Game Script (Disc 2) by Sheamon

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The Complete Xenogears Script
Part 2: Second Disc
Author: Sheamon
Edition 2.0
Last Updated: 12/15/2000
Table of Contents
I. Script Info (In both parts)
 A. Things to Notice
 B. Disclaimer
 C. About the Author
 D. Versions
 F. Special Thanks
 G. Key
II. Script Disc 1 (In Part 1)
 A. The Lahan Disaster
 B. Further Mysteries
 C. The Slayer of God
 D. The Sand Pirate's Plan
 E. The Bledavik Rescue
 F. Nisan
 G. Desert Despair
 H. Nortune
 I. The Battling Tournament
 J. Attack on Nortune!
 K. Escaping from Kislev
 L. The Thames
 M. Billy the Etone
 N. Burning Souls
 O. Shevat
 P. Rescue Nisan!
 Q. The Gates
 R. Solaris
 S. The Truth
III. Script Disc 2 (In Part 2)
 A. Dreams...
 B. The Soylent System
 C. The Anima Dungeons
 D. Mahanon
 E. Merkava
 F. The Truth about Fei
 G. Attack on Merkava
 H. Sidequests
 I. The Final Battle

I A. Things to Notice

Here is the Complete Script to the game Xenogears, Squaresoft's longest and
most text-
filled game.  This script includes the script for every mandatory action in the
plus the text from all sidequests.  It is split up into 2 parts in order to
forcing you to download a 800K + file at once. (Yes, it's that big when in one
The first part includes the first disc, the second includes the second disc. 
parts include the script info, (parts IA-IF.)

This script has actually been on the net in one version or another since I
started putting
it up in January 2000, but this is the first time I've put it in this kind of
form and
have allowed other sites to host it.

If you would like to see the script split up into smaller files, check them out
at my
website, located at .  The page also includes
a mass
amount of story info, and special script segments, like a section dedicated to
Gazel conversations, the Cain-Hyuga conversations, etc...

I B. Disclaimer

The copyright to the game Xenogears and all its characters and terms belong
to Squaresoft.  However, this written down version of the script belongs to me.
It may not be copied in any way, whether on paper or electronically without my
permission.  If you want permission to put it on your site,, email me at and give me a good reason why you want to use my work.  In
addition, you
must give me the exact URL where it will be, and how you are giving me credit.
following sites have gained my permission:

The script may not be altered in any way.  If it is, you will be forced to
remove it
from your site.  If you see the script on a page not listed, please notify me.
I would really appreciate it so I could catch those thieves.

If you use this script for any purposes other than your entertainment, you must
notify me
and give credit.  This includes using direct quotes for fanfics, and if used
for radio
I C. About the Author

The author of this script, Sheamon, can be reached at  He
is the
webmaster of Xenogears HQ, and Visions of Escaflowne.  He also staffs for
Ground Zero Network.  He is currently in the process of completing his Galaxy
site and doing the Chrono Cross script.

I D. Versions

Wow, here we are 3 months later and I haven't gotten around to finishing this
yet.  Well,
I've finally completed it and sent it to gamefaqs.

After seriously thinking about it, I decided to prepare a script for submittion
to sites
like gamefaqs and rpgamer, and converted the script into a Text File. 
the original text files had been converted to html, so it took a little longer
to do
then hoped.

It was this date that the script was finally completely put on my site.  It was
into 28 parts, and remains there today.

Around this time, I decided to split the script into 3 seperate parts: Prologue
to Attack
on Nortune, Goliath Factory to Sargasso, and Solaris to Ending.

I started transferring the script to html and putting it on my site at this
time.  Although
most of the script had been typed on my computer, most of the disc 2 text still
It was updated frequently the first week or so, then I started to work on
larger updates,
putting up huge sections at a time.  The script was originally going to be in
one file.

The first version of the script.  This existed only in my home in roughly 300
or so
sheets of paper where I had either written or typed all the text in the game.
This was
the result of 4 months of work, over a hundred hours since I started it in the
week of September.


I F. Special Thanks

Special Thanks go out to:

Bill, Josh, Chris, Jason and the others
-For recommending I try out Xenogears back in May 1999

Dark Warlord
-For being kind enough to host my site so I could get off that dump Angelfire
and make
it easier for others to find the script

Amber Michelle
-Her website Guardian Angels helped me learn a lot more about Xenogears than I
knew, and she was one of the people who recommended I put it in a form like

The Nisan Sanctuary
-Their messageboard allowed me to make contact with hundreds of other Xenogears
fans, get assistance with story info, and receive comments & suggestions about
early versions of the script.

Square Gamer
-Same as TNS, but not to the same extent, I had a lot of Xenogears
conversations there as well.

I G. Key

When something appears in brackets, it is a description of something occuring.
This does not appear in the game as text.

The person's name appears, then after a colon the text they say is provided. 
Easy to
understand, huh?

III A. Dreams...

[Fei sits in a chair in the middle of space. A spotlight surrounds him. Nearby,
the cross from
his hallucinations swings.]

Fei:Dreaming... I was dreaming... Perhaps it may have been but a long forgotten
memory... A
dream... A memory... Things remembered when one is asleep... Things forgotten
when one is
awake... Where the deepest layers of memories become the outmost layers of
one's dreams...
Which are reality? Which are illusions? One cannot tell until one awakes... Or
perhaps they
are, at the same time, both truth and fiction... A vast nebulous... With no
boundaries... An
emptiness equivalent to my own existence... I dreamt such a dream... A long...

[Lacan paints Sophia in the room in the Nisan cathedral.]

...La ...can...

Sophia:Lacan, What is wrong? Lacan?

Fei:In that dream, I was called 'Lacan'... I was an artist... I had become
recognized as a
talented artist and now was painting the portrait of the Nisan Mother,
'Sophia'..., it is nothing.

Sophia:...Let us finish for today. You look rather tired. ...Are you alright?

Lacan:I am fine, thank you... But, now that you mention it... Shall we stop for
the day? You
must be the one who is tired, 'Mother Sophia'?

Sophia:Enough of that, now. When it is just the two of us, would you stop
calling me that.
Just call me 'Elly'... As you used to do in the old days... And you don't have
to be so stiff
and formal.

Lacan:Oh, errh, alright. Very wel... no, I mean... Yes, let's do that 'Elly'!

Fei:'Elly'... It was a time when she went by such a name. A time when we had
met up with one
another... A time when nothing mattered between us...

[Fei now sits in front of a large picture of Sophia and Lacan.]

Fei:It was better tat way... Just two people, together... It was better to have
left it that

Lacan:I think I might go bacck home... Only for a week or so.

Elly:Oh, really? What is the matter?

Lacan:I ran out of paint. So... I, errh, need to go make some more.

Elly:You're going all that way... just to do that?

Lacan:If I don't go there, I won't be able to get the right pigments.

Elly:Oh... Then how about I have one of my followers, the -Kahal-, take you in
one of our
Gears? You'll arrive quicker and you'll be much more safe.

Fei:I lied... I wasn't out of paint. I just feared I would finish the portrait.
I wanted to
keep on painting... forever. So I wanted to buy time... She'd probably despise
me for that...
No, she'd probably just give me her usual smile, She was that kind of woman...

Fei:Dreams... A life of a man named Lacan.. And the lives of countless other
men... All but
dreams... Now that I am awake, those countless numbers of long, heartrending
dreams are almost
impossible to remember at all... In those dreams, I loved one woman... No
matter the day, no
matter the era... That did not change... Nor did her name...

[Fei now sits in front of a large portrait of Elly.]

Fei:That dream changed me... That dream was the catalyst for me to resolve what
my purpose
was. I think I know now... What I have to do... That long, long memory of a
dream... Perhaps
it was the memory of my soul...

[Elly sits in a chair in the same setting as Fei.]

Elly:A dream... I was dreaming a dream... Or perhaps it was a memory. >From a
distant past...
A dream... A memory... Those words I was unable to convey... That day... That
time... Those
thoughts I was unable to carry out... Words and thoughts... The connection
between the two...
Without words, thoughts cannot be conveyed... Without thoughts, There are no
words... They are
both as vital as each other... They can never be divided... Like the wings of
angels... Like
a man and a woman... An unchangable destiny... Feelings one wishes one could
change... Meeting
without the person who would change me... And watching myself change... I
dreamt such a
dream... A long... Never-ending dream...

[Lacan paints Sophia in Nisan.]

Elly:In that dream, I was called 'Sophia'... Mother Sophia... A symbolic
name... Crowned upon
the person who would be the people's hope... A name I was destined to have
whether I wanted it
or not...

Sophia:Lacan, What is wrong? Lacan?, it is nothing.

Sophia:...Let us finish for today. You look rather tired. ...Are you alright?

Lacan:I am fine, thank you... But, now that you mention it... Shall we stop for
the day? You
must be the one who is tired, 'Mother Sophia'?

Sophia:Enough of that, now. When it is just the two of us, would you stop
calling me that.
Just call me 'Elly'... As you used to do in the old days... And you don't have
to be so stiff
and formal.

Lacan:Oh, errh, alright. Very wel... no, I mean... Yes, let's do that 'Elly'!

Elly:'Elhaym'... I've always liked that name... Because, when I first met him,
that is what
he called me... That is my true name...

Lacan:I think I might go bacck home... Only for a week or so.

Elly:Oh, really? What is the matter?

Lacan:I ran out of paint. So... I, errh, need to go make some more.

Elly:You're going all that way... just to do that?

Lacan:If I don't go there, I won't be able to get the right pigments.

Elly:Oh... Then how about I have one of my followers, the -Kahal-, take you in
one of our
Gears? You'll arrive quicker and you'll be much more safe.

Elly:I wonder when it started... That he started refusing me... The walls
between us... Our
'positions'... Our 'circumstances'... He refused to recongnize these... No...
maybe it was
me... Therefore... I didn't want them... I wanted the two of us to be
ourselves... That is
what I wished for... So, I had him paint me... The way I really am.

Elly:Dreams... A life of a woman named Sophia... And the lives of countless
other women... All
but dreams... Now that I am awake, those countless numbers of long,
heartrending dreams are
almost impossible to remember at all... In those dreams, I loved one man... no
matter the day,
No matter the era... That did not change... Only his name...

[Elly now sits in front of a portrait of Fei.]

Elly:That dream changed me... That dream was the catalyst for me to resolve
what my purpose
was. I think I know now... What I have to do... That long, long memory of a
dream... That
perhaps was the memory of my soul...

[Fei wakes up submerged in water in a tube. An alarm goes off and a fat man in
some kind of
white suit approaches.]

Mysterious Old Man:Hmm... He's finally awake...

[The man walks over to the tube and releases Fei.]

Fei:I'm healed...

Mysterious Old Man:You've been sleeping in this nanoreactor for three weeks.

Fei:Nanoreactor? Who are you...?

Mysterious Old Man:Me...? I forgot my name... Some people call me Taura... You
seemed to have
recovered completely. Those were terrible wounds, but maybe your youth and
strength helped...
But your friend's wounds are more serious and may take a while longer...

Fei:My friend...? Elly! Elly...

[Fei sees Elly in the tube next to his.]

Taura:Hey! Quit staring at the naked girl and come over here!

[Elly moves]

Fei:!! Elly...?

[He follows Taura into the next room. Citan is there.]



Citan:I heard from Taura and hurried over here! Boy, was that lucky. You were
fortunate to
have come down near Taura's research facility.

Taura:Hm... This is no research facility. It is 'a man's hideaway!' Citan told
me about you.
I was shocked to see a couple lying down with blood all over them.

Fei:A couple...

Citan:At any rate, you had a narrow escape. Fei, make sure you thank Taura!

Fei:Taura, thank you very much... for helping Elly... Both Elly and I were hurt
so badly...
What is that machine...?

Taura:It's called a nanoreactor. It is a device taht can rebuild substances at
the molecular
level. Not only can it just heal humans, but theoretically it should be able to
create many

Fei:Is that the same thing as that guy in Solaris...? I mean... Is that the
same thing Krelian
is studying?

Taura:Yes, that's right. I was the one who taught Nanotechnology to him...

Fei:You did?

[An alarm rings.]

Taura:We shouldn't waste time talking about such an unimportant subject. looks
like her
treatment is done.

[He starts walking to the room. Fei follows.]

Taura:Oh, you don't need to come. Just wait there.

[He enters.]



[Elly comes out with Taura.]


Elly:Fei... I...

Taura:Ahem! Now, why don't you two go get some fresh air outside? It ought to
ease the shock
of the change.

[Elly and Fei stand on Taura's roof.]

Fei:I knew it was you...


Fei:When you came in the room just then... I was afraid you may have forgotten
about me and
everything else...

Elly:What do you mean...?

Fei:I mean... because... Elly, you seemed a little different than before...

Elly:Has my face... changed?

Fei:No, that's not it... It's more like... I mean your atmosphere or impression
different... Just a little... But, I felt something familiar... I felt the same
way when I met
you for the first time... Some peculiar feeling like we've met before,



Elly:I don't remember much of what happened after we were shot down...

Fei:It's better that way...

Elly:But I heard someone calling my name... I felt I was covered with something
very warm...
I remember that clearly...


Elly:Thank you , Fei.



Taura:Hey, it's almost time for you to come back. There's something important
we need to talk
to you about.

Fei:... A, alright, we're coming! Well, Elly, should we go see what's up?

Elly:S, sure...

[They go inside.]

Taura:How do you feel now? The fresh forest air should have refreshed you,
somewhat, heh?
Anyway... It's about the removal of the seal... I found out it can be released
by using the
Nanotechnology that regenerated you two. The Nanoassemblers are enclosed in
this pod.

Citan:If only we could scatter them all over the world...

Taura:There's a ancient military installation nearby... We might be able to use
'Mass-Driver' located in there to launch this pod into the upper atmosphere.
Once the
Nanoassemblers are released up there, the convection currents should spread 'em
all over the
world! I wish I could go do it... but I am getting much too old for that type
of thing. Then
again, it's for your future. An old man should not butt in. You young ones must
do it for
yourselves! Here, and of course,I'm not asking you to do it for free. Try this
wrist band on.


[Taura puts a wrist band on Fei's wrist.]

Citan:What is that?

Taura:This is an 'Emotion Control Device' in which nanotechnology is applied.
From this
machine shaped as a wristband, nanomachines are infused through your epidermis
into your
brain. There they refine the SSRI intracerebaral substances, such as Serotonin,
that control


Taura:Well, I suppose it's rather difficult for you to understand... But in
short, it means
that the manifestation of your second personality, 'Id' can be suppressed.



Taura:Well, it's all theoretical though... Oh, and I did one more thing as
well...! I
installed the same control device in your Gear...

Citan:You mean, it can rerelease Id at will...?

Taura:Yes. I called it 'System Id'. But of course, it should not be over-used.
Use it only as
a last resort.

Fei:Elly, doc, I...

Citan:Fei, there was nothing you could do... It will never happen again with
technology though. He is one of the three Shevat sages.

Taura:Whether you believe it or not, it's up to you.


[There is a knock on the door.]

Taura:Oh? It sounds like we have a guest!

Shevat Emissary:Fei...! We've got problems! Today, a peace settlement between
Aveh and Kislev
is being held at Shevat... But Solaris' mobile weapons are approaching as we
speak! Please,
help us!

Taura:That has nothing to do with this young man!

Shevat Emissary:Taura!!

Taura:You're getting on my nerves for being so selfish. Citan told me about
you. You showed
up after finding out that Id is now controlable... Aren't you ashamed? You
haven't changed
since then. You only care about yourselves. Fei, you don't need to listen to
these guys who
once tried to kill you!



Elly:Please go! I'll go to the Mass-driver...


Elly:No matter what happened before, Shevat needs your help now. Although you
may be saving
selfish people... there is still the world and its countries with many more
innocent people.
Please, don't forget that. Bart and his people are fighting to protect those
same lives,
aren't they? So please go help them!

Fei:Are you sure? What about you?

Elly:Don't worry about me. I'll manage it somehow.

Fei:But, all by yourself...

Citan:I will accompany Elly. You do not need to worry. I have brought along my
own Omnigear.

Fei:Your own Omnigear...?

Citan:Yes my Omnigear, 'Fenrir'. It is the same one I brought from Solaris. I
left it with
Gaspar in case of emergencies.

Fei:Doc... Alright. Please take care of her for me.

Fei:Elly, be careful.

Elly:I will.

Shevat Emissary:We are truly grateful for your kindness, Fei!!

Taura:Hmph! Suit yourselves.

Fei:Ignas, right?

Shevat Emissary:Yes. The goal of the enemy is to destroy the cities in Ignas.
They have
already destroyed half of Bledavik and will probably reach Nisan in about four
hours. Shevat
will try to drive them back with all the power it has!

Fei:Four hours... That's cutting it close!

Taura:No need to worry. Balthasar and I fixed your Gear with nanomachines. It's
much more
powerful than it ever was before. Why, you should get there in half the time.

Fei:What? Is Old man Bal here?

Citan:Emeralda is here as well.

[They go outside. Weltall has been remodeled and looks much powerful than

Fei:This is incredible!

Old Man Bal:We meet again! The host of the spirit of the slayer of god... I
didn't think I
would ever work on it again...!

Fei:But why are you both helping me...?

Taura:There are some things you just can't explain with the word... fate.
You're going to have
to see it with your own eyes.

Emeralda:Fei... Going?

Fei:Yeah, I'd better hurry! Hey! Where are you going?

Shevat Emissary:Fei, please hurry!!

Fei:A, alright.

[He gets in Weltall and blasts off.]

Citan:Are you sure you want to go through with this? You wanted to live quietly
away from the
battle field, did you not?

Elly:I noticed myself running away from reality... At first I thought my
situation was similar
to his. I thought Fei would understand my feelings. ...I didn't know if my love
for him was
real... I might have been desperate after losing my mother and father...


Elly:Despite all that... I may still love him... That's why, I want to see what
Fei can do and
what I can do. I want us to be apart and think about ourselves again. I want to
see... how I
really feel...

Citan:... You have changed a lot Elly. What happened to you in the past three

Elly:Really? I don't think I've changed...

Citan:Yes, you have. I should say... you have matured... ...Like a mother...

Elly:Excuse me! I'm only 18 years old! I'm no where near the age of being your

Citan:Sorry. You gave me that impression. That is all.

Elly:Anyway Citan, I'm going now.

Citan:Alright. I will follow you as soon as I finish here...

[Emeralda approaches.]

Emeralda:I, I go, too.


Emeralda:I go!

Elly:Emeralda, I can't take anyone else along with me for something like this.
I'll be fine on
my own.

Emeralda:If Elly go, I go too. Emeralda have to go with you.


Emeralda:No! Emeralda go too!

Citan:Why not let her go? I am sure Solaris has a hunch about the Limiter. They
may interfere,
so you may feel uneasy going it alone. I think Emeralda is cut out for this
job. (...Besides,
she is going to want to go no matter what. Take care of her until I can join
you, please?)

Elly:Okay, you win. Let's help each other, alright?

Emeralda:I can do it alone. You just watch.

[They leave. Inside Taura's lab...]

Taura:Hmm... hmm... hmm...

[Grahf appears.]

Taura:I thought so...

Grahf:So you were the one who brought Fei and his girl to me... I realized it
the minute I saw
the two of them. Why, how could I not help but notice... They looked the
spitting image of you
and her. Yes, just as you yourselves looked back then... Right, Lacan...?

[In the Ezekiel...]

Gazel Blue 2:What do you mean... he's still alive...!?


Gazel Red 4:Ridiculous. Didn't Ramsus shoot him down?

Krelian:She was also on the Gear that Ramsus shot down. I won't have her die.

Gazel Blue 3:But, there is already a 'mother'... Although she may be the
'Antitype', as long
as the current mother exists...

Krelian:As far as I see it, that is not complete.

Gazel Red 2:Quite picky aren't you...? Didn't you say you threw away all human

Krelian:I don't care what you think. Anyway... As far as he is concerned, I
will put Ramsus
onto him. Any objections? Where is he presently?

Gazel Blue 4:Etrenenk is destroyed, but parts of the memory cube is still
active. We should
still be able to locate individuals.

Gazel Blue 1:Wait a moment... He has left the crash site and is heading towards

Krelian:I see. So he has left the area... (That means... it is only a matter of
time before
the seal is broken...)

Gazel Red 3:Did you say something?

Krelian:It's nothing. Just sit there and wait for the good news.

Gazel Blue 2:What about retrieving the girl? They key is already beginning to
resonate. The
time of the resurrection is near.

Krelian:We can get the girl anytime. It doesn't have to be now... Let's take
our time...

[Weltall travels through the forest.]

Fei:On my way to Ignas, I re-encountered him. Kahran Ramsus... Ramsus once
again stood in my
way, in his omnigear, 'Vendetta'... It was an unavoidable battle. I released
the new function
that was added to my Mark II Gear... 'System Id'!

[Weltall transforms into a more powerful Gear. He easily beats Vendetta.]

Fei:Ramsus' absolute confidence was shattered... Leaving only his cry of
disbelief and
resentment, Ramsus' machine disappeared into a sea of foliage. Why he was so
fixated on me...
I know not why. but he did say this...

Ramsus:If only you didn't exist...

III B. The Soylent Systems

[Elly sits in the chair in space. Behind her is a picture of her and Emeralda
running through
a forest.]

Elly:In order to disperse the nanomachines, Emeralda and I headed for one of
the ruins of the
Zeboim civilization... The Mass-Driver facility.

[The picture changes to a pic of the facility from the sky.]

Elly:Fortunately, the facility was still active which allowed us to proceed on
to the central
control room with little difficulty.

[The pic changes to a pic of Elly and Emeralda running through a missile filled

Elly:Along the way we saw various missiles and giant rockets that were created
during the
Zeboim era... They stood like tombstones of that ancient civilization. It was a
graveyard for
a race of people who destroyed each other over pride and arrogance.

[The pic changes to Elly, Citan and Emeralda in a control room.]

Elly:Once arriving at the central control room, we met up with Citan who helped
us activate
the Mass-Driver. We succeeded in launching the capsule containing the
nanomachines which would
release the seal -Limiter-.

[The Mass Driver fires a capsule which explodes, causing nanomachines to be
spread all over
the earth.]

Elly:The nanomachines that were scattered into the upper atmosphere began to
multiply and
spread throughout the whole of the world. The nanomachines glittered in the
sunlight. Flowing
like a large river, in the sky... That glitter would remove the 'bonds'
restraining everyone.
It was to be our light of hope for regaining back our true freedom...

[Fei sits in a chair with a pic of a giant Solaris ship attacking Bledavik.]

Fei:Solaris' Mobile Surface Supremacy Weapon invaded the area with great
force... Shevat and
Nisan's standard Gear battalions were no match against it. It was only a matter
of time before
the Solaris Mobile Weapon arrived in Nisan. After we pushed back the Solarian
Gear units, we
headed for Nortune... to the Kislev Capital's administration district. We went
there to obtain
our one and only means or standing up against the Mobile Weapon.

[Now, in Nortune, the Central District starts rising.]

Fei:The Kislev capital's, Nortune's 'Central Administrative District' itself
was a secret
battleship constructed by Bart's ancestor, Roni Fatima, after the Great War
with Solaris many
years ago. The existence of the secret battleship remained hidden. Later, the
ship was turned
into a section of the Kislev Imperial capital during the founding of the
Empire. Uncovering
the truth from some ancient records, Bart activated the secret battleship in
order to fight
against the Solarian Mobile Surface Supremacy Weapon. The 'Sand Cruiser
Yggdrasil' was
actually the center of command and also the main secret weapon of the craft...
Awakening from
500 years of dormancy, its true form appeared before us. Commanded by its 'new
master', the
secret battleship stood before the Mobile Weapon with all of us inside of it.

[The Central District turns into a gigantic Gear.]

Super Dimensional Gear Yggdrasil IV

Bart:Aaalriiiight! Transformation complete! C'mon monster, let's go!

[The Mobile Weapon is easily destroyed.]

Fei:The Solaris Mobile Weapon was destroyed... which brought a sigh of relief
to the
continent of Ignas. Peace was signed and after some 500 years of division, the
land of
Ignas once became united. Excitement spread throughout Aveh, Nisan, Kislev,
Shevat... The
sky shimmered as if to celebrate. By the hands of Elly, Citan, Taura and
Emeralda, the
nanomachines had been disperced into the atmosphere.

[The picture changes to that of nanomachines in the sky.]

Fei:That was when disaster stuck. ...Our songs of victory were replaced by the
sounds of
total pandemonium...

[The picture changes to people mutating.]

Fei:In the beginning we had no idea what had transpired. We... witnessed
phenomena. People from all parts of globe began to mutate into abnormal forms.

[The picture changes to another of mutated people.]

Fei:It seemed to be triggered when the nanomachines removed the -Limiter- seal
that was
placed on humankind by Krelian in the past... ...The 'human' form with its
innate abilities
released. That's when I remembered what Hammer had said back in Solaris. His
words were...
"What becomes of the normal humans...?"

[In the Ezekiel...]

Gazel Red 1:So, they are naturally germinating because the resurrection of good
is near...

Gazel Blue 4:Those who will become the body of our servant... I never knew so
many would
exist, even without using the key...

Gazel Red 3:But, some of them still have not begun to germinate...

Gazel Red 2:Are they not destined to be the flesh of god?

Gazel Blue 2:Or, perhaps those are the enemies of god...

Gazel Blue 1:Let us reactivate the strategic points of the Soylent...

Gazel Red 4:At any rate, they are just incomplete mutants. They are useless now
in their
half-finished form.

Gazel Blue 3:God's apostles. There cannot be any harm in having too many of

[In a lab Krelian stares at an empty tube. Miang walks up to him.]

Miang:The chains that restrained humankind have been removed because of you.

Krelian:But that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with our plan...
Everything is still
under control. In the event of the explosion in the capital of Solaris
earlier... ...I had set
up a nanomachine virus to diffuse into the atmosphere. I knew they were
eventually going to
break the seal... But the timing was a little close to comfort... The current
mutations of the
humans are an initial response to the virus... Once the virus we spread over
the world
germinates inside of the humans they are no longer the same. They change into a
form. We need humans that do not depend on the key's invocation in order to
awaken. In other
words, a being to take the place of the original body of god...

Miang:It's like a trojan horse released at the time of the assimilation with
god... A literal
virus... But... isn't it different from what they intended...?

Krelian:Of course. We can't let them have it their way. The 'Ark of God' is

Miang:Either way is fine by me. I will just side with whichever is the more
certain one

[Some mutants are seen in a lab.]

Elly:The Soylent System... A group of facilities formerly created by Solaris.
These facilities
existed all over the earth. It is said, that, originally, these were used for
experiments and brainwashing.

[The camera goes up to a door, which opens, revealing more labs.

Elly:The people who mutated into what were called Wels... or the true form of
gathered at these facilities. Some of the humans turned Wels were attacking
healthy humans
and devouring their flesh and blood. That is because healthy human flesh and
blood eased the
pain of their sudden molecular changes and let them live longer. Soon after,
several mutated
beings started to seek the flesh and blood of the less mutated beings.

[We now see a different lab, with Wels eating each other.]

Elly:The Soylent System divides and merges those mutated bodies on a molecular

[Body parts travel through a tube into a tank with a giant organism.]

Elly:A set of facilities that recreate a more perfect single lifeform to be
used as... a
'weapon'. This was the truth behind the Gazel Ministry's 'M Plan'. Go to those
and you will be freed from the agony... So people gathered, seeking a
fulfillment of this
promise. There is a salvation there... The news spread... although no one
actually uttered
it. Their mutated blood probably told such people to 'gather' there... We went
to destroy the
Soylent System...

[Fei Elly and Citan enter a room where Wels are lined up. ]

Elly:There, humans fought among themselves greedily for limited pardons to
live. It was an
ugly battle to keep on living. Or so it may have seemed to the casual
passerby... But to me
they were desperately trying to live It was the person's 'natural human form'
There were the
'haves' and the 'have-nots'... And... among them... were some of my former
friends from
Solaris... They wanted our flesh and blood. They told us, the 'haves' should
share with the
'have-nots'. They asked if a 'have' such as myself could understand their
pain... I couldn't
answer... No matter what I said it would have sounded like a conceited 'have'
Even so, I wanted to relieve their anguish... And I decided to do so. Just like
the person
in the memory of my dreams... in the distant past...

[The giant creature from the lab breaks out, and attacks people.]

Elly:Then suddenly the system went out of control! The 'Sufal Mass', a
monstrous organism
still in the process of amalgamation, broke through the barrier of the
life-support facilities
and stood before us. No longer human form... that which was once human began
eating the people
gathered there seeking relief... We had to fight it... In order to save the
people gathered
there seeking relief... The eyes of that which was once human looked at me,
pleading for
...death... to take away the agony.

[They defeat the Sufal Mass.]

Elly:Citan... please lend me your sword.

[Elly stands before the fallen Sufal. She cuts herself with Citan's sword and
lets the Sufal
have the blood spilling from her hand.]

Elly:I'm sorry. I guess I couldn't help you after all. All I can do for you now
is cleanse
your wounds. I'm so sorry...


[The Sufal dies with a look of peace on it's face.]

[Elly stands before the mutated people.]

Elly:Please! Listen to me! Stop fighting among yourselves. We are all humans!
This facility
was built by the Solaris Ministry... It was created to implement their 'no
waste' plan. Such
facilities were to convert mutated humans into weapons that were used as tools
for their
ambitions. Just one part of their overall plan of racial purification.

Sophia:Of course, once you enter their umbrella of protection... can
avoid absolute
death. But is that human life? Even if you are the only one left, if you're
devoid of a heart,
what does it all mean?

Elly:All of you, want to be loved... needed by someone, so we look to others...
By ourselves,
we are lonely, so we try to draw together to live... That's what it means to be
how people live. A single hand cannot clap.

Sophia:To relieve your pain, I'll give however much of my flesh you need.
Therefore... don't
throw away your dignity as humans... Don't let go of your human heart...

[Elly falls over.]

Fei:Elly...! Are you okay? What are you doing?

Elly:You think I am doing something foolish?


Elly:I only did what I could . Maybe I'm a hypocrite. A well to do 'have'.
Maybe it's only
pity for the 'have-nots'... But if I can know the joy of giving out a little of
the life
within me... Then maybe someday it may just be possible that one human can
truly give love
to another... People can do it... I truly believe they can. That's why...


[Fei sits in the chair once more.]

Fei:After that, we went from place to place, destroying all the Soylent System
located on the surface of the earth and freed the people held at each of the
locations. All
the people that had been mutated were taken in by Nisan where they received

[The pic changes to nuns caring for mutants.]

Fei:Those who had mutated only mildly were treated with Taura's nanomachines,
reconstructed and revived them. They were able to return back to their normal
Unfortunately, there were some that had such accelearted symptoms, that their
was not as promising... Trying to bring them back to a form that resembled a
humans was the
best that could be done. However, mysteriously, they no longer fought for
survival as they
did when they were held by the Soylent System. Of course, their recovery from
the physical
pain of the mutation had played a factor, but it wasn't only that... The
majority of the
people received by Nisan were those that had been admonished by Elly and
regained their

[The pic shows Margie and Elly helping mutants.]

Fei:Between her work in destroying the Soylent System facilities, Elly also
went around and
nursed the people in Nisan. She aided the bodies of the mutated and lent an ear
to those who
had no other place to go for help... She was the very image of the woman who
created Nisan...
'Mother Sophia'... It became a rumor that Elly was a reincarnation of a second
advent of
Sophia. Go to Nisan and you will receive salvation... The news spread further
about and people
came from all over to be saved, both physically and spiritually. Free from the
supervision of
Solaris, the surface dwellers began to unite in one place.

[On the Ezekiel...]

Gazel Blue 1:The germinating of those desired to be the body of the servant of

Gazel Red 3:As before, the humans are gathering in Nisan. At this rate...

Gazel Blue 4:Not to fear... This might actually be helpful to us.

Gazel Red 4:The time is near, should we not prepare for those who are to become
the fleshly
body of god, and those who will awaken god?

Gazel Blue 3:The time has come to activate the 'Gaetia Key'...

[Suddenly, bolts of electricity come out of the screen in front of the

Gazel Red 2:Wha, what!?

Gazel Blue 2:Cain!?

[The Emporer appears on the screen.]

Emperor Cain:What more do you intend to do? I can not allow you to use the

Gazel Red 3:Cain! What are you doing!?

Gazel Red 1:Without the resurrection of god, our purpose cannot be fulfilled!

Gazel Blue 2:Or... are you planning on perishing with god, Cain...? Withou
fulfilling our

Emporer Cain:Your purpose...? You were fated to it from your birth. Why haven't
you realized
that it does not arise from your own free will?

Gazel Blue 3:I've heard enough...

Gazel Red 2:Yes. This is the end of our own volitation...

Gazel Blue 1:If you still insist on opposing us...

Gazel Red 3:Guuaaaaaaaah!

Emperor Cain:Have you forgotten? You are my subordinates! I can destroy you if
I so desire.

Gazel Blue 3:Nnnuuuuuuuuhh...

Emperor Cain:We have already done our part. It is time to pass the helm to the
generation. The people will not perish...

III C. The Anima Dungeons

[Fei sits in the chair...]

Fei:Although the initial impact of being released from the Limiter seal caused
some momentary
chaos, everything slowly began to settle down. We then began to search for the
'Anima Relics'
... the catalyst to transform Gears into Omnigears. In the past, ten Relics had
recovered... It is said about half of those are in the hands of the Ministry.
According to
Zephyr, there should be several more Relics hidden in the land. We knew then
that Solaris
would most certainly be searching for them. There was no way we could allow
Solaris to have
them. We visited the place where, using archaic records, Zephyr and her people
had been able
to get clues on the whereabouts of the Relics. Following the information we
obtained from
there, we headed towards the ruins of what seemed to be an ancient

[After exploring, the party reaches a large room. In the middle is a large tube
with a glowing
rock with an eye on it inside.]

Elly:This is...

Billy:The Anima Relic... Who is it? Who's calling me? I don't know. I don't
know... What
should I do...? You were waiting? For me...?


[An image of a more powerful Renmazou appears in the tube.]

Billy:Did you see that? It looked like... my Gear?

Fei:Maybe something has happened to your Gear. Let's head for the exit and see
if any change
has taken place.

[On the way out, they see the Elements.]

Fei:You girls again!?


Dominia:I see you've gained a new Gear that has been aligned with an Anima

Kelvena:You know that we should have been the ones to have it... We need
stronger powers for
Commander Ramsus to realize his long-cherished desires.

Tolone;Yes, for the building of our ideal country, we can't allow you to take

Seraphita:So, c'mon... let us have it!

Fei:You knew what Solaris was doing to the surface dwellers... And you know
what the situation
is like now on the earth... And yet you...

Dominia:What the Gazel do or whatever happens to the Lambs, are not my
concerns. Each of us
have our own obligations to fulfill. We don't have time to deal with affairs
concerning you
weak and inferior people.

Elly:Dominia... Do you truly believe that?

Dominia:Yes. Look at yourselves, for instance... You, the strong and superior,
were the first
to preserve yourself without any mutations. Is that not right?

Fei:Power and ability have nothing to do with it. It was pure coincidence we
didn't mutate.

Billy:People are people. Nothing more or less. I admit that there are the weak
and the
powerless. But that's no reason for us to forsake them. We are all the same
human beings.

Dominia:So... you wish to give a hand to those who would be saved?

Seraphita:You're so ni~ce and ki~nd!

Kelvena:How commendable. But... is that really what's best for mankind?

Elly:You were all once surface dwellers. Weren't you all forced to live under
the oppression
of Solaris? I KNOW that you know how it feels to be a 'have not', so why do

Kelvena:People must be able to stand on their own in any circumstances they are
Overprotection only stunts the will to be independant. This stunts the growth
of the people of
the world. We've experienced that first hand. Live by one's own strength, stand
on one's own
feet! It's sad but true that the weak will be weeded out... But we cannot look
back. That is
the providence of human existance.

Elly:That is just the providence of those who are the haves!

Dominia:Hmph. So be it then, show me this providence of yours that wishes to
save the meager
'have nots'! Here I come!

[After the fight...]

Dominia:Hah... We may have fared poorly when we fought in the flesh, but we
will finish you
off in our Gears! Come! Follow me!

[They leave. The party follows them outside.]

Dominia:What took you!?

Fei:What meaning is there in fighting again?

Dominia:Silence! Now we have no choice but to fight. Now we will show you the
true powers of
the Elements! Get ready... Because here we come!

Kelvena:Let us merge and combine our forces!

Dominia:Elements in Union!

[In a spectacular sequence, the four Gears combine into one huge humanoid Gear.
The party
defeats them.]

Elly:Some things only the weak can feel... But weakness does not make them
servile. It's
because they are weak, that they can develop kindness... and never look down on
people. That
is where real human interaction comes from. Everyone has weaknesses. Even you
did at first.
Your weakness drew you to each other... And made you grow strong. Never forget
those feelings.
When you all lived together side by side...

[Elly starts walking off.]

Dominia:Wait! Are you trying to show us mercy? Or are you just trying to show

Elly:You've got us all wrong, Dominia. Our paths may be different, but our
goals are the same.
That's why I can't fight you anymore. There's no reason for me to... That's

[The party leaves.]

Kelvena:Well, it looks like they sure showed us a thing or two!


[Elly sits in the chair in front of a pic of the Element's Gears.]

Elly:Having fled from the Elements, who tried to take the Relic to be used as a
power to
fulfill Ramsus' desires... we once again initiated our search for
information... on the
whereabouts of the last known Relic...

[In Solaris...]

Gazel Red 4:He is no longer one of us...

Gazel Red 1:Yes. He dares to go against our objectives. Just like the other

Gazel Blue 3:We can still activate the key...

Gazel Red 2:We must do something about the one who stands in our way... We must

Gazel Blue 2:But, we can not stand up to his power.

Gazel Red 3:Only 'Cain' can destroy 'Cain'...

Gazel Blue 1:So 'Mother', will you do it for us?

Miang:Maybe... Did Krelian say anything?

Gazel Blue 4:Something concerning the potential energy as a countervailing
existence... With
everything focusing on a single point...

Miang:I see... But Kahr is still shaken up by... yesterday's defeat against
Fei. We are
almost ready. I need a little more time...

Gazel Blue 1:Then we'll wait. We'll wait till the time is ripe...

[Dominia listens in on the conversation from outside.]

Dominia:Krelian...? A countervailing existence...? That Miang.. what's she up
to...? I had
better warn the Commander...!

[She runs towards the control room. Inside, Ramsus tries to leave, but Kelvena
and Tolone
block the way.]

Ramsus:Out of the way! Let me through! That bastard! I'll hunt him out

Kelvena:Please calm down, Commander!

Tolone:We'll make care of him and his friends!

Ramsus:What could you fools do? Imbeciles! Only I can beat him! Only I, who
transcends all
other humans, can possibly take him down!

[He runs towards the door. Dominia comes in.]


[Ramsus goes right by her and leaves.]

Dominia:Commander! Wait!...

[Elly sits in the chair...]

Elly:While Fei and the others searched for the resting place of the last known
Anima Relic,
I temporarily returned to Nisan. I don't know why I went back, Just... I had
this stirring
within my heart... that some danger was awaiting there...

[A pic of Elly in a Nisan house appears behind her.]

Elly:All of the people accepted into Nisan were on the road to recovery. There
were still
those who were not able to completely recover, but Taura's nanomachines
continued to evolve
from day to day. Thanks to the nanomachines, the treatments were becoming more
and more
successful and the day when everyone would regain there original bodily form
was approaching.

[The pic changes to Vendetta landing in Nisan.]

Elly:A trembling... There was a sudden explosion in the city of Nisan. Within
the burning fire
stood a gold Omnigear... It was Ramsus. He assaulted Nisan so that he could
defeat Fei. His
purpose of existing was at stake... The Nisan and Shevat militia, even Renk and
his friends
from Solaris who now served to protect Nisan, could not thwart the assault. The
people were
evacuated into the Cathedral. Continuing to search for Fei, Ramsus put the
militia to rout
and pressed on toward the Cathedral... he was... ruined... He had his mind set
solely on
getting at Fei... I stood before him.

[The picture changes to another picture of Vendetta.]

Ramsus:Where! Where is he!? I know it! He's here! Why does he not come out!?

Elly:Ramsus! The Fei you seek is not here! So please, stop this meaningless

Ramsus:You... Yes...You will do...

[A third picture of Vendetta appears in the background...]

Ramsus:Come out! Fei! If you will not come out, I will crush Elhaym!




Elly:Keep back...

Ramsus:Not coming out, eh... Have it your way. Then from tonight on you will be
crying with
this woman's dead body in your arms!


[A fourth pic of Vendetta appears, this time with Elly in front of it.]

Ramsus:H, how the !? What happened!? Why can't I move!?


Renk:Are you okay!?

Ramsus:H, how could I... to the likes of you...? N, not only to him, but I am
also inferior to
you...!? Me!?

Elly:What happened to you, Ramsus...? Why are you caught up with Fei so much...
Why are you
bothered by who is more superior?

Ramsus:I was originally created to be the integration of all human abilities...
...To be able
to align with all of the Anima Relics... I was created to have the powers
equivalent to those
of Emperor Cain. You could say I was to be the ideal form which all people
strive to become...
However... ...once he was born... I was ...rejected... ...I was given life in a
pile of
trash... ...Born in the dark, cold abyss of worthlessness...

[A new picture appears in the background. It is of a fetus in a large pile of

Ramsus:But I was able to crawl out of there! I was able to survive on my own
strength! In
order to get back at all those who have forsakken me! Despite all of that, I
was able to get
this far! I was able to provide myself with the warmth that I required to
continue living!
But, he had to come back and intervene in my life one more time! He tried to
take away from
me again! As long as he exists... I don't belong anywhere...

Elly:I think I know why you are so fixated on Fei... You do not really know
what you should be
doing with your life right now. You're simply trying to protect yourself by
attacking Fei...By
attacking others, you are confirming your own existence. That's why you stive
to be above
everyone else... Because, otherwise, you'd be enveloped by a void... because
you yourself
would disappear... Because that emptiness within your heart will only grow...
Because you want
to hang on to love...

Ramsus:Silence! Even you are trying to take it away from me!? ...That warmth!
That very warmth
I've finally obtained!

Elly:Ramsus... No one is attacking you. No one is trying to take away what is
so precious to
you... No one is threatening your existence... It's all in your mind. So don't
hide your
feelings that are in your heart... Don't fear love...

[A new picture appears in the background, that of Krelian and a dark haired
woman looking at
a fetus in a tube.]

Ramsus:Y, you... Now you... Aarrrgghhh!

[Ramsus leaves.]

Elly:Ramsus was in fear. He feared losing the place he belonged to... He feared
that Fei was
the one who would take it away from him... He believed love was something you
take... He
craved love more than anyone else...

[At the SOL-9000...]

Gazel Red 1:Worthless...

Gazel Red 3:Trash...

Gazel Blue 2:Reject...

Gazel Red 2:Why even bother existing...?

Gazel Red 4:Defect...

Gazel Blue 4:Be gone...

Gazel Blue 3:We have no use for you...

Gazel Blue 1:Hah! Trash is of more worth to us than you...

[The SOL-9000 turns off.]


Miang:Kahr... Don't worry. I'll always be by your side. No one knows you better
than I do.
So don't...

Ramsus:Miang! Is this... Is this all I can do? Is this the extent of my
strength and
abilities? I couldn't beat him... And in front of that woman, I couldn't even
do a thing...
Is this the limit of my existence!? My abilities...!?

Krelian:...You're the same as Cain. An archetype that surpasses all humans. I
made you in the
same way. but he is the one who is preventing you from fully releasing your
powers. Divided
powers... That man was your original form. The primordial superior being... If
you could
defeat him, then you would be...

Miang:Yes. Even with your superior constitution, the existence of the original
being hinders
you. If you could eliminate the divided power, then it would all be yours...
Don't you agree

[Fei sits in the chair...]

Fei:Having completed the alignment of the first Anima Relic with Billy, there
was a remarcable
change in the appearance and structure of Billy's Gear. They were units that
merged with the
inorganic... Of course we had no idea what purpose these ancient Anima Relics
were created
for, but the fact that they played some kind of role as weapons was blatantly
Eventually their true power will be released... And we cannot allow this power
to fall into
the hands of evil. In order to obtain the final Relic, we headed for a ruin
that is believed
to be almost 10,000 years old. ...The remains of the first civilization on our
planet. And...
a reunion with an old 'friend' awaited us...

[After exploring, Fei, Elly and Rico find the final Anima Relic.]

Elly:So there is an Anima Relic in these ruins.

Rico:Hmph, so ancient people worshipped meaningless things too, huh? Who's
that? Wha'd you
say? Say something I understand! Who're you!? Get outta my head!

Fei:Rico, are you okay?

[Suddenly, the Anima Relic flashes. An image of a more powerful Stier appears.]

Rico:I've seen that shape somewhere before.

Fei:Wasn't that Rico's Gear? So it looks like it was your turn, Rico! Well
anyway, we'll soon
see when we go outside.

[They exist the small cavern and go back outside.]

Fei:Whoa! What the...?

[Something approaches from the chasm below... It is Hammer in a powerful
looking Gear.]

Hammer:Hey, bro... Heh heh heh. It's been a long time no see, bro!

Fei:Hammer, is that you? What are you doing in that outfit?

Hammer:I was finally able to get it... Super-strength... Just like you, bro! It
feels so
good... being one with your Gear. Krelian did this for me. Anyway, just leave
that Gear and
miss Elly for me. Resistance is useless. I'm much too powerful for you now...

Fei:What are you saying, Hammer?

Hammer:What? You're not handing them over? ...I see. Then I'll just have to use
force and take
the girl and the Gear from you!

Rico:Stop it, Hammer!

Hammer:Even you, 'Champ', won't win against me now. Here I come!

[The party beats Hammer after a long fight.]

Hammer:Heh heh... That's my bro... Far too strong... Even for me... Just when I
thought I
finally got powerful enough to beat you too!


Hammer:Champ... Promise me you'll go back to Nortune one day... You are... the
next in line...
to be the Kaiser...

Rico:You knew?

Hammer:Don't underestimate the power of my information network... But... It's
no use now...
I... For a bit player... like me... this is probably... the end... I deserve...

[Hammers Gear collapses and falls down into the chasm.]


[Fei sits in the chair...]

Fei:Hammer dissappeared into the chasm with a look of satisfaction...Was he
happy because
he had been able to attain it...? 'His brief moment of power'... Hammer's
smile... Was that
the look of joy from attaining power...? Or was it the look of relief from teh
pain that was
brought upon him by his mutation...? Ulimately, we had no other choice but to
defeat our
'friend', Hammer, for the sake of our own survival... Was there any other way
around it...?
I've never felt that fighting was so futile, until now... Elly cried
continously... She hated
herself for not having the power to be able to do anything to help him. When I
saw her like
that, I couldn't help thinking... I can no longer allow her to fight like
this... We returned
to Ignas... Feeling this had become much more than we could bear...

III D. Mahanon

[Fei sits in the chair...]

Fei:Hammer dissappeared into the chasm with a look of satisfaction...Was he
happy because he
had been able to attain it...? 'His brief moment of power'... Hammer's smile...
Was that the
look of joy from attaining power...? Or was it the look of relief from teh pain
that was
brought upon him by his mutation...? Ulimately, we had no other choice but to
defeat our
'friend', Hammer, for the sake of our own survival... Was there any other way
around it...?
I've never felt that fighting was so futile, until now... Elly cried
continously... She hated
herself for not having the power to be able to do anything to help him. When I
saw her like
that, I couldn't help thinking... I can no longer allow her to fight like
this... We returned
to Ignas... Feeling this had become much more than we could bear...

[Ramsus approaches Cain on his throne. He holds a sword in his hand.]

Cain:What do you want... Ramsus...?

[Suddenly, a red light materializes around the Emperor.]

Ramsus:You... If you didn't exist... I... That's why... I must... get rid... of
you... Only
then I will be able to beat him...

Cain:What do you think you're doing Ramsus...!?

[The light surrounding Cain dissappears.]

Cain:That's absurd! Do you think you can neutralize my power!?

Krelian:Of course he can. He was made to be able to do so.

Cain:Krelian...!? Surely you're not on their side now!?

Krelian:Oh, really now... I don't care about a group of old geezers who are so
obsessed with
clinging onto their dear little lives... ...that they had to resort to turning
themselves into
data on the SOL-9000 in order to survive. That's not why... Your existence
obstructs me from
reaching my goal. That's all...

Cain:Haven't you been working for humanity's future... For humans to live
longer? That is why
I assisted you...

Krelian:Yes, that's right. I try to lead the people in 'my own way'. That
hasn't changed in
the least.

Cain:Krelian, what's got into you...!?

Krelian:Kill him, 'Ramses'!


[Ramsus swings his sword at Cain's head. The sword connects, and Cain's head
falls off,
spilling blood all over the throne. Cain's head falls into the abyss below
them. All of the
images and mirrors surrounding the throne crumble. Ramsus and Krelian leave.]


Gazel Blue 2:So... Cain is dead?

Gazel Red 2:Yes.

Gazel Blue 4:The final fate for one bound within everlasting flesh...

Gazel Red 2 :If only he had just accepted our logical ideas too...

Gazel Blue 1:A fitting end for someone who had become dominated by needless
flesh. Excellent
work, Krelian.


Gazel Blue 3:Now there is nothing that can stand in the way of us accomplishing

Gazel Red 1:The 'Anima Relics' have been awakened and have aligned with their
'Animus'... Dan, Joseph, Gad... have each been aligned with a surface dweller
as their

Gazel Blue 4:Hyuga's Asher, Ramsus' Zebulun, Krelian's Judah, Sophia's Dinah...

Gazel Red 3:Reuben, Simeon, Levi and Issacher were already aligned 500 years

Gazel Blue 2:And finally... Grahf's Naphtali... All of the 'Anima Relics' have
now been

Gazel Red 2:The identity of the -Persona- mask of the 'mother' has also become

Gazel Red 4:The time has come.

Gazel Blue 4:Now it is time to open the door to god's domain to attain the
fleshly body and
the wisdom of god...

Gazel Blue 3:The time of the true awakening... To carry us to new horizons...
Yes, the time
of the gospel has come...!

Gazel Blue 1:Now, humans! Extol the awakening of god!

[Suddenly, the Gaetia Key, a large cylinder shaped object around 5 feet tall
with various
grooves on it exits from the bottom of the SOL-9000 and enters the keyhole in
the floor. It
turns. Suddenly, a an elaborate circular design appears around the keyhole.]

[Fei sits in the chair in space.]

Fei:Suddenly the howling erupted. Even the people who had not mutated were
being turned...
into Wels. They howled out like war cries, as if to call out to something.

[A picture of people in Nisan mutating appears behind Fei.]

Fei:That was because Ramsus had been manipulated into assasinating the Emperor.
Now, with
nothing else holding them back, the Ministry had put into use the 'Gaetia
Key'... The effect
of which was to alter those people who had been destined by god. Those people
destined by god,
regardless of whether they were surface dwellers or Solarians, began to change
shape, one
after the other... The howling was the people, who had filled the earth,
calling out to god.
Once humans have filled the earth, god will awaken from his long sleep... And
the awakening of
Mahanon, the paradice in the sky, will soon follow... The true meaning of what
teh Ministry
had spoken, the true nature of that legend, was at last beginning to be
realized. This is what
they meant when they said "once humans have filled the earth..." Eventually,
'Mahanon', the
resting place of god, woke from its long slumber and began to rise... ...almost
as if
responding to the call of the people. It appeared to us in all it's magestic

[The wreckage of a large ship, covered with seaweed and various seascum rises
from the ocean
slowly. This ship is the 'Mahanon' mentioned by the Ministry and Emperor.]

Fei:Solaris's Gazel Ministry sent a massive force there to obtain "god and his
wisdom" ...But,
by now, neither the nation of Solaris, nor the organization known as Gebler,
existed anymore.
The only thing that was left was an innumerable accumulation of weapons. Almost
all of the
Solarians had been transfigured into weapons... The Gazel Ministry now reigned
over them as
their commanders. There was no way we could allow god or god's wisdom to fall
into the hands
of the ministry. We decided to assemble all the forces we could and head toward
Mahanon. It
was a perilous battle. There was no guarantee we could make it back alive... We
were to carry
out the plan at dawn. Hence, I had to stiffen my resolve concerning 'her'...

Elly:Wait a minute! You want me to stay here? No, I'm going with you!

Fei:No. It's too dangerous...

Elly:Why? I've been in many dangerous situations. This isn't the first time!

Fei:I said NO! We can't take you. Please, understand!

Elly:No, I want to go! We've been fighting together all this time! And suddenly
you're telling
me not to go!? I just don't get it!!

Fei:This isn't like any other fight! It's a battle for the wisdom created by
god. It's life or
death. Whoever controls it, becomes the true dominator of the worlds! It's
obvious the Ministry
 will bring the strongest possible troops. There is no guarantee you would come
back alive!

Elly:That's exactly why I want to go...

Fei:You don't have the slightest idea...

Elly:What don't I understand!?

Fei:If the enemy were only the Ministry or just mechanical weapons it would be
okay. But most
of the enemies will be made up of what were once humans... Humans just like you
and I!


Fei:I saw them at those facilities... Gears that were made out of humans. They
were the same
as Hammer... Could you now destroy them after knowing this!? In order to save
ourselves, can
you truly say that you could kill those who were once our friends!? So, do you
still want to
go now!?

Elly:W, well...

Fei:You can't even kill one person. Your presence would be a burden during the


Fei:You'd just get in the way.

[Elly runs off crying.]

Bart:Hey, Fei! Don't you think you went a little too far there?

Citan:We cannot blame her. At least we should understand her feelings.

Fei:I know how Elly feels. I knew she wouldn't have listened to me if I had
just said, 'You're
not coming!'. Seeing as she has worked together with us for such a long time
and all... That's
why I had to explain to her like that... The people gathered in Nisan need
Elly. She's gotta
realize how much people are depending on her. I can't put her in a dangerous

Margie:But the way you said it was a little harsh.

Billy:You didn't have to be so cold. She was crying, you know?


Citan:I am sure she realizes that.

Bart:I agree. Maybe you are the one who doesn't understand?

Fei:Me...? I don't understand?

Margie:A lady's... heart...?

Billy:She wants to go, to be with you, Fei... Until the end...


Bart:If I were you... I'd hold her tight and say... 'Let's go together!'
...Just like that!

Margie:Really? mean... errh...

Maison:Young master, don't overdo yourself now...

Bart:Ah, shut up! Anyhow, why don't you go ask her to come with you? Whether
she'll go or not,
you should express your feelings in words. If you really care about her, you
have to go tell

Citan:Express your feelings... right?

Fei:I, I didn't mean...!

Bart:Too late now. Everyone knows it.

Citan:You are not being true to yourself, are you?

Margie:I agree.

Emeralda:Fei... say it... straight out...

Margie:Go ahead... Go chase after her! What are you waiting for?

[Fei walks into the room where Elly is.]

Fei:Ah... sorry about what just happened... Forgive me... But, I want to
explain... Now for
the first time, people, on both earth and Solaris, are becoming one. But then,
not all of them
are strong like the crew of this ship, or those people in Shevat. Even we
almost lose sight of
our future at times... so you can imagine what regular people go through.
That's why people
need someone like you to depend on... As a light to guide us. You freed the
hearts of the
people that have been used as tools by that Ministry for hundreds of years.
Elly, it was you!
And now your body doesn't just belong to you alone anymore. That's why I can't
let you be in
any danger. And that's why I don't want you to fight anymore.

Elly:...It's funny, isn't it?


Elly:We used to be enemies but now we're together like this... In the
beginning... I think I
saw myself in you. We seemed to overlap... You being in a similar situation as
I was in. When
I was with you, I didn't feel alone or apprehensive. That's why I thought I
liked you... But
it wasn't that. I simply didn't have the courage to look at my true self. I
turned to you to
run away from it all... I mistook that for love. But, it's different now. I can
face my own
problems. I am me... and you are you. It has all become clear to me now. I also
learned that
I really do need you... It's not because I need you as a sanctuary for my
problems. I need you
because I truly love you.


Elly:I know what you're saying, Fei. I know why you're so concerned for my
safety... But you
know, I'm... scared. I fear we may never see each other again... I just have
this feeling.

Fei:Don't worry, I won't die.

Elly:No, it's not that... It's something completely different... It's as if I'm
being torn
apart by something I can't resist... That I'm no longer me... Even if you come
back safely...
It still... It just feels so uneasy... That is why I need to go with you. I
can't bear to be
away from you.

Fei:I feel the same way... Ever since that time I met you in the forest... I
think it's the
same feeling that you've been having... I was also running to you. But I have
to solve my own
problems. I can't throw my problems onto you. There is another me... 'Id' is
within me. I fear
that at any moment Id may awaken within me. You're the only one that has been
able to keep me
from giving into Id. It was because you were always by my side that I was still
able to keep
from losing myself.

[Fei walks up to Elly.]

Fei:I promise you that I will return. So... that is... Elly, I want you to be
my reason to
return... To be my home that I can return to... Elly, if you will wait for me
to come back...
even if we are in totally different places... As long as you will stay by my
side... I know
I'll be able to do anything...

Elly:Oh Fei...

[Elly and Fei kiss.]

[The next morning, Fei gets up and gets dressed. As he moves towards the door,
Elly says...]

Elly:Are you going now?

Fei:Yeah, sorry. Did I wake you?

Elly:It's okay. I've been watching you all along...

Fei:All along?

Elly:Uh-huh. I was watching over you while you slept... And before I realized
it, it was

Fei:... W, well, I'm off.

Elly:Alright then... Do be careful...

Fei:Yeah, I will... Oh! Could you hold on to this for me?

Elly:What is this? Is this a ...pendant?

Fei:I don't know whose it is. It seems it was on me when I was brought into
Lahan. It may be
nothing... or it could be...

Elly:It could be...?

Fei:Oh, nothing... Will you just hold on to it for me?

Elly:Alright. I'll hold on to it for you.

Fei:Thanks. ...Well, I guess it's goodbye!

Elly:Oh... Fei.


Elly:Thank you...

[Fei leaves.]

[Later that day, Margie and Elly talk on the bridge in Nisan.]

Margie:Elly. Are you okay about this? Don't you want to be with him?

Elly:Yes, but it's because I believe in him. Just being close to a person is
not in itself an
indication of love, is it?

Margie:But... Men are selfish... When something big happens, they say... 'It's
too dangerous...
You can't come!' They treat women like we are weaklings. Although it is true I
can't help
Bart and friends much anymore...

Elly:That's not true. Everyone, wants someone special waiting for them. Someone
who will
protect a place they can return to. If you don't have that peace of mind, then
you would not
be able to get anything done... Men try to fight it out as much as they can and
then some...
They're cute when they do that, aren't they?

Margie:Yeah, you're right...

Elly:Anyway, we have things we have to do too, now. And, while we do them,
let's prey that
everyone comes back safely.

Margie:To god?

Elly:No... to your own innermost feelings that everyone believed in... What's

Margie:I knew it... Yes, that must be it!


Margie:Elly, it's like everyone says! You must be a reincarnation of Sophia!
You have no way
of knowing the Nisan Sect's teachings, but what you say... ...well, it's
exactly the same as
what Sophia always said.

Elly:Yes... that must be it. The first time I visited here I had the most
familiar feeling.
Familiar... Sad... Like I had visited here many times in my dreams... I know
where each room
is and what's in them. I just know I must have been here in the distant past...
Before, if you
had spoken of this I'd have brushed it off with a laugh. But now... Now, I can
more or less
believe it. The things I couldn't do then... I'm probably trying to do now...

Margie:Things you couldn't do...?

Elly:...Yes. Things I couldn't do...

[The Yggdrasil heads towards Mahanon, the wreckage of a giant spaceship. The
word 'Eldridge'
can be clearly seen on the side.]

Fei:Driving back the Solarian interceptor forces, we took to the floating
continent, Mahanon.
It was the central hull of a colossal spacecraft with a diameter of at least 40
kelts. Judgind
from the condition of the hull, we estimated the ship was thousands of years

[They go in the control room.]

Fei:It was determined, by examining the wreckage, that some kind of accident
occured on this
ship about 10,000 years ago ...which forced it to crash on our planet. Alien
beings that came
to our planet from a far off galaxy, aeons ago... Could it possibly have been
that our
ancestors were the passengers of this ship and had crash landed here on this
Seeking god and his divine wisdom... 'Razael's Tree'... which, it is said, lie
here in
Mahanon, we proceeded further.

[They see a giant tube with a rotting turtle like creature.]

Fei:In the depths we saw an alien form. It was partially rotted and
petrified... a giant
grotesque being... 'It' gave off an inexplicable air of intimidation. Perhaps
it was more
than a gut reaction. Perhaps it was the fear of the 'Absolute' that came from
the very depths
of our inherited instincts...

[The creature breaks out. They kill it.]

Fei:That... was the ultimate power?

Fei:The partially rotted thing eventually self-disintegrated. We proceeded even

[The Gears enter a room with 2 gigantic memory cube like objects. A small
levitating ramp is

Fei:We came to an enormous cavern that was big enough to swallow the whole
capital of Aveh.
In the center were two gently glowing objects. It was the source of divine
wisdom.. It was
'Razael's Tree'. And the cavern itself was a giant computer called Razael.

[Citan goes on the ramp and it rises. He turns on a computer, which shows a
hologram like
screen with info on it.]

Fei:The wisdom of god, hidden within Razael... We found the unthinkable when we
accessed its
data. A large unmanned strategic weapon and its battalion of terminal interface
travelling from star system to star system. And a gargantuan mothership used to
carry them...
The creation of the -Malahk- angel... God's army to reign over the vast
universe with... And
the construction of a divine ark... These weapons were called, 'Yabeh', the
invasion weapon system. What the Gazel Ministry was pursuing was right here.
According to the
data, the giant rotting organism we just defeated was in fact the nucleus of
this system. We
were on the verge of accessing the data for the object called... 'Zohar' ...The
central neural
circuit and power source controlling the entire system, from the weapons to the
when suddenly, 'HE' appeared.

[A mass amount of Gears enter the room. They are led by Krelian and Grahf.]

Krelian:Ah, the hidden data from Razael's Tree... Move away from there. This
matter is too
weighty for the likes of you.

Fei:We must protect it with our lives! We can't let them have the Razael data!

Citan:You handle them! I will try and extract as much data as I am able to! If
anything goes
wrong... I will destroy this place!

[Grahf in his omnigear, Alpha Weltall, easily defeats the party.]


[Grahf gets out of his Gear and goes up to Fei.]

Grahf:I guess that's all you can take for now. Are you frustrated? But that
'only natural'. After all, you are imperfect.


Grahf:Yes. You are lacking now. The absence of wrath is an impediment to you
utilizing your
true strength!

Fei:W, wrath...?

Grahf:The drive to massacre and annihilate, the compulsion to destroy your
opponent... Such
wrath is power for the soul! By eliminating your foe, you attain your first
sublimation of
that drive. It is this very sublimation that draws out the hidden powers within
oneself! But,
clinging to reason... ...suppressing your wrath and desire, makes releasing
your true power a
dream within a dream for you. You already know this... When wrath appeared in
your heart, the
machine responded, did it not? What drew out such power from your machine was
truly the drive
of your soul... It was your 'Id'. The sign of the purpose you've been
seeking... The mark of a
natural born assassin!

Fei:You're wrong! That's absolutely untrue! I, I am not 'Id'! I...

Grahf:The time has come... I'll take your soul, and draw its power out to the


[Krelian and Miang dressed as the Executioner approach Grahf and Fei.]

Grahf:Huh? What are you stopping me for!?

Krelian:He is bait. If you kill the bait, the precious bird we wish to capture
will fly away.
You know... a very important bird... 'needed to fulfill my earnest desire'...
You understand,
don't you, Lacan...?

Grahf:... Suit yourself.

[Grahf leaves.]

Krelian:We shall crucify them. In the land of Golgoda, to the west of here.
Collect all the
broken Gears!

[Meanwhile, Elly helps mutants in Nisan...]

Elly:When Fei and the others arrived at the deepest part of Mahanon, I was
looking after the
newly mutating people in Nisan... People mutating, one after the other... Like
some eternal
nightmare that made me wonder just how long we would have to keep on nursing

Margie:Are you okay? You haven't had any rest, have you? I can handle things on
my own for a
while. Why don't you go out for a walk?

Elly:Thank you. But I'll be alright. I'd rather keep busy, so that I won't
worry about things
too much.

Margie:Is that it? Hey! Elly, what's that?


Margie:Can I see it? Just as I thought. It's the Pendant of Nisan. But, why do
you have it,

Elly:It's Fei's. I'm holding on to it for him... But... It feels as if I have
always worn

Margie:Hmm... When you wear that, you look even more like Sophia!

Elly:Really? Hmm... Flattery won't get you anything, you know? Anyway, we need
to hurry up and
test the new mutation suppresant assemblers on those other people there. We
can't afford to
have them change any further. Ah!

[Suddenly, the pendant falls and breaks on the ground.]

Elly:Oh no... Something has happened to Fei and the others!

[Elly runs out as fast as she can.]

[Elly sits in the chair and narrates...]

Elly:Overcome by indescribable fear, I decided to ascend to Shevat which was
stationed in the
skies above Nisan. Awaiting me there was a transmission from Krelian... He told
me that if I
wanted to save Fei and the others, I would have to come to Golgoda. Krelian
wanted me. In
order to save Fei and my other friends, I departed in the last Omnigear left
remaining in
Shevat. My previous fear of riding in this machine was surmounted by my desire
to rescue the
people dear to me.

[Elly is approached by her former troops on the way to the Gear dock.]

Renk:Are you serious about going it alone!?

Elly:Krelian told me to come by myself. I can't afford to break the agreement.
So, please,
stay behind and protect everyone here.

Helmholz:But, it's a trap!

Elly:I know.

Stratski:Then why!?

Elly:If I do not go, Fei and them will be executed for sure.... Krelian isn't
concerned with
anyone else but me.

Renk:So what makes you think he's going to hold his part of the bargin? Do you
have any way
of knowing that you will definately save your friends by doing this?


Vance:Then it's suicide!

Elly:It might be. But, I've made it this far because of Fei and the others...
Because they
accepted me as their friend.

Renk:If you go away... what about us...? What about all the people who have
assembled in Nisan
that you leave behind? Everyone's depending on you for their spiritual support.

Elly:The people in Nisan will be fine. They can stand on their own feet without
any support
from me... This is also true of you all, right?

Broyer:But why do you do so much for him...?

Elly:I don't know... I guess it's a woman's prerogative to be selfish...

Helmholz:A woman's prerogative...?

Elly:I'm not a holy woman of any sort. I'm just a regular woman. I get angry...
I cry... I
laugh... Although at times I can resent others, I also know how to love
others... Loving whole
masses of people at times... and loving just one person the rest of the time...
I am in
supreme bliss when I am embraced by the man that I love. Giving what I have to
him, and
receiving what he gives to me, we become one flesh... That is the moment when I
am most at
piece. It is my prerogative as a woman to simply want to save the man that I


Elly:I'm sorry ... for saying such selfish things... I'll go and do all that I
can do for my
friends. So I want you all to do whatever it is you can do for our friends


Elly:Well, I had better get going now...

[Elly pilots El-Regrs to Golgoda. There she finds all her friends Gears on
crucifixes. She
walks up to Krelian in Miang, who are in their Omnigears, Amphysvena and


Fei:You idiot! Why did you come here!? Krelian's after you! Forget about us!
Run and save

Elly:I came as I was told. I'm the only one you need... They have nothing to do
with this. So
let Fei and the others go!

Krelian:How gallant you are, Elhaym. It's as if 'that scene from the past has
been brought
back to life in the present'. So, you came in an Omnigear. That to is... 'her
Gear' ...Hmm...
Allow me to confirm something.

[2 men in Executioner Gowns appear.]

Krelian:I'll consider what kind of treatment your friends will receive... on
one condition!
...That you first defeat these two men here with that Gear you came in... How
about it, Elhaym?

Fei:Forget it, Elly! He's up to something! Don't accept it!

Citan:Fei is right! Krelian is not a man of his word... And he always has
ulterior motives
when he sweet talks someone! What's more, those men are fighting machines
created by Krelian.
Their combat skills are inmeasureable! They are not opponents you can handle by
yourself! Do
not take him up on his offer! Escape while you can!!

Krelian:My my... Such harsh criticism. I am not that brutal. So, what will it
be Elhaym? Even
if you were to try to flee now, it is not likely you would be able to... You
see... I have
this whole area surrounded by my guards! Wouldn't it be logical to take the
choice where you
may still stand a chance... ...No matter how slight it may be?

Fei:Don't do it, Elly!

Elly:Alright then... I'll do what you say.

Krelian:Good. You are indeed my precious little bird. Now, get on with it!

[Elly is approached by two Gears, one is the one met in Sargasso. The other is
a green bird
like Gear.]

Elly:If it gives Fei and them even the slightest chance of escape... Then I
will fight! I
don't care if it even costs me my life!! They're too fast!!

[The Gears attack her.]

Elly:Outmatched... Even in my Omnigear... But... I can't just... No... not like
this... I
can't lose!!

[She attacks one of them.]

Elly:M, must... somehow... stop... movement...

[She attacks one of the Gears. It topples over.]

Elly:Did I do it?

[The Gear gets up.]

Elly:H, how could that...!? I thought it had some sort of effect...

Mugwort:Girl, that hurt! I'll get you back! It was wrong of you to
underestimate our power!

[They attack Elly. She falls over.]


[Elly gets up, she is very weak.]

Elly:Guh...! ...Huff... Huff...

Rattan:Hmm, I'm getting no results. It can't be helped, Mugwort. It's about
time to finish
the job.

[Mugwort attacks Elly. Rattan follows.]

Rattan:Gahahahahaha! Downed yete!? It's to be expected. Multiple fractures,
major blood
loss... I wouldn't be surprised if the cockpit is a sea of blood, at worst
death! Gah hah
hah hah!!

[El-Regrs gets up.]

Mugwort:What the...!? There's no way you could stand after taking that much

[Elly attacks Mugwort and it blows up.]

Rattan:M, Mugwort!? Why you! How dare you do that to my partner!

[Elly attacks Rattan and destroys him too. Weakened, she falls as well.]

Fei:No way...! Elly...!

Krelian:Her true awakening...? Or just merely... 'protecting her master'...?
Either way, it
does not alter the fact that she is the -Mother- existence that I have been
searching for!
Now men... recover that machine. Place priority on the safety of the pilot. Do
whatever it
takes to preserve her life! Well then, I shall be taking this girl with me! As
for the rest
of you... Why don't you just wallow there pathetically while you meditate on
your own lack of
any real power.

[He leaves.]

[Grahf appears and approaches Fei.]

Grahf:Pitiful... You can't even protect a single woman. It is not even worth
the effort of
putting a spineless wretch like you out of your misery!

[Grahf leaves.]

[Fei sits in the chair...]

Fei:Elly was taken away... And, as Krelian had told her, we were left alive...
Was Krelian
just keeping his promise... No, that can't be it... There had to be another
'real' reason why
he allowed us to live... And we had to find out...

[On the Ezekiel...]

Gazel Blue 1:The fleshly body of god has been recovered...

Gazel Red 3:The Anima and Animus have all been obtained...

Gazel Blue 4:All that is left for us to do is change into the Animus, and
become one with the
mother -Persona-...

Krelian:...That is incorrect.

Gazel Blue 3:What? What do you mean, Krelian? What did you just say?

[Krelain pulls out a small remote and pushes some buttons on it. The SOL-9000
slows down, and
computer chips slowly slide out of it.]

Gazel Blue 2:What are you doing!? Krelian, have you gone totally insane!?

Gazel Red 2:What are you doing to the memory banks?

Gazel Red 3:Do not touch them! We cannot survive without the...!

[He is erased from existence.]

Krelian:You were the only ones who could have activated the key... But now that
it has been
activated, I no longer need you. I am having you all erased.

Gazel Red 2:How dare you!

Krelian:The only obstacle that kept me from my goals was Cain. He was the one
person who had
total control of the people and thus was my greatest nemesis. But the only
person who could
terminate Cain was Cain himself. That's why I created... 'a copy of Cain'.
Ramsus acted
exactly as I predicted... killing Cain. Now, there is no one who can stop 'me'.
And I'm not
interested in your power of authority. Did you really think you were acting on
your own free
will? You are all just parts of the system. Created only as weapons of invasion
oppression... You are just terminal interface weapons.

Gazel Blue 1:We... can... become... god! And... you're...

Krelian:God? Who said you'd be god? What impertinence! We are 'humans' We were
created to be
terminal interfaces of god. It is the same for you, who were once humans. 'Man
cannot become
god'. ...We can only entrust ourselves to god.

Gazel Blue 1:Ri... diculous... Going... a... against the ... Mother...

Krelian:I have not gone against her. This is the will of the 'other mother'.

Gazel Blue 1:You... think... you... can... and ...
still...... revive...

Krelian:It can be done. Your genes were scattered in order to keep the world
alive after the
'Fall' in the days of destruction. Those genes live on today within the humans.
The -Anima-
vessels... annd the recipients of their alignment, the -Animus-... and also the
By combining these with my nanomachines, humans will become living beings very
much the
equivalent of you. Actually, they may far surpass you in becoming terminal
interfaces for god.
So you are no longer of any use to me. -Deus-, the physical manifestation of
god, only wants
results... THe means are insignificant to him... So this is my 'Ark Plan'... My
-Project Noah-!

Gazel Blue 1:K... re... li...

[With that, the last remains of the Gazel Ministry is erased.]

Krelian:May all your worries cease. Rest in peace... ancestors of mortal man!
Now, it is just
you and I... Sophia!

III E. Merkava

[Fei sits in the chair...]

Fei:I was powerless... All I could do was stand by and watch as they took Elly
away from me...
I powerless...

[Fei sits in shame. Wiseman approachs him.]

Wiseman:What are you doing there?

Fei:Oh, it's you... I... I wasn't able to beat Grahf... I didn't stand a chance
against him...
It was obvious from the start. It was impossible to try and defeat a monster
machine like that
to begin with... And... Elly... Why was she so damn foolish? I implicitly told
her not to
come... I told her to run away... She had to have known it was a trap.

Wiseman:...Hmm... Yes, you won't be able to defeat him like that... As long as
you continue
fighting with that kind of attitude, that is.


Wiseman:The reason you lost and that young lady was taken was because of your
pride. Weren't
you depending far too much on the power of your machine? ...Not to mention that
new 'Id Power'
you're now able to control! What is Grahf's source of power? His machine? His
technique? His
experience? I do not think so... It is his feelings. His heart, his feelings,
are dominated by
his resentment and his hatred of this world. That hatred is his source of
power. Your feelings
weren't focused enough to fight off Grahf. That is why you could not win. Your
feelings must
be in the right place. That is strength. I'm not surprised you lost...
...seeing as you do not
understand the true meaning of strength...


Wiseman:That young lady... The only thing in her heart was her desire to save
you all. She set
aside her fear and piloted that machine. It was because she had such strong
feelings that you
are all still alive... That is what I think. Of course you have been defeated.
However, that
doesn't mean it's over. How do you plan on responding to her feelings? It is
now your turn to
save her... is it not?


Wiseman:Well, what are you going to do? ...Fei...

Fei:I, errh... I'm going to...

[Fei sits in the chair. Behind him is a pic of a giant circular fortress.]

Fei:In order to save Elly, we began to search desperately for her
whereabouts... And two weeks
later, we found her. Using the data obtained from Razael and his own
nanomachine technology,
Krelian had begun the construction of god's ark 'Merkava'. Its completion was
imminent. To
prevent its activation, and to rescue Elly... we headed for Merkava!

[On the way they confront the elements.]

Fei:You again...? Are you girls thinking of going in there too?

Dominia:Don't get any wrong ideas there. We are here to help our commander.
Miang and Krelian
have been manipulating his emotions for the sole purpose of eliminating the
Emperor. We simply
want to free the commander from those bonds so that he may be saved! It's
neither for the sake
of the world ...nor for the sake of your girlfriend, Elhaym! We have no
intentions of fighting
on the same side as you!

Fei:...Fine. You have your own battles to fight. And we have ours... Let's
leave it at that.
But... if things get out of hand, you head back. We'll handle it.

Dominia:Hmph... We'll make you eat those words... You wait and see!

[A picture of a blue Gear appears.]

Fei:We entered inside of Merkava, while fighting back units of weapons that
through the use of nanomachines, we headed for the central core... And then...
once again,
Ramsus appeared before us.

[Citan, Fei and Maria head down a hall in Merkava. Suddenly, they reach a small
room and hear
a familiar voice.]

Ramsus:I've been waiting for you, Fei!!


[Ramsus stands on a balcony about 500 feet above them. He is in a powerful
looking blue Gear.]

Ramsus:Fei... If only you hadn't been born... I... I... We're going to settle
this now!!

Fei:Stop it, Ramsus! What reason is there to continue fighting me!? Who are you
fighting for!?
Why do you always have a bone to pick with me!? Tell me why!

Ramsus:It is all because of you... If only you hadn't come in and destroyed my
prospects in

[He flashes back 15 years before...]

Ramsus:My life... was given to me within a Nanoreactor in Krelian's laboratory.
To be born as
the superior being, above all humans... But then...

[Krelian stands in his lab, staring at a fetus in a large tube. He turns around
when a young
black haired lady approaches him.]

Krelian:Hmm... 'This time' your body is young.

Woman:...The previous one got too old.

Krelian:...And the name?

Woman:Karen... but individual names have no meaning to me.

Krelian:So... What brings you here?

[She walks up to the tube.]

Karen:Is that thing inside the Nanoreactor there... the one?

Krelian:Huh? Oh... Recognition code 0808191-'Ramses'. The Emperor's been told
it's a prototype
for an artificial 'Contact'.

Karen:What's its status?

Krelian:It has entered the so-called first growth stage. From now until the
binding, its
growth will be several times faster than that of an ordinary human. But its
development will be a little difficult to control... It is a replica... so that
is to be

Karen:It is moving... Can it hear us?

Krelian:Yes... It already has a will of its own.

Karen:Then... I have a better way... Let us dispose of it. We do not need
this... We have my
child. My child will be 4 this year.

Krelian:Your having a child is... Significant?

Karen:Yes... I checked it out... There is no mistake, it's a contact.

Krelian:What's its name?

Karen:My child's name is... 'Fei'. So... you understand what this means?

Krelian:A corresponding 'Antitype' is...

Karen:Yes... probably already born somewhere. ...The final one!

Krelian:Then ... this thing is... worthless.

Karen:Yes, totally useless. Haha...

[She stares at the fetus.]

Karen:Chase after it, 'boy'. A love that's unattainable for you, no matter how
hard you try
to pursue it.

Ramsus:Until then...

[The flashback ends.]

Ramsus:Because of your existence, I was discarded...! I was detemined to be the
of god... Having the might of the Emperor. I was destined to be the ultimate
existence, having
the power to exercise absolute control over all! But... I lost it all...
because of you!!

Fei:M, my mother...? How... do you know her...? Ramsus...!

[Suddenly, Dominia appears in Bladegash from another entrance.]

Dominia:Commander! Please stop this! Commander, if what you say is true, then
that is even
more of a reason to fight! You were just used by Krelian and...

Ramsus:Silence!! You... even you... dare to censure me!? I saved you from
nearly becoming a
test subject and now you turn on me!?

Dominia:You are mistaken! We are only thinking of your best interests...

Ramsus:Silence! Ultimately, only I can help myself! I am the only one that can
correct this!
This is the end for you!! En garde! Cause, here I come, Fei!!

[Ramsus jumps off the platform and attacks. He is defeated, and his Gear falls
into the wall,
creating a passageway into a lab.]


Fei:What's this...?

[They enter the laboratory.]

Fei:What is this place?

Voice:This is where Kahr was born. And where his hatred of you was forged...

Fei:Who's there!?

[They continue on and reach a gigantic room. Elly is hanging on a crucifix,
while Krelian and
Miang stand in front of it. A gigantic organic orb like creature with multiple
eyes is behind
them. It is Deus.]

Fei:What's this...?

[They get out of their Gears and walk up to them.]


Krelian:I would have liked to have been able to commend you for making it
here... But your
efforts were all in vain. The resurrection of Deus is imminent. Sacrificing
this girl will
bring about the awakening of god.

Fei:Who are you talking about!? Why does Elly have to be sacrificed!?

Krelian:There's no need for you to know. For all of you, it will end here...

[Suddenly, a gigantic Gear with wings and a snake tail appears from near Deus.
It is the
omnigear seen in Solaris, and is piloted by Miang.]


Miang:...Hehem... Adieu, boys...

[They defeat Opiomorph. The Gear falls.]

Miang:My, aren't we powerful...

[It gets up, seemingly undamaged.]

Miang:Heh... Well then... let's start over from the beginning again. You think
you can beat me
this time?

Fei:What the...!? I thought I defeated you...!?

Krelian:Unless you can decompose her atomic structure, you don't stand much of
a chance.
Normal attacks are futile against the one who has the ability to regenerate
using nanomachines.

Miang:Now, the time has come for the great awakening!

[Suddenly, a light flashes from Deus.]

Maria:Uh...!! What's this...!?

Citan:It is our... Omnigears!?

Fei:Damn, what's going on!? Huh!? Hey... Is that...!?

[Deus sucks up all the Anima Relics.]

Fei:Our Omnigears...? No, that's not it!! Is that... our Anima Relics!?

Citan:Is it trying to detach the Anima Relics from our Omnigears!?

Fei:Deus is... swallowing up our Anima Relics!?

Citan:... It seems the Anima Relics have fallen into the hands of the enemy.

Miang:This is the true meaning of the -Anima Relics-... To attain their
respective -Animus-
and return to the persona. The Anima Relics are really one set of parts that
make up -Deus-,
the physical manifestation of god. They regain their original powers or
functions by aligning
themselves with their destined partner... An Omnigear that has lost its
respective Anima Relic,
is but a puppet. It becomes a mere vessel or container in which there is no

Krelian:And this girl too was destined to become one with god... You see...
Lieutenant Elhaym
is really one of the parts of god as well...

Fei:What the hell are you talking about!?

Krelian:Put simply, you served to help bring all the parts of god together,
here, for me.
You're a bunch of stupid fools. It's as if you're all clowns...

Miang:You believed the legend of how our world and the universe was created...
But the
Ministry and I fabricated that very myth a long time ago to suit our purposes.

Fei:That's a lie!! How can that be true...?

Miang:I think you'll find that your friends' Omnigears are all dead too... I'm
talking about
your friends who split up and took a different path than you into this place...
They were all
parts of god that were disassembled in the past, but once again, are all
gathered here.

Krelian:Yes. It is inded time for the resurrection of god.

Voice:W, what was it all for... Everything that I have done up until now...

[Ramsus steps up to Miang.]


Krelian:Hmph... It's just you...

Miang;What are you doing here, Kahr?

Ramsus:What about me...? My existence... What was its purpose?

Miang:There was only one purpose to your existence... To eliminate Emperor
Cain. Cain's will
had become too much like that of humans'. He was too concerned about them. He
had forgotten
his mission to revive god. That is why you were created. You were only made to
remove our main
hindrance... Cain. But, as the original living being, Cain had absolute power.
To make you
turn on Cain, it was necessary to focus your mind on a single point. However,
being an
artificial lifeform, you were mentally unstable. That is why... we used Fei's
Resentment... That is the source of your strength. And you have excelled
superbly at
fulfilling our expectations of you. But... we no longer have any more use for
you. Haven't
you realized that yet? You're a piece of trash. And being the reject you are,
why don't you
just leave? Hah hah hah.

Ramsus:I... I... What was I born for? What was I living for?

Krelian:A pathetic excuse for a life. Why, you're not even human! Khahaha...
Hah hahahah...!

Miang:Now, what to do with the lot of you...Well, I can't just kill you all...
seeing as you
have served me so well. So, as a reward, I'll allow you to be assimilated into
Deus along with
this girl...

[Suddenly, Ramsus pulls out his sword from his sheath and runs Miang through.]



[Miang's bloody body falls to the ground.]

Miang:Good... This is how I wanted it, Kahr... I am fated so as not to be able
to kill
myself... Now ...all ...wishes... have... come... true. Thanks... to ...

[She dies.]


[Ramsus turns to Krelian in anger...]

Ramsus:Uh, uhaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

[Ramsus runs up to Krelian and using his sword slashes at Krelian's chest.
Krelian's dead body
falls to the ground. Ramsus walks up to Miang's body. He kneels and starts

[Suddely, Bart and the others show up.]

Bart:Fei, sorryy we're late. Our Omnigears broke down. Anyway, let's hurry up
and save Elly!

Fei:Yes, I know!

[Fei and Billy walk up to the cross that Elly is hanging on. They start taking
her down.]

Fei:Hang in there, Elly! I'm letting you down now.

[Elly falls from the cross in front of Fei and Billy. Suddenly, she swiftly
grabs a gun from
Billy's robe, and points it at Fei's stomach. She fires. Suddenly, her hair
changes from red
to blue as a faint laughing can be heard. She drops the gun, and all the eyes
on Deus open.]

[Fei falls.]


Citan:Fei! Now you hang in there!

Billy:Sh, she took my gun...!?

Bart:W, why did you do that, Elly...?

Citan:Elly!? What happened to you!? How could you!?

Bart:Don't tell me she's been... brainwashed!?

Krelian:It has nothing to do with brainwashing.

[Krelian, who was seemingly dead just moments before, gets up.]

Krelian:The majority of my body is comprised of a nanomachine colony. Not only
for longevity
...but also to unify with the 'mother'... So don't be surprised. This kind of
damage can be
repaired rather quickly.

Citan:Unify with the mother...?

Krelian:That girl... Elhaym is our mother.

Elly:Yes. I am the mother of all humans...


Bart:What are you babbling on about!? Snap out of it, Elly!!

Elly:You're as dense as usual... But, I don't blame you... So be it. I will
explain to you
all about it. This Deus, the one you call god, is an 'interplanetary invasion
system' that
was built in ancient times by humans from another planet. It was created as an
weapon which could act upon its own will to take control of a targeted planet.
But you
should've known that from looking at the Razael records. Anyway, during a test
run, Deus
became uncontrollable. It released its power and annihilated a whole planet.
The creators
of 'Deus' found its immeasureable power to be too much of a threat and hence
forcibly shut
it down. In order to analyze the cause of the problem, its core was dismantled
and placed
on an inter-planetary emigrant passenger ship to be transported to another
planet. Becoming
aware of this, the dissassembled Deus resisted. It tried to take over the
passenger ship that
was transporting it. However, as a last line of defense against the escape of
Deus, its
creators, unexpectedly destroyed teh whole ship, sending it crashing to this
planet. Deus knew
that it would not be able to get away from the explosion or the imminent impact
and so it
detached itself from the 'Zohar' power reactor.


Elly:Yes, 'Zohar'... It is what drives all of the Gears on this planet. It is
the master
generator that transmits its energy to the slave generators in our Gears. It is
also the
source of all the Ether power that the inhabitants of this planet utilize. By
utilizing the
energy displacements caused by actualizing potential future phenomenon...
...this 'Zohar
Modifier' has the ability to produce infinite amounts of energy.

Bart:The source of all our Ether power!?

Citan:Are you saying all our energy comes from that one power reactor or

Elly:Yes, but there is more... The core that was detached from Zohar, the
'Biological Computer
Kadomony' crashed onto this primitive planet. It activated -Persona-, its life
support plant,
that can generate organic material. Using this it would be resurrected. Thus,
the first humans
were created from there... Emperor Cain and the elders of the Gazel Ministry.

Rico:Are you saying the Emperor and them Gazel geezers were people born from

Elly:Do you know why the Gazel Ministry desired the Anima Relics and your
bodies? Well, here's
the reason... Before becoming human, the bodies of the Ministry were once part
of the organic
elements in the core circuit that made up 'Deus'. There were two types of
organic elements.
The female type was called 'Anima', while the male type was called 'Animus'.
They were also
created with the added ability to become mobile weapons for Deus. In other
words, those
Omnigears you were using were one form of such weapons. The Ministry, which
were Animus, were
to become one again with their seperated Anima at the time of the resurrection
of god. But
in a war, 500 years ago, they all lost their physical bodies. It was then that
they decided to
extract their own genetic factor from certain individuals of their human
descendants who
carried the appropriate sets of D.N.A.. All so each of them could become one
with their
respective Animus again.


Bart:Then we're all...!?

Elly:Yes, you humans are all descendants of Cain and the Gazel Ministry... They
were born from
the -Persona-, gave birth, and propagated. They followed their inbuilt program
to someday
resurrect the heavily damaged Deus.

Citan:All the people in the worlds were created solely to resurrect Deus!?

Elly:Yes. But it wasn't just to restore its old body. More than half of Deus is
constructed of
biological parts. Do you remember those mutated humans? Those are all people
who were destined
to become replacement parts for Deus.

Billy:We humans are... parts for god...

Elly:Yes, almost all the people are destined to become parts for Deus. But you
people gathered
here are all different. You could say... you escaped that destiny by existing
through multiple
generations.. In actuality, there wasn't enough parts for Deus... But, Krelian
compensated for
what was lacking. The reduction in the number of parts, was due to humans
living through
multiple generations... but that defeciency in the human factor, was made up
for by the
nanomachines created by Krelian. Not only that, but his nanomachines added
functions. Deus has evolved into the ultimate weapon.

Fei:Elly... What has happened...? Why... do you know all... that...?

Elly:I am Miang. The keeper of time. The representative of our god -Deus-. I
was born to
the people toward the path of the resurrection of Deus.

Bart:That's ridiculous! Miang was just...

Elly:You're limited in your ability to understand. Miang's factor exists in all
women. The one
who transcends the generations, the caretaker of humans. When the previous one
dies, somewhere
another Miang is awakened. It is programmed into all women's DNA to be that
way. Who inherits
the duty is just a matter of probability, Fei. That Miang over there and I are
the same
existence. We are all parts for Deus... All caretakers of humans. Let's end
this discussion
now. Deus has been awakened. I am one of the parts that composes Deus. Hence, I
must become
one with it.

Citan:Elly! Why did it have to be you? If Miang is a part for Deus, why did it
not happen

Krelian:It's still not enough for her to just have awakened. Although she may
be Miang, she
still isn't the 'true Miang'.

Citan:The 'true Miang'...?

Elly:Let's go, Krelian. All that is left is to vanquish this planet's
civilization and return
it to how it was. Then I can complete my unification with the final fragment of
Deus... The
'Zohar Modifier'... The power reactor that fell upon this planet and became our
genesis, and
now, our apocylapse...

Citan:The eradication of civilization!? What is the purpose of doing that!?

Elly:Who knows...? The creations of god will someday be a hinderance. That is
why they must be
eliminated. I am just programmed to act in this way.

[Krelian starts walking away. He calls to Elly.]

Krelian:Come... It is time for the awakening of the 'true mother'.

Fei:Please... wait... Elly!

Elly:Farewell... Fei. May you have a peaceful awakening...

[She and Krelian leave.]

[Deus shakes. It detaches from the wires attached to it and escapes as soon as
Elly and
Krelian enter it.]


[Fei jumps in the chasm after them.]

Citan:Wait!! Fei! Do not release the system!!

Bart:Citan, wait!! We are only endangering ourselves! Let's get outta here for

[They manage to escape from Merkava just as it blasts off from the ground. It
fires at the
earth, causing lots of destruction.]

[Citan sits in the chair in space. A picture of a city is behind him.]

Citan:God... the inter-planetary invasion system -Deus-... had awakened and its
ark, Merkava
was activated. Deus began to absorb, one after the other, the mutated people,
destined to be
its parts... While the non-mutated, would eventually, only become a threat to
it, to
exterminate us and our civilization... it set into action.

[The picture changes to that of Seraph angels leaving Merkava.]

Citan:The planet's surface was devastated... by Merkava and the weapons born
from out of it,
called... 'the -Seraph- angels'...

[The pic changes to hundreds of Seraphs leaving Merkava.]

[The pic changes to Fei standing next to Weltall.]

Citan:While pursuing the newly awakened Deus, we chanced upon Fei, whose
whereabouts had
hither to been lost... Along with his Gear, Weltall... Discovered together at
the place where
'Merkava' was originally located... We were overjoyed by Fei's return... but it
was short
lived... For some unknown reason... Fei was found in a state of suspended
animation. He did
not regain consciousness.

[The pic changes to various party members watching Fei in carbonite.]

Citan:The people of Shevat, and we ourselves, feared a relapse of Fei's, no...
Id's power...
and had no choice but to put Fei into... 'Carbonite Freeze'.

[Citan visits Zephyr.]

Citan:...Your Majesty, Why do the people of Shevat fear Fei so much? Even if
Grahf and Id's
power are comparable...

Zephyr:...It is not that we fear him. We fear the error we ourselves commited.
And now we are
simply trying to put a lid on it...

Citan:The error that you yourselves commited?

Zephyr:Shevat instigated a battle 500 years ago to gain our independance from
However, we became overcome with the lust for power... Fearing the war-torn
people's will
would no longer be with Shevat, but with the Nisan Mother... and that the
people would
assemble under Sophia... ...the Council of Elders of Shevat back then, made a
deal with

Citan:A deal?

Zephyr:Yes... At the time, Solaris... or the Gazel Ministry to be exact...
...were at odds
with a woman who held the real power behind the scenes.

Citan...Would that happen to have been Miang?

Zephyr:Most probably it was. Fearing the increasing power of the masses
assembling in Nisan,
the Gazel Ministry schemed to hand over to us their antagonist, Miang, and
promised a division
of the rulership over the earth's surface. But in exchange... We had to give
them the rebel
army that had assembled in Nisan and also their patron, Sophia... The leaders
of Shevat
accepted... ...and it was decided that Nisan would be the location of the final
battle with Solaris.

[A pic of a battle appears behind them.]

Zephyr:Shevat did not participate in that battle... Thwarted by the awesome
numbers of the
Solarian army, and with their path of retreat cut off... ...the Nisan rebel
army ran out of
options and was destroyed... Caught up in the middle of all of this was Lacan,
Bart's ancestor
Roni, Myself... and Krelian.

Citan:You were also there?

Zephyr:Yes... Surrounded on all sides... we were prepared to die. And then, the
rebel forces'
flagship appeared with Sophia on board. She sacrificed herself as to create a
path for our
retreat... Sophia's ship headed straight for the enemy's main ship on a suicide

[The ship crashes into the head Solaris ship, destroying them both.]

Zephyr:Thanks to Sophia's sacrifice, we were able to survive. However, her
death forever
changed the fate of two men... Krelian, who followed closely under her as the
leader of the
Nisan sect's militia, completely lost faith after calling out to a god that
would not respond.
"I will create god with my own hands!" ...were the last words he uttered before
dissappeared. And Lacan... He resented himself for not having the power to do
anything as she
died in front of him... ...So he began to search for the 'Legendary Power'.

Citan:Legendary Power?

Zephyr:God's resting place, Mahanon, ...the source of divine wisdom,
'Razael'... and the
'Anima Relics' which were created by that very wisdom... Besides these... there
is one more

Citan:And that is?


Citan:Zohar!? That has the same name as the 'Zohar Modifier'!... ...the power
reactor that Miang spoke of, saying it was the infinite energy source of god
-Deus-... What she claimed is also the source of our Ether powers and the
driving force of all our Gears.

Zephyr:It would have to be one in the same thing. It is the place that contains
the ultimate
source of this world's power. It is said that only he who has the correct
destiny would be
able to discover its location... Losing all faith in humanity, Lacan sought
after its power...
Lacan became Grahf... and the world collapsed... This tragedy happened because
of the people's
lust for power... I must take part of the responsibility for not having been
able to stop
it... And now, Fei.. the one who has the same power as Grahf... We just wanted
to seal up that
dreadful power that arose from our own sinful deeds...

[Citan sits in the chair...]

Citan:Grahf, the man once known as Lacan, sought out after the 'Power of
Zohar'... The one who
has the same power as Grahf... Fei... I had this premonition that Fei too would
awaken and
seek out that power. And that presentment became a reality.

[In the Shevat prison were Fei is being held, his heart beats faster and
louder. Suddenly,
we see Fei walking in a surreal world.]

Fei:Where... Am I? Who... Am I? This is... my memory?

[The cross appears and swings.]

[A pic of Citan appears.]


[A pic of Bart appears.]


[A pic of Rico appears.]


[A pic of Billy appears.]


[A pic of Wiseman appears.]


[A pic of Grahf appears.]

[Suddenly, other Fei's appear at the portraits.]

Fei:Everyone... My... memories.

[Elly appears.]


[She changes into Fei's mother.]


[The 5 Feis converge into 1 and there is a flash of light from the swinging
cross. A picture
of the back of a boy's head appears. A spotlight, and another Fei, sitting down

Fei:Who are you?

Voice:I'm surprised. That's pretty clever.

[A boy walks up to Fei. Fei has seen him many times before.]

Fei:You are... Id?

Id:I misjudged you. I didn't expect you, the fake personality, would create a
fourth persona.

Fei:Fourth persona?

Id:He can't feel anything. He's shut up inside your ego. The pressing facts and
truths you
won't face. You're afraid of them, so you desired to completely shut yourself
off from the
outside world. And so you formed a fourth persona. A fourth 'Fei'. The name...
doesn't matter.
He's the one on the stage now. He's the one in control of our body. But it is a
useless form
of resistance. Come with me!

[He starts dragging the other Fei away.]

Fei:Wait! What are you doing?

Id:He has the key. I merely want to borrow it. I've got to go somewhere. Are
you... coming too?

[4 men sit at a fire near a large ship.]

Roni:C'mon guys, eat up. You haven't been able to get this kinda food around
here lately,
ya? Well, this is also due to my business savvy.

Rene:What's wrong, Lacan? You look kinda down. What's bothering you? Are you
worried about

Lacan:It's nothing... I'm just thinking about painting Sophia. I don't know why
I agreed to
do her portrait...

Rene:Sophia... You mean your childhood friend who's now the Holy Mother of

Lacan:She's not really a childhood friend... ...I just made her acquaintance at
the monastery
near my home when I was a child... She went to the clinic for convalescence.
She was frail.

Rene:So... what are you worried about painting her for?

Lacan:She does not wish herself to become a symbol of her sect. ...Actually, it
seems she
wasn't interested in having her portrait painted at first. But, when she heard
I wouuld be
the painter, she turned around and agree. That's what I don't undertand...

Roni:I see... Than she must like you...

Lacan:What are you talking about?

Roni:That's how women are... Right, Krelian...? Hey, Krel!


Rene:...What's up? You're not having any? It's ready to eat.

Krelian:Ah, yeah...

Roni:The Holy Mother of Nisan, huh? What, are you out to offend divine
providence or something,

Lacan:Cut it out...! It's not... like that... Wh, what?

Roni:You've got to lighten up a little...

[Later, Krelian and Lacan walk the steets of Nisan.]

Krelian:Sophia first showed me that books are the best way to calm the heart.
...and now I'm
hooked on reading... I'm not trying to brag... but I've learned a lot of things
I never knew
before. Lately, I've been reading this.

Lacan:What is it?

Krelian:Something I borrowed from Melchoir. It's about a form of molecular
engineering... I
believe it's a book found in the ancient ruins of the Zeboim civilization. It's
a copy of
someone's research report, but it's incomplete. I think there were even more
wonderful things
written in it, but we'll never know now...

[Lacan paints Sophia...]

Elly:What's wrong? You don't look so good. Lately, you've seemed melancholy
almost every day.
Has something happened?

Lacan:I don't know. I just can't paint right now. Sorry, but do you mind if we
stop for

Elly:I see... It is not good to push yourself too hard... Why don't you rest up
for a little
while? I'll have Krelian take you...

[Back at the fire...]

Krelian:Even so, there was a time when I did some pretty vicious things... I
lashed out at
random... Everyone around me feared me... Even my friends. I lived a life
surrounded by people
who lookded at me with fear in their eyes. But she was the only one who wasn't
afraid of me.
She would just smile. Peace of mind... She was the one who taught me what that
was and how
I could receive it... She taught me how to live as a human...

[In the Cathedral room, Lacan puts away his paints. Krelian and Roni enter.]

Krelian:What are you doing Lacan?

Lacan:Oh it's you, Krelian... I was thinking... I'd stop painting the

Krelian:Why stop now...?

Lacan:It's the circumstances. I shouldn't be painting at a time like this.
Eventually, she
too must stand at the front lines. So...

Krelian:Is that really the problem?



Lacan:... Her smile... It's killing me. The more she smiles at me, the more
I... I feel my very
 being become insignificant. Inside my heart there is this empty existence.
Other than
painting, I have no worth... Yet, she continues to accept my presence. I feel
like I'm getting
smaller and smaller. I didn't have this feelign in the beginning. I just wanted
to paint her
one more minute... one more second longer... I wanted to keep on painting
forever. But,
suddenly I couldn't. As the picture neared completion, the empty part of me
started to
manifest itself in my brushstokes. I was meant to be painting her as she really
is... but ...
this picture is... my own self... My empty self has begun to appear within
there. That's
why... I've got to stop now.

Krelian:Your won self...? You're just running away! You can't bear it when she
smiles at you.
By painting her portrait, you noticed the gap between your own inner emptiness
and her inner
abundance. And you could not fill that gap... That's why you are quiting your
painting. You
are refusing her! Even so, you still can't bring yourself to leave her, can
you? In spite of
that... why is it that she continues to smile at you? You who can't accept her
feelings... You
who won't accept her feelings... Tell me why!? If it was me... who was
receiving... such

[He flashes back to a scene from before when he was talking to Sophia.]

Krelian:You're neglecting yourself too much! Why aren't you kinder to yourself,

[Lacan watches from afar]

[The flashback ends.]

Roni:...Is this really her true expression?

Lacan:Yeah... To people who don't know her that well... I guess...

Roni:Her smile... I don't know... The smile in this picture is somehow
different from the one
she usually shows us. I realize Lacan's feelings are in there, but... I don't
think she has
ever opened herself up and shown her inner self to others like this before.
You've been
painting such a beautiful expression of Sophia... I just can't see the reason
why you want
to stop.

Lacan:Beautiful...? Forget it, this picture...!? It's anything but beautiful...

Roni:Lacan, you say you're empty. Then why do you come along with us? What
we've been doing
up till now, are not just acts of mercy... It's a fight for freedom... Time and
again you've
been through life threatening situations with us... A man who has nothing in
his heart could
not do that kind of thing... right?

Lacan:Roni, you're giving me too much credit. As long as you do something to
keep yourself
occupied... you can ignore the hollowness inside. From the beginning, my very
existence itself
was an emptiness. It wouldn't matter if I were to die right now... You live,
you die... That's

Roni:Pessimistic as usual, Lacan... And now you're lying.


Roni;It is just that you're not good at expressing your own feelings. You're
not empty. She
knows that. That's why she shows you only her true smile.

Lacan:I don't deserve to see her true smile. She is this hope of the people.
Their support.
Their is so much more for her to do. Why would she open her heart to a mere
artist like me...

[Rene and Zephyr come in.]

Rene:Bro! Br~o! Hey, bro... what are you doing here?

Roni:What's up?

Zephyr:The Council of Elders of Shevat issued a declaration. Tomorrow we will
leave for

Roni:Soylent? That's in Solaris...

Rene:Yes. And... Sophia will be coming with us.

Krelian:That's ridiculous! The refugees are still increasing! We can't afford
to have Sophia
leave Nisan! And going to Soylent! That's plain foolish! That's too dangerous!
What are the
elders thinking?

Zephyr:No. It wasn't the council's wish. It was Sophia's will. It appears that
she expressed
the desire herself.

Krelian:That can't be... What is she thinking?

Rene:Originally, we talked about it being just us...

Krelian:Just us...?


[Later, Sophia is injured and lies on the ground near her Gear.]


[he pushes Lacan out of the way.]

Krelian:Sophia... Lacan! What are you doing? You keep back! I know we couldn't
leave Sophia
in your care! I'll protect her... even if it costs me my life!

[Later in the medical ward...]

Roni:Why don't you get some rest, Krel...? You haven't slept since the day
before yesterday
have you? You shouldn't do that to yourself!

Krelian:I'm fine, it's not a problem...

Roni:Look, I'll watch over her, so you go sleep. What will we do if you also
fall ill? Do not
forget you are the head of the sect's military forces.

Krelian:Okay... I suppose you are right.

[Krelian and Roni leave.]

Lacan:Elly... I am so sorry... I... It was my misjudgement that did this to
you. I was
terrified... It was like you could see right through me... Your eyes... That
look... That was
me that was being reflected back in your eyes... I was looking at myself... And
thus painting
myself... I couldn't stand it! So that's why... Oh Elly... What in the heavens
did you find
inside of me? When you wake up, I think I will ask you that... On second
thought, no... No, I
don't want to burden you with my concerns. Besides, I wouldn't be able to ask
you... One look
into your eyes and I can't say a thing... I wouldn't be able to tell you how I

Sophia:You are the sweetest person...


Elly:You are someone who cannot bear to see others hurt by your own actions. So
you hold
everythng in and bear all the burden. If you get hurt in the end, you think
that it is fine...
That's... what I like about you.

Lacan:Stop! Don't say that. If you become just another human, everyone will...

Elly:Humans... aren't so frail you know. They don't need a symbol who is just
appearances only.
I believe that if you have light in your heart, you can overcome any hardship.
What I have
been doing is simply showing people that such light exists in the hearts of
everyone... I'm
just a woman. And to fulfill my womanhood I am prepared to throw away
everything... even this
position. I'm just playing the role of Sophia. But I am still me. I haven't
changed... A
cowardly, selfish crybaby... I am still the same. Could you live like that and
still be
happy...? I ... don't want to do that. Oh, Lacan... I want to live more
honestly with
myself... To be able to tell the man that I love that I do love him. And I
don't care if
I get hurt or rejected. You only have one life. I don't want to turn around
later and
regret not having done such things...

Lacan:I... I...

[Krelian listens from right outside.]

[Krelian, in his gear speaks...]

Krelian:Do you think I'll let it end here!? We are not their possessions!

[Much later, the Excalibur charges Merkava.]

Krelian:Sophia!! What are you doing!/

Sophia:I am ending this... You won't need to fight anymore... So, Krelian...
Please open your
fist... and with your own hand gently hold the people who will continue to

[Merkava aims it's cannon and fires. Flames gather inside the ship as it falls

Lacan:Don't be foolish! We'll help you escape! So please stop...!

Sophia:Thank you, Lacan... But... sorry... there's no other way...


[Merkava continues to fire as Excalibur fastly approaches it.]

Sophia:People support each other to live... It's what brings us happiness... So
share that
happiness, and please... Lacan! Live!

[The ship crashes into Merkava, destroying them both.]


[Later, Lacan paints the portrait alone...]

[Days later, in the ruins of the battlefields, Krelian speaks...]

Krelian:We were sacrificed as pawns... In order to protect their own
authority... Sophia
was... Is this the ideal world we've been searching for? What have we been
doing? Heading
toward Sophia's ideals? Is this our salvation? This isn't fair... Sophia was
for those bastards... Sophia said, if you just have faith the path to what you
hope for will
open. But look at reality. God didn't answer our prayers... Is that because we
didn't have
enough faith? Even if we didn't have faith, Sophia did. Why did she have to be
Is god dead...? Is he just not there...? Maybe god never existed to begin with!

[He flashes back to Sophia at the alter.]

Sophia:Faith in god... Do not look for it on the outside... It comes from the

[the flashback ends.]

Krelian:Ha, ha, ha, ha... I see... That's it... If god doesn't exist in our
world, then...
I will create god with my own hands!


Krelian:Sophia... Please guide me... I will destroy all false pretences of
love, for you...

[He disappears.]

Roni:We need to gather all our surviving comrades. We'll never beat them if we
fight them
individually... So let us create a country that can some day stand up against
them... What
are you going to do, Lacan...?


[Later, Lacan goes to the cell were Miang is being held. Instead of Miang, he
sees Sophia.]


[She transforms back into Miang.]

Miang:If you only had power... you could have saved her.

[An image of Sophia shows up behind Miang and shakes her head.]

Miang:You want it, don't you? Unrivaled power...! Don't you want to become...
the absolute

[Lacan travels until he reaches a snowy area near a large spot of light. He
gets out of his
Gear and runs towards the light.]

Lacan:There... That's what I have sought after... But wait! That's not what I
want! No! This
is my very desire!


[Dan walks into the room where Fei is being held.]

Dan:So this is where Fei's being held!? He deserves it! Let me pray on his
weeping face as if
it were an idol! Heh heh... As if I would! Yech...! What, what is this...!?
...This is
terrible... No matter what, this is going too far... He's still... alive...?
How could you
possibly be!? You're human too, aren't you!? Darn...! ...Fei... Oh, Fei...!?


Dan:Huh...!? Midori, it's you... Phew... Don't scare me like that! Crying...?
Who's crying?
...!? You mean our friend is crying?

Midori:Angy... Hurt... He'll wake up soon... It's calling him...

Dan:What do you mean!?

[Suddenly, the carbonite container starts flashing uncontrollably.]

Dan:Whoa...! What the...!?

Fei:!! St...stop... Stop... it!!


Fei:D a n... Mi d... o... ri... Run... away...


[There's a blast, and Fei disappears.]

[Citan sits in the chair in space.]

Citan:He broke through his carbonite encasing... 'Id'... Fei took his Gear
Weltall and went
in search of Zohar. We followed Fei's trail. Eventually, we arrived at the
location where
Zohar had fallen to earth... so very long ago... Nothing could have prepared us
for what we
were about to see there...

[Citan,Emeralda and Maria approach a glowing light when they reach the snowy
lands in the
north where Fei went.]

Citan:What is that...?

[They fall in a hole and fall into a small cave underground.]

Citan:This must be the place...

III F. The Truth about Fei

[Fei is once again in the dreamlike world. He sees Id.]

Fei:Wait for me!

Id:This is as far as you can come. From here on is my world. You can't enter.

Fei:What do you mean?

Id:You're a subordinate, fake persona... that's why.

Fei:A subordinate fake persona?

Id:Yes... He has part of my memories from back then... He has sealed away the
very meaning of
my existence... my drive... my motivation... my subconsious -Id-. Because of
that, I became a
basic, blank persona. And on top of that, I constructed a new persona based on
my experiences
since then... That is what you are now!

Fei:Him? You mean father?

Id:You call him father? He who never did anything for you? It was because of
his cowardly
behavior... If only he had been able to protect me... If he had done that...
mother wouldn't
have died...

Fei:Didn't my mother die right after I was born? What really happened to my
mother? Tell me

Id:You don't need to know. You'll only disappear soon. Along with your basic
persona, the
'coward'. I'll rule my being through the power of the existence.


Id:Of course you don't know. But it is etched in my metempsychotic memory. Your
persona is
fake, so you'll never stand on the 'stage' of consciousness. You'll never be
able to take
charge of the memories from our past lives.

Fei:I know the dreams and hallucinations! I've seen them many times!

Id:Then... I showed them to you on purpose... To break the seal, I chose to
weaken the power
of your existence. If your mental energy is weakened, I can become free to do
as I wish.


Id:There are still things inside of you which you haven't been shown yet...

[There's a noise.]

Id:huh? Someone's coming! It's probably your friends. They must have followed

Fei:Where are you going?

Id:I came to reestablish contact with the Existence. To tie together all the
threads of your
memories since ancient times... and then cut them off... That is the fate of
the Contact...
All is ready. It's time for the true awakening! I will eliminate all those who
were full of
hypocrisy from the very beginning.

[Id leaves.]

Fei:Wait! Wait for me, Id!

Id:You just stay here and observe!

[Citan and the others enter the cave.]

Citan:W, what is this...?

[They continue on and see a gigantic organic structure with a Gear in it.]

Citan:... Fei!? This must mean this is Weltall's transformed appearance!?

[Suddenly, the organic structure breaks down revealing Id's Gear. A gigantic
tablet with an
eye on it rises from the ground. It is Zohar.]

[They fight Id and defeat him. Wiseman appears.]

Wiseman:Are you okay?


Wiseman:It's already too late! Assist me! For I am about to... exterminate Id.


Wiseman:Zohar is Deus's core. The slave generators and ether... It's the source
of all their
energy. After attaining its power, the freshly awakened Id intends to
annihilate this world!
The contact with Zohar was meant to have been done after the unifying Fei's
true personality!

[Id approaches Wiseman.]

Wiseman:Hah!? Keep back!

Id:Hmm, you again!? You are always getting in my way. But I cannot be stopped
by you. You who
couldn't even protect his own wife and son! You can not even bear to show you
face to your
son. That's why you wear a mask, isn't it... Khan!?



Id:That's right! This man is Fei's... no, I mean, my father, Khan Wong!

[Wiseman takes off his costume.]

Khan:What happened to Fei... Id!?

Id:Too bad. The new personality of Fei that you gave birth to... ...and all
that work that
your persona did to make him one, perfect, unified whole has been wasted. He
will be swallowed
up by me!

Khan:I won't permit it! I will destroy you first!

Id:As if you could... sissy! Mother died because of your cowardly behavior. And
as a result,
he ran away from that reality by entering into his own memories! And now I
continue my
existence bearing all that hatred. You wouldn't be able to imagine what it's

Khan:I wasn't simply working to unify Fei's personality, you know!? All that
you and I feel...
the sadness, the hatred... Even though he also experienced such things... Fei
needed to be
encouraged to build himself up in order to be able to comprehend all of this.
Fei should be
able to understand all of your feelings now! But now you want to erase the one
who understands
you... to kill Fei! What is it that you want?

Id:Why ask me such a thing now? My purpose is the same as his... total
destruction! That and
that alone!

Khan:Is this world so bad a place... that there is only hatred inside of you?

Id:You're the ones who made me this way... You and that woman! Admit it!

[Id attacks Khan.]

Khan:Argh...! Fei...! Can you hear me? Please take this fist full of memories I
am giving
you... Becoming one... with yourself... and with me!

[He attacks Id.]

Citan:Fei!! Where did the real you go? Remember! Were you not going to help

[Fei is now inside of Id...]

Fei:Yes... This is inside Id. A world filled with hatred and sadness. That's
all that's here...
Yes... Now I understand, Id. Why you hate the world. Why there is nothing
inside you...
Nothing... Nothing was given to you... deprived of... all the happy memories...
And yet... it
feels pleasant... It almost feels good... Now I get it..! There's no need to
resist. I was
originally just an existence that was created as a cover to hide everything...

Citan:Remember! Were you not going to help Elly!

Fei:Elly? That's right...! Elly...! I've got to save Elly!

[He enters a room where a small boy watches a filmstrip.]

Fei:What's this place...?

Id:...What's he done now!? He only called you in here for his own sake... This
is inside the
shell of your basic character, the room of the 'coward'. I'm sure you've been
here many times

Fei:I see... I remember now... In my dreams...

Id:Everything despised and unwanted he pushed onto me, while he shut himself up
in his own
little shell... the 'coward' Fei. The basis for our personalities.

Coward:Who are you? ...Ah, you're my... Hey... let's watch this together! This
is my most
treasured possession...

Id:Hah...! By repeatedly replaying the times he was full of happiness he lives
in his own
happy little world. While I'm still alive only because of what's left in those
left over
dregs. Here! I'll show you... 'everything' about me.

[The numbers 10... 9... 8... count down to 1.]

[Fei as a child, Karen and Khan are inside their house.]

Id:Our's was an ordinary family. A strict but reliable father. A kind and
loving mother. Up
till then, it was complete happiness. But one day... Mother suddenly changed.

[Fei runs up to Karen but is shocked when she turns around.]

Id:She was like a totally different person. From that day on... 'Fei' lost his

[Khan leaves the house.]

Id:Father was away often. He had some important work.

[Karen approaches Fei.]

[Fei is brought to a lab. Karen goes to a small booth next to the laboratory
table where men
dressed in Executioner gowns sit operating computers. It is the vision that Fei
had in Solaris,
come to life.]

Id:When father was away from home, 'Fei' was taken to a place with mysterious
machines. Inside
there were many strangly dressed people. Many types of probes where injected
into 'Fei's' body,
as the start to some kind of experiments. The tests caused Fei much pain.

Child Fei:Mom, help me! What are you doing? No! Noooooo!

Id:Mother didn't come to his assistance. Young 'Fei' had no way of resisting.
But he was able
to endure. Eventually, the experiments became unbearable.

[Various people enter the lab with Fei.]

Id:Many people gathered around 'Fei'. These people had a high compatability
with the Anima
Relics. This psychic contact with Fei was to force him to awaken.

[The people die.]

Id:But no one could make contact with Fei. The power drawn out of 'Fei',
regardless of his will,
destroyed them all.

Fei:This is unbelievable! Mother allowed this to take place...? Psychic
contact? What do you
mean by 'awaken' me?

Id:To awaken god, everything had to be in perfect order, with nothing
lacking... Things
divided in the past must become whole again...

[More people enter the lab and die.]

Id:Countless people died before Fei's eyes. Men, women, the old, the young,
even demi-humans...
Suffering, grief, fear, ecstasy... A variety of emotions and words lingered...
And tumbled
about Fei like broken dolls... It was a scene... from hell!

[Back in Fei's house...]

Id:In front of father she acted normally. When Fei tried to tell father about
mother's strange
conduct and the experiments, father's mind was taken up by his work and he
didn't really listen.

[Khan laughs when Fei talks to him and leaves.]

Id:He thought it was just childhood fantasies. But he didn't have to endure the
pain much
longer... Fei's subconscious discovered a way to escape from the trauma. He
formed a seperate
persona to deal with things he didn't like or couldn't bear. He removed himself
from out of
harms way. My role was to have all the things he hated forced upon me, the
moment they arose.
>From the time of my division from him, I was dominated by hatred. That hatred
naturally turned
into destructive impulses. I wanted to destroy everything. Mother, father, the
entire world...
Finally father noticed mother's odd behavior, but it was already too late. I
had completely
seperated from that coward, my original self. The puppets were broken ...and...
'Fei's; heart
was too...

Fei:What would make mother do such a thing...?

Id:Mother repeated the experiments to study the power she knew existed within
me. Yes, that
woman... mother, was Miang.

Fei:That's a lie!

Id:No, it's true. Mother was Miang.


Khan:That's right... Karen had become Miang.

Citan:What is that you say?

Khan:It's nothing special. Miang does not have only one host body. Miang's
roots are sealed in
the genes of all women. Any one of them could become Miang.

Id:It just happened to be mother's turn. Only Elly was 'special' originally!!

[Id attacks Khan.]


[He counterattacks.]

Khan:Karen, -Miang-, noticed that Fei's memory time axis had increased 2 or 3
fold. She then
became convinced that Fei was the 'Contact'!


[Meanwhile, back to the room of the coward...]

Id:...Yes, I was the Contact. That's why HE called out to me... And why the
time had come...

[Grahf attacks Khan in front of his house while Fei and Karen watch.]

Child Fei:Stop it! Dad! Dad! Mom! Help dad! Hey, mom! Why aren't you helping
dad? Dad... Dad's
gonna die!

Id:Grahf came seeking the power that exists within me. To return to his own
body. You
understand now, don't you...? Grahf is... Lacan. We, his descendants who
inherited his
lingering thoughts and memories from him, know only too well... Divided 500
years ago...
He would become a part of us both... Lacan became Grahf. He destroyed
everything on the face
of the earth. He then mastered how to possess the bodies of others by dwelling
in their minds.
He was probably enabled to do this after his contact with the 'Existence'. The
bodies died but
Lacan's spirit continued living by possessing others. He had come that day, to
return his
soul, at last, to the perfect reincarnation of his physical body... The body of
Father... fought him. But he couldn't protect mother or I. He pitifully fought
on while
coughing up his life blood. Grahf made a mockery of father and mother would not
even help
him when he needed her the most. As for their son... 'He' couldn't take what
was happening
any more...

[Fei releases energy, knocking out Grahf as Karen watches.]

Id:He gave into his feelings and released his power. And as a result...
...Mother died.

Child Fei:Mom!

Id:And 'he', off-loaded the result of his actions onto me. To avoid taking the
for killing mother, he used me as a shield.

I also killed mother.

Id:He pushed all the bad things onto me... but kept all the memories filled
with happiness and
mother's love to himself. And he shut himself away with those memories inside
his own little
shell... forever. This is the place. What you see before you, is what he made.
He just keeps
hanging on to those memories. That's what this is...

Fei:Stop it! Just stop it! This... These scenes... Are these all there is to
us? Enough
already! There is nothing here! Just a world filled with deception and pain.

Id:It can't be helped. This is our world... This is 'everything'...

[Back outside...]

Khan:I was a fool. It was all my fault. I was so busy with my duties in Shevat
that I didn't
notice Karen had changed. I couldn't save you when you needed my help.

Id:Save me? ...Hah! Why bother saying such nonsense now? It's not going to
change anything!
The only thing you can do now is die by my hand!

[Id attacks Khan.]

Khan:Urrrggh!! Even still... I'll show ... you... that I can... save you...!

[Inside of Id...]

Fei:Dad!! Stop it! Id! Father has done nothing wrong!

Id:I know. This one is the real culprit. Mother and father had no choice.

[Fei is in front of the house where he used to live. A ball rolls up to him.
The coward runs
up to him.]

Coward:Thanks. Pass it back to me. I'm playing with mother.

Fei:This is not reality! It's all lies! It's all a trick!! All of it! All of
it! All of it...!

[Id and Fei approach the coward.]

Coward:No! Get out! This is my room! I though you would always be with me!

Fei:Why won't you see reality? Happiness... Sadness... Aren't those all parts
that combined to
make the whole? Why won't you show him? Why don't you also show Id what you
always watch!

Coward:No! That's mine! I don't want to show it to the person who killed

Id:You should talk. You're the one who killed mother!

Coward:No I didn't, you did! I did not kill her! Mother didn't care for you...
Father didn't
notice either... That's why you killed her! I didn't kill her! I didn't! I

Fei:Knock it off! ...'We' killed mother. It's no one's fault but ours. It's not
because she
became Miang or because father didn't notice. Don't look outside for the
reason. Don't blame
anyone but yourself. Yes, mother was Miang, and I know you suffered. No one
could have endured
it. but you can't push it onto Id alone. We are all one person. We must all
become one. Right?
Walk on your own two feet. Face up to the reality that you don't want to see!
Show them to Id.
Everything you took for yourself...

[While Grahf. Karen and Khan stand nearby, a blast of energy comes out of Fei.
After ascending
to the sky, it quickly flies at Fei who ducks away in horror. Watching, Karen
throws herself
in front of it, and is blasted. Her blood splatters all over Fei's face. She
smiles, then dies,
her bloody corpse falling on top of him. The pendant she was wearing falls to
his feet. It is
the Nisan Pendant, the one from his hallucinations.]

Id:Lies! That woman... This scene... All illusions he made up! I, my
consciousness, can see
through this trick. I won't be swayed!

Fei:Id... that's enough! Doing that isn't going to solve anything. Mother saved
us at the last
moment. That is the truth. Right? The reality isn't all grim, Id...

Id:My power... couldn't save anyone. It only destroyed. I thought that I could
only make a
connection with others through destruction. So I had to destroy it all.
People... The world...
Even Elly...

Fei:No... That's not the case. We can save others just as our mother, despite
being Miang,
saved us. Our power... can save people! We can save Elly!

Id:...That's a first. Mother being so warm... To me... She always seemed... too
warm... Fei.
Take the memories I have within me. You must know what it used to be like up
until now. Know
our identity... about who we are. Then figure out what ought to be done. Our
integration is
not yet complete.

[Id shows Fei a vision. Abel and Elly, run through the raining night, as they
are being chased
by the 12 Gazel Ministers. Above their bodies, the ministers hold up a gigantic
thrown where
the Emperor sits. Suddenly, a bolt of energy starts charging in the air in
front of the
Emperor. A bolt of energy strikes Elly through the chest and she falls. Abel
runs back to her
and holds her bleeding body in his hands as they quickly approach him...]


Elly:Abel... Live...!

[The vision fades. Now, Kim stands in his laboratory against the glass as
Zeboim troops attack
his wife.]

Elly:...I just can't... hand our child... over to you... ...Live...!

[The vision fades.]

[Lacan paints Sophia's portrait.]

[The vision fades.]

[Sophia is in the crashing ship.]

Sophia:Lacan! Live...!

[Krelian stands in front of the others...]

Krelian:If god doesn't exist in our world... Then I will create god with my own

[Lacan approaches a wasteland.]

Lacan:...What this... place...? ...My execution site...?

[He sees more people surround him.]

Lacan:...Why do you turn on me? I thought we were friends!

[He stands at Weltall.]

Lacan:Who... is it...?

[He stares over the wasteland around him.]

Lacan:Did I... cause this...? What has happened to me...? What...have... I...


[Lacan once again stands on Weltall.]

Lacan:...I will live...!

[He transforms into Grahf.]

Lacan:Even if I go to hell, I will live till the end of this world. And if the
world does not
come to an end... I will destroy it with my own hands!

[The visions fade.]

[Fei finds himself in a place with a large puddle on the ground. A glowing
light is in front
of him.]

Voice:...Fei ...Fei...

Fei:Who is it? Who's calling me...?

Voice:I... am... Har...

Fei:What is this light...?

Voice:I reside in Zohar. I am the beginning and the end. The first and the


Voice:God... some would refer to me as that. From a certain point of view, it
is right to view
me as such. But at the same time, I am not. I... am also a part of you.

Fei:A part of me?

Voice:I am defined by how people observe me. You are actually talking to a
virtual version of
me that you yourself create... I am 'your perception' of me.

Fei:I don't understand what you are talking about. Who, or what are you?

Voice:In one word... ...EXISTENCE.


Wave Existence:In actuality, I do not have a physical form. I am an 'existence'
of a higher
dimension. A place where time and space is controlled... The fluctuating
void... The 'wave

Fei:What does such an 'Existence' have to do with me?

Wave Existence:Long ago, a 'modifier', or a pseudo-perpetual, infinite-energy
engine was
created. That engine was named 'Zohar'. That reactor was created by an ancient
people from
another planet to attain what is considered to be the ultimate energy possible
within this
four-dimensional universe. Eventually, those people used that same engine to
create the
inter-planetary invasion weapon, 'Deus'... Zohar was used as its primary source
of power. But
the unexpected happened... During the connection tests of Zohar with the newly
completed Deus,
the engine started to examine infinite potential phenomena... Requiring energy,
the engine
connected this dimension to the higher dimensional space. As a result, that
reactor 'merged'
or 'synchronized' with the wave existence in that higher dimension... ME. I
descended from the
point of contact created by the machines through the 'Path of Sephirot', or the
domain you are
in right now, and incarnated in the four-dimensional world. After I 'Advented'
to the
four-dimensional world, in order to stabalize myself here, I had to exchange,
or materialize,
my form and enter into the 'modifier' engine. In other words, I became bound in
Zohar. I have
always wanted to return to my own dimension... And I came to a conclusion. I
had to reverse
the process. I went through to arrive here. I must be released by the one who
installed within
me a special feature of this dimension-the 'will'... that one is you.

Fei:Decided it was me? A special feature?

Wave Existence:Yes. I was given a special attribute of a human by you, the
Contact, when you
observed me... I was given... a mother's will.

Fei:A mother's will?

Wave Existence:I'm sure you remember. After my descent, you had contact with
the modifier
engine 'Zohar'

[A young boy who looks exactly like Fei stares at Zohar in a trance. Deep
inside, is Elly.]


Wave Existence:As a contact, being but only a child, you defined my existence
with your desire
to return to your mother. Thus I came to prepare the mother's will... that will
is Elhaym.

Fei:Elly's disposition was influenced by me?

Wave Existence:Yes. My will was incarenaded through a bio-computer which was
vital for Deus.
After combining with me, the bio-computer evolved its functions and that
bio-plant generated a
central element. That is her. I was split by your contact. My physical form of
flesh stayed in
Zohar, while my will went into Elhaym and my power went into you. That's why I
waited to unite
with you. And now, it is fulfilled. My only remaining desire is to break this
'cage of fleshly
existence'... In order to do that, I must become perfect by combining with
Elhaym, as well as
my other physical form, 'Deus'. The only way to return to my original dimension
is to destroy
this physical body. In the four-dimensional world, Zohar is perfect, so in
order to destroy
Zohar I need the strength that was attributed to you... Zohar can only be
destroyed by the
hands of the Contact.

Fei:What about Elly? If Zohar is destroyed, what will become of Elly!?

Wave Existence:Zohar and Deus are one. She is bound to the system by another's
will to become
one with me. In order to release her, it is necessary to destroy that very
system that serves
as the Deus weapon... However, having been created as a weapon, the Deus system
seeks to unify
itself with all of you for a different purpose than that of mine. Originally,
her release
would have been performed by me, the one who desires to return to the higher
dimension... But,
I am also bound to the system as she is, so I am unable to participate. You are
the only one
who can release her from the spell. Just as Deus and I are inseperatable, you
and her are also

Fei:...Alright. I'll destroy Deus and the Zohar Modifier. And I'll save Elly.

Wave Existence:You have experienced much loss and deprivation in your life. It
is very tragic.
Our contact, and the resulting transference of power and will between you and
I, most likely
played a part in splitting your personality.

Fei:I disagree. I can't blame anything or anyone besides myself. Regardless of
what may have
happened in the past, with the passing of time the cause becomes more remote.
It is a problem
that comes from within myself that I myself must deal with.

Wave Existence:I see... You have managed to accept those tragedies, to tolerate
all things, to
comprehend... and find where you stand in this world. If you have succesed to
do all these
things, I am sure you will succedd in what awaits you know. To liberate all of
us... Use
the des...troy...Zohar...

Fei:Wait! There's more I need to ask you...

Wave Existence:The system is awakening... Ask... her... after...

[Weltall transforms into Xenogears, the ultimate Gear.]

[Fei goes into Khan's Gear.]

Fei:Dad!! Dad! Are you okay? Dad! I'm sorry... this is all my fault...

Khan:Fei...? You've returned to your own self... You've become one...

Fei:Yes, thanks to you all. If all of you hadn't called out to me...



Khan:Don't worry... This is good... This is, after all... I...


Khan:You and I...

[Khan transforms into Grahf and clutches Fei by the throat.]

Grahf:You and I can become one!

Fei:Huh!? G, Grahf!? What's going on...?

Grahf:Ha ha... 'I' reached the limit of the body I possessed, on that day 3
years ago... 'I'
required a body that would tide me over until your true awakening. That is why
'I' acquired
the body of your father. Regardless of your awakening, your merging, and the
memories you had acquired... ...there was no way for you to know this, since
you had lost your
memory at that point... At the point in which 'I' merged with your father.

Fei:Impossible...! What about Wiseman...? What about father...?

Grahf:Of course they were just parts of me... I couldn't hold on to Khan
totally. His ego was
far stronger than I imagined. When my control weakened, he showed himself to
you as Wiseman.


Grahf:You have awakened. This body is now useless to me. Now I must return to
my original
body... the reincarnation of my body that you inhabit.

Fei:Stop it...! Dad...!

Grahf:I hear you Fei... You see, He and I are one. I am Khan, Khan is me. He
has become one
with me, so you too should open your heart and unite with me. Then we can go on
to eliminate

Fei:No... I... can't... allow... you... to... control... me!

[There's a flash, and Fei returns to Xenogears.]

Grahf:Hmph. Protecting your master? Then so be it. I'll merge with both you and
your machine
then. Now come, Fei! Fight me!

Fei:It's no use! I know you're Lacan, and that you're a part of me. But that
doesn't change
you being my father. I could never really fight you!

Grahf:You're so naive! Why don't you understand that your naivety is what
killed Sophia, what
killed your mother 'Karen'?

Fei:I already know that! That's why I swore never to run away again... ...that
I must rescue
Elly. So don't get in my way! Wake up! Open your eyes, father... -Lacan-!

Grahf:If that's the case ...then fight me! Fight me!!!

Fei:I can't!

Grahf:I see... Then there's no choice.


Grahf:Since you are so unwilling to fight, I believe I'll have to use them as

Fei:! Stop it! Don't we have the same memories? Can't you also remember that
sadness that you
felt way back then? Why then ... why must you destroy everything? If we stop
Deus, won't this
all be over?

Grahf:You still don't understand... even after your contact with the existence?
I came to
understand after my contact with the Existence that, even if Deus was
destroyed... long
as humans still inhabit this land, Miang... Elhaym, will be born time and
again. Then all
living things may as well perish along with Deus itself. That's the only path
to freedom. The
path to release us from the eternal cycles of life, the tragedies of history
and the spell of
fate! Once I awaken Deus as a weapon, I'll obliterate all living things... Then
I'll use your
awakened self and that machine to return everything to nothing... That's what I
Miang and Elhaym... are not just Deus' mouthpieces. That 'woman' is its main
body! Why can't
you see that?

Fei:That's not true. She gave her life for me by shielding me from harm! Her
eyes weren't
Miang's! Mother came back at the last moment! Miang, mother... even Elly, were
all humans
born on this planet! Deus doesn't matter! You'll see... I will bring Elly back!
No, Grahf -Lacan-! If you won't back down...


Fei:Then I have no choice...! The time has come to truly become one!

[Fei defeats Grahf.]

Grahf:Nuaah... Ugh... Why don't you finish me off? If you don't get rid of me,
then you cannot
get what you want.

Fei:It's alright I understand. You are not Grahf. You are my father.
You and Grahf are
one. Your will and purpose will never change. I knew that once we fought. But
let's stop now.
Our objectives should be the same. It is the same as our becoming one. We don't
have to fight.

[There's a light and Fei is paralyzed.]

Fei:Arrghh! What...! My body...!?

Grahf:Zohar is after you! The last piece to combine with Deus' system. It seeks
to unify with
you... the first to have been divided from it.


Grahf:This is what Lacan wanted all along. After all, I'm an imperfect
existence, It was
inevitable that it would come to this... considering what had happened in the
past. Lacan's
imperfect secondary contact with the Wave Existence split his personality into
two. Eventually,
his body died, but the original Lacan transmigrated... Bringing the destiny of
becoming a
Contact with him, he was reborn as your present body. The remaining persona,
just his desires,
lived on seperately by possessing the bodies of others. That is Grahf... that
is me. I may
have inherited Lacan's will, but I'm not the same as the 'Contact Lacan'. It is
impossible for
me to make real contact. There would be no true melding and realease. Even
though our bodies
may be different, I am still half of you. That fact remains. Although I'm
imperfect, I can
merge temporarily with Zohar, and thus may be able to buy you some time. This
is the only way
I can be cone with you. This is all I can do. Deus's system will start to look
for you again.
Before then, you have to destroy the newly perfected Deus and the Zohar
Modifier. You're the
only one that can destroy the physical barrier that encases god's body.


Grahf:As you said, that was Karen. Through many generations Miang is beginning
to break free
from her bounds. Now that Elhaym has merged with Deus, she has all of her
memories back. All
the memories from her original birth as the Contact's complement up to her
transmigration. That includes all of the lives she has lived as Miang, and her
over the centuries. And of course, that includes your mother's memories too.

Fei:Mother's memories...?

Grahf:Fei, cut away all the binds on mankind... You should be able to do that
now. Save her
and all the other women bound with her! I'm begging you Fei...

[True Weltall and the giant tablet vanish in a flash of light.]

[Fei gets out of his Gear and finds the Nisan pendant on the ground.]

Fei:What's this...? This pendant... Is this Sophia's... or my mother's...?


Fei:It's nothing... I'm just talking to myself. I'm sorry, for all the trouble
I've caused
everyhone. Thank you all so much! Anyway, let's get going! There is little time
left now...
for me... and for our planet!

[Fei brings them to a small hill where some wreckage is.]

Citan:What is this place...!?

Fei:This is where it all started. This is our genesis! We... no, humans were
born here.
...Long ago, Deus crashlanded on this planet in an interplanetary colony ship.
In order to
revive itself someday, Deus detached itself from the Zohar Modifier's core...
After this core
came down here, a single woman awoke and arose from out of it. She's the mother
of all
humanity... After she awoke, she used all her power to bear several beings.
These would become
the ancestors of the whole of humanity. These were the Emperor and the Gazel
Finally, she gave birth to replicas of herself to be humanity's caretakers. Two
The -human- Mother and the weapon... The Subject and the Complement... That is
Elly and
...Miang. I, the sole survivor from the colony ship, met Ellly and...
Everything started
from there... The land of genesis, -Kadomony-... this is that place.

Maria:That is incredible. That you can clearly remember the past so long ago, I

Fei:Usually, human memories cannot be passed down through the generations.
Humans do not
normally have the ability to change possible phenomena, we can clearly store
data in our
introns. In other words, we can leave behind memories to be inherited by our
Just as the Wave Existence is bound inside Zohar... the information is affixed
to me, so to
speak, by some of the power of the Wave Existence.

Citan:Then this is...!

Fei:This is the form from when Elly and Miang were still one being... This is
the first woman
of our world... ...Our mother...

[They look up at the dead woman laying in the wreckage.]

III G. Attack on Merkava

[On the Excalibur, Shevat's most powerful ship...]

Bart:...So if we destroy that Zohar thing, everything will be over, right?

Citan:Yes. The source of our Ether powers, and the power for the generators
that make our
Gears work... It all comes from the 'Zohar Modifier' engine which can control
phenomena. If we destroy it, Deus... and the -Seraph- angels... will all be
And we should also be able to free Elly, who has become bound to the Deus
system as 'Miang'.
Right, Fei?

Fei:Yeah. That's what the Wave Existence said.

Citan:But then there is the downside... It will also mean that we will no
longer be able to
use our Gears or our Ether powers anymore.

Rico:What are those -Seraph- angels all about, anyway? That odd appearance as
if they lack
something... as if they were neither living beings nor mere weapons...

Citan:Zohar senses the human consciousness and incarnates the -Seraphs-.

Billy:Human consciousness...?

Citan:Zohar itself involves the principle of uncertainty. The observer's
perception of Zohar
determines the entity it actually becomes. In other words, I believe that those
angels are
incarnations of the spirits of people... ...The people who have been absorbed
by Deus to
become parts of it.

Bart:So what merit is there for them to gain in eliminating all of

Maria:Is it some kind of hatred for those humans who have survived?

Citan:Of course not. Those people who were created and assimilated as parts for
Deus would not
have such intentions. Try to remember what Elly, when she became Miang, said.

Fei:"The creations of god will someday be a hinderance... That is why they must
be eliminated."

Citan:Yes. That is why Merkava is being used to begin the destruction. But...
Deus is not
following its programming of exterminating all of civilization... The
-Seraphs-, which are
terminal interface weapons of Deus, are using their bodies composed of...
...nanomachines to
absorb massive numbers of people regardless of whether they are dead or alive.
It is not
discrimination between the mutant and non-mutant people. This is highly
peculiar... ...The
fact that the people who are meant to be destroyed are being taken in as
well... That is the
absolute opposite of what it is supposed to be doing.

Fei:Maybe there aren't enough parts?

Citan:That is unlikely. Aside from those bodies that were destined to be parts
for it...
...Deus, who has already acquired the abilities of the nanomachine, can just
about use any
material... construct its body. It is obvious, it has other intentions in
mind. Those
intentions... Krelian called Deus the mother. If god is the mother, then those
motives are
coming from the Great Mother... Impeding of its child, enveloping it, to bring
the child back
to the womb to become one with it. That is the motive. Such a ptrogram does not
exist within
the design though. It was probably given this unique will by someone. Either
from Elly who has
merged with Deus or...

Fei:Either way, it doesn't change the fact that we have to fight. Regradless of
what their
intentions are. The problem is how we're supposed to deal with them. You think
we can do it
in our current state?

Zephyr:This secret battleship, Excalibur, will also take part in the final
Additionally, the military potential of all the surface forces will assemble

Bart:Even if we can put together a massive force... ...we still have the
problem with the main
armament of the Merkava. We need to know how to take that out. As long as we
don't do that...

Citan:Merkava's ultra-long range cannon has the ability to vaporize any
substance. On top of
that, they have a barrier around their perimeter that nullifies all attacks.

Zephyr:We've fought against the Merkava many times to try and stop its
onslaught. However,
we cannot even get close. Hence we have had to withdraw every time.

Fei:Dammit! No matter how much we want to save Elly... ...if we can't get in
the Merkava,
it's meaningless.

Sigurd:To add to that, there is the problem of those -Seraphs-. ...They
function as the
terminal interface weapons for close defense. I can easily say that their
attack power is
equivalent to the Omnigear class.

Bart:They even have the regenerative ability due to the nanomachines.

Taura:Don't be concerned about that. I was able to obtain some data from
Xenogears... You see,
Xenogears has mutagenically evolved due to its contact with Zohar. Using that
data, all of
your new Gears ought to be completed soon. Additionally, all the other weapons
and armaments
are being modified to implement the 'Disassembler Device'.

Billy:Disassembler Device?

Taura:In contrast to the Nanoassemblers, which create matter to repair with...
disassemblers have the ability to dismantle or destroy matter. They can even
deactivate the
nanomachines' restoring ability by disengaging their repair programs. This
should be
suffiecently effective even against the Deus' -Seraphs-.

Fei:Alright, even if we can deal with the angels... ...just how are we gonna
deal with that
Merkava? We can't even get close to the thing.

Citan:There is no such thing as a perfect defense. There is a way. Look over

[They look at a monitor with Merkava.]

Citan:Merkava's main gun requires a 1.2 second interval to reload because of
its tremendous
output. Upon firing, although it is only sectional, there will be a portion of
the barrier
that will be opened. There is a 1.87 second delay before the barrier reforms in
that area.
If we can use this window of time to target and destroy the cannon, it will be
possible to
close in on it. If we can get close enough, we can break through with

[He turns it off.]

Citan:Well, this is the rough idea.

Sigurd:Unfortunately, we don't have such a long range cannon... ...That could
acquire a target
in such a brief time frame.

Bart:So what you're saying is we just need to shut that annoying cannon up

Fei:...You want to head into Merkava!?

Billy:Now you're being reckless again... That's suicide.

Bart:No, listen. We're not going to just rush in. The Yggdrasil IV and this
Excalibur are also
equiped with barriers. That's what we'll use. Although only for a short time,
we can withstand
a direct hit from Merkava's main cannon. Then we can close in and watch for
that part of the
barrier to go down and then destroy the cannon.

Fei:How long will our barrier last?

Bart:About 20 or so seconds.

Fei:That's all? It wouldn't matter how fast we fly. In that amount of time,
we'll be without a
barrier before we can get within firing range. And those numbers are valid only
if the
generator is at full drive, right? You can only get those numbers if we
sacrifice all other
outputs and propulsion.

Bart:I'm not suggesting we go in with guns blazing knowing we're gonna lose.
We're going to
physically put a lid on it, directly!!


Bart:As you've said... The Yggdrasil IV's barrier can't sufficiently defend
against Merkava's
attack. At least with one generator that is...


Bart:Meaning, we can defend against Merkava with twice the amount of time...
...40 seconds,
if we couple the generators together. This way, we can make it in the heart of

Maison:Then, what about the propulsion...

Bart:Just hear me out.

[A screen of the Yggdrasil IV and Excalibur show up.]

Bart:This is what we do... First we transform my Yggdrasil into heavy assault
mode and load it
into the Excalibur so we can couple the generators. By doing that, we can
reduce the energy
usage down to just supporting the hull of the ship and generating the barrier.
This will allow
most of the energy to be devoted to generating the barrier. Next, shift the
barrier to full
front and focus it to a single point where their main cannon will make its
strike. Now for
movement. First off, we develop a barrier by engaging Excalibur's generator to
maximum power.
For propulsion during that time, we'll install on the Yggdrasil those large
solid rockets we
got from the ruins of the Mass-Driver. When Excalibur's barrier expires, we'll
use the
Yggdrasil IV's generator to develop a barrier. Then we'll also detach the solid
rockets and
shift the Excalibur into conventional flight. Using this method, we can get
right in Merkava's
face. After it fires, it'll be defenseless. During this time, we'll block the
muzzle of
Merkava's cannon with Excalibur's bow ram. Upon which, we should have 0.67
secondsl.. with the
cannon fire of the Excalibur, we'll destroy the Yggdrasil IV's slave generator
and incapicate
the MErkava along the way and theen... we break through!

[He turns the monitor off.]

Bart:...That's what the plan is all about. The combinations of the barriers of
both ships...
Storming the Merkava. ...The timing of the cannon fire of the Excalibur...
These are all going
to be crucial. Mess up any one of these and the consequences are going to be
severe. Hence,
it'll be necessary to have both crews in synch with each other. That's why I'd
like to place
Sig in command of the Excalibur.

Sigurd:I have no qualms with that...

Bart:What do you think, Queen? Will you lend us your battleship?

Zephyr:Since there appears to be no other alternative, let us go with that.
Please use it as
you see fit.

Citan:But we are not cutting it uncomfortably close? ...When you calculate the
arrival time
and the barrier generation time, you will see what I mean! One minor mishap
will put us in a
situation where we could run out of barrier power before our arrival.

Sigurd:Alos, we will be devoting both generators to keep the barriers up...
Won't that leave
us without perimeter defenses? We won't stand a chance if we get engaged by the
angels on our way to Merkava.

Fei:We'll hold them off. You can count on us! You guys just concentrate on
taking out that
main cannon.

Bart:Thanks. We're depending on you.

Fei:Already, everywhere else has been taken out. This is the only place that's
left. This is
going to be the true final battle.

[Fei sits in the chair in front of a pic of a snowy landscape.]

Fei:We set out to silence god's ark, 'Merkava', which was the epitome of
offensive and
defensive power... and then storm inside it... We initiated the operation to
destroy 'Zohar'.

[The Yggdrasil launches an attack on Merkava with the Excalibur. It jumps on
Merkava when the
time is right, and destroys the main cannon. The Yggdrasil blasts off as the
Excalibur fires...]

[Merkava blows up. On the Yggdrasil bridge, an alarm rings.]

Fei:That can't be!

Billy:A secondary explosion...!?

Citan:Oh no! I should have known better. What a miscalculation! The explosion
was too big. It
reacted with the main condensor right under the main cannon... and induced a
explosion... How could I have been so stupid!?

Bart:You mean, we overdid it!?

Citan:Why did I not realize it sooner!? This means... We might have... Oh no,

Fei:Oh... oh my gosh... Elly...!!

Billy:W, what is it, this time?

Bart:Hey, Citan! What more is going to happen!?

Citan:Something is happening in the center of Merkava... What could it be...!?

[Merkava crashes into the earth. Suddenly, a giant white organism blasts out of
the wreckage.
It inflates to huge proportions, then blasts the earth. The shockwave destroys
around it.]

[Fei sits in the chair. Behind him is a picture of the havoc Deus has wreacked
on the earth.]

Fei:At that time, the earth quaked and shook. Now, from the location where the
Merkava crashed,
 a giant object appeared. It was Deus' final form. The Merkava was merely its
vessel. Deus
evolved through the use of Krelian's nanomachines into a planetary scale weapon
and began
terraforming. It was attempting to convert this entire planet into a weapon...
We retreated
back to the base at the snow plains to form a new strategy... We decided to go
back into Deus,
time was running out for us.

III H. Sidequests

[In the crashed remains of Shevat...]

[Fei visits Queen Zephyr standing outside watching the snow fall.]

Zephyr:The snow keeps falling... Softly covering up everything in this world...
Our sorrow,
our defilement, our mistakes... If only we could wipe away these things as
easily as that...
What have we... have I... been doing... been pursuing... for these past 500
years? By the
way... How is the person you rescued from Merkava? I heard he recovered

Citan:Yes, well, at first, he had lost faith in himself but now he is better.
Kahr has revived
himself, and has found some real meaning in his life. If he decides to fight on
our side then
our total fighting power shall be greatly increased.

[Previously, on the Yggdrasil, Sigurd, Citan and Ramsus stand in the hospital

Citan:Kahr... Please listen to me! Right now, we must forget about being friend
or foe. We all
must support one another, regardless... Right now, we need your help!

Ramsus:...I... am... just trash... ...a... reject...

[Citan slaps Ramsus. He falls to the floor.]

Citan:Stop feeling sorry for yourself and pull yourself together man!!

Sigurd:Hyuga!? What are you...

Citan:Trash... Reject... You can take pity and call yourself that all you want,
but what about

[The camera angle changes, revealing that the Elements are also in the room.]

Citan:Are these women stupid, or trash, or rejects too for believing in you?
The reasons why
you helped the girls who had no one to turn to, may not have been that noble...
But in spite
of that, they stuck with you. Do you know why? They know you better than
anybody else. They
know the true kindness that exists in your heart. They know because they want
to be loved.
That is why they won't leave you. Kahr... Do not make them into the trash or
rejects that
you speak of.


Ramsus:All of you...

Citan:Needless to say, you are not trash or a reject... We know that better
than anyone does.

Ramsus:I... I didn't realize that what I've been looking for... was so close to
me... I'm...
sorry... for not realizing sooner!

Dominia:Oh, Commander...!!

[Back at the snow hideout...]

Fei:So much has happened between him and I... When this battle enbds, I want to
face Ramsus
one on one in sport, not war, as a martial artist.

Zephyr:I am sure he wishes the same thing too.


Zephyr:Fei... May I ask you something? About Elly... What if, even if we break
Zohar's spell,
she doesn't return to normal...

Fei:Elly will go back to her usual self! I will go on believing that. But even
if that doesn't
happen... I will still... ...Well, let's just say I'm prepared for that too!

Zephyr:You don't have to do this if you don't want to, you know. Your opponent
is the person
you love... If you decide to quit now, no one will blame you.

Fei:To quite would be meaningless. All that I fought for, and all that I live
for, woudl come
to have no meaning at all... People should be free. With no one bound by
others, and no one
binding others... Inside of me, there is a part of me that desires that
freedom, and a part
of me that gives me hope. So, I shall fight to win true freedom! For we are
still alive! We
fight to live. That is the reason why I fight. It's proof I'm human. I promised
my father,
and myself too, that I would free Elly from Deus' binds that I would save

Zephyr:I understand. So, let's keep believing... And hope for a miracle...

[The party visits Taura at his house.]

Taura:Thanks for visiting. You're looking mightly healthy. I want to help you
more... but this
body can't survive unless it breathes the air here... Looks like I'm just about
ready to meet
my maker, huh... Ho, huh, huh!

Fei:Oh Taura...

Taura:Don't worry. I'll stop my moaning. Besides, I have a nice present for
you. The fate of
the world is in your hand... We'll be counting on you!! In the meantime, I will
just watch
from here...

[He gives them some items.]

[The party heads to a lighthouse.]

Citan:The base of this light house was built several thousand years ago.
Islanders added a
light to make it into a lighthouse. But no one knows what it really is.

[They head down and see a city.]

Fei:...The city we saw from Emeralda's ruins... ...We've come a long way from

[They continue exploring and eventually, Fei and Emeralda step out on a

Fei:...Where are we...?

[They flashback to Kim's time. There is a new year's celebration.]

Kim:Congradulations Elly. Another year has come and past.

Elly:Yes, Happy New Year, Kim! I don't know what it is, but just now... you
sounded like an
old person speaking.

Kim:No, well, this time last year I never thought the war would come this far.

Elly:...Yes. But we managed to get by without getting involved.

Kim:But, it's not over yet. Why, at this very moment people are still dying.

Elly:...Let's stop talking about this... Let's not dwell on the past year...
Not at the start
of a new year!

Kim:Yes, well... today, at least, I want to spend a day without worrying.

[They eat in a restaurant high above the city.]

Kim:Stupid! Idiots! A bunch of fools!

Elly:Kim... you're too loud.

Kim:I don't care if they hear me. All the people here are also fools!


Kim:Think about it. What's the purpose of fighting each other on such a tiny
planet as this?
Fighting out of fear of being hunted into a corner... Rushing in to fight as if
there were
only so many 'reserved seats' to the rights of life... Starting a war is
stupid. Inciting it
is also stupid. Killing people as an act of terrorism or as a protest of
against wars that
kill people is just as stupid. You're all fools!

Elly:...Kim, I felt sorry for that child. But I don't think people in Ravine
destroyed the
generator with that intention. They don't have any other ways to express
themselves. The
government is the one to blame.

Kim:Is that a good enough reason for that child, or those dead people? It
wasn't much of an
operation. It was difficult but there was enough chance to win... We'd have won
if we had
better equipment... That child would have been saved if there was
electricity... It's not just
that child. Five people died in my hospital. The ICU didn't function... Stupid.
Just fools.
Humans, creatures are meant to live. Why do they want to die out? Why do they
themselves? Humans are defective creatures. A bunch of fools! That's why
genetic damage is up
lately. The birth rate is also going down. Only 30 years to live... Nature,
this planet, won't
allow humans to live any longer than that.

Elly:... Am I... a fool, too?


Elly:I had a physical at the hospital today... They said I can't bear children
because of
hereditary genetic damage. ...I can't create life. I am a creature waiting to
become extinct.
...Am I also a fool?


[Later in the bedroom, Kim talks to himself.]

Kim:... ...It's no good... ...It's not gonna work... Somehow we must break the
spell or the
humans on this planet will die out. No, I don't care about humans... Life
itself will be
ruined if we don't do something... Some... pure life... not cursed... A pure

[Later in the lab...]

Kim:This, this is the new spirit vessel that will break the curse. It hasn't
awakened yet. The
form was created by nanomachines, but neural simulation hasn't been done by the
Tower yet. It's physically stable, but still doesn't function as a living
creature yet.

Elly:A nanomachine colony...

Kim:No matter how many times we rewrite the hereditary codes... ...the
impression enbedded in
our bodies cannot be stopped. It was necessary to pursue this further. We had
to recreate the
molecular... no... ...actually the atomic level, by referring to the structural
patterns of
you and I. This child... holds our futures and possibilities...

Elly:Can this child be the angel who can give us more time?

[Back in the present day...]

Emeralda:... I, remember... long ago... you... ...Kim, ...died... right before
town died...
It was because soldiers of town... tried use me...

Fei:...That's right... The memory in my soul... It was left in me for your

Emeralda:While I being held... Krelian told that I... ...the ultimate 'work of
art' that
technology gave birth to... Yes, I knew I was thing. Look, my body... Different
from Maria,
Margie... and Elly. ...Human imitation... ...but different. Kim and Elly
said... I was angel.

Fei:...Yes, you are the child I, or Kim, wished for. Kim has been a part of me,
in my blood-
passing his memory down the generations- for the past 4000 years. Existing for
the day that
the child, who Kim was never able to embrace for so long, would be born.

Emeralda:Fei! Thank for being substitute Kim till now! But, it okay... I be
strong and make
Kim and Elly proud that I their child! ...W, what...? Fei... body... so...h...
hot... Fei...
hold me... tight... Don't let go.

[She changes into an adult.]

Emeralda:Fei.. body... ...I become adult... adult... I... I not get in your way

[They leave.]

III I. The Final Battle

[Eventually, the party heads to Deus.]

[Eventually, the group reaches a large organism being surrounded by 4 orbs.
Electrical power
eminates from the organism.]

Fei:This is... Deus!?

Chu-Chu:What are those four orbs spinning around it?

Maria:It seems as if the power of those four things is supporting the center.

Rico:So that means that big thing in the middle is the core of Deus?


Bart:Who cares about those orbs. Let's just crush the core.

Citan:Striking directly at the center rather than using fuel unnecessarily...
That is one
strategy. But, I believe another plan of attack would be to defeat its
surroundings first.
If we decide to attack the supporting orbs first, then it might be wise to
leave the battles
up to us. We should be able to do something about them without using up Fei's

Emeralda:That'll allow him to use the full power of Xenogears... defeat
Dues. And yes,
of course, to save Elly!

Billy:Whether we do a direct strike to the core or take down the supports
first... I guess
that is best left up to Fei to decide...

Fei:...Thanks everyone. To attack Deus directly... or to take out its supports
first... I
wonder which is best?]

[Bart, Billy, Rico, Emeralda and Chu-Chu take out the orbs. Afterwards, Maria,
Citan and Bart
face Deus, a large angelic Gear. After a long fight it is defeated. The large
organism stops

Fei:What... happened?

Rico:My Gear won't budge anymore.

Citan:The Zohar Modifier has ceased functioning. That is probably the reason
why our Gears
cannot move anymore. There is only a slight energy response coming from the
core now.

Fei:What about Elly? What's happening to her inside of that thing? The Deus
system's bind on
her should have worn off now. So why aren't we getting any kind of response!?
You don't think
we hurt her in that battle to...!?

Citan:Fei, calm down! The sensors are picking up a response from a life form
within Deus. It
is probably Elly. So do not worry... I believe she is okay!

[Fei approaches the large organism.]

Fei:Elly! Can you hear me, Elly!? Deus is no longer active. It's all over
now... So come out
of there. Show me your face! Elly! Elly!

[Suddenly the organism starts shaking and electricity starts eminating out of

Bart:W, what the...? What's happening...!?

Fei:Doc!? What's going one? What's wrong?

Citan:I am now detecting a tremendous amount of energy coming from within Deus.
It seems as
if something that was sealed up till now has suddenly been freed and is growing

Fei:It couldn't be... the 'Wave Existence'!?

Bart:The 'Wave Existence'?

Fei:That's gotta be it. The 'Wave Existence' was just freed from its 'cage of
existence' in Zohar... It's probably attempting to return to the higher
dimension that it
originally came from.

Citan:Which means... this is the aftereffect of the dimensional shift!?

Rico:What do you mean... 'aftereffect'!?

Citan:It is like a shock wave that is induced by the dimensional displacement.
But... so much
energy!? If this much energy is unleashed here now...

Fei:... If so much energy is unleashed... then what will happen, doc!? Tell us!

Citan:...Then this planet will be annihilated! These numbers indicate that it
has more than
enough energy to take out a whole planet!

Chu-Chu:Whatchu mean!?

Bart:You can't be serious!?

Billy:We fought so hard... only to see this happen...!?

Fei:Isn't there... isn't there anything we can do? Can't we stop the

Citan:Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do... Almost all machinery,
including our Gears,
are out of commission due to Zohar being shut down. This time, there is nothing
we can do...
To put it to you straight... this is the end for us!

Bart:This is freaking stupid! How the hell could it all end like this!? What
were we all
fighting for up to now!?

[Suddenly, it starts shaking and flashing.]

Billy:Th, the vibrations are intensifying...

Rico:Hold on a sec...! No, those vibrations are different! It has to be
something else causing


[Deus starts flying away.]

Bart:Deus is...!

Fei:Deus is rising!?

Chu-Chu:What is it this time!?

Citan:Deus is releasing its remaining energy and is beginning to accelerate...
If it continues
to accelerate at this rate, it will soon leave the atmosphere...

Fei:You don't think...!?

Bart:Think what!?

Fei:That it's Elly!? Elly is moving Deus...!

Rico:Are you sure!?

Fei:I'm sure of it! Elly is trying to save us by moving Deus away from our
planet! She's going
to sacrifice herself!

Maria:That can't be... Oh, Elly...

Billy:Can't we do anything...? We can't just sit here and watch this happen,
can we?


Fei:Wait... There is still something I can do!

Chu-Chu:What is it, Fei!?

Fei:My Gear still works. Without Zohar, the power source for your Gears, the
only Gear that
now remains active is mine. Just like Deus, my Gear and I made contact with
Zohar. We are the
only one's who can move now. I am going to go save Elly!

Citan:That is absurd! Even if you were able to catch up to Deus, you will not
have enough
energy to make it back!

Fei:Even so, I still must go. Elly's taking the whole burden upon herself! If
anything happens
to her... I want to be there with her...

Bart:Hey! Just a minute! You know I'm not gonna stand by and let you commit
double suicide...
if that's what you're planning!


Bart:...You better come back alive, you hear!? Promise me!! Promise me that you
will come
back... Then I'll let you go!!

Fei:...Thanks, Bart. I promise. I promise you that I will return... with Elly!

Bart:You better.

Fei:Yeah, of course!

Bart:Alright! Then get going!


Bart:Let's let him go, Citan. At this point, Fei's the only one that'll be able
to bring Elly
back. There's nothing we can say or do about it.

Citan:...You are right. Fei, keep your promise...

Billy:No matter what...

Maria:Fei and Elly...

Emeralda:Both of you...

Rico:Come back home...

Chu-Chu:We'll be waiting for you chu!

Fei:I appreciate this... Bart... and the rest of you... Well I had better get
going now...
but don't worry! I will be back soon! I guess this will be the last journey you
and I make
together... I'm counting on you... partner!

[Fei takes off. He approaches Deus in the sky, fastly approaching space.]


[As soon as the two exit earth's atmosphere, a giant portal materializes and
sucks them both
in. Fei wakes up naked standing on a pool of water like the one that the wave
existence was
in. Elly, passed out, levitates nearby.]

Fei:Where am I...!? That's Elly! This must mean that I am inside of Deus!?

[Suddenly, a wave like existence that resembles a human face materializes.]

Existence:Not exactly. Your actual body is but a physical object... It has
merely been
absorbed into Deus' outer shell. Only your consiousness is here. Of course, the
girl you
perceive in front of you is also not a true being. Your consciousness is merely
her image.

Fei:!? The 'Wave Existence'...? No... that's not you...!! Who are you...? It
can't be...! Is
that you Krelian? That's right, isn't it...? Krelian! It was you who did this
to Elly!

Krelian:The 'Path of Sephirot' has been connected. No one can stop god from
returning to his
world now. So what have you come here for, Lacan?

Fei:I came here to take the person I love back with me! So set Elly free! The
Deus' system has
been destroyed. It's all over now! So instead I ask you... What are you hoping
to achieve now!?

Krelian:The time when all things started... The place where all things were
one... I am going

Fei:What place?

Krelian:Before the beginning of the universe, in the undulating waves of the
higher dimension,
all things were one. It was the waves spilling out from there that created this
four-dimensional universe of ours. 'Humankind' and the 'Souls of Humankind'
that were born
from there, are merely leftovers of those spilled waves. So...

Fei:You're going back there? Is that what you desired?

Krelian:Lacan... Why such reluctance to become one with the god? What
attachment could you
possibly have to this wretched old world? What meaning can be found in living
out such a short
existence... hurting others, hurting yourself, grinding one another down...
only to inevitably
die and return to dust? Why, everything we could ever desire is here... No need
to be troubled
by the need for love... For this place is filled with the love of god.

Fei:I have not lost hope in humans as much as you have, Krelian... Someday
humankind will come
to understand one another! I sincerely believe that!

Krelian:How can you be so sure? Humans will never come to understand each
other. You said that
she is the person you love. but can you say that you even truly understand each
other? All
humans do is place themselves at a comfortable distance from each other and
call that 'mutual
understanding', 'spiritual unity', or 'true love'... but it is all lies! Man
cannot associate
with others without first deceiving themselves. That is the way that they were

Fei:But one being's ego can't determine everyone's fate! People have the right
to choose their
own destiny! That is why humans have free will!

Krelian:And what if that 'Will' itself was predetermined? What then? Oh what
folly!? Humans
are just primitive life forms that have no such thing as free will... Mankind
has merely been
allowed to live in an imperfect state... "as is", "as will be"... It is for
this very
reason... because humans have this wretched 'will' or whatnot... that humans
must experience
sadness and loss. For someone to gain something means another must lose it...
It is impossible
to make humankind share limited "things" and "affections"... So I came to the
conclusion that
everything must be reverted back to where it all began. To go back to when all
was one...
waves, and nothing else... It is not my -Human's- ego... It is the will of the
'Waves' ...
the will of -god-...

Fei:Well that's alright too... We don't have to be perfect. Actually, being
imperfect makes
mankind live by helping each other... That's what being human is... That's
mutual understanding!
That's 'unity' and 'love'... I'm glad... no, I'm proud... to be human! Elly
placed the future,
-tomorrow-, in our hands, based on our choice... And she is working to keep
Deus far away from
our planet. She is also trying to steal your heart... you, who wants to journey
all alone, to
be with god... Can't you understand Elly's feelings!? Do you have to become one
with god
before you are able to comprehend all of this? I understand... I know her
feelings... as if
they were my own... Yes... she and I are one! We don't need god's help!!

Krelian:Well then, prove it to me... Show me this power of humans! Show me this
-love- that
you say can make you independent of god...

[Suddenly, a large woman, atleast 50 feet tall with wings and a snake tail
appears. Fei's body
quickly migrates through the air into Xenogears. Fei relentlessly attacks the
woman until she
falls to the ground, dead. Krelian dissappears. Fei leaves Xenogears and walks
up to Elly.]


Elly:Fei... It was Krelian... Krelian released me...


Elly:Yes. I came to understand after becoming one with Krelian... His heart was
so full of
sadness. That is why he desired for he and I to become one with god... Because
that would be
the return to the beginning of everything... He told me... "You should be with
him..." That is
what he said... You see... He already knew! Yes, he already knew... how I felt,
how you felt...
But there was nothing we or he could do... He had no choice but to go foward...
even if it
meant he lost all feelings, lost everything that was human! For all humankind's
sake... There
was no going back... Even looking back held too many memories... And he would
have... just
wanted to go back... Even though he couldn't... So please forgive him...
Krelian loved people
more than anyone else...

Fei:I... I, somehow... knew it all along... I just knew he was really that kind
of person...

Elly:I am so sorry... so please forgive me! I was wrong... I thought sacrficing
myself in
order to save others was the right thing to do... But my actions only brought
sadness to
all the people who I left behind. And that sadness gave birth to even more
sadness. As long
as 'I' still live within you, my life is not just mine alone.

Fei:Elly... That isn't wrong. To sacrifice yourself for others is a noble
thing... Even if it
were to benefit yourself, its no problem. There will always be a person
healed... One or the
other... Love gains its original shine only when there's an interelationship
between the giver
 and the receiver. It is incomplete when one or the other is missing. The two
are one. It was
you, Elly, who taught me that. I believe that is what it means to be human. I
can now
understand the true importance of it. I don't know if its the right answer or
not... But we
have a lot of time to think about it. What Krelian himself was looking for all
along... We
will find the answer to it all ...ourselves...

Elly:Thank you... Fei!


[Elly falls down to the ground next to Fei.]

Fei: Let us return to our planet.

[Suddenly, a bright light emits from the sky.]

Elly: That light, the point of contact with our world. Can we make it in time?

[Fei extends his hand to Elly.]

Fei:Can you run?

Elly: If we're together again.

[Fei and Elly run as fast as they can while the ground beneath them starts to
rumble and
crack. Suddenly, Elly trips and falls.]


[Fei jumps to Elly and holds her as the shock wave passes by, destroying the
ground under
their feet. They fall hundreds of feet till a portal suddenly opens and
transports them to a
rock out in space. Fei looks up and sees Krelian.]

Fei: Krelian... you...

Krelian: Theres no time. This place is about to be destroyed. Now there is no
more god. This
is no longer their planet, this is your home planet that you are now standing

Fei: Krelian, you're not going, are you...

Krelian: no...

[turns around]

Krelian: Since that time, I have stopped being human. I have commited so many
sins that any
attempt at living as a human is impossible. The only one who could have
forgiven me is god.

[Fei gets up and Elly soon follows.]

Fei: Thats not true! I'm sure they would understand! Theres still plenty of
time to atone for
your sins. You of all people can do it.

[Krelian smiles.]

Krelian: Always the peacemaker, eh Lacan? But, regardless, I cannot go. It is
something I have
already decided. I'm going to walk with god, even if there is no place left for
me upon my


Krelian: I must go now.

Fei: Krelian!

[Suddenly, wings sprout out of Krelian's shoulders.]

Krelian: Actually, I envy you two.

[Fei and Elly are transported back to earth. Suddenly, a large explosion rocks
the sky.]

[On earth, Citan and the others arrive at the seashore.]

Citan:Fei! What happened?

Mystery Man: I'm picking up waves from the ionisphere that are making it
impossible to make
a visual. They were probably caught up in the explosion.

Bart: Thats a lie! He'll come back, he promised us he would! I know it!

[Suddenly Emeralda notices something in the sky.]

[Xenogears heads back to the earth at a great speed.]

Chu-Chu: chu chu chu chu chu chu

[Chu-Chu hops off]

[Citan looks to the sky.]


[Xenogears approaches earth.]

[The party runs to Xenogears and the game ends.]

end credits