Mansearcher Guide by Sasoriza

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Persona 2: Eternal Punishment 
Mansearcher Guide by Sasoriza
v. 0.2 (1-15-01): Updated.  Fixed a couple of spelling errors here and there, 
(as well as the dates, argh) and I confirmed when you need to get
the rumor needed to start the Mansearcher quests.

v. 0.3 (2-19-01): Updated.  I've changed the copyrights information a little,
did a quick change on the e-mail, and added a question concerning Nekomata.

v. 0.4 (2-20-01): Updated.  Thanks to MWGribbin, I know the amount of money 
needed to put Nekomata on the mansearcher list (although I'm not sure if
she'll end up automatically on the mansearcher list anyway.  I'll have to 
go and confirm it.)

Final Version (3-03-01):  You DON'T have to pay 100,000  to get Nekomata on
the mansearcher lists.  Look down at Nekomata's profile for more info.  Also,
I've confirmed to when you find the boy who gives you the start-up on finding
the Legendary Blacksmith.  After this, there won't be a lot of stuff to update,
so... this is the final version.


This FAQ is basically nothing more than a Mansearcher Guide that'll aid 
you in finding the individuals scattered throughout Sumaru City, since 
some of them can be quite tricky to find.  (Not to mention the fact that 
you waste money getting "hints" from the bodyguard in the Shiraishi Bar.  
This FAQ will prevent you from doing that.) 

(((--How the system works--)))

Before you can even open up the Mansearcher quests, you'll have to get 
the rumor from Rumormonger Toku in the Shiraishi.  This occurs when you
set off to find Makimura, bring him back to Shiraishi, and talk to R. Toku.
He'll give you a rumor concerning the Shiraishi Lady, and once he does
this, spread it in Aoba's Kuzunoha Agency.  Now, go back to the Shiraishi
Lady, talk to her, and you'll finally be able to search.  

Once the opportunity for the Mansearcher quest begins, (It'll say 
'Search' in the list of options once you talk to the Shiraishi Lady) 
there will be a list of names that you can choose from to search.  To 
choose a name, just put the cursor on the name, and simply press X.  
Take note that once you pick a name, you won't be able to do anymore 
searches until you finish the one you've chosen.  Also, you'll need to 
have enough money for the PICK-UP FEE. (In other words, the amount of 
money necessary in order to start the search.)   

Now, once you find your desired person, talk to them TWICE.  When you do 
that, there will be a list of choices in this order:

1) Guess Name
2) Talk
3) Nothing

Obviously, you have to choose 'Guess Name'.  Once you do that, there 
will be a name-selection prompt, and choose the letters from the prompt 
to spell out the person's name.  I'm sure you know how this works.  If 
you don't, place the cursor over the desired letter you're trying to 
enter, then press X.  (Make sure you spell it out correctly.  I think 
that goes without saying...)  Once you're done with that process, go to 

After you guess the person's name, you and he/she will go through a 
brief conversation.  Now, once that's over, go back to the Shiraishi 
Bar, and talk to the Shiraishi Lady.  Collect your reward.  (If anyone 
has forgotten, the Shiraishi Bar is in Hirasaka.)

As time passes, more and more names will be addes to the list, and the 
Pick-Up Fee will increase in price.  Of course, the reward will increase 
in price as well.  It's quick and easy cash, too... but be sure to 
choose your moments wisely, since as soon as you're done finding all 21 
people, that's it.  The Mansearcher game will no longer be in play.

(((--The People--)))

Yes, here we go.  The part you've all been waiting for.  Refer to the 
section above if you forgot what to do.  The following names will be in 
alphabetical order.

1)  Gonzo Satsuma 
     Location: Mu Contienent (Yumezaki)
     Notables:  Man in black suit standing next to the bingo machine.
     Pick-Up Fee:  1000   Reward:  10000 

2)  Hiromi Matushita 
     Location:  Toa Armory (Hirasaka)
     Notables:  Dark green hair, black sweater, lavender dress & shoes, 
standing next to the shopkeepers's counter.
     Pick-Up Fee:  5000   Reward:  50000 

3)  Humphrey
     Location:  Parabellum (Aoba)
     Notables:  Main in black suit sitting on a stool next to the bar 
     Pick-Up Fee:  2000   Reward: 20000 

4)  Jun Saito
     Location:  Hiragi Therapy (Konan)
     Notables:  Guy standing in the corner next to the books, wearing a 
navy blue hooded sweatshirt, light green shirt, black pants, and navy 
blue shoes.
     Pick-Up Fee:  5000   Reward:  50000 

5) Junji Kinoshita
    Location:  Kasuyagama High School Basement (Hirasaka)
    Notables:  He's the one guarding the entrance to the Cursed Bomb 
    Pick-Up Fee: 4000   Reward: 40000 

6) Junko Ikeda
    Location:  Bikini Line (Yumezaki)
    Notables:  Woman in black coat, white pants, & brown shoes staring 
at one of the posters on the wall.
    Pick-Up Fee:  5000   Reward: 50000 

7) Keiko Yokoyama
    Location:  Satomi Tadashi (in Yumezaki)
    Notables:  The little girl wearing a light-blue dress, standing next 
to one of the shelves.
    Pick-Up Fee:  3000   Reward:  30000 

8)  Kenichi Nakatani
     Location:  Clair-de-Lune (Aoba/Narumi)
     Notables:  Man talking to a lady, wears purple hooded sweatshirt, 
light blue shirt, beige pants, and black shoes.  
     Pick-Up Fee:  5000   Reward:  50000 

9) Nekomata
     Location:  Kuzunoha Agency (Aoba)
     Notables:  Talk to the Golden Cat Statue.
     Pick-Up Fee:  3000   Reward:  30000 
     (***NOTE***:  Nekomata will appear on the mansearcher list very late
in the game.  If you want to see her before then, you'll have to 
insert 100,000  into the Cat Statue in the Kuzunoha Agency.)

10) Osamitsu Tanaka
      Location:  Kismet Publishing (Aoba)
      Notables:  Man wearing navy blue hooded sweatshirt and a light 
green shirt, sitting down on the first desk you come across as soon as 
you exit the elevator.
      Pick-Up Fee:  1000   Reward:  10000 

11)  Ryoichi Honda
       Location:  Time Castle (Rengedai)
       Notables:  Man wearing a brown business suit, with black hair, 
tie, and shoes.  Stands in a corner looking at clocks.
       Pick-Up Fee:  1000   Reward: 10000 

12) Saori Kudou
      Location:  Sumaru T.V. (Aoba)
      Notables:  Female receptionist wearing a green dress.
      Pick-Up Fee:  3000   Reward: 30000 

13)  Setsu Nishitani
       Location:  Araya Shrine (Rengedai)
       Notables:  The old lady standing near the shrine.  (Geez, there's 
only 1 person there... it shouldn't be too hard to find her, since 
you've seen her since the beginning of the game!)
       Pick-Up Fee:  4000   Reward: 40000 

14)  Satomi Iida
       Location:  Satomi Tadashi (in Konan)
       Notables:  Woman with dark green hair, black sweater, pink dress, 
pink shoes, standing near window next to entrance.
       Pick-Up Fee:  4000   Reward: 40000 

15)  Shoichi Shimizu & Shizue Tanaka
       Location:  Tony's Shop  (Yumezaki)
       Notables:  The young couple loitering at Tony's stand.
       Pick-Up Fee:  4000   Reward: 40000 

16)  Taichi Nagase
        Location:  T's Chiropractic  (Hirasaki)
        Notables:  Old man standing next to desk, wears a gray/brown 
sweater, with black pants and shoes.
        Pick-Up Fee:  3000   Reward:  30000 

17)  Takumi Asano
        Location:  Araya Shrine (Rengedai)
        *Unlike the other people you have to find, Takumi Asano takes a 
little bit of work.  Follow the steps:

-At some point in the game (Before you visit the Nichirinmaru Cruise Ship) 
there will be a little boy called the Knowledgeable Dai, who resides
behind the Araya Shrine.  Talk to him, and he'll mention 
something about a Legendary Blacksmith.  Go to Shiraishi, and a name 
will pop-up.  If it's not there, you probably can't access it yet.  (I 
didn't see the name until near the end of the game...) 
-After taking up the search at Shiraishi, talk to the bodyguard there so 
he can give  you a rumor concerning  Takumi.

-Once you do that, go to Kuzunoha Agency to spread the rumor.

-Now, go to Araya Shrine.  He's the businessman looking type of guy, and 
he's the only person there along with that old lady.  Talk to him and 
guess his name, and you'll get the Legendary Handbook needed to make the 
Legendary Weapons.

-Once you get the book from him, give it to the owner of Padparacha.  
Now, you'll be able to make the fabled Legendary Weapons.
          Pick-Up Fee: 100   Reward:  3000 

18)  Takuya  Murata
        Location:  Kaori (Rengendai)
        Notables:  Teenager wearing purple jacket with black shirt, dark 
green pants, & gray shoes.  Has light brown hair.
       Pick-Up Fee:  1000   Reward:  10000 

19)  Yayoi  Kimura
        Location:  Padparacha (Narumi/Konan)
        Notables:  Woman standing in the center gallery wearing a dark-
blue dress with a light blue collar with a black purse.
        Pick-Up Fee:  2000   Reward:  20000 

20)  Yuuichi  Suzuki
        Location:  Sushi Gatten (Rengendai)
        Notables:  Man sitting to the right of Chunky, wearing a navy 
blue business suit with brown hair.  Is eating sushi.
        Pick-Up Fee:  1000   Reward:  10000 

21)  Yuuta Ikenaka
        Location:  Sumaru Genie (Konan)
        Notables:  Man next to tarot paintings, wears beige vest & 
shoes, white shirt, and black pants.
        Pick-Up Fee:  2000   Reward:  20000 

(((--Acknoledgements 'n Stuff--)))

-Cozy Okada, Kazuma Kaneko, and Atlus R&D 1 for creating some high-
quality games over the past couple of months and years.  (BTW, if 
there's anyone out there that has links to Atlus, somehow... coax 'em 
into bringing Persona 2: Innocent Sin and the Shin Megami Tensei Remixes 
out here in the U.S...)

-GameFAQ's and it's residents. (Forte)

-Summoner's Network and it's residents. (Dyce/Sasoriza)

-MWGribbin for telling me the amount of money needed to see Nekomata
if you don't want to wait for her to appear on the Mansearcher list.

Uhh... that's it.

(((--Copyrights & Version Info--)))

Persona 2:  Eternal Punishment is property of Atlus, 2000.  

(c)2001, by Sasoriza. All rights reserved. All versions (if any) will be 
property of the sites that I say can use them.  Don't sell this FAQ, as 
it is free to the public.  If I do give you permission to have this FAQ 
on your site, do not edit this FAQ in any way.

v. 0.1-0.2

Created- 1-07-01
Finished- 1-15-01

v. 0.3

Created- 2-19-01
Finished- 2-19-01

v. 0.4

Created- 2-20-01
Finished- 2-20-01

Final Version (v. 0.5)

Created- 3-03-01
Finished- 3-03-01