Debug Room FAQ by King Edgar 0

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 07/08/00 | Printable Version

King Edgar 0's Legend of Mana Debug room faq.
Version 0.5   July 8th, 2000

Welcome to the FAQ, I hope you enjoy the content,
and don't mind the crappy layout.

Ok, first off, the code(s).

US version:
D0102672 0101
30102674 0001

Choose Quick continue at the title screen.

The US code was found by me, and updated by Code Master

Jap version:

80102752 0002

Turn off codes right away, then turn them back on 
when you get to the title screen. 
Then pick anything.

The Jap code was found by me.. I will have an updated version soon

Section 1.0:  USA Debug.

Ok, The main debug room has 4 guys.
The leftmost one does nothing.
The next one to the right has 3 Options.
  Dummy WM = Takes you to [DUMMY WM]
  True WM = Takes you to the world map
  Cancel = Guess.
The next one to the right has 2 options:
  Off course = Takes you to the [battle map]
  What a thing to say. = Cancel
Then last guy has 4 options
  Shoda Map = Takes you to [Shoda map]
  Inoue Map = Takes you to a test map, not much to see
  Yagi Map = Takes you to another useless map

Ok, now for the seperate maps:

           [Dummy WM] room:

A basic map:



each number is a guy.. of course...

1 = Change NPC, choose next to goto the [battle map]
2 = Warp to pet shed.
3 = Misc options.
     [World Map = Debug WM or True WM, If you choose Debug WM then anytime you 
normally get to the world map, it will bring you to this screen instead. True WM 
leaves it normal
     [HP. = Change HP for enemy or player, remember that because it messes up 
and the option takes 2 spaces, if you want to choose something under it, you 
have to choose the option above the one you want. (For instance, pick Party's HP 
is 300 if you want 999)
     [To Initmap = Brings you back to the start of the debug room. Nice option.
     [To Battle Map = To the [battle map] 
     [Artifact = A pain, gives you blank artifacts over and over again.
     [WazaPointGage = On or off, not sure what it does
     [Damage Dump = Change Damage dump on/off, also raise/lower yours, or 
enemies levels.
     [Golem = LogicDump on/off, plus warp to golem map.

4 = Where to?
    mhm = warp to Your Home. (Good way to start a new game with the debug things 
you got.)
    htw = Warp to Domina
    wal = Warp to Gato
    prt = Wart to Polpota
    mon = Warp to Lumina (This town was called Roar in the jap version.. hmm..)
    (empty) = Warp to the first time you catch a monster egg
    mgc = Warp to Geo
    sea = Warp to the beach

5 = 
   min = Ulkan Mines
   bon = Village by the fort
   lak = Place with penguins...
   twr = Gate of Ravens
   wd1 = Entrance of White Forest
   cv1 = Mekiv caves
   (Empty) = "Under Construction"
   mnt = Norn Peaks

6 = 
   hel = Macabra Tombstone
   dst = Duma Desert
   wst = Luon Highway
   grb = Junkyard
   (empty) = "Under Construction"
   jgl = Black screen
   (empty) = nothing
   drl = The Flames

7 = 
  esl = Lucemia
  jul = Bejeweled City
  snw = North flag? (Snow place)
  shp = Quarter deck (shiip)
  (empty) = Another Debug room. We will call this one [menu map]
  Battle arena = Storage room
  rui = Entrance (temple/puzzle place..) 
  sei = View of the Mana Tree

8 = 
  Pub 0 = Warp to debug room [Pub 0]
  Pub 1 = Warp to debug room [pub 1]
  Pub 2 = Warp to debug room [Pub 2]
  Pub 3 = warp to debug room [pub 3]
  Battle sample 1 = Fight a Lullibud
  Fujita Map = Fight an un-beatable monster
  Shindo Map = Fight a few test enemies (names have not been translated), then 
walk left to fight the jewel beast.
  'mana' = Warp to Sancuary of Mana

(Next) menu:
  Use this menu to fight bosses

9 =
  I am NOT going to list all of these >_<
  Look at the first 3 letters, and match them up with
  a name in one of the above lists.. it will take you 
  to a map in that area.

                       [Battle Menu]

Ok, this map had some things removed from the jap
version. >_< 



3-5 do NOTHING

1 = npc selector
2 = 
   Battle Sample 1 = Same thing as in [dummy wm]
   Fujita Map = fight unbeatable enemy...
   Battle Sample 4 = Like Battle sample 1
   Battle Sample 9 = Fight sword thing
   Fukugawa Map = Warp to debug room [Fukugawa map]
   Test map = Warp to Debug room [TestMap1]
   Test map = Warp to Mana sactuary

                [Fukugawa Map]

This one is sweet.

      2     5
1        4

Ok, the guy flying around doesn't do anything
special, but do talk to it anyway...

1 =
  All artifact = Get all AFs
  ZUKAN flag = ? probably sets a flag
  Grow fruits = ? Probably makes fruit grow at that tree
  Creation flag = Warp to, and create, workshops and things
  Money 90 ruku = get some seeds
  remove NPC = remove npc, if you have one.
  Qbonken=0 = Warps you to the junkyard
  Qkagai=8 = ??
  Pet/Coin = Warp to many maps.
2 = get some cards
3 = Logic Block creation/deletion.
4 = Create a pet! This is sweet. Go to change pet, then choose the type you 
want. Then choose Single to get just one, and then choose which kind. or choose 
SET and get the whole collection of that type

5 = Many option.. most warped me to [DUMMY WM], if you mess around you might 
find something though.

If you choose Storm>Rainbow, you will see a short WM thing and then you
will be brought to a room with the kids. What is interesting is that
the music that plays in the background isn't on the soundtrack. Although
it sounds a lot like Track 23 on CD 2.

                      [Shoda Map]

 2            7
     3  5

Ack, most of the stuff in here wasn't translated :(
But there are a fre more rooms. I will try and list some
of the stuff here, but it is a pain. Most of the options
here warp you to a scene or another debug room.
If anyone actually wants to record what all
the Shoda map stuff does, then by all means, go ahead.
E-mail it to me and I will add it to the faq. and you will be given full credit 
of course.

A few things to do:
Talk to #1 and choose the bottem option
to go to another debug room. Not a lot to do in here,
but try stuff out.

                      [Menu Map]


1 = 
  ZUKAN = Brings up the books to read.
  SABOTEN = Read Cactus Diaries...
  Golem Block = Create/Delete Golem Blocks
  Garden = Changes flags, then gives you choice of growing fruits and going home
  Golem Act. Dump = Toggles Galem Act. Dump
  Hina and Coin = Changes flag then gives map warp menu
  ? = All AFs
  Remove 2P = Removes 2p...
  Golem Lab = Warp to golem lab.

2 = Boss select.
3 = 
  Jump to Workshops = Obvious
  Party 1 = Warp to Debug Room [Party1]
  Party 2 = Warp to Debug Room [Party2]   
  PET = Warp to debug room [Pet]
  Item Full = items
  HP = Same menu as in [DUMMY WM]
  Tec money level = Set WPG to always full... get money, change level..

4 = Warps to places where you can catch eggs.


Change NPC


Change NPC


Non of this seems to work.

That's all for now. Got to get some sleep. Be sure to check out for more of my work, as well as more of my gameshark