Boss/Rare/Rumor Demon FAQ by Sasoriza

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Persona 2: Eternal Punishment 
Final Version
Boss/Rare/Rumor Demon FAQ by Sasoriza


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v-0.2 (2-15-01):  Added the bosses and rumor demons for 
Ellen's Sumaru T.V. quest, and added a Frequenly Asked 
Questions section.  I've changed my e-mail, too...

v-0.3 (2-18-01):  Fixed a couple of typos, and added a 
"Tips" section.  Also, I've added some more info, as well as 
the "Brief Overviews" after my thoughts on the 
Boss/Rare/Rumor demons.

v-0.4 (2-20-01):  Added a boss and a rare demon on the 
lists, and changed the Rare Demons section into a "Persona 
Encounters & Rare Demons" section.  Blah.

v-0.5 (2-25-01):  Added a boss and a rumor demon to the 
lists, plus I've added a tip and a brand new boss strategy 
for a certain boss, thanks to Alessar.  I've also cleaned up 
the FAQ a little.

v-0.6 (2-28-01):  Added the boss from the Abandoned Factory.  
I've also added locations to where you could find the Rumor 
demons and Persona encounters.

v-0.7 (3-05-01):  I've added a very nice, big update.  Added 
a Undersea Ruins boss, and a couple of rumor demons and 1 
Persona encounter.

v-0.8 (3-12-01):  Added another strategy dealing with the 
Club Zodiac boss, one of the 2 Torifune bosses, and 2 more 
rumor demons.  I've also put some stuff in the Tips and 
Frequently Asked Questions section...

v-0.9 (3-17-01):  I've put the ever-so-"difficult" (:P) 
Torifune boss and 1 rumor demon and Persona encounter in, 
and I've put the version info to the top of the page.

v-1.0 (3-25-01):  There's 1 rumor demon, 1 Persona 
encounter, and 2 bosses from Sumaru Castle on this update.

v-1.1 (4-8-01):  I've added 1 Persona Encounter, fixed a 
couple of typos here and there, and I've accidentally messed 
up a person's name in the special thanks list. >_< (For the 
record, 'Steve' is Frostylantern.  Sorry for the mix-up!)

v-1.2 (4-14-01):  Added 2 of the Monado bosses, and one 
Persona encounter which is also in Monado.  Oh yeah, I know 
I'm a little late for this, but... I'm going to add in the 
"Comment" (I'll call them Descriptions in this FAQ) once you 
analyze the Boss/Rare/Persona.  Starting with the Mondado 
bosses, of course. 

v-1.3 (4-29-01):  I've just added 2 strategies (one for each 
form) for the final boss in the game.  That's it.  Now, to 
get the bosses on Nate's route...

v-1.4 (5-28-01):  Well, instead of getting the bosses for 
Nate's route, I decided to concentrate on Nyarlathotep a 
little bit more.  Plus one more strategy for Joker Ginji, 
from a contributor.

v-1.5 (6-02-01):  That's it, my 2 final strategies for 
dealing with Nyarlathotep.  Now I can FINALLY concentrate on 
the bosses on Nate's quest.

v-1.6 (6-11-01):  Alright.  As requested (and promised), I 
have both of the bosses for Nate's quest, plus a lot of 
hints and tips by a excellent contributor by the name of 
Katman.  He's donated a ton of hints and tips, so thank him 

v-1.7 (6-29-01): I just cleaned it up a little to make it 
more legible, and added some more contributor hints and tips 
by Katman and Bo Kurland.  I've also added a Table of 
Contents, too...

v-1.9 (Final) (8-23-01):  That's it, the final version of 
this FAQ.  I've added some more boss tips from Katman, then 
that's it.  BTW, I've changed my e-mail too, if you want to 
contact me use the address above.

                2.  ((---INTRO---))

Welcome to the P2EP Boss/Rare/Rumor Demon FAQ.  Of course, 
this will deal mainly on those 3 aspects.


1) (The name of the Boss or Rumor/Rare demon will go here.)

Comment- (This is what the Boss or Rumor/Rare demon will say 
if you attempt to contact him/her/it.

Your Level: (This is the minimal level suggested when 
dealing with the Boss or Rumor/Rare demon.)

(After those 3 sections, the names of the characters and the 
Personae they use will go here.)

The strategy will go after the previous section.  There may 
possibly be a brief summary after the strategy.

For Personae Encounters and Rumor Demons, the item they drop 
after you defeat them will go here.  For Personae 
Encounters, I usually add a little commentary.  For Rumor 
Demons, I tell you who you can give the dropped item to on 
the city map in exchange for an item.  

Now in this FAQ, I WILL assume that your Personae are at 
Rank 8.  (Sans the very first boss battle.)  It doesn't 
exactly help to bring in incomplete Personae into boss 


Whenever you see this: <switch>, It means that I had to 
switch Personae with that particular person during battle.

Whenever you see *W/xxx*, then there's a spell that I had 
junctioned to the Persona before I summoned it.


Before we start, I already assume that you know how to 
fight, right...?  I sure hope so.  Don't send me any e-mails 
on asking me how the system works, because I will delete it 
as soon as I see it.



Q:  Whenever I fight a Joker battle, there's an attack 
called the Old Maid that does some serious damage against 
me.  What can I do to prevent this?

A:  Ah, The Old Maid Spell.  Used commonly by the Jokers 
you'll be facing, this spell can have the Joker Persona 
possess a character and have it attack your party members 
with big damage, possibly killing them.  Not only that, it 
cancels out the act of the party member who was possessed, 
causing a wasted turn.

To my knowledge, there's only one way to protect yourself 
from this spell:  DEFEND.  Yes, that's all you have to do.  
Once the Old Maid spell is cast, just have all of your 
characters defend.  They won't do anything, and you can have 
them resume battle.  You can also go to Strategy-->Battle 
Mode--->Single so you can know when each character's turn is 
over, to make sure that they won't keep defending once that 
one turn is up.

Also, here's a helpful tip from Alessar when it comes to 
dealing with Old Maid: "Press the Circle button to cancel 
your actions (this works for both regular and single combat 
mode) and then defend."  Thanks for pointing that out!

And here's another helpful tip from johnsgs:  

"One minor thing I'd like to add.  When you get hit with the 
"Old Maid" spell, only one party member is affected, right?  
Well when you have everyone defend, the person who was 
actually affected by the 'Old Maid' status will have their 
command changed from "Defend" to "Attack" after they defend 
- sort of like item use.  Therefore, if you check the 
strategy list after each character's action you'll be able 
to tell when it is safe to act again without having to do a 
full round of defending; you can sometimes save a couple of 
character turns this way."

And an addition from Il-Dana:

"And the reverse is also true.  If they have acted already 
and are still defending, then you can set them up for 
attacks, or a fusion while making the 'Old Maid' wait."

Thanks to both johnsgs and Il-Dana for pointing this out!

Q:  I have these particular types of Personae, and I'm at 
this particular level.  Do_I_have_to follow your advice?

A:  No, not at all.  However, if this is your 10th time 
getting whooped by a certain boss, then maybe this is the 
place to come and try out a different strategy. :-)  
Besides, you don't HAVE to use the specific Personae, 
(although it will help) just the general strategy.

Q:  My Maya is faster than my Baofu.  Can I configure the 
pattern in which different characters are carrying the 
Personae you mentioned?

A:  Go for it, just as long as they're compatible.

Q:  Are you going to put in the Extra Dungeon boss in your 

A:  No.  For that, I'd like to direct you to Hyral's 
beautifully detailed EX Dungeon FAQ, where he tackles the 
difficult boss of that dungeon with ease.  On top of that, 
he guides you throughout the entire dungeon!  I can go on 
and on about it, so it's definitely worth checking out.  It 
can be found at, for starters.

Q:  Hey, why is it that when I try to use spells such as 
Blazing Hell I only do 30 points of damage?

A: Because you're using the weak elements needed to cast the 
spell.  For example, you won't do 3000+ points of damage 
with Blazing Hell by just using 2 Agis.  The higher the rank 
of the spell, the more damage you're going to do with it in 
fusions.  2 Agilaos are obviously going to do more damage 
than 2 Agis.

((---HELPFUL TIPS---))

-> If you have a spell called Maka Kaja, use it 
consistently!  It'll do increased damage when you cast 
spells.  Either have that, or at least carry some Beads of 

->  This is common sense, but always bring a decent amount 
of supplies with you, especially Gala-Gala Drinks, Chewing 
Souls, Incense of Life/Ball of Returning, and status-curing 

-> Always do Salam Nadeen's Mapmaking quests, as they'll 
always net you some damned good cards, especially later on 
in the game.  A perfect is example is this:  After you 
complete the Nichirinmaru Mapmaking quest, when you give the 
map back to Salam, one of the valuable cards you'll get is 
the ever-so-valuable MEDIARAHAN CARD (When you get it, it'll 
be called the 'Blessing Card'.).  I equipped the card when 
making MOON Artemis, and now she's one of the best Personae 
in the game.

Also, a helpful tip from Katman about Mediarahan:

For your strategies, you're pretty Medirahan-intensive. Very 
few Personae have that spell, so it might be worth noting in 
your guide that to get it, you summon and release FORTUNE 
Urd gives the Spell Card for Medirahan, and grows immensely 
quickly on Ulala with Synchronize Gear (Only took me about 5 
min of casting Dia against a Poltergeist on Auto... :-). 
This definately beats buying them for over 600,000 Yen at 
the Time Castle, or getting maps for them... 
Credits to Katman for pointing this out!

-> If possible, before you fight a boss, go to the Sumaru 
Genie and get the 'Light Dragon' fortune reading.  When you 
do fight the boss (and eventually defeat him/her/it), you'll 
get 2x as much experience, and the bosses already give 
enough experience as it is!  You can also do the 'Black 
Dragon' fortune reading to get 2x as much Yen, but I see 
experience being the more important factor here.  Besides, 
some boss fights don't yield Yen anyway.

-> Give the Tetraja Card (When you find it) to Ulala's 
ultimate Persona, Astria.  Why?  You'll see waaay at the end 
of the game... especially if you're fighting 'him' with your 
Greek Set.

-> And here's a couple of very interesting pieces of info, 
from Katman:

"MOON Pariker, while weak, is one of the game's best 
Personae for being void against physicals. Try taking her 
against Nata, the X-series of generic robot bosses, Gozen, 
and others. Try for a few 'parameters increased' mutations 
and she'll be great throughout the whole game, and even into 
the E.X. dungeon."
"Add in some Tetrakarn and Makarakarn cards into your 
Persona cauldron when you make them - they're the best 
spells in the game dont'cha know, since they allow you to 
void your Personas' weaknesses. Maya is invincible with a 
Tetrakarn-ed Artemis.Use Tetrakarn on Maya and Ulala, and 
Makarakarn on everyone else. -- Bang, if you keep recasting 
them you win...against anything. Not to mention all the 
coolness you get when you're summoning these kickin' cool-
looking Personae...They don't come close to beating Ra, 
Demo, Michael, Alfred, and Valzante though..."
"A tip for those of you impatent folks out there - if you 
just can't wait to see those high-level Personae, take your 
highest level character (early on it's Baofu, midway it's 
either Maya or Nate/Ellen, at the end it's obviously 
Tatsuya) and kill off everyone but them. Go to the highest-
level area of the Bomb Shelter you think they can handle 
(though watch out for anything with Hama, Mudo, Hamaoon or 
the like...) and kick some rear. They gain 5 times the 
experience of usual, and since you can use any Persona 
within a 5-level or below range of your HIGHEST-LEVEL 
"You mention using Silver Manisha often. It's worth noting 
that TEMPERANCE Mou Shobou gladly gives you these if you 
forge a contract with her, then ask for an item. She's so 
"STAR Kimnara gives you Devil's Capote, likewise - a very 
cool item that increases not only your chance of encounters, 
but (seemingly) increasing the chance to encounter 
rare/rumor demons..." 
Alright people, you're going to have repay Katman in some 
kind of way.  :P  Thanks to Katman for pointing all of this 
interesting info out!

                 4.  ((---BOSSES---))

1) 2 Apeps and 1 Empusas


2 Apeps:  "Think before you act..."

Empusas:  "Don't get friendly with me!"

(***NOTE***:  Since is the beginning of the game, I'll 
expect that your Personae are around Rank 5-6.  If you get 
them to level 8, then props to you.  You're getting a feel 
of the system...)

Your Level: 5+

Maya (MOON Maia)
Katsuya (JUSTICE Helios)
Ulala (STAR Callisto)

First, use the Stone Rise Fusion Spell (Water, Earth, Fire) 
on the Empusas, taking it out in no time.  As for the Apeps, 
use the Stone Rise for them, also.  2 hits is basically all 
it takes to get rid of them.  An easy battle, seeing that 
these are your basic, everyday enemies...

Brief Summary-

-Learn the Stone Rise fusion spell.

-If your HP ever gets low, (you shouldn't die in this 
battle, BTW) use Maia's Dia.


2) Hellhound

Comment- Ghaa!!

Your Level: 10+

Maya (MOON Maia *W/Mutated Diarama)
Katsuya (JUSTICE Helios)
Ulala (STAR Callisto)

Again, the Fusion Spell Stone Rise (Water, Earth, Fire) will 
do this demon in within a few turns.  Also, look out for 
Hellhound's Fire Breath, Tackle, and Agilao attacks, as 
those do a nice amount of damage towards your characters.  
Use Maya's Media spell (Or Diarama if you have it) whenever 
those 2 attacks take place.  Katsuya is well protected from 
Hellhound's Fire Spells with his Helios Persona, so he 
should be the safest out of the 2.  

Brief Summary-

-Use Media (Or Diarahan, again) whenever you fall low on 

-Use Stone Rise to quickly do in the Hellhound.


3) Tatsuya Sudou, 2 Minotaur and Shax


Tatusya Sudou- You can't run from fate!

Shax- Do you have the time to be so leisurely?  This is a 

Minotaur- Ghaa!

Your Level: 13+

Maya (MOON Maia)
Katsuya (JUSTICE Helios)
Ulala (STAR Callisto)
Baofu (HANGED MAN Odysseus)
Tatsuya (SUN Apollo)

First, use Tatsuya's Agidyne to dispatch the Shax's in one 
hit.  After that, use the Tower Inferno Fusion Spell to 
quickly dispatch the Minotaurs.  (Make sure Tatsuya's in 
that combo.)  Eventually, within a matter of a handful of 
turns, it'll just be you and Sudou.

Sudou can be brung down in no time with Water Elemental 
Fusion Spells such as Hydro-Boost.  Also, Tatsuya's SUN 
Apollo Persona can use the Gigantic Fist attack, which can 
deal over 200+ points of damage to Sudou.

Brief Summary-

-Have Tatsuya use Agidyne to kill the Shax's in one hit.  In 
the process, SUN Apollo will go up a rank, having him learn 
the Gigantic Fist attack.

-Use Tower Inferno to get rid of those 2 Minotaurs.  Make 
sure Tatsuya is in that combo.

-Use Water-Based Fusion Spells against Sudou.  Namely, Hydro 
Boost would be the likely choice if you use the Personae I 
used above.

-Defend when the Old Maid attack comes up.


4) Joker Ulala

Comment- You piss me off!

Your Level- 16+

Maya (STAR Kimnara)
Katsuya (STRENGTH Ryume)
Baofu (MAGICIAN Tengu <switch> DEVIL Poltergeist)

First, use Tengu's Wall of Air as soon as the fight starts.  
When that's over, have Baofu switch back to Poltergeist and 
continually cast the Fusion Spell "Stone Rise".  When it 
comes to worst, use Kimnara's Soothing Melody spell to heal 
all allies (It works a lot better than Maia's Media.)  It's 
kind of an easy battle, just remember to DEFEND WHEN THE OLD 


Also, Alessar points out a very, VERY helpful Persona when 
it comes to dealing with Joker Ulala- STAR Iris.  Here goes 
another (and better) strategy:

Maya (STAR Iris)
Katsuya (SUN Surya)
Baofu (MAGICIAN Tengu <switch> STRENGTH Ryume)

First, use Tengu's Wall of Air as soon as the fight starts.  
Once that's done, have Baofu switch to Ryume and keep 
casting the "Stone Rise" Fusion Spell.  If anyone HP ends up 
low, use Iris's Media to put them back on their feet.  And 
the fact that Iris can dish out some decent damage on her 
own with her Magnus and Maha Magnus spells is excellent.  
(I've noticed that this strategy is a lot better that the 
other one.  So, why am I going to keep the old one?  To show 
multiple ways of dealing with bosses.)

Again, thanks to Alessar for pointing this out! 

Brief Summary-

-Have Tengu cast Wall of Air if you want to be resistant 
against Ulala's wind-based attacks.

-Keep casting Stone Rise.

-Use Kimnara's Soothing Melody (or Iris's Media, whichever 
one you're using) spell whenever your allies are weak.

can't stress this enough...

A boss tip from Katman:
Level: 16+ 
Maya: MOON Maia 
Katsuya: STRENGTH Otohime 
Baofu: CUP Matsuo-sama 
Use Tidal Wave (Water-Wind-Maha Aques) 3 times. If Maya has 
a decent TEC (the best stat to up for her, since she'll be 
the designated healer for much of the game) you'll beat her 
without even seeing most of her moves. Very easy.


5) Joker Noriko and 2 Ryumans


Noriko- I can't... because I'm a Joker. (heart)

Ryuman- Hey you!  What are you doing here?!

Believe it or not, I've used Archaeopteryx's (Mad props to 
him, BTW) FAQ to help me through this battle, and believe 
me, this works.  So therefore, I asked him for his 
permission to post this strategy, and he's given me the go-
ahead, so here goes:

Ulala (CUP Matsuo-Sama)
Maya (ROD Hotei)
Baofu (DEATH Hel)
Katsuya (STRENGTH Otohime)

First, have Ulala cast Wall of Water in the first round to 
nullify Joker Noriko's water spells.  (Although this won't 
cover against her Absolute Zero attack, just hold on and 
listen for a second.)  Have Maya and Baofu continuously cast 
Blazing Hell on Noriko, and have Katsuya heal.  Now, Noriko 

Thanks for Archaeopteryx (PDT) for this strategy!  A good 
strategist, indeed.

Now, for a Brief Summary-

-Cast Wall of Water when the fight begins.

-Cast Blazing Hell on Noriko.

-Have Katsuya cast Media whenever your HP gets low.

I've come up with another strategy concerning Noriko.

Your Level- 20+

Maya (MOON Maia Custom <switch> MAGICIAN Tengu)
Katsuya (JUSTICE Mars)
Ulala (CUP Matsuo-sama <switch> LOVERS Jack Frost)
Baofu (HERMIT Tenhou Gensui)

Have Ulala cast Wall of Water as soon as the fight starts to 
nullify Noriko's water attacks, then have Ulala switch to 
Jack Frost.  After that, have Maya switch to Tengu in order 
to cast the Fusion Spell "Tower Inferno" to deal 300+ points 
of damage per casting towards Noriko.  Whenever your allies 
are low on health, use Maia Custom to cast Medirama, then 
switch back to Tengu to continue casting Tower Inferno.

When Noriko begins to kneel, her spells will become more 
powerful, and she gains a spell called Absolute Zero, which 
is a spell that Wall of Water doesn't cover.  (However, Jack 
Frost is protected against this attack, so make sure you 
have him equipped when Noriko goes in her 'crouching' 
stance.)  Not only does it do big damage, it freezes your 
allies, too.  Use Matsuo-sama's Refresh Ring when this 
happens, and have Maia use Medirama right after Noriko casts 
it.  Once you finish Noriko off (I got rid of her in a 
couple of turns) use Tower Inferno to get rid of those 2 
Ryumans, also.  An easy battle, you just need to keep your 
cool on moments like these.  Besides, there's going to be a 
couple of boss battles like this...

Brief Summary-

-Matsuo-Sama is vital in this battle.  Remember to cast Wall 
of Water when the battle begins to nullify the water spells, 
then remember to cast Refresh Ring if any of your party 
members end up frozen.

-Cast the Fusion Spell "Tower Inferno" to quickly dispatch 
of Noriko and the Ryumans.

-Use Maia's Medirama if any of your party members are low on 


Katman has pointed out yet another useful spell in dealing 
with Noriko and her Ryumans:

Early in the game, against Noriko and such, try Media + 
Affectionate Prayer, in that order, for Mediamai, which 
seems to work like Regen in that you get HP back each round 
after you act. 


((--Nate's Laboratory Quest--))

6a) Devil Sugimoto & 2 Red Berets


Devil Sugimoto- ""

Red Berets- "Hey you!  What are you doing here?!"

Your Level- 30+

Maya (MOON Maia Custom)
Katsuya (LOVERS Jack Frost *W/Garula*)
Ulala (STAR Kenren Taishou)
Baofu (HERMIT Byakko <switch> DEATH Hel)
Nate (HIEROPHANT Shaka *W/Maha Magnus*)

Heh, you'll notice that I have 3 water-based Personae in 
this battle that're immune to Ice attacks.  Why?  Because of 
Sugimoto's Blizzard Breath.  Right next to Roar and Poison 
Scratch, and Tackle, this is his most threatening attack 

Anyway, as soon as the battle starts, just keep casting 
Tidal Wave (Aqua->Garula->Maha Aques) to take out the Red 
Berets and to deal minimal damage to Sugimoto.  Once the 
Berets are out, have Baofu switch to Hel and keep casting 
the Tower Inferno Fusion Spell.  If Sugimoto's Roar or 
Poison Scratch attacks affects any of your party members, 
just use Shaka's Refresh Ring to cure them.   Just make sure 
that Maya is healing at every turn, and that you keep 
pressuring Sugimoto with the Fusion Spells mentioned above.

Brief Summary-

-Cast Tidal Wave to take out the Red Berets, and once 
they're gone, cast Tower Inferno to take out Sugimoto.

-Use Shaka's Refresh Ring if any of your party members 
suffer from bad status ailments.

-Finally, use Maia's Medirama if your Hp begins to end up 



6b) Makoto Kuwahara (Stalker) (1st Encounter)

Comment- We love each other.

Your Level- 28+

Maya (HERMIT Grinbulsti <switch> MOON Maia Custom)
Katsuya (HIEROPHANT Shaka)
Ulala (ROD Nankyoku Roujin)
Baofu (TOWER Kanaloa)
Ellen (JUDGMENT Nike)

He isn't too tough.  Just look out for his Serenade of 
Madness attack, which hits everyone and will probably end up 
confusing Ellen. (in my case, anyway.  Use Matsuo-Sama if 
you still have him and use Refresh Ring to quickly remedy 
that.)  Holy and Dark spells don't work, either.  If your HP 
ends up low, use Maia's Medirama or Nankyoku Roujin's Pine 
Bamboo Plum if that happens.

To get rid of him, just have Maya, Ulala, and Nike keep 
casting the Fusion Spell Tower Inferno to do 300+ damage, 
taking him out in no time.  Have Katsuya cast Vile 
Thunderbolt and have Baofu cast Maha Aques or Media to mend 
the minor damage.  It's an easy battle, just remember to 
take precaution.

Brief Summary-

-Cast Tower Inferno to do him in.

-Holy and Dark spells don't work, so don't bother.

-When Ellen gets confused, use Matsuo-Sama to bring her back 
to normal status.

-Use Medirama or Pine Bamboo Plum if you have to.


7) Makoto Kuwahara (Stalker) (2nd Encounter)

Comment- You got me last time... now it's my turn.

Your Level- 28+

Maya (HERMIT Grinbulsti <switch> MOON Maia Custom)
Katsuya (HIEROPHANT Shaka)
Ulala (ROD Nankyoku Roujin)
Baofu (TOWER Kanaloa)
Ellen (JUDGMENT Nike)

The strategy to dealing with the Stalker really hasn't 
changed at all.  Just keep using Tower Inferno, and be on 
your way.  

Brief Summary:

Nothing has changed, really. Look at the previous overview 
when dealing with his 1st encounter.


8)  Makoto Kuwahara (Stalker) (3rd & Final Encounter)

Comment- A guy's all humble, and you get cocky... huh?!

Your Level- 29+

Maya (HERMIT Grinbulsti <switch> MOON Maia Custom)
Katsuya (HIEROPHANT Shaka)
Ulala (ROD Nankyoku Roujin)
Baofu (TOWER Kanaloa)
Ellen (JUDGMENT Nike)

The strategy has changed a little, seeing that he's gained 2 
new attacks:  Curse, and Violent Rage.  Be careful of the 
Curse spell, since that'll hit everyone, and it'll do some 
serious damage to Ellen. (She's using Nike...)  When that 
happens, Maia's Medirama or Nankyoku Roujin's Pine Bamboo 
Plum spell to bring everyone back to their feet.  Besides 
that, he really hasn't changed at all.  Use the same tactics 
I've given you earlier to finally put this bastard into 

Brief Summary-

-You may have to use Medirama or Pine Bamboo Plum a lot in 
this battle.

-Use the same tactics as before.


9) Shiki (Black Cat)

Comment- Meow... meow...

Your Level- 30+

Maya (MOON Maia Custom)
Katsuya (HIEROPHANT Shaka)
Ulala (HERMIT Grinbulsti)
Baofu (TOWER Kanaloa)
Ellen (SWORD Kanshou)

Hmm... first, let me tell you that he reflects magic, so 
don't cast any against him unless you want to lose.  Also, 
his Lightning Strike and Fire Breath will do some nice 
damage against you, so immediately use Maia's Medirama or 
Nankyoku Roujin's Pine Bamboo Plum to heal everyone 

First, have Ellen cast Taru Kaja on Baofu, Maya, and Ulala 
and have Baofu and Maya attack with their weapons.  After 
that, then have her cast the Fusion Spell "Light Smasher" 
along with Katsuya to do some nice damage. (170+)  (For the 
record, my Baofu and Maya have done 140+ points of damage 
against the Black Cat, with Taru Kaja.  I sure hope you have 
the latest weapons...)  Have Ulala use Grinbulsti's Lighting 
Strike to deal out 200+ points of damage on Black Cat.  
Shiki will be down in no time...

Brief Summary-


-Cast Taru Kaja on Baofu and Maya, and have Ellen keep doing 
the "Light Smasher" Fusion Spell along with Katsuya.

-Keep using Grinbulsti's Lighting Strike.

-Use Medirama or Pine Bamboo Plum if you have to.


10) Wang Long Chizuru & 4 Shikigamis


Wang Long Chizuru:  I shall rid you of your Kegare!

Shikigamis:  AAAAAAAAHHHH!

Your Level- 30+

Maya (HERMIT Grinbulsti <switch> MOOM Maia Custom)
Katsuya (HIEROPHANT Shaka)
Ulala (ROD Nankyoku Roujin)
Baofu (TOWER Kanaloa)
Ellen (JUDGMENT Nike)

First, use the Fusion Spell "Tidal Wave" to get rid of W.L. 
Chizuru, and to deal damage to the rest of the Shikigamis.  
However, before you cast it again, you'll notice that 
there's a Shikigami that can reflect Water magic.  Have Maya 
swtich to Grinbulsti and have it cast Tower Inferno on the 
Water Shikigami, killing it between 1 or 2 turns.  Once he's 
through, have Maya switch back to Maia Custom and continue 
to cast Tidal Wave until Fire Shikigami is taken out, also 
dealing out 200+ points of damage on the other Shikigamis.  
Once the Fire Shikigami is taken care of, have Maya switch 
back to Grinbulsti and cast the Fusion Spell Wind Cutter to 
get rid of the Earth Shikigami, and cast the Fusion Spell 
Stone Rise to kill the Wind Shikigami, respectively.  

Remember to cast Maia's Medirama and N. Roujin's Pine Bamboo 
Plum if your HP ever gets low.  For the record, Shaka and N. 
Roujin should be the safest in this battle, due to Shaka's 
Strong vs. All, and N. Roujin's Strong vs. Magic.    

This is an easy battle, you just have to know which 
Shikigami is which.  You can tell due to the amount of 
damage they take vs. their opposing element, (i.e. Tidal 
Wave on the Fire Shikigami.) and also by the spells they 

Brief Summary-

-Use Tidal Wave once, then use a couple of Tower Infernos to 
get rid of the Shikigami that reflected the Tidal Wave.  
Once your through with that step, keep using it until you 
get rid of the Fire Shikigami.  Use Wind Cutter to get rid 
of the Earth Shikigami and Stone Rise to get rid of the Wind 

-You can tell which Shikigami is which by the spells they 
cast, where they move, and by the glowing emblems on their 

-Use Medirama or Pine Bamboo Plum if your HP gets low.


Also, here's a strategy Katman pointed out when fighting 
Chizuru and her Shikigami's:

"Against Wang Long Chizuru with her 4 Shikagamis, try the 
'Honeycomb' fusion 'spell' (it's Shot - Shot - Shot, BTW), 
since it's physical the Shikagamis can't resist it."
Once again, thanks to Katman for pointing this out!


13) Joker Ginji & 4 Shoggoths


Joker Ginji:  Kegare... more kegare!

Shoggoths:  To the beyonds of the red cosmos!

Your Level- 35+

Maya (MOON Maia Custom)
Katsuya (EMPEROR Baal :::Have him use JUDGMENT Melschedec if 
Nate is in your party:::)
Ulala (STAR Heinir)
Baofu (CHARIOT Minotaur <switch> CHARIOT Saiten Taisei)
Ellen/Nate (Have Ellen use JUDGMENT Melschedec. :::Have Nate 
use EMPEROR Baal if you're using him.::: )

First, have Baofu cast Wall of Earth with the Minotaur, then 
have him switch back to Saiten Taisei and make sure he keeps 
casting Megido, or have him cast Kotoludi whenever your 
characters end up possessed by the Shoggoths.  Secondly, 
have Ulala, Katsuya, (If need be, you can use Baal's 
Medirama spell too) and Ellen/Nate cast the Fusion Spell 
"Maximum Tempest", and keep Maya on back up for healing and 
recovery, using Medirama and Lucky Bags (items that cure 
Possesion).  With Maximum Tempest, Ginji was down in about 
6-7 turns, thanks to the 490-500+ points of damage I was 
dealing to him per turn. Ginji'll probably go down in a 
matter of probably 3-4 turns if you have Maka Kaja...  BTW, 
the Shoggoths were out in about 3 turns.  Chances are, Ginji 
will keep summoning them back after you kill them, and this 
is a good opportunity to cast Maximum Tempest or Medirama, 
possibly Maka Kaja.  If you're cool under intense moments 
like these, you'll come out of the battle barely scratched.

Brief Summary-

-Make sure Baofu casts Wall of Earth with the Minotaur, and 
have him switch back to Seiten Taisei afterwards.

-Keep pressuring Ginji and his Shoggoths with the Fusion 
Spell "Maximum Tempest".

-Keep Maya on casting Medirama after every round.

BTW, this'll be your last Joker battle... you may now 


And here's a strategy concerning Joker Ginji, courtesy of C. 
Galliher... thank him, people!

Level- 30+

Maya (MOON Maia Custom)
Katsuya (HANGED MAN Shax)
Ellen (JUSTICE Nike)
Ulala (STAR Iris)
Baofu (DEATH Hel)

All at rank 8, of course...

You'll notice his fourth Shoggoths use Self-Destruct and 
Possession rather frequently, right?  And those moves harm 
EVERYONE, even the enemies, right?  
Well, all you have to do to easily beat Ginji is DEFEND 
until the Shoggoths kill themselves (The only other things 
they do is Stagnant Air, which does 1 damage to Ellen and 
Ulala w/ my setup, and normally attack, doing about 15 
damage) then whoop up on Ginji with the Fusion WInd Cutter 
(Better than Maximum Tempest, BTW) which did, for me, 570 
damage!  He falls in 4 turns, assuming all the Shoggoths 
die, and I only took 1 damage on Ulala, even with the crappy 
Personae I was using!  The only move to worry about is 
Photon Cannon, which he uses when he's critical, but that 
can be avoided with plenty of Medirama for everyone... You 
don't even need Wall of Earth, since he'll be too busy using 
Sama Recarm on his dead Shoggoths to use Maha Magnus...

And as you may have already imagined, this is a damn good 
strategy.  Again, thanks to C. Galliher for pointing this 


14) Captain Shimazu & 4 SAT


Captain Shimazu- Thank you for your troubles, Seargeant... 

SAT- I have nothing to say...

Your Level- 37+

Maya (MOON Maia Custom)
Katsuya (HIEROPHANT Shaka<switch>EMPEROR Baal:::Use JUDGMENT 
Melschedec if Nate is in your party:::)
Ulala (STAR Heinir)
Baofu (MOON Pariker) 
Ellen/Nate (:::If Ellen is in your party, use JUDGMENT 
Melschedec.  If Nate is in your party, use the HIEROPHANT 
Shaka<switch>EMPEROR Baal tactic.:::)

Have Ellen/Katsuya, Maya and Baofu cast the Fusion Spell 
"Maximum Tempest", and have Katsuya and Ulala cast the 
Fusion Spell "Lightning Blast".  Use Baal's or Maia's 
Medirama whenever anyones HP falls low.

The SAT's can be a pain with their continued onslaught of 
Hypnotic Wave and Aimed Shot, but Maia's protected against 
the Hypnotic Wave, plus Heinir and Pariker are protected 
against Shimazu's and SAT's attacks, so this is a somewhat 
easy battle due to their immunities and prepare to help 
anyone who falls victim to those attacks.  (You may want to 
bring a nice quantity of Awaken G's for the Hypnotic Wave.)  
The SAT's are dispatched within 4-5 castings between Maximum 
Tempest and Lighting Blast individually, and once they're 
gone, this battle is a cakewalk.  Dispose of Shimazu by 
continually casting those spells and be on your way.  The 
key to winning this battle is persistence.

Brief Summary-

-Cast the Fusion Spells "Maximum Tempest" and "Lightning 

-Use Baal's and Maia's Medirama spells if you have to.

-You may want to bring a nice quantity of Awaken G's to 
combat that Hypnotic Wave.  Use Shaka's Recarm or some 
revival items if anyone falls to the 'Aimed Shot' attack.

-On another note, the Persona HIEROPHANT Umayado no Ouji can 
reflect Shimazu's/SAT's attacks, as well.  (Although his 
spells aren't too useful, battle-wise.)  If anyone can give 
me a strategy using Umayado no Ouji, that would be greatly 

Although this has nothing to do with the strategy, I'd like 
to thank Enki for pointing out that Pariker is void against 
all attacks, which makes her a key player in this battle.  


And, here's a contribution from Katman dealing with Shimazu, 
with Umayado no Ouji:

Level - 35+ 
Maya: MOON Maia Custom (Well, duh!)
Ulala: STAR Heinir 
Katsuya: HEIROPHANT Umayado no Ouji 
Baofu: MOON Pariker 
Ellen/Nate: JUSTICE Nata 
Have Ellen/Nate cast Tetrakarn with Nata on Maya, then on 
themselves. Bang, there you go, you win. They just can't 
hurt you. Keep recasting your Tetrakarn (I can't remember if 
it wears off or not :-), and all the Aimed Shot and Triple 
Down and such will kill the enemies easily. Simple. If you 
feel like attacking, put a Poisma card into one of the 
listed Personae and have them use Poisma - Scratch (with 
Umayado no Ouji) to get Poisonous Scratch - possibly the 
game's crappiest fusion spell :-) 
Once again, thanks to Katman for pointing this out.


15)  X-1

Comment: ......

Your Level: 39+

Maya (MOON Maia Custom)
Katsuya (HIEROPHANT Shaka <switch> EMPEROR Baal :::If Nate 
is in your party, have Katsuya use JUSTICE Nata:::)
Ulala (STAR Heinir)
Baofu (TOWER Loki)
Ellen/Nate (PENTACLE Yebisu <switch> JUSTICE Nata :::If Nate 
is in your party, use HIEROPHANT Shaka <switch> EMPEROR 
Baal, along with PENTACLE Yebisu:::)

All in all, it's an easy fight.  The only real attack to 
look out for is his Muramasa Copy, an attack that seals up a 
character's summoning power, and to top it off, it's 
uncurable for a couple of rounds.  I used Ulala and Baofu   
to cast Lightning Blast with Maka Kaja cast upon them thanks 
to Yebisu, and I've managed to deal 700+ points of damage to 
the X-1.  Very nice.  He'll go down in a couple of rounds, 
just look out for that Muramasa Copy.  If any of the 
characters with the Personae that I suggested get sealed up 
by Muramasa Copy, switch Personae with another character to 
keep the damage going.

Brief Summary-

-Cast Lightning Blast with Maka Kaja to deal 700+ points of 
damage to the X-1.

-Should your HP ever get low, use Maia's or Baal's Medirama.

-Look out for the Muramasa Copy.  If any of the suggested 
Persona users get sealed up, switch Personae with another 


16) 4 X-1's

Comment: ......

Your Level:  46+

Maya (MOON Maia Custom)
Katsuya (PENTACLE Yebisu <switch> EMPEROR Baal :::If Nate is 
in your party, have him use Baal:::)
Ulala (HERMIT Genbu)
Baofu (DEATH Ankou)
Ellen/Nate (PENTACLE Peri :::If Nate is in your party, have 
him do the EMPEROR Baal switch:::)

First, have Katsuya (or whoever the current possesor of 
Yebisu is if Katsuya got hit by Muramasa Copy) cast Maka 
Kaja on Ellen/Nate and Baofu (Or whoever the current 
possesor of Peri and Ankou may be, if Ellen/Nate or Baofu 
got hit by Muramasa Copy) then have them cast Lightning 
Blast.  I dealt 1000+ points of damage towards the 4 X-1's.  
VERY, very nice.  Withing 3-4 castings of that spell, it was 
all over.

Brief Summary-

-Cast Maka Kaja on the possessors of Peri and Ankou to 
finish this fight quickly.

-Again, look out for the Muramasa Copy.  If any of the 
suggested Persona users get sealed up, switch Personae with 
another character.

-Use Maia's or Baal's Medirama spells if your HP ever gets 


17a) Guido Kandori and 4 X-2's


Guido Kandori- "I grow weary of talking... Come on..."

X-2's- "......"

Your Level: 48+

Maya (MOON Maia Custom)
Katsuya (PENTACLE Yebisu)
Ulala (PENTACLE Peri)
Baofu (DEATH Ankou)
Nate (EMPEROR Baal)

Hehehe... if it isn't good 'ol Guido from Persona 1.  He's 
back, and tougher than ever.  Anyway, let's get on with the 

For starters, cast Maka Kaja on either Baofu or Ulala and 
keep casting the Lighting Blast Fusion Spell.  (1500+ points 
of damage.)  Those X-2's shouldn't last too long, and you 
should be able to take them out before they do something 

...However, Guido is an entirely different story.  He's 
Strong vs. All.  When it was me and him, I used Beads of 
Magic Wall to lessen the damage he was dealing out.  (His 
attacks are a pain in the ass, too.  IF YOU HAVE 
Some of his spells will be rendered useless, such as 
Unperishable Black.)  In any case, cast Maka Kaja on 
everyone and use your Strongest Fusion Spell.  I probably 
dealt 200+ points of damage to him at the most with Lighting 
Blast...  just make sure that you KEEP HEALING and don't let 
up.  One mistake could probably cost you the battle.

Brief Summary-

-Cast Maka Kaja on Baofu or Ulala, and keep casting Lighting 
Blast to take out the X-2's.

-Once that's done, use Beads of Magic Wall to lessen the 
damage of Kandori's spells.  ~IF YOU WERE SMART ENOUGH TO 

-Use your strongest Fusion Spell in this battle.  

-Whenever your Hp begins to get low, use Maia's Medirama.


17b) Chizuru Ishigami

Comment-  I shall rid you of your Kegare!

Your Level: 47+

Maya (MOON Maia Custom)
Katsuya (PENTACLE Yebisu <switch> EMPEROR Baal)
Ulala (HERMIT Genbu)
Baofu (DEVIL Surt)
Ellen (PENTACLE Peri)

Hmm... she's no joke.  However, there's many reasonable ways 
of dealing with her...

For starters, she has that damned Card of Protection, in 
which she summons 4 clones of herself (making you deal with 
5 Chizuru's) that reflect ANY offensive attack you try to 
lay on her.  The only way around this is to attack (with 
your hand-held weapons) the real Chizuru Ishigami, and the 
other clones will die automatically.  On top of that, her 
Rain of Arrows spell is a pain, too.

However, out of her 5 attacks, 3 of them are worthless.  One 
of them, Anger of the Earth, can easily be nullified by 
Genbu's Wall of the Earth spell.  Curse can be nullified by 
Tetraja (Or the item Silver Manisha).  Now, for the 

The other spell, Fiendish Card, is actually quite 
beneficial.  Fiendish Card is a spell that turns any of your 
party members beserk.  When she casted that spell on 3 of my 
characters, I was basically dealing 200+ points of damage 
per character turn, that was 600+ points of damage each 3 
turns... if you have Suku Kaja or Taru Kaja, cast both of 
those on the berserked characters, and watch the damage and 
excessive turns roll in... on top of that, if she beserks 
all of your characters (let's say that you haven't casted 
Taru Kaja or Suku Kaja yet) You'll be dealing 1000+ points 
of damage after all of the characters take their turns... 
that's something to think about.  Of course, I'm sure that 
you have all of the latest weapons... right? 

The other strategy consists of Katsuya casting Maka Kaja on 
himself, Baofu, Ellen, and Ulala, and continually casting 
the "Last Quake" and "Meltdown" Fusion Spells.  I was 
dealing 450+ points of damage with Last Quake and 400+ with 
Meltdown, so that's not bad either.  Keep casting those 
until she falls.

Brief Summary:

-There's 2 ways of dealing with Chizuru Ishigami.  If you 
want, you can let her cast Fiendish Card (Or Bersac if you 
have it) and cast Taru Kaja and Suku Kaja on the berserked 
characters.  You'll be dealing 200+ points of damage without 
the TK and SK spells, and possibly 300+ with Taru Kaja cast 
upon them.  Suku Kaja helps them get more turns in.

-Cast Maka Kaja on the possesors of Yebisu, Surt, Genbu and 
Peri and keep casting Meltdown and Last Quake on Chizuru.  

-When she casts the Card of Protection spell, just have each 
of your party members attack all of the clones normally 
(with your hand-held weapons) unti the real Chizuru Ishigami 
is hit.  Once she is hit, all of the other clones will 
dissapear.  BTW, you only have to hit her once.

-Cast Genbu's Wall of Earth to nullify the Anger of the 
Earth, and use Tetraja (Or use Silver Manishas) to nullify 
her Curse spell.

-Again, use Maia Custom's or Baal's Medirama spell. 


18) Metal Eikichi, Metal Jun, and Metal Lisa


Metal Eikichi- That promise... it wasn't a lie, right...?

Metal Jun-  You promised we'd always be together...

Metal Lisa-  That's not fair... Breaking your promise...

Your Level: 60+

Maya (WORLD Seiryu <switch> MOON Artemis (with a Mediarahan 
Katsuya (PENTACLE Yebisu <switch> HERMIT Genbu)
Ulala (TEMPERANCE Suzaku <switch> PENTACLE Peri)
Baofu (HERMIT Byakko <switch> CHARIOT Maha Kala)
Tatsuya (HERMIT Genbu <switch> SUN Apollo)

This battle is so damned easy it's a shame.  First, have the 
carriers of Maya, Ulala, Baofu, and Tatsuya cast the 
"Celestial Veil" Fusion Spell. (For the record, it goes:  
Wall of Air->Wall of Flame->Wall of Earth->Wall of Water)  
After that, have Katsuya cast Maka Kaja on Tatsuya, then 
once that's over, have Tatsuya, Katsuya (make sure that he 
has Genbu once he's done casting Maka Kaja), and Ulala 
continually cast the "Meltdown" Fusion Spell.  I was dealing 
1000+ points of damage to Lisa and Jun, and 1900+ points of 
damage to Eikichi.

Now, as you may already know, Celestial Veil makes their 
attack spells worthless.  And as for the rest of their 
spells, those can be EASILY countered:

For Metal Eikichi's Bloody Divorce and Maha Mudo spells,  
have Baofu cast Tetraja.  The same thing goes for Lisa's 
Lovers of Darkness spell.  While I had Tatsuya, Katsuya, and 
Ulala cast the Meltdown Fusion Spell, Baofu was casting 
Tetraja every turn.

For Metal Lisa's Taru Kaja spell, just have Apollo cast De 
Kaja on the Kaja-ed enemy.

If any of your characters get hit by Metal Lisa's Throw a 
Kiss attack, use Peri's Refresh Ring to cure them.  

The only spell that's a nuisance is Metal Jun's Medirama 
spell that only heals them for about 150+ points, (Ha ha)
so you can laugh at them all once this battle is over.

Brief Summary-

-Make sure you cast the "Celestial Veil" Fusion Spell with 
Seiryu, Suzaku, Genbu, and Byakko.  Also, remember to cast 
Tetraja every round and keep Refresh Ring and De Kaja on 
hand.  The enemy's spells will be worthless.

-Use Artemis's Medirahan spell if your character's end up 
low on HP.

-I'm surprised that the Brief Summary would be this short 
for such a "difficult" boss battle...

Also, here's a very useful tip from Katman:

The Metal Guys From Innocent Sin: This is the one occasion 
when Dragon Cross can save your butt. Make sure Tat's at a 
high enough level to use the Greek Set by now - if you never 
use them for the rest of the game, you'll still need them 
Dragon Cross away - it should only take about 5 hits before 
they're gone. If Ginko uses Aphrodite's "For My Lover", just 
hurry to do something about the Charm that is tagged with 
it. Jun/Chronos' Mediaran is no big deal, like you said. 
Michel/Hades' "Bloody Divorce" and Maha Mudo aren't big 
deals either, since instant death stuff won't work on you 
with a high enough level.


19) Was Sugawara 

Comment- Hahahahaha!

Your Level: 60+ 

Maya (FORTUNE Cerebus <switch> MOON Artemis *W/Mediarahan 
Katsuya (JUSTICE Hyperion)
Ulala (PRIESTESS Izanami <switch> HERMIT Genbu)
Baofu (HANGED MAN Prometheus)
Tatsuya (SUN Apollo <switch> PENTACLE Peri)

Well, I don't exactly see why this guy is such a big fuss.  
He's a pushover... yes, even with that "Hey, I can 
regenerate 700+ Hp per turn ability!".

For starters, I used Baofu and Ulala (with Izanami) to cast 
Maha Maka Kaja, then I had Ulala switch back to Genbu.  
After that, Katsuya, Ulala, and Tatsuya kept casting the 
"Meltdown" Fusion Spell, dealing 1900+ points of damage to 
Sugawara.  Baofu and Maya (with Cerebus) kept casting the 
Fusion Spell "God's Hand", which dealt 800+ points of damage 
to Sugawara.  He was down in about... 4-5 turns.

Brief Summary-  

-Use Maha Maka Kaja at the beginning of the round.  (For the 
record, it's Maka Kaja->Affectionate Prayer)

-After that, keep casting the Meltdown and God's Hand Fusion 

-If your HP ever gets low, use Artemis's Mediarahan.  Also, 
PENTACLE Peri is a nice addition too, with his Refresh Ring 
to keep Was Sugawara's Roar attack in check.


Katman pointed out this nice piece of info:

"If you're having trouble against Was Sugawara, try a Tower 
Inferno consisting of Twinkle Nebula (or Senpu-Jin if you 
don't have Astria yet) - Anger of the Earth - Deadly Burn. 
This'll work, seeing how Sugawara is weak against fire.  
Thanks again for pointing this out!


20) Detested Hunter


Your Level- 65+

Maya (MOON Artemis *W/Mediarahan* <switch> JUDGMENT Amutart)
Katsuya (JUSTICE Hyperion)
Ulala (FORTUNE Skuld <switch> PRIESTESS Izanami)
Baofu (HANGED MAN Prometheus)
Tatsuya (SUN Apollo)

Detested Hunter can be described in one word:  Wussy.    

First off, I had Ulala and Baofu cast Maha Maka Kaja on 
everyone, then I had Ulala switch to Skuld, and Maya to 
Amutart.  I continually casted the Fusion Spell "Pantheon" 
(Amutart's Divine Judgment, Prometheus's Zandyne, and 
Skuld's Hieros Glupaine) on Detested Hunter, dealing 500+ 
points of DOUBLE damage by that spell alone. (which of 
course adds up to 1000+ points of damage.) I had Katsuya and 
Tatsuya cast the Fusion Spell "Blazing Hell", which dealt 
700+ points of damage.  Very nice.  Detested Hunter was out 
in no time.

Brief Summary-

-Cast Maha Maka Kaja on everyone at the start of the round.

-Continually cast the Fusion Spell "Pantheon" to get rid of 
him.  Cast Blazing Hell to add on to the damage.

-Use Artemis's Mediarahan if your HP ever gets low.


21) Gozen (Kiyotada Sumaru)

Comment- You commit this outrage, knowing that I am Kiyotada 

Your Level- 66+

Well, there's 2 ways of dealing with Gozen.  

Maya (MOON Mahimie Amano)
Katsuya (JUSTICE Hyperion)
Ulala (FOOL Junnosuke Kuroda)
Baofu (HANGED MAN Prometheus)
Tatsuya (SUN Suou Tatsunoshin)

Just cast the Fusion Spell "Tenchu-Satsu" on Gozen.  (For 
the record, it's Junnosuke's Deadly Needle, Mahime's Dance 
of Protection, and Suou's Mighty Swing.)  8000+ points of 
damage.  That's it.  It's so easy you won't even need a 
Brief Summary.

Then, there's THIS way:

Maya (MOON Artemis *W/Mediarahan*)
Katsuya (JUSTICE Hyperion)
Ulala (FORTUNE Skuld <switch> PRIESTESS Izanami)
Baofu (HANGED MAN Prometheus)
Tatsuya (SUN Apollo)

After trying out many attacks from different Personae, I've 
come to the conclusion that Gozen is Strong vs. All.  
Underestimating him for a second would mean defeat...

Anyway, I used Ulala and Baofu to cast Maha Maka Kaja at the 
beginning of the round, then I had Ulala switch back to 
Skuld.  After that, I had Katsuya, (W/Hyperion's Mutated 
Mahanma) Maya, and Ulala cast the Pantheon Fusion Spell on 
Gozen, dealing double damage to him, (300+ on the first 
wave, then 400+ points on the second, averaging out to 
around 700+ points of damage.) then I had Baofu and Tatsuya 
cast their Wiseman Snap and Nova Cyther specials, 
respectively, each dealing out 200+ points of damage.  

Gozen can be a REAL pain in the ass.  His Megaton Press and 
Rotten Flesh attacks can end up doing a nice deal of damage 
against everyone. (namely Maya, who's Artemis is weak 
against Physical attacks.)  Not to mention Megidolaonn, 
which is a pain in the ass too... at least my Artemis could 
reflect that and deal at least 100+ points of damage to him.  
When any of those attacks take place, IMMEDIATELY use 
Artemis's Mediarahan to bring everyone back to their feet.  
That Perpetual Darkness spell is nerve racking as well, 
since that will cancel out Fusion Spells, and everyone will 
just do an individual action instead.  The only attack that 
doesn't pose a real threat is his Trial of Darkness spell.  
Skuld, Prometheus (Speaking of which, Baofu should be the 
safest member out of the 5 thanks to him) and Artemis are 
all protected by that spell, and it did minimal damage to 
Tatsuya and Katsuya.  (And they didn't end up unconscious, 
too.  Weird.)  Surprisingly, no one in my party died.  If 
you take up this strategy, yours shouldn't either...

Brief Summary-

-Use Maha Maka Kaja at the beginning of the battle.

-Keep casting Pantheon, and have Tatsuya and Baofu cast 
their Nova Cyther and Wiseman Snap specials.

-Use Artemis's Mediarahan spell as soon as Gozen does a 
massive attack.  (Most notably Rotten Flesh, Megaton Press, 
or Megidolaonn.)
And here's a decent strategy from Katman:

The way I won was using Artemis w/Diarahan (not Mediarahan 
yet, I hadn't learned about Urd). Gozen killed everyone else 
nearly instantly with that overpowered Rotten Flesh, but 
Maya lived (with 50HP!). From there, winning was/is a simple 
tactic of bouncing his Megidolaoon off yourself and healing 
every turn when he uses Rotten Flesh. 
Oh, and he's weak against Physical. 


22)  Shadow Katsuya & Shadow Ulala


Shadow Katsuya:  Shadow of Katsuya's soul.
Shadow Ulala:  Shadow of Ulala's soul.


Shadow Katsuya:  "You must be tired of fooling yourself... I 
will end it for you."

Shadow Ulala:  "Isn't it tough to be alone?"

Your Level- 70+

Maya (JUDGMENT Amutart *W/Maha Magdyne* <switch> MOON 
Artemis *W/Mediarahan*)
Katsuya (JUSTICE Hyperion)
Ulala (STAR Astria)
Baofu (HANGED MAN Prometheus *Mutated/Magdyne*)
Tatsuya (SUN Apollo)

This is an easy battle.  First off, cast Maka Kaja on Maya.  
Then, have Baofu, Tatsuya, and Maya cast Last Quake.  I was 
dealing out 1000+ to Shadow Katsuya, and 1500+ to Shadow 
Ulala.  They were out in 3-4 turns.  I had Katsuya use 
Triple Down on S. Katsuya, and Ulala was just using physical 
attacks on S. Ulala.  (In other words, I didn't even need 
Katsuya and Ulala in this battle.  That's how easy it 

Brief Summary-

-First, have Baofu cast Maka Kaja on Maya.  After that, make 
sure Baofu, Tatsuya, and Maya are casting Last Quake.  
You'll quickly finish them off.

-Use Artemis's Mediarahan if your Hp gets low.

Here's another strategy, with Katsuya and Ulala actually 
doing something:

Maya (MOON Artemis *W/Mediarahan* <switch> MAGICIAN Isis)
Katsuya (TOWER Hastur)
Ulala (PRIESTESS Izanami <switch> HERMIT Tishtoriya)
Baofu (HANGED MAN Prometheus *Mutated/Magdyne*)
Tatsuya (SUN Apollo)

Of course, my first action consisted of casting Maha Maka 
Kaja.  As usual, I kept casting Last Quake, but instead I 
had Ulala (W/Tishtoriya) and Katsuya cast Omnious Waterfall 
on Shadow Katsuya, dealing 1300+ points of damage.  Of 
course, both Shadow Ulala and Shadow Katsuya were out in a 
couple of rounds... around 3-4.

Brief Summary-

-Cast Maha Maka Kaja at the beginning of the fight, then 
have Tatsuya, Baofu, and Maya cast Last Quake.

-Have Ulala and Katsuya cast Omnious Waterfall on S. 

-Use Artemis's Mediarahan or Izanami's Affectionate Prayer 
if your Hp ever gets low.


23)  Shadow Baofu and Shadow Maya


Shadow Baofu-  Shadow of Baofu's soul.

Shadow Maya-  Shadow of Maya's soul.


Shadow Baofu-  "Beg for mercy!  Maybe I'll let you go?"

Shadow Maya-  "Let's have some fun..."

Your Level-  71+

Maya (MOON Artemis *W/Mediarahan* <switch> PRIESTESS 
Katsuya (JUSTICE Hyperion)
Ulala (MAGICIAN Isis)
Baofu (HANGED MAN Prometheus)
Tatsuya (SUN Apollo)

This is a unique battle, seeing that you just can't cast 
your powerful fusion spells just yet.  Mainly because Shadow 
Maya can reflect magic... so we'll have to deal with her 

For starters, I casted Maha Maka Kaja.  The I had Baofu and 
Katsuya use their Wiseman Snap and Triple Down attacks 
respectively (both of which did 390+ points of damage, I 
might add) and Tatsuya's Gigantic Fist which did around 
300+ points of damage.  I had Maya and Ulala use Beads of 
Power on themselves, and I had them attack Shadow Maya 
normally, with Maya doing around 300+ and Ulala dealing 
200+ points of damage.  Eventually, Shadow Maya was down, it 
was the party vs. Shadow Baofu.  NOW you can eliminate 
Shadow Baofu.

Ulala, Maya, and Baofu were casting Lightning Crush on 
Shadow Baofu dealing out 2000+ points of damage, while 
Katsuya and Tatsuya were casting Nuclear Blast, dealing out 
800+ points of damage to Shadow Baofu.  Of course, he didn't 
last too long.

Brief Summary-

-Cast Maha Maka Kaja at the beginning of the round.  
However, don't use any spells yet, since you'll have to get 
rid of Shadow Maya first.  Have Baofu, Katsuya, and Tatsuya 
use Wiseman Snap, Triple Down, and Gigantic Fist 
respectively.  Have Maya and Ulala use Beads of Power on 
themselves, then have them attack normally.  

-Cast Lightning Crush and Nuclear Blast on Shadow Baofu to 
quickly do him in.

-Use Artemis's Mediarahan or Izanami's Affectionate Prayer 
if you end up low on Hp.

And here's another strategy:

Maya (MOON Artemis *W/Mediarahan* <switch> PRIESTESS 
Katsuya (JUSTICE Hyperion <switch> STRENGTH Wong Long 
Ulala (STAR Fariedone)
Baofu (HANGED MAN Prometheus)
Tatsuya (SUN Apollo <switch> MAGICIAN Isis)

First off, I casted Maha Maka Kaja.  Of course, I had to 
take out Shadow Maya first, so I had Katsuya and Baofu doing 
Triple Down and Wiseman Snap respectively, (400+ points of 
damage) while Tatsuya's Gigantic Fist and Maya with Taru 
Kaja on her were dealing
300+ points of damage, and I had Ulala use Fariedone's Twin 
Slash, dealing out 200+ points of damage.  She wasn't 
difficult, and was out in a few turns.  

As for Shadow Baofu, he was the usual pushover.  I had Maya, 
Katsuya (Wong Long) and Baofu casting Lightning Crush, 
dealing out 2000+ points of damage, and Tatsuya (Isis) and 
Ulala casting Lighting Blast, dealing 1000+ points of 

Brief Summary-

-Cast Maha Maka Kaja on the beginning of the round.  Have 
everyone attack Shadow Maya first, since she can reflect 
magic.  (For the attacks, look at what I've written up 

-Now, keep casting Lighting Crush and Lightning Blast on 
Shadow Baofu.  

-Use Artemis's Mediarahan or Izanami's Affectionate Prayer 
if your Hp gets low.

(*NOTE*  After this battle, you may want to try to get 


And here's a small tidbit of information from Katman:

"More groovy little-known fusions... Against Shadow Baofu 
and Shadow Maya (the only battle in the game that gave me a 
lot of trouble) try 'Octapacy Fist' on S. Maya - one-hit 
kill. It's Strike-Strike-Strike, so you might want to equip 
a few Personae other than Apollo with Gigantic Fist. And 
hope S. Baofu doesn't try Bastard Snap...Ouch..."
Once again, thanks to Katman for pointing this out! 



(*NOTE*-  Alright, this is the final boss of the game.  
However, before you fight him, I'd like you to do a couple 
of tasks.) 

1a) Summon EMPEROR Indra and release him... twice.  Why?  
Because you get 10x Somas for doing so, and you'll get 20 
when you do it twice.  When you use these items, they'll 
bring everyone's Hp and Sp to the max, AND it'll restore 
their status if it's bad.  It's not like you'll end up 
losing tons of HP fighting Nyarlathotep (with my strategy, 
anyway) but the reason why you'll need them... well, you'll 
see in a minute.

1b)  Get 10 Gem Rings.  Just think Mediarahan in the form of 
an item, then you'll get the idea.  They can be purchased at 
Mu Casino.

2)  Get the following Personae, and make sure that they have 
the following spells:  

a)  EMPEROR Lugh (Give him Mediarahan, and make sure he gets 
his Hieros Glupaine mutation)  If you don't have him, get 
FORTUNE Skuld, and give her Mediarahan also.

b)  EMPEROR Vishnu (He's fairly easy to get... you'll have 
to win him in Mu Contienent.  His Material Card is about  
10,000 Coins... I think.  Also, give Vishnu Raku Kaja.)

c)  EMPRESS Gaia (She's in the final section of Monado.  To 
get her, look at her stats in the Persona encounter section.  
Give her Sama Recarm when you find her.)

d)  CHARIOT Siva (Out of all of these Personae, he's the 
easiest to get.  Just summon and release JUSTICE Skanda, and 
you'll get Siva's Material Card.  And when you do get him, 
give him Maka Kaja.)

e)  SUN Virocana (He's in the 7th Area of the Kasuyagama 
High Cursed Bomb Shelter.  To get him, look at his stats in 
the Persona encounter section.  Give him Sama Kaja, and make 
sure he has his Hieros Glupaine mutation.)

f)  LOVERS Alice (She can be found in the 8th Area of the 
Bomb Shelter... and she's pretty hard to come across, but 
well worth it.  Give her Raku Kaja.)

g)  DEVIL Lucifer and JUDGMENT Satan (Both of these guys can 
be purchased for 50000 coins individually at the Mu 
Contienent Casino.  They're well worth it, but they take a 
little long to get... anyway, give Satan Mediarahan and 
Lucifer Sama Kaja.)

h) MOON Nannar (Just delete a Rank 8 Tsukuyomi Persona.  
Another easy one to get, and give her Raku Kaja.)

3)  Get 10 Beads of Magic Wall, Magic Power, Protection, and 

Now, on to the strategies!  You're almost there.

24a)  Nyarlathotep (Moon Howler)

Description:  Crawling Chaos, one of Nyarlathotep's 

Comment:  "Why did you come here?  Heh... to spout 

Your Level- 81+

Maya (EMPEROR Lugh *W/Mediarahan* *Mutated/Hieros Glupaine)
Katsuya (EMPEROR Vishnu *W/Raku Kaja)
Ulala (EMPRESS Gaia *W/Sama Recarm <switch> PRIESTESS 
Baofu (CHARIOT Siva *W/Maka Kaja)
Tatsuya (SUN Virocana *W/Sama Kaja *Mutated/Hieros Glupaine)

At the beginning of the round, (Make sure Ulala has Izanami 
equipped) cast the Kaja spells in this order:  Raku Kaja, 
Sama Kaja, then Maka Kaja.  After that, have Ulala switch 
back to Gaia, then cast Nuclear Jihad (Gaia's Freidyne--> 
Vishnu's Megidolaonn-->Siva's Nuclear Missile... 2000+ 
points of damage.) and Pantheon (Hieros Glupaine--
>Megidolaonn-->Hieros Glupaine... 700 points of double 
damage, adding up to around 1400+ points of damage.)

With the Kaja's casted on me, Nyarlathotep's Megidolaonn did 
around 80+ of damage to me at most (Ha), Unperishable Black 
didn't even phase me, and Shadow Kill did around 100+ points 
of damage, (A lot better than the 500-600+ murderer it was 
last time...) and Wheel of Time did around 100+ points of 
damage also.  All in all, Moon Howler was a pushover.  (Just 
remember to heal when you have to, of course.  :P)

Brief Summary-

-Remember to have Raku Kaja, Sama Kaja, and Maka Kaja casted 
on your party.

-Keep casting Nuclear Jihad and Pantheon to subdue Moon 


24b)  Nyarlathotep (True Form)

Description:  A mass of gods with 1000 names and faces at 
the center of space.

Comment:  "Are you afraid?  No one can ever escape the 

Comment (Near Death):  "I won't accept it!"

(All the requirements are the same.  Look above for the 

Nyarlathotep has come back stronger, with some spells that 
are a pain in the ass to deal with, but other than that, 
he's still somewhat easy.

First off, all of your Kaja spells aren't effective, so 
you'll have to re-cast them.  Now, keep using the same 
spells I mentioned above to deal the damage you need to kill 
Nyarlathotep.  But this time, the spells aren't as powerful 
this time around.  Nuclear Jihad did around 1700+ points of 
damage, and Pantheon did 400+ points of double damage, 
adding up to 800+ points of damage.

As usual, with the Kajas casted upon me, his Wheel of Time 
spell did 100+ of damage.  His Chaos Element couldn't even 
phase me.  Shadow Kill did about 100+ points of damage.  

But this time though, he has some spells that are a pain in 
the ass.  The first one, Transient Ripple, is a spell that 
is basically Maha De Kaja-  it cancels out all of your Kaja 
spells.  The second, Wheel of Fortune, is usually followed 
up right after Transient Ripple.  This spell seals up your 
Persona Change power, so you can't use Izanami to cast Maha 
(Blank) Kaja.  You'll have to use the Beads of Magic Wall, 
Protection, and Magic Power in that order, on everyone.  
Finally, Nyarlathotep's trademark spell, Crawling Chaos:  
Although it did around 100+ to everyone, the character that 
has been hit has a high probability of getting the MUTED (of 
all things to casts, he uses this.) effect upon him/her.  
Lucky for you, you have 24 Somas to counteract that.  :P  
(On another note, Baofu (Siva) and Katusya (Vishnu) were 
never muted, so that's a plus.  Mainly because those 2 are 
Strong vs. All.)

All in all, it takes persistence to kill Nyarlathotep.  
Remember to keep casting Nuclear Jihad and Pantheon, and 
remember to keep using the tactics I used above to counter 
his attacks.  

Brief Summary-

-Cast the Raku/Maka/Sama Kaja spells once the fight starts.  
When he casts Transient Ripple, use the Beads of Magic Wall, 
Protection, and Magic Power.  (In that order.)

-Use the Somas to cancel out the mute effect when he casts 
Crawling Chaos.

-Keep casting Nuclear Jihad and Pantheon.

-Enjoy the ending to the game.  It's pretty good.

Alright, I've started up a new strategy with some new 
Personae, and it's a little easier to beat Nyarlathotep with 
these Personae, too.  So... here we go.

Nyarlathotep (Moon Howler)

Your Level- 91+

Maya (PRIESTESS Izanami <switch> JUDGMENT Satan *W/ 
Ulala (LOVERS Alice *W/Raku Kaja* <switch> EMPRESS Gaia)
Katsuya (SUN Virocana)
Baofu (CHARIOT Siva)
Tatsuya (EMPEROR Vishnu)

(NOTE:  To see what I have equipped on other Personae, look 

First off, have Maya with Izanami cast Sama/Raku/Maka Kaja, 
in that order.  Then have Ulala and Maya switch back to Gaia 
and Satan, then keep casting Meteor Crush (Deadly Burn -> 
Anger of the Earth -> Asteroid Bomb) for 3000+ points of 
damage, Nuclear Jihad for 2000+ points of damage, and 
Pantheon for 800-1000+ points of double damage.  

Moon Howler's Megidolaonn did about 40+ points of damage to 
everyone (Except Maya of course, who took about 100+ points 
of damage) and Unperishable Black didn't even phase me.  
(Well, except for Maya, who took about 300+ points of 
damage... but that can be fixed by just casting Mediarahan.)  
Luckily, Maya/Satan can reflect Shadow Kill, dealing about a 
decent 300+ points of damage to Nyarlie.  (I'm going to call 
him that from now on... deal with it.  :P)

All in all, this form is a pushover.  Now, Nyarlie's true 
form on the other hand...

Nyarlathotep (True Form)

(NOTE:  I used the same Personae as the above for this 

Now, cast the Kaja's that I've told you to cast earlier.

Meteor Crush did around 3000+ points of damage.
Nuclear Jihad did about 1900+ points of damage.
Pantheon did about 600+ points of double damage.

Chaos Element didn't phase me, (Well... except for Maya, who 
took about 300+ points of damage.) Crawling Chaos did about 
100+ points of damage to everyone, and Shadow Kill did about 
90+ points of damage at most.  (Luckily, Maya/Satan 
reflected this, still dealing 300+ points of damage to 

Basically, I kept casting Meteor Crush with Katsuya and 
Baofu casting Nuclear Blast each turn (Which dealt about 
800+ points of damage).  If you ask me, this is the ideal 
team for taking out Nyarlie.

Brief Summary-

-Use the Kaja casting technique explained earlier at the 
start of both battles.

-Meteor Crush, Pantheon, and Nuclear Jihad are most likely 
your best bets at taking out Nyarlie.

-Use Satan's Mediarahan whenever your HP gets low.  Remember 
to use Somas when Nyarlie casts Crawling Chaos.

---More Nyarlathotep strategies...---

Nyarlathotep (Moon Howler)

Your Level- 79+

Maya (MOON Nannar *W/Raku Kaja*)
Ulala (EMPRESS Gaia <switch> PRIESTESS Izanami)
Katsuya (SUN Virocana)
Baofu (HANGED MAN Prometheus)
Tatsuya (EMPEROR Lugh *W/Mediarahan*)

First off, cast the Kaja's, (Remember: It's Sama->Raku->Maka 
Kaja.  This is the last time I'll go over this, so when I 
say 'Cast the Kajas', I'll be referring to that.) then keep 
casting Pantheon (800+2 points of damage) and Ryuhi Tenho, 
which is Nannar's Maha Garudyne and Lugh's Maha Garudyne. 
(2000+ points of damage, surprisingly.)

As usual, Unperishable Black did nothing, Megidolaonn did 
80+ and Shadow Kill did 100+...

Nyarlathotep (True Form)

(It's the same setup as above.)

Cast the Kaja's, then keep casting Wind Cutter (1000+) and 
Sharp Boulder (600+).  These attacks are most likely the key 
to getting rid of Nyarlie with this setup...

Wheel of Time did 100+ of damage at most, Shadow Kill did 
180+ of damage, and Crawling Chaos did 100+ points of 

Brief Summary-

-Cast the Kaja's.  

-Use the attacks described above.

-Remember to use the Gem Rings, Soma's or Mediarahans 
whenever your Hp gets low. 

Alright, let me first say that the Greek Set IS NOT the 
ideal team for beating Nyarlathotep efficiently.  There are 
many other Personae within their level range that can do a 
better job, (Such as Skuld, Suzaku, and a ton of others I 
just don't feel like mentioning right now) but since people 
keep using these Personae for fighting Nyarlathotep (Mainly 
those who go through their first experience with the game) I 
came up with a... 'decent' strategy for dealing with 

Anyway, let's start.  Notice that the level of the 
characters will be a little higher than expected.

Nyarlathotep (Moon Howler)

Your Level- 76+

Maya (MOON Artemis)
Ulala (STAR Astria)
Katsuya (JUSTICE Hyperion)
Baofu (HANGED MAN Prometheus)
Tatsuya (SUN Apollo)

For starters, remember those 10 Beads of Magic Wall, 
Protection, Magic Power and Speed that I've told you to get?  
Well, this is where they come into play.

Have everyone use the beads in this order as soon as the 
fight starts: MW, P, MP, and S.  See?  Just like 'Casting 
the Kajas', except that you're using beads...  You can have 
Maya skip straight to the BoP since she reflects magic.

After that, keep casting Nuclear Crush (Nova Cyther-
>Zandyne->Heat Kaiser) to deal 1600+ points of damage to 
Nyarlathotep.  I kept Maya on Crescent Mirror and her 
Mediarahan, while I had Ulala on her Twinkle Nebula spell 
and backup on Gem Rings.  (Their spells dealt around 300+-
400+ points of damage.  Of course, I had them heal when 
their Hp began to get low.)

Megidolaonn did about 80+ points of damage to everyone.  
Shadow Kill dealt 100+ points of damage.  That idiot 
Nyarlathotep never got around to casting Unperishable Black 
or Wheel of Time, so I'll have to go back and calculate the 
damage later.

He'll be out in a few turns.

Nyarlathotep (True Form)

(I'm using the Greek Set in this battle.)

Okay, this form is a little more dangerous than the previous 
one.  Take caution.

Use the beads in the order I told you to use them earlier, 
then keep casting Nuclear Crush, (1300+ points of damage) 
Crescent Mirror (400+) and Twinkle Nebula (300+).  Remember 
to keep Maya on Mediarahan and Ulala on Gem Rings.  

Chaos Element messed up Tatsuya, Katsuya and Ulala real 
good, dealing 200-600+ points of damage to either of them.  
(NOTE:  If you had given the Tetraja card to Astria, major 
props to you!  That'll prevent Chaos Element from doing that 
horrible amount of damage... either that, or Silver Manisha.  
Besides, it'll give Ulala something else to do.)  Baofu and 
Maya were protected.

Wheel of Time did 100+ points of damage to all of us.  And, 
again, Nyarlie never did get around to casting Crawling 
Chaos or even Shadow Kill, since he was busy Chaos 
Elementing the hell out of us, so I'll have to go back and 
get that later.

...And none of my characters died in this battle.  Just stay 
on the ball when it comes to healing.

Brief Summary 

-Use the beads in the order described earlier.

-Cast Nuclear Crush and Maya's and Ulala's attack spells.  
(If you have Tetraja on Astria, have her cast that every 
turn instead...)

-Remember to use Mediarahan, Gem Rings and Somas when your 
HP gets low.


Also, here's a couple of tips to dealing with Nyarlie, from  
contributions by Katman:

"The easiest way to beat Nyarlie, BTW, is to cast Gry with 
DEVIL Poltergeist, Agidyne with DEVIL Surt, Chaos Element 
with DEVIL Beelzebub, and Another Dimension with DEVIL 
Lucifer. This results in Great War of Hell - 16 hits = a 
dead Nyarlie!"
"As I recall, some of the Personae you used had the Chaos 
element spell. Try Mudo + Zandyne + Chaos Element (it could 
just be Dark + Almighty + All-Dark) for Pandemonium, which 
is like Pantheon, but Dark. It works great against Nyarlie, 
which doesn't make much sense, really..." 
Credits to Katman once again for pointing this out!

1) Lv. 29 HIEROPHANT Shaka

Comment- You mush apprehend!
HP- 500
Attacks- Vile Thunderbolt, Hypnotic Wave, Nirvana
Strong Vs. All

Location:  2nd Area of Cursed Bomb Shelter in Kasuyagama 

Your Level: 25+

Maya (MOON Maia)
Katsuya (JUSTICE Mars)
Ulala (STAR Gandharva)
Ellen/Nate (JUDGMENT Nike/HIEROPHANT Aizen-Myoo)
Baofu (HERMIT Tenhou Gensui)

Shaka is pretty much an easy fight.  Although he can be a 
pain with his Hypnotic Wave, his Nirvana spell doesn't seem 
to do a lot of damage (If you're using the Personae I 
suggested as well as the level I suggested) at all.  The 
only true spell to watch out for is his Vile Thunderbolt 
attack, since that can put your allies in ELEC status and 
screw up your whole game.  Use Mars's Media or Maia's 
Medirama if this happens.  Shaka is STRONG VS. ALL, so just 
use your strongest Fusion Spells and use Maka Kaja if you 
have it.  Singular spells and attacks are pretty much 
worthless in this fight, so it's going to take a joint 
venture amongst everyone.  Again, it's an easy fight... just 
a little extended.

Shaka gives the Material Card "Yuiga Dokuson" once you 
defeat him, enabling you to summon him in the Velvet Room.  
(He's well worth it.)


2) Lv. 38 JUSTICE Nata (1st Visit)
Comment- Feel the wrath of my Paopei!
HP- 800
Void: Mind/Nerve
Weak: Lightning

Location:  1st and 2nd visits to Aoba Park

Your Level- 23+

Maya (MOON Maia Custom)
Katsuya (JUSTICE Mars)
Ulala (CUP Matsuo-sama)
Baofu (HERMIT Tenhou Gensui)

Nata's attacks are LETHAL.  His Tackle can put characters in 
critical status, or possibly even kill them in one hit.  And 
if he casts Taru Kaja, it's probably all over.  Look out for 
his Sonic Punch attack, too.

When he casts Taru Kaja, IMMEDIATELY use Matsuo-Sama to cast 
De Kaja to cancel out the effects of Taru Kaja.  All I can 
say about this encounter is keep casting Stone Rise and keep 
Maya on Medirama until Nata falls.  Otherwise, you're in for 
one hell of a fight.

Brief overview-

-When Nata casts Taru Kaja, use Matsuo-sama cast De Kaja to 
cancel out the effects.

-Keep casting Stone Rise, and keep Maya on Medirama.


(2nd Visit)

Your Level- 35+

Maya (MOON Maia Custom)
Ulala (STAR Heinir)
Baofu (TOWER Loki)
Ellen/Nate (:::If you're using Ellen, use EMPRESS Arianrhod.  
If you're using Nate, use HIEROPHANT Shaka.:::)

Although this battle will be a lot easier since you'll be at 
a higher level and have some nice Personae, his attacks will 
still mess you up if you're not careful.  Remember to cast 
Heinir's De Kaja when Nata uses Taru Kaja, and keep doing 
the Fusion Spell "Lighting Crush" along with either Loki, 
Heinir, Arianrhod, and Shaka.  Remember to keep Maya on 
Medirama.  (For the record, Arianrhod should be the safest 
in the battle, due to Arianrhod's Strong vs. Attacks and 
Shaka's Strong vs. All.)  

Brief overview-

-Remember, when Nata casts Taru Kaja, use Heinir's De Kaja.  
I can't stress this enough...

-Keep casting Lightning Crush to take him out.  If you still 
have Nate's starting Persona HIEROPHANT Aizen-Myouou who was 
able to learn the 'Maka Kaja' spell through Mutation, you 
can have him use that to power the casters in the Lightning 
Crush Fusion Spell.

-Keep Maya on Medirama.  (I think you all get the picture by 

-BTW, B4 TND notes another strategy when dealing with Nata:

"About Nata... he is a damn strong guy, but when I fought 
him I tended to nail him right of the bat with an instant- 
death spell.  I'm not sure what I exactly did the first time 
(I think it was Hama) but in the second time through the 
game I hit him with Atomic Destruction and boom!  No more 
Nata.  Hahaahaahaa.  :)"

Thanks for pointing this out!

For defeating Nata, you get the Material Card "Paopei", with 
which you can summon him in the Velvet Room.  (Yet another 
Persona that's quite good.  After all, you may have a hard 
time fighting him, so that should tell you something.)


3) Lv. 51 PRIESTESS Izanami
Comment- Come here!
Hp-  ??? (No, seriously... it says that on her info screen.)
Attacks- Marin Karin, Diamond Dust, Deadly Needle
Void: Holy/Dark/Water

Location: 5th Area of Cursed Bomb Shelter in Kasuyagama High

Your Level: 48+
Maya (MOON Maia Custom)
Katsuya (PENTACLE Yebisu)
Ulala (HERMIT Genbu)
Baofu (DEATH Ankou)
Ellen/Nate (PENTACLE Peri)

Well, I had Katsuya cast Maka Kaja on himself, Ulala, and 
Ellen/Nate in order to cast the Last Quake spell on Izanami, 
and I ended up dealing 800+ points of damage per casting.  
She was gone in about 4-5 turns.

Be sure to look out for her spells, though.  Diamond Dust 
can be a pain since it ended up freezing 2 of my characters, 
but her Deadly Needle and Marin Karin attacks never got me.  
Still, take caution.  Overall, it's an easy battle....

Brief Summary:

-Cast Maka Kaja on the possesors of Yebisu, Peri, and Genbu.  
After that, keep casting Last Quake.

-Use Peri's Refresh Ring if any of your characters end up 
Frozen or Charmed by Izanami's attacks.

-Use Maia Custom's Medirama if you have to. 

For defeating Izanami, you get the Material Card "Path to 
Hades", where you can summon her in the Velvet Room 


4) Lv. 65 EMPEROR Odin
Comment- Deeeeeeeeeiii!
Hp- ???
Attacks- Mudoonn, Death Bound, Baptism by Thunder
Void: Magic
Weak: Physical

Location: 6th Area of Kasuyagama High Cursed Bomb Shelter

Your Level- 60+

Maya (MOON Artemis *W/Mediarahan*)
Katsuya (JUSTICE Nata <switch> JUSTICE Hyperion)
Ulala (PRIESTESS Izanami)
Baofu (HANGED MAN Prometheus)
Tatsuya (SUN Apollo)

For starters, cast the Fusion Spell Maha Taru Kaja 
(Izanami's Affectionate Prayer, Nata's Taru Kaja) to get the 
battle started.  Everyone in my party was dealing 290+ 
points of damage, until my Baofu (on his 2nd turn) dealt a 
critical 1553 points of damage to Odin, therefore killing 

Odin isn't really a problem... except for that damned 
Mudoonn spell.  But then again, (suprisingly) that spell 
never, EVER hit any of my characters, out of the 3 times he 
casted it.  Weird stuff.  

Brief Summary:

-Cast Maha Taru Kaja at the beginning of the battle, and 
keep hitting him with regular attacks.

-Use Artemis's Mediarahan if anyone's HP ends up low.

For defeating Odin, you get the Material Card "Runic 
Monument", allowing you to summon him at the Velvet Room.


5) Lv. 69 MAGICIAN Rangda
Comment-  Uwaaaa!
Hp- ???
Attacks- Megidola, Mudoonn, Marin Karin, Scratch
Reflect:  Physical
Weak:  Holy

Location:  7th Floor of Sumaru Castle

Your Level- 65+

Maya (MOON Artemis)
Katsuya (JUDGMENT Amutart)
Ulala (FORTUNE Skuld)
Baofu (HANGED MAN Prometheus)
Tatsuya (SUN Apollo)

An easy battle.  You can either use Hamaonn, Divine 
Judgment, or whatever Holy spell is to your liking ot get 
rid of Rangda.  

Brief Summary:  

-Rangda is Weak vs. Holy.  That's about it...

For defeating Rangda, you get the Material Card "Dancing 
Mask", allowing you to summon her at the Velvet Room.


6) Lv. 73 SUN Virocana

Description-  God of the heavens who is said to be the core.

Comment- "Go train some more!"

Hp- ???
Attacks- Deadly Burn, Divine Judgment, Magic Seal, Rain of 
Void:  Fire/Holy/Dark

Your Level- 67+

Maya (MOON Artemis *W/Mediarahan*)
Katsuya (SUN Hyperion)
Ulala (STAR Astria <switch> PRIESTESS Izanami)
Baofu (HANGED MAN Prometheus)
Tatsuya (TOWER Hastur *W/Bufudyne*)

This guy just refused to go down for some reason.  No, he 
wasn't too difficult, it's just that this battle seemed to 
go on for a long time.. but then again, those are Persona 
encounters for you.

In any case, I casted Maha Maka Kaja as soon as the battle 
started, then I kept casting Ice Crush (Bufudyne, Zandyne, 
Diamond Dust) on Virocana, dealing 800+ points of damage per 
turn.  I had Hyperion use Triple Down and Ulala on backup 
with Izanami with Affectionate Prayer just in case anyone's 
HP ended up low.  I managed to get rid of Virocana, and it 
wasn't difficult at all, it was just an abnormally long 
battle for a Persona encounter.

Brief Summary- 

-Cast Maha Maka Kaja at the beginning of the fight.

-Keep casting Ice Crush, and keep Katsuya on Triple Down and 
Ulala on Affectionate Prayer.

-Use Izanami's Affectionate Prayer or Artemis's Mediarahan 
to heal anyone just in case anyone's Hp falls low.

Then there's another time and sanity saver:

Maya (MOON Artemis)
Katsuya (CUP Dagda)
Ulala (PREISTESS Izanami)
Baofu (HERMIT Tishtoriya)
Tatsuya (SUN Apollo)

Just cast Maelstrom.  That's it.  Easy enough... :P

Brief Summary-

-I don't think you'll be needing a brief summary for this 
battle.  Just cast Maelstrom and it's over.


7)  Lv. 78 EMPRESS Gaia

Description-  Greek goddess meaning "Earth."  Conceived many 
gods with Uranus.

Comment-  "Hmph!  Feel the Earth's wrath!"

Attacks-  Tetrakarn, Anger of the Earth, Rain of Arrows
Void-  Earth/Holy/Dark

Location:  Final area of Monado, "World of Conviction"

Your Level-  74+

Maya (STAR Fariedone)
Katsuya (JUSTICE Hyperion)
Ulala (STAR Astria)
Baofu (HANGED MAN Prometheus)
Tatsuya (SUN Apollo)

Easy.  Just cast Storm Nightmare.  (For the record, it's 
Wind-->Almighty-->Twinkle Nebula.)  

Brief Summary-

-Once again, I don't think you'll be needing a brief summary 
for this.

               6.  ((---RUMOR DEMONS---))

1) RUMOR Lv. 24 Tek-Tek
Comment- Tek tek...
HP- 192
Attacks- Maha Garula, Devil's Smile, Poisonous Scratch
Void: Holy/Dark/Mind/Nerve

Location:  3rd Floor of Kasuyagama High

Your Level: 23+

Maya (MOON Maia)
Katsuya (JUSTICE Mars)
Ulala (SWORD Kanshou)
Ellen/Nate (JUDGMENT Nike/HIEROPHANT Aizen/Myoo)
Baofu (HERMIT Tenhou Gensui)

Tek-Tek isn't tough at all.  (Just watch out for that Maha 
Garula spell.  It'll do damage if you're not careful.  Then 
again, that can be amended with Maia's Medirama or Mars's 
Media, so that's not really a big deal...)  Just cast a 
Fusion Spell (You'll probably have to use 2.  In any case, I 
used Tower Inferno.) and be on your way.  His low amount of 
HP is Tek-Tek's biggest weakness.

Brief Summary:

-Use a good Fusion Spell to dispatch Tek-Tek.

-If your HP ever gets low, use Maia's Media, Nike's Diarama, 
or Mars's Media spells if you have to.

You can give Evt./Tek-Tek's Name Tag to Pathetic Loser (the 
guy right outside of Kasuyagama High School) for a "Soma".


2a) RUMOR Lv. 32 Reiko Kashima
Comment- Ha ha ha...
Hp: 256
Attacks- Zandyne, Curse, Maha Mudo, Dark Baptism
Void: Holy/Dark/Mind/Nerve

Location:  Inside of the Sumaru TV Building (When Searching 
for Wang Long Chizuru)

Your Level: 27+

Maya (HERMIT Grinbulsti <switch> MOON Maia Custom)
Katsuya (HIEROPHANT Shaka)
Ulala (ROD Nankyoku Roujin)
Baofu (TOWER Kanaloa)
Ellen (JUDGMENT Nike)

Look out for Reiko's Curse spell, which hits everyone and 
will do some serious damage against anyone who's weak 
against Dark.  Even worser is Maha Mudo, which'll instantly 
kill anyone who's weak against Dark. (In this case, both 
cases can be applied to Ellen's Nike.)  Otherwise it's an 
easy battle, just use 1 to 2 Tower Infernos and move along.

Brief Summary:

-Use the Tower Inferno Fusion Spell to get rid of Reiko 

-Use Maia Custom's or Nankyoku Roujin's Pine Bamboo Plum 
spells if the party's HP ever gets low.

You can give Evt./Reiko's Umbrella to the Frightened 
Security Guard in the Sumaru TV Lobby Room for a "Incense 
Card Set".


Alright, everyone is going to have to give thanks to 
Frostylantern for giving me these strategies to dealing with 

2b) RUMOR Lv. 29 Tsuchinoko
Comment- Myu myuu...
Hp- 232
Attacks- Paralyzing Bite, Violent Rage, Bloodsuck, Retreat
Strong vs. Magic
Weak vs. Physical

Location:  Narumi Sewers

Level- Maya, Ulala, Katsuya, Baofu: Lv. 34 
       Nate: Lv. 28

Maya (MOON Pariker)
Ulala (STAR Heinir)
Katsuya (STRENGTH Ryume)
Baofu (DEATH Hel)
Nate (EMPEROR Marduk)

There's 2 strategies to dealing with Tsuchinoko:

Have Ulala and Nate use Twin Slash, and have everyone else 

Mary (HERMIT Grinbulsti)
Ulala (JUDGMENT Melschedec)
Katsuya (JUSTICE Mars)
Baofu (SWORD Kanshou)
Nate (EMPEROR Marduk)

The basic idea here is to have everyone use their most 
powerful sword magic.  The only 2 things you need to worry 
about are time and speed.  To reduce the time spent in 
battle, go to configuration and set the battles to "simple".  
This will forego animations and make battles in the sewer go 
faster.  Tsuchinoko often uses retreat, so it's most 
adviseable to defeat it in the first round before it gets a 
turn.  With the Personae I've suggested, there should be 
more than enough sword power to deal with Tsuchinoko.

For defeating Tsuchinoko, you get Evt./"Dead Tsuchinoko".

Here's some more Tsuchinoko information, from our guy Bo 

"When fighting the Tsuchinoko in the sewers, I wanted to 
kill it quickly and I didn't know about it's weakness 
against swords. So, just for the heck of it, I used the Maia 
persona's (I hadn't switched Maya's persona yet) 'Multi 
Dimension' spell against it to try to kill it instantly. 
Surprisingly, it worked! Also, you can take the Dead 
Tsuchinoko to one of the people walking in the Narumi area 
(maybe I spelled it wrong, but it's where the sewers/Science 
Lab are located) and you'll get an Item Breeder that 
duplicates a usable item." 

Thanks to Frostylantern and Bo Kurland for providing the 
information on Tsuchinoko!


3) RUMOR Lv. 47 100km/h Hag
Comment- I'm the fastest runner around!
Hp: 296
Attacks- Fata Morgana, Lightning Strike, Retreat
Void: Holy/Dark/Mind/Nerve

Location:  3rd Floor of the Seedy CD

Your Level- 37+

Maya (MOON Maia Custom)
Katsuya (EMPEROR Baal)
Ulala (STAR Heinir)
Baofu (CHARIOT Saiten Taisei)
Ellen/Nate (JUDGMENT Melschedec/HIEROPHANT Shaka)

Seeing that you can't use your Personae or spells on the 
upper floors of the Seedy CD building, I sure hope you have 
some Awaken G's to combat the Old Hag's Fata Morgana spell.  
This WILL screw up your entire strategy, and she'll 
eventually run off if you don't defeat her fast enough.  To 
make things short, you can only harm her with your  

Basically, I ate Shiraishi Lady's "Combo Plate" which can 
boost up your STR stat by 15+ points (!!) and coupled along 
with the latest weapons bought at Parabellum, I casted 
Estoma before I went into the Seedy CD and went straight to 
the 3rd Floor where I encountered her, and defeated her.  
Also, if you have any accessories that can increase your STR 
and AGI (EX: Falcon Choker) those will help out A LOT in 
this battle.

Brief Summary:

-Have a nice supply of Awaken G's to combat the Fata Morgana 

-Make sure you have the latest weapons.

-If you can, eat the Shirashi Lady's Combo Plate and equip  
some nice STR and AGI enhancing accessories on hand.

You can defeat her for her Evt./"High Speed Title", then you 
can trade it in to Ixquic who's in the 1st Floor of the 
Seedy CD for an "Incense Set".


4a) RUMOR Lv. 45 Blue Cape 
Comment: Is Blue Goood?!
Hp- 360
Attacks- Maka Kaja, Fear Torrent, Heat Wave, Level Trap
Absorb:  Water/Ice
Weak:  Fire/Nuclear

Location:  Cruise Ship Nichirinmaru (Ellen's Quest)

Your Level- 43+

Maya (MOON Maia Custom)
Katsuya (PENTACLE Yebisu)
Ulala (HERMIT Genbu)
Baofu (DEVIL Surt)
Ellen (PENTACLE Peri)

I defeated this demon so fast it was a joke.  Just cast 
Meltdown and be on your way.

Brief Summary:

-I don't think you really need a brief summary.  That's how 
easy this guy is.  :P

After you defeat him, you can trade his Evt./"Blue Cape" in 
to the Tourist in Narumi for a dress called "Woman Powered", 
one of the best armors for women in the game.


And here's a piece of very important info, from Katman:

"You say that the Blue Cape is easy - it is, but both it and 
another boss (as I remember it was some form of Nyarlie or 
another...) use a nasty, nasty spell called Level Trap. 
People have said stuff about it having some strange 
algorithm for damage - as far as I can tell, it's a LOT of 
damage, calculated to EVERYONE. Not to mention the instant 
death that's also tagged along with it...It's a good idea to 
kill the Blue Cape FAST."
Thanks to Katman for pointing this out.  I'm surprised I 
missed this.  o_0


4b)  RUMOR Lv. 46 Red Cape
Comment- Red is cool!
Hp- 368
Attacks- Taru Kaja, Inferno, Heat Wave, Level Trap
Absorb:  Fire/Nuclear
Weak:  Water/Ice

Location:  Cruise Ship Nichirinmaru (Nate's Quest)

Your Level- 43+

Maya (MOON Maia Custom)
Katsuya (JUSTICE Nata)
Ulala (LOVERS Vivian)
Baofu (DEVIL Surt)
Nate (PENTACLE Peri)

Cast Vain Splash.  End of story.

Brief Summary:

-Ditto for the Red Cape.

After defeating him, you can trade in his Evt./"Red Cape" to 
the Tourist in Narumi for the "Soshu Masamune", one of the 
best swords for Nate/Tatsuya in the game.


5)  RUMOR Lv. 50 200km/h Fogey
Comment:  I'm the fastest runner in the world!
Hp- 400
Attacks- Magdyne, Curse, Lightning Strike
Void: Holy/Dark/Mind/Nerve

Location:  5th Floor of Seedy CD

Your Level- 48+

Maya (MOON Maia Custom)
Katsuya (PENTACLE Yebisu)
Ulala (HERMIT Genbu)
Baofu (DEVIL Surt)
Ellen/Nate (PENTACLE Peri)

The strategy is almost similar to the 100km/h Hag, but a 
little different.  His attacks don't really pose too much of 
a threat.  The only thing different from this and the Old 
Hag is tha the Fogey doesn't have Fata Morgana, so that's 
good... look at the Old Hag's strategy to get the overall 

Brief Summary:

-Look at the 100km/h Hag's strategy to get the overall idea.  

After defeating him, you can trade in his Evt./"High Speed 
Title" to Ixquic who's in the 1st Floor of the Seedy CD for 
a "Legenbright".


6) RUMOR Lv. 41 Mussie 
Comment: Ghaa!
Hp- 328
Attacks- Blizzard Breath, Photon Cannon, Petrifying Glare
Void: Mind/Nerve
Weak: Lightning

Location:  Mu Continent's Contest Area

Your Level- 50+

Maya (MOON Maia Custom)
Katsuya (EMPEROR Indra)
Ulala (PENTACLE Peri)
Baofu (ROD Nodens)
Tatsuya (SUN Apollo)

Just have Katsuya and Ulala cast the "Lightning Blast" 
Fusion Spell, then it's all over.  Mussie didn't even have a 
chance to attack...

Brief Summary:

-Cast the Fusion Spell "Lightning Blast" to finish Mussie.

Once you defeat it, you can trade in the item Evt./"Mussie's 
Fang" to the Security Guard in the Mu Continent lobby for an 
Agility Source.


7)  RUMOR Lv. 63 Kudan
Comment- More...More, tell MORE rumors!  Give me more life!"
Attacks- Diarama, High Pressure, Circular Reasoning, 
Strong:  Magic
Weak:  Physical

Location: 6th Area of Kasuyagama High Cursed Bomb Shelter

Your Level:  60+

Maya (MOON Artemis)
Ulala (PRIESTESS Izanami)
Katsuya (JUSTICE Nata)
Baofu (HANGED MAN Prometheus)
Tatsuya (SUN Apollo)

Although Kudan is basically a pushover, there's this one 
attack that he has that'll have you scream and throw your 
controller against the wall- Prophecy.  No, it's not an 
attack that takes away your HP, it's something a little 
worser than that:  You know all of the Personae you 
currently have equipped on you?  Well, their rank goes right 
back 1.

The main strategy here is to get rid of him ASAP.  As you 
may already know, he's weak against attacks.  So, I had 
Ulala and Katsuya cast the Fusion Spell "Maha Taru Kaja", 
then I had everyone attack normally.  Maya, Baofu, and 
Tatsuya each dealt 200+ points of damage to Kudan.  Seeing 
that he only has 504 Hp, he was dead after Tatsuya took his 
turn.  Kudan was only able to cast the High Pressure spell 
on me.

Brief Summary:

-Cast the Fusion Spell "Maha Taru Kaja" (For the record, 
it's Taru Kaja->Affectionate Prayer) to cast Taru Kaja on 
everyone.  (Duh)

-Have everyone attack normally, with their weapons.  The 3 
members who didn't participate in the Fusion Spell should 
deal 200+ points of damage to Kudan, and after the 3 person 
takes his/her turn, Kudan should be down.

For winning the battle, you get Evt./Kudan's Head.  Give to 
Yasuo on the 4th Floor of Kasu High to get 3 of a few of the 
best accessories in the game:  The Mutation Gear, Syncronize 
Gear, and Adjustment Gear.
And here's a strategy for dealing with Kudan, from Katman:

"To beat Kudan, go summon some wussy Personae, and when you 
find the rotter do a quick P.Change to them - he'll use 
Prophecy the first turn, die, and you've lost nothing. I 
devised this strategy after losing Rank-8 Apollo before 
seeing Nova Cyther for the first time..." 
Thanks to Katman for pointing this out!  This is a helluva 
lot better, in terms of saving sanity and repelling 


8)  RUMOR Lv. 52 Haunted Taxi
Comment:  (Unable to Contact)
Hp- 416
Attacks- Tackle, Radical Powerslide
Void:  Holy/Dark/Mind/Nerve
Weak:  Lightning

Location:  Mu Continent's Contest Area

Your Level- 64+

I've come up with 2 strategies when it comes to the Haunted 

Maya (MOON Artemis)
Katsuya (JUSTICE Hyperion)
Ulala (STAR Astria)
Baofu (HANGED MAN Prometheus)
Tatsuya (SUN Apollo)

Now that you've seen the Personae, you can probably guess 
what I'm going to recommend:  Dragon Cross. (Wiseman Snap, 
Twinkle Nebula, Crescent Mirror, Justice Shot, and Nova 
Cyther)  Just use that to deal 1000+ points of damage to 

Maya (MOON Artemis)
Katsuya (JUSTICE Hyperion)
Ulala (PENTACLE Peri)
Baofu (HANGED MAN Prometheus)
Tatusya (EMPEROR Indra)

Use either Lightning Crush or Lightning Blast to get rid of 
him.  Overall, the Haunted Taxi is easy.  If you want, you 
can sit there and wait for him to do a funny attack called 
'Radical Powerslide', and... well, you just have to see it 
for yourself.  Let's just say you get kicked out of the 
battle.  BTW, I don't think you'll be needing a Brief 
Summary for this.

For defeating the Haunted Taxi, you get Evt./"Haunted Taxi 
Hat".  Trade it in to Fuyuko in the Lobby for an Akashic 


That's it!

               7.  ((---OTHER STUFF---))


Archaeopteryx- For giving me the go ahead on using his 
strategy (which was better than mine, anyway) and for 
creating a kick ass FAQ.

Frostylantern- For reminding me to put in the items you 
receive when you defeat rumor demons, as well as the items 
you get when you trade them in.  Not only that, but he's 
given me the Tsuchinoko data, too.  Thank him, people!  (My 
apologies for the name mix-up, I could've sworn that your 
name was Steve. >_<)

Enki- For pointing out that the MOON Pariker Persona are 
void to all attacks, and is helpful during certain boss 

Alessar- For giving me a couple of very nice points, for the 
Old Maid and Joker Ulala.

Jesse James- Well, for giving me the idea to write this FAQ. 

Christian- For suggesting that I add the locations of the 
Rumor demons and the Persona encounters.

Johnsgs and Il-Dana-  For providing me with some more info 
on the Old Maid attack.

B4 TND- For giving me some nice info when it comes to 
dealing with the JUSTICE Nata demon.

Katman- For being a very generous and excellent contributor 
for this FAQ.  Major props.  

Bo Kurland- For some more Tsuchinoko tactics, and where to 
turn in Evt./Dead Tsuchinoko for a Item Breeder.

Cozy Okada, Kazuma Kaneko, and Atlus R&D 1 for creating 
another kick ass Megami Tensei game. 

And finally, to anyone and everyone who read and benefited 
from this FAQ.

         8. ((---COPYRIGHTS---))

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment is property of Atlus, 2000.

(c) 2001, by Sasoriza.  All rights reserved.  All versions 
of this FAQ will be given to the sites that I say can use 
them.  Don't sell this FAQ, as it is free to the public.  If 
I do give you permission to have this FAQ on your site, 
don't edit this FAQ in any way.

"Life is like a painting... you paint over a blank canvas 
called the future by living."

                 -Demon Artist