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Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 10:26:35 -0700
From: Andrew Schmunk <>

Cammy FAQ ver. 1.0
written by: Andrew S.
additional info: Ron C.

NOTE: This FAQ is based off of the PSX version of X-Men vs. Street
Fighter which uses the version 2.0 of the game. Not all moves, combos
and tactics will work on all versions of the game.

1.	Intro
2.	Whatís Cammyís story
3.	Why choose Cammy?
4.	Cammyís moves
5.	Cammyís combos
6.	Thanks and praise


First and foremost I would like to thank my friend Ron Chan for spending
hours mastering this game and Cammy to help me find out some great
combos. I am writing this FAQ to help all of the Cammy players out there
pull off some moves to: 1) Impress your friends. 2) Do massive damage.
3) To make the game more enjoyable. I have spent many hours pulling off
the combos and making sure each one is not a fluke, so donít come crying
to me saying you canít pull off the combos and they arenít real, because
Iíll just delete your e-mail without reading the rest. If you have a
combo that I donít have and not just one of them with a jab instead of a
short or something stupid like that. You can e-mail me at I welcome any and all e-mails about your opinions
on my FAQ and though I probably wonít reply to all of them I will read
them all.


In this game Cammy is 16 and under the control of Bisonís Psycho Power.
She is serving as Bisonís most powerful bodyguard and protector from all
harm. Thanks to Bisonís mind control she has a small part of his Psycho
Power at her control. She is unsure of her past and doesnít have any
clear memories of her past.


Cammy combines speed with power. He combos take some learning for the
timing to be right, but beware a skilled Cammy, you could be seeing the
continue screen faster than you think. Although her dash isnít the
fastest, when her dashing combos are mixed up, opponents will be
confused on where to block. Also alone Cammyís combos arenít that
strong, but the Spin Dive Smasher can be linked to anyone of her ground
moves. Her Killer Bee Assault can also be linked, to either her Cannon
Drill or to her Spin Dive Smasher for one powerful combo. Cammy does
have one down side, her special moves are all counters, with each
helping her to get on offense. Each of hers moves have a lag time, a few
seconds each, more than enough time for your opponent to start a counter
attack. Luckily by mixing up your tactics you can catch your opponent
off guard more than once.


Special Moves

G/A			Cannon Drill: QCF + P
G			Thrust Kick: DP + K
G			Spinning Knuckle: QCF + P
A			Cannon Spike: QCB + K
G			Cannonball Jump: QCB + K
G			Cannon Spike Counter: QCB + P

Super Combos

G			Spin Drive Smasher: QCF + KK
A			Killer Bee Assault: QCB + KK


Before I begin the combos section I would like to tell you how to use a
launcher, air combo, and a Super Combo cancel. If you already know what
these terms are then go ahead and read the combos, but if you donít read
the following message.

A launcher is a move that starts an air combo. In Cammyís case her
launcher is a very close roundhouse. Her launcher combo is a short(low
or standing) followed by a roundhouse. An air combo is a combo, started
by a launcher, that is done in the air. After using a launcher you must
press up to super jump and then time your attack correctly so your first
hit hits the opponent in the leg or the chest. A Super Combo cancel is
exclusivly on the PSX version of X-Men vs. Street Fighter. What it is is
canceling one Super into another, characters like Gambit and Wolverine
are the only two characters, to my knowledge, that can cancel one Super
Combo into another. Itís very easily done and is very effective,
sometimes. The best time to use a Super Combo cancel is to do it before
or after the last hit of the first Super Combo.

Ground Combos

9-hit Spin smasher Dash: Dash in, low short, low forward, low
roundhouse, Spin Dive Smasher

9-hit Punch Combo: Dash in, jab, strong, low fierce, Spin Dive Smasher

Air Combos

12-hit Cannon Assualt Combo: Dash in, short, roundhouse, super jump and
meet in air, jab, short, strong, Cannon Drill, Super Combo cancel into
Killer Bee Assualt

10-hit Cannon Assualt Combo: Dash in, short, roundhouse, super jump and
meet in air, roundhouse, Cannon Drill, , Super Combo cancel into Killer
Bee Assualt

Corner Combos

13-hit Corner Assualt: Dash in, short, roundhouse, super jump and meet
in air, roundhouse, Cannon Spike, land, Spin Dive Smasher*, , Super
Combo cancel into Killer Bee Assualt

* = can be blocked after the second hit but if not blocked will allow a
Killer Bee Assault


14-hit Jumping Smasher: jump-in deep fierce, low short, low forward, low
roundhouse, Spin Dive Smasher


First and foremost I would like to thank my friend Erik who without his
constant wanting to play I wouldnít have time to write this FAQ. He also
contributed to finding some combos so he wasnít totally worthless. Plus,
his constant comedy kept me from pulling my hair out while testing some
of these combos. I would also like to praise Ron for giving me most of
the combos and teaching me how to do air combos. Thanks to Capcom for
releasing this game and thanks to everyone who read this FAQ.

Andrew Schmunk
Benson  Polytenchnic High School

"Some days the hamster of misfortune doesn't
want to run on anybody's wheel but yours."

"Now where would I be hiding if I were me?"
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