unlock Reyna's trick) you should be fine. Also, I reccommend that
you put her into Bastion's Alba when it opens up. This will make her MUCH more
useful. Just remember to give her a water stone!


Ione is a rather High-Ranking official in the Avalon Defense Corps, especially
for her age. She has a calm, cool demeanor. Zeira places a lot of trust in
Ione. Ione has become very good friends with Reyna, and plays the serious one
of the duo.

Growth: Ione leaves your services soon after you get her, so she should merely
act as bait and not get any exp, and hence, no growth.


Kaidul is Ione's father and a member of the Avalon Defense corps. He feels
that Zeira is focusing too much on the Kingdom and not enough on  Avalon.
Regardless of his feelings, Kaidul is currently assigned to the task of
defending the capitol of Avalon. Yeah. Kaidul REALLY isn't that important to
Vanguard Bandits, but he IS a character, so there's the bio.


Thomson is the commander of the other half of the troops of the Kingdom. He
resides in the town of Eiza. Eiza has recently been captured by the Empire,
and even though Thomson and his men were able to escape, there's no telling
how the families of the men are.

NOTE: This is Thomsom's basic story, but it changes depending on which branch
you go on to.


Ganlon is an officer of the Kingdom. He stutters and stammers alot. He's
pretty stuck up, so he hasn't made many close allies.  However, while Ganlon
is lacking in people skills, he's not lacking in the ATAC skills department.
Ganlon uses the old, yet powerful, Waiban. Lately, Ganlon's been acting kind
of odd, I wonder why?


Franco is Princess Sadira's chief advisor and bodyguard. Franco acts as a
father figure to the young princess, since her real father lacks either the
time or inclination (or both, for that matter) to be a father to his daughter.
He tries to spoil Sadira, and let her learn her own lessons, but Halak usually
puts a quick end to that.

Growth: Again, he has no special skills, so it's basically a freebie. The one
thing you may want to do is to at least give him DEX 12 and AGL 10 for
Turbulence, which can (and will) be abused frequently in the Empire Branch.


Halak is Princess Sadira's other advisor and bodyguard. Halak is the complete
opposite of Franco in how she tries to rear Sadira. While Franco prefers
freedom for Sadira to make her own mistakes, Halak prefers to boss the young
princess around. While she is just trying to stop Sadira from doing anything
TOO dumb, she is usually met with failure. Also, since it's only mentioned
once in the game, and it's easy to miss, I'll save you the trouble and just
tell you that Halak is Sadira's grandmother on her father's side.

Growth: Another freebie, but the Turbulence advice from Franco applies here
too. An alternate would be to prepare her for healing duty in an Earth stone
ATAC by boosting her BAS.

Emperor Degalle

While you never actually see him in the game (save in a flashback), Degalle
is the Emperor of the accursed Empire. He had two children, Duyere and Sadira,
by an unnamed woman. He's the son (or son-in-law) of Halak, and there's
absolutely nothing else to say about him.


Savaro is Faulkner's father. He was killed while he was going after the King
fifteen years ago. He was a warrior of the Kingdom, but he was tricked by
Emperor Degalle into believing that his hometown was burned down by the
Kingdom, making them responsible for his Wife's death. That's all.


This is the guy with the least amount of information out there. King is his
title. He was the King of Pharastia Kingdom and Bastion's father. He was
killed while fighting Savaro fifteen years ago. Yeah. I'm done.


9. Ability Data

Well, in order to actually DO anything on the battlefield, you're going to
need some abilities. This section details all of the abilities in the game.
Attack, Support, Dormant, Enemy-only, and Special, they're all in here. So, if
you need to know what stats are required for a certain attack, want to know
what a skill does, or just know what's available, then this is your section.

A. Attacks

Attacks are just that, Attacks. These'll be the abilities listed when you
select attack in the menu. I've divided the attacks into three catgories
based on requirements.

Name=Name of the Attack
Stats=Stats that the character must have in order to use the attack
Equipment= Sword, Spear, Axe, Stone, etc. This'll tell you what to equip to
           use it
*Who?=For special attacks that require a specific ATAC or character, I'll list
     him, her, or it here.
Type=The attack type of the attack.
Power=Gives the attack power of the ability
Hit%= Gives the hit modifier for the ability
AP=AP required to use the attack
FP=FP added on when this attack is used.
Range=Gives the range the attack
*Effect=On effect types of attacks, gives what stat is lowered
Description=Gives a short description of the attack.
Notes=Any Important info, my thoughts, etc.

I.Attack Types

There are several different attack types in the game. They are Normal,
Knockdown, Collision, and Effect. I'll explain each type here.

Normal is just that, normal. There's nothing special about normal
attacks, they just damage the enemy. Despite being called normal, there are
actually more Knockdown attacks, and almost as many Collision attacks. That
being said, NORMAL ATACs will get mostly NORMAL attacks.


Knockdown attacks are attacks which knockdown the opponent if the attack is
successful. These are _very_ useful, as it is impossible to be counter
attacked by the enemy if one of these connects. However, this WILL lead most
enemies to just Defend against your attack, so that's a downside. Basically,
Knockdown attacks add a defensive edge to your attacks, at the cost of damage.


Collision attacks are usually that, attacks that involve a collision. However,
for actual gameplay purposes, Collision attacks may be the best in the game.
You see, when using a collision attack, the enemy is unable to use the defend
command. Furthermore, if the collision attack connects, the enemy will be
unable to counter attack it, as they will end up on the ground. Add that to
the fact that most of the strongest attacks in the game are collision, and you
have a winner. Of course, all this isn't without a downside. Because the enemy
is left with basically one option, avoid, you'll often see hit percentages in
the twenties for these attacks. Boost that DEX or look for an attack with a
high hit modifier. While Knockdown is a defensive trait, Collision is pure


Effect attacks are different. All effect attacks are either stone based or
special. Effect attacks usually do nominal damage, but they also, as the name
implies, have a side effect. These just drop one stat or the other. Properly
used, these can save you, trust me.

II. Normal Attacks

Normal attacks are only dependent to the stats that you have and, to a lesser
extent, the weapon you wield.

Stats: BAS |2|
Equipment: Non-Spear
Type: Normal
Power: 0.80
Hit%: +20%
AP: 30
FP: 5
Range: 1
Description: The ATAC hits the enemy with a downward slash.
Notes: It's not QUITE the standard attack, however, with a Hit +20% and low
       AP and FP, you'll end up using this _a lot_.

Stats: BAS |5|
Equipment: Non-Axe
Type: Normal
Power: 1.00
Hit%: 0
AP: 30
FP: 5
Range: 1
Description: The ATAC pokes the enemy with their weapon.
Notes: _THIS_ is the standard attack. Virtually EVERYONE that joins your party
       can use this attack. Since it's hit modifier is 0, it's easier for the
       enemy to dodge it.

Long Thrust
Stats: BAS |5|
Equipment: Spear, Eternus
Type: Normal
Power: 1.00
AP: 35
FP: 5
Range: 2
Description: The ATAC pokes an enemy far away.
Notes: This will be your first long range attack. If you can't reach the
       enemy or are worried about a powerful counterattack, this is a good
       choice. It misses a lot, though. Note that the Ultragunner has this
       technique, even though it doesn't use a spear. Odd.

Stats: BAS |5|
Equipment: Axe or Hammer
Type: Normal
Power: 1.20
Hit%: -20%
AP: 30
FP: 5
Range: 1
Description: The ATAC hits the enemy with a sidewards strike.
Notes: This is an ok attack, but only ONE of your characters gets it, Dionne.
       If the enemy was frozen and you didn't have much AP it may be a good
       option. You'll be on the recieving end of this attack most of the
       time though, as you'll meet numerous Axewielding enemy ATACs.

Str. Slash
Stats: BAS |8| POW |7| DEX |6|
Equipment: Non-Spear
Type: Normal
Power: 1.25
Hit%: +10%
AP: 50
FP: 10
Range: 1
Description: The ATAC Raises its weapon, charges it, and slashes downward.
Notes: This is your bread and butter attack. Almost everyone can use it, and
       it does significantly more than Slash and Thrust. Really racks up the
       FP as a counter.

Str. Thrust
Stats: BAS |8| POW |6| DEX |7|
Equipment: Spear, Ninja Sword
Type: Normal
Power: 1.40
Hit%: 0
AP: 50
FP: 10
Range: 1
Description: ATAC charges weapon and then thrusts it at the enemy.
Notes: Stronger than Str. Slash, but less accurate, which should you use.
       Actually, the question won't come up very often, as only
       Andrew/Cecilia and Nana will ever get both. Judgement call, I suppose.

Stats: BAS |10| POW |10|
Equipment: None
Type: Collision
Power: 1.15
Hit% -40%
AP: 35
FP: 5
Range: 1
Description: The ATAC attacks the enemy with a shoulder charge.
Notes: Fairly strong, but with -40%, it'll probably miss. Maybe a desparation
       move, but not much more.

Stats: BAS |10| DEX |7|
Equipment: None, but some ATACs just can't use it.
Type: Normal
Power: 0.60
Hit%: -20
AP: 15
FP: 5
Range: 1
Description: The ATAC Kicks the enemy, pretty self-explanitory, if you ask me.
Notes: With 0.60 and -20%, it's only saving grace is that it's cheap at 15 AP
       and 5 FP. There are only two times you should use kick. 1) You can't
       use anything else or 2) To mock the enemy. I mean come on, it's sad
       when you get beat by a kick.

III. Stone Attacks

These are attacks that are based on the stone you have equipped. Even if you
have the stats for these attacks, you can't use them unless you have the
proper stone equipped. It must be both the right type AND the right level or

Stats: POW |10|
Equipment: Opal (Fire 1)
Type: Normal
Power: 1.35
Hit%: +15%
AP: 25
FP: 24
Range: 1
Description: The ATAC Swings it's arm and a Fireball Explodes on the Enemy.
Notes: Now we're talking. It's stronger and has a better hit modifier than
       Str. Slash, AND it costs less FP. The only downside is the rather high
       FP. However, most of that is eliminated by the fact that by using less
       AP, you'll get rid of more FP at turn's end. It's also a completely
       superior counter attack, as it only take 56 FP to Str. Slashes 60. In
       other words, if the character has it, Fireball's the way to go.

Ice Shards
Stats: BAS |8| DEF |6|
Equipment:Turquoise (Water 1)
Type: Normal
Power: 0.85
Hit%: -10%
AP: 30
FP: 15
Range: 2
Description: The ATAC throws Ice at the enemy.
Notes: Meh. It isn't really that good of an attack, but it does have range 2.

Stats: DEX |10| AGL |8|
Equipment: Beryl (Wind 1)
Type: Effect
Power: 0.50
Hit%: +10%
AP: 40
FP: 15
Range: 2
Effect: Attack Down
Description: A tornado appears under the enemy ATAC, knocking them down.
Notes: Our first example of an effect type attack, Tornado is one of the best,
       dropping the enemies attack can save your life on more than one

Melting Flare
Stats: POW |12|
Equipment: Jasper (Fire 2)
Type: Effect
Power: 0.30
Hit%: -20%
AP: 40
FP: 15
Range: 2
Effect: Defense Down
Description: A burst of Fire comes up from under the enemy ATAC.
Notes: Unlike Tornado, Melting Flare ISN't very good, and is a BIG drop from
       Fireball. I guess they felt they had to balance it. Anyway, if you
       can't get in range for a REAL attack, dropping DEF for another ATAC is
       a good idea. Of course, that's _if_ it hits, and with -20%, it isn't
       that likely. >_< Actually, I have found ONE use for it. Freezing weak
       enemies so a weak ATAC you have can kill it.

Ice Storm
Stats: DEX |10| DEF |8|
Equipment: Aquamarine (Water 2)
Type: Effect
Power: 0.50
Hit%: +10%
AP: 40
FP: 10
Range: 2
Effect: Agility Down
Description: A Snow tornado comes up from under the ATAC.
Notes: It's good for a water attack. It has some good usage on Andrew, but
       only a few other ATACs have AGL high enough that it matters. Mostly
       used if your ATACs have low DEX.

Stats: BAS |12| DEX |7|
Equipment: Topaz (Earth 2)
Type: Effect
Power: 0.30
Hit%: -30%
AP: 40
FP: 15
Range: 2
Effect: Can't Move
Description: Rings of earth at the enemy's feet.
Notes: Possibly the worst skill in the game. Does almost no damage, and
probably won't hit anyway. The Can't move effect is good in theory, but
basically worthless in practice. Since you have to get 1 square away from the
enemy to use the best attacks, it doesn't matter that they can't move. And if
the enemy is so dangerous that you can't get up close to him, he'll have range
2 attacks anyway, so your effort is basically wasted. The only use I can see
for it is stopping an almost full-life ATAC (otherwise you could just kill
him) from attacking one of your ATACs that if attacked would lead to certain
death. And that's if you hit >_<

Stats: DEX |12| AGL |10|
Equipment: Emerald (Wind 2)
Type: Knockdown
Power: 0.75
Hit%: +20%
AP: 10
FP: 30
Range: 4(!!!)
Description: The ATAC swings its weapon and a Green wave of energy (Presumably
             Wind) sails out and hits the enemy
Notes: While Quicksand is possibly the worst skill in the game, Turbulence is
       possibly the BEST stone attack in the game. The sole skill in the game
       with a range of 4, Turbulence has a lot going for it. The only
       downsides are the weak attack (which isn't much lower than Slash) and
       the rather high FP. However, Turbulence is a great FP builder as its
       Knockdown atttribute added to it's high Hit modifier (added to the fact
       that most wind ATACs high sky high DEX) leads most enemies to Defend
       the attack. While causes Turbulence to do piddly damage, it also causes
       the enemy to gain 30 FP. Three or maybe four Turbulences is all it
       takes to freeze an enemy, leaving them open to more powerful techniques

Flare Bomb
Stats: BAS |10| POW |20|
Equipment: Ruby (Fire 3)
Type: Knockdown
Power: 1.55
Hit%: 0
AP: 50
FP: 25
Range: 2
Description: ATAC swings Weapon, causes big explosion on the other ATAC.
Notes: Flare Bomb bears a couple of honors. First of all, it's the only Fire
       type attack that has a BAS requirement (and hence the only one to
       deviate from the same stat trend on all the other stone skills). Also
       It bears that highest stat requirement of any non-special skill. AND
       it has the highest power of any range 2 non-special skill .Anyway, down
       to the actual skill. Flare Bomb has some serious power behind it.
       Besides the skills 1.55, you also have a POW of at least 20 when you
       get the skill boosting it even higher. Unfortunately, it won't see
       nearly as much use as Fireball. While it DOES do a lot of damage,
       enemies almost always choose to avoid, and with no hit modifier to help
       it along, you will end up whiffing most of the time. With an FP cost of
       25, you really can't afford that many misses. The AP cost of 50 also
       limits how much you can use it. It's powerful, but it has
       numerous flaws.

Wind Strike
Stats: DEX |18| AGL |12|
Equipment: Olivine (Wind 3)
Type: Knockdown
Power: 1.56
Hit%: +10%
AP: 35
FP: 20
Range: 1
Description: ATAC prepares to strike, then slices through the enemy in a flash
             ending up on the other side of him.
Notes: Wind Strike is an amazing skill. Its power of 1.56 makes it the
       strongest non-special attack in the game (barely edging out Flare
       Bomb). It also has a low AP and FP cost, and has a +10 modifier to help
       it along. Plus, the Knockdown trait prevents any nasty counter attacks.
       All-in-all a great skill. It basically replaces Str. Slash/Thrust for
       anyone who has it.

Mirage Mist
Stats: DEX |12| DEF |10|
Equipment: Lapis Lazuli (Water 4)
Type: Effect
Power: 0.60
Hit%: 0
AP: 40
FP: 10
Range: 2
Effect: Dexterity Down
Description: Turns the enemy ATAC Blue with some mist around it.
Notes: It's okay, but the characters that will make use of it are the low AGL
       ones, and they usually have high DEF, so it's kinda redundant.

Stats:  BAS |15| DEX |10|
Equipment: Tiger's Eye (Earth 4)
Type: Knockdown
Power: 1.20
Hit%: +20%
AP: 45
FP: 15
Range: 2
Description: The ATAC hits the ground sending Earth spikes up and the enemy
             ATAC flying.
Notes: Finally! Earth gets an attack! It's actually not that bad of a skill,
       but by the time you get, you should probably have stronger ones
       already. Still, not a bad 2-ranger.

IV. Special Attacks

Special attacks are only availble to certain ATACs or certain characters.
They all have stat requirements, but even if other characters reach them, they
still won't learn the skill. The stat requirements for Special Skills usually
involve _ALL_ the stats, as opposed to a select few like most other skills.
Special Skills are usually V E R Y powerful, and you should make full use of
them if you can, as they are usually the best that is available. Since they
_are_ so powerful, you should make it a point to acquire them as early as

Since there are so many skill requirements, I've starred (*) the most
important stats for each skill, so you can tell what you'll need to focus on

Spiral Dive
Stats: BAS |7| POW |7| *DEX |20| *AGL |15| DEF |7| WEP |7|
Equipment: None
Who?: Sylpheed ATAC (Princess Sadira)
Type: Collision
Power: 2.12
Hit% +33%
AP: 35
FP: 55
Range: 3
Description: Sylpheed flies up into the Air and then comes crashing down upon
             its enemy.
Notes: Spiral Dive is great. Range 3 allows Sadira to stay out of trouble,
       while the +33 modifier along with high DEX almost guarantees a good
       hit.2.12 power isn't too shabby either, though not great for special
       attack. Spiral Dive's only real drawback is it's massive FP. While the
       AP is next to nothing, the FP is over half of total. You'll have to
       watch Sadira's FP carefully while using Spiral Dive. As long as you do
       that though, you have one powerful skill.

Sonic Blade
Stats: BAS |7| POW |7| *DEX |20| *AGL |15| DEF |7| WEP |7|
Equipment: None
Who?: Toreadore ATAC (Zeira)
Type: Knockdown
Power: 1.80
Hit%: +20%
AP: 40
FP: 33
Range: 3
Description: Like a charged up Turbulence.
Notes: Think Turbulence version 2.0, that basically sums up Sonic Blade. It's
       not a great skill, but it IS better than anything else Zeira has, so
       make sure to use it plenty. Boosting Zeira's POW will help it
       tremendously, too. Also, while it IS tempting, try to avoid using Sonic
       Blade as a counter, as it REALLy racks up the FP (though not as much as
       Spiral Dive)

Stats: BAS |7| POW |7| *DEX |20| *AGL |15| DEF |7| WEP |7|
Equipment: Jade (Wind 4)
Who?: Vedocorban ATAC (Andrew/Cecilia)
Type: Collision
Power: 1.75
Hit%: +50% (!!!)
AP: 56
FP: 28
Range: 1
Description: Without moving it's upper body, the Vedocorban moves though its
             opponent in many flashes of light, sending the enemy flying.
Notes: This is where Collision type really shines. Even though Somersault has
       less power than Sonic Blade, it will usually do more damage,  because
       the enemy can't block. This forces them to try and Avoid the attack,
       which is virtually impossible, since Somersault has a plus 50 modifier,
       by and far the highest in the game. Make sure you get a Jade for the
       Vedocorban as soon as you can, you'll want this attack.

Terra Shock
Stats: **BAS |22| *POW |15| DEX |10| AGL |10| *DEF |15| WEP |10|
Equipment: None
Who?: Bahamut ATAC (Radcot/Nana)
Type: Collision
Power: 1.75
Hit%: +40%
AP: 55
FP: 40
Range: 2
Description: Bahamut Jumps up and down, sending shockwaves through the Earth
             and the opponent's ATAC head over heels in the sky.
Notes: This is VERY similar to the awesome Somersault attack, but it requires
       a little bit more FP (okay, a lot more). It also gains some range.
       Plus, the higher POW you're likely to have will make it seem to do more
       damage than the Somersault. Of course, this higher POW probably came at
       the expense of DEX, and hence the hit rating will suffer a bit, but not
       too much.

Blizzard Break
Stats: BAS |12| POW |10| *DEX |20| AGL |10| DEF |12| WEP |10|
Equipment: None
Who?: Altagrave ATAC (Alden/Milea)
Type: Collision
Power: 2.05
Hit%: +25%
AP: 80
FP: 10
Range: 1
Description: Altagrave strikes the enemy serveral times with its sword,
             releasing shards of ice with each hit.
Notes: Blizzard Break has some great potential. With a power of 2 and a good
       hit modifier, it's a shame that it never really sees proper usage.
       While Blizzard Break is a great attack, it DOES have several glaring
       flaws. The first of which being the huge AP cost. This forces Blizzard
       Break to be used where you stand or at most, one square away. This
       tends to make it a very defensive move. The second problem is more of a
       character flaw in the Altagrave's main pilot, Alden. You see, when he
       joins you, Alden will have a very low POW rating, which will hinder the
       power of Blizzard Break. Until you boost that up to, oh, say, 20,
       Blizzard Break just won't be doing enough damage.

Tidal Wave
Stats: BAS |18| POW |18| *DEX |20| AGL |18| DEF |18| WEP |18|
Equipment: None
Who?: TIC-TAC ATAC (Bastion)
Type: Knockdown
Power: 2.66 (Yea!!)
Hit%: +30%
AP: 30
FP: 30
Range: 2
Description: A funnel of Water comes out of the TIC-TAC's Caliban sword.
Notes: YEAH!!! This is possibly the best attack in the game, and would be if
       it were Collision instead of Knockdown. In fact, that's the attacks
       only semi-flaw. It's the second strongest attack you can get
       (3rd overall), has a great hit modifier, doesn't cost that much AP OR
       FP, has a range of two and, because of Knockdown, is uncounterable. Of
       course, the standard Knockdown flaw still applies, but when you CAN get
       all the way through...I almost feel sorry for the enemy, almost.

Reyna's Trick
Stats: *BAS |16| POW |7| *DEX |20| AGL |7| DEF |7| WEP |7|
Equipment: Lapis Lazuli (Water 4)
Who? Reyna
Type: Collision
Power: 1.92
Hit%: +40%
AP: 70
FP: 20
Range: 1
Description: And Knee to the chest, followed by a slash from the sky.
Notes: Good Power, Good Hit, but the High AP cost will hinder it. That, and
       Reyna in general will hinder it. No matter how hard I try, I just can't
       seem to get a Reyna that can stay alive.

Burning Soul
Stats: *BAS |16| *POW |20| DEX |7| AGL |7| DEF |7| WEP |7|
Equipment: Kunzite (Fire 4)
Who?: Devlin
Type: Knockdown
Power: 2.14
Hit%: -10%
AP: 30
FP: 50
Range: 1
Description: A Fireball, followed by a series of Fire kicks, ending with a
             Fire slash.
Notes: This is Devlin's special skill. Not that accurate, but if it DOES
       connect, the enemy won't recover anytime soon. Besides, being a
       Knockdown attack of really high power, the enemy will usually decide
       to defend it anyway. Still, well worth the effort it requires to
       acquire it.

Bursting Fire
Stats: BAS |15| *POW |25| DEX |5| AGL |5| DEF |12| WEP |20|
Equipment: None
Who?: Roaring Lion ATAC (Dionne)
Type: Knockdown
Power: 3.15 (!!!!!!!!!!......!!!!)
Hit%: 0
AP: 10
FP: 80
Range: 2
Description: The Roaring Lion focuses its energy turning itself bright red
             with fire energy, then, it lunges at its opponent with its hammer
             causing a massive explosion on impact as the energy bursts.
Notes: You do not understand the power that is Bursting Fire. I've seen it
       take down full HP ATACs with a single swipe, WHILE THEY WERE DEFENDING!
       This is the single strongest attack in the game, being 0.27 stronger
       than its nearest competitor (0.49 stronger than _your_ next strongest
       ability), that's like the difference between Thrust and Str. Slash. Of
       course, all this power does have its drawbacks. See that FP? 80. Only
       one other skill causes more FP than Bursting Fire.

Flashing Fang
Stats: ALL |7|
Equipment: None
Who?: Ultragunner (Bastion)
Type: Collision
Power: 1.25
Hit%: -20%
AP: 44
FP: 12
Range: 1
Description: The Ultragunner uses an Uppercut slash on the enemy
Notes: Meh. It's a slightly cheaper, collision type Str. Slash. Unfortunately,
       it'll usually whiff. Don't use this one much.

Blinding Light
Stats: ALL |9|
Equipment: Gratia
Who?: Ultragunner (Bastion)
Type: Effect
Power: 0.10
Hit%: +10%
AP: 40
FP: 25
Range: 2
Effect: Dexterity Down
Description: The Ultragunner focuses on its sword, causing light to shine out
at the enemy.
Notes: This is the weakest attack in the game, and is in the running with
       Quicksand for the worst. Too much AP and FP for too little effect.
       Mostly a Novelty.

Lightning Strike
Stats: ALL |11|
Equipment: None
Who?: Ultragunner (Bastion)
Type: Knockdown
Power: 1.60
Hit%: +10
AP: 50
FP: 15
Range: 2
Description: Ultragunner brings its sword into stance, Eternus is struck with
             Lightning, and Ultragunner thrusts it at the enemy, who is sent
Notes: Now we're talking. This is the first of the Ultragunner's five
       abilities that's actually worth using. Costing only 5 FP more, this
       should be what you have Bastion use instead of Str. Slash. Of course,
       being a Knockdown, they'll probably defend, but even then, you'll still
       leave'em hurtin'!

Splitting Smash
Stats: ALL |18|
Equipment: None
Who?: Ultragunner (Bastion)
Type: Knockdown
Power: 2.16
Hit%: 0
AP: 80
FP: 15
Range: 2
Description: Ultragunner readies itself, then jumps up into the Air and
             Slashes down into the enemy and splits the earth, causing an
             explosion of light to burst from the ground and send the
             enemy flying. Cool!:]
Notes: Even though it has an AP cost of 80, having a range of 2 enables you to
       use Splitting Smash a lot more than attacks such as Blizzard Break. And
       use it you SHOULD. Yet again, the enemy will defend your attack, but
       the pushiment that you unleash upon the enemy is enough to take down a
       non-guarding ATAC in one fell swoop in a lot of instances.

Soaring Dance
Stats: ALL |20|
Equipment: None
Who? Ultragunner (Bastion)
Type: Collison
Power: 2.56
Hit%: -10%
AP: 5 (!!!)
FP: 90 (!!! :{ !)
Range: 2
Description: Well, I'll try. Ultragunner charges up, then tackles the enemy.
             Once it connects, it unleashes a fury of blows that shine light
             everywhere. After it's slashed the bejebees out the target, it
             lauches a Flashing Fang attack and then Strikes a nifty pose
             while looking down upon the enemies ruined ATAC. Uber-Cool =]
Notes: Okay,  Soaring Dance does have it's downfalls. The highest FP cost in
       the game and the fact that the -10 modifier doesn't help an already
       low hit percentage (Probably somewhere between 20 and 40%). But even
       with all that, you still have an unblockable 2.56 powered attack for
       only 5 AP! Sure it's a risk, but hey, if it hits, the enemy will be
       dead, or a least critically damaged. Plus, the fact that it only
       consumes 5 AP allows you to eliminate a majority of the FP that
       Soaring Dance tacks on assuming you don't move much or at all. This
       is my personal favorite attack, though I don't get to use it much
       because of the low hit percentage.
V. Enemy Attacks

These are the attacks that you will ALWAYS be on the recieving end of. You
can't get these skills, so don't even try. Learn them and Know what they do
however, for it could save you.

Gaia Blade
Who?: Sarbelas ATAC (Duyere)
Type: Knockdown
Power: 1.98
Hit%: -10%
AP: 60
FP: 25
Range: 1
Description: Sarbelas swings Mystaria in the air a couple of times before
             nailing the ground with it sending jagged spikes of earth up.
Notes: With a power of 1.98 and Knockdown type, Gaia Blade is a fearsome
       ability that you need to watch out for...well, that's what I would say
       if it wasn't being used in Duyere's less than capable hands. Still,
       this is the one ability even Duyere can't screw up...too bad.Defend
       against it and then make the scumbag pay.

Raging Heat
Who?: Crimson ATAC (Logan)
Type: Knockdown
Power: 2.50
Hit%: +20%
AP: 40
FP: 5
Range: 2
Description: Crimson charges the Bloodblade in front of it, and then
             leaps forward, swings in sword down through you, which causes an
             explosion underneath.
Notes: Notice the AP and FP? If you had this skill, it'd be the only thing
       you'd use. Ragin Heat has absolutely NO flaws. Well, it can be defended
       against, but that just makes you able to stand it. This is basically
       the _only_ thing that Logan uses, so watch out. In general, just stay
       away from Logan until you can focus on killing him. When you do fight
       him, use the strongest abilities you have. Soaring Dance, Splitting
       Smash, Spiral Dive, Blizzard Break, just keep'em coming until Logan
       goes down.

Who?: Sharking ATAC
Type: Normal
Power: 1.20
Hit%: +35%
AP: 30
FP: 5
Range: 1
Description: The Sharking slashes the enemy.
Notes: Yeah. It's just a beefed up version of the normal Slash attack.

Str. Slash
Who?: Sharking ATAC
Type: Collision
Power: 1.60
Hit%: +20%
AP: 50
FP: 10
Range: 1
Description: The Sharking charges up, and then slashes the enemy sideways.
Notes: This is DANGEROUS. To make matters worse, you can't do anything about
       it. Just pray that you dodge.

Cutting Wheel
Who?: Sharking ATAC
Type: Collision
Power: 1.50
Hit%: +25%
AP: 45
FP: 0 (!!!)
Range: 4 (!!!!)
Description: The Sharking gathers energy between its blades and then lanches
             it in the form of a sawblade at its adversary.
Notes: Ouch. I hope you dodge. There really isn't much you can do about this
       one. Pray that it misses, I guess.

Who?: No. 86
Type: Normal
Power: 1.10
Hit%: +50% (!!)
AP: 30
FP: 5
Range: 1
Description: No. 86 punches the enemy.
Notes: Powerful, and it probabalywon't miss. Good thing you have Zulwarn. :)

Who?: No. 86
Type: Normal
Power: 1.50
Hit%: +35%
AP: 50
FP: 10
Range: 1
Description: No.86 uses an uppercut on your ATAC
Notes: Ya know, these skills wouldn't be NEAR as powerful if it wasn't for
       the tricked out stats of the No. 86.

Who?: No. 86
Type: Collision
Power: 1.40
Hit%: +40%
AP: 45
FP: 0
Range: 4 (!!!)
Description: No. 86 uses a wave of energy to knock the enemy down.
Notes: If it wasn't for the fact that you barely have to fight in order to win
       the one battle you'll see the No. 86s in, I'd be more concerned by
       their attacks.

Shadow Binding
Who?: Zulwarn (Faulkner)
Type: Effect
Power: 0.20
Hit%: 0
AP: 5
FP: 0
Range: 2
Effect: Can't Move
Description: ???
Notes: This is only _slightly_ better than quicksand. But it doesn't matter,
       Zulwarn only rarely uses this. Why waste the time?

Dark Thunder
Who?: Zulwarn (Faulkner)
Type: Fall (Knockdown)
Power: 1.70
Hit%: +40%
AP: 10
FP: 0 (WOW!!!)
Range: 1
Description: Black Lightning strikes Soulstab, then Faulkner does a Wind
             Strike type attack.
Notes: This is Zulwarn's WEAKEST attack. Scared yet? Actually, this is another
skill that he'll almost never use. Also, Working Designs calls this Fall type,
though I can't see how its different than Knockdown.

Shadow Blade
Who?: Zulwarn (Faulkner)
Type: Fall (Knockdown)
Power: 2.24 (ouch...)
Hit%: +40%
AP: 20
FP: 5 (Noticing a trend here?)
Range: 4
Description: Dark Energy attacks your ATAC
Notes: THIS is why you don't even get close to Faulkner. Get within four
       spaces of Zulwarn and you'll feel a couple of Shadow Blades.

Heaven's Gate
Who?: Zulwarn (Faulkner)
Type: Fall (Knockdown)
Power: 2.88 (Eep!!!)Hit%: +33%
AP: 30
FP: 0
Range: 2
Description: Zulwarn draws a black Star of David in the air, then uses
             Soulstab to Slice through it. As the Star is destroyed, a dark
             explosion hits your ATAC from the underside.
Notes: *Gulp* Yeah, this is Faulkner's FAVORITE skill. It also happens to be
       Zulwarn's strongest, and is the 2nd strongest in the game. Also, it IS
       the best skill in the game. No FP, low AP, a great Hit modifier and a
       power of almost 3. This skill _alone_ means you have to be very careful
       in approaching Zulwarn.

B. Support Skills

Support skills are selected from the main menu under the Support option.
Support skills add positive effects, restore HP, or reduce FP. Support skills
are based on BAS and your equpped stone.

BAS=Tells you how high your BAS stat has to be to use the skill.
Stone=Tells you what stone you have to have equipped in order to use that
AP=Tells you the AP cost for the skill
Range=Gives you the range for the skill
Effect=Tells you what the skill DOES
Notes= Anything else I think I need to tell you about the skill

Turn Quake
BAS: 8
Stone: Onyx (Earth 1)
AP: 50
Range: 1
Effect: Causes the Target ATAC to turn and point a random direction.
Notes: Meh. It's a gamble. It could allow you to hit the back of an enemy or
       protect yours from them. Then again, since it's random, you could end
       up facing the same direction that you started facing.

Gaia Protect
BAS: 10
Stone: Topaz (Earth 2)
AP: 30
Range: 1
Effect: Boosts DEF of target ATAC.
Notes: Pretty good. It's cheap and boosts a stat that is commonly low. It's a
       shame Earth attacks aren't as good as their support counterparts.

Earth Heal
BAS: 15
Stone: Garnet (Earth 3)
AP: 60
Range: 1
Effect: Restores HP to the target ATAC.
Notes: THIS is the reason to earth stones. The ability to restore HP can be
       very useful, especially when you don't have many ATACs. Still, it's a
       sacrifice, you gotta use the Earth attacks...

Cooling Mist
BAS: 10
Stone: Aquamarine (Water 2)
AP: 55
Range: 2
Effect: Reduces FP to ALL ATACs(except for the enemies) within 2 panels of the
Notes: This is the only skill in the game that can effect more than one unit
       at a time. FP recovery is important too. The only downside is its
       rather high FP cost. Still, it can save a character from getting

Pouring Rain
BAS: 15
Stone: Sapphire (Water 3)
AP: 30
Range: 2
Effect: Boosts AGL of target ATAC.
Notes: It's a lot like Gaia Protect. Not Bad, but not something you should
       really rush out to use. If you have nothing better to do, you might as
       well use it though.

Searing Flame
BAS: 10
Stone: Jasper (Fire 2)
AP: 40
Range: 1
Effect: Boosts WEP of target ATAC.
Notes: This is the best boosting skill of them all. Boost a few of your ATACs
       before heading into battle and tear up the enemy ATACs.

Blazing Pheonix
BAS: 18
Stone: Kunzite (Fire 4)
AP: 60
Range: 1
Effect: Restores target ATAC's HP while reducing user's HP to 1.
Notes: Since the user gets knocked down to one HP, there isn't much use for
       it. If the potential user only has a little HP anyway, then it may do
       some good to restore HP to another weak ATAC.

Roaring Wind
BAS: 10
Stone: Olivine (Wind 3)
AP: 40
Range: 1
Effect: Boosts DEX of target ATAC.
Notes: It's good for hitting that ATAC that's being particullary tricky to
       hit. Also good for ATACs that are trying to use Collision attacks that
       the enemy will try to avoid.


C. Dormant Skills

Dormant skills are active whenever they're applicable. You don't control them.
Just because you can't control them doesn't make them not useful though. On
the contrary, Dormant skills can make all the difference when it really
counts. Unfortunately, all the Dormant skills can't be learned by ALL the

Also, it seems that Dormant skills are based on your CHARACTER's stats. In
other words, ignore all the little white bars, as they don't count toward the
acquisition of Dormant skills.

Name= What the skill is called
Stats= What stats are required to unlock the dormant skill
Who?= Who can learn the Dormant skill
Effect= What the dormant skill does
Notes= Anthing else pertinent to the skill

Reflect Attack
Stats: BAS |6| POW |12|
Who?: Bastion, Devlin, Dionne, Franco, Galvas, Kamorge
Effect: Gives a chance that your ATAC will block a frontal attack.
Notes: Two things. 1) The chance of reflect attack working is NOT displayed in
       the pre-attack decision process (ya know, where you choose Attack,
       avoid, defend, etc.), but it still works. 2) Reflect attack can work
       _whenever_ there is a frontal attack, even if you're frozen!

Stats: BAS |6| DEX |12|
Who?: Alden, Andrew, Bastion, Claire, Ione, Kamorge, Milea, Reyna, Sadira
Effect: Gives a chance to avoid frontal attacks.
Notes: This is almost the exact same thing as Reflect Attack, but I haven't
       seen Parry work while frozen. That doesn't mean it DOESN't work, but it
       just means I haven't seen it.

Stats: POW |12| DEF |10|
Who?: Alden, Barlow, Bastion, Claire, Dionne, Franco, Galvas, Kamorge,
      Sadira, Zeira
Effect: Increases frontal attack power.
Notes: Always a good thing to have. It's just bonus attack power when you
       hit the enemy from the front.

Stats: DEX |10| AGL |12|
Who?: Andrew, Cecilia
Effect: Increses rear attack power.
Notes: Same premise as Chivalry. Always a good thing to get for those who can.

Mental Vision
Stats: BAS |12| DEX |10| AGL |8|
Who?: Alden, Bastion, Dionne, Nana, Reyna
Effect: Increases Counter hit percentage.
Notes: Hey! Mental vision boosts the chance you have to hit with "Counter"
       fromt 20-40 to 40-90. Thanks to mental vision, I rarely see Alden or
       Bastion's Counter choice lower than 70%, and it's sometimes as high as
       the low 90's.

Stats: BAS |12| AGL |8|
Who?: Sadira!
Effect: Makes the movement cost 10, regardless of the terrain.
Notes: 10 is as low as movement goes, so it'd be wise to get this skill
       quickly for Sadira.

Second Attack
Stats: BAS |16| AGL |10|
Who?: Alden, Andrew, Bastion, Devlin, Sadira, Zeira
Effect: Allows you use the Attack command twice.
Notes: This can be good, but you have to be careful. You can screw yourself by
       building FP really quick this way, so be careful.

Forward Menace
Stats: BAS |10| DEF |8|
Who?: Claire, Reyna
Effect: Creates a control zone in front of your ATAC.
Notes: Enemies can walk into a control zone, but cannot pass through it.
       Control Zones can be very useful tools if you employ them properly, so
       don't underestimate them.

Rear Menace
Stats: BAS |10| DEF |10|
Who?: Cecilia, Ione, Reyna
Effect: Creates a control zone behind your ATAC.
Notes: Enemies can walk into a control zone, but cannot pass through it. Rear
       menace isn't quite as good as Foward Menace, since the enemy is likely
       to stop at your ATACs rear. Still, it IS good for herding.

Mass Menace
Stats: BAS |12| DEF |12|
Who?: Barlow, Bastion, Dionne, Halak, Kamorge, Nana
Effect: Creates a control zone on all sides of your ATAC.
Notes: Enemies can walk into a control zone, but cannot pass through it. Mass
       Menace is by and far the best and most effective Menace skill. It helps
       keep enemies from having a lot of AP when they get behind you too,
       since they have to move two extra squares.

Stealth Motion
Stats: BAS |12| AGL |16|
Who?: Andrew, Cecilia, Sadira
Effect: Allows you to move through enemies for 10 AP.
Notes: In practice this will increase how far you can move, since you won't be
       blocked by enemy units. You still won't be able to move through enemy
       Control Zones, however.

Rapid Motion
Stats: BAS |18| AGL |12|
Who? Alden, Andrew, Cecilia, Reyna, Sadira, Zeira
Effect: Increases Range by 1.
Notes: Simple and to the point, no? Unfortunately, it's rather high BAS will
       force you to forego this useful skill in most instances.

Bad Back
Stats: N/A
Who?: Halak
Effect: ???
Notes: Halak's the only that has this, and I'm not really sure what it does. I
       think that it increases the damage she recieves from the rear, but I
       can't be sure.

Snow Motion
Stats: N/A
Who?: Alden, Milea, Ratatosk ATAC
Effect: AP cost is 10 for snow squares.
Notes: Barlow and Devlin only get this skill if they're in the Ratatosk, which
       they should get out of at the first chance they have.

Forest Motion
Stats: N/A
Who?: Claire
Effect: AP cost is 10 for forest squares
Notes: I'm not sure if Claire gets this only in the Einlager, or in any ATAC.

Desert Motion
Stats: N/A
Who?: Nana
Effect: AP cost is 10 for Desert squares
Notes: This is virtually an enemy ability. The enemy will use it to get an
       advantage over you in the desert missions. By the time Nana joins you,
       though, there are no more desert missions, making this skill worthless
       to you.


10. ATAC Info

Every character in Vanguard Bandits is in some sort of ATAC. But, of course,
different ATACs do more than just look different. They have different stats,

The stats of the ATACs are just base stats, however. The character inside the
ATAC will make the biggest difference in the stat game. A good character can
still do well inside of a crappy ATAC. Of course, they could do better in a
strong one. Therefore, I've listed all the data for every single ATAC in the
game.  Isn't that nice?

Anyway, several ATACs will have zero for several of their stats. That's ok,
it just means that your character with have to supply his or her own stats
without the help of the ATAC. Also, NO ATAC improves the WEP stat, so I'm not
even going to bother listing it.


Name - The, uh, NAME of the ATAC.
Weapon - Gives the type of weapon the ATAC can use (Sword, Spear, Ninja
              Sword, or Axe).
Type - Gives the ATAC type.
MV - How far the ATAC can move.
HP - The ATAC's base HP.
BAS - The ATAC's base BAS stat.
POW - The ATAC's base POW stat.
DEX - The ATAC's base DEX stat.
AGL - The ATAC's base AGL stat.
DEF - The ATAC's base DEF stat.
Do you get it? - Tells you if the ATAC is ever in your possession.
Comments - Anything I feel like saying about the ATAC.

A. Generic ATACs

If there's ever more than one of an ATAC on the map at a time, then it's
Generic, it's considered a Generic ATAC. These are in alphabetical order, by
the way.

Weapon - Axe
Type - Normal
MV - 4
HP - 15
BAS - 0
POW - 0
DEX - 0
AGL - 0
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - No, thankfully.
Comments - THIS is the CRAPPIEST ATAC in the game. Enemies that are in it are
           pushovers, too.

Weapon - Sword
Type - Normal
MV - 4
HP - 15
BAS - 0
POW - 0
DEX - 0
AGL - 0
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - Yes, but it should leave with Ione.
Comments - The Andoras may be the worst ATAC, but the Barazaph gives it a run
           for its money. The only thing that's better about a Barazaph is the
           fact that it uses a sword.

Weapon - Sword
Type - Normal
MV - 4
HP - 20
BAS - 0
POW - 0
DEX - 0
AGL - 0
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - Yes, on Empire.
Comments - This is the Empire's generic ATAC, and it's only slightly better
           than the Andoras or Barazaph. Nothing to worry about, really.

Weapon - Ninja Sword
Type - Light
MV - 5
HP - 15
BAS - 0
POW - 0
DEX - 0
AGL - 0
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - No.
Comments - Sure, it only has 15 HP, but it's meant as a quick, light ATAC.

Weapon - Sword
Type - Normal
MV - 5
HP - 20
BAS - 1
POW - 0
DEX - 0
AGL - 0
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - No.
Comments - This is a rare ATAC. It's only on two missions in the game.

Weapon - Sword
Type - Normal
MV - 5
HP - 25
BAS - 1
POW - 2
DEX - 0
AGL - 0
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - Yes, on Empire.
Comments - Stronger Imperials are in this Nice little ATAC.

Weapon - Ninja Sword
Type - Light
MV - 5
HP - 30
BAS - 1
POW - 1
DEX - 0
AGL - 0
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - Yes.
Comments - I like this ATAC. It's pretty good.

Weapon - Sword
Type - Normal
MV - 4
HP - 20
BAS - 1
POW - 0
DEX - 0
AGL - 0
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - No.
Comments - Standard issue Avalon ATAC. About half the Kingdom soldiers use it.

Weapon - Sword
Type - Normal
MV - 5
HP - 25
BAS - 2
POW - 1
DEX - 0
AGL - 0
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - No.
Comments - The Kingdom's ATAC, but only about half of them use it.

Weapon - Sword
Type - Flight
MV - 6
HP - 25
BAS - 1
POW - 0
DEX - 0
AGL - 0
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - Yes.
Comments - An Imperial ATAC. Has some good MV.

No. 86
Weapon - Knuckle (No. 86's weapon, not a type)
Type - Ninja
MV - 7
HP - 150
BAS - 15
POW - 0
DEX - 15
AGL - 15
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - No.
Comments - Yeah it looks funny, but it's got some Mad Skillz.

Weapon - Axe
Type - Normal
MV - 5
HP - 20
BAS - 0
POW - 0
DEX - 1
AGL - 0
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - No.
Comments - Nordilain's ATAC. Surprisingly enough it doesn't boost POW.

Weapon - Sword
Type - Normal
MV - 4
HP - 20
BAS - 0
POW - 0
DEX - 0
AGL - 0
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - Yes.
Comments - Hibernia's ATAC.

Weapon - Ginsunami (not a type, it's the Sharking weapon)
Type - Heavy
MV - 5
HP - 120
BAS - 0
POW - 6
DEX - 0
AGL - 3
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - No! Sadira would kill you if you tried to use one of these!
Comments - Ouch.

Weapon - Axe
Type - Normal
MV - 4
HP - 20
BAS - 1
POW - 0
DEX - 0
AGL - 0
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - No.
Comments - Muspel's ATAC.


B. Special ATACs

If it's not a Generic ATAC, it's Special!

Like real life, Brand Names are usually better...

And these aren't in alphabetical order, so Tough Cookies.

One final thing before we begin. Many of the ATACs use special weapons, and
if so, I'll just name the weapon.

Weapon - Spear
Type - Normal
MV - 4
HP - 15
BAS - 0
POW - 0
DEX - 0
AGL - 0
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - Yes.
Comments - Reyna's starting ATAC. It's crap.

Weapon - Spear
Type - Normal
MV - 5
HP - 60
BAS - 3
POW - 0
DEX - 3
AGL - 0
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - Yes.
Comments - Melior's ATAC, she'll give it to Milea under the right

Weapon - Sword
Type - Normal
MV - 5
HP - 40
BAS - 3
POW - 1
DEX - 1
AGL - 1
DEF - 1
Do you get it? - Yes.
Comments - Galvas' ATAC, it's actually quite good.

Weapon - Dragontail
Type - Flight
MV - 6
HP - 40
BAS - 2
POW - 0
DEX - 1
AGL - 2
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - Yes.
Comments - Ganlon's ATAC. You'll get one after Norze Castle.

Weapon - Ninja Sword
Type - Ninja
MV - 6
BAS - 1
POW - 0
DEX - 2
AGL - 6
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - Yes.
Comments - Andrew's ATAC. It's very fast and quite good.

Weapon - Sword
Type - Normal
MV - 5
BAS - 3
POW - 1
DEX - 1
AGL - 1
DEF - 1
Do you get it? - Yes.
Comments - Alugard and Bastion's ATAC. It's spiffy.

Weapon - Sword
Type - Normal
MV - 5
BAS - 4
POW - 2
DEX - 0
AGL - 0
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - No, but it'd be nice.
Comments - Faulkner's ATAC. He's powerful.

Weapon - Bloodblade
Type - Normal
MV - 5
HP - 60
BAS - 1
POW - 5
DEX - 0
AGL - 0
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - No.
Comments - Duke Logan's POW-heavy ATAC.

Roaring Lion
Weapon - Skorsek
Type - Heavy
MV - 4
HP - 60
BAS - 2
POW - 5
DEX - 0
AGL - 0
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - Yes.
Comments - Marquis Dionne's ATAC. Posseses the strongest attack in the game.

Weapon - Fridgia
Type - Normal
MV - 5
HP - 60
BAS - 3
POW - 0
DEX - 3
AGL - 0
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - Yes.
Comments - Lord Alden's ATAC. Nice as Ice. He'll give it to Milea under the
           right circumstances.

Weapon - Demirune
Type - Heavy
MV -  4
HP - 60
BAS - 8
POW - 0
DEX - 0
AGL - 0
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - Yes.
Comments - Duke Radcot and Nana's ATAC. It's got a LOT of BAS.

Weapon - Mystaria
Type - Light
MV - 6
HP - 60
BAS - 0
POW - 0
DEX - 3
AGL - 3
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - No.
Comments - Prince Duyere's ATAC. It's fast, but not as fast the Vedocorban.

Weapon - Gunganir
Type - Calvalry
MV - 7
HP - 60
BAS - 5
POW - 1
DEX - 0
AGL - 0
DEF - 2
Do you get it? - Yes.
Comments - Duke Zeira's ATAC. The only Calvalry type ATAC.

Weapon - Steelburn
Type - Flight
MV - 7
HP - 60
BAS - 3
POW - 0
DEX - 0
AGL - 3
DEF - 0
Do you get it? - Yes.
Comments - Princess Sadira's ATAC.

Weapon - Eternus
Type - Normal
MV - 6
HP - 80
BAS - 5
POW - 2
DEX - 2
AGL - 2
DEF - 2
Do you get it? - Yes.
Comments - Bastion's ATAC. The ATAC of Legend, The Royal ATAC. Get the

Weapon - Caliban
Type - Normal
MV - 6
HP - 120
BAS - 8
POW - 3
DEX - 3
AGL - 3
DEF - 3
Do you get it? - Yes, on Ruin.
Comments - Bastion's ATAC. Man, he's got a LOT of ATACs.

Weapon - Soulstab
Type - Heavy
MV - 5
BAS - 10
POW - 8
DEX - 8
AGL - 5
DEF - 5
Do you get it? - Not really, but I want it!
Comments - Faulkner's ATAC. The strongest ATAC in the game, by FAR.


11. Item List

This section lists all the items in the game.

Name- Tells the name of the item
Shops- Tells what shops you can buy this item from (1=1st shop, so on) (E
stands for Empire branch only)
Effect- Tells what the item does.
Cost- Everything has a price, this tells you what it is for this item.


Every ATAC has to have some kind of weapon. You HAVE to have some type of
weapon equipped. What type depends on the ATAC.


Name              Shops               Effect              Cost
----              -----               ------              ----
Gradius             1                 WEP +4              5000
Preshuze           1-2                DEX +1, WEP +7      9800
Quicksilver        1-2                AGL +1, WEP +7     11000
Darkblade          2-5                DEX +1, WEP +10    16000
Durandar           3-5                DEX +2, WEP +12    36000

II. Spears

Spear               1                 WEP +4              6000
Partisan           1-2                DEF +1, WEP +8     11000
Trident            2-5                DEF +1, WEP +10    17500
Halberd            3-5                DEF +2, WEP +13    37000

III. Ninja Swords

Shimmersword        2                 AGL +1, WEP +7     11000
Slashing Iron      2-5                AGL +1, WEP +10    15500
Widowmaker         3-5                AGL +2, WEP +13    33300

For enemy and special weapons, the Shop and Price won't be listed (cause they
don't have a shop or price). Instead, The ATAC that posseses the weapon will
be listed BEFORE the stat change

IV. Enemy Weapons

Only weapons that are used by GENERIC enemies will be listed here.

Name                ATAC                   Effect
----                ----                   ------
Ginsunami           Sharking               WEP +20
Knuckle             No. 86                 POW +4, DEX +4, WEP +15

V. Special Weapons

Eternus             Ultragunner            ALL +1, WEP +15
Caliban             TIC-TAC                WEP +16
Steelburn           Sylpheed               AGL +2, WEP +12
Gunganir            Toreadore              DEX +2, DEF +1, WEP +20
Dragontail          Waiban                 WEP +10
Fidgia              Altagrave              DEX +2, WEP +12
Bloodbane           Crimson                DEX +2, WEP +14
Skorsek             Roaring Lion           POW +2, WEP +14
Demirune            Bahamut                BAS +2, WEP +12
Mystaria            Sarbelas               DEX +2, WEP +13
Soulstab            Zulwarn                DEX +3, WEP +17


Stones also have a level. Higher levels unlock more abilities. So, a new
category will be listed for Stones, "Level". There are five levels to each
type of stone, except for Light and Dark. The Fifth level of each type is only
accessible through special stones _and_ all special stones that have an
element are level 5.

I. Earth Stones

Name                Shops      Level          Effect               Cost
----                -----      -----          ------               ----

Onyx                  1        Earth 1         None                2000
Topaz                 1        Earth 2        BAS +1               7000
Garnet                2        Earth 3        BAS +2              12000
Tiger's Eye          3-5       Earth 4        BAS +3              28000

II. Water Stones

Turquoise             1        Water 1         None                2000
Aquamarine            1        Water 2        DEF +1               7000
Sapphire              2        Water 3        DEF +2              12000
Lapis Lazuli         3-5       Water 4        DEF +3              28000

III. Fire Stones

Opal                  1        Fire 1          None                2000
Jasper                1        Fire 2         POW +1               7000
Ruby                  2        Fire 3         POW +2              12000
Kunzite              3-5       Fire 4         POW +3              28000

IV. Wind Stones

Beryl                 1        Wind 1          None                2000
Emerald               1        Wind 2         AGL +1               7000
Olivine               2        Wind 3         AGL +2              12000
Jade                 3-5       Wind 4         AGL +3              28000

V. Special Stones

No Shop or Price columns, instead, ATAC.

Name            ATAC            Level           Effect
----            ----            -----           ------

Gratia          Ultragunner     Light           All +1
Ocean Mist      TIC-TAC         Water 5         DEF +4
Star Diamond    Sylpheed        Wind 5          AGL +4
Royal Jade      Toreadore       Wind 5          AGL +4
Hawk's Eye      Altagrave       Water 5         DEF +4
Bloodstone      Crimson         Fire 5          POW +4
Sunstone        Roaring Lion    Fire 5          POW +4
Carnelian       Bahamut         Earth 5         BAS +4
Sardonis        Sarbelas        Earth 5         BAS +4
Black Diamond   Zulwarn         Dark            ALL +1
Dark Eye        Sharking        Dark            POW +1, DEF +1, WEP +1
Evil Eye        No. 86          Dark            BAS +1, POW +1, DEF +1, WEP +1


Read "Accessories". These either boost your stats or bestow you with dormant
abilities you wouldn't normally attain (or just don't have the stats for).

Name                Shops                 Effect               Cost
----                -----                 ------               ----
Str. Guantlet         1                   POW +2               3500
Fairy Earring         1                   DEX +2               2800
Thieves' Ring         1                   AGL +2               3200
Armor Amulet          1                   DEF +2               4000
Holy Headband      2-3, 4-5 (E)           BAS +4              12000
Power Tiara        2-3, 4-5 (E)           POW +4               9800
Dex. Ring          2-3, 4-5 (E)           DEX +4              10800
Wind Necklace      2-3, 4-5 (E)           AGL +4              10000
Rainbow Gem        2-3, 4-5 (E)           DEF +4              12800
Warrior C.O.A.       2-4                  "Forw. Menace"      13800
Assassin C.O.A.      2-4                  "Rear Menace"        9999
Knight C.O.A.        3-4                  "Mass Menace"       35000
Magic Hat            4-5                  "Parry"              5800
Big Bracelet         4-5                  "Reflect Attack"     6200
Duel Rose            4-5                  "Chivalry"           9800
Assassin Cape        4-5                  "Assassination"     19800
Pegasus Boots        4-5 (E)              Movement +1         24800
Family Jewels        4-5                  All +1, HP +20      65000

Personally, I prefer the stat boosting items.


12. Enemy Data

Winding down now!

This Section will give you information on the different enemies that you will
face throughout the game of Vanguard Bandits. You'll get mission's they're in,
strategies, what ATACs they use, and stat overviews. Remember...

"Know thine enemy as thyself"

A. Generic Enemies

They're in Alphabetical order, in case you care.

Oh, and a * by the ATAC indicates what the most common ATAC is for that type.

Missions: 13
ATAC: Glaive
Stat Overview: POW or AGL, but not heavily.
Strategy: Well, you only face them in one mission. So, well, look up the
          Strategy for that mission. They're nothing that difficult, but
          they ARE the rarest enemy in the game.

Missions: 2, 5, 26, 46
ATAC: Andoras*, Barazaph
Stat Overview: Weak, but they don't really follow a pattern.
Strategy: HA! Bandits are weak, REALLY weak. they use the two weakest ATAcs
          in the game, and don't have stats to help them either. Just crush
          them. The one point of intrest is that the stronger Bandits are in
          Barazaphs, but they're still weak.

Missions: 3, 4, 17, 36, 43, 47, 52, 55, 56
ATAC: Einlager*, Sharking, No. 86
Stat Overview: Balanced, but STRONG
Strategy: With the exception of two missions, the Bodyguards are always with
          Duyere. You'll never see them without Duyere, but Duyere appears in
          a couple of missions Bodyguardless. There are always four of them.
          Bodyguard 1 is sometimes called Bodyguard Chief (his name is
          Matisse, if you care) and is the strongest. Bodyguard 2 is usually
          trailing just behind BG1, but BG3 and 4 are about even and trail
          behind 1 and 2. Treat the BGs as Specials and gangtackle them.
          It'll kill them.

Missions: 31, 39
ATAC: Ratatosk
Stat Overview: Defense, by FAR.
Strategy: Well, they really won't be able to do much damage to you, but same
          goes for you. If you have someone with a healing spell, then you
          have less to worry about, as you can negate 95% of their damage. Use
          Collision attacks and hit'em from behind. Make full use of
          counterattacks too. You won't do much damage if they defend.

Missions: 1, 3, 4, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 28, 36, 38, 40
          41, 42, 45, 47, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 55 (whew!)
ATAC: Barbatos*, Dantarius, Einlager, Sharking
Stat Overview: Balanced, but on the low end of the spectrum.
Strategy: Just use normal strategy against these guys, they don't have any
          particular strengths, but they ain't _too_ weak, either. The ones
          in Dantarius' are AGL kings, so use your high DEX characters to nail
          them. The ones in the Sharkings are just plain dangerous, and you
          should play very defensively against them and kill them quick. And
          if you haven't figured it out yet, Imperials are the most common
          enemy in the game.

Missions: 11, 14, 27, 28, 29, 32, 37, 40, 42
ATAC: Glaive, Haizuron
Stat Overview: High POW, high BAS, but not TOO high.
Strategy: Hit first. The quicker you dispose of them, the less they can
          attack. They're DEX isn't bad enough for you to have a really
          good chance of dodging either.

Missions: 8, 33, 34
ATAC: Barazaph, Dantarius, Flaros, Andoras
Stat Overview: They're all basically different, but nothing is too dangerous.
Strategy: Depends. Wipe out the Barazaphs and Andoras, use high DEX for the
          Dantrarius', and be careful around the Flaros.

Missions: 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 35
ATAC: Yurangol
Stat Overview: Fairly good DEX, _BAD_ DEF
Strategy: The only things the Muspel's have going for them is Desert Motion
          and superior numbers. Of course, since they're generally idiots and
          they attack in waves, the numbers thing rarely matters. :)

Missions: 5, 18, 19, 20, 30, 48, 54
ATAC: Rahabor
Stat Overview: It's all about the POW, ALL of it.
Strategy: When they attack you, Avoid, they'll probably miss. When you attack
          them, make sure it's a Knockdown attack or it's got some power
          behind it, or be prepared for a power counter!

B. Special Enemies

These aren't in Alphabetical order, so there.

Missions: 3, 4, 17, 23, 24 (sorta), 36, 41, 43, 47, 52, 55, 56
ATAC: Sarbelas, No. 86
Stat Overview: In order, BAS, AGL, DEX, POW (I'm not counting WEP) His AGL is
               always high, but his POW is on the low side
Stretegy: Early in the game, Duyere is underleveled, but is worth 12000 funds,
          so you should gangtackle him with your most accurate attacks (or
          strongest), and beat the tar out of him.

Missions: 5, 18, 20, 23, 24 (sorta), 30, 48, 54
ATAC: Rahabor
Stat Overview: Unlike the Nordilains, Shion is highest DEF, and THEN high
Strategy: He's a balanced Nordilain. This makes him dangerous, but he isn't
          super difficult thanks to his watered down POW (at least compared
          to the other Nordilains). Because he has less POW and more DEF, you
          should save him until the other Nordilains have bit the bullet (or
          blade, I guess).

Missions: 5, 18, 19, 20, 23, 24 (sorta), 30, 48, 54
ATAC: Einlager
Stat Overview: Take a Nordilain, decrease it's POW a LITTLE, Give it a bit
               more AGL, and a  bit more DEX.
Strategy: Claire is slightly weaker than her Generic counterparts, but she
          is considerably more dangerous thanks to her higher DEX. Unlike the
          Nordilains who will miss about 80% of the time, Claire will only
          miss 40%-60% of the time. Hit her quick and hard.

Missions: 19, 20, 23, 24 (sorta), 30, 54
ATAC: Crimson
Stat Overview: POW.Oh, yeah, he's got other high Stats, but still. POW.
Strategy: Logan always waits at the beginning of all of his battles, but once
          he DOES join the fray, gangtackle him from behind and/or with
          knockdown or collision attacks. Don't let up until he's gone, his
          Raging Heat attack is Deadly.

Missions: 6, 10, 35
ATAC: Bahamut
Stat Overview: Decent DEF, but mostly BAS. Which sucks. For him.
Strategy: Since his BAS is 25, he has a LOT of HP (for the time). But, he
          doesn't have much to back it. Your POW sould be quite a bit higher
          than his DEF. It's kinda sad really.

Missions: 8, 33, 34
ATAC: Vedocorban
Stat Overview: Oh, the AGL. The Massive AGL.
Strategy: Except in mission 33, you face Andrew 1 on 1. Make good use of
          your counter attacks, as they're your best chance at beating him,
          but you'll take lots of damage. You could try your luck by just
          attacking him outright, but the success ratio sucks. In mission 33,
          just gangtackle him with all of your ATACs. He'll go down.

Missions: 8, 34
ATAC: Roaring Lion
Stat Overview: High BAS, Higher POW, decent everything else
Strategy: You always face him one on one. Always.You can either cheat to beat
          him (save, hit, save, dodge, save, hit, save, etc.) or you can try
          to beat him honestly using my Tornado/Turbulence technique. If
          you're in mission 34, though, you should be facing him with Cecilia
          and Sadira(CC first, then Sadira), and so you should do fine, soften
          him up with Cecilia and then polish him off with Spiral Dive.

Missions: 39
ATAC: Altagrave
Stat Overview: Since he's only in one mission, I'll just give'em to ya!
               HP |180| BAS |15| POW |20| DEX |25| AGL |18| DEF |20| WEP |20|
Strategy: He's got FOUR stats in the 20's! His HP is low, so it should only
          take about four strong hits to take him out of the battle. Of
          course, this is while trying to get to him through Devlin, Melior,
          Barlow, and his troops. Good Luck, you'll need it!
Missions: 39
ATAC: Amphesia
Stat Overview: Same deal as Alden.
               HP |125| BAS |11| POW |18| DEX |17| AGL |24| DEF |19| WEP |19|
Strategy: She's dangerous, but not overly so. Counter her and use high
          accuracy attacks to take her out. It helps to have high DEX (like
          half the enemies on the Empire branch).

Missions: 31, 39
ATAC: Ratatosk (31), Eigol (39)
Stat Overview: High POW, decent DEX and BAS, crap AGL and DEF.
Strategy: In Mission 31, you shouldn't worry about Devlin, as he doesn't move
          for a LONG time, and taking out the Security Chief will end the
          mission (and provides more EXP). In 39, you should hit him hard and
          fast to take him out as soon as he gets near enough to hit. He's

Missions: 31, 39
ATAC: Ratatosk (31), Eigol (39)
Stat Overview: He's got a LOT of DEF, but nothing else.
Strategy: Yeah. Barlow isn't a dangerous enemy, but he's hard to kill, since
          he has so much DEF. Just save him for once the major threats (if
          any) have been dealt with.

Missions: 40, 42
ATAC: Toreadore
Stat Overview: He's in two missions, but he's identical in both of them.
               HP |196| BAS |19| POW |25| DEX |21| AGL |19| DEF |19| WEP |18|
Strategy: If given the chance, Zeira will cut your group to ribbons using his
          Sonic Blade. Lesson? Don't give him much of an opportunity. If he's
          in range, attack him!

Missions: 40, 42
ATAC: Haizuron
Stat Overview: Same deal as Zeira
               HP |149| BAS |17| POW |19| DEX |22| AGL |15| DEF |17| WEP |18|
Strategy: She's not really that dangerous, but don't take her likely, as she's
          one of the hardest to Avoid thanks to her goo DEX. Also, beware of
          her special attack, Reyna's trick.

Missions: 40, 42
ATAC: Haizuron
Stat Overview: Two missions, but one set of stats!
               HP |179| BAS |24| POW |16| DEX |17| AGL |19| DEF |18| WEP |18|
Strategy: Well, she's got a lot of HP. But that's about it. She's carries an
          Earth Stone, by the way. Just in case you cared. Just treat her as
          a Kingdom Soldier with a lot of HP. Also, she has Parry, so watch
          out for that.

Missions: 40, 42
ATAC: Haizuron
Stat Overview: All these special characters that are only in two missions (the
               almost exact same, but still.)
               HP |149| BAS |17| POW |17| DEX |16| AGL |19| DEF |16| WEP |19|
Strategy: He's about the same as Ione, but he possess a Wind stone, so he'll
          probably spend a lot of his time sitting back and using Turbulence
          on you.

Missions: 32, 37, 40, 42
ATAC: Serata
Stat Overview: The old goat has a lot of POW, and a lot of BAS, but not much
Strategy: Since he's got high POW and carries a fire stone, your best bet is
          to strike him before he can strike you. Luckily, you should be able
          to avoid a large portion of his attacks.

Missions: 11, 28, 29, 37, 40, 42
ATAC: Waiban
Stat Overview: Higher than average BAS, AGL, and DEF, but crap DEX.
Strategy: Ah, yes, Ganlon. He's more of a minor nuisance than a danger. His
          above average stats allow him to damage your troops and give you
          trouble beating him. But that's about it. Just don't get too
          careless and you'll be fine.

Missions: 14
ATAC: Haizuron
Stat Overview: High POW and DEF
Strategy: Just a stronger Kingdom Soldier. He's the second strongest ATAC in
          the mission (after Zakov), but it's really an easy mission.

Missions: 23, 24 (sorta), 49
ATAC: Korbelan
Stat Overview: He's above average and balanced with DEX being his highest.
Strategy: He's never really much of a threat. He's only slightly stronger
          than the other enemies in Ruin, and he's actually WEAKER than the

Missions: 23, 24 (sorta)
ATAC: Korbelan
Stat Overview: Here, have some stats.
               HP |155| BAS |18| POW |18| DEX |20| AGL |16| DEF |13| WEP |19|
Strategy: Just take her out. You've got about 10 ATACs and she's the weakest
          enemy ATAC. No problems here.

Missions: 41, 49
ATAC: Vedocorban (41), Dantarius (49)
Stat Overview: Really high DEX in Ruin, but really high DEX _and_ MAX AGL in
Strategy: She's just a pushover in Ruin, but in Empire your best bet is to
          counter her or hit her with high-accuracy attacks. You COULD also
          just save and hit her with Soaring Dance, then just re-load if it

Missions: 56
ATAC: No. 86
Stat Overview: Here you go, man these are high.
              HP |304| BAS |26| POW |29| DEX |29| AGL |25| DEF |21| WEP |21|
Strategy: Just deal with him the same way you dealt with all the other
          No. 86s, let Puck do it for you :)

Missions: 4, 14, 15, 22, 28, 38, 41, 43, 47, 50, 51, 56
ATAC: Einlager, Sharking, No. 86
Stat Overview: High POW and DEF
Strategy: The first mission you see Zakov, he's a pain. After that, however,
          he becomes just another Imperial wimp for you to take care of.
          However, once he gets the Sharking, he's at his most deadly.

Missions: 3 (kinda), 4, 12, 21 (kinda), 23, 24 (sorta), 25 (though you can't
          beat him), 36, 41, 44, 45 (sorta), 55, 56
ATAC: Solarus, Zulwarn, Sharking
Stat Overview: POW, DEX, and DEF are his game, though he could beat you in
               about any other area.
Strategy: Eeep!! Yeah. Faulkner is powerful. Always. So powerful, in fact,
          that in every mission that he's in, I give strategy right then and
          there. The strategy to beat Faulkner changes based on each mission.
          It's also important for you to know that you CAN't beat Faulkner in
          several missions, or even strike him in some cases. He's deadly in
          all of his ATACs, too, so don't think he'll be a pushover just
          because of his ATAC.

Just as a note, every character that you meet you'll end up fighting except
for Puck. Also, not including Mission 24, you'll never fight Sadira, Milea, or
Nana. Just in case you care.


13. Extras

~Secret Characters

There are two secret characters in the game, both are on the Kingdom Branch

Nana is the first one. She's unlocked by getting captured by Radcot in either
mission 6 or 7. Later on she'll join you.
Milea joins you in the Ruin branch, but she is the other hidden character in
the Kingdom branch. Just make sure you aren't above level 19 after Chapter 14
and you'll get an option...

A) Of Course, Milea.
B) I'm sorry, Milea.

Choose A for Milea to join
Choose B, and Milea won't join.

~I didn't know where else to put these, so...

When you beat the game, based on which branch you beat, you'll get a special
feature unlocked. They are...

"End Credits"

Lets you see the end credits while listening to any of the songs that play
during yon credits. You unlock it by completing the Kingdom's good ending.
The bad ending won't do it.


Lets you listens to the vocal songs of Vanguard Bandits. It's unlocked by
completing the Empire Branch. Sadira or Cecilia doesn't matter.

"Opening Movie"

The Opening Movie option allows you to change the opening movie to fit the
Ruin story branch. You unlock this option by completing the Ruin Branch (as if
you couldn't guess)

14. Contact Information

Any questions, comments, suggestions, and hate mail should be directed here...

xenon_zaleo17 (AT) yahoo.com

No spam, but praise will be gladly accepted, if any exists.


15. Version History
Version 0.17

Organized all the Sections. Started on the first part of the Walkthrough.
Version 0.24
March 2003

Not much this month. Completed the Items section, added more Walkthrough.
Started the Character Bios Section.
Version 0.28

Worked more on the Walkthrough and the Character Bios.
Version 0.31

Renamed the "Character Bios" section the "Character Data" section. Then, I
finished said section. Also added a little bit more Walkthrough.
Version 0.36

Completed all attacks except for Enemy Attacks in the Ability Data section.
Added Growth tips for all the characters that join you in the Character Data
Version 0.37

Typed up the Enemy attacks in the Ability Data section
Version 0.39

Typed up the Ruin intro, completed some more of the walkthrough. Changed the
Character Data section BACK into Character Bios, since I have future plans.
Version 0.395

Not much progress, just some more walkthrough.
Version 0.43

Completed the Ability Data Section. Typed up through Chapter 16 of the Ruin
branch. I should finish the Ruin Walkthrough next update or two.
Version 0.45

Finished the Walkthrough for the Ruin Branch. YEA!!!! I'm over 1/3 done with
the Walkthrough!!!
Version 0.46

Added the Empire intro and typed some Strats for it.
Version 0.47

Typed up more Strategy for the Empire Branch, corrected some things in the
Character Bios Section. Added some more info to the Table of Contents.
Version 0.50

Typed up even MORE strategy for the Empire Branch. Posting will come in a
few more updates!
Version 0.52

Added a couple more FAQs, and typed up a good portion of the General Info
Version 0.54

Finished the first version of the general information section. Corrected some
of the walkthrough and added a little more Kingdom. Added a note to Thomson's
bio. Started the Enemy Data section. Made the Table of Contents reflect the
actual guide.
Version 0.57

Completed the Generic Enemies in the Enemy Data Section. Typed up the Extras
Version 0.60

Busy July. Anyway, Typed up most of the Special Enemies and added more Empire
strats. Also added a tiny bit more for Ruin Chapter 17:Dark Cloud
Version 0.77

Finished the Empire-Sadira branch. Completed the Special Enemies section.
Version 0.80

After a dedicated day of playing through, I got the strats up for the
Empire-Cecilia Branch. Almost done!!! The final parts of the Kingdom
walkthrough and the ATAC data section are the only things left!
Version 0.86
More Kingdom Strats! Also updated the General Information section to 1.1
Version 0.97

Added the the ATAC info section. Yea. Three missions to go!
Version 1.00


Got General Info up to version 1.3, and got the rest of the Kingdom strats up.
Also, typed up the nice long Closing rant.

16. Credits

Me!-I wrote the guide, I deserve some credit.
Working Designs- For making a guide for me to pull out some basic information,
                 such as stats on stones and weapons.
Josh-For letting me USE said Working Designs guide. That saved a LOT of work.
CJayC- Great Idea. Need help, get help. Have help, share it! I love the idea!


17. Closing

Well, kids, it's time to close up shop. But before I go, here are my thoughts.

WHEW! This guide was a LOT more work than I thought it'd be. When I started
this guide, I thought there'd be a lot of work, but I expected to finih it in
a couple of weeks. Now, granted, if I hadn't have been so busy, it probably
would've taken me only a month, but it was still far more than I had
originally thought it'd be. I spent many a night up until the wee hours of the
night working on the guide. If you look at the Version history information
section, you'l notice several updates that span a two day period. With little
exception, those were the times that I was up until 1-2 AM (one time till 3!)
working on this guide. Which technically was the next day, so I listed it.
But now, with 106 printed pages and over 36,000 words later, it is finished.

That being said, I don't regret starting this project one bit. It was very
worthwhile to me. For one thing, it finally let me get all those strategy
narritives that go on in my head out. Second, I think that I am a better guide
writer than I was at the beggining of this guide. Of all the guides I have
written so far (all two of them!), this is the guide that I am most proud of.
I believe that this is my best work so far, but I sincerely hope that my work
will continue to get better as I write more. And I DO plan on writing more.
I have a couple of guides in the works, though I don't think I'll post another
guide for a strategy game for some time.

I sincerely enojoyed writing this guide, it was a wonderful, if taxing,
experience. I hope that you find this guide informative, so that it
accomplishes its purpose, but even more so, I hope that you enjoy reading this
guide as much as I enjoyed writing it, only without the work part! I tried to
make the guide at least partly entertaining, as well as useful. If you have
any comments about the guide, I would love to hear from you. Getting E-mail
about my guides is a reassurance that people are actually getting helped by
what I've done. I like that.

Alright, then, I'm done ranting. Be nice, Love your mate, family, and friends,
and have a good evening (it'l be evening eventually). I'm signing off.

12:53 AM 8/15/2003

                                                       Luke M. Stevenson

Copyright Luke M. Stevenson (c)2003. All rights reserved±