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For play on Sony PlayStation
Presented by BoredGamer
Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 8/27/03
Phase: Technically complete

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3/10/02- After much procratination after completing the Tsuyoshi FAQ, I finally
decided to create the Ririka FAQ.  Format being created.

11/12/02- FAQ-wide update...

8/27/03- Another FAQ-wide update... See above for details.

Reference Credit goes to:

The instruction booklet for some small details on Ririka.

Contents According to Joe
Section 1: Profile: Ririka Tanamatsuri
Section 2: Walkthrough
2A: Chapter 1: Ririka's Day Off
2B: Chatper 2: Shibuya Crazy Panic
2C: Chapter 3: There's No Place Home
Section 3: FAQ
Section 4: Legal Bit
Section 5: Thank You and Goodbye


Character Name: Ririka Tanamatsuri

Age: 17

Blood Type: B

Occupation: Student

Background: Ririka is a high school student (the name of the high school and
location are not known, so let's just say "somewhere in Japan.") and a believer
in fate.  By the sounds of it, she may even feel that she holds a special
destiny (for lack of a better term) within her.  Could it be so?  Notice that
her blood type is B, where everyone else in the family is O.  Maybe she is
fated for something great... Or maybe she just day dreams too damn much!


Chapter 1-
The Tense Teacher
The Goods Must Be Crazy

Chapter 2-
Ignorant Encounters

Chapter 3-
Titanic Away: One More Time... Honest
De Crane!  De Crane!



We'll be following Ririka as she tries to escape from the dreaded clutches
of... SCHOOL!  This first chapter actually isn't too incredibly hard.  Not only
does she have to escape from class but *GASP*... Shop!  Anything but that!
Again, it's nothing to have a cardiac over...  It's the final chapter that's
the real killer of Ririka's story.


Description: Ririka's friend, who sits right next to her, just handed her a
magazine with... some pictures and some words in Japanese.  Okay, so
apparently, she wants to sneak off to do something.  What I'm not exactly sure.
 However, she must get past the teacher.  This guy seems a bit pissy, too.  If
he catches anyone talking or whatnot, he instantly throws his chalk at them.

Objective: Ririka must exit the room silently.  This requires her to move
quickly when the teacher isn't looking.  THis somewhat plays like on of those
annoying slide puzzles (I absolutely hate slide puzzles!), except that the
concept here is much more simple.  Rather than making a full picture, you're
only trying to get one piece to a certain area.  To move Ririka, you have to
make her switch places with someone next to her.  However, you must stay clear
of the teacher.  If he sees Ririka move, he will throw a piece of chalk at her
and it's game over.  You also have a limited amount of time to do this in or
(you guess it) game over.

Tips and Notes

-Wake up nearby sleeping students with the X button.

-If you're skilled enough, use the students around you as a shield.  Just make
sure there isn't a clear line between you and the teacher.  However, this can
be hampering.  If other students are hit, they will be knocked out and won't be
able to be moved for a while.

-Keep your eye on the teacher.  He may suddenly turn around, but always watch
him.  Do not move in a huge burst.

-Do not move Ririka when the teacher isn't moving.  If you do, then he will see
Ririka and strike her right away.

-When other students get hit, it seems your stress meter increases.

-It's probably best not to move Ririka right after someone gets hit.  Just play
it cool for a few seconds until he starts moving again.


Description: Ririka has successfully made it out of class.  She decides now is
a good time to do some quality shopping.  She only needs a few items, but
finding the precise ones can be a bit stressful (well, not really but the game
leads you to believe this).

Objective: You are given a list of goods at a market.  You must find the
precise ones that match Ririka's list.  Very simple; An easy A.

Tips and Notes

-You can tell when developers get desperate for ideas when they resort to
mini-games like this.

-The only tip I can give you is this:  Look at the item displayed and memorize
its name and its design (color and shape).  Look for an item that looks exactly
like the one you are looking for, then move your cursor over to the item to see
if it's the only you're looking for.  If so, then press X and grab the item. 
You can check what the item you're looking for is by toggling L1 and R1.


This is the shortest chapter in the entire game.  It's only one mini-game long.
 I think there was originally supposed to be another musical mini-game, but it
wasn't included in the final project (or maybe it was taken out of the US
version).  I figured this because there's one part where Ririka runs down a
hall and someone says, "Ririka!  Come sing with us!"  It almost seems like
there would be a mini-game there, but it got ditched.

-GAME 1 (not like there's any others...): IGNORANT ENCOUNTERS

Description: Ririka is done shopping.  While getting her photo printed on a
teddy bear, a tiny UFO caused her to mess her facial expression up and give her
a botched photo on her bear.  She then goes after the UFO and after some time,
they wind up in front of a huge screen on a building.  A giant UFO is on the
screen.  This causes the little UFO to say, "Mama!"  Obviously, it's tiny one's
mother.  The mother decides to try communicating, so it's Ririka's job to talk
back, so to speak.

Objective: Ever played Simon?  That's the basic gist of this mini-game.  The
UFO will flare up different colors in different orders and you must push a
button to respond.  If you look at your PlayStation control, each shape has a
different color reflectant on the ones in this mini-game: Square is pink, X is
blue, Circle is red, and Triangle is green.  The pace will quicken as time goes

Tips and Notes

-As fate would have it, the developers didn't take out the pause option in this
game.  So, if you really want to get cheap, everytime the UFO flares up a color
pause the game and write the color down.  Then, when it comes time to respond,
just hit the proper colors.

-If you don't want to "cheat," then all I can say is you better have a pretty
good memory.  Remember what order the colors are displayed in.  Maybe make a
rhythm of some sort out of the colors as they are given.


I'm sure they mean "No place LIKE home," but we'll give them the benefit of the
doubt.  These are the last two mini-games.  After you've completed the second
one, you've finished the game.  The first mini-game in this one is... TITANIC
AWAY!  For the final time, you get to play TA again.  By this point in the
game, I was sick to death of TA, but I figured I would brave it.  After that is
the final, and hardest, mini-game of them all...


Description: Ririka must get out into the bay to get the baby UFO to his mommy.
 However, there's only one boat going out there... and guess who it is.  Yeesh!
 This thing is almost as overplayed as that damn Nickelback song (okay, maybe
not as much, but it sounded good!).

Objective: You must get the boat to shore without sinking.  To do this, you
must fill a bucket full of water by pushing X really fast, then casting it over
the edge by pushing Triangle.  This does not mean the boat has to be totally
empty of water, but you do want it relatively close at most times.  Items will
at times fall out of the screen, so you must push the left or right directional
buttons to open an umbrella and keep them from hitting Ririka's head.  If they
do, he'll be thrown off and the water will refill while he's not working.  Keep
in mind that the boat is constantly filling up.

Tips and Notes

-Every now and then, the other guy in the boat will be shot into the air.  Try
to have an empty pail before he hits you.  There is no way to avoid him.

-Judge carefully on the items that pop out of the hole.  Ones that jump out
low, immediately use the umbrella.  Ones that pop out high (as in out of the
screen), dump out the water you have and then use the umbrella.

-Notice that the water seems to appear in layers on the pail.  The pails gets
no fuller than five layers.

-I've noticed that it helps if you empty right after the fourth layer instead
of going all the way for the fifth.  The reason being is that you can start
dumping more water out quicker if you empty it this early.  Getting a fifth
layer seems to take a bit too much time and the fourth layer doesn't take much
waiting at all.


...Or, if this were any of my other FAQs and this were considered the final
boss, I'd put...

Difficulty Rating: So terrifying, even the developers wet their pants!

Description: Ririka is almost to the UFO.  She's about to deliver baby to mama
and... Wait a minute!  It's that wolf lady again!  Now she wants to kill Ririka
with a crane!

Objective: Ririka must avoid the crane while riding on nothing more than... her
bike!  You must push Triangle and X alternately (that is, one after the other)
repeatedly to keep Ririka moving.  The crane will fire cannon balls and even
drop it's own wrecking ball to try to stagger Ririka.  If she hits the crane,
game over.  Survive long enough and you win.

Tips and Notes

-Even though it says alternately, I was able to get the job done pushing
Triangle and X simultaneously.  I basically put my middle finger on the
Triangle and my index on X and pushed them quite fast.  I worked my arm very
hard on this game.

-Pay attention to what cannons do and don't fire.  You want to stay out of the
line of any cannons that do fire.  By pushing the D-pad left or right, you can
switch the lanes.

-If you have to lane change on one cannon fire, do not lane change until the
one before it has exploded.  I've noticed that the cannon will shoot a second
shot before the previous shot hits the ground.  This can create some confusion,
so stay awake.

-The best way to avoid the wrecking ball is to get a commanding lead of the
crane, or dodge to the best of your ability.

After you've cleared this game, you've won.  Now, sit back and watch the

/  SECTION 3: FAQ   \

Q: How do I unlock the different mini-games to play outside of the actual game?
A: You must complete a chapter in each scenario.

Q: Are there any hidden mini-games?
A: None that I know of, but I'll keep you posted.

Q: How come some mini-games do not allow me to pause?
A: Because some of them would be made easier if you just kept pausing.  That
way, you would be able to anticipate something as it happens.  Some games draw
their difficulty from being fast.

Q: Do you know any cheat codes for this game?
A: I know none.  Why not go to GameSages or Game Winners and look them up

Q: Are there any hidden characters in this game?
A: Nope, just the four family members presented.


This FAQ is copyright 2002-2003 to Joe Shaffer, aka BoredGamer.  Any use of
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