Produce Guide by Dani and Chris

Updated: 06/11/00 | Printable Version

'Legend of Mana' NA Version Produce Guide
Authors:  Dani and Chris
Updated:  6/11/00
This document is copyright 2000

  This information was taken from the Produce Encyclopedia that you get from
the church in Dominia. I've also pulled some info from the actual booklet that
comes with LoM. The list will look terrible unless you view it with a fixed
width font, such as courier or lucida console. I found that when trying to
decide what to feed my pets it was a pain to always have to go back and forth
between the Feed screen and the Produce List. After a few hours of this I got
frustrated, and voila, this document was born. This is in no way a FAQ for the
whole game, just a little extra to help us play until the heavy hitters come
out with theirs.
  Please do not reproduce this document in any media without permission from
myself. You may email me with any errors in this document, any updates,or any
questions you have about the NA version of the game. Be forewarned however, as
of 6/10 I have only completed about 20 stories, and I am no where near an
expert on the game. I was surprised at the total lack of FAQs for the Japanese
version, hopefully this will not be the case with the NA version. Also, this is
my first guide that I have released to the general public. Please be nice! >:)

PWR = POWER   Affects blunt attacks such as hard punches
SKL = SKILLS  Affects more dexterous attacks such as slashing.
DEF = DEFENSE Affects resistance to physical attacks
MGC = MAGIC   Affects resistance to magical attacks
HP  = HP      Represents basic physical power, affects poison resistance
SPR = SPIRIT  Affects resistance to status magic (darkness, poison, etc)
CHM = CHARM   Affects the success rate of pet's magical/special attacks
LCK = LUCK    Affects the appearance of chests in a dungeon (debatable)

I have not been able to determine the effects of personality just yet. It looks
like Aggressive makes your pet more apt to seek out combat rather than hold
back. Also I've found that scheming tends to keep your pet from entering
battles. Unfortunantly that's all I've been able to get so far. I will add more
as I find out for sure.


Now for the produce itself. I've found some produce more rare than others, your
experience may differ. Also, some produce takes longer than others to ripen,
the ones with no negatives take the longest. I have spent more than an hour or
two messing about with what seeds produce which produce. There does not seem to
be a pattern. If you DO come across a planting pattern I'd be happy to add it
in here with all the credit AND my admiration and gratitude :) I am including
what I consider the rare ones and the common ones. Did you know that if you
still have a few fruits that are ripening, you can start another planting?
Trent (the big tree) will tell you if your seeds will produce all they can, or
not. I always try to have 2 plantings going.

Effects: += Increase  -= Decrease
(R) = Rare, I see one of these every 3+ plantings
(C) = Common, I see one of these every planting or so, possibly in multiples
(U) = I haven't seen one yet

Fruit Name    Rarity/Group Plus/Minus
----------    -----------  ---------
Applesocks    (U)  Red     +SKL +CHM +CLM +IND
Apricat       (R)  Red     +DEF +CLM
Bellgrapes    (C)  Purple  +MGC +SPR +SCH -FRD
Boarmelon     (C)  Green   +PWR +SKL +SPR +LON -CHM
Bumpkink      (C)  Orange  +PWR +SPR +AGR +ARR +SCH +LAZ
Cabbadillo    (C)  Green   +DEF +SPR +FRD +LON -CHM
Cherry Bombs  (C)  Purple  +HP  +FRD
Citrisquid    (C)  Yellow  +MGC +SCH
Conchurnip    (U)  White   +PWR +DEF +AGR +ARR -MGC
Cornflower    (R)  Yellow  +MGC +CHM +AGR -CLM
Dialaurel     (U)  Green   +PWR +LCK +AGR -CLM
Diceberry     (R)  Red     +PWR +AGR
Fishy Fruit   (R)  Yellow  +SKL +MGC +CHM -HP  -SCH
Garlicrown    (U)  white   +CHM -ARR
Gold Clover   (R)  Blue    +SKL +LCK +FRD -SCH
Heart Mint    (R)  Blue    +CHM -LAZ
Honey Onion   (C)  Orange  +SKL +HP  +SPR +IND -PWR
Lilipods      (C)  Purple  +SKL +HP  +CLM +IND +FRD +LON -MGC
Loquat-Shoes  (R)  Orange  +SKL +CHM +SCH +LAZ -HP
Mangolephant  (U)  White   +PWR +HP  +AGR +ARR
Masked Potato (U)  White   +DEF +HP  +SPR -LCK -FRD
Mush-In-A-Box (R)  Black   +LCK
Needlettuce   (C)  Green   +DEF +CHM +CLM -AGR
Orange'Opus   (U)  Orange  +DEF +HP  +SCH +LAZ
Orcaplant     (C)  Purple  +DEF +MCG +SCH -FRD
Peach Puppy   (R)  Red     +PWR +SKL +FRD -SCH
Pear O' Heels (C)  White   +PWR +DEF +CHM +ARR -SPR
Pine O' Clock (U)  Blue    +PWR +SKL +DEF +MGC +HP  +SPR +CHM +LCK -AGR -CLM
                           -SCH -FRD
Rhinoloupe    (R)  Blue    +PWR +HP  +SPR -MGC -CLM
Rocket Papaya (U)  Orange  +MGC +CHM +CLM -AGR
Spade Basil   (U)  Blue    +SPR -LON
Spiny Carrot  (C)  Orange  +MGC +SPR +CLM +IND -SKL
Springanana   (R)  Yellow  +HP  -IND
Squalphin     (C)  Green   +MGC +LCK +FRD +LON -PWR
Sweet Moai    (R)  Purple  +DEF +MCG +LCK +LAZ -SKL
Toadstoolshed (U)  Black   +PWR +SKL +DEF +MGC +HP  +SPR +CHM +LCK
Whalamato     (C)  Red     +MCG +HP  +CHM -DEF -AGR