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This screwed up the first time due to some odd problem, but now
it's back and even better than ever, with more things added.

Rogue Faq Version 1.1 (X-men Vs. Street Fighter)
(by Doug Trueman:

        This is my first time writing a FAQ.  >>Please<< mail me if you have
anything to say, positive or negative.  I still have tons of stuff to add, so
feel free to drop me a line if I've missed anything.

	After about two years of being sorely addicted to the videogame
knowledge espoused in the various newsgroups on the internet, I
have decided to finally give a little back.  This FAQ is dedicated to
all die-hard gamers everywhere, provided that you still have a life outside
of gaming.  If you want to abandon all sense of socialization short of that
within an arcade, then I guess that's your choice, but don't come whining to
me about it.  This FAQ, then, is for gamers who don't have the time to figure
out the moves for all of the new games that come out, and want to begin
playing at the earliest possible second.  This is also to help you win
with Rogue.  :D


	Who is Rogue?  She is one of the first original X-men and she
can kick major butt.  :D  Her only real power is that of absorbing other
mutants powers.  The reason that she can fly, bench press a small country and
otherwise invincible is because she absorbed the powers of Ms. Marvel
permanently. (Ms. Marvel has been in a coma for many years now.)  :D  
	Rogue first discovered her ability to absorb another human's
thoughts, abilities and emotions when she was just a wee southern lass of
about thirteen.  Her ability is triggered by any flesh to flesh contact;
hence the reason she wears gloves during the hottest of summers.
Unfortunately for Rogue, her first kiss wasn't all that it was cracked up
to be.  She kissed a young boy named Cody under an apple tree; Cody
subsequently went into a coma, while Rogue wondered why she suddenly had all
these new thoughts in her mind.  Her father, being a bigoted redneck, threw
her out her home.  Unexpectedly an orphan, she took up with a shapeshifter
named Mystique who raised her as her own daughter.  Realizing Rogue's
potential, she instructed Rogue to attack Ms. Marvel when an airplane
heist went awry, but told her not to let go, hoping that the absorbtion would
be permanent: it was.  Rogue acquired Ms. Marvel's powers permanently.  As
a side effect, she had Ms. Marvel's personality entangled with her own,
which almost caused her to lose her sanity.  It was only after Charles
Xavier imprisoned Ms. Marvel's fragmented personality deep within Rogue
that she began to reclaim her mind.  She saw the error of her ways, renounced
Mystique, and joined the X-men.

	As great a game as X-men vs. Street Fighter is, there's no way that
Rogue could ever lose a battle.  She's invincible to practically any
physical attack, and is arguably the strongest of all the X-men.  Of course,
by this token, Magneto could rip out Wolverine's adamantium skeleton at the
opening buzzer, Storm could electrocute her opponents instantly, Juggernaut
could never be damaged, and Gambit wouldn't have a hope in hell.  But then
we wouldn't have a game now, would we?  :D
	>>>Miscellaneous Rogue Stuff<<<

        Her punch button color is her classic X-Men outfit: Green and Yellow.
Her kick button color is a vibrant pink and purple combination. When she
enters the fray as player one she says, "Get ready"; she also says this
when she performs her throw, right before she decks you.  :D  When she
enters having replaced your other character she says, "Here you go."  I
don't think she says anything when she leaves.  (Is this true?)  When she
kisses her opponent she says, "Power drain."
	You can select her ending pose.  After smashing your opponent, hold
either up or down and a punch or kick button.  She'll show you one of two
elegant outfits.
	Rogue's ending quotes: "Don't mess with a Southern belle." "I know
it wasn't lady like but I kicked your butt."  "Don't play games with me,
darlin'." "You're just not on my level, darlin'." And my personal favorite,
"Do I get a kiss now, sugar?"
	Rogue's ending is typical Marvel fare.  She sits on a cliffside
overlooking the ocean, and asks Chun Li if she'll ever be normal.  Chun Li
replies, "I can throw fireballs. What's normal about that?"  Of course, this
is still better than Ryu's ending in which Wolverine tells Jubilee,
"Ryu is an honourable fighter of great honour."  (?)

>>>Special Moves<<<

I'm assuming that everyone who's going to read this FAQ knows all of
the conventional Street Fighter II command motions.  Therefore, I'm not
going to print a legend or any long winded motions like, "d, d/b, b + p"
unless I absolutely have to.  :D  I'm just going to refer to everything
the way it's done in the arcade.

Launch your opponent into the air for an air combo: either
standing roundhouse or crouching fierce

Rushing punches: fireball motion and any punch button (can be done in air)

Rushing punches at an angle upwards: dragon punch motion and any punch button
(Keep pressing the button for both of these moves for additional hits)

Fly to center of screen then punch diagonally downwards: dragon punch
motion and any kick (pretty much useless to hit but does major damage)

Kiss your opponent and steal his/her moves: Hurricane kick motion and any
kick.  (This is unblockable, but does virtually no damage.  It can also
be done in the air)

Use your opponent's moves back at him/her (fireball motion and any kick)

Foward and fierce is her throw.  It can also be done in the air.

These are the only 'special' moves that Rogue has.  Much of her capacity to
kick ass lies in her ability to steal her opponent's moves and then lay
waste to them in a nice touch of poetic justice.  (Who would've though
Capcom would've come up with this?) :D

Abilities that Rogue can steal:

Ryu: Fireball				Cyclops: Optic Blast
Ken: Dragon Punch			Wolverine: Berserker Barrage
Charlie: Sonic Boom			Magneto: Hyper Gravitation
Chun Li: Fireball			Gambit: Kinetic Card
Dhalsim: Yoga Flame			Storm: Typhoon
Cammy: Spinning Arrow			Sabertooth: Berserker Claw
Zangief: Spinning Piledriver (!)	Juggernaut: Earthquake Punch
M. Bison: Fireball			Rogue: Nothing (just a peck 
Akuma: Air Fireball *plus*     		on the cheek)  :D
       the Raging Demon :D

	>>>General Ways of Playing Rogue<<<
	I like using Rogue because she's as far as you can get from the
Shotokan Club: Ken, Ryu, and Cyclops.  But, as the phrase goes, "if you
can't beat 'em, join 'em."  Steal a fireball or optic blast and let 'em
have it.  Remember, the kiss throw is unblockable.
	If you can't get in for a kiss, or you don't want to lower yourself
to the ranks of Ryu and company, then you're going to have to play a hit
and run style of game.  But when I say hit 'em, I mean cream 'em.  If you
find yourself in an ideal striking position (say, you just jumped a fireball
and Shotoboy is still in recovery, you can do a basic fierce punch into
fierce rushing punches combo.  If you want more stylish moves, check
the combos section further on.  You can use her dragon punch move to nail
inbound opponents, but be sure to use the jab button.  (The move comes out
moderately faster with this button than with any of the others.)  

	>>>Using Rogue's two Super Moves<<<

	"Goodnight, Sugah"
	Rogue's first super move is accomplished by doing a fireball motion
and pressing all three punch buttons.  The move is very much similar to
Morrigan's doppleganger in DarkStalkers, in that if the opponent is doing
*anything* but blocking (or busting a dragon punch), they'll be hit.  So,
if you see that your opponent is going to whiff a move, nail 'em with this.
But keep in mind that the move does NOT cover the entire screen.  If you're
on the far left and your opponent is in the right corner, you'll stop
*just* before you reach them.  This is bad.  It means you're toast.  :(
	However, there is a nasty trick you can do with the corner and her
first super.  When Rogue is cornered, perform her kiss throw.  Your opponent
will take almost no damage, but will switch sides with you, and float back
towards the ground.  While they're falling they can't block, so nail them
with the super.  If you're really up for some fancy shmecking, go in the
corner and nail your opponent with your super.  When Rogue flies to the top
of the screen she'll switch sides during the kiss, so now your opponent is
in the corner.  Immediately as you land, perform the super again.  She'll
pick them off the ground and get to work.  :D  But, be advised that this two
super combination does almost no additional damage after the first super.  :(
	Rogue's super can also be used after any sweeping move, but I find
that it works best after a roundhouse sweep.  When the opponent is on the
ground, instantly go into the super.  You'll pick them up and start kicking
the crap out of them.  Some people would say that this is cheap, but so
what?  :)  (There's this guy at my arcade who can only hit you with Gambit's
Royal Flush if you're on the ground...)
        If the super is blocked you're not as dead as you might think.
Your opponent stands not much of a chance of counter attacking because
Rogue recovers extremely quickly.
	(If anyone has anything to add, lemme know)

	The Raging Demon
	This is arguably my favorite move in all of videogame history.
(Hi, Jamison.) :D This move is only available to Rogue after she's kissed
Akuma.  To do the raging demon press jab, jab, short, tap forward on the
joystick (and be sure to let it recenter), then press fierce.  Rogue will
flash, flex, then float towards the opponent.  If she touches them, the
screen will go black as explosions rage across your opponent's body.  You'll
perform sixteen brutal hits, and your opponent will be flat on their back
when the characters reappear on the screen.  I'm pretty sure you can
instantly go into her normal super once they're on the ground.
(Someone check this for me, okay?  I don't fight many Akumas)  :(
	If you want to be 'cheap' or, in my humble opinion, or an
effective user of the raging demon, jump in with a kick and instantly
perform the motion.  Rogue will smash them before they can get out of the
way.  I also find that doing the demon as the opponent is falling towards
you having hit you with a kick is also effective.  They'll see the screen
flash and block, expecting the normal super.  And guess what happens if you
try to block the raging demon?  Bye-bye...
	Furthermore, if you launch the opponent with one of her launching
moves the screen will follow them, not you.  Perform the demon and watch
them get nailed as they land blocking...
	I feel I should advise all potential Rogue users that many people
consider the raging demon to be cheap simply because it can't be blocked
and that Rogue must either be hit/thrown out of it, or the opponent must
get out of the way.  I've actually been physically punched for using it,
so be warned.  Use it at your own indiscretion.  :D

	>>>Rogue Combos<<<

	On the ground, Jab, Short, Crouching Strong, Standing Forward,
Crouching Roundhouse into Super is a solid and damaging ground combo. I
have never been able to pull this off, but I have this on good authority
that it works, though you may need to dash in first. As for air combos,
just launch them and perform a Jab, Short, Strong, Forward, Fierce Rushing
Punches combo.  I have practically zero ability with ground/air combos.  I
need major work on this.  I'm not sure if I'm performing the moves too
quickly, or too slowly.  But I do have a habit of going like a bat out of
hell in general.
	A good dash-in combo is to sprint in, do a low short kick into a
standing strong punch into fierce rushing punches.  If your opponent
doesn't block low they're in trouble. :D
	If you want to perform just basic, no-brainer combos, just perform
the classic DarkStalkers chain hit combos.  (ie. Ascending damage)  

	Matt Hall for various comments on supers, combos, and general
	Alan Abraham for super combinations in the corner.  
	Tyler Lawson for being so bad at Virtua Fighter 2 that I was 
forced to seek competition elsewhere, and arrived at X-Men vs. Street
	Jamison Chan-Clarke for decking me in Vancouver after having
performed the raging demon one too many times.  (This is a great story.)
	Henry Kong (Moby) for having me to Vancouver in the first place.
	The guy at Marvel who first came up with Rogue.  :D  (Is it possible
to fall in love with someone who doesn't exist?  I should take a philosophy
class.)  :D
	The guy whose web page I stole the list of other character's
moves from.  :D

	No thanks to:
	The bastards who run the U of C arcade; they took two years to
lower VF2 from $1.00 to $0.25, and have introduced X-Men vs. Street
Fighter at a buck a play.
	EGM, for repeatedly raping the internet and all of the FAQs by 
dedicated gamers.
	Midway, for making the Mortal Kombat series, the most hyped
trilogy on earth, and also the crappiest.
	I can be reached at  I'm always up for
a game of VF2 or Xmen vs. Street Fighter.  :D

--Shun-goku-satsu doogie--