Etsuko Walkthrough by Joe the Destroyer

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For play on Sony PlayStation
Presented by Joseph Shaffer (Joe the Destroyer)
Version: 1.11
Last Updated: 11/14/10
Phase: Technically Complete

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1/14/01- Didn't even have the structure down yet, but already added information
for "Afternoon of the Wolves"  mini-game.

1/20/01- Creating basic structure.  I'm trying to stay consistent with the
Taneo FAQ.  Legal Bit and Section 5  up, along with FAQ section.  There really
aren't any unique questions here (unique from Taneo's FAQ anyway),  but there
might be in the future.  Section 1 complete.  FAQ now technically complete.

11/12/02- FAQ-wide update...

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Instruction book for a little info on Etsuko

Contents According to Joe
Section 1: Profile: Etsuko Tanamatsuri
Section 2: Walkthrough
2A: Chapter 1: Etsuko's Errands
2B: Chapter 2: Etsuko SOS
2C: Chapter 3: The Enemy From Without
Section 3: FAQ
Section 4: Legal Bit
Section 5: Thank You and Goodbye


Character: Etsuko Tanamatsuri

Age: 40

Blood Type: O

Occupation: Housewife/mother

Background: Etsuko is Taneo's wife.  A bit like Taneo, she seems not to go out
of her way to seek an all out  thrill, but all the same she isn't totally
introverted.  She thinks her life is basically bound to have a  surprise hither
and yon.  Little to her knowledge that this "surprise" is about to spring on


Chapter 1-
Afternoon of the Wolves
Pound for Pound

Chapter 2-
Etsuko and the Golden Pig
Snowboarding with Wolves

Chapter 3-
Looks Like Top Gun
Bear Wars



Running the usual errands typically isn't a high stress activity for Mrs.
Tanamatsuri.  It's usually head out,  get the money, grab the groceries, and
head home to cook dinner.  Today isn't a typical day for Etsuko, though.
While she is at the bank, she finds herself in the middle of a heist involving
some wolf-masked gunmen.

All the chapters in Etsuko's scenario are exactly two mini-games long, making
up six in all.  A bit of a break  from Taneo's nine mini-games.  I also find
this to be one of the hardest, if not the hardest, scenario in all  the game.
It can be quite annoying, especially with the Golden Pig mini-game and Looks
Like Top Gun.


Description: Etsuko stops at a bank to pick up some money.  Little does she
realize that the bank is in the  process of being robbed, so she must escape by
sneaking out.

Objective: Get Etsuko out the bank's door without being seen.  To move Etsuko,
push X.  If you fear you're in  danger of being seen, push Triangle to go back.
The basic idea is to go when the guards aren't looking.  There  are a few rest
points in between your initial position and the door, so it isn't one complete
dash for the  door.

Tips and Notes

-Make sure you have a good view of Etsuko on one of the cameras if you can.

-Pay close attention to the colors of the robbers as they walk around.  They
are the colored dots.  It runs a  lot like a traffic system.  Green means you
won't be seen, yellow means caution, and red means not to go or you  will be

-For the first robber, wait for him to walk to his destination, turn red, then
come back.  Right after he turns  green from being red, start pushing X.  Do
not hold back.  He may turn red before you get to the checkpoint,  but you
should make it.

-For the second robber (technically still the first, but in a different
position), only go when he's green.   The instant you see him turn yellow, push
Triangle and go back.

-The last one is the most difficult. Wait for all of them to turn green.  The
one you want to worry about the  most is the one on the far left of the map.
If that one turns yellow, go back.  However, once you're halfway  to the door
from the final checkpoint, don't worry if anyone turns yellow.  Just keep going
because by then you  should make it to the door before anyone goes red.


Description: Her attempt to escape was short lived, and now Etsuko has been
thrown into a vault to try to get a  golden piggie bank off a pedestal.
However, when she removes it, a bunch of spikes fall from the ceiling.

Objective: In Etsuko's bag is a bunch of groceries that you can use to place in
the place of the golden pig.   Each item has a set weight.  When you have put a
certain number of grams (g) on the pedestal, then you've  succeeded.  The
drawback is that you can only have up to six items in the bag before placing it
on the  pedestal.  Push Square during the game to see how much you need.
Etsuko's stress meter will fill up over time,  so don't take too long. If
Etsuko's stress meter fills up, it's game over.

-Item List-
[in no particular order]

Buffalo's Horn- 4000 g
Snapper- 2000 g
Beast Meat- 3000 g
Chinese Cabbage- 1500 g
Bear's Paw- 5000 g
Perilla- 11 g
Green Onion- 320 g
Carrot- 140 g
Tangerine- 50 g
Tomato- 230 g
Tissue- 44 g
Medical Herb- 33 g
Raddish- 650 g
Potato- 220 g
Onion- 160 g
Curry Mix- 340 G
Dried Fish- 170 g
Potion- 560 g
Lettuce- 580 g
Pistol Magazine- 450 g
Canned Mackeral- 380 g
World Tree Leaf- 59 g

Tips and Notes

-Mathematical skills REALLY pay off here.

-Pay attention to the last digit of your set weight.  Depending on what it is,
you may need two spaces to  "cancel out" the last digit.  For example, if the
last digit is 7, you'll have to place two items in your bag  that have last
digits that add up to 7 (in this case, Medical Herb and Tissue).

-Placing heavy items is almost necessary.  Not only does this save space, but
it illiminates a lot of weight.   You almost can't go wrong with Buffalo's
Horn, but sometimes the Bear's Paw can be nice.

-If you end up with a nine as the last digit, go for the World Tree Leaf if
it's avaiable.  Otherwise, you may  have to restort to three medical herbs.
Such a scenario is unlikely, if not impossible, but you can never be  too safe.

-Snappers and Chinese Cabbage are also helpful at times.  They aren't
incredibly light or heavy; they're a nice  medium.  Recommended you use either
one, but that doesn't mean they are totally necessary.

-Be fast!  If you take too long, you'll wind up using a continue.

-Be sure to check your weight often and keep track of what you have in your
bag.  Stay attentive as this one  takes a bit of thinking, logic, and reason.


So far, so good.  Etsuko has succeeded in grabbing the golden piggie.  The
problem now is opening it.


Description: The strange gang has elected Etsuko to help open the golden
piggie.  Two of the members of the  gang will play notes and Etsuko must play
them back on the piggie using the proper buttons.

Objective: Remember Taneo Dance Fever?  This is the same principle, except this
one is much harder.  You are  shown a little window.  At the bottom of the
window are certain buttons: left, right, Square, and Circle.  The  wolves will
play a tune and you will have to replicate it.  The notes in the tune will
begin falling down along  the lines in the small window.  As they approach the
bottom, the notes will reach a certain button, which you  must push as the note
hits the bottom.  Using your timing ability to hit the proper buttons in the
right order.   This is among the hardest mini-games in the game (next to the
final one, of course).

If any notes slip by without being pushed, the wolves will blow on their
instruments and cause Etsuko's stress  to rise.  The more you miss, the higher
her stress will rise.

Tips and Notes

-You'll have to do eight rounds.  However, there are only four different button
combinations.  The combinations  come in pairs, so the first two are exactly
the same, then the next two after that are the same as well, and so  on.

-Watch the lights at the bottom.  They will light up in the order and time
interval they must be played in.

-If you can, try to keep your button pushing with the rhythm of the tune the
wolves play.  This may not be easy  for some people, but for others this can be

-The last pair of tunes are by far the hardest and most overwhelming.  However,
there is a pattern.  The first  three notes are left, right, square.  They
repeat again after that, making "left, right, square, left, right,  square."
That actually helped me out a lot.

Tune Note Order:

First pair:
Square, Right, Square, Right, Left, Left, Left, Right.

Second pair:
Circle, Right, Square, Left, Right, Circle, Square, Left.

Third pair:
Right, Right, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Square, Sqaure, Right, Left.

Last pair:
Left, Right, Square, Left, Right, Square, Left, Right, Square, Circle, Square,
Right, Left.


Description: Etsuko opened the pig and something strange came out.  After much
commotion, Etsuko wound up on a  snowboard going downhill, trying to escape the
wolf pack.

Objective: Get to the bottom of the hill before Etsuko's stress fills up.  The
wolves will be attacking with  guns and such.  Each time they hit you or you
hit the wall, your stress meter will fill up.

Tips and Notes

-At the beginning, the wolves will take turns firing.  Listen carefully and
watch for their reloading phases.   Stay closer to the one that isn't loading,
as that one won't be attacking.  When that one does begin getting  ready to
fire, lean the other way.

-Obviously, stay in between the two outside wolves.  This can be hard since the
controls on this are quite  stiff.

-Try to balance Etsuko's movement by alternating a bit between left and right.
Do not let Etsuko go too far  right or left.

-For god's sake, don't hit the walls!

-Pay attention to the ring leader in the back.  Sometimes, she'll jump out and
throw a grenade.

-When the whole group shifts to one side, stay on the side opposite of them.

-Careful not to overcorrect your motions.


Etsuko has gotten away from the bandits, but she's wound up in an airforce
flight strip of sorts.  Her only way  out is through a plane...


Description: In the midst of confusion, Etsuko has commandeered a plane.  She
is about to be sent out through a  flight tunnel.

Objective: You'll be flying through a tunnel full of opening doors and other
planes.  Dodge all the doors and  planes as they come, lest ye' be destroyed.

Tips and Notes

-Pay close attention to where the opening on the different doors are located.
Some are in the middle, some are  up high, and others are down low.  In other
cases, the doors open horiztonally, where the opening point will be  middle,
left, or right.

-With planes, I've noticed staying low is usually a good strategy.  Planes
never seem to shift to the lower  path.  There also doesn't appear to be too
many (if any) planes on the bottom path.

-Don't worry about hitting the ceiling, walls, or floor.  It doesn't seem to do
too much damange, if any.

-Do not press too hard against the ceiling, walls, or floor.  This seems to
cause your tail to shoot up in the  air and make you vulnerable for damage.


Description: It seems the planes have all been sent out to destroy a
"monster." It turns out this monster is a  huge teddy bear with Ririka's face
on its belly.  Being the only plane out there, Etsuko now must put the bear
out of comission before her fuel runs out.

Objective: You will be flying around on an auto-pilot feature, effectively
making this a rail shooter mini- game. As you automatically maneuver around the
bear, its weak point will be exposed.  You will have to lock on  and fire a
missile right away.  Hit the button eight times and the bear is done for.  I
guess this is the  closest thing to a boss battle you'll find in this game.

Tips and Notes

-Watch mainly for the bear's weakness.  It will sometimes pop up unexpectedly
and disappear just as soon.

-Try to keep in mind your relative position to the bear.  With this, you will
know about when you'll have to  fire.

-I've noticed the bear's weakness seems to come in closer to the bottom of your
little screen.  So, keep the  cursor around the bottom, but not exactly at the
bottom.  This might give you a little edge towards hitting the  bear more

Thus concludes Etsuko's walthrough.  Now, it's time to move on to the shortest
and easiest scenario in the  game, Tsuyoshi's scenario.  See you next time.

/  SECTION 3: FAQ   \

Q: How do I unlock the different mini-games to play outside of the actual game?
A: You must complete a chapter in each scenario.

Q: Are there any hidden mini-games?
A: None that I know of, but I'll keep you posted.

Q: How come some mini-games do not allow me to pause?
A: Because some of them would be made easier if you just kept pausing.  That
way, you would be able to  anticipate something as it happens.  Some games draw
their difficulty from being fast.

Q: Do you know any cheat codes for this game?
A: I know none.  Why not go to one of the millions of gaming sites and look
them up yourself?

Q: Are there any hidden characters in this game?
A: Nope, just the four family members.

Q: How come I can't get a good control of the snowboarding mini-game?
A: It was deliberately made stiff to add to the challenge.


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