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                 Unofficial Walk-Through / FAQ (Part 1)
                                v. 6.0
                 By: Gino Caparas (gino_c@mailcity.com)
                     Last modified: Nov. 20 1999
                     Copyright 1999 Gino Caparas

1. Disclaimer
2. Introduction
3. Misc. Information
4. What's New
5. Characters
6. Controls
7. Explanation for newbies
8. Secrets - Part 1
9. Question and Answer
10. Walkthrough : Disc 1
   I. Lahan Village
   II. House in the Mountain
   III. Fallen Shadows
   IV. Girl in The Forest
   V. Broken Silence
   VI. Dazil
   VII. Into The Sea of Sand
   VIII. Bart Attack
   IX. Cave-in!!!
   X. The Gate to Calamity
   XI. Ygg Dust!
   XII. The Pirates' Lair
   XIII. Yggdrasiege!
   XIV. Arabian Nights?
   XV. Operation: Aveh
   XVI. Metal Gear: Bart Snake 
   XVII. The City of Peace
   XVIII. Recapture Aveh!
   XIX. Desert Despair
   XX. Baptism
   XXII. Inside D-Block
   XXIII. Battling Tournament
   XXIV. Sewer Horror
   XXV. Battling Champ
   XXVI. Visit to the Kaiser
   XXVII. Gear Dock Raid
   XXVIII. Night Purge
   XXIX. Secret Weapon
   XXX. Inside Goliath
   XXXI. Men of the Sea
   XXXII. Betrayal
11. Acknowledgements
12. Other FAQs
13. Conclusion



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Xenogears, the Xenogears logo, the big red X, the "Stand tall and shake
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The Playstation and the Playstation logos are registered trademarks of
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There are a few things I'd like to state before I get to the

- Feel free to E-Mail me about any errors or additions concerning this
   FAQ. If you think it's rude, well, it's fine with me.
- As much as possible, please don't E-Mail me about what to do in a
   place that is covered in this walkthrough. It's true that I love
   getting mail, but the answer should be found here, whatever it is.
   However, if your question is about another place not in this FAQ,
   then I will be happy to answer your question(s).
- If you think I'm Spanish, guess again. Check the E-Mail address.
- I'm also not from Indonesia. If I was, then I'm probably in Bali, eh?
- Still, if you don't know my nationality, don't guess too hard. I'm not
   French, Italian, Greek, Singaporean, and esp. NOT from Thailand.
   E-mail me for guesses. It's not much, but you may be surprised!

   Now about the game. Xenogears is an RPG from one of the best out
there, SquareSoft. This is a mix of 2D & 3D graphics, and the game
itself can be compared against Square's previous masterpiece, Final
Fantasy 7. It has a lot of religious overtones, so this game might be
thumbs down for over-religious people. Also, this game has 60-80 hrs. of
gameplay. Longer than Zelda 64 and, yes, Final Fantasy 7. And unlike
what some of you guys think, only 4 out of 9 people use weapons. Some of
them don't use a weapon, so they're either strong or weak. It strays
away from the usual RPG tradition wherein everyone uses a weapon. It
certainly saves gamers from the expenses of all the weapons you have to
buy. One last thing: This game has more strategic elements than others.
I'm talking about an ATB (Active Time Battle) sequence instead of simply
turn-based, fuel and action point conservation, etc. However, this is
NOT a RPG / Strategy game. It is your normal everyday TRADITIONAL RPG,
got that?

   Everyday, there's always someone going out to their favorite CD shop
and getting a new title. If he/she is an RPG lover, Xenogears will
usually come to mind. The intricate story, the resemblance to FF7, the
horribly-pixelated 2D animation, the smooth Gear moves and the Gear
cockpit's resemblance to an average Gundam. In fact, Weltall looks like
a cross between a Gundam and that Anime superhero Guyver! Everyone is
talking about Xenogears. No matter how late they are, someone will
always go up to the counter, pick the Xenogears CD case, ask how much
and give about 90 green smackeroonies which are called money, play it
for a while and get stuck on a certain place and whine. Get the picture?
That's the main purpose of this FAQ. There are usually RPG players who 
will get the game and get stuck at a certain place with no one to call 
for help. The solution? An FAQ. This is my FAQ to help get items, money
and even a record of undefeated Gear fights. (They're easy) So, what are
you waiting for? Read on!

Now where can I get this FAQ? Well, you should get them in these sites:

-http://www.gamefaqs.com-- Has a lot of FAQs and updates daily! One of
    the best on the Web. A definite must-see. Ran by Jeff Veasey.
-http://www.console-gamer.com-- Also has a lot of good FAQs, cheats,
    hints and other stuff for everyone to make use of. Ran by Richard
-http://www.allanime.com-- A site based on Anime and other videogames.
    Cool site, cool webmasters.
-http://www.rpg-vortex.com-- A site ran by a cool crowd of people who,
    according to them, "don't take themselves too seriously." Looks neat
    and decent, too. Dedicated to various RPGs and anime.
-http://www.vgstrategies.com-- A site that has a lot of walkthroughs,
    cheats and FAQs. Ran by Al Amaloo.
-http://www.angelfire.com/pa2/rpgamer/index.html-- Metallistar's
    homepage. Contains FAQs on various RPGs like Xenogears and even FF5.
-http://go.to/xenogears-- Another homepage containing FAQs. Nice site to
    check out.

You can also contact me through ICQ. My ICQ # is 43204398.


  FAQ title: "The Unofficial Xenogears FAQ/Walkthrough"
  Author: Gino Caparas
  Version: 6.0
  First version & date submitted: 1.0 on Jan. 18, 1999.
  Latest update: November 20, 1999
  Full size: 98,081 bytes

The game:
  Title: Xenogears
  Genre: RPG
  Developed by: Squaresoft
  Published by: Squaresoft
  Release date (Japanese version): 02/11/1998
  Release date (American version): 10/21/1998
  Discs: 2
  Average length: 60-70 hrs.


 Here's the breakdown of the things I did with this FAQ:

v. 0.00
  Everything's blank. =P

v. 1.0
  All done with first part! Everything you saw on Jan. 18, 1999.

v. 1.3 up to v. 1.5
  Added a lot of things on FAQ.
  Added What's New section and changed the numbering.
  Added two more brave souls in Acknowledgements.
  Added Boss Fight titles on walkthrough.
  Finished the "speech" in Introduction.
  Added the Part 1 Secrets.
  Modified the "Hide and Seek kid" entry in Secrets section
  Added "Parents" in Character section
  Modified Characters section and Secrets section
  Modified Acknowledgements part
  Added "Other FAQs" section  

v. 2.3 up to v. 2.4
  Modified entries in Walkthrough section
  Added borders in Boss fight and chapter titles
  Added a new warrior in the Acknowledgements part
  Felt sorry at the fact that I forgot a lot of things to add to this
    FAQ. =(
  Added "Frequently Asked Questions" section
  Added two website links
  Fixed some errors in Walkthrough
  Added a new FAQ suggestion
  Realized that this FAQ's just 22 days old

v. 3.6
  MAJOR UPDATE! It made some problems during printing without Word Wrap
   on, so I modified the whole FAQ, as well as part 2.
  Added some more happy campers to the Acknowledgements part
  Added another E-Mail address to contact me (found at bottom of FAQ)
  Found out that I've modified this thing 5 times, dagnabbit.
  Explained the Id stuff at the FAQ section. You WILL learn something.
  Modified Boss Fight border at the Walkthrough section
  Added Disclaimer part
  Modified the Introduction section

v. 3.8
  Modified the whole FAQ again. Dang Word Wrap! It messed up the FAQ
   once again, so I spent a couple more minutes in Windows to fix it up.
  Added Omnigear info in the Characters section
  Modified the Id entry at the FAQ section.
  Found out that the What's New section probably took up a whole page

v. 4.3
   SuperDuperMegaHyperUltraElectroMagnetic update on the whole FAQ. I'm
 taking a different method of putting the new stuff in this section. I
 think it's more appropriate in "expressing my thoughts," so to speak.
 I've added what items you'll get from those chests and boss fights.
 That's also one of the 2 reasons why I didn't update the FAQs lately.
 The other reason is that I just got a new RPG, Legend of Legaia. I'm
 trying my best to make at least 2 FAQs there, so watch out for those...
 if I don't cancel them. Also, I've broken the 95kb barrier I made when 
 I started this whole thing! (applause!) Now, the FAQ is as large as
 95,272 bytes! (applause again!) I think I'm gonna break the 100kb
 barrier when I finish the 2nd FAQ, so cross your fingers! All of them.

v. 4.5
    Yes, another update. I found 2 more sites to carry my FAQs in them.
  Well, I also fixed some parts on the FAQ, since I started to "purge"
  (sound familiar?) the wrong stuff and changed them into correct ones.
  Also, the file's size is now 96,605 bytes!!! Let's celebrate again!

v. 4.8
    I can't believe I updated this thing again. Well, more walkthrough
  updates and more stuff I certainly can't tell you about.

v. 5.5
    I just got an ICQ number this July 7, 1999 (don't laugh). It's on 
  the Q&A section of the FAQ and as well as on the bottom of the whole 
  FAQ and on the Introduction section, too. For those of you who are 
  lazy (like me... sort of), the ICQ # is 43204398. Not only that, the
  FAQ's size is now... aw, what the hay. It's just 98,081 bytes.

v. 6.0
    I've been AWOL for a long while, so here's another update. By the 
  way, I lost my original mailbox (gino_c@compass.com.ph) AND my 
  original Internet account for 3 weeks, so you can now contact me at 
  (gino_c@mailcity.com). It still has the gino_c account name, but the
  compass.com.ph is gone. Hope you understand.

   That's it so far. Now quit starin' and read further.


 1. Fei Fong Wong (Fei)             2. Elyhaym Van Houten (Elly)
    Age: 18                            Age: 18
    Hair color: black                  Hair color: auburn
    Father: Khan Wong                  Father: Eric Van Houten
    Mother: Karen Wong                 Mother: Medena Van Houten
    Birthplace: Shevat                 Birthplace: Solaris
    Fighting Style: Kempo Karate       Fighting Style: Use of rods
    Spell Types: Offensive/Defensive   Spell type: Offensive
    First encounter: Lahan             First Encounter: BlackMoon Forest
    Original Gear: Weltall             Original Gear: Vierge       
    Omnigear: none                     Omnigear: Regrs (???)
    Good: All-around and System Id     Good: Spells and speed
    Bad: Xenogears... ^_^              Bad: Gear & human HP are VERY low

 3. Dr. Citan Uzuki (Citan)         4. Bartholomew Fatima (Bart)
    Real name: Hyuga Ricdeau           Age: 18
    Age: 29                            Hair color: blonde
    Hair color: black                  Father: King Edbart Fatima IV
    Father: unknown                    Mother: Queen Fatima ^_^
    Mother: unknown                    Birthplace: Bledavik
    Birthplace: Solaris                Fighting Style: Use of whips
    Fighting Style: Karate             Spell type: Offensive
                    Use of swords      First Encounter: Desert
    Spell type: Defensive              Original Gear: Brigandier
    First Encounter: Mountaim Path     Omnigear: Andvari
    Original Gear: Heimdal             Good: a bit all-around
    Omnigear: Fenrir                   Bad: quite low HP
    Good: HP, spells, his sword and
          his speed as well as both Gears' speed
    Bad: Fenrir's HP is low, and his voice is squeaky =)

 5. Ricardo Banderas (Rico)         6. Billy Lee Black (Billy)
    Father: It's a spoiler. Secret!    Father: Jesiah Lee Black
    Mother: ???                        Mother: Rachel Lee Black
    Age: 30                            Age: 16
    Hair color: orange & yellow        Hair color: light purple
    Birthplace: Kislev                 Birthplace: Aquvy
    Fighting Style: Wrestling          Fighting Style: Gunnery
    Spells: Offensive                  Spells: Defensive
    First Encounter: Nortune D-Block   First Encounter: Thames
    Original Gear: Stier               Original Gear: Renmazuo
    Omnigear: Stier-2                  Omnigear: Renmazuo-2
    Good: strong, both Rico and Stier  Good: spells and D. Blows
    Bad: speed (both) and Rico's HP    Bad: limited ammo. Darnit!

 7. Maria Balthasar (Maria)         8. Chu-Chu
    Father: Dr. Nikolai Balthasar      Father: colored Chu-Chu
    Mother: ???                        Mother: colored Chu-Chu
    Age: 13                            Age: Chu =)
    Hair Color: light brown            Fur Color: pink & white
    Birthplace: Shevat                 Birthplace: ???
    Fighting Style: Hand-to-hand       Fighting Style: Hand-to-Hand 
    Spells: Summoning Seibzehn         Specialty: Saying the word "chu"
    First Encounter: Babel Tower       Spells: Defensive
    Gear: Seibzehn                     First Encounter: Yggdrasil
    Omnigear: none                     Gear: none (she grows)
    Good: spells and Seibzehn          Omnigear: none, of course
    Bad: crappy fighter off her Gear   Good: spell which fixes Gear HP,
                                              and she doesn't need Fuel
                                       Bad: even crappier than Maria
 9. Emeralda Kharim (Emeralda)
    Father: Kim Kharim
    Mother: Elly Kharim
    Age: 4000
    Hair color: emerald green
    Birthplace: Ethos Dig Site Lab
    Fighting Style: Body Part Manipulation
    Spells: Offensive
    First Encounter: Ethos Dig Site Lab
    Gear: Crescens
    Omnigear: nuthin'
    Good: spells, speed and Ether Def for Gear. Useful for Opiomorph.
    Bad: strength as child, as well as Crescens' HP.


      Better get used to these: it's not like the normal RPG controls:

                   |    Map     |    Battle   | Fighting game |
Directional buttons:    Move    : Move cursor :     Move      :
      Square       : Open Menu  : Med. Attack :    Punch      :
     Triangle      :    Jump    : Weak Attack :     Jump      :
      Circle       : Run (hold) :   Cancel    :  Dash (hold)  :
     Cross / X     :  Examine   : Fierce Atk. :     Kick      :
      Select       :  Not used  :  Not used   :   Not used    :
      Start        :   Pause    :   Pause     :    Pause      :
        L1         :Quick turn L:  Not used   :    Defend     :
        R1         :Quick turn R:  Not used   :  Ether shot   :
      L2 + R2      : Get on/off :  Not used   :   Not used    :


 * You'll have to use some points for attacking like in Capcom fighting
  games: 1 pt. for light atk., (Tri) 2 for med., (Square) and 3 for
  hard. (X) Pretty complicated for others.

 * On foot, your fighting techniques will be combo-based. The numbers on
  the lower-left of the screen represent your ability points to use. (#
  left/# max) In connection to the first note in this part, the attacks
  use up points. The minimum action points are 3, while 7 is the max.

 * On Deathblows:
    DeathBlows are special combos learned by your character. They learn
  this from time to time, but not for every level like spells. They
  start off with a light or med. attack to stagger the enemy, and ends
  with a hard attack. To learn these, you must do every pattern you can
  with your APs. Let's say you want to learn Tri., X. Once you get 4
  APs, try to do the Tri., X combo in battles. The percentage of
  learning should now go up. To see how much you've learned a D.Blow,
  check the Status option, then the skills. The number next to the combo
  is the percentage of how much you've learned it. Once that meter hits
  100, you should be able to use it. However, deathblows also have a
  level prerequisite, so if you can't use a deathblow yet, try raising
  your level. Equipping the Wizardry Ring item will raise the Deathblow
  learning rate by about half, so once you have it, equip it on someone
  and start whackin' away! If you're in a Gear, then you certainly won't
  be able to learn a new Deathblow.

 * On the Combo option in battles (off your Gears):  
    The Combo option during human fights unleash a link of DeathBlows
  learned by the character. You need to charge your AP Bar to use it. It
  goes like this: whenever you attack, usually there are still some AP's
  left unused. Those AP's go to your AP Bar. Ex.: You have a Max of 5 AP
  per turn, and you just used a Raijin DeathBlow which costs 4 AP. There
  is 1 AP left. Guess where it goes! To get the most of this, use only
  Weak Attacks (1 AP). Once the bar is filled up to the number you want,
  (max is 28) use it to link your DeathBlows to one, massive attack!
  Ex.: You want to do 2 Raijins,(4 AP each) 2 Senretsus, (5 AP each) and
  2 Hagans (5 AP each). That's equal to 28, right? Once the bar's filled
  up to 28, access the Combo option and choose the order you want your
  Combo to be! Simple? It is!

 * On the Attack Levels in Gear fights:
    These 1-time combos are the Deathblows of your gears. You gain a
  combo for every character D.Blow. If you've learned Tri., X for a
  character, then your Gear will automatically have Tri., Tri. The 2nd
  Deathblow (Tri, Tri, X) will give you Tri, Square on Attack Lvl 1. The
  3rd & 4th D.Blows will now be Atk. Lvl 2 for your Gear. (Square, Tri.)
  Your 5th and 6th is Atk lvl 3. They start with X. If you have some
  Elemental Deathblows (see below, Elemental Deathblows), you'll get
  Infinity. To shift to a higher Attack Level, simply do a single
  attack. You can see the Gear's Attack Level on the lower-left side of
  the screen. At the start of a battle, your Attack Level will always be
  0. For example, Fei has already learned the Raijin Deathblow and can
  use it in battle. During the start of a Gear fight, the Attack Level
  indicated on Weltall is 0. On his turn, he does an X attack. On his
  next turn, the Attack Level number turns into 1. That's Attack Level
  1. When he did a Triangle attack, some text appeared on the bottom of
  the screen. It said "Raigeki  40." The 40 means that the combo uses
  40 Fuel points. Since he only has Tri, X for Fei, Weltall can only do 
  Tri, Tri, which is Raigeki. When he pressed Triangle for the 2nd time,
  Weltall suddenly executed a more powerful attack, the Raigeki. After
  that turn, Weltall switches back to Atk. Level 0. Do you understand

 * On the stuff during Gear fights:
    During Gear fights, you'll have some factors to keep an eye on:
   -Fuel: you need these in order to move. Charging restores fuel.
   -Booster: This command makes your turn time go fast. Somewhat related
      to Final Fantasy's Haste spell.
   -Special Options: you'll get these from time to time, although one
      of them needs a part installed in your gear. (Fix Frame HP)
   -Hyper Mode: A 60%+ Hyper Mode will get you to Attack Level Infinity
      after a single attack on Atk Lvl 3. The percentage will increase
      everytime you deal damage to your enemy or get hurt. The more
      damage the better. Actually, this is related to FF7's Limit
      Breaks. You can see the Gear's Hyper Mode percentage at the right
      side of the screen. It's in the small box. The percentage meter
      goes blank if you're in Infinity Mode.

 * On the FrameHP part:
    Frame HPs are parts to install in a Gear which heals your Gear's HP
  to a certain percentage depending on the number. The higher the
  number, the more Fuel it costs. For example, you get the FrameHP 30.
  The 30 means 30% of the Gear's HP. The very first Frame HP part is in
  Nortune, when you'll try to save Rico.

 * On the Elemental Deathblows
    Elemental D.Blows: once you get 7 APs, you can access these powerful
  D.Blows. They're not in the Combo list, but they do serious damage.
  Again, the combo is Weak/Med. attacks before Heavy, so try as many
  possibilities as you can. Tri, Tri, Tri, Tri, X is your very first
  Elemental Deathblow, but it needs at least level 50 (hint, hint!).


 1) Hide-and-Seek Kid locations
  1. He's in the corner from the staircase that has the broken roof over
  2. In the corner by the north exit in town. 
  3. Check the barrels near Ethos Workshop.
  4. An arch by the west side of town 
  5. In the tiny corner to your right when you come in.  
 2) Speed Card Game locations in Thames (Thames only!)
   1- The boy in the corner in Supply Entrance facing a computer-like
   2- Bum in corner facing a small red octagon
   3- Queenie. (Amazon on a crate with 2 drunks marching in place
   4- (Optional) Big Joe: on the Yggdrasil 2's deck

 3) How to get the 4 chests in Thames Supply Entrance
   1- Behind a fence near the Gear Part supplier and the card-game boy.
        Jump on a crate to get in. 
   2- Behind big crates in lower part. Go to the Computer Room (with the
        open door) then jump down. 
   3- On the big bucket hanging in the ceiling. Get across several
        bridges like a plank and a big knife to get there.
   4- On the moving bucket near the big gun. Once it shows up, jump
        below it to make the chest drop down on the floor.

There are more to be found at the second part of this FAQ / Walkthrough. 
For a LOT more secrets, please check out the Secrets FAQ of Matthew
Emirzian (mtemichan@aol.com) found in this page. You can also download
it in his own webspace in http://members.aol.com/mtemichan/xenofa60.txt.


 These questions have been asked a lot of times, and answered too.

 Q: What's your nationality?
 A: It's SO obvious. Just check my E-Mail, and you have your answer.

 Q: What's your ICQ number?
 A: You can contact me through ICQ using the number 43204398.

 Q: Where will I go? I'm stuck at !@#$%&* and I don't know what to do!!
 A: You should be able to find the answer to your dilemma in this FAQ.
     However, if you're somewhere in Disc 2, then I can answer your
     question through E-Mail.

 Q: Help! I don't know how to get Deathblows! What's a Deathblow?
     What's the difference between a D.Blow and a Combo? How do I get
     more Gear combos? How come I never get Deathblows when I'm inside
     my Gear? Why can't I get to Attack Level Infinity? Blah, blah,
     blah, blah, blah, blah and another blah.
 A: You guys should be able to get your answer in the Explanation for 
     Newbies section of this FAQ. I've put them all in there so that you
     can simply look in this FAQ for your answer. You can mail me if
     you think your question can't be answered by this FAQ, of course.

 Q: When will you finish Part 2?
 A: Soon. Very soon. Trust me. Really. 

 Q: Are there any secrets in the Battling Arena?
 A: This isn't really a secret, but to get Gear Level 2 when Battling,
     simply play in Gear level 1 for a few times. To get the Shinobi
     Gear in the Gear Select screen, simply fight him in the Goliath
     Factory. He's a rare Gear. To get Argento, in practice mode, set
     the difficulty to hard and rounds to three, then fight and beat
     everyone without losing a round using Weltall. Next, beat Weltall
     with Xenogears. I never saw Argento before, nor get to fight it in
     a normal battle, so good luck!

 Q: I can't seem to find the Shinobi Gear you're talking about. 
 A: I know, it's tough. Just run around the Goliath Factory until you
     fight a big, purple, hunched-over Gear. I think his full name is
     Shinobi MK0... I only got to fight him once, as he is VE-E-E-E-E-E-
     E-E-RY hard to find, believe me.

 Q: What does the weight of a character do?
 A: So far, I don't know exactly. What I know is that the heavier, the
     slower and stronger, but if you're lighter, then you become faster,
     but weaker.

 Q: Id is an incredibly imaginative name. How did they come up with Id?
 A: Id is actually linked to Sigmund Freud's theory on psychoanalysis.
    Through repression, or pushing some thoughts out of the conscious
    mind and into the unconscious, the mind comes to consist of 3 parts:
    the ego (conscious part), the id (unconscious part, contains the
    repressed thoughts) and the superego (separates the ego and id, also
    our "conscience"). During sleep, the boundaries of the ego and id
    weaken, so some thoughts in the id "invade" the ego. The effects are
    manifested in dreams, like nightmares. This also happens during
    daytime, when some certain impulse like traumatic memories triggers
    the id to cross the barrier and into the ego, causing some faulty
    actions like slips of the tongue. In Fei's case, violence and other
    things like blaming everything on him triggers his "problem." This
    problem, however, is not just some slip of the tongue, but is
    something more complex. It's a spoiler, so I won't tell you guys.
    You know how I hate putting spoilers in an FAQ! Later on, you should
    be able to link this to both Fei and Id, the villain.

 Q: Where did you get all this info, you nerd?
 A: I got the Id stuff on my trusty 1994 Edition Groliers Encyclopedia
     (the book, not the program!). Judging from this, you _can_ say that
     I'm quite a bookworm. 

 Q: What's happening to Fei? I see him getting a big migraine, and then
     suddenly he's nowhere to be found!!!
 A: Be patient. You'll find out by the end of Disc 1.

 Q: Why did Grahf save Elly in the Hecht incident? Why didn't he attack
     her on the Goliath?
 A: I know. Some of you guys know. Squaresoft knows. However, it's a
     spoiler, and you know how I hate putting spoilers on the FAQ.

 Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
 A: `Cause he wanted to.

Any more questions? Maybe you'll find the answer (or answers) in the
next part, the Walkthrough.


  This is the 1st part of the Walkthrough. The info. here is from the
first use of Fei up to the first encounter with Billy in Thames. I put
it this way for better readability of the FAQs. 

  All of the things written in this part is not from my memory. Instead,
I jot down notes on my trusty notebook and I simply look at them when
I'm typing, so you can rest assured that I've given my all to make the
information here as accurate as possible.

   Don't you feel excited already? First, pop in the Xenogears disc 1
and turn on the PlayStation. When you start a new game, you'll watch a
neat CG/Anime intro. You can skip it if you want, but it's just too cool
to be ignored. A briefing follows, stating the world's status. The scene
will skip to Lahan with Fei in his Gear, Weltall.
Items to be found: 
    200G, Aquasol (x4), Eyeball, Aquasol S, Power Ring, RPS Badge, 120G,
    Mermaid Tear, 80G, Spider Thread, a chill ^_^ (10 items, 400 G, one
    bad pun)

  These are actually the events that happened before the Gear battle
thing. You'll start with Fei painting. Once you can move, you may want
to check his bed: it contains 200G. Go talk to the maid. She'll tell you
about your past. Not much help. Check the room w/ barrels for AquaSols.
Jump up on the web to get the spider thread (you'll use this later on).
Go up. You'll see 4 people here. Get out. A boy named Dan will show up,
telling you to go meet him outside the house. Once he gets out, get out
as well. Sorry folks: you'll have to examine the door to open it. Now
you can explore Lahan. First, talk to the guy next to the cow. Answer no
in his question and get an Aquasol. Jump to the well several times to
get items and puns. One of the houses has a Memory Cube. Talk to the
Consultant (in blue), Lucca from Chrono Trigger or the bald guy. If you
ask to the baldy, you'll get 80G. Try to find the bar. Talk to the blue
drunkard. If he asks something, answer "Drinking won't help matters."
You'll get a Mermaid's Tear. You'll use it much, much, later. One of the
small houses has two people inside. Talk to the guy in blue to play RPS
or Rock-Paper-Scissors. Try to beat him 5 times in a row to get an RPS
badge. Your chance of winning is like 75/25, though. Try and guess his
pattern if you want to win. I check out his. Go down and talk to the old
man. Answer "I like it" (the other choice is "I don't dislike it."
Hmm...) and get 120G. Check out the boy weeping at the back of Alice's
house for a funny sequence. Once you got everything, talk to Dan. Agree
with him. Go to Alice's place (the one w/ a guy guarding it) and go up
the stairs. The music will change, and she'll ask you to go to the
mountain path. You'll have to go there: it's a linear game.

(NOTE: You can go directly to Alice's place w/o talking to Dan. I dunno
if a discussion with Dan will reap in rewards later on. )

Items to get:
    Aquasol (x3), Bird Egg, Spider, Midori's Ring, 120G, 22 lbs (weight)
    (6 items, 120G, 22 pounds)

  Once you get here, read the sign. Save if you want. I can't tell you
the directions: it's a simple maze. Along the way, you'll get 2 Aquasols
in chests plus a spider in a tree. One of the trees have a bird's egg.
If you get it, a bird (the mother) will come and ask you to return it.
If you don't, it'll hurt you for 1 damage evry second. It won't kill 
you. In Citan's home, check the sign for a corny writing. Check it's 
back for a funnier one. Go up the stairs. Check one of the rooms at the
2nd floor. A chicken will jump out. Check it again and get an Aquasol. 
You may want to go up a bit more and check the telescope. Check the 
chimney near the telescope for 120G, too. Go down. A bush near a door 
has Midori's Ring. Get in. Talk to Yui, the bigger person. She'll say 
Citan's in the storeroom. It's the room with a Land Crab on top. Get 
near the door. You'll see Citan on the crab, telling you to get in the
room. Obey. Check the box. A sequence will follow. Citan will ask you to
join them in dinner. Once you have eaten, try to go as far as the rope
bridge. Another sequence will follow, showing Gears flying above you. 
Citan will show up, saying you should go to the village. At the Mem 
Cube, save. A long chain of events will follow.

Items to be found: 
    Nothing (no items)

  You'll have to watch. The Gears are attacking everything and everyone
in Lahan. Once you get in your Gear, Weltall, you'll have to fight.

           --STORY FIGHT--MUSHA MK100 (2x) (Very Easy)--
                           EXP: 180 (x2)
                         Prize: 100 G (x2)
 Terribly easy. Just keep using X attacks. If you lose, well, you're
 probably just charging, or you're too young to play Xenogears. =P

Watch some more. The scene will switch to Fei. The villagers want him
out of the village... or what's left of it. Next stop: Blackmoon Forest.

Items to be found: 
    Aquasol (x2), Arcane Rod, Survival Tent (4 items)

  This place has a lot of monsters. The first thing you should do is go
up. If you don't know how, just follow the Hob-Gob. It'll show you how.
Once you're up, you can examine it to fight 4 of them. No escape.
Another way up is to jump up the rock and cross the log near it. A save
point is nearby. Save. Continue until you see a boulder on a log.
Examine the Hob-Gob in front of it. Fight them. After the battle, the
boulder will roll. Get out of the rock's way: you'll get hurt if you
don't. Enter. A girl will come out and point a gun at you. Anime here. A
battle follows, too. You'll find out that her name is Elly. Anime again.
You'll get her in your party. Tons of jumping here. A chest containing a
weapon for her (Arcane Rod) can be found here in the 2nd part of the
forest. There are also other chests and bags here. Near the end, Fei &
Elly will have an argument. Elly will leave, and a scream is heard.
Guess who. Go save in the Mem Cube nearby. Follow her.

Items to be found:
    Nothing (no items) 

  Yes, folks! The girl is going to be eaten by the Rankar! Surprised?
Well, you'll have to fight it off your Gear!

                --BOSS FIGHT--RANKAR DRAGON (Easy)--
                              EXP: 348
                            Prize: Scales
 Looks like a T-Rex, actually. It won't hurt you much. Citan will follow
 shortly in his Land Crab (No, that's NOT his Gear!!) with Weltall!!!
 Yes!!! Now fight it. Easy, I must say. It does have, however, an attack
 that slows your speed by half.

Once the battle is done, a cutscene with Citan and Elly starts. They'll
keep on chatting, but she'll have to leave (again). The next day, you'll
be using Fei and Citan. Exit the forest and watch. Up next: Dazil!

Items to be found:
    A headache... nah, just kidding... (no items)

  Dazil is simply north of the desert. Don't worry... it's not that long
of a walk. Inside is somewhat an Arabian-type town. Check out every
house. The bar has Big Joe: a Spanish Elvis rip-off on a red jacket and
red bellbottoms! You'll see him a lot of times in unexpected places and
events. Your first assignment is to find the Gear shop. It's the biggest
tent (maybe the only one) in town. Talk to the guys inside. Get out
again. Go to the shop w/ a buggy outside. Talk to the man in the desk.
Citan will leave on the buggy. You'll have to go it alone. Stock up this
time: you might need it. Go out and follow him.

  VII. INTO THE SEA OF SAND                       
Items to be found:
    nothing (no items)

  Keep running north. The scene will change. Go north. Don't worry: you
won't get lost. At another screen, military Gears will show up. Run
north some more. Shevat, the city in the sky, will show up. More rabbit
wanna-be Gears should show up. Keep running north. Watch Fei grab a
bike. (Drat! No minigame here!) Watch Fei stop. Watch, watch, watch. A
battle will soon follow. 
               --STORY FIGHT--AVEH GEARS (2x) (Easy)--
                           EXP: 180 (x2)
                  Prize: 250 G (x2), Extra Ar (x2)
 Easy. No specific strategy to use here, just beat the living hell out
 of them. It's really easy. No need for booster.

A scene with Grahf, the Darth-Vader-clone-turned-Jester-from-Hell-
wearing-the-usual-jester-hat-with-4-ringing-bells of the game, shall now
be shown to poor, little you. He'll call upon some big worm called Wyrm 
(stupid name) to tear Weltall up. Boss fight!

                  --BOSS FIGHT--WYRM (quite easy)--
                              EXP: 1044
                            Prize: Eyeball
 Wyrm (stupid name) will suck your fuel up as a attack/counterattack.
 You can't hurt it with single attacks, except for combos. The trick
 here is to conserve as much fuel as possible. Use a Triangle attack to
 get to Atk Lvl 1, then hurt it with your most powerful combo. Use can
 also use Guided Shot.

Once it's all done, you'll find Citan and yourself on a SandCrawler.

Items to be found: 
    Survival Tent, Rosesol, Extra Ar+1, Leather Vest (4 items)

  Can't help you much in here. In your cell, Citan will chat with you.
Once he's done, save. He'll ask you to rest. Try and guess what to do.
If you don't know.... too bad. As I said: it's a linear game!! Go sleep
as Citan said. The scene will change to Bart and the pirates on the
Yggdrasil. The ship will go KA-BOOM, and you'll have to get out. The
ship is sinking (in sand) real quick. You'll have to be quick in the
first part. First, try to get the chests. Once you're done, go to the
ladder and climb up. The next part has exploding bridges, so if you
fall, just cross it again. Once you get to another Memory Cube, guess
what to do. Heal if you want, but remember to save. Continue with this
room. (it's just a simple U) Once you get to the crane-like thing, run
to it's edge. If you take too long, the thing will get destroyed and
you'll have to return to your previous save point. However, if you fall,
you won't die. Fei'll just hold on and hoist himself up again. Once at
it's end, Citan will come with Weltall. Watch. Bart will come and
challenge you to a fight in his Gear, Brigandier.

            --STORY FIGHT--BRIGANDIER (BART)  (Very Easy)--
                               EXP: none
                              Prize: none
 Keep using Combos. Forget about his Wild Smile attack `cause it's
 pretty much useless for him in this fight. However, once you can
 harness Bart's powers, it'll help you in fights. Survive the fight and
 you'll be fine.

Items to be found:
    Gold Nugget, Iron GWhip (2 items)

  The quicksand will give way, and you'll fall down to an underground
cave. There's a save point nearby. Save. Look for a big rock in the
area. Examine it. It will move. Explore around and find a hole. Enter.
Keep running at the tunnel. At the end is another hole. Try and guess
what to do. Yes, enter! You'll be in another part of the dungeon. 
There's a chest nearby, and it has a weapon for Bart's Gear. Go to the
fixbot (the only Gear there aside from you two). You can talk to it if
you want. Enter the nearby exit. It's not too hard to spot. Hey, guess
what: another room! Jump down the terraces and save at the Memory Cube.
Enter the cave nearby. An old man named Bal will come in and fill you up
on everything. After all the chatting, go stock up or buy some new Gear
parts. He'll ask you to turn off the 2 Sand Sensors found all over the
dungeon to open a certain gate. Why? It's a linear game! Ask Bal or the
FixBot for the locations. If you dont want to, here:

  1> Somewhere near the chest with the whip for Brigandier. You might
     have seen it on your way.
  2> On the arch by the big boulderockapebblestone in the first part. To
     get there, pass through the `Terrace Stones' in front of Bal's
     place, go through a long path, on the bridge, until you get to the
Examine them, lazybones! Talk to Bal again. A gate should now open. Save
in whichever Memory Cube. If you didn't stock up before, do it now.
Don't ask: you'll find out why. 

Items to be found:
    none (no items)

  The gate is somewhere near Old Man Bal's home. Enter. In the first
section of the cave, there's a part where you must take a gondola lift
to a generator, and examine it to open an elevator nearby.  Go down the
elevator. Eventually, you will find a save point. Next to the save is an
even bigger elevator you can use. Go down it and move around. You'll see
a big gear fly around in the cavern.  Walk more and the giant Gear
attacks you. Boss fight.

               --BOSS FIGHT--CALAMITY (Quite Hard)--
                             EXP: 8642
                           Prize: 2000 G
 This guy, Calamity, has quite a punch. His punches and his torpedo
 attack causes around 300-350, but with Bart's Wild Smile spell, it
 drops down to 0 damage, baby!! His Missle Pod attack causes 450+,
 though, and it WILL hurt you, since it's an Ether atk., and Wild Smile
 only suppresses physical attacks. Keep using combos, since Guided Shot
 might not always work. Once he's toast, he should stand up again, so
 Fei will put down Calamity for good using an Infinity Attack called
 Kishin. (You won't get it yet!)

Go out of the cave. You'll be in Bart's ship: the Yggdrasil. (pronounced

Items to be found:
    Nothing (no items)

  By now, you should be in the Gear hangar. Walk up to your Gears and
talk to any of the two. The mechanic changes your Gear's name, and the
supervisor can let you see the Gear's back, front, or even talk about
it's weight, owner, etc. Get some new parts at the Shop nearby if you
want. Once you're done, go find the exit. It's south of the Gear Shop,
by the other guard. Exit. Now you can explore the Yggdrasil. Better
remember the places in here: you'll be staying in here for a long time.
A LONG time, I tell you, LONG!!!! Try to find Bart's butler, Maison.
He'll sell you various stuff. There's also a Memory Cube. Anyway, your
destination is the bridge. Take the elevator up, and go to the only door
there. Another Memory Cube here. Save if you like. Talk to the First
Mate, Sigurd. He'll take the Yggdrasil to Bart's Lair.

Items to be found:
    Iron Whip (1 item)

  Once Maison and your guys get out of the elevator, try and follow
him. If you break out of the line and go explore the lair, just try and
look for a bar when you decide to go back. Maison and your guys will
have a long scene along with ol' Bart. When you gain control, you can
buy items and Gear parts at a counter downstairs. Try and talk to the
young girl for a short sequence if you want. Get out. By now, you should
go find Bart and Citan on the Planning Room. Try and save at the
quarters with the Memory Cube: it never hurts to save. Go look for the
Planning  Room. Watch. When you get out, you'll see two kids go to the
Gear Hangar. Don't follow them: you won't find anything there. Go to
Bart's room. Don't worry about the note: brats put those kind of notes
on their doors everytime. Get in. You can check the chest for a Whip for
Bart, a picture of Bart and a girl or even his alarm clock. Try and get
out. You can't. Bart will come in and Fei'll hide. Watch. Get out. NOW
you can go down. Go to the Ygg's deck and talk to Bart. (Jeez! This game
has more story than action!) Take a second elevator down to the Gear
Hangar. Go to Weltall, and talk to the engineer in brown. Sig and Citan
will come in. Watch Bart all alone on the Ygg. (Here we go again!) Go
back to the 1st floor and go to the bedroom. Save here: you'll need it.
Talk to the guy near the entrance, answer some questions, then sleep.
Elly's soldiers: Renk, Broyer, Stratski, Helmholz, Vance plus a boss
will come attack. If you didn't save.... well, I told you! This part's
quite long!!

Items to be found:
    Nothing (no items)

  Prepare to fight these guys three times in this game. This is your
first. Save first if you like. Go down to the Gear Hangar.

              --BOSS FIGHTS--ELLY'S KNIGHTS (Very Easy)--
                             EXP: 1500 (x5)
             Prize: 300 G (x3), 200 G (x2) Extra Ar+2 (x3)
 A series of battles will start in this order: SwordKnight, AegisKnight,
 WandKnights (2), then ClawKnight. They're all very easy. By the way,
 you'll get to use Citan's Gear, Heimdal, for the first time. You'll
 find out that it's attacks are similar to Weltall's, and it's speed is
 like Citan off the Gear: VERY fast! Don't waste much fuel on these
 guys: there's a boss up next.

                 --BOSS FIGHT--SCHPARIEL (Very Easy)--
                              EXP: 17,889
                        Prize: 1700 G, Beam Coat
 Schpariel, the boss, is somewhat like Calamity except for it's looks.
 Start off with Bart's Wild Smile. Keep using X Attacks and Atk Lvl 1
 combos and you'll take him to the pits. Turn on the Booster if you
 want. As for me, I was supposed to, but I... err... forgot. =)

Once you get control of Fei, you'll get Bart and Citan on your party. Go
to the bridge. Save, then talk to Sig. You'll be able to control the
Yggdrasil! Yipee! Your destination: Bledavik, a big town nearby.

(You can go on without the Yggdrasil if you have the guts.)

Items to be found:
    Hide-and-Seek Badge (1 item)

  A scene with the villains, Ramsus, Miang, Shakhan and Vanderkaum will
follow. Trick: while Ramsus is talking to Margie, doodle on the D-Pad to
move the camera! Hey, what do you know?! More Arabian stuff! This place
is quite big, so try and remember as much as you can. Your objective is
to find a place. Once you enter, a woman will ask you if you have a
place. Say no, and the guy at the inn will give you a discount. Explore
and buy some items if you want. A kid will be playing Hide-and-Seek, and
if you talk to him, he'll ask you to look for his playmate. Check Part 7
for the locations. Another goodie here is to ask one of the vendors. If
you asked the right one, a boy will steal something from her. Follow the
boy. He'll be with another guy. Ask one of them and he'll ask for 1000G.
Give it to him. They'll have a special shop later on in the game selling
various Hob Meat. Save if you wish. Get inside the third room. There
should be a nun inside whom you could talk to. An alternate route is to
go through the hotel's window outside. You'll have to pass through the
restaurant, though. If you go inside, there will be a scene. Quest

Items to be found:
    some prizes at the mini-game tent (many items)

  Yo'll need to go to the castle without barging in. Hold your horses!
Not yet! You need to find a clue. Go to the well with some men near it.
Talk to the one standing, then the one sitting in the corner. They'll
say something about the castle underground spring. Examine the back of
the well. The sitting guy wil say that it's locked. Go back to the nun.
Bart should now remember about the castle spring. Next, go to Shakhan
Square. Buy some items here if you want. If you talk to the blue guy
with balloons, he'll give you one. Check out the fire-eating guy WHILE
he's trying to do his trick. He'll choke! Hit n' run! However, if you
talk to one of them while he's not at it, he'll teach you how to throw
flames. Hold R2 then press X. This won't work until you talk to that
guy, and if he doesn't teach you, talk to the other one. Talk to a
demihuman (mutant) kid near the balloon guy. He says he wants a toy but
his Pops doesn't want him to. Go buy one. Doesn't matter if it's a toy
gun or a MiniGear. Talk to him. He'll ask you for your toy. Give it to
him. He'll give you a secret about the chest in the restaurant. Go
north. Bart will not join you. Continue to the Fatima Castle. A bum will
come and tell you about the tournament. There's the clue! Talk to either
guard on the counter. He'll ask if you want to enter the Tournament.
Agree and say your name. You'll pick it yourself. There are two names
(first and last names) you'll need to pick and combine them to form an
amusing name. There are 16 combinations like the "Wandering Boxer" or
the "Dragon-Slaying Squire." Come back to Shakhan Square, pick up Bart
and talk to the nun. Your next task is to find the key. Go to the well
with the old man near it. Examine the well. He'll say something. Talk to
him. He'll say something about his past activities at the palace AND ask
you what you will do with the key. Answer "Rescue Margie." (Try the
other two if you want.) He'll give you the key. Go back to the nun. Talk
to her. Citan will say that you should prepare. You can now go to the
tent with the blue mutant in front. It's got some pretty fun mini-games
for you to play, namely "Merry-Go-Pop," "Whose Balloons" and "Mirror of
Truth."  When you exit, a sequence with a Lahan villager and Fei will 
start. Once you're done, talk to Bart or Citan at the nun's room. Choose
to rest. You should control Fei and Citan afterwards. Go to the palace.
Items to be found:
    Gold Nugget (1 item)

  The guards will let you enter this time. There are two tents here: go
to whichever tent and talk to everyone. If you go to the left, you'll
see Big Joe! (Him again!) Talk to him if you wish. If you choose the
right tent, not left, there will be a familiar figure. Big-haired,
carrot-topped, shorty on a red vest, shorts and sandals with a big, bad
forehead? Yep! Dan from Lahan! Talk to him and he'll let the words fly.
Boy, is he MAD! The tournament should now start. Watch whatever scene
there is. You should switch to Bart. Go to whichever well you want. They
lead to the same thing. If you talked to the demihuman kid, then I
recommend you go to the one by the Gear Shop / Ethos Station. When you
go down there, near the first intersection, there'll be a pipe that Bart
can climb. Do it and pick up the Gold Nugget in the chest. Go back down
and continue your quest. Go to the next chapter (#XVII) for more details
on Bart's swimming odyssey.

  You"ll face you opponents while Bart's still doing his part. While
he's swimming (or looking for Margie), the screen will suddenly CRASH!!!
and there you are in the battle. 


 * BATTLE #1: GONZALES (easy)* 
     EXP: 500      PRIZE: Survival Tent
 Charge up your AP Bar to 28 then let it out on him! If you do a single
 D.Blow, he'll counter for a 60 damage Berserk attack. Use InnerHealing
 if you wish.

 * BATTLE #2: BIG JOE (medium) (I told you he'll show up again!!) *
     EXP: 1 =)     PRIZE: 1 G <chuckle>, Metal Vest
 Charge up your AP bar again. His attacks only cause 1-2 damage, and
 he'll even throw in a few stupid lines like "Grrreat!" and "Dynamic!"
 If you think this battle's a piece of Steamed Cake, guess again. The
 crowd will either heal Big Joe hurt you for 70+ damage! Ouch!

 * BATTLE #3: SCUD (easy-medium) *
     EXP: 500      PRIZE: Samson's Hair
 This battle must be the easiest of all. He does throw various pills to
 affect you in diff. ways, though. Otherwise, his attacks are all weak.
 Use Guided Shots or a 28 AP combo to take him down. Scud heals himself
 for 200.

 * BATTLE #4: DAN (quite easy) *
     EXP: 500      PRIZE: 5 G, Wedding Dress (see below on how to)
 Told ya he'll face you! It's a piece of Pancake. There are 2 ways to
 - Keep healing/defending. After a few turns, he'll give Fei Alice's
    Wedding Dress and run. You'll still get EXP and G for this. 
 - Charge up -the bar- to 28 then throw a big combo. No Wedding Dress,
 Question is, how the HECK did Dan get stronger than Fei?! Calling
  SquareSoft people! Calling SquareSoft people!

 * BATTLE #5: WISEMAN (impossible to win) *
     EXP: 0        PRIZE: dream on...
 No way to win the battle, no way to lose. It's one of them It's-okay-if
 -you-lose-since-the-story-says-it-does-not-matter battles found in the
 game. If you attack, it'll miss. Don't worry about him being strong: he
 NEVER attacks!!! Watch the following scenes afterwards.

(NOTE: you may lose if you want, but because the guards won't be
 interested in the fights, there will be more guards in the castle.)

Items to be found:
    Rosesol S (x2), Aquasol S (x2), Hob-jerky (x2), Hob-meat, Cobra
    Cracka, Iron Mail (x4) (12 items)

  Once you're swimming, keep holding O to go faster. There are tons of
bags, too. If the current runs against you, just hold your ground. If
you get tired, pause, then swim again! Fei's battles will start while
you're doing this at ANY time. Just follow North in the compass and
you'll get to the end soon. When you get to the end of the sewers, an
old man will scold Bart. =P Talk to him and go save. Climb up. There are
guards circling about: try to avoid them as much as possible. Try not to
get lost in this one: it's BIG!!! Also, if guards see you, they'll fight
you, so try to hide Bart as much as you can. However, if you've played
Metal Gear or Tenchu, you won't find this hard. Compared to the two,
this is nothing but a mini-game! Just remember that Margie's room is in
the East Tower, so keep going East. If you see a single small door
guarded by one fat guard in a big place with 2 curving stairs, that just
may be it. Once you get to Margie, save. Get out. After running a few
steps, Ramsus and Miang will come out and fight you.

            --BOSS FIGHTS--RAMSUS WITH MIANG (Medium)--
                           EXP: 7000 (2x)
                          Prize: 500 G (2x)

This battle is long, but easy if your level is high. Ramsus' normal
attacks are bearable, but watch out for his Mirror Stance trick. It goes
on for 3 turns, and he will not attack in this position. If you attack
him while in this stance, though, he'll counter for 150+ damage! Major
hurt! Margie and Miang are by their respective man's back, healing them
from time to time. Bad news is: Miang heals Ramsus for 40 and never
misses, and Margie heals Bart usually only for 40, seldom heals for 60,
and has quite a high chance of missing! If this happens, I hope you
stocked up on Aquasols! After the battle, Fei will join and do the
battle all over again.

This is easier because Fei will help Bart "spank the baby." Charge up
the -Bar- to 28 and let him have it! Miang heals for 100 this time.
Watch Fei "lay the smack down" on Ramsus using a Raijin DeathBlow. (Why
didn't he use something stronger like Senretsu or Hagan??)

 Ramsus will have a flashback and Fei, Margie & Bart will escape on the
elevator. Watch them chat, and go straight to the next door when you can
control Fei. You and the others will bump into Elly, and lead you to the
Gear Hangar. Watch the three of you escape on a Gear. Watch Ramsus, and
Bart and the others on the Yggdrasil. Your destination now is Nisan.

Items to be found:
    Ether Veiler (1 item)

  On the Yggdrasil's deck, follow Maison down the hatch. Check the doll
near the bridge's door. Bart will say that Margie owns it, and the doll
will speak! Anyway, find Margie's room. It's the door next to the Gear
Dock. Talk to her and she'll say it has a name. Give a name for it. It's
original name is Chu-Chu. She will come in and reveal her crush on Fei!
Talk to her if you have the spider from the Mountain Path. She'll eat it
and give an Ether Veiler in exchange. Go out. Go to the bridge with
Bart. Talk to Sigurd and take control of the Yggdrasil. Go to the lone
tree in the desert. If you're in the Ygg, it should say "The Road to
Nisan." Press X, and the Yggdrasil should submerge. Watch the
conversation with Sig and Doc and some other scenes. Go to Nisan
afterwards. You may want to explore now. Go north and find Margie. Talk
to her and follow her. Go straight and talk to her again on the Map. You
should now enter and see the nuns welcome Margie. She'll show you
around, so keep following her. halfway at the balcony, the four of you
will chat. Still tail her until you reach the end. At the room, there's
a painting of Nisan's Mother Sophia 500 years ago and a long sequence of
events, plus a flashback from Fei. I won't spoil the story for you. Go
out and go to the library. Speak to Sister Agnes (she's beside Margie)
about Sophia. Go out and go to the town. Halfway through, you should see
Maison outside a house. Talk to him and go inside. Bart and Sig will
have a conversation about the white-haired guy's history. 4 questions
will be given to you. Ask (not answer) them all to advance. Bart should
go out. Look for him outside. He's on a bridge nearby. Talk to him in
there and look for a City Hall or whatever it's called. It's the one
with a bell-shaped door near the Tool Shop. You'll talk about your
battle plans for the next day.

Items to be found:
    Extra Ar+2, Magnetic Coat, Rosesol S, Gold Nugget (4 items)

  Once you gain control of Fei, prepare and save. Talk to Bart
afterwards and say "Alright!" Watch Bart, Fei and the crew leave for
battle. CG animation follows. Afterwards, you'll control Citan. Save and
talk to Maison if you want to. Go to the deck and watch a conversation
with Bart and Sigurd. The scene shifts to Ramsus and Miang sleeping
together, as well as some other scenes as well. Control Weltall after
that. Keep going north and upwards. Follow the other Gears if you're
lost. You'll see a cave soon. Enter for the second part of the dungeon.
Again, keep going up and north. When you get to a FixBot and a Memory
Cube. Talk to the FixBot and he'll sell you some items or fix up your
Gear. When picking what to do when chatting with him, NEVER, EVER pick
"Can't trust you." You'll battle him, and if you escape or defeat him,
he will not show up after the fight! You'll need him after your battle.
Anyway, save and enter the nearby cave. Walk a bit and you'll see Elly
and her men attack you. En garde!

               --BOSS FIGHTS--ELLY'S KNIGHTS (Easy)--
                      EXP: 1500 (x3), 800, 300
                    Prize: 200 G (x2), 300 G (x3)
 Two WandKnights start off, and the others (SwordKnight, ClawKnight and
 AegisKnight) follow. No strategy to use here: just run wild with your 
 attacks. Watch the scenes concerning Drive and Elly, and then you'll
 fight her next.

                 --BOSS FIGHT--VIERGE (Quite Hard)--
                             EXP: 11,046
                             Prize: 300G
Keep throwing the X attacks and Atk Lvl 1 combos to take her down. Her
Aerods attack will cause 300 or 400 (I forgot) damage, so it won't be a
piece of Ice cake. To make things worse, she uses it probably every 3
turns, and it never misses. You will probably end up with just a few HP
and fuel. Just don't run out of fuel or get defeated. Fighting the
Knights all over again would be a REAL pain in the neck. Trust me...

 Watch again. Fei will be used after that. If you think this part's the
same as the one before the battle, you're only HALF right. Save and fix
up Weltall as you prefer. Go up. Once you get to a light, hug the wall
and jump up. The scene will change to Bart and the others. You will use
Bart. Save and talk to the old geezer if you wish. Go up the ladder and
watch. Funny bit here. You'll switch to Bart again. Save, then go out.

Items to be found:
    Nothing in particular (no items)

  Watch Fei and the other Gears look down on the enemies from a cliff up
above. Next up is a mini-game, maybe? All you have to do is keep going
forward while dodging the gunfire, mines and Gears. A gunfire is -1 HP,
a mine -5, and a Gear leads you to a fight. The target is the battle
cruiser Keifenzel, west of the position Fei is in. The 2nd part is still
as before, only with more of the same enemies. Cross this part and you
will be at the Keifenzel's top to fight one of the weirdest bosses in
the game: the Keifenzel's Main Cannon! How insulting! A CANNON! You're
fighting something which doesn't even move?! Oh, gimme a break!!!

           --BOSS FIGHT--KEIFENZEL MAIN CANNON (Very Easy)--
                               EXP: 7000
                              Prize: none
This battle's not too hard. Turn on Booster and start whacking away.
There are some smaller guns that damage for 1-2 damage, but don't waste
your time on these guys. The cannon will have a countdown starting with
5, so if that time expires, you'll feel the impact of 400+ damage! Watch
the Keifenzel get destroyed afterwards and fight Vanderkaum in his Gear,
the Dora.

               --BOSS FIGHT--DORA (medium-quite hard)--
                             EXP: 13,393
                       Prize: 2000 G, Extra Ar+3
You'll have two Pirate Gears at your side. When fighting this guy, you
will find out that only Weltall can hurt it. The others can damage it
later. Dora will also grab one or two of the Pirates. If you hurt it
with one of your guys at his claws, it'll counterattack for 400+, and
doubled if he has two Pirates! Might as well charge in this state. Keep
on attacking and it's Head Cover should blow off, lowering it's Defense.
Your lackeys should now able to hurt it. Just hurt it enough and it will

Watch Grahf come and some other scenes concerning Bart's crew's status.
You may wonder what's happening to Fei here. I won't spoil everything
for you. Watch even more and Ramsus will fight the unknown Red Gear.
Bart is next to battle the Red Gear.

                    --JOKER FIGHT--RED GEAR--
               **Difficulty: impossible to beat**
There's no way to win, since his Kishin infinity attack will hurt for
19,998 damage!!! No remorse!

Watch the Ygg get smashed to pieces, along with a CG animation
video. Save when you're asked. Watch some more.

Items to be found:
    Nothing (no items)

 Fei should now be in Nortune's D-Block Prison. Save. Some guys will
come. Watch the ff. scenes about the Champ, Rico. A series of battles
will start soon: a test for Fei. You're given a chance to save, so do
it! Get near the guys and agree to start the battles.

                 --BOSS FIGHTS--RICO'S SUB-ORDINATES--
 -BATTLE #1: LEONARDO-    Exp: 300  Prize: nothing
 **Difficulty: very easy**
All his attacks are weak. They only do 10+ damage, but if you need to,
use Inner Healing. Use single DeathBlows or charge your AP Bar then give
it all to him!

 -BATTLE #2: HEINRICH-    Exp: 300  Prize: 150 G
 **Difficulty: easy**
He looks just like your previous opponent! Anyway, his normal attack, a 
Powerbomb, does only 50 damage. Charge your AP Bar and let him have it! 

 -BATTLE #3: VARGAS       Exp: 300  Prize: 150 G, Metal Jacket
 **Difficulty: easy**
Are they triplets??? If you attack him, he'll counter for the same
damage, so you might as well use Triangle attacks. One good 28 AP combo
should do the trick.

 -BATTLE #4: SUZARN       Exp: 500  Prize: Metal Jacket
 **Difficulty: pretty hard - hard**
At last! A different face! Her attacks go in this order: 1st attack:
100+ damage. 2nd: 80+. 3rd: EP all sucked up. 4th: 1-3 damage. Remember
this order if you want to live. Charge your AP Bar whenever you can, and
heal as well.

Beat all 4 to get Rank A. Beat up to Vargas to get Rank B, up to
Heinrich for Rank C, while beating only Leo or nobody will get you Rank
D. If you beat Suzarn, get ready to fight the Champ, Rico.

                     --JOKER FIGHT--RICO--
               **Difficulty: impossible to beat**
This is SUICIDE!!!! You can only hurt him for 1 damage! Use Guided Shot
for a little boost, since it hurts him a bit more. When he starts to
attack, though, he'll instantly kill you!!

 Rico will tell you your rank afterwards. When you get to control Fei,

Items to be found:
    Dog Food, 5000 G (for the Bomb Collars) (1 item, 5000 G)

  Go up. One of the doors are jammed, so you won't be able to use that.
Go to the other door to exit. Now's the time to go and explore the area.
You can go up the ladder near one of the doors in the dorm and check the
rooftops. You will see an angry dog that probably failed obedience
school when he was a pup. Talk to the guard near him and he'll tell you
that he's irritated by that dog. He'll sell you some Dog Food for 5 G.
Take it, of course! If you give the dog some dog food, he'll stop
yelpin', but if you save it for later, then you might find it useful for
Disc 2 when you can come back here. Anyway, once all the merrymaking is
done, go find Latina's Bar. It has the flashing lights on the roof. A
rat-like demi-human will notice you. Talk to him and he'll say he is
called Hammer- the Supplier. Go out. The dorm's door should now be
fixed. Anyway, go to the edge of D-Block with a guard. The guard should
say that the Battling Commitee is looking for Fei either in the Bar or
the Dorm. Go to the Bar and watch. Hammer should come in as well. Go to
Dorm afterwards. Hammer talks to you again about a new doctor. He's
downstairs, waiting. Some suspicions? Watch the two of you go down, and
guess what: the new doc's Citan! He'll chat with you and say that he can
take off those collars and give a few options. Choose whichever: I will
suggest you go rest first and save, then talk to Hammer to go on. If you
decide not to rest first, I suggest choosing "Go for it!" or something
like that. There's a funny bit there. Whatever you choose, you'll still
end up with not taking off those collars. HOWEVER, if you rest first and
say yes, Citan will take out the bomb part and you can get 5000 
smackeroonies by selling it to Hammer later! Save afterwards and go up.
Watch some more. Now you can go Battling!

Items to be found:
    Nothing (no items)

  Go out. The guard will let you pass now. Go to the nearby C-Block.
Watch again. You'll be given some choices: go to Tutorial Mode, Practice
Mode or Fight. I suggest you go for Tutorial: this IS a fighting game!
You'll have to fight to advance. Your opponent will be Ganador,
Leonardo's Gear. You may be surprised, since this is NOT your normal
Gear battle! Yes, folks! It's a fighting game, Tobal style! Just keep on
mashing those buttons to take his HP down. However, When his HP's
halfway gone, your Gear will overheat and you'll have to watch. Save in
your dorm. Go all the way back to C-Block. Now you can buy some parts
from Hammer or SELL the BOMB PART you got for 5000 G! Talk to one of the
girls at the nearby counter. One of them will teach you on the basics 
while the other will let you Battle for Day 2. Choose to Battle. You'll
be Battling again, but without the overheating halfway through! Win 
against the 2 Gears to advance to Day 3. I don't know what will happen
if you lose. It's too easy to get beaten. If someone who's reading this
thing know what will happen, please tell me. Go to your Dorm and sleep.
Come back to C-Block, then fight again. More of the same, but with diff.
Gears. When Day 3 is done, sleep. Rico should come and inform you
on the current events.

Items to be found:
  Aquasol S, Physisol, Kislev Map, Cool Shades, Knight Helm, Sewer Keys,
  Poison Guard, Gallant Belt, Gold Nugget, Zetasol DX, Bell Amulet,
  Ether Veiler, Mentsol (13 items)

  You should have Rico in the party now. Go to the Sewer Entrance. It's
the hole near the Dorm's roof. To get there, climb the ladder near one
of the Dorm doors. Simple, huh? Once inside, watch, and go to a murder
site. It's the slop with red and green lines. Your characters will talk
about what happened. Try to get the Kislev Map in one of the chests in
this part: it'll help you. Press SELECT to activate the map. Go down a
ladder to get to the 2nd part. Maze again. Eventualy, you'll bump into a
pair of doors, or a ladder with a No Entry sign in front. These are the
two exits. In the 3rd part, there are some small robots circling the
sewers. They are harmless, so don't bother bugging them. Access the map
and look for a small circle in the middle. Go there, and you'll find a
green mutant called Gramps. Talk to him, then go to the room up North by
the waterfalls. It's also in the map. Examine it and it's supposed to be
locked. Talk to Gramps again and he'll say that one of the robots must
have sweeped it. Go back to the second part and look for a deactivated
SweeperBot. Examine it two times to get the keys. Go to another murder
scene and watch. Go back to the locked door and watch once again.
Inside, check out the chest to get the Bell Amulet item. Climb up the
pipes (if you can) to get an Ether Veiler. Talk to Gramps again. You're
supposed to look for a slime spot (all green) WITHOUT a murder scene
nearby. Gramps will say that it's somewhere North. Just follow the
compass and you'll find it. Examine it then watch. I hope you saved in a
Mem Cube, since this battle is quite hard.

                --BOSS FIGHT: REDRUM (very hard)--
                           EXP: 52,425
                           Prize: 500 G
The boss' name is Redrum (murder spelled backwards). Just keep charging
your characters' AP Bars, and you'll beat him. One 28 AP Combo won't do
it. The only drawback to the AP bar combo is that Redrum might kill you
while charging it up, as it is very slow to do. So, if the AP Bar combo
didn't work, or it's pretty risky for your tastes, then just do normal
Deathblows everytime a character's turn comes up. That way, you might
even do more damage. He has a Murder attack which will take all the HP
that character has and put it on him. He also has Bloody Rain, a Fire-
Based attack that hurts all your characters and heals him. If you have
Citan's Barrier against Fire-based Attacks spell (I think it's Suiseii),
I suggest you use it. He also has a Gel attack that confuses everyone
and a Poison attack. A Cool Shades equipped will repel the Gel, while
you can use a Physisol for the Poison. Use Mentsol to cure Confusion.

Watch some more revealing scenes about this monster, then go back to
your dorm. Watch once again, then go down to save. It's back to Battling
for you!

Items to be found:
    Nothing (no items)

  Go back to C-Block and talk to the lady in the counter. Fight for the
Semi-Finals now. There are 3 fights this time. After the 3rd fight,
Hammer will go talk to you. Don't worry: he'll let you save. Watch some
more scenes and fight WiseMan.

                 --BOSS FIGHT--WISEMAN (very easy)--
                               EXP: 0
                             Prize: none
This time you can hurt him. His ONLY attack is a 3-hit beam attack. Use
Inner Healing and charge up your Bar. You can do single DeathBlows if
you wish. Once his HP is low, he'll take you down automatically with his
own Raijin DeathBlow.

Watch some more about your father, Khan. Your Battle with Rico for the
Championship is next. You'll have to win 3 times to advance. If you
lose, he'll just make you battle him again in a rematch. Watch Rico's
loss, and the scene will switch to Elly and her guys. In your room, the
room for Battling Champs, save in the bedroom nearby, then go down. When
you go out, Latina should say that Hammer will be in the Wildcat Bar in
A-Block after you've done everything. If you go there, it's a waste of
time, since he's not YET there. Explore A-Block some more. There's a
locked door here. Go to the other side and you'll find a staircase near
a lady. Go up to get to the top floor. There's a chimney nearby. Jump in
there to get to a toilet. =) Go out and save if you wish. Talk to the
lady (not the nun) and watch some scenes. You'll find out that she's the
former D-Block doctor! Go out, and you should now get in with ease next
time. If you find Big Joe, talk to him, and give the 5000 G he wants.
Yes, he'll swindle you, but there's a wonderful reward for those 5000
bucks! Anyway, you should go to the Central District.

Items to be found:
    Insulated Ar, Power Magic, Momento Chain, Knight Mail (4 items)

  It's the red building outside. Talk to the guards to enter. Rico will
break in as well. Go explore first. Look for a door that goes down.
You'll get to see a dog and a soldier. Talk to the soldier and he'll 
tell you that the dog was from Lahan. No flashback from Fei, thank
goodness! There's a room with two chests in the basement. To get the
first one, use a box as a boost. For the second, navigate the crane to
the other side of the room using the small console near a bum. Use the
hook as a boost. If you make a mistake, however, just go out and enter
once again. Go up afterwards and get on the elevator. Go to the Kaiser
Sigmund's Room in the upper floor. It's the door up the west wing of
stairs. Go to the next room inside and watch. Funny bit again. There's
also a flashback from Rico. If you've got some suspicions, well, you're
right: he's the ..... never mind. Fei and Citan will come in. Once you
can control them, check the desk with a mirror for a Momento Locket for
Rico's use only. It's +5 EthAmp and +5 EthDef. Go out and watch some
more. Sigmund will have that suspicion, too! You'll find out in Disc 2.
You may want to go back to the Kaiser's room for that chest you've seen
2 times and the Metronome behind it. Go out and go to the WildCat bar
in A-Block. Watch Hammer chat with you, then go to D-Block. After a few
steps, some battlers will come and tell you what happened to Rico. Yep,
you'll have to save him!

Items to be found:
    2000 G, Master Key, Frame HP30, 100 G, Minigear, Survival Tent
    (4 items, 2100 G)

  You'll get 2000 G from one of the Battlers, by golly. Citan should
say that you should rest up first. Once you get control of Fei, go to
the nearby room. Save, then get close to the stool near the bed. It'll
ask you to sleep or not. After answering a couple of questions, you'll
wake up during nighttime. Go out, and Citan will say that you two should
go to the Observation Tower. Go there and talk to the Amazoness. A train
bell should go "CLING-CLING!" and you'll have to jump on it. The best
strategy is to go down the ladder as soon the bell rings, and jump on
the boxes when you can. Watch a bit when you get on it, then your
objective is to get to the first car before it's too late. The car
you're in WILL be derailed, and if you fall in one way or the other,
you'll just start back again in your room and do all the steps above all
over again. Once you've gotten to the first car, watch, then you'll fall
down in a dungeon. Save. Check the unlocked door nearby for a brief
scene, then go up the boxes to get to the maze part. Along the way,
you'll see some grates. Get on them then press X. At the end, there's a
diff. room with lots of boxes. Go to the other side by jumping on the
boxes. Another maze here. There are more grates to check in here, too.
Exit, then watch a quick scene. If you watched, you'll see that they put
the key in a shelf nearby. Once you can move, examine that shelf to get
the Master Key and a Frame HP30. Check the Explanations for Newbies
(PART 4) for explanation. Exit. On this room, you'll see 3 benches lined
up together. If you check one of them, you'll get 100 G, surprise! Keep
going, and on your way, you might see a counter. Check it's back part
and you'll get a Minigear. However, be ready for a fight. :) You'll
eventually end up on the spot where you started. Remember the locked
door? Well, you can unlock it by examining the nearby console. Again,
keep on going, and you'll get to a Gear Dock. Save if you want. If you
looked through the first grate, Weltall should be in one of the 3 door-
like things opposite the FixBot's side of the room. There's a console
near every door. Examine it to switch the Gear shown, and you'll
eventually get Weltall on the first door. Get on him by pressing X, then
prepare: save, buy from the FixBot, etc. In front of the FixBot are 3
open elevators. Get on any, then watch the following scenes. You'll have
to fight a Rankar Dragon R.

                 --JOKER FIGHT--RANKAR DRAGON R--
                **Difficulty: impossible to LOSE**
                             EXP: 946
                            Prize: n/a
This is a JOKE!!!! All you need to use are 3 X attacks and he's down!
No need for Booster, `cause his attacks are worth 0 damage to me. Watch
again, and Nortune will have to be saved by you.

Items to be found:
    Nothing (no items)

  Get ready, since this is quite a long and not too easy battle. Bad
news is: the Fab 5 (Renk, Broyer, Stratski, Helm and Vance) are your
enemies! Good news is: It's your last battle with them!

               --BOSS FIGHT--ELLY'S KNIGHTS (easy)--
                          EXP: 5570 (x5)
                  Prize: 2000 G (x5), Beam Coat
Keep fighting, using Booster in every fight. Watch a few scenes after
the ClawKnight fight, then fight the 2 WandKnights (Renk and Helm) with
Rico's Gear, Stier. YESSSS!!!!!! .....is what I'd like to say, but he is
a bit slow. No matter!

Watch Elly get involved, then when they ask you to save, save! You'll
fight Dominia on the Hecht afterwards.

                   --BOSS FIGHT--DOMINIA (medium)--
                             EXP: 48,106
                       Prize: 2000 G, HP Drive
Not too hard: her Aerods (differnt from Elly's) cause 400 to Weltall and
about 100 to Rico. She does counter with it, though. In the middle of
the battle, she'll summon a big missle called the Super Aerod. Try to
blow it up if you wish, but it would be best to just attack Dominia,
since she won't counter. If you're slow, it'll hit you for 1000+ damage!
Use Fix Frame if you get too low on HP.

  Watch some scenes, then save. In those scenes, Grahf will come and
save Elly from falling. Why? I won't tell `cause I've only got a hunch
on what's happening between them. In case you don't know, a "hunch" is
pretty close to not knowing, folks. Anyway, you'll have to look for the
Goliath Factory.

Items to be found:
    M-Disk, Gold Nugget (x2), 02 Cylinder, Extra Ar+3, Mica (6 items)

  I guess you already know, but this is Doctor Diana's house. Go to the
exit with 3 guards in it, (I think it's North) then watch them chat.
They should now recognize Fei. You have two choices: run away or break
through. Choose to get past them, and Rico should come and help. No
battle here. Once you get out, you may find Big Joe on the map. Talk to
him to be informed about the Change Party waitress at the Wildcat. If
you gave the 5000 G to him, he'll say that you should check the alley he
was in. If you do, you'll get the M-Disk, the CD that will play in the
Wildcat! Cool tunes! Anyhow, go out and go north. To pass the forest,
get out of your Gears (L2+R2) then get back on again after you get
through. Once you get there, you'll find out that there are no enemies
to encounter. Talk to Hammer for items, parts or even Party Member
Change at the end of this part. Enter the door. Keep going North and
you'll battle 3 times along the way (forcibly). There will be an open
elevator at the end. Examine the console in it to go up. On the conveyor
belt, you can't go to the opposite direction, so just go with the flow.
The scene should now change. 2 switches can be found: one of them
changes a conveyor's direction, the other one will make enemies or
chests show up from the ducts nearby. Keep on going. Overall, this
dungeon's not too difficult, so you shouldn't have a hard time in here.
Once you are on a very, very long conveyor belt later, the scene should
soon change once you get off. Get near the other hole and a big white
Gear will come rollin' in. This guy's the boss!

                  --BOSS FIGHT--FIS-6 (easy)--
                          EXP: 67,284
                    Prize: 15,000 G, Ground
The boss is called Fis-6. (pronounced as PHYSICS) This guy's actually
easy, but you may take a beating from his 500+ damage attacks. Keep
using X attacks, but NEVER Tri. attacks. He uses Shift-Up frequently,
which raises his Atk, Def and Speed. When he overheats during this
attack, Mechanics will come and heal him, or attack you. Take them out
as soon as you can. Elly's spells may do it.

After the fight, you'll be in the Goliath along with the others.

Items to be found:
    Nothing (no items)

  Watch, then save as soon as you can use Fei. Talk to Citan and agree.
Watch some more, then Grahf should come mess everything up. You'll have
to fight him using Weltall, Stier and Vierge.

                  --BOSS FIGHTS--GRAHF (easy)--
                            EXP: 0
                        Prize: Nothing
You can only use X attacks and no Combos, since he's fighting off his
Gear. His Super Guided Shot attack does a lot of damage to your Gears,
so you might use Fix Frame HP at least once. You should notice that
Grahf NEVER, EVER attacks Vierge. I won't spoil the story, but I don't
think they'll say why later on. You should figure it out by logic once
you're in Disc 2, when the full story is revealed. You can let Weltall
and Stier die, but you just have to win. And you WILL win. It's pretty
much impossible to lose here.

Keep watching, and Grahf will be shot down by Hammer. Ol' Hurricane
Hammer brags a lot here! Save, then talk to Citan again. Watch.

Items to be found: 
    Lunar Rod, D Circuit, Serpent G Whip, Mica, Super Goggles, Mentsol,
    Premier Shoes, Deathblower 1, LongDarkCoat (9 items)

  Deja Vu? Just watch. You'll soon control Elly. Look for Fei inside a
small gray hatch nearby. Examine it, then watch. Control Citan and Rico
afterwards. Go to the bridge and talk to Bart. Funny bit here! Bart
should be controlled after their "discussion." Save, then look for Citan
and Rico because Bart will have to apologize _again_. Citan will be in
the Gear Shop, while Rico is in Stier's dock. Buy some new Gear parts
first. Switch again to Fei and Elly! They should be saved by the Sea
City, Thames. Save first. Look around and buy. I guess you can already
guess, but this place has a lot of jokes! Just by the people's looks,
you can tell! Heh... Exit, then you should be in the mini-map. I suggest
you take a look at the Supply Entrance first. Check Part 7 for some
secrets how to get the 4 chests. Anyway, here's where you fight your
first opponent in the Speed Card Game. It's the boy in the corner
facing a computer-like gizmo. If you talk to him and agree, he'll teach
you and play with you. Check Part 7 for the enemies to find. Now go to
the Bridge through the Screw Elevator. Talk to the walrus in red (the
Captain) and watch him go to the bar. Follow and talk to him. Watch the
ff. scenes, then save. Go back to the Bridge and watch the Thames get
attacked. Better save again. Go to the deck to find your Gears. To
enter, press X. Fight Dominia and Kelvena on the Haishao, an underwater

               --BOSS FIGHT--HAISHAO (very easy)--
                           EXP: Nothing
                          Prize: Nothing
VERY easy, just pound on them w/ X attacks and Combos. Her Electric Arm
attack will cause 1000, however, so don't underestimate this fight!

Watch Elly get kidnapped, then save again. Your party will now include
Bart and Citan. Exit, then watch more scenes. Go follow Elly on the Beer
Hall afterwards, then head for the Yggdrasil's Engine Room. To get
there, head to the Gun Room, run down the stairs and head into the space

Items to be found:
    Nothing (no items)

  You'll find Elly sabotaging the engine of the Ygg II. Once Elly
collapses, you better talk to Citan. If you try to get away, Bart will
scold Fei. =) Talk to Elly on the ground to get the famous "..." line.
Talk to Citan again after the scenes, then look for Elly in the
Yggdrasil's clinic. Talk to her, then another attack will take place.
Fight Dominia on her trademark Gear, BladeGash.

                    --BOSS FIGHT--BLADEGASH (easy)--
                              EXP: 22,428
                        Prize: 3000 G, STR Drive
Easy. She'll put the hurt on you if you're slow, but luckily, she's only
got a few HP, probably around 3000. Her only attacks are elemental, and
they'll do about 500 or so on your Gears. Study her attacks because
you'll fight her again soon. She'll escape after a few good whacks, and
you'll fight Ramsus on the Haishao afterwards.

                            EXP: 19,500
                            Prize: 15,000
 Ol' Ramsus is back with a vengeance! This time, he's harder, so watch
 out! Miang is here as usual, and she'll heal Ramsus for 750. The
 Haishao's Electric Arm will do 1500+ damage to your party. Oooh!!! I
 suggest using Bart's Wild Smile on him, since Miang will not respond
 automatically here. Better watch out for his Mirror Stance: he counters
 for 1200+ damage with the Nereid Cyclone! If the Wild Smile affected
 Ramsus, this might be the only attack that touches you.

Watch the Ygg Depth Charges attack Ramsus after the fight, and now Bart
can harness their power by accessing the Special Options. (YAHOO!!)
Unfortunately, Fei will be in a coma and Elly will be in charge. =( Seem
familiar? Yep, FF7! Cloud was ALSO in a coma, and Tifa took charge!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Err... sorry. Go to the Armor Ground and watch
Billy for the first time. Now go to the Yggdrasil 2 and talk to Sig.
Your destination: Ethos HQ. The other destination? The Part 2 of this

              ** END OF PART 1: CHECK PART 2 FOR MORE! **

 Hey, what do you know??? I used the word "Watch" 75 TIMES (excluding
 this) in the Walkthrough and used the word "Fight" (excluding the ones
 in the Characters and Explanation for Newbies sections) ONLY 36 TIMES!
 The difference is actually 39 words!!! THIS explains that Xenogears is
 long due to the story! Cute, SquareSoft.... Real cute...


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 PART 12: OTHER FAQS            

  These FAQs will help the scientists find a cure to the common cold, so
     LOOK FOR THEM, by golly!!!

  Xenogears walkthrough part 1 and 2 by me, Gino Caparas
  Xenogears Secrets FAQ by Matthew Emirzian <mtemichan@aol.com>
    (he's a friend of mine, you see)
  Knockout Kings FAQ by me, Gino Caparas
  Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus Mini-FAQ by yours truly, Gino Caparas
  Rival Schools: United by Fate FAQ/Move List by me
  Rival Schools 2 FAQ/Move List by me, of course


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