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WWF Smackdown! Weapons FAQ
Sony Playstation
Version 1.0 - March 8, 2000
E-Mail: blink-182@sonicice.net

				[WWF Smackdown! Weapons FAQ]

This is basically just a weapons FAQ. It will tell you some weapons cheats, 
what weapons are in the game, and where you can find them at. Do not take 
this FAQ without direct permission from myself. I am only giving this site 
to gamefaqs.com right now, so if you do want to put this FAQ on your page, 
e-mail me about it. Do not, however, put your name on this FAQ and publish 
it as your own.

***Table of Contents***

1. Latest Updates
2. Introduction
3. Weapons In The Game
4. Weapon Cheats
5. Where To Find Weapons



- Version 1.0 (March 8, 2000)-

  *Added Introduction section
  *Added Weapons In The Game section
  *Added Weapon Cheats section
  *Added Where To Find Weapons section



WWF Smackdown! is the fifth WWF game for the Playstation. Smackdown! is a 
big step up from WWF Attitude, mainly because THQ produced it instead of 
Acclaim. Smackdown!'s loading time is great too. It doesn't take much time 
to load a game, no matter what mode it is in. There are a lot more matches 
in Smackdown! than the other WWF games. The modes are, Season, Pre-Season 
(for created wrestlers), I-Quit, Steel Cage, Falls-Count-Anywhere, 
Hardcore, Handicap (2 or 3 on 1), 3 way dance, 4 way dance, Royal Rumble, 
Battle Royal, 1 on 1 (with or without managers, and you choose the 
managers), and Special Referee. Special Referee mode is one of the best in 
the game. You can play as the referee in a CPU vs. CPU match, or play as it 
if your friend is in the match. You can choose whether or not to count as 
well. Or you can do a fast count or slow count. In the Hardcore or Falls-
Count-Anywhere match you can fight in the back, on the stage, or anywhere 
at all. The rooms that you can fight in the back are, the boiler room, the 
stage, the back halls, the kitchen, or the garage. In the I-Quit match, 
it's a lot different than other games. There is actually a microphone in 
the set that you are fighting in, where the way to make them say "I-Quit" 
is take the microphone and press circle by their body. You will stick the 
microphone by their face and they will either quit or keep fighting, it's 
the CPU's choice. Although the Create-A-Player mode is kind of weak, the 
other modes make up for it. In Create-A-Player mode, when you first start 
out, you can't pick many moves at all, you have to earn them. But one of 
the other modes that you can pick that makes up for it, is the title 
system. Instead of winning titles in season mode, you can pick an 
Exhibition mode and choose to defend a title or not. But the ranking system 
is what determines if you can go for a title or not.



Black Chair
Piped Chair
Wood Stick
Kendo Stick
Title Belt
Iron Pipe
Grocery Cart
Ring Bell
Bell Hammer
Fire Extinguisher
Trash Can
Soda Can
Warning Cone
Loading Cart



- Ring Area -
  *Press R1 by the ring apron, outside of the ring, while holding a weapon, 
to exchange your    weapon with another

- Kitchen -
  *Toss your opponent into the fryer to burn him with fire
  *Toss your opponent into the sink to splash him with water

- Boiler Room -
  *Toss your opponent into the steam machines to have steam hit your 

- Garage -
  *Toss your opponent into the parked cars to have the cars blink their 
lights at your opponent



- Stage -
  *Toss your opponent into the curtains on the ramp, not in the entrance 
way, to get a chair
  *Toss your opponent into the steel poles to get a iron pipe
  *Toss your opponent into the side curtains in the entrance way to get a 
title belt

- Hallway -
  *Toss your opponent into the soda machine to get a soda can out

- Garage -
  *Toss your opponent into the green truck nearest to the hallway entrance 
to get a wood stick
  *Toss your opponent into the ambulance to get a stretcher
  *Toss your opponent into the fire extinguisher case to get a fire 
  *Toss your opponent into the white boxes on the left side to get an urn

- Kitchen -
  *Toss your opponent into the watermelon case to get a watermelon
  *Toss your opponent into the rack of plates to get a plate

- Boiler Room -
  *Toss your opponent into the top left corner of the cage type wall to get 
a barrel
  *Toss your opponent into the bottom of the screen wall to get an iron 


This FAQ is copyright (2000) by Flame. This FAQ is meant to be only 
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