AF/Event FAQ by Myst Erik Ery

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  AF & EVENT         555.                                                    23
    FAQ            SX3.X3XE                                                 E3X
                 SE335 E33E                                                2335
                .E3X  SX32                                                 33S 
               .E33E  ...   .XXXX5   .EEEESXX   5XXXX. 5XXX..EX5.    .5XXE.33S 
               E33E         332X32  232..2333  53X533..5233332X3E    E3X55332. 
              SX35       .2332.232 53E. .233 SX3X5 33. .2333 SX3E  5335 .333.  
              X335       S33XEEX2.S3X  53333 X33XEEX.  233X. E33E  335.SX333S  
             233S        S3X   S2E33  5X3335 X35   22 233E  5X35  2322EX23332. 
          S533332SSSS    .E3S3E2SSE3SXES23X  23E2X2E SE3E  S335   E33ES .33    
          5XXSSSSS5XX2EEES SSS     SSS 5X3E   .SS.   .SS.  SSS     SS    SS    
                      55.             5X3E                ,                    
                                      E32                55
                                     232.               52 
                           55      533E.      .333.    .X  
      .5EX22555552225S     .E2X5S533E.       XE   3 ,55XE55`
    5EX2.            .55S                    2.   X    2S  
   232                  .EE.                  555S     2S  
  235        ,       523335     S5S2X                ,2X 
  XX          E    25S3335    52  EX                                           
  EX          3  5ES.333X   .25 SXX.      SSS                SS         SSS    
  .X5        25 3X  X3335  S2. 53X     5E3355XE3E      E3E.22S32     5X3X52XX3E
    22SXXE2S2.53X  S3333  55  233.   .X33E  S33E     .X3X5E .E32   .3332  5332 
             23X   X3335 2S  233.   53332  S33E    25X332S E33E   53335  S332  
            33E    3332 ES  S332   S3332  S332    2SE33E .3332   23332  5332   
          S33E    233E.E.   X3X    X335  S33E   SE.E332 S333S  .E333S  5332   5
         5335    .33252    S33S   .332  5X3E  .ES 2335  33X.  E55335  2332  SE.
335    533E      XE22.     .33.    X3SSES23S.55  533S   232S55. .33.SESE3..55  
22555EXE5.      SSS         .XE.55  SS    .SS                    .SS    SS.    


2003/04/06 -- Fixed "Bottled Spirit" in AF list.
2003/03/22 -- Decided to add an 'AF List' to have an easier time finding where
              to get each AF.
2002/12/04 -- Finally resubmitted it and did a check on things to make sure...
2002/11/19 -- Ugh.  Fixed GameShark Stuff.  Lots.
2002/11/17 -- Finished a version fit for publication.  Submitted to GameFAQs!
2002/11/15 -- Created this FAQ.  Yay!


 I.   Copyright Information, Introduction, Special Thanks

 II.  The FAQ

 III. GameShark Codes

 IV. Closing

 I.   Copyright Information, Introduction, Special Thanks

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  Hello, and welcome to my FAQ!  While I've started writing other FAQs before,
I never actually got around to finishing them...  So this is technically my
first FAQ.  I hope I've put things in an easy-to-understand format, though
I'm not too sure how well I've succeeded (you see, all of this stuff makes
perfect sense to me).

  If there's an error in this FAQ, and you know what it should be, then feel
free to email me at with "FAQ" somewhere in the message
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subject.  Okay?  Good.  You may also ask me a question concerning
Legend of Mana, if you have one.  I'm fairly knowledgeable when it comes to
Legend of Mana.

  I'd like to give Special Thanks to the following people:
   Miranda B (for being a friend)
   Cyrus R (for all his contributions and more)
   Cyrus R (again.  Just because he filled up my Event List!)
   Cyrus R (the best.)
   JC D (you'd want to thank me, too)
   The Dagda (praise the Dagda!  Oh, why do I feel so lame?)
  Moving on to the meat...

 II.  The FAQ

  Here's the answer we've all been waiting for...  Just what is it that
determines which AF you're going to get after an event?  Well, to begin with,
I'll define a few terms for you, in case you didn't know.


 AF     -  An "AF" (or Artifact) is a magical device that stores the memory
           of a place inside of it.  These places are called 'Lands'.  The
           way the game works, each 'Land' has various values, including
           "Have AF?", "Placed Land?", "Land Cleared?", and so on.  For all
           purposes, an AF is just a Land that hasn't been placed yet.
           Note that AFs can only be placed next to a Land that is Cleared.

 Land   -  A "Land" is one of the many places you can go to in the world of
           Fa'Diel.  Lands always have at least one event in them, and many
           have multiple events that either start, take place, or finish
           in them.  A non-town Land begins "Uncleared" -- i.e. you have not
           finished the first event in that Land.  After you finish the first
           event in that Land, that Land will be Cleared.  You can only place
           AFs next to a Cleared Land, so this is important to remember.
           In addition, Lands have something called a "Mana Level", which is
           discussed a little later on.

 event  -  An "event" is one of the interesting little quests that you are
           given throughout the course of the game.  These almost always
           begin with the name of the event over a darkened background,
           sometimes with a special animation (Faerie, Dragon, Jumi).  These
           events are placed in your Diary, and can either be In-Progress,
           Completed (yellow dot), or Failed (red X).  Events are usually
           required to complete other events, although many events can be
           activated at any time.  You have to be careful, though, because
           it is possible to miss some events, and it is also possible to
           miss a couple chances to put One-Time Only events into your
           Cactus Diary.


  Now, back to the main question.  What AFs do you get after an event?
To answer that question, I'll tell you a little bit about events.  First, an
event is either a "Metal" event, or a "Non-Metal" event.
  "Non-Metal" events are ones that have special rewards - sometimes equipment
such as the ForbiddenRing or the ReviveRing, and other times they're used to
allow you to create Golems, forge weapons, and catch Elemental Spirits or pets.
They can also be prerequisites for other events, although some Non-Metal events
really have no use whatsoever, aside from the happy feeling you get when you
help someone else.
  "Metal" events are ones that you can possibly earn Metal from.  These events
are the ones that give you AFs!  The AFs you get are always set - you can only
get two AFs from a single event, ever.  These two AFs are always the same.
However, sometimes you'll get one of the AFs, other times you'll get the other,
and sometimes you'll get both!  Why is this?  And why can you get metal,
instead of your prized AF?
  Your answer is here!  If you have one of the AFs, but not the other, you'll
automatically get the one that you don't have.  That's simple enough.
  If you have both of the AFs, you'll earn metal from the event, instead of
an AF.  The later you do the event, and the later the land was placed, the
better metal you can earn by doing the event.  This is how you get AltenaAlloy.
  If you have neither AF, you'll either earn the "Primary AF", or both.  If you
currently have a full plate of AFs (3 or more AFs), you'll only get the
"Primary AF".  However, if you have an empty plate of AFs (2 or less AFs),
you'll get both AFs!  So, to get more AFs from events, you have to place more
AFs and turn them into Lands.
  To help you out, I've compiled a table.
  The left-hand column has the name of an event.  The right-hand column has
either two AFs in it, or the event is a Non-Metal event, and you won't get
any AF from completing it, although you might earn things like equipment, or
simply allow you to complete other events. The first AF listed will be the 
"Primary AF" (the one you'll get if your plate is full), while the
second is the "Secondary AF" (the one you won't get if your plate is full).
The middle column tells you the name of the event as listed in the Diary, and
this is the order the events are in.
  Minor note: the later Niccolo's Business Unusual events have a 'Part' in
between the colon and the number.  Unfortunately, due to space concerns, I had
to cut off that word.


EVENT NAME                     DIARY NAME        PRIMARY AF   &  SECONDARY AF

Niccolo's Business Unusual     Nic's Business    Flame           Medallion
The Little Sorcerers           Tiny Sorcerers
The Wisdom of Gaeus            Gaeus's Wisdom
Where's Putty?                 Where's Putty
The Lost Princess              Lost Princess     Stone Eye       Firefly Lamp
Diddle's Letter                Diddle's Letter
Two Torches                    Two Torches       Stone Eye       [nothing]*
Huntin' Du'Cate                Huntin' Du'Cate   Sand Rose       Ancient Tablet
The Murmuring Forest           Murmuring Forest
The Gorgon Eye                 Gorgon's Eye      Firefly Lamp    Medallion
In Search of Faeries           Seeking Faeries
Teatime of Danger              Teatime           Bottled Spirit  Rusty Anchor
Star-Crossed Lovers            Star-Crossed
Mine Your Own Business         Mining Business   Moon's Mirror   Torch of Coral
Pokiehl: Dream Teller          Dream Teller
Diddle Kidnapped!?             Diddle Kidnapped
Heaven's Gate                  Heaven's Gate
Daddy's Broom                  Daddy's Broom
The Infernal Doll              Infernal Doll     Tome of Magic   Moon's Mirror
Diddle Had It!                 Diddle Had It!
The Legend of Mana             Legend of Mana
The Looking-Glass Tower        Glass Tower       Frozen Heart    Pirate's Hook
Two Pearls                     Two Pearls
The Flame of Hope              Flame of Hope     Ancient Tablet  Torch of Coral
Cosmo                          Cosmo
Can't Look Back                Can't Look Back   Rusty Anchor    Broken Doll
A Siren's Song                 A Siren's Song
Summer Lovin'                  Summer Lovin'     Rusty Anchor    Moon's Mirror
Drowned Dreams                 Drowned Dreams    Pirate's Hook   Bottled Spirit
Fluorite                       Fluorite
Faeries' Light                 Faeries' Light    Trembling Spoon Sand Rose
The Lucky Clover               Lucky Clover      Jade Egg        Frozen Heart
Alexandrite                    Alexandrite
The Teardrop Crystal           Teardrop Stone
The Quiet Sea                  Quiet Sea         Medallion       Frozen Heart
The Treasure Map               Treasure Map
Reach for the Stars            Reach for Stars   Torch of Coral  Broken Doll
The Dragon Princess            Dragon Princess   Torch of Coral  [nothing]*
The Guardian of Winds          Wind Guardian     Dragonbone      Tome of Magic
The Ghost of Nemesis           Bone Dragon       Green Cane      [nothing]*
The Crimson Dragon             Crimson Dragon
The Fallen Emperor             Fallen Emperor    Skull Lantern   Broken Doll
The Blessed Elixir             Blessed Elixir
Seeing Double                  Seeing Double
The Cage of Dreams             Cage of Dreams    Sword of Mana   [nothing]*
Niccolo's Business Unusual: 2  Nic's Business 2  Broken Doll     Medallion
Niccolo's Business Unusual: 3  Nic's Business 3
Niccolo's Business Unusual: 4  Nic's Business 4
Niccolo Calls it Quits?        Final Business?
Li'l Cactus                    Li'l Cactus
Rachel                         Rachel
The Nordic Snowfield           Nordic Field
Buried Treasure                Buried Treasure   Firefly Lamp    Stone Eye
Path of the Blacksmith         Blacksmithing
Instruments 101                Instruments 101
Golem Go Make 'em              Golem Workshop
The Mana Orchards              Mana Orchards
The Monster Corral             Monster Corral
Gilbert: School Amour          School Amour
Gilbert: Resume for Love       Resume for Love
Professor Bomb's Lab           Prof. Bomb
Watts Drops the Hammer         Watts's Hammer
The Seven Wisdoms              Seven Wisdoms
The Field Trip                 The Field Trip
Catchin' Lilipeas              Catchin' Lilipeas Broken Doll     [nothing]*
Gilbert: Love is Blind         Love is Blind
The Wimpy Thugling             Wimpy Thugling
Pee-Wee Birdie                 Pee-Wee Birdie

*Notice that these events only have a Primary AF.  This means that, no matter
 how few AFs you have (even if you have zero), and if you've never got any AFs
 before, you'd still only get one AF.  Kinda disappointing, no?

NOTE: "Buried Treasure" seems to require "A Siren's Song" to be finished.
If this is the case, you'll never get any AFs from "Buried Treasure", because
you can only get the Firefly Lamp from "The Lost Princess" (and in that case,
you'd get the Stone Eye as well), or from "The Gorgon Eye" (which is at Lake
Kilma, meaning you'd have had the Stone Eye already).  Hence, this event will
always give you a metal rather than an AF in an ordinary game.

NOTE: There are special ways to get the following AFs:
 [Mailbox]     = You begin with it
 [Colorblocks] = The Sproutling in front of Home gives it to you.
 [Jade Egg]    = Rachel will give this to you before "The Lost Princess". *
 [Wheel]       = Niccolo gives this to you before "Niccolo's Business Unusual".
 [Golden Seed] = Receive it from Trent after 60 produce harvests.
 [Brooch of Love] = Matilda gives this to you before "Heaven's Gate".
 [Jumi's Staff]   = Florina gives this to you before "The Teardrop Crystal".

*Notice that since you can fail to get the Jade Egg before you lose the ability
 to start "The Lost Princess", you can also get the Jade Egg from a normal
 event, "The Lucky Clover".  This is to ensure you have the Mekiv Caverns for
 the next Jumi Arc event, "Cosmo".


AF          Primary/Secondary             Event                  Diary Name
Mailbox          Special       See Above
Colorblocks      Special       See Above
Wheel            Special       See Above
Jade Egg         Primary       The Lucky Clover                  Lucky Clover
                 Special       See Above
Stone Eye        Primary       The Lost Princess                 Lost Princess
                 Primary       Two Torches                       Two Torches
                 Secondary     Buried Treasure                   Buried Treasure
Flame            Primary       Niccolo's Business Unusual        Nic's Business
Medallion        Primary       The Quiet Sea                     Quiet Sea         
                 Secondary     Niccolo's Business Unusual        Nic's Business
                 Secondary     The Gorgon Eye                    Gorgon's Eye
Firefly Lamp     Primary       The Gorgon Eye                    Gorgon's Eye
                 Primary       Buried Treasure                   Buried Treasure
                 Secondary     The Lost Princess                 Lost Princess
Sand Rose        Primary       Huntin' Du'Cate                   Huntin' Du'Cate
                 Secondary     Faeries' Light                    Faeries' Light
Trembling Spoon  Primary       Faeries' Light                    Faeries' Light
Ancient Tablet   Primary       The Flame of Hope                 Flame of Hope
                 Secondary     Huntin' Du'Cate                   Huntin' Du'Cate
Torch of Coral   Primary       Reach for the Stars               Reach for Stars
                 Primary       The Dragon Princess               Dragon Princess
                 Secondary     Mine Your Own Business            Mining Business
                 Secondary     The Flame of Hope                 Flame of Hope
Broken Doll      Primary       Niccolo's Business Unusual: 2     Nic's Business 2
                 Primary       Catchin' Lilipeas                 Catchin' Lilipeas
                 Secondary     The Fallen Emperor                Fallen Emperor
                 Secondary     Can't Look Back                   Can't Look Back
                 Secondary     Reach for the Stars               Reach for Stars
Skull Lantern    Primary       The Fallen Emperor                Fallen Emperor
Rusty Anchor     Primary       Can't Look Back                   Can't Look Back
                 Primary       Summer Lovin'                     Summer Lovin'
                 Secondary     Teatime of Danger                 Teatime
Moon's Mirror    Primary       Mine Your Own Business            Mining Business
                 Secondary     The Infernal Doll                 Infernal Doll
                 Secondary     Summer Lovin'                     Summer Lovin'
Tome of Magic    Primary       The Infernal Doll                 Infernal Doll
                 Secondary     The Guardian of Winds             Wind Guardian
Dragonbone       Primary       The Guardian of Winds             Wind Guardian
Bottled Spirit   Primary       Teatime of Danger                 Teatime
                 Secondary     Drowned Dreams                    Drowned Dreams
Pirate's Hook    Primary       Drowned Dreams                    Drowned Dreams
                 Secondary     The Looking-Glass Tower           Glass Tower
Frozen Heart     Primary       The Looking-Glass Tower           Glass Tower
                 Secondary     The Quiet Sea                     Quiet Sea
                 Secondary     The Lucky Clover                  Lucky Clover
Green Cane       Primary       The Ghost of Nemesis              Bone Dragon
Golden Seed      Special       See Above
Brooch of Love   Special       See Above
Jumi's Staff     Special       See Above
Sword of Mana    Primary       The Cage of Dreams                Cage of Dreams


  Moving on, we have a new question: What determines a Land's Mana levels?
Well, I've got the answer.  It's rather simple.  Each Land has a certain
amount of Innate Mana.  Whenever you place any AF, the lands adjacent to
that land (i.e. within one game day travel) will automatically gain Mana in
each Element equal to the placed Land's Innate Mana.
  When you place an AF, however, its Mana Levels are also increased by an
interesting formula.  Take all of the adjacent Lands' Mana levels for each
Element, and then divide each Element by 2, rounding down.  That's how much
you add to your placed Land!
  As an example...  We have LAND A (2 Wisp, 1 Salamander) and we're placing it
right here:
                                          [Land B = 2 Dryad]
(LAND B)    (LAND A HERE)   (LAND D)      [Land C = 1 Salamander, 1 Dryad]
              (LAND C)                    [Land D = 1 Salamander, 1 Wisp]

  As you can see, it adds 2 Wisp and 1 Salamander to LANDs B, C, and D.
So, LAND B will have 2 Dryad, 2 Wisp, and 1 Salamander.
LAND C will have 1 Dryad, 2 Wisp, and 2 Salamander.
LAND D will have 2 Wisp and 2 Salamander.

  As for LAND A?  Well, first, add up each adjacent Lands' Mana levels.
  1 Salamander (LAND C) + 1 Salamander (LAND D) = 2 Salamander.
Then, divide it by 2.  Therefore, we have 1 Salamander.  And LAND A will now
have a total of 2 Salamander!
  Next, we'll total up Dryad.
  2 Dryad (LAND B) + 1 Dryad (LAND C) = 3 Dryad
Then, divide it by 2.  Since this is an odd number, we get 1.5 as our answer.
So, we round down to 1.  LAND A now has 1 Dryad Mana.
  Finally, 1 Wisp, divided by 2, is 0.5.  Rounding down gives us zero.  Sadly,
LAND A does not receive any Wisp Mana from the adjacent Lands.

  Here is a nifty chart of each Land's Innate Mana Levels.


Home            1 Wisp   +  1 Dryad       + 1 Gnome
Domina          2 Aura   +  1 Salamander
Luon Highway    1 Dryad  +  1 Gnome       + 1 Jinn
Mekiv Caverns   1 Shade  +  1 Gnome       + 1 Undine
Lake Kilma      1 Wisp   +  1 Dryad       + 1 Undine
Gato Grottoes   2 Jinn   +  1 Salamander
Jungle          2 Dryad  +  1 Salamander  + 1 Gnome
Lumina          2 Shade  +  1 Wisp
Duma Desert     1 Wisp   +  1 Salamander  + 1 Jinn
The Underworld  2 Shade  +  2 Salamander
Mindas Ruins    1 Dryad  +  1 Salamander  + 1 Gnome
Madora Beach    2 Undine +  1 Jinn        + 1 Wisp
Junkyard        1 Wisp   +  1 Shade       + 1 Undine
Norn Peaks      2 Jinn   +  1 Wisp        + 1 Gnome
Polpota Harbor  1 Wisp   +  1 Aura        + 1 Undine
Tower of Leires 1 Shade  +  1 Salamander  + 1 Jinn
Geo             1 Shade  +  1 Salamander  + 1 Aura
Bone Fortress   1 Aura   +  1 Salamander  + 1 Gnome
Ulkan Mines     2 Aura   +  1 Gnome
SS Buccaneer    2 Undine +  1 Aura
Fieg Snowfields 1 Jinn   +  1 Undine
White Forest    1 Wisp   +  1 Dryad       + 1 Jinn
Orchard         2 Dryad  +  1 Gnome
Lucemia         1 Dryad  +  1 Undine
Lucemia(fallen) N/A*
Bejeweled City  2 Aura   +  1 Shade
The Flames      N/A*
Tree of Mana    3 Wisp + 3 Shade + 3 Aura + 3 Dryad
              + 3 Jinn + 3 Gnome + 3 Undine + 3 Salamander

*Note: If you use the "All AFs" Gameshark Code described later on in this FAQ,
 you'll discover that you have another two AFs -- a Trembling Spoon that will
 create The Flames, and a Brooch of Love that will create the fallen Lucemia.
 Neither of these Lands have any innate Mana Levels, although The Flames count
 as having the same Mana Levels as the lands that turned into them when you're
 playing normally.  Lucemia (fallen), however, has no Mana Levels -- after
 Lucemia falls, you'll lose that 1 Dryad and 1 Undine that you'd normally get.


  As you might know, there are actual reasons for having a Mana Level at each
Land.  The most obvious one is Elemental Spirits -- you'll never see an
Elemental Spirit of a particular Element if the Land you're looking in as 0
for each Mana Level!  In addition, you'll find Spirits more commonly if you
have a 3 in that Element's Mana Level.
  So, things that involve Mana:
   *Finding Elemental Spirits

  In addition, you have Produce.  Every step you take on the World Map, you
earn "Mana Points" for your growing Produce.  Each time you step, you get
+1 Shade, +1 Wisp, +1 (current Day), and one for each Mana Level at Home or
at the Orchard.  There is a powerful chart over at Albatross's site that
tells you the requirements for each kind of produce.  Notice that this only
affects growing times - what produce you get is determined from the seeds
you choose to use.
Albatross's site:
  So, things that involve Mana:
   *Finding Elemental Spirits
   *Growing time for Produce

  Certain Events also require Mana Levels.  "Seeing Double" requires a Shade
Mana Level of 3 in Domina, for example.  "The Wimpy Thugling" requires a
Dryad Level of 3 at Duma Desert, while "Pee-Wee Birdie" also requires a Mana
Level at Domina (which is why many people place the Mana Tree next to Domina).
"Pee-Wee Birdie" requires a Wisp Level of 3 AND a Salamander Level of 3.
This is impossible in a normal game because there's no Land with an Innate
Mana Level of 2 Wisp, and there is only one Land with an Innate Mana Level of
1 Wisp and 1 Salamander (Duma Desert).  So, the only way to get this event is
to place the Mana Tree next to Domina.  This will also open up the other one,
"Seeing Double", so that sums things up somewhat nicely.
  So, things that involve Mana:
   *Finding Elemental Spirits
   *Growing time for Produce
   *Event Requirements

  Enemies also change slightly in level depending on their Elemental strengths
and weaknesses and the Land Mana Levels.
  So, things that involve Mana:
   *Finding Elemental Spirits
   *Growing time for Produce
   *Event Requirements
   *Enemy Levels

  Finally, Demi-Human Pets will only join you if there's a high enough Mana
Level in the Land you'll find them in.  For example, Elysia requires a Shade
Level of 3 at Fieg Snowfields, while Chitto requires a Dryad Level of 3 at the
Jungle.  For more information, take a look at a Pet's FAQ at !
  So, things that involve Mana:
   *Finding Elemental Spirits
   *Growing time for Produce
   *Event Requirements
   *Enemy Levels
   *Demi-Human Requirements


  Each Land has a "Distance from Home" value, depending on how far away they
are (in steps on the World Map) from Home.  This value, along with the AF
Placement Order (which is the order you placed the AFs), determines how strong
Enemies are in that Land.  For example, Luon Highway (usually placed early, and
very close to Home) will have very low-level enemies, because the Distance from
Home is very low, and so is the AF Placement Order.  However, the enemies at
Fieg Snowfields will usually be much stronger, because Fieg is usually placed
much later in the game (higher AF-placement Order) and usually farther away
from Home (higher Distance from Home).
  In addition to having stronger enemies, AF Placement Order and Distance from
Home help to determine the Shops that are in each town.  Albatross's site has
a very good listing of the various Shops you can find, along with a fairly good
description of how to determine your AF Placement Order (by using the Mana Tree
icon in the upper left of the World Map).  The Mana Tree helps you to determine
what the AF Placement Order will be, and is dependant on a counter that is used
to set each Land's AF Placement Order.
Albatross's site:
  In addition to Shops, AF Placement Order and Distance from Home determines
just what kind of Metal you'll get from a Metal event when you already have the
AFs that you'd have gotten from that event.
  Distance from Home helps to determine the Pets you can find in a particular
place.  Of course, the Pets you find will always be the same type in each area,
but the class of Pet is determined by Distance from Home.  For example, if you
place the Jungle right next to Home, you're probably never going to catch a
Chimera Beast there (Demon Egg).  If you place the Jungle as far away from Home
as you can, you'll get a Chimera Beast fairly easy.
  Finally, Distance from Home and AF Placement Order determine the value of
another counter which will determine the level of NPC characters when they join
you, along with how much experience you got for them during this particular
run-through (experience for NPC characters is not carried over to a New Game +,

 III. GameShark Codes

  This section is slightly more advanced than the previous sections because it
will tell you what you need to do to do things completely differently!
  For starters, I'll tell you some helpful GameShark Codes.
50000A01 0000    \
300455B8 0063     \
50002A01 0000      \
300455C7 0063       \
50005A01 0000        |
300455F5 0063        |
50000E01 0000        |   This code, although it is long, is a very good code
30045658 0063        |   for infinite items.
50000501 0000        |   When this code is in, you'll have 99 of every item,
30045668 0063        |   not including the "dummy" items that you'd normally
50000501 0000        |__ get with a different GameShark Code.
30045678 0063        |   As long as this code is on, the number of each item
50000301 0000        |   you have will remain at 99.  After you turn the
30045688 0063        |   Gameshark off, you'll still have 99 of each item,
50000201 0000        |   but the number will decrease as you use them up.
30045690 0063        |
50000701 0000        |   The code below is also an infinite items code.
30045698 0063        |                     It gives you 99 of every item,
50000501 0000       /    5000FF01 0000     but this includes the "dummy"
300456A8 0063      /     300455B8 0063     items.  Otherwise, it's just like
50000201 0000     /                        the longer one, but not as nice
300456B4 0063 ___/       as far as the items you get are concerned.
5000220C 0000   \
300432CC 0006    \      This code will make it so that all of your Lands
5000220C 0000     \     have full Mana Levels.  Unfortunately, if you
300432CD 0006      \    place a Land, it will return to its normal Mana
5000220C 0000       |   Level.  So, this code only affects Lands that
300432CE 0006       |   you've already placed.
5000220C 0000       |   As a side note, if you have this code on, you
300432CF 0006       |__ are still able to place Lands with full Mana, but
5000220C 0000       |   only if you plan carefully so that each newly
300432D0 0006       |   placed Land is next to at least two other Lands
5000220C 0000       |   with full Mana.
300432D1 0006       |   That way, they'll get (3+3)/2 Mana for each
5000220C 0000      /    Element, so that they'll have full Mana no matter
300432D2 0006     /     what!
5000220C 0000    /
300432D3 0006 __/
5000210C 0000   \       This code will give you all AFs, but it will not
300432D4 000D    \      give you glitchy AFs, nor will it give you the
50000360 0000     \     Trembling Spoon that gives you The Flames, nor
30043310 0000      |    will it give you the Brooch of Love that gives
300433B8 0000      |__  you Fallen Lucemia.
300433DC 0000      |    NOTE: Before you use this code, save your game
30043418 0000      |    at Home.  This code will actually UNPLACE your
30043424 0000     /     Lands, so the only Land left will be Home.  Note
5000210C 0001    /      that you can use this to re-place Lands, if you
300432D7 0002 __/       like.  After using this code, save, and then start
                        again, without using this code -- while it is on,
              __        you will be unable to place Lands.
5000210C 0000   \
300432D4 000D    |__ This code does the same thing as the above code (be sure
5000210C 0001    |   to read the NOTE!  Or you'll end up stuck in the middle of
300432D7 0002 __/    nowhere), except it gives you all AFs - even glitchy ones.

  Huh?  You mean, you don't want all of your Lands to become unplaced?  You're
looking to get a _specific_ AF?  Well, I've got a nifty list for you.  Here's
a list of the GameShark codes you'll have to use to give yourself a particular
AF, rather than all of them.  Be sure to save after using one of these codes,
and then load your game without the code on, or you won't be able to place the
newly obtained AF!  In addition, if you use this code when you already placed
the Land, you'll find you have the AF again, and no longer have the Land.

300432D4 0001 = Colorblocks    30043388 0001 = Trembling Spoon
300432E0 0001 = Flame          30043394 0001 = Sand Rose
300432EC 0001 = Rusty Anchor   300433A0 0001 = Wheel
300432F8 0001 = Firefly Lamp   300433AC 0001 = Broken Doll
30043304 0001 = Tome of Magic  300433C4 0001 = Medallion
3004331C 0001 = Torch of Coral 300433E8 0001 = Brooch of Love
30043328 0001 = Bottled Spirit 300433F4 0001 = Jumi's Staff
30043334 0001 = Dragonbone     30043400 0001 = Frozen Heart
30043340 0001 = Stone Eye      3004340C 0001 = Pirate's Hook
3004334C 0001 = Moon's Mirror  30043430 0001 = Ancient Tablet
30043358 0001 = Green Cane     3004343C 0001 = Sword of Mana
30043364 0001 = Jade Egg       30043448 0001 = Golden Seed
3004337C 0001 = Skull Lantern

  Want to make your own GameShark Code for AFs and Lands?  Here's how!

Code format: 3004xxxx 00??
First, take the xxxx from the Land/AF list near the end.

Now, refer to the table below.  The left-hand column is what you add to
xxxx (remember to add in HEX!).  The right-hand column describes what that
changes, and also describes what to put in for ?? when you're making your
code to do what you want it to do.
There is also an example for Home, to help you.

+00    Home example 300432C8 00??
       General info. Add up the effects you want.  Remember that it's in hex!
        01 = Have AF
        02 = Placed as Land [NOTE 1]
        04 = "Cleared"
        08 = ??
        10 = ??
        20 = ?? (makes Macabre Tombstone sunny)
        40 = ??
        80 = ??

+01    Home example 300432C9 00??
        Location [NOTE 2]
        Determines distance from Home.
          00 01 02 03 04 05
          10 11 12 13 14 15  This map determines where the Land is.
          20 21 22 23 24 25  Just use the value here in for ??.
          30 31 32 33 34 35  Poof!  Re-arranged Lands!
          40 41 42 43 44 45
          50 51 52 53 54 55

+02    Home example 300432CA 00??
        Land number (placement order).
        Land placement order affects lots of things, including what metal
        you get as a reward from Events, enemy levels, NPC levels, and more.

+03    Home example 300432CB 00??
        Artifact number (AF received order).  Affects ordering on the table.

+04    Home example 300432CC 00??        Wisp mana level.
+05    Home example 300432CD 00??        Shade mana level.
+06    Home example 300432CE 00??        Dryad mana level.
+07    Home example 300432CF 00??        Aura mana level.
+08    Home example 300432D0 00??        Salamander mana level.
+09    Home example 300432D1 00??        Gnome mana level.
+0A    Home example 300432D2 00??        Jinn mana level.
+0B    Home example 300432D3 00??        Undine mana level.
        For all of the above, this is the chart used to deterine Mana Level.
         03 = zero Mana
         04 = one Mana
         05 = two Mana
         06 = three Mana

NOTE 1:  If you use this code to make a land be spontaneously placed (rather
 than place it yourself), you MUST also give it a location with the next
 code. A yet-to-be-placed land has location FF, which is way off the map to
 the lower right.  Which isn't good.

NOTE 2:  Placing two lands on the same spot is a "Bad Idea"...  So don't.
 Alternately, you could try it for fun.

 Moving on to the important part.
 Here's the values for xxxx to use (and to add to).

32C8: Home/Mailbox
32D4: Domina/Colorblocks
32E0: Gato Grottoes/Flame
32EC: Polpota Harbor/Rusty Anchor
32F8: Lumina/Firefly Lamp
3304: Geo/Tome of Magic
3310: !  Glitchy Area
331C: Madora Beach/Torch of Coral
3328: Ulkan Mines/Bottled Spirit
3334: The Bone Fortress/Dragonbone
3340: Lake Kilma/Stone Eye
334C: Tower of Leires/Moon's Mirror
3358: The White Forest/Green Cane
3364: Mekiv Caverns/Jade Egg
3370: !  Glitchy Area
337C: Norn Peaks/Skull Lantern
3388: The Underworld/Trembling Spoon
3394: Duma Desert/Sand Rose
33A0: Luon Highway/Wheel
33AC: Junkyard/Broken Doll
33B8: !  Glitchy Area
33C4: Jungle/Medallion
33D0: !  Glitchy Area
33DC: The Flames [NOTE]
33E8: Lucemia/Brooch of Love
33F4: Bejeweled City/Jumi's Staff
3400: Fieg Snowfields/Frozen Heart
340C: SS Buccaneer/Pirate's Hook
3418: !  Glitchy Area
3424: !  Glitchy Area
3430: The Mindas Ruins/Ancient Tablet
343C: Tree of Mana/Sword of Mana
3448: Orchard/Golden Seed
3454: Fallen Lucemia [NOTE]

NOTE: The Flames and fallen Lucemia are not placed by AFs, even though they
do have their own version of Trembling Spoon and Brooch of Love respectively.
If you place these versions of the AFs, you'll get the Flames and fallen
Lucemia, but they'll be separate from the original Land, causing quite a few

 IV.  Closing

  I want to thank you for reading my FAQ and I hope it helps you a lot.
Remember to smile, and remember that Legend of Mana is the best game.  Ever.

     La fin.