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Wild Arms  - Boss FAQ
Version 3
Done By: Tricrokra    (

This FAQ handles all the bosses I encountered. If you found some optional bosses
I didn't find please e-mail me about it.

Data of Wild Arms version I played.
System: PlayStation
Region: PAL (Europe)

Legal Notics.
You're free to download and copy this FAQ to anyone you know as long as it's
unprofitable and this FAQ is unmodified.
When uploading this FAQ to please let me know. In most cases it won't be a 
problem if you do.
(C) Copyright JBC-Soft, Jeroen Broks (Tricrorka), 2001, All rights reserved

This boss chart is the first step in a complete walktrough
with very nice playing techniques of the game. But for now
I'll limit myself to all the bosses and optional bosses.

NOTE!!! Sometimes it's possible you encounter the bosses
in a diffrent order than described here, because at some
spots you can access the dungeons in the order you want
to as long as you play them all...

(Bosses noted as "D" are Demons. That could mean that
they'll come back later)

What's new:
Version 2:    - I discovered that I forgot the optional boss "Boomerang Flash" it's added 
              - I added the Ancient Arena battles
              - I added the enemy "Hayonkonton". It's not really a boss, but interesting
                enough to be added in this list.
Version 3:    - Added how much EXP and Gella you get for each boss
              - Added what MY levels were when encountering this boss.

Boss 1:       Zombie
Difficulty:   Medium
Party:        Rudy 3
Location:     Berry Cave
Experience:   100
Cash:         200 Gella
Preparations: Have Rudy at level 3 or 4.
              Before starting I advise to go to Adlehyde
              first to get Rudy the best equipment 
              possible. (for now)

There's one thing you need to watch out for and that's
his "Rotten Breath". That move can really hurt you.
For the rest the guy is not really worth it to worry
about. Be sure to use you "Hand Cannon" with "Arm Lock On" 
because elseway you miss to easily.

Boss 2:       Nelgaul
Difficulty:   Easiest boss in the game
Party:        Cecilia 2
Location:     Sealed Library
Experience:   100
Cash:         320 Gella
Preperations: Boosting Cecilia's EXP level is not needed
              at all so don't go for it.
              Go to the class next to the library that was
              turned into a mess and talk to the teacher.
              She'll give you a Crest Graph. Take it to
              the mage's guild and take the spell "Shield"
              (White Magic, Geo and Geo)

Start the battle by increasing Cecilia's defense with shield
Keep on doing that for 2 or 3 turns and Nelgaul won't hurt you
at all any more. Then put Cecilia on "Auto-Battle", take a
can o' coffee and relax until the battle is over.

Boss 3:        Magtortous
Difficulty:    Medium
Party:         Rudy 5, Jack 5, Cecilia 4
Location:      Lolithia's Tomb
Experience:    120
Cash:          320 Gella
Preperations:  Have the best equipment you can get in Adlehyde

Have Rudy to empty his ARMS on this one (ARM Lock On Recommended)
and Cecilia for the healing. Jack can use his "Psygo Crack" to 
do more damage. Beware for his "EM Laser"!!!

Boss 4: (D)    Belselk   (1)
Difficulty:    Easy
Party:         Rudy 7, Jack 7, Cecilia 6
Location:      Adlehyde
Experience:    200
Cash:          Sorry!
Preparations:  None in particular

Belselk is just playing with you and will sometimes waste some
turns with his "Come and get me!" As long as you don't underestimate
him you have nothing to fear

Boss 5:        Orga Widow
Difficulty:    Not really hard but please realize that you have a long way back
Party:         Rudy 13, Jack 12, Cecilia 11
Location:      Zenom Mountain
Experience:    600 (I used a lucky card)
Cash:          1980 Gella
Preparations:  Let Cecilia have the "Water Rune".

When you don't have the "Escape" spell, please realize that you have a long
way back. For the rest is this spider more annoying than a tread. She's 
poisonous and with her "Capture Web" she can paralyze all party members. It 
might be a good idea to let Cecilia summon Stoldark every time she can because
water is this spider's ultimate weakness...

Boss 6:        Night Gaunt
Difficulty:    Medium
Party:         Rudy 15, Jack 14, Cecilia 13
Location:      Cage Tower
Experience:    1660 (Lucky card used)
Cash:          7000 Gella
Preparations:  You should have Goat Dolls. Let every one wear one.
               Make sure Cecilia has "Flash".
               Also bring a "Lucky Card"

Use a lucky card since this creature provides you a lot of money. For the
rest use Jack and Rudy for attacking and Cecilia for the healing. Cecilia must
cast "Flash" because the Night Gaunt avoids your attacks easily. Save your magic
on this one. I recommend to let Cecilia use the "Summit Rune" to summon
Denogenos whenever she can.

Boss 7: (D)    Zed (1)
Difficulty:    Easy
Party:         Rudy 17, Jack 16, Cecilia 16
Location:      Sweet Candy
Experience:    1460
Cash:          Er....?
Preparations:  Cecilia must have the "Quick" spell.

No need to hold back or to save yer magic nor ARMS. This is the only fight on
this location and your MP and HP will automaticly be restored after the fight.
Let Cecilia speed herself up to be sure she can stand by quickly.
Most of the time Zed only uses the "Doom Bringer", but watch out! His
"Garyu Ichimongiri" can do pretty much damage.

Boss 8:        Gigmantis
Difficulty:    Hard
Party:         Rudy 19, Jack 18, Cecilia 18
Location:      Pleasing Garden
Experience:    1500
Cash:          2580 Gella
Preparations:  Cecilia must have the "Quick" spell.
               Jack must have the fast draw "Heal Blade" of which the hint
               can be obtained in the "Sand River".

The Gigmantis is pretty fast and pretty destructive. When you speed up Cecilia
and Jack you may stand a chance. Let Jack take over the healing with 
"Heal Blade" when you want Cecilia to summon a Guardian (Stoldark recommended).
But watch out when summoning Guardians. Cecilia might need her "Mystic" very
badly for healing.

Boss 9:        Captain Geist
Difficulty:    Very EXTREEMLY easy
Party:         Rudy 19, Jack 19, Cecilia 19
Location:      Ghost Ship
Experience:    1700 (I tought I used a lucky card)
Cash:          7800 Gella
Preparations:  Cecilia should have "Light Blow"

Okay, only sissies use ARMS and Fast draw on this one. Just let Cecilia cast
"Light Blow" on every one and he's dead before you know it. Using "Sonic
Vision" now will result in very much damage.
Only his "Stun Cloud" is annoying, but this guy is absolutly not dangerous".

Boss 10: (D)   Zed (2)
Difficulty:    Pretty Hard
Party:         Rudy 21, Jack 21, Cecilia 21
Location:      Volcannon Trap
Experience:    1800
Cash:          You didn't need that, did you?
Preparations:  Spells: "Quick"
               Fast Draw: "Heal Blade"

Speed up Cecilia and Jack. For the rest save your magic and ARMS, because after
Zed there's another boss.

Boss 11: (D)   Belselk (2)
Difficulty:    Hard
Party:         Rudy 22, Jack 21, Cecilia 21
Location:      Volcannon Trap
Experience:    1900
Cash:          5000 Gella
Preparations:  Fast Draw: "Heal Blade"

In Adlehyde Belselk was only playing, but now he's really going for it. His
"Belselk Breaker" can really hurt you badly, and he can paralyze you all with
his "Blaster Howling". Use Cecilia for Healing and let Jack take it over 
whenever it's needed. You can let Rudy empty your ammo on him.

Boss 12:       Mage Fox
Difficulty:    Hard
Party:         Rudy 23, Jack 23, Cecilia 22
Location:      Tripillar
Experience:    ?
Cash:          10,000 Gella (I used a lucky card)
Preparations:  Spells: "Quick", "Heal", "Protect"
               Fast Draw: "Heal Blade"

FIRST OF ALL SPEED UP CECILIA!!!! You'll be in big trouble if you don't!!!
Casting attacking magic and summoning Guardians won't make sense since this
fella is invulnerable to everything. Only normal attacks, Fast Draw and ARMS
will hurt him. The spells "Valkyrie" and "Blast" can hurt you pretty bad and
especially Rudy.

Boss 13: (D)   Boomerang and Luceid (1)
Difficulty:    Fucking hard!!!
Party:         Rudy 25, Jack 24, Cecilia 23
Location:      Epitaph Sea
Experience:    2800
Cash:          Nothing at all!
Preparations:  Fast Draw "Heal Blade" (This is the last time I say it. 
               "Heal Blade" is recommended for all the next bosses).

Speeding up Cecilia is a good idea. For the rest you must decide if you go
straight for Boomerang or that you take Luceid first. It doesn't matter if you
kill Luceid, it's defeating Boomerang that counts. Being quick can really
save you here!! Boomerang and Luceid will be back and are the tougest of the
demon fights.

Boss 14:       Agaless
Difficulty:    Medium
Party:         Rudy 26, Jack 25, Cecilia 24
Location:      Sacred Shrine
Experience:    2000
Cash:          3680 Gella
Preparations:  Spells: "Shield"

Don't be surprised or frustrated by the high ammount of damage this beast
causes. He is not as difficult as he appears to be. Let Cecilia cast "Shield"
on Rudy serveral times and use Jack for healing. As soon as Rudy is able to let 
him use "Protector" and this fella is suddenly a lot more easier. 

Boss 15: (D)   Alhazad (1)
Difficulty:    Easy
Party:         Rudy 26, Jack 25, Cecilia 24
Location:      Sacred Shrine
Experience:    ?
Cash:          ?
Preparations:  Spells: "Light Blow"

Don't use Fast Draw or ARMS. No need!!! Let Cecilia cast "Light Blow" on every
body and the fight is over very soon. You should beware his "Esperanza" and
"Electrigger", but it's no big deal.

Boss 16:        Lolithia
Difficulty:     VERY HARD!!!
Party:          Rudy 28, Jack 27, Cecilia 26
Location:       Photosphere
Experience:     4280 (Lukcy Card)
Cash:           11,000 Gella
Preparations:   Spells "Awaken" (YOU'RE IN BIG TROUBLE WITHOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!)

Of the normal bosses Lolithia is definatly one of the toughest in the game.
Especially her "Cold Sleep" spell is dangerous. It hurts you VERY badly and can
also put your whole party to sleep. If that last thing happens the game is 
OVER!! To prevent this Cecilia should open with "Awaken" all you can do is hope
it'll come through. if it does you don't need to fear to fall asleep any more.
Having Cecilia to speed herself and Jack up when you get the chance will really
make you live longer. For the rest it's advisable not to wast your magic on
fire spells (Lolithia's Weakness)... Right after Lolithia you'll need to face 
the Mother.

Boss 17: (D)    Mother
Difficulty:     Medium
Party:          Rudy 28, Jack 27, Cecilia 26
Location:       Photosphere
Experience:     2500
Cash:           A true destroyer doesn't need cash!
Preparations:   None in particular

Mother has a few destructive spells you need to watch out for, but is not really
difficult. Her "Als Magna" will get you some status changes. Jack can restore
the statusses with his "Heal Blade".

Boss 18: (D)    Lady Harken (1)
Difficulty:     Easy
Party:          Rudy 29, Jack 28, Cecilia 26
Location:       Dragon Shrine
Experience:     2200
Cash:           Nada!
Preparations:   None
Remarks:        After the fight Jack will take over her "Guilty Blade"

Lady Harken isn't worth to talk much about, every experienced RPG player should
be able to beat her without even trying. 
Trickster can be nice to obtain a "Secret Sign".

Boss 19: (D)    Boomerang and Luceid (2)
Difficulty:     Hard and EXTREEMLY dangerous
Party:          Rudy 31, Jack 30, Cecilia 29
Location:       Dead Santuary
Experience:     5500
Cash:           Once again nothing!
Preperations:   Spells: "Quick", "Remedy", "Hi-Heal", "Hi-Shield", "Life Guard" 
                (This goes for the next bosses as well)... 

Welcome to hell... Boomerang will be a lot more powerfull and especially Luceid
has become a real dangerous opponent. Luceid's "Large Moon" can cause so much 
damage that you may die instantly. Using "Hi-Shield" can reduce this damge a
little. Speeding up Cecilia and Jack may also be a very good idea.
Be sure to have "Rememdy" to heal you whole party when needed. And "Hi-Heal" is
the least you need to heal against "Large Moon".

Boss 20: (D)    Lady Harken
Difficulty:     Easy
Party:          Rudy 32, Jack 31, Cecilia 29
Location:       Demon's Lab
Experience:     3400
Cash:           0000 Gella!
Preparations:   None

New fighting techniques but still as easy as ever. Trickster can get you a
"Secret Sign" and for the rest I don't need to talk about her.

Boss 21:        Diablo
Difficulty:     Medium
Party:          Rudy 34, Jack 32, Cecilia 31
Location:       Gate Generator
Experience:     4000
Cash:           7000 Gella
Preparations:   None

Of all the Golems, Diablo is the easiest to kill. Speed up Cecilia and Jack
and shield up the party a little and go for it. Be aware of the fact that 
Zeikfried will be your next opponent and that you cannot rest between the two

Boss 22: (D)    Zeikfried (1)
Difficulty:     Medium
Party:          Rudy 34, Jack 32, Cecilia 31
Location:       Gate Generator
Experience:     5000
Cash:           Why would an ultimate ruler need money?
Preparations:   None

Zeikfried is not really dangerous, but still he can give you a hard time. Still
he's not really strong and his most powerfull move is "Negative Rainbow".
"Remedy" is strongly recommended to be in your spell list.

Boss 23:        Elisabeth
Difficulty:     Medium
Party:          Cecilia 33
Location:       Vassim's Lab
Experience:     6000
Cash:           $0... That's much isn't it!
Preperations:   Have the "Heavens Rune", which can be obtained on a deserted
                island east to Court Seim
                And have the "Saint" spell
Remarks:        Cecilia must fight her alone

Being quicker than her is of terrible importance. Elisabeth has really strong
attacks and will try to flash you with her "Flash Bomb". No need to save your
magic on her, since she's the only enemy around here and your HP and MP will
be restored after the fight. If you see a chance have Cecilia to summon the
"High Guardian" of Solos Emsu (Heavens Rune). When you don't have it, Ione Paua
(Saint Rune) is a nice replacement. Also Saint is a nice spell to use on her.
Not her ultimate weakness, but it does very much damage. Saint only cost much
MP, so be carefull, you need your MP to heal too, y'know.

Boss 24:        Mech Drake
Difficulty:     Medium
Party:          Rudy 35, Jack 35, Cecilia 34
Location        Gemini Corpse
Experience:     12000 (Lucky Card)
Cash:           14000 Gella
Preperations:   Let Jack carry the "Love Rune". (It summons Rafina who'll heal
                all party members very greatly). Personally I let Jack always
                wear the Love Rune.

This beast has destructive attacks to watch out for, but he's not really 
dangerous. His "Silence" spell can be very annoying. You can let Rudy fire your
ARMS on it and be carefull when to use "Sonic Vision". When Cecilia gets 
silenced, Raftina (Love Rune) is the only solution to heal your party. Why not
let Cecilia have it. Cecilia can better use the Guardians power for destruction,
that's why. Raftina is strong enough to be used by Jack, and the other Guardians
are much more destructive when summoned by Cecilia. Capiche?

Boss 25:        Turask
Difficulty:     Annoying
Party:          Rudy 36, Jack 35, Cecilia 35
Location:       Pandemonium
Experience:     ?
Cash:           56,800 (Lucky Card)
Preparations:   Spells: "Hyper" and perhaps "Armor Down"

Turask has destructive moves, but they can be healed easily. His power is that
he shields himself so much that in the end you'll hardly hurt him. Spells like
"Hyper" can make your allies stronger. You'll need it or this fight will last

Boss 26:        Demon Prophet
Difficulty:     Very hard
Party:          Rudy 36, Jack 36, Cecilia 35
Location:       Pandemonium
Experience:     14,000 (Lucky Card)
Cash:           72,200 Gella
Preparations:   Be sure Rudy is not alone

You can meet Demon Prophet when Rudy is alone, or when he has rejoined with
Jack and Cecilia. When he is alone he won't stand a chance so be sure that Jack
and Cecilia are with him.
Demon Prophet is not only fast, his spells are also VERY destructive. Speeding
up Cecilia is absolutly necesary and in most situations Jack's "Heal Blade" 
will be needed very badly. Let your offense come from Rudy.
The spell you really need to fear is "Hell Size Masquarade". Let Jack have the
Love Rune and save your forces so he can summon Raftina whenever she's needed.

Boss 27:        Shazam
Difficulty:     Rather easy, but watch out!!
Party:          Rudy 36, Jack 36, Cecilia 35
Location:       Pandemonium
Experience:     18,000 (I think I used a lucky card)
Cash:           79,600 Gella
Preparations:   Spells: "Life Guard", "Hi-Revive"

Shazam destructive spells are rather strong, but you don't need to fear that.
You gotta watch out for his "Fatal Blow" which can kill you instantly. When
Cecilia is dead you'll be history, so protect her with "Life Guard", save 
yourself the trouble of using other assistant magic, because Shazam will dispell
it all. Having Raftina (Love Rune) ready for action (on Jack) to heal you is a
very good idea.
Be sure to let Cecilia revive party member who may die with her "Hi-Revive" 

Boss 28: (D)    Lady Harken (3)
Difficulty:     Too easy
Party:          Jack 37
Location:       Artica City
Experience:     10,000
Cash:           Nothing. You'll get a lucky card instead.
Preparations:   Aw skip it
Remarks:        Jack must fight her alone

The final battle agains Harken. She's too simple to worry about. She's only very
fast, so watch out for that.
You may want to use Trickster to get an extra Secret Sign

Boss 29: (D)    Boomerang and Luceid (3)
Difficulty:     Very EXTREEMLY hard
Party:          Rudy 37, Jack 37, Cecilia 36
Location:       Ka Dingel
Experience:     11,300
Cash:           He lives for battle, not for money.
Preparations:   Let Jack carry the "Love Rune"
                Let Cecilia carry the "Chrono Rune" (when you can't find it
                the "Hope Rune" is the best replacement)
                (The Chrono Rune is a complicated story but the hope rune can
                be obtained in Baskar after you've won the final battle over
                Lady Harken)
                This Guardian setting is recommended for all bosses that will
                come next and all the optional bosses, except for Chaos

The toughest demon fight of all. When you've finished them thank the lord that 
you don't need to fight them again. (Boomerang will be back as an optional boss,
however, but as the word "optinal" says, you don't need to fight him). Once 
again, your biggest problem will be Luceid. "Large Moon" and "Purple Electric
Revised" will make him very dangerous. It's once again that it's only killing
Boomerang that matters. Luceid is optional, but still VERRRY dangerous.
"Remedy" and summoning Raftina are your best trump cards on this fight. Whenever
Cecilia gets the chance make her summon the "High Guardian" of Dan Dairam 
(Chrono Rune), or when you don't have it the "High Guardian" of Zephyr (Hope
Rune).... Happy Frustrations, my friend.

Oh and be clever, go to an inn after the fight before entering Ka Dingel. You'll
need it.

Boss 30: (D)    Alhazad (2)
Difficulty:     Easy
Party:          Rudy 42, Jack 41, Cecilia 41
Location:       Ka Dingel
Experience:     10,000
Cash:           10,000 Gella
Preparations:   Same as final battle with Boomerang and Luceid.
                and the spell "Light Blow"
                Having "Full Libra" on every party member is advisable.

Look mamma, without Fast Draw or attacking magic. Let Cecilia cast "Light Blow"
over every one and Alhazad will be killed easily. Be aware of the fact that you
are in the middle of a gigantic mission that doesn't allow you to rest, so 
When you don't have "Full Libras" then casting "Awaken" is a very wise opening!

Boss 31:        Berial
Difficulty:     Medium
Party:          Rudy 44, Jack 43, Cecilia 42
Location:       Malduke
Experience:     73,000
Cash:           Nothing!
Preparations:   See Alhazad

Berial has some killer moves that may be really dangerous and he'll try to
lower your Armor. He's not a serious thread. You should only make sure that
Cecilia is quicker than him and having Jack that fast is also a good idea. 
Be sure not to use your magic too much. You can't rest here and there are a
few more bosses....

Boss 32: (D)    Zeikfried (2)
Difficulty:     Hard
Party:          Rudy 44, Jack 43, Cecilia 42
Location:       Malduke
Experience:     16,666
Cash:           Nothing, but you don't need it any more!
Preparations:   Just like before

Zeikfried is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY fast. Don't try to speed up your party,
because it's the same as using the Chewbacca defense method. IT DOES NOT MAKE
SENSE!!! Before your fast enough for him you can have killed him 1000 times.
But his great speed is acctually his only trump card, his moves are not really
that strong, but his speed can make him really dangerous.
Another thing to watch out for, when you finished him there'll be a new boss
waiting for you and the battle will start before you got the chance to do
anything else.

Boss 33: (D)    Motherfried
Difficulty:     Pretty hard, but not very hard
Party:          Rudy 44, Jack 43, Cecilia 43
Location:       Malduke
Experience:     20,000
Cash:           Not one single gella. Ow well, you don't need it any more!
Preperations:   Full Libra on all party members is STRONGLY recommended.

Motherfried's killer moves are very strong, but can be survived easily. But her
"Als Magna" could really cause you a big trouble when you don't have Full Libras
Motherfried is not as fast as Zeikfried but speeding up Cecilia is still a good
idea. Still you need to be aware of the fact that Motherfried can dispell it.

Boss 34: (D)    Zeikfried (Zeik Tuvai)     *** FINAL BOSS ***
Difficulty:     Easy
Party:          Rudy 44, Jack 43, Cecilia 43
Location:       Artificial Space between Malduke and Ka Dingel
Experience:     -
Cash:           -
Preparations:   Cecilia should have the "Chrono Rune"/"Hope Rune"
                Jack should have the "Love Rune"
                Everyone must have a "Full Libra"

The final battle is very easy and isn't worth the trouble to worry about. His 
speed sucks, even Rudy is much to fast for him so that's one problem less to
worry about. Let Cecilia cast "Life Guard" on herself so she can survive 
"Fatal Blow" at all times. (Of course cast it again when he uses it on her and 
the spell takes the blow). His "Proton Beam" is the only serious killer move
he has. He has "Hi-Heal" and that can be pretty annoying.
Have Cecilia to summon the High Guardian Dan Dairam/Zephyr whenever you get the

- = Optional Bosses = -

Optional Boss 1: Chaos
Difficulty:      Hard
Party:           Rudy 16, Jack 15, Cecilia 15
Location:        Maze Of Death
Experience:      2600 (Lucky Card was used here)
Cash:            3000 Gella
How to meet him: When you missed him there's no chance of meeting him again.
                 When you retrieved the crystal bud from the maze you'll get
                 3 minutes to get out. 
                 Go back to the save spot and let Rudy blow up the wall on the
                 North. The way is free to meet him.
Reward:          Death Rune. Summons Ge Ramtos
Preparations:    Spells: "Awaken", "Heal", "Quick"
                 Bring enough "Violent Roses"

Chaos is by far the EASIEST optional boss of all. When you think he's too hard
then don't go for the others. Let Cecilia open the fight with "Awaken". When you
don't you'll get in big trouble. Now have Cecilia to heal all the party members
and Jack and Rudy to attack. Let Rudy empty his Arms on this one. When Cecilia
gets silenced you're in trouble. Having enough violent roses ready is a good
idea. To save your Fast Draw "Light Blow" can really be nice since this creature
is vulnerable to "Holy".

Optional Boss 2: Monster Zed
Difficulty:      Impossible
Party:           Rudy 38, Jack 38, Cecilia 37
Location:        Saint Centour
Experience:      16,666
Cash:            Cash?
How to meet him: After Zed blew up the Gate Generator at Zeikfried's command
                 you can go to Saint Centour and talk to the blind girl. When
                 you leave you'll meet Zed. If you want you can fight him.
Reward:          Doom Bringer. Nice weapon for Jack.
Prepararations:  Bring at least 99 goat dolls or you'll be history.
                 Spells: "Awaken"

Letting Cecilia open the fight with "Awaken" must be done or the fight is over
before it has begun. Let also have everyone to wear a goat doll and never forget
to replace it when the goat doll takes the blow. And just go for it....

Optional Boss 3: Leviathan
Difficulty:      Very very very hard
Party:           Rudy 39, Jack 38, Cecilia 38
Location:        Inner Sea
Experience:      10,000
Cash:             8,000 Gella
How to meet him: After the Sweet Candy has sunk you can meet Drake in one of
                 houses in Adlehyde when you've paid enough restoration 
                 donations. Drake will give you a new ship. Sail the inner sea
                 now until you find him
Reward:          Pret-a-porte. By far the best armor for Cecilia
Preparations:    Let Jack carry the "Love Rune" and Cecilia have "Chrono Rune" 
                 or the "Hope Rune"
                 Let everyone carry a goat doll.

Leviathan has very strong killer moves, but you may be able to survive them,
goat dolls as back-up, however is strongly recommended, but when you're lucky
not necesary. Speeding up Cecilia and Jack is strongly recommended. When you're
fast enough, you got much less to fear.

Optional Boss 4: Barbados
Difficulty:      Mega hard
Party:           Rudy 37, Jack 37, Cecilia 37
Location:        Filgaia
Experience:      8000
Cash:            3890 Gella
How to meet him: When you got the second version of the plane you can find him
                 in the desert North west to the Temple of Memory (Jack's 
                 starting dungeon).
Reward:          Dist Dims. Best weapon for Cecilia
Preparations:    Same as Leviathan

Barbadoss may have killer moves but his biggest thread is his speed. When you
beat his speed you'll have much less to fear. So SPEED UP CECILIA AND JACK!!!
Goat dolls, are recommended, but you may survive without them if you are lucky.

Optional Boss 5: Angol Moa
Difficulty:      Mega Impossible
Party:           Rudy 40, Jack 40, Cecilia 40
Location:        Ancient Arena
Experience:      20,000
Cash:            20,000 Gella
How to meet him: 5 duplicators are needed and the Power Glove tool. Rudy must
                 break the mirror behind the Duke with his Power Glove, then 
                 you'll find 5 duplicator doors. When you open them all you'll
                 meet Angol Moa
Reward:          Juggernaut. Best weapon for Jack.
Preparations:    Same as before. Love Rune for Jack, Chrono Rune/Hope Rune for
                 Cecilia and at least 99 goat dolls.

You though Moster Zed was impossible? Angol Moa is even worse. He's not really
strong in his attacks. He can counter but that not really the bad thing.
"The 7th Moon" is his ultimate attack, and will mostly be so strong that 
everybody will be dead. Angol Moa is very eager to use it too. That makes that
your ammount of goat dolls could be halved after the fight.
No fighting techinique can be advised. Just have enough goat dolls.

Optional Boss 8: Boomerang Flash
Difficulty:      Impossible at the start, but MUCH easier later
Party:           Rudy 38, Jack 38, Cecilia 37
Location:        Ancient Arena
Experience:      20,000
Cash:            Poor you. No cash here!
How to meet him: First you must have won the fight against Boomerang and Luceid at the 
                 entrance of "Ka Dingel". After that you must fight all the battles at
                 the ancient Arena (last one is the "Riversider").
                 If you enter the Arena again, Boomerang Flash will be your opponent
                 (if you've beaten the Riversider before you've beaten Boomerang at Ka 
                 Dingel he'll come directly after you've beaten Boomerang when you enter the
Reward:          Divine Blade. Best weapon for Rudy
Preparations:    Have some Goat Dolls ready and make sure that Cecilia has "Hi-Shield" and

Boomerang Flash's moves are really killing. The first few rounds it doesn't 
even make sense to use healing spells, since Boomerang is too strong for 

that. Let's Cecilia cast "Hi-Shield" all the time. After doing this for at 
least 5 rounds Boomerang will be much weaker. If you want to can continue 
this and very soon he won't do any damage at all. Then the time has 
come to cast "Flash" since Boomerang's Parry Rate is much too high. 
Now you can sit back and relax. Make sure you keep on refreshing goat dolls
whenever he uses "Zero Count Execution" since that move has an instant kill

Optional Boss 7: Lucifer
Difficulty:      Impossible
Party:           Rudy 42, Jack 42, Cecilia 41
Location:        Malduke
Experience:      15,000
Cash:            10,000 Gella
How to meet him: First you'll need the guitar of Maya. A secret passage in the
                 area with blue and red doors will lead to a circle on fire.
                 Let Cecilia put it out and let Jack stand in the middle of it
                 and play his guitar.
Reward:          Jade wilder. Best armor for Jack
Preparations:    Goat dolls

AAAAAARGH!!! Another goat doll eater. Sorry, just bring enough goat dolls. It's
all I can say. Maybe when you're level 60 or higher you may stand a chance 
without them. "Beam Fencer" and "Sephiroto" are his moves that do so much damage
that there's no possiblity to win without goat dolls. Healing might be nice to
surive his normal attacks and for nothing else. 

Optional Boss 8: Sado
Difficulty:      Very hard
Party:           Rudy 43, Jack 42, Cecilia 42
Location:        Malduke
Experience:      11,000
Cash:             9,000 Gella
How to meet him: In the volcannic part is a circle that works the same way as
                 the one of Lucifer's
Reward:          Braver vest. Best armor for Rudy.
Preparations:    Love Rune for Jack
                 Chrono or Hope Rune for Cecilia.

Phwew, a boss that doesn't require Goat Dolls (if you're lucky). His Armageddon
move is VERY VERY strong however and his Evil Quasar is to be feared too. 
However when you get the chance to speed up Jack and Cecilia about 3 or 4 times
this guy will be much less to worry about and can become rather simple.

Optional Boss 9: Ragu Ragla
Difficulty:      Hardest fight in the game
Party:           Rudy ??, Jack ??, Cecilia ?? (Never went for him)
Location:        Abbys
Experience:      ???
Cash:            ???
How to meet him: First Jack should have the Guitar of Maya which is stored in
                 the final Dungeon Malduke. One of the Elws of Tarjon should 
                 also have told you about what could happen when something
                 goes wrong when using the Elw pyramids.
                 Go to Milama and go to the Elw pyramid here. Keep on 
                 teleporting until you end up in a secret dungeon. This is
                 the abbys. A dark dungeon where light isn't allowed. Enemies
                 are fucking hard here too.
Reward:          Sheriff Star. Resists all status changes and make you heal by
                 magical attacks
Preparations:    Be level 99 or bring tons of goat dolls.

I know very little about the Ragu Ragla. I never went for him, I only saw a 
friend of mine beating him. He had all party members at level 99 and the Ragu 
Ragla refused to use his powerfull spells so he had an easy victory, but most
people won't be so lucky, that's what I know for sure. Bringing a lot of Goat
Dolls will be your only chance of winning when you don't want to boost till 
level 99. Fact is.... I personnally don't see a reason why to fight the Ragu
Ragla. When you're able to beat him you don't need that fucking Sheriff Star,
thrust me. Only go for him when you want to complete the game with all the
optional bosses (as an act of honor or something cheesy like that).
I also recommend to cast "Escape" after you beat him so you don't need to walk
the way back.

- = Ancient Arena Battles = -

Arena Opponent 1: Medea
Difficulty:       Medium
Experience:       25,000
Cash:             900 Gella
Preperations:     Have a few goat dolls. If you are fortunate enough to 
                  have "Full Libras" then having them is even better.
                  Letting Jack wear the "Love" Rune is strongly recommended
                  if you plan to go for the other opponents too and then
                  letting have Cecilia the "Chrono Rune" is even much better.
                  Spells: "Flash", "Saint", "Light Blow"
                  Fast Draw: "Heal Blade"

If you're pretty high in level and you're so lucky to have the "Love" and the
"Chrono" rune then the best you can do is defend until Cecilia is 
Force Level 3 and Jack Force Level 2. Having Rudy level 2 might be handy and
hand him any Attacking Guardian except for Justine (Courage Rune) or Duras
Drum (Hades Rune), those two will only heal him. When you are at the good 
Force level let Jack summon Raftina,  Let Cecilia summon Dan Dairam in High
Guardian Form and let Rudy summon whatever guardian he may have.
Watch out, if you're not really strong it may be that you may need some
healing magic or Heal Blade, but try to avoid it, because you will need your 
magic later very badly. (When you don't have Full Libra, you must be aware
that he has "Human Experiementation" which can give you awfull status

In any other situation I think you must leave it to Medea Only, because the
others are really strong. Medea has exactly 10,000 HP and is vulnerable to
holy attacks. However he has "Hi-Heal" so that can really be a big problem.
If you still want to save magic you can flash him because his parry rate
is extreemly high. As long as you're below level 37 or so, you can fight
with all your might because then you won't be match for the others.

Arena Opponent 2: Bad News
Difficulty:       Pretty Hard
Experience:       5,000
Cash:             1,000 Gella
Preparations:     Be at least around level 38 or higher and have some
                  Goat Dolls ready.
                  Spells: "Heal", "Hi-Heal", "Remedy", "Shield"
                  Fast Draw: "Heal Blade"

This guy is pretty strong, but it makes no sense to use your attacking
magic, Fast Draw or ARMS on him. Especially not if you want to 
proceed to the next rounds. Because opponent 3 is Bloody Hard. The 
best way to do this is to let Jack do the healing with Heal Blade
and Cecilia should cast "Shield" over Rudy for at least 5 or 6 rounds.
When Rudy is able to use his "Protector" force use it and the battle
will be MUCH easier. Still his "Fatal Blow" and "Brutal Attack" can
be dangerous. Another problem is that Bad News is pretty fast. Still
speeding up is not really making sense.

Arena Opponent 3: Javawalk
Difficulty:       Bloody Hard
Experience:       10,000
Cash:             15,000
Preperations:     Be at least around level 38 or higher and have some
                  Goat Dolls Ready
                  Spells: "Heal", "Hi-Heal", "Remedy", "Quick", "Restore"
                  Fast Draw: "Magnum Fang", "Heal Blade"
                  Let Jack carry the "Love Rune"

Okay, this fella has 40,000 hitpoints and terribly high defense. He 
can disease you, but that's not really the problem. His 
"Anti-matter Bomb" is your worst enemy in this fight. Speeding up
Jack and Cecilia can be helpfull and having Rafina ready for action
is a good idea. Sometimes Odoryuk (Life Rune) is handy to have stand-by
since Odoryuk heals status changes too (Raftina (Love Rune) heals more
HP however). Being quick is your best ally. Sometimes it may be
advisable to use "Hyper" to damage him more. Using ARMS can be handy too.

Arena Opponent 4: Riversider
Difficulty:       Not really that difficult, but not to be underestimated
Experience:       20,000
Cash:             10,000 Gella
Preparations:     Spells: "Shield", "Hi-Heal", "Heal", "Remedy", "Hyper"
                  Fast Draw: "Heal Blade", "Magnum Fang"
                  Some Goat Dolls

The Riversider looks like... A fishy like woman in a shell or something.
I take it for female. But to the point:
The Riversider is EXTREEMLY FAST! Just like Zeikfried in Malduke using
speeding magic is the same as the Chewbacca Defense Method: IT DOES NOT
MAKE SENSE!!! Therefore you'll need other weapons. The Riversider 
normally only uses normal attacks which are pretty strong, but you can
live with them. She has one move which will ALWAYS require a Goat Doll
and that's Brutal Blow. That's all! Another problem is that you might
not damage her at all. That's something I'll dicuss later. First keep
on shielding Rudy and let Rudy use "Protector" as soon as he's able to.
If your patient enough very soon the Riversider can't hurt you at all
(as long as she doesn't use "Brutal Blow", but she seldom does that).
Jack should operate as an healer with his "Heal Blade" and use 
"Accelerator" with that whenever you get the chance.

As soon as Rudy can't be hurt at all it's time for action, let Cecilia
have the best attacking guardian you have (the best is Dan Dairam (Chrono
Rune), but he's pretty hard to get, alas. I'll discuss in my future 
walktrough how to get him). And let her use "High Guardian" whenever
you can. Now casting Hyper on Rudy, won't make you need ARMS any more
and casting Hyper on Jack is very nice in combination with "Magnum Fang"
and "Sonic Vision". And so you can have an easy win. It will only take
awhile since the Riversider has 65535 hitpoints.

NOTE! Fire is her weakness, but don't use Fire Magic. It won't hurt
her at all... Pretty strange since it's her weakness...

- = Hayonkonton = -

Extra Enemy:     Hayonkonton
Difficulty:      Pretty easy, still be prepared
Experience:      80,000
Cash:            60,000 Gella
Preparations:    Have some Full Libra's ready.
                 Spells: "Heal", "Hi-Heal", "Quick", "Remedy", "Restore"
                 Fast Draw: "Heal Blade"
                 Level 35 or higher recommended.
Remark:          Not really a boss, but very tricky. They provide VERY much
                 Experience and money and when your lucky a "Duplicator".
Where to find:   At the small islands norht-east-east to the Arena.

Okay... The only bad thing is, there are always two of them. Full Libra's
are handy since they use "Human Experiementation" (Random status change on
one person) and "Direct Voice" (Confuses everybody). For the rest you must
be aware of their "Anti-Matter Bomb", but theirs is MUCH weaker then that
of Javawalk. You'll find out they're rather easy to defeat, but it can only
take a very long while since they got both around 65535 hitpoints.
Good luck!

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