Ken/Ryu by n00body

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                                   Ken/Ryu Guide
                            Xmen Vs. Street Fighter
                                    Version 1.0

                                    By TheJago64


After stumbling across while using the Excite search engine
I have reveled in the myraid of FAQs to read. Gratitude goes to Shinkuu Doogie,
James Chen and the rest of the FAQ writers out there for such a marvelous
effort. This is my first attempt at an FAQ. If you're looking for specifics on
characters  from Xmen Vs. Street Fighter, then this is not the FAQ to be
reading. Hit the back button on your browser and come back when you know more 
about the game.  The first version of this FAQ will be quite short as I just
want to get something out.

The Shotokan Factor

While it has frequently been argued that the Shoto boys are somewhat weaker, I
have been able to use them quite well. But, this is probably due to the lack of
dedicated, intelligent opponents that I wished I faced more often. There still
a few reasons that Ken/Ryu can still kick some butt. One is the addition of the
mid-air fireballs that they have acquired. Ken somehow gets Akuma's 45 degree
air projectile, while Ryu gets a straight mid air fireball. Another is that
Ryu's Vacuum Hurricane Super is still in.


The scorched fisted ego-maniac (you gotta love him) must have begged and begged
Akuma to let him get this monster of a move. Sure you're thinking, big deal.
It does next to no damage and is easily detectable. Sure I respond, but watch
this! ;) With the addition of Super Jumps comes a cheap(?), yet effective
tactic that the air 45er utilizes. Since the Super Jump causes the "camera"
to follow you instead of your opponenet, this can be very advantageous. All
you gotta do is walk back to the left or right edge boundary of the screen,
super jump, and start chuckin air FBs like there's no tomorrow. This
automatically does 2 things. First, you build up your super meter easily
without the chance of your opp. gettin' to you (unless they're smart and
super jump next to you). Second, this really screws up your opponent as they
can't see where their character is on the screen and also have to block your
air FB's or else they'll get creamed. :) The beauty of this is that you can
just keep on chuckin the FBs without losing much altitude at all. You'll just
sorta keep floating up there like a deity or something. ;>


"Good ol' keep away...", (as one of the FAQ writers described him), actually
be a good fighter to be. Simply jump into the air, and whip out a straight air
fireball when your opp. least expects it. This is a good surprise move, and
has to be avoided differently than the 45 degreer. (Can you say degree-er? I
thought so). Just take your average spring board (those opps. who constantly
jump) and throw an air FB at him and watch him fall for it (pun intended)
every time. Also, the Super Fire Ball (or Bloody hell wave as one FAQer called
it) can be done in the air, so use it in those awesome air combos for
mega damage (?).  Ryu's hurricane super is one big friggin asset of his.
Just do the motion and watch as Ryu spins his leg around in the air like
there's no tommoroow. If you watch closely, you can see some of the wind
that he creates brush the floor. Just get close to your opponent and let this
rip. They'll be sucked in if they're not blocking and get pummelded to death
by his mighty foot.  This is also useful for an airborne opponent who's not
blocking who's also on their way down. Pull this ace of a supe out and watch
as they get bounced from left to right and right to left and back again.
Very cool to watch :).

Till' The FAQ is Revised again

Well, this does it for my first FAQ venture. To let me know what you think,
(especilly Doogie or any other FAQers) just email me at
or get on Mplayer and look for the alias Subfreeezo in the Quake room.