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Subject: [XMEN/SF] Ryu Basic Guide 1.50
Date: 2 Apr 1997 21:33:08 GMT

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Ryu Basic Guide for XMEN/SF
Version 1.50
Updated: 4/2/97
Original: 2/18/97
by ICEOUT MKT<ICE>(ycjy54c@prodigy.com)

*Air combos added
*More vs. CPU strategy added
*FAQs listings updated

This is a basic Ryu guide for the new player or
one who isn't familiar with how different he is
in XMEN/SF. A "black belt" may not find anything
striking here(except a lot of inside humor).

What is "XMEN/SF"?
It is a crossover genre using fighters from the
comic series and some Street Fighter characters,
including most of Ryu's shoto-scrub friends.

How is Rye-yoo in this one?
A poll I ran on rec.games.video.arcade rated him
at least as popular as Akuma,Ken,and C******. The
most notable change here is the simplified super
moves and high jumps which are universal for all
characters and his "new" Super fireball, one that
I have seen often in a gameroom. Ryu is VERY
popular in my area, as is the other "uppercut"
characters. A large amount of rounds I've seen and
played have ended with Ryu shooting his "super
fireball". Here is a review of his known moves:

1 2 3 punches
4 5 6 kicks
B=back DB=down/back D=down DF=down/forward

Fireball: D,DF,F+Punch
NOW can also be done in air, use as a two-in-one
in midair. His also look different from Akuma and
Ken's. If coming down from a high jump, you can do
this to halt your descent.

Dragon Punch: F,D,DF+Punch
Now also an air move. It makes two-in-one jump combos
harder to do though.

Hurricane Kick: D,DB,B+Kick
Hits only once(or 2 hits in corner)(Ken and Akuma's
hit 4-6 times)

Double Noogie: F+2
This will hit turtles who crouch-block and is a canned
2-hit attack(meaning it can't be followed up.)

Throws: B or F position + 2/3/5/6 (very close)
These can't be blocked, but can be escaped by
doing the same motion right when you're being
thrown. Escaped throws are called "TECH HIT"s.
Excessive use of these is considered "cheap" or
dirty fighting.
Air throw: F+3(meet in midair)(unconfirmed)

Standing Uppercut: D+3
Hits them up into the air quickly and can be followed
with a more hits if you're quick(this is very difficult
unless you two-in-one into a dragon punch.), since they
can air-block shortly after. This can also be air-blocked
itself.(each XMEN/SF fighter has one of these.)

Juggling punches: 1 or D+1
Unlike previous games, it is possible to hit an airborne
opponent with at least two of these before they land.
These serve as good anti-air counters. I have gotten this
combo on jumping-in opponents: ducking 1,ducking 1(by
this time you will have turned around as they fly over
your head.),dragon punch. This is a nice 3-hit he never
had before.

Super Attacks - you need to have your gauge at the bottom
have at least a "1" to use these.

Streak fireball:
D,DF,F + any two punches simultaneously
This is Ryu's power hitter. The second most powerful
super in the game(only behind C******'s it-takes-up-90%
-of-the-screen eyebeam.) too. No doubling of the motion,
much harder(if not impossible) to counter-attack, and
now an instant hit(no travelling - just a white hot
streak.) Very powerful, very scrub-friendly. This is the
focal point of Ryu strategy here. Since victory depends
on moving,moving,moving and getting at your opponent,
it's hard to anticipate when your opponent will shoot this
instead a regular fireball. The damage and hits done depends
on the distance between you and your opponent. Oh yeah,
this can be done in the air too.
(Pray you're blocking if your opponent shoots this one.)
BASIC TIP: Rapidly tap the punch buttons to add hits!
The max is 27 hits, or if you finish off their lifebar,
33 hits! (The reason is you can juggle the "dead" opponent
as they reel back!)

Centrifugal hurricane kick:
D,DB,B + any two kicks simultanelosly
Short range super(about 1/3 screen) from the Alpha(Zero)
games. If you get sucked-in, oh well.
MAX: 18 hits(tap buttons rapidly)

Why does "Z" appear when I win?
The "Z" stands for "Zero". This is what the SF Alpha
series is known as in Japan. XMEN/SF Ryu is based on
the "Zero" Ryu(and then some.)

** Basic combos **

Two-in-one air fireball:
1)meet in air with jumping 1
2)two-in-one into fireball

3-hit guard drop combo:
1)2 ducking 1's
2)into fireball
This can also juggle an airborne opponent in the

3-hit link combo:
1)ducking 1
2)ducking 3(up they go)
3)two-in-one into dragon punch

3-hit trip:
1)2 ducking 1's
2)ducking 6

4-hit air combo:
1)ducking 3(up they go)
2)immediately jump UP(must be very quick!)
3)tap 1,2
4)2-in-one into hurricane kick

5-hit air combo:
1)ducking 3(up they go)
2)immediately jump UP
3)tap 1,2,3

Cheapo character switch:
1)With Ryu offscreen, throw opponent in air
2)Switch Ryu in(3+6), he will kick them!

51 hit combo:
(partner must be Ken or Akuma and opponent
must have less then 50% life on first character.
And you must have 2 levels charged!)
1)Team super(QCF+3+6)
2)tap the buttons rapidly

How do I fight the computer?
1)Shoot the streak fireball every chance you get!
Especially when their energy is low.

WHY: Throwing fast fireballs from a full screen
length will get you an easy perfect on the first
level. In later levels the can keep the CPU from
getting in and cheesing. You'll have to bait them
to keep them from blocking the Streak Fireball
sometimes, though. Don't do this with C******
though, or you'll be nicked down with his eye

2)Don't try to showboat too much, because it's
hard to connect with a standing uppercut against
the computer.

WHY: The CPU is very, very damgerous at close
range. You'll probably get thrown or comboed
from the dash. Dragon punch time!

3)Make sure you know how to play Ryu
better then your other team member because,
should you defeat Apocalypse, you gotta fight it
out with your teammate for the victory in a
single round match!

WHY: This plays like an old-school SF match. Be
careful what you do. No switches allowed!
NOTE: If you continue at this point, you must
the same match-up until you win.

To defeat Apoclypse, a streak fireball aimed at
face level does best.

Ryu's XMEN/SF ending:
First screenshot: he shakes hands with C******
(forget what it says)
Second screenshot: Ryu is out on his own,
"still searching for the ultimate challenge"?

Let me guess, Ryu taught C****** how to fight?

Where can I learn more?
James Chen's COMBO FAQ
go to "XSF" (A beast at over 180k!)

John Culbert's BEST COMBOS FAQ(over 100k)
NammyX's XMEN/SF FAQ(over 100k)
go to "Arcade Games"

Where you can find this guide:
ICEOUT's homepage:

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