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Xmen VS Street Fighter EX (PSX version)

OK. Let me start out by saying the PSX version DOES suck, it's slow, the frames are chopped
severely, and you can only use one guy (with a partner that only shows up during variable
counters and team supers) at a time. 

In my opinion, Sabretooth is the best balance of speed, height, specials, and he has the BEST
supers. His supers are some of the most powerful in the game, especially because 1 of them
hits around 40-50 times and the other one doesn't follow the stupid MAGIC combo system
(the one where the first hit in a combo does 100% damage, next one does 50%, next does 25,
next does 12.5, etc. etc.). And the other one could be one of the longest and cheapest super
move in the game.

Onwards! To the FAQ!
Why should I read this faq?

Because I include the cheapest EX combos in the world at the bottom (better than gambits 99-hitter!)

Now, how do you choose Sabretooth?

You navigate the blinking cursor until you see one that is labeled "Sabretooth".
To get the standard yellow color, press any punch button.
To get the pink color (with the pink claw marks and the pink bullets), press any kick button.


Who should I team this sucker with?
Well, there are some you should team him with and some you shouldn't (I don't list all
the people because they don't fall in any category). All sabretooth basically does for his
team move is a medium berserker slash, which freezes or knocks back the opponent.

Should (in order):
Chun Li

Shouldn't (in order):
M. Bison

How do you bust a move with Sabretooth?


Normal attacks

LP= Weakest punch; hits 2 times; pointless
MP= Medium punch; *dont' remember what it does*
HP= Hardest punch; hits 2 times- one slash down one slash up; a GREAT attack and launcher
I *think* it can be OTG'ed (hit off the ground)

LK=Weakest kick; it appears he tries to stomp on the floor
MK=Medium kick
HK=Hardest kick



Well, personally, I'm a "scrub" and when I go in the air I generally mash the buttons praying for a hit.

Special moves


QCF (quarter circle frontwards; like the fireball)
QCB (quarter circle backwards; like the hurricane kick)
FCF (full circle frontwards; like the old yoga flame in SF2)
FCB (full circle backwards)
DB (dragon punch motion; front-down-down/front)

Beserker Slash
QCF and any punch
With this, Sabretoothbrush glides across the floor, gaining momentum, and as soon as he connects
with his enemy, he slashes through them with his mighty claw. It shows a pretty cool slash mark for
a half-second and freezes them there too. This move is awesome after you've done a super/combo or
some launcher, because it also hits them as they're in the air. This is like a fast projectile. It's better, though
because it actually inflicts damage. In fact, with the weak punch version, you can hit them and
even otg them because you barely travel a distance! However, if blocked, this attack now becomes
your weakness.

Wild Fang
QCB and any punch
Sabretooth screams "Wild Fang" (sounds to me like "Snack Time") and throws the opponent.
Big damage, except it's easy to block and tech hit.

QCB and any kick
Saby clicks his finger, calls his assistant, and she shoots around 4 or 5 bullets at the opponent.
Weak kick shoots downwards, medium is straight, and hard is upwards. This move is damn
useless because of it's initiation time. The only good part is, when you defeat your opponent,
press start (to lose the winning pose and let you walk around) and use the weak kick birdie to
shoot your dead opponent!


Super Combos (ow!)

Beserker Claw X!
QCF with all punches (L2)
Sabertooth rears back, gathers his energy, and does a normal beserker slash. Then, after slashing
his opponent once, he goes back and slashes him again. And again. And finally, again (the last
claw does the most damage). There's no fear that your opponent can get outta these because he gets
frozen after the first shot. This sure wastes the clock, but it's not the most powerful move. But it's good
to annoy your friends with.

Weapon X!
DP with all punches (L2)
Sabretooth rears back, gathers his energy, and leaps at his opponent as if he was doing a wild fang.
However, if he connects, he begins hitting his opponent at lightning speed for about 10-12 hits (I think)
and suddenly rears back again and yells "die" and slashes through the poor guy with a huge "X". I think
the last hit does more damage that the rest of the combo alone. I love this move.

Mega Birdie!
QCB with all kciks
Sabretooth snaps his fingers, and birdie comes back. But, instead of shooting 4 or 5 bullets, she shoots
an unbelievably large spray of 40-50 bullets! Oh man this move kicks @$$ when it connects. Of course, even
if they block it, they still take plenty-o-block damage. The only problem is the slow initiation. But it compensates
because Sabretooth recovers (i.e. is able to do other things instead of standing there) before the bullets stop.
So, if the opponent is being shattered by the bullets, sabretooth can furthermore add to that damage.


COMBOS! (I know you hate them, I hate them too, but these are good, cheap, loser combos!)

I have a few super combos combos that are really cheap. One of them even kills a guy with full life!
Amazing! (you need a full 3 levels super bar)

Combo #1. Does: 99%-110% damage (but hard to do, sorta)
Do a Mega Birdie, as close as possible to the opponent and make sure it will connect.
Then, right after the animation energy gathering stops and birdie appears, quickly initiate
the weapon X! As soon as the bullets start, he'll start doing a smashing on the guy at the same
time! I'm only saying to do the weapon X as soon as birdie appears because the bullets will
push the opponent back too far to do it successfully. But, if you cornered him, oh well.
Now, as soon as the weapon X finishes, wait a split second and initiate another one. As soon
as the opponent falls from the air, you should catch him and do another weapon X. Wait...
As it finishes, your opponent should be dead, even if they just had full life!
Unless it's juggernaut or zangief. If so, then just do a normal beserker claw right as your last 
weapon x is done and it should kill em.
Cheap? yes.

Combo #2: Does 85-90% damage
Do a Beserker Claw X! On the opponent on the opposite side that you can easily do a dragon
punch motion (you have to do it fast; i.e. if you can easily do it on the left side like me, do the
Beserker Claw X! on the right side). On the 4th slash, saby should have his arms in an "X"
formation. AT THAT INSTANT, do a Weapon X!. After the 10th hit or so (or as many as you like
before the last hit), cancel that and do a Mega Birdie! Because of the nature of the Weapon X! combo,
the opponent will be frozen in place, helpless while watching Birdie s-l-o-w-l-y walk out : ).
Then they'll be hit badly.
IMO this is the easiest to do, and the easiest to connect, but the least damage (even tho it's still good : ))

Combo #3: Does 80-95% damage
Do the EXACT same thing as the above, except, don't cancel the weapon X. Wait as it finishes, and
RIGHT AFTER (like 0.05 seconds after it finishes), do the Mega Birdie! If you do it fast enough, Birdie
will come out and start shooting before the opponent reaches the ground. If the opponent DOES reach
the ground, then you're screwed and he'll block. But it's worth it, and it doesn't APPEAR as cheap : ).

Combo #4: Never done this successfully (I've only done 2 weapon X's in a row, but I'm sure it does 
probably 95-100% damage.)
Do a Weapon X! on the opponent. As you finish, do another one. As that finishes do another one.
After each one, the opponent would be launched diagonally and you will catch him with your weapon
X! Sound easy? Nope. Nope. and Nope. I always end up doing the Beserker Claw X! So it screws up.
It's best done in the corner.


Well, that's all folks!

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