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                        THE LEGEND OF MANA 
                           VERSION 1.0
                       By:  Bodi Anderson

DISCLAIMER:   This FAQ is meant for personal use only and can only be reproduced
electronically. This FAQ can be altered as long as the disclaimer remains 
unchanged. This FAQ is owned and made by Bodi Anderson. Please don't steal or 
reproduce any ideas or content from this FAQ or I will track you down like the 
sick creature you are! Please distribute the FAQ only in its original form to 
your friends and lovers of the seiken densetsu series. This FAQ cannot be sold 
for profitable purposes, any person or organization attempting to do so will be 
prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!  Legend of Mana and most of the 
character and place names in this FAQ are copyrighted property of SQUARE Japan 
and Sony.  I, Bodi Anderson, have no professional relationship with any of the 
aforementioned companies, and I am simply a fan of their great games. This FAQ 
is dedicated to all of those who waste their time translating Japanese games. 

INTRODUCTION:  The following is an in-depth FAQ covering all the abilities in 
LoM.  I was planning to do this sooner or later and then I read another LoM FAQ 
in which the author decided that all other LoM FAQs that were posted were "Not 
useful enough".  Well, this ticked me off a little.  Having written a few FAQs 
myself I know what goes into writing one, i.e. lots of personal time, sweat, 
hard work, call it what you will.  For this reason I think it's quite rude to 
call a FAQ not useful enough.  Well, okay maybe I'm taking it the wrong way or 
I'm just being anal, but still that was darn uncivil.  In any case please enjoy 
this FAQ and freely pass it on to your pals and lovers of the Seiken Densetsu 
series. As with my last FAQ this is dedicated to everyone who writes FAQs on the 
net, including those who find little use in other people's FAQS.  Enjoy, and 

          THE BASICS:  In LoM you gain new Waza (special attacks) by using 
abilities combined with attacks.  You can employ up to 2 abilities at a time.  
As you gain experience in battle new abilities and waza will unfold, for this 
reason change abilities often.  Depending on what weapon you're using different 
abilities will be accessible so change your hero's weapon from time to time as 
You start with a choice of 8 abilities, which can be accessed and selected under 
the "SKILL" section on the menu screen.  Simply select and ability to assign to 
either the Square or X button.
           New abilities can be learned by using currently equipped frequently 
in combat. For example if you use "jump" and "squat" enough you can learn the 
"High Jump" ability.  Similarly if you equip "back dash" and "jump" you can 
learn "back spin", an ability that lets you attack opponents from behind.  
Whenever you learn a new ability a text screen will appear after a battle with 
an exclaimation point at the end.  This means you learned a new ability.  (The 
same thing appears when you learn a new waza as well).

     THE ABILITY LIST:  The following is a list of all the abilities in the game 
I know of.  This list should be complete (unless my copy of whatever Japanese 
game mag. I got this from is incorrect).  In any case this includes Japanese 
text for those of you who can read it on your computer I also included the 
romaji in case you can read a little Japanese but your computer can't.  All 
follow this model...

#. Japanese text/ Romaji/ translation  Prerequisites (what abilities you need to 
     Effects: (What the ability does)        equip in order to get this ability)

1. ジャンプ/ jiyanpu/ Jump:   Prerequisites: starting ability
   Effects: You can jump and attack simultaneously

2. ガード/ Gaado/ Guard   Prerequisites: starting ability
   Effects: Defends from enemy attacks.

3. ダッシュ/ Dasshyu/ Dash   Prerequisites: starting ability
   Effects: As the name implies...

4. バックダッシュ/ Bakku Dasshyu/ Back Dash  Prerequisites: starting ability
   Effects: As the name implies...

5. しゃがむ/ Shyagamu/ Squat Prerequisites: starting ability
   Effects: Your HP recover rate goes up but defense becomes zero! Very useful!

6. プッシュ/ Pusshyu/ Push Prerequisites: starting ability
   Effects: As the name implies...

7. アビール/ Abiiru/ Sun Bathing Prerequisites: starting ability
   Effects:  Not quite sure but it translates as "Declaration of a Special 
             Attack".  Maybe use this before attacking with waza?

8. 回転/ kaiten/ Spin   Prerequisites: starting ability
   Effects: Spins you around.  Watch out you might become dizzy!

9. バク転/ Baku Ten/ Back spin   Prerequisites: Back Dash, Jump
   Effects: Press Triangle (Power Attack) for cool turn around attack.

10. イリュージヨン/ Iryuujiyon/ Illusion   Prerequisites: Dash, Back Dash
   Effects:  In effect teleports you across the screen leaving doppelganger 
            Images of your character across the screen.

11. ガードダッシュ/ Gaado Dasshyu /Guard Dash   Prerequisites: Guard, Dash
   Effects: As the name implies.  You can also power attack while doing!

12. ハイジャンプ/ Hai Jyanpu/ High Jump   Prerequisites: Squat, Jump
   Effects:  Much like jump, but higher (duh).  

13.  ムーンサルト/ Muunsarult/ Moon Leap     Prerequisites: High Jump, Front Spin
   Effects:  Shoots character up in the air in a crescent leap.  Use your Power 

14. 二段ジャンプ/ Nidan Jyanpu/  Two step Jump   Prerequisites: Jump, High Jump
   Effects:  Like High jump, but press the assigned jump button again mid-leap 
             In order to gain more height and arc.

15. バク宙/ baku chyuu/ Back flip   Prerequisites: Back Spin, High Jump
   Effects:  Press Triangle mid flip for a cool spin slash!

16. 挑発/ chyuu hatsu/ Provoke   Prerequisites: Back Dash, Sun Bathing
   Effects:  Enemies should direct their attack at you (and not your weak pals).

17. グラップル/ gurappru/ Grapple   Prerequisites: Push, Guard
   Effects:  Grasps an opponent. Press attack buttons while their in your 

18. カウンター/ kauntaa/ Counter   Prerequisites: Guard
   Effects:  If attacked you'll counter with a quick attack while button is held 

19. サマーソルト/ Samaasoruto/ Somersault   Prerequisites:  Back Spin, Back Flip
   Effects:  Hmmm.  Think about it...

20. ジョルト/ Jyoruto/ Jolt   Prerequisites: Counter
   Effects:  A step up form counter but you'll counter with a power attack.

21. スライディング/ suraideingu/ Sliding   Prerequisites:  Dash, Squat
   Effects:  Like in Saga Frontier you'll trip up your foes.

22. 背面取り/ haimen tori/ Back Jab   Prerequisites: Grapple, Spin
   Effects:  Use when trying to escape, and over the shoulder blow to stun your

23.  ハンマースルー/ hanmaasuruu/ Hammer Through  Prerequisites: Back Jab, Dash
   Effects:  Not sure exactly, but I believe this vaults you across the screen.

24. タックル/ Takkru/ Tackle   Prerequisites: Push, Dash
   Effects:  While executing press either attack button to tackle a nearby 
             opponent. Requires good timing!

25. うかし/ ukashi/ Toss(?)   Prerequisites:  Squat, Hammer Through
   Effects:  I'm not sure but if you use while doing a command attack like 
             "Command Jump" or "Upper" hurls opponents across the screen. 

26.  前転/ mae ten/ Front Spin   Prerequisites:  
   Effects:  Almost exactly like Back Spin cept' in da front y'all!

         Well, that's all the abilities there should be in the game.  If you can 
add anything or notice any problems with any thing above please e-mail me.  Also 
be sure to check out my LoM starter FAQ, as well as all the other FAQs by swell 
folks nice enough to write 'em (And swell GAMEFAQs nice enough to pot em).  This 
FAQ was written in about an hour while listening to the Velvet Underground's 
"White light/ White Heat" album and "Misora" by Kanenobu Sachiko.  Oh yeah, if 
anyone wants to make a flowchart or easier quick reference to skill acquisition 
and send it to me I'll add it on to the end and give you credit for being 
co-author of the FAQ.  I don't have time to do such a thing but think it'd be 
very cool.