Tsuyoshi Walkthrough by Joe the Destroyer

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For play on Sony PlayStation
Presented by Joseph Shaffer (Joe the Destroyer)
Version: 1.1
Last Updated: 11/15/10
Phase: Technically Complete

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Reference Credit goes to:

The instruction book for some info on Tsuyoshi.

Contents According to Joe
Section 1: Profile: Tsuyoshi Tanamatsuri
Section 2: Walkthrough
2A: Chapter 1: The Incredible Shrinking Tsuyoshi
2B: Chapter 2: Return from the Backyard
Section 3: FAQ
Section 4: Legal Bit
Section 5: Thank You and Goodbye 


Character: Tsuyoshi Tanamastsuri

Age: 9

Blood Type: O

Occupation: Um... Kid?  Possibly student...?

Background: Tsuyoshi is the son, and younger of the two children, of Taneo and 
Etsuko.  According to his  sister, Ririka, they broke the mold when they made 
Tsuyoshi.  He claims to act surprisingly mature for his age  and has ambitions 
are to become famous one day.  Tsuyoshi's experience begins in his backyard, 
where he is  thrown into a series of "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids"-esque mini-


Chapter 1-
King of the Hill
Kiss of the Spiderman

Chapter 2- 
Titanic Away... Again!
Mantis Park



While playing in the backyard of the Tanamatsuri household, Tsuyoshi is 
strangely hit with a ray. This  mysterious ray then causes Tsuyoshi's already 
short stature to become much shorter.  Tsuyoshi shrinks down to a  very small 
bite size morsel... Perfect for nearby bugs...


Description: The next thing Tsuyoshi knows, he's down in a strange pit in 
habited by a hungry antlion.  He must  escape before suffering a horrible 

Objective: There will be a small meter at the bottom of the screen.  Pushing X 
will prompt an object to fly  across the meter.  When that object flies over 
the box in the middle, you must hit X right away.  This will  allow Tsuyoshi to 
continue walking.  Every now and then, the ant lion will pop out of his lair 
and cause  mudslides.  As the mudslides come down (assuming any are in your 
path), you must push left or right to dodge  them.  If you are brought all the 
way down to the bottom of the lair, the game will end.  Arrive at the top of  
the pit and you succeed.

Tips and Notes

-Timing is the key.  Be sure you stay with the rhythm of the meter, as the 
speed is constant.  

-When you see a mudslide come at you, dodge immediately.  If you are struck by 
a mudslide, it's still not too  late to jump off.  Try to head to the area with 
the least mudslides around it.  

-Try not to jump from the path of one mudslide to another unless you must or if 
doing so can lead to a safer  area.

-Be sure you hit the box right on in the meter or Tsuyoshi will stop.

-If a mudslide passes by you, jump immediately onto its old path.  Chances are 
no more mudslides will come down  that area for a bit.  


Description: Tsuyoshi has successfully gotten away from the antlion.  However, 
it's out of the frying pan and  into the fire.  Tsuyoshi has wound up on a 
spider web.  He must now attempt to escape without falling off or  alarming the 
spider to his presence.

Objective: This game plays a lot like Taneo's Nerd on a Wire.  The only 
difference is that the cursor in this  game will actually disappear.  You get a 
meter like in NoaW.  By pushing and holding X, you can let a meter  build up.  
However, part of the way through, it will disappear.  You must guess at where 
the meter is and wait  for it to arrive at the green part of the meter.  If you 
can successfully land it on the green part, Tusyoshi  will advance with no 
difficulty.  Beware red and blue, though.  Red will result in no progress and 
blue will  alarm the spider.  When you alarm the spider, you must balance 
yourself (also like NoaW).  While the spider is  out, he will turn closer to 
Tsuyoshi.  When you've rebalanced yourself, he'll go away until you alarm him  
again.  If the spider should spot Tsuyoshi, it's over.  

Tips and Notes

-If you're good at following or guestimating certain rates of invisible 
objects, that would really help in this  game.

-Do not let the meter go too far.  It will hit red and you will make no 

-Keep an eye on the meter when balancing Tsuyoshi.  You want the luminating 
strip that keeps running back and  forth to stop in the middle of the screen.  
To do so, push a direction to get it close to the center.  As the  strip is 
coming to the center, try to slow it down by pushing the other direction, but 
not too hard or too  long.  Make sure you do this before you hit the center, as 
that can help at times.  

-Landing on red can actually be better than landing on blue.  At least when you 
land on red, the spider doesn't  make any progress towards actually seeing 

-If you actually lose, the game will make some grotesque sound effects.


Tsuyoshi has escaped both the spider and the antlion, but he's not out of the 
woods just yet.  He's still got  two more mini-games to go, both of which 
should be pretty familiar. 


Description: After falling from the web, somehow Tsuyoshi has landed in the 
same boat his father was on not too  long ago.  And again, the same crisis 

Objective: You must get the boat to shore without sinking.  To do this, you 
must fill a bucket full of water by  pushing X really fast, then casting it 
over the edge by pushing Triangle.  This does not mean the boat has to  be 
totally empty of water, but you do want it relatively close at most times.  
Items will at times fall out of  the screen, so you must push the left or right 
directional buttons to open an umbrella and keep them from  hitting Tsuyoshi's 
head.  If they do, he'll be thrown off and the water will refill while he's not 
working.   Keep in mind that the boat is constantly filling up.

Tips and Notes

-Every now and then, the other guy in the boat will be shot into the air.  Try 
to have an empty pail before he  hits you.  There is no way to avoid him.

-Judge carefully on the items that pop out of the hole.  Ones that jump out 
low, immediately use the umbrella.   Ones that pop out high (as in out of the 
screen), dump out the water you have and then use the umbrella.

-Notice that the water seems to appear in layers on the pail.  The pails gets 
no fuller than five layers.  

-I've noticed that it helps if you empty right after the fourth layer instead 
of going all the way for the  fifth.  The reason being is that you can start 
dumping more water out quicker if you empty it this early.   Getting a fifth 
layer seems to take too much time and the fourth layer doesn't take much 
waiting at all.  


Description: As Tusyoshi is slowly making his way back home, he is spotted by a 
huge mantis.  The creature  gives persuit.  

Objective: This one is pretty much just like Taneo's Bowling Inferno.  You'll 
have to escape the mantis as it's  coming at you.  If it gets too close, you'll 
have to push X to consume some drinks and help Tsuyoshi go a bit  faster.  
There will also be some small obstacles in the way, much like Bowling Inferno, 
which you'll have to  use Up or Down to dodge.  

Tips and Notes

-Do not frantically push X.  This will cause your supply of drinks to run out 
too quickly.  If Tsuyoshi's  drinks run out, you have to wait for them to 
replenish.  In that time, the mantis could gain on you and you'd  have to 
frantically use them again.  Your chances of completing this are very slim if 
you just keep mashing the  X button repeatedly.

-At the bottom of the screen is a meter with the relative position of the 
mantis, Tsuyoshi, and the goal of the  segment.  In between the mantis and 
Tsuyoshi is a colored patch.  When you are at a safe distance, the patch  will 
be blue.  However, at a dangerous distance, it will become red.  This is when 
you want to start pushing X  to get away from the mantis.  Try pushing X just 
before or right as it goes red, but don't push it too  frantically.  What I 
find helps is to push until I've used about three of the six drinks, then let 
the drinks  replenish a bit (this does not necessarily mean full).  If you have 
to go beyond three, even to all six, do so,  but be very careful.

-Again, I emphasize this.  When the mantis is close to you (red patch) and it 
comes time to push X to use  drinks, do not frantically do it here. Nurse your 
drinks and distribute them carefully.  It shouldn't take too  long for them to 

-In the second segment are four frogs.  Jump (push Up) over the first three and 
duck (push Down) under the last  one.

-In the third segment are three pencils.  Jump (Up) over all three and you will 
have succeeded.

/  SECTION 3: FAQ   \

Q: How do I unlock the different mini-games to play outside of the actual game?
A: You must complete a chapter in each scenario.

Q: Are there any hidden mini-games?
A: None that I know of, but I'll keep you posted.

Q: How come some mini-games do not allow me to pause?
A: Because some of them would be made easier if you just kept pausing.  That 
way, you would be able to  anticipate something as it happens.  Some games draw 
their difficulty from being fast.

Q: Do you know any cheat codes for this game?
A: I know none.  Why not go to GameSages or Game Winners and look them up 

Q: Are there any hidden characters in this game?
A: Nope, just the four family members presented. 

Q: Are all the mini-games in this one exactly like ones from Taneo's?
A: The first one is original, and the last three are harder versions of a few 
of Taneo's.


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