Question from mariannagueli

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I catch a monster egg?

There's a monster egg that must have eaten 45 of my food... And when it likes the food... I go up to it and it gets scared and runs away.. Wut am I doing wrong?

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From: jynkers 5 years ago

When an egg eats the food, you have to wait a few second for it to fall asleep, *then* you run up to it. But if the egg hasn't fallen asleep, you won't be able to capture it.

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jynkers is right, but since some eggs only eat certain foods and there is a better possibility. You can play run & hide, just stay out of it's eyesight and it gets tired after some time. That's when the arrows change into an empty speech bubble. Just talk to the egg then and you have catched it. This way you can save loads of food.

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First place food at the center of map then place your character behind the egg n avoid it eyesight line , when he getting near your food just keep waiting then when it eat your food a hearts symbol will pop up( if im not wrong) there is 1.5 second to talk to the egg n capture it . easy huh! note:if hearts symbol doesnt pop up use another food

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