Review by DarkDellussion

"Dark side or Light side ???"

I think Jedi Power Battles has it all except FMV videos , dont get me wrong it had some and they were good but not enough !!!!

Story 8/10 : well if you have seen the movie there yah go , the story is excatly the same pretty good and the level lok just like the movie which couldnt of got any better so i think the story was pretty good but if youre like me you didnt really care you just wanted to hack thing with youre light saber !!!

Action 10/10 : WoW talk about action you cant really get any more you have guys after you left and right and you cant get enough hacking enemys with youre light saber and hitting them with youre force power which rocks esepecaily when you use force throw and they fall to there deaths and reflecting bullets off youre sabers also bad as* and its also cool how you can cut the robots arms,legs and torso in half !!

Grafhics 9/10 : Can you say pretty damn good ? I mean its pretty detailed if you ask me everything from how the bots look to level design is great and the light sabers have the right glow to them and the lighting efect when you hit the enemys not so bad also actaully thats great also !

Diffuclty 10/10: One word for this HARD !!! this game is almost impossible to beat with oout gameshark im mean this is the hardest game in the world !!!! you get 5 credits to beat the whole game with !! and darth maul ohh my god he's like the hardest boss in videogame realm !!! i mean he has the moves more skillzs then in the movie !!

Playability 10/10: I cant get enough of this games its great and challenging to play even if youre not a Star Wars fan youll love this game over and over again !!!

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 05/10/00, Updated 05/10/00

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