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Date: Sat, 26 Jul 1997 14:15:51 EDT
From: Brent M. Sutherland <IO20738@MAINE.MAINE.EDU>
Subject: WCW vs. the World INFO, version 5

OK, I think this is 100% correct now.  Changes since last version
are with wrestlers 19, 27, and 32.  Don't  reply to me by email
because this account will be running out any time now.

WCW vs. the World INFO, version 5

Who The Characters Are Based On:

The federations listed next to the wrestlers are either the one
that they were last in or are currently in, not necessarily the
one that they are in within the game.

Starting from the top left of screen and going down:

1. Hulk Hogan (WCW)

2. Chris Benoit (WCW)

3. Eddy Guerrero (WCW)

4. Lex Luger (WCW)

5. Sting (WCW)

6. Ric Flair (WCW)

7. Rick Steiner (WCW)

8. Scott Steiner (WCW)

9. The Unknown= Super Delfin (Michinoku)

10. Wu Fang= Mitsuharu Misawa (All Japan)

11. Kapuna= Toshiaki Kawada (All Japan)

12. Sam Song= Kenta Kobashi (All Japan)

13. Akira= Akira Maeda (Rings)

14. Uraki= Masakatsu Funaki (Pancrase)

15. Dean Malenko (WCW)

16. Ultimo Dragon (WCW)

17. Samoa= Giant Baba (All Japan)

18. Mongrel= Jumbo Tsuruta (All Japan)

19. Fujigami= Tatsumi Fujinami (New Japan)

20. 200 Wins= Yoji Anjyo (UWF International)

21. Sherlock= Ken Shamrock (WWF)

22. Steven Regal (WCW)

23. Masahiro Chono (New Japan)

24. The Count= Stan Hansen (All Japan)

25. Bear Breath= Gary Albright (All Japan)

26. Siberia= Steve Williams (All Japan)

27. Konaka= Shiro Koshinaka (New Japan)

28. Billy Gaijin= Scott Norton (WCW)

29. Puchteca= Atsushi Onita (FMW)

30. Heart= Tarzan Goto (IWA Japan)

31. Abispa= Jushin Liger (New Japan)

32. Mad Oahu= Riki Choshu (New Japan)

33. Mongol= Keiji Muto (New Japan)

34. Yamagiwa= Kazou Yamazaki (UWF International)

35. Kaiji= Yoshiaki Fujiwara (Fujiwara-Gumi)

36. Habanero= Hayabusa (FMW)

37. David Harley= Sabu (ECW, All Japan)

38. Bad Blood= Great Muta/Keiji Muto (New Japan)

39. Bolt Jamison= Power Warrior/Kensuke Sasaki (New Japan)

40. Overdose= Hawk (WWF)

41. The Black Ninja= Great Sasuke (Michinoku)

42. Mukluk= Kensuke Sasaki (New Japan)

43. Black Belt= Taka Michinoku (Michinoku)

44. Shaolin= Hakushi/Jinsei Shinzaki (Michinoku)

45. El Bolador= Hiroshi Tenzan (New Japan)

46. Moma= Nobuhiko Takada (UWF International)

47. Thunder Dome= Bas Rutten (Pancrase)

48. Saladin= Genichiro Tenryu (WAR)

49. Kim Chee= Koji Kitao (Bukoh Dojo)

50. The Turk= Dynamite Kid's body with Vader's moves

51. Dojo= Shinya Hashimoto (New Japan)

52. Dakota= Hiroshi Hase (New Japan)

Hidden characters- Starting at the bottom left of screen and
going over:

53. Steel Talon= Antonio Inoki (New Japan)

54. Grizz Lee= Bruiser Brody (All Japan, WWC and many other feds)

55. Shanghai= Karl Gotch (NWA)

56. Major Tom= Terry Funk (ECW, FMW)

57. El Masquerade= Mil Mascaras (many federations)

58. Jeff Jarrett (WCW)

Hidden character at top left of screen:
59. Jaguar= Tiger Mask (New Japan)

Hidden character at top right of screen:
60. The Giant (WCW), actually just Andre The Giant (WWF) from the
 Japanese game with a few minor changes.

To get hidden characters beat the leagues.  For Tiger Mask and
Giant/Andre you need to beat super jr league with a jr heavy and
beat super heavy league with a heavy.  These two leagues come up
after you beat the other leagues.

Web sites for info on WCW vs the World: