Extra Dungeon Guide by Yushiro

Version: 1.43 | Updated: 08/16/02 | Printable Version


                          Extra (EX) Dungeon Guide


                              P E R S O N A   2  :

                     E t e r n a l    P u n i s h m e n t


                              Written by Yushiro

                       Contact : yushiro@animedream.org

                               Version : 1.43

                       Last Updated : August 16, 2002



I. Introduction
II. Information and Tips
   A. Pre-EX Dungeon
   B. Features of the EX Dungeon
      1. What carries over from previous save in game proper
      2. Accommodations in and layout of the EX Dungeon
      3. Nate and Ellen
      4. EX Dungeon-exclusive Personae
         + Gabriel
         + Alfred
         + Azazel
   C. After EX-Dungeon
      1. Rank and Time
      2. Special Options
      3. Replayability
III. EX Dungeon Guide
   a. Introduction to guide
   A. 1-A : "Desert Temple"
   B. 1-D : "Green Run"
   C. 2-A : "Zodiac Revisited"
   D. 2-C : "Angel Caves"
   E. 1-A : "Room of Seal"
      + Route through pillars
   F. 1-B : "Subway of Misfortune"
   G. 2-B : "Persona Factory"
   H. 1-C : "MASKISM Forest"
      + Jizo Tablet Solution
   I. Midway Point
   J. 3-B : "Sumaru Castle Revisited"
      + Solutions to Persona Quiz
   K. Past Seventh
      + How to put out the fire
   L. Past 3-A : "Trial of Separation"
   M. Fourth Floor : Chamber of Philemon
      + Endboss Data
      + Endboss Strategy
IV. Analyze Demon Data
   + Arranged according to Tarot Arcanum as seen in the in-game menu
V. Extra Info
   A. Complete Script
   B. Evil Phone Quotes
   C. EX Dungeon Persona-Talk
   D. EX Dungeon-exclusive Event Items
VI. Conclusion
   A. Version History
   B. Credits
   C. Disclaimer


I. Introduction

This is a guide for the Extra (EX) Dungeon mode available in Persona 2
: Eternal Punishment. Note that I said "guide" and not walkthru.  This
guide will not go through each section step by step (except to include
a quick route to finish, for breaking time records) nor include maps,
but is rather meant to be a reference tool for those playing the EX
Dungeon, a source of information for those who are inexhaustibly stuck
on a certain event, or a "sneak preview" for those who are wondering if
the EX Dungeon is worth the second play-thru required to unlock it
(which of course I believe it is). To be honest, this guide is mostly
for my benefit, but I figured I might as well share what I know. Heck,
the EX Dungeon is so easy I doubt anyone will use this for the guide!

For those who don't know, the EX Dungeon is a special mode of gameplay
that is opened up after both the Nate and Ellen paths are completed in
the game proper via the Restart option. The "game complete" data for
BOTH routes must be present on at least one save file for the mode to

Finally, and most importantly, I HIGHLY SUGGEST THAT YOU COMPLETE (or
attempt to complete) THE EX DUNGEON ON YOUR OWN FIRST. It will be far
more enjoyable if you don't abuse the intent of this guide (and nothing
in the dungeon is so overtly hard you cannot complete it yourself).
INFORMATION. You have been warned! (This is the part I wanted you to
read.) However, each section should be independent enough that you may
read one section with out it spoiling another section, be it in the
guide or in the section preceding the guide explaining how the EX
Dungeon works.


II. Information and Tips

The following section is merely information I have learned over the
course of my experience with P2:EP. Anyone who plays the game will most
likely pick up on most of this, but it is provided nonetheless. It's
basically an explanation of how the Extra Dungeon works and what you
can expect to find inside.


A. Pre-EX Dungeon

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that the EX Dungeon is
COMPLETETLY independent from the game proper. There are many things in
the game that are not available in EX (i.e. Weapon and Armor stores,
casino, Bomb Shelter, ect.). Before moving on to EX, you should stock
up on any weapons, armor, Spell/Incense/Material Cards, items you may
want in EX (including extra weapons and armor for Nate and Ellen). You
should also complete any events you may want to do including : forging
Legendary Weapons, gathering rare personae (encounters and material
cards; you can get the modifications in EX), Magazine Sweepstakes,
completing Analyze data, ect., ect.. Lastly, maxing levels and stats is
a somewhat long process in the game, but I suggest biting the bullet
and doing it in the game as opposed to EX. There are demons in the EX
Dungeon that give high amounts of EXP, but maxing the characters' stats
is somewhat difficult in EX, as the best source for maxing stats, ALL
Incenses, are an uncommon find in the dungeon. The best source of ALL
Incenses is the Fortune demon Fenrir, commonly found in Monado and the
Bomb Shelter, Area 8. While Fenrir is in the EX Dungeon he is a rather
uncommon (but by no means rare) encounter. Just my suggestion.

A few things I suggest you pick up before moving on : Police Gloves
(as many as possible), mutation/synchronize/adjustment gear, Material
Cards from the Casino (just in case you want to use one later), Golden
Honey (from Bomb Shelter, Area 4), Silver Manshia (if you can get
any), Devil's Capote (if you don't want to wait 30 sec between each
battle), and as many ALL Incenses as you can for Nate and Ellen. Also,
get a lot of Precious Eggs from the Casino as they are the best source
of SP recovery in EX. Use a turbo controller on the slots if you need
to and blow all your coins (you lose them when you end the game, so
you might as well use them).

Bring any personae you want, but be sure to at least have the material
cards for ones you can't get in EX (Lucifer, Satan, Alice, the others
in Mu Continent). Some I highly suggest having include : Lucifer,
Satan, Alice, Vishnu, Siva, Gaia, Virocana, and Michael.

All I'm saying is be prepared and complete the game before you commit
yourself to the EX Dungeon.


B. Features of the EX Dungeon


1. What carries over from previous save in game proper

Essentially, everything except Analyze Demon data carries over to the
EX Dungeon. This includes : Character levels and stats, Personae
equipped/carrying/in storage/available for summoning, Items (Weapons,
Armor, Normal Items, Event Items, all cards), Yen, and Analyze Persona
and Fusion data. Also, the levels and stats you achieved for Nate or
Ellen in your previous game will carry over, along with their starter
personae; Nike and Aizen Myouou. Please also note, that for all intents
and purposes, your Analyze Demon data for the game proper is GONE! For
more on this, see section II.C.3.


2. Accommodations in and layout of the EX Dungeon

The EX Dungeon is made up to look like Seven Sisters High School (the
very first dungeon) and is called EX Seventh. It has the same floor
plan, but you cannot access the bike rack area, the courtyard, the
teacher's lounge or the principal's office. In place of the Janitor's
Room is Trish's Fountain, and where the exit is supposed to be, there
is a Velvet Room, where you start. The teacher's lounge is replaced by
the Mysterious Door. Lastly, in place of the bell tower is The Chamber
of Philemon. Also, initially, you will not be able to access most of the
dungeon due to fires blocking your way. Most (not all) will be
extinguished as you progress (and some new ones will pop up). The
dungeon is divided into nine separate smaller dungeons accessible
through the classroom doors (labeled 1-A through 3-D, though you will
not enter all of the classrooms).

The Velvet Room operates as normal, as does Trish's, with some minor
adjustments. Trish, with her infinite business savvy, has a monopoly on
recovery and items in EX Seventh. Thus, you pay five times what you
would pay at Satomi Tadashi for items and recovery costs 30,000 Yen. <I
told you to stock up, didn't I!> Regardless, money is not really an
object here, so go nuts. These are the only two things you will ever
spend money on, except for one event later on. I've included a table
of Trish's items.

Trish's Fountain / Item Store
(in Yen)
Recovery :          30,000
Medicine :             500
Gala-Gala Drink :    2,500
Gem :               10,000
Snuff Soul :         2,000
Chewing Soul :       7,500
Ball of Returning :  8,000
Incense of Life :   44,000
Antidote :           1,000
Sedative :           1,000
Awaken G :           1,750
Lucky Bag :          1,500

Also, if you own any Legendary Weapons, you can ask ANY demon in the EX
dungeon for info and they will be able to spread rumors about changing
the nature of Legendary Weapons. Also, the previous nature of a
Legendary Weapon will carry over to the EX Dungeon (i.e. if you bring
in a Victory sword, it won't revert to a Legendary Sword).

Although you are not able to manipulate the "Rumor Spells" for certain
personae, if you attached any of the spells to a persona in the game,
the spell will carry over to the EX Dungeon.

The clock has been reset to 0:00:00 (a great relief for those
who maxed out the clock in the game - easier to tell files apart).

Lastly, and most importantly, YOU CAN ONLY SAVE IN THE HALLWAYS, THE
VELET ROOM, AND TRISH'S. You cannot save at any point in any of the
smaller sub-dungeon.


3. Nate and Ellen

As you no doubt have guessed, you are able to choose your party from
anybody you wish. Ulala, Katsuya, Baofu, Tatsuya, Nate and Ellen will
all be in the Velvet room. To add or remove a member, simply go up to
them and talk; if there are five people in the party, you will be
prompted to replace one. An interesting feature is that you can also
have FEWER than five people by telling someone in your party to stay in
the Velvet Room. In fact, you could play with Maya alone!

Now, having access to Nate and Ellen raises certain quirks. First,
their levels are most likely pitifully low (for me, Nate was at ~40 and
Ellen at 20). Thankfully, leveling them up is no sweat in Past 3-A
(they'll gain several levels per battle for a while). Their levels
are determined by who you used. If your last game was Nate's route,
he will be at whatever level he was when he left your party and Ellen
will be at 20. Vice versa for Ellen and Nate will be at 22.

Second, being able to control the number of party members, I have made
an observation about EXP gaining. The amount of EXP gained PER PARTY
MEMBER is always the same (i.e. if you gain 7,000 EXP/character with
five party members, you will gain 7,000 EXP/character with two party
members). So unfortunately, as it was in the game proper, to have a
certain party member gain more/all of the EXP, you MUST kill off the
other party members. Of course, this is easier as you can go into
battle with two members and only have to kill off one character
(presumably Maya, who is ALWAYS in your party, no exceptions), but you
will gain relatively fewer EXP than if you killed of all four members
(only one person contributing their EXP, instead of four).

Third, unless you're unwilling to part with Nike and Aizen Myouou, you
now have two extra storage spaces for personae! Carry (10) + Velvet
Room Stock (24) + Nate and Ellen (2) = Grand Total of 36

Fourth, you are now able to use Nate, Ellen and Tatsuya in contacts in
conjunction with each other. However, for each contact, the first
person you select will first tell the other people selected that he/she
will "do it alone" and will do their own contact as normal (as if they
had gone alone). You can also use each of the three in the normal
contacts that were available in the game while they were in your party
(i.e. Maya + Ulala + Ellen or Katsuya + Tatsuya) but if you use more
than one of the "variable" characters, it will revert to scenario
described previously. The novelty of it all wears off quickly since
nothing new really happens. In fact, the only interesting thing about
this is the contact description seen in the in-battle menu, which is
provided below.

If you use only Nate and Ellen (in no particular order) you'll see:
"Finally able to be in the same party at the Extra Dungeon."

If you use Nate or Ellen with Tatsuya you'll see:
"In the same party for the first time at the Extra Dungeon."

If you use two "variable" party members in any three member contact
you'll see:
"Combination only seen in the Extra Dungeon."

Fifth, although I have not found any persona-specfic Fusion spells only
available in the EX Dungeon, there are two normal spells which you
could not previously access that you will be able to : Lightning Jihad
and Ice Jihad. The two spells required to cast these Fusions, Guardian
Hammer and Release Jail, are only seen on the Alfred and Gabriel
personae, both of whom are only available in the EX Dungeon (so,
technically, they are persona-specific...). Their data is below.

Ice Jihad
Ice->Almighty->Release Jail
Huge Damage to all enemies

Lightning Jihad
Lightning->Almighty->Guardian Hammer
Huge Damage to all enemies


4. EX Dungeon-exclusive personae

There are 3 personae that are only available in the EX Dungeon and
unfortunately, this is the only place you can use them (they cannot
transfer to the game proper). They are Gabriel, Alfred, and Azazel.
Gabriel and Alfred are summoned via Material cards found in the
dungeon. Azazel is summoned via a Material card that you must obtain
through Persona-Talk. Complete Analyze Data, along with some extra
information, is provided below.

On a side note, the Judgment persona Michael is one that you will most
likely be able to use for the first time in the EX Dungeon, though he
is not exclusive to the EX Dungeon. Only Ellen can use him, but he is
level 83, far higher than you were likely at when Ellen left your


Tarot Arcanum : Judgment
Level : 76
Level-Up Bonus : TEC + 1
SP Usage : 45

STR : 66    At. :  256  --maxed stats-->  373
VIT : 55    Df. :  241  ----"-----"---->  373
TEC : 71    MAt. : 202  ----"-----"---->  258
AGI : 61    MDf. : 204  ----"-----"---->  296
LUC : 68

No Elemental
Void : Ice/Holy; Weak : Nuclear/Darkness

Spells : Aquadyne             Refresh Ring
         Divine Judgment      Summon Spirit
         Recarm Dora          Release Jail
         <Spell Card>         Heat Wave (Mutation)

Personality :     Arg.
Comment :         The only female angel of high order.

Summoning Quote : "I'm the archangel of promise and atonement. As
                  my equal, you, too, shall receive my title. Let me
                  join you and rid the world of sin."

How to Summon :   To summon Gabriel, you must obtain her Material
                  Card "Lily" in 2-A, B4 of the EX Dungeon. She may then
                  be summoned in the Velvet Room for 304 Judgment
                  Tarot cards.

Unknown Ability : When the persona user dies, the persona resurrects
                  the user to full HP.

Rank 8 Return :   Sacrifice Card
Morph :           Does not obtain modification ability.
Note :            ELLEN USE ONLY


Tarot Arcanum : Hierophant
Level : 75
Level-Up Bonus : STR + 1
SP Usage : 45

STR : 56    At. :  243  --maxed stats-->  372
VIT : 54    Df. :  237  ----"-----"---->  372
TEC : 72    MAt. : 204  ----"-----"---->  258
AGI : 63    MDf. : 207  ----"-----"---->  296
LUC : 66

No Elemental
Void : Wind/Lightning/Holy/Mind/Nerve

Spells : Zandyne              Hypnotic Wave
         Rain of Arrows       Diarahan
         Mahanma              Guardian Hammer
         <Spell Card>         Makarakarn (Mutation)

Personality :     Wise
Comment :         Nate's butler. He still looks after him, even after

Summoning Quote : "Ah, young master! I'm so glad to be able to serve
                  you again! I, Alfred, will defeat anyone who would
                  stand in your way!"

How to Summon :   To summon Alfred, you must obtain his Material Card
                  "Amber Eyeglasses" in 2-C, 1F of the EX Dungeon. He
                  may then be summoned in the Velvet Room for 225
                  Hierophant Tarot cards.

Unknown Ability : When the persona user dies, the persona resurrects
                  the user to full HP.

Rank 8 Return :   Recovery Card
Morph :           Does not obtain modification ability.
Note :            NATE USE ONLY


Tarot Arcanum : Hanged Man
Level : 90
Level-Up Bonus : LUC + 1
SP Usage : 52

STR : 75    At. :  315  --maxed stats-->  387
VIT : 71    Df. :  303  ----"-----"---->  387
TEC : 74    MAt. : 220  ----"-----"---->  270
AGI : 72    MDf. : 220  ----"-----"---->  296
LUC : 67

Earth Elemental
Absorb : Magic; Void : Mind/Nerve

Spells : Heat Wave            Devil's Smile
         Trial of Darkness    Hypnotic Wave
         Anger of the Earth   Guillotine Fake
         <Spell Card>         Chaos Element (Mutation)

Personality :     Blf.
Comment :         Wild, desert demon. Scapegoat of the Old Testament.

Summoning Quote : "Hmm...You're my type of woman. I'll teach you how
                  to show off your beauty...Once you've succumbed,
                  you will be mine..."

How to Summon :   To summon Azazel, you must initiate persona-talk
                  between the Hanged Man personae Shax, Barbatos, and
                  Adramelech with the Hanged Man demon Azazel found in
                  Past 3-A of the EX Dungeon. The personae will
                  immediately rise up and speak with Azazel upon their
                  first encounter. After Adramelech speaks with Azazel,
                  he will give you his Material Card "Black Goat" and
                  may be summoned for 360 Hanged Man Tarot cards.

Unknown Ability : When the persona user dies, persona will annihilate
                  all enemies.

Rank 8 Return :   ALL Incense Card
Morph :           Does not obtain modification ability.
NOTE :            After obtaining the Material Card "Black Goat" the
                  encounter rate of the Azazel demon in Past 3-A drops
                  to 0.


C. After EX Dungeon


1. Rank and Time

After you defeat the final boss of the EX Dungeon, you will be given
a rank and be told the time it took you to complete the EX Dungeon this
round (including the time it took to fight the last boss). The highest
rank you can get is Rank S, followed by Rank A. I suppose there are
more going down, but I do not know what they are. I would guess it to
be Rank S-A-B-C-D-E... as far down as it goes. Rank is determined by
the time it took you to complete EX, so obviously, the less time the
better the rank. S rank however, is special as you must complete the
game in under 8 hours and you must collect all of the butterflies (3).
The better your rank, the more special bonuses that unlock in the
Velvet Room.

I determined that Rank S is 8 hours, but finding out the rest will be
harder as it could be anything from 8-100. Someday I'll go hour by
hour to determine the number of ranks and their hours (not that ANYONE
should get less than Rank A; I spent 18 hours in the EX once and still
got Rank A, I'm sure everyone will be able to manage at least that).
But not anytime soon...

Ver. 1.3 Note: I discovered why I got Rank A at 18 hours. If you manage
to collect all of the butterflies, but don't finish in 8 hours, you
automatically get Rank A, no matter how much time you spend in the
round. So, still, I don't see how in the world anyone should get less
than Rank A. If you spend so much time in EX to warrant getting Rank
B, you should have been able to collect the butterflies, defaulting you
to Rank A.


2. Special Options

Upon completing the Extra Dungeon, you will be allowed to add "End
Game Data" to one of your save files, just like you already have with
the Nate and Ellen pictures. Now you get a little Jack Frost picture.
The game checks for this data and when you choose the EX Dungeon option
again and use the save file with the Jack Frost picture on it, two new
options are will be available in the Velvet Room. They are accessed
by talking to Igor and Nameless, and then selecting the talk option.

First, Igor can now call up people on an "evil phone" and you can hear
some rather...odd answering messages of certain characters (along with
the voice acting of each character). Depending on what rank you got,
more or less will be open. They're quite hilarious. You NEED to hear
them. I've included the full list at the end, but seeing the words
doesn't do the messages justice.

The other new option is that Nameless will play all of the anime/CG
movies. Again, they unlock depending upon what rank you got. Since I
cannot provide dialogue for the movies, the listing of the movies is

===Memory 1======================   ===Memory 2========================
Title Loop        Opening           Firey Escape      Crash Landing
Unconsciouses     Maya's Decision   Joker Machine     Nichirinmaru
                                    Submarine Escape
===Memory 3======================
Ameno Torifune    Earth Dragon
Monado            Reset

If you attempt to see a movie that is locked, Nameless will say, "What
memory is that? I must know that first."


3. Replayability

The EX Dungeon has MASSIVE replayability in several areas : playing
around with the battle system, leveling up and using Nate and Ellen,
increasing your rank, and my favorite, TIME RECORDS! C'mon are you
fired up!? I'm fired up too! Yeeeeeooooooow!! Fire!! My records
are below! C'mon try and beat me! <end bad Chupiler imitation> But
truly, the EX Dungeon is best for playing around with and
experimenting with the battle system. So enjoy it!

Oh, by the way, ABSOULETLY everything carries over to your next
round in the EX Dungeon except for the EX-exclusive Event Items
(for obvious reasons).

===My Records===================
1. Fastest time Ever :              00:58:47
2. Fastest time without :           00:58:47
   getting the butterflies
3. Fastest time with :              01:11:01
   getting the butterflies
4. Fastest time in 1-D :            1:14

If anyone can beat mine, I'll gladly post them in the next update for
all to marvel at. Oh yes, I used Estoma in 1-3.

===Maya Only Round==============

Well, I have played EX with Maya only and removed it from the Time
Records section. I removed it because time is not a factor in doing
it with one character; how well you manage to stay alive is. And that's
all it was basically: trying to stay alive. Most of the random enemies
aren't hard with just Maya, but you take a lot of damage, as you are
the only target. So, all you have to do is use Mediarahan when you
get low on HP and your set for another five to ten minutes. However,
there are a few demons who pose a serious threat to Maya's livelihood.
Zombies for one. Kamikaze Charge is an instant game over. The Alices'
Another Dimension is another game over (but not 100% like the Zombies).
Mephistopheles is essentially game over, because most any status effect
you get will paralyze you from acting for the battle, allowing Angra
Mainu to finish you off. So, what did I come up with? RUN AWAY! Retreat,
Trafuri, and Seeds of Escape. It's cowardly, but I managed to survive.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to complete the EX Dungeon with only
Maya. You need to use Ulala and Ellen to put out the fire and you need
four other characters to open all of the doors in Past 3-A. So, I had
all of the other characters defend while I had to have them and got
rid of them as soon as possible. If Maya was killed in battle, I
considered it Game Over and restarted from my last save. This can't
compensate for not being able to do EX with just Maya, but it is the
best I could come up with.

Now, the real challenge of a Maya alone round - fighting the endboss.
Again, it is just trying to stay alive, but I found a way that makes
Maya practically invincible. Use Azazel. She only takes damage from
physical attacks and any spell cast on Maya is absorbed to heal any
damage taken. For attacking, use the Mutation spell Chaos Element to
do anywhere from 100-800 damage each round. The boss did knock Maya
critical a few times, but that was easily solved by Mediarahan or
by absorbing a magic spell. She is only normally compatible with him,
so use an Adjustment Gear and you will likely need to refill SP two
or three times (use a Soma).

Didn't quite provide the satisfaction I thought it would. It was
somewhat challenging, but not to the point I feared for Game Over
(except for instant kill spells).

===Starter Personae Round=======

This round was even more disappointing than Maya only. Using only
starter persona (cannot use Tatsuya and Apollo), all that changed
was that the battles took longer (as you do less damage with
weaker spells) and you took more damage (as the starter persona
have VERY low stats).

The endboss battle was the same as the random battles except it
took longer and the party took more damage. But again, no real
threat of Game Over.

===First Save in Game Round=====

After those two rounds, I decided to try playing the EX Dungeon
using the very first save possible in the game proper (in Kismet).
HA, was that a mistake! I got killed by two Ratatosks in my first
battle! It is conceivable to complete the EX Dungeon with the first
save possible, but you would obviously need to level up. All of the
characters will be at the levels they would normally be at when they
join you. So Baofu is about the same as Maya, Ellen and Nate are at
about 20, and Tatsuya is at about 54. Conceivable, but difficult (or
rather, tedious level building).

===EX Dungeon Restart===========

Now, when you want to start a new round of the game proper using a
save from the EX Dungeon (which you can do), a couple of things are
modified from the way the worked with your first restart. First, your
Analyze Demon Data for the game is gone, but you now have your Demon
Data from EX Seventh. All demons you had in that data will be shown in
your new game, including the Rumor and Masquer arcana, as well as the
unique demons like Metal Guru, Yog-Sothoth, and Angra Mainu. The only
thing that changes in the new data is that normal enemies that were
modified for the EX Dungeon revert to their old state (i.e. from Lvl. 61
Slime to Lvl. 1). Their data will be on par with whatever you had in
EX (if you had Rare Item, you have it here, if you had stats, you have
the original ones here, ect.).

If you were to begin a restart game from your last save file from the
game, everything would transfer as normal (Analyze data, Tarot Cards,
cards registered at Time Castle, results of menu items, Carma Ring).
HOWEVER, if you use a save from the EX Dungeon for your next game,
you LOSE the registration for all the cards at the Time Castle and the
menu items (food, aromatherapy, treatments) are now unknown.

I don't know if anything else changes in the game later on, as I have
not yet begun a third game (hopefully a "Perfect" game) and travelled
far into it. I hope you can meet the EX-exclusive demons and personae
in the game in the Bomb Shelter or something, but I seriously doubt it.
When I fully start a third round of the game, I will post any new
findings here, if there are any.


III. EX Dungeon Guide


a. Introduction to the guide

Each section of the guide will contain several parts : Items to Get,
Encounter Type, Enemies Encountered, Number of Floors, Quick Route to
Finish, and Notes. Certain sections may also contain additional parts
concerning a specific aspect of a puzzle/task.

I have given a name to each section of the guide to make
differentiating between sections easier. Each name should be fairly
simple and should describe the dungeon well enough that one can easily
find the section desired without going through all of them.

I don't go too in-depth into the layout of the dungeon or battle
tactics against random enemies because it should all be straight
forward and fairly easy. Anyone with characters around level 70
should not have any major difficulties with the EX Dungeon; and you
will more than likely level up a bit in here. This guide is also going
on the assumption that you know what you're doing and know how to play
the game fairly well.


A. 1-A : "Desert Temple"

Items to Get :          None
Encounter Type :        Random Battle
Enemies Encountered :   Lvl. 61 Ghost (Devil)
                        Lvl. 61 Slime (Tower)
                        Lvl. 62 Pixie (Lovers)
                        Lvl. 62 Poltergeist (Devil)
                        Lvl. 63 Guzfan (Hanged Man)
                        Lvl. 63 Nightmare (Moon)
                        Lvl. 64 Ratatosk (Hermit)
                        Lvl. 64 Zombie Schoolgirl (Zombie)
Number of Floors :      3 (1F, B1, B2)

Quick Route to Finish : 1. Go North and all the way West to down stairs.
                        2. Go up all the way and slightly West to up
                        3. Go East and then South to moving sand.
                        4. Go North to down stairs.
                        5. Go South and all the way East to down
                        6. Go straight up past moving sand to Vortex of

Notes :

Once you are done prepping in the Velvet room, head out into EX
Seventh. You'll notice that most classrooms and all of the staircases
are blocked by fires. You can only access the Velvet Room, a Trish's
Fountain to the extreme northeast and your first stop, 1-A.

Welcome to the first part of the EX Dungeon. Your first task
is to find the Vortex of Light in this simple half-maze. It should be
fairly simple to map the dungeon without any threat of getting lost or
being forced to do major back tracking. Once you find it (you'll know
it when you see it) just step in and Philemon will open a new section
for you; 1-D. There is also a "Room of Seal" on B2 which is "locked by
strange power" that you'll come back too (don't freak over it right
now...like I did).

The first thing you'll notice about the battles is that you are
fighting demons that were previously at low levels (1-4) but are now
in the 60's. The demons in EX have been slightly modified from the
game; they have improved levels, stats, spells, and give higher EXP and
Yen. However, contact methods and items dropped (including Tarot Cards)
remain the same. Section IV of the guide has full analyze data for each
demon and more. Considering you should be at fairly high levels, the
battles should be no problem. I found that they make good "Fusion
fodder" for using one-hit kill Fusions to get mutations and max out
stats for your personae. Or, you can use Estoma to rush through to the
next section.

If you forge contracts and "Ask for Info," two things will happen.
First, you'll get a rumor about a shrine, no matter who you talk to
(provided below). This is a reference to the "Room of Seal" which you
won't be able to access for a little while. Second, you'll be able to
use rumors that change the nature of the Legendary Weapons.
Unfortunately, it seems that you cannot use the rumors that add the
rumor spells to certain demons/persona (i.e. Ultra Frelia, ect.).

"Shrine Rumor" : I like to play hide and seek!
                 I wonder if human kids like it too...
                 I hide behind the "Shrine" a lot!
                 That place is hard to find!
                 Well then, bye bye!

Lastly, you will be able to access 1-A again after you leave (as you
will be returning later).


B. 1-D : "Green Run"

Items to Get :          None
Encounter Type :        None
Enemies Encountered :   None
Number of Floors :      1

Quick Route to Finish : Unfortunately, I cannot provide a route. The
                        course is almost entirely linear, but you must
                        get a feel for the route on your own.

Notes :

Now it gets interesting. As you approach the door at the end of the
pillars, Philemon will talk to you and say a few important things.
First, failure will not be tolerated. THIS MEANS SAVE OR YOU WILL GAME
OVER! Second, you can only run forward in this dungeon. You'll see, but
it is as if you are holding the run button and pushing up. The only way
to control where Maya goes is to rotate the camera. Third, there is a
3:00 time limit. It is possible to do the course in little over a minute
AT THE VERY LEAST. I highly suggest you go slowly through it once,
regardless of time, and get a feel for the curves and locations of
traps. Yes, traps. They will warp you back the very beginning regardless
of how far you have progressed. They're visible, but try to memorize
when they are coming up. Last, Philemon says that you cannot stop, which
is partially true; you cannot save or stop the clock, but you can open
the menu and take a breather if you need to.

Good luck! And try not to get frustrated!

Once you reach the Vortex of Light, you will have access to the second
floor, the Mysterious Door, 2-A, and 2-C (as well as 1-A and 1-D, both
of which will remain open). 2-A is the first optional dungeon not
required to complete EX (but, of course, you're going to do it). 2-C is
the next sub-dungeon to continue with the progression in EX. You also
have access to the Mysterious Door, which on your second play, when you
shall know the password by now, will allow you to bypass approx. 1/4 of
the EX Dungeon (for getting a low time record). And you still have the
Velvet Room and Trish's Fountain. When you're ready, move on to 2-A.

1-D will remain open after you leave.


C. 2-A : "Zodiac Revisited"

Items to Get :          Gem (x6)
                        Material Card "Lily" (B4)
Encounter Type :        Set Boss Battles (10)
Enemies Encountered :   Zombie DJ x2 (Modified; Mod.)
(in approx. order       Girimenka x3; Crowely x2
 of encounter)          Red Cape; Blue Cape
                        Haunted Taxi x5
                        Zombie Kamikaze x5 (Mod.)
                        Taksaka (Mod.)
                        Shadow Maya
                        Poltergeist x5 (Mod.)
                        Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black Mask (1 each)
                        Metal Guru; Satryus; Gandharva; Kimnara (Mod.)
Number of Floors :      6 (1F, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5)

Quick Route to Finish : 1.

Notes :

This is, of course, NOT the Zodiac Club, but I couldn't think of
name that fits 2-A better. It has the same motif and the same groovy
music (has to be one of the best songs). The dungeon is fairly
simple and includes the same yellow gunk on floors that majorly hurts
you (no Kiyohime, though), a few hellacious traps, and a lot
of dead ends. There are no random battles though, so there is no
real problem with a little back tracking except for a small bit of
frustration factor. The most interesting thing about this dungeon is
that you cannot recover HP/SP/status conditions while exploring 2-A,
except for a few Rest Areas. It isn't a major issue as you can back
track to the last Rest Area if you get hurt really bad in a battle,
which really shouldn't be a problem.

Ver. 1.3 Note: If you die in 2-A, you will NOT game over. Instead,
you will be back at the dungeon map and your characters will all
have 1 HP. And this is ONLY in 2-A, not the rest of the dungeon.

There are ten battles in all in 2-A, listed above. The battles are
initiated by pushing the X button by one of the butterflies you will
see scattered throughout blocking your path. Next to each butterfly
is a box with either a Gem, nothing, or the Material Card "Lily" in
it. Be sure to pick up "Lily" on the fourth floor for Ellen; she's
quite a nice persona. By the way, you can get the item before you
initiate the battle, if you like, and no, it doesn't effect the
outcome of what item you get (those empty boxes are kind of
disappointing). Most of the battles are straight forward and you
should have no difficulty. You should watch out for the spell
"Level Trap" in the Cape battle though. If you are at Level 99,
it will kill ALL of your characters, so bring Ellen or Nate with
you (or both, because you can get some pretty good EXP here).
You'll also meet up with Shadow Maya again and you'll be introduced
to the Masks. Lastly, you'll meet up with the demon "Metal Guru", a
very cool demon that you will be seeing again. If you're lucky,
he'll cast his unique spell "S.P." which fully restores the SP of
one of YOUR characters!

Most of the normal demons have been modified from their
previous state in the game (I have put a "mod." next to each one
that is). That is, they have better stats and better spells.

Anyway, once you reach the Vortex of Light the Room of Seal in 1-A
will be unlocked. So, you can backtrack there if you want, or you
can see what's in 2-C, which I will list next. Also, 2-A will lock
up after you reach the Vortex. Be sure to go the Room of Seal BEFORE
completing 2-C!


D. 2-C : "Angel Caves"

Items to Get :          Event/ Black Butterfly (B3)
                        Event/ In Rakech (1F)
                        Event/ Black Lighter (B1)
                        Event/ Knife (B3)
                        Material Card "Amber Eyeglasses" (1F)
Encounter Type :        Random Battle
Enemies Encountered :   Lvl. 67 Angel (Judgment)
                        Lvl. 68 Archangel (Judgment)
                        Lvl. 69 Principality (Judgment)
                        Lvl. 70 Power (Judgment)
                        Lvl. 71 Virtue (Judgment)
                        Lvl. 72 Dominion (Judgment)
                        Lvl. 73 Throne (Judgment)
                        Lvl. 77 Cherub (Judgment)
Number of Floors :      4 (1F, B1, B2, B3)

Quick Route to Finish : There is none, you must search the area for all
                        of the items.

Notes :

As soon as you enter 2-C you'll find yourself in a room similar to the
ones in Monado. A little automatic cut scene will happen where a man
with a sword has forgotten who he is. If you can't tell, it's Tatsuya
Sudou. Anyway, in here you have to find three items to get him to
regain his memory. They are all kind of out of the way, but you
shouldn't have any problems navigating the caves, it's just rather
big. Be sure to watch for secret passages on the map, they are the
key in a couple of instances (notably the one on B1 right after
a warp, go south and then WEST, not east to another warp). There
is no easy way to just blow through here, you're going to have
to scrounge around to get all of the items.

A quick side note about the "In Rakech." At some point in the
middle of the game, Ryuichi Honda in the Time Castle will say
something along the lines of "Do you know anything about a book
called 'In' something. I just started thinking about it for
some reason." Mabey the book has some significance to Innocent
Sin that I don't know, but this is a curious thing. I don't think
you can bring the book to him, mabey he says something in game
after you complete the EX Dungeon? I don't know, I'm just
speculating 'cause what he said about the book in the game really
bugged me and I couldn't figure out what he meant.

Also in the caves you'll find a warp in the south-west corner of
the 1F. Take that to get the Material Card "Amber Eyeglasses"
which lets you summon Nate's decent persona Alfred. The second
butterfly, the Black Butterfly, is here as well. To get it, go to
the room with the three passageways that lead south to bridges.
Go in the center on and get in the middle of the bridge. Go left
or right to fall down to B3. You'll be in a crystal enclosure with
the butterfly in a chest to the South. Go back North to a warp that
will take you back to the bridge on B2.

In the "Angel Caves" you will meet, well, angels in caves (rather,
the entire Judgment Tarot in the Mt. Iwato motif). They are beefed up
pretty good but still, they shouldn't pose too much of a threat.
Just remember that Holy is worthless here (and is often reflected).

Once you've gathered all of the items, WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!! WARNING,
THEY ARE!  Also, a timed event will start. Be sure that you are done
here and ready! The next two sections are not available after you give
him the items.

Once you give him the last item, Tatsuya will go off on another little
break from sanity and torch the school. Every room will have fire in
front of it, including the Velvet Room and Trish's Fountain, except
for 2-B. So, head over there. There is a 40 minute clock counting down
and you will Game Over if you reach 0, but there isn't any real rush
to blow thorough everything.


E. 1-A : "Room of Seal"

Items to Get :          None
Encounter Type :        Random Battle
Enemies Encountered :   Lvl. 24 Tek Tek (Rumor)
                        Lvl. 29 Tsuchinoko (Rumor)
                        Lvl. 32 Reiko Kahima (Rumor)
                        Lvl. 37 100 K.M Hag (Rumor)
                        Lvl. 41 Mussie (Rumor)
                        Lvl. 45 Blue Cape (Rumor)
                        Lvl. 46 Red Cape (Rumor)
                        Lvl. 50 200 K/M Fogey (Rumor)
                        Lvl. 52 Haunted Taxi (Rumor)
                        Lvl. 63 Kudan (Rumor)
Number of Floors :      2 (B2, B3)

Quick Route to Finish : 1. Go North and all the way West to down stairs.
                        2. Go up all the way and slightly West to up
                        3. Go East and then South to moving sand.
                        4. Go East to first Northward moving sand.
                        5. Take the next sand North.
                        6. Go all the way East and take the eastern
                           moving sand South to a down staircase.
                        7. Go East to the Room of Seal and enter.
                        8. Go straight North to the second pathway
                           East to a down staircase.
                        9. Go West and turn North before two sets of
                           two Westward moving sand (don't cross them).
                        10. Go across the sand to the North and to the
                           stairs which lead to the Vortex of Light.

Notes :

You must do the next two sections before you complete 2-C.

Back to the desert ruins. Using the Quick Route above if you need to,
head back the door to the Room of Seal, which was previously "locked
by a strange power." This is, including both sides, the largest
sub-dungeon in the EX-Dungeon. You'll find yourself in a big lattice
of corridors containing pillars that move up and down to block or open
your path by stepping on triggers on the ground. There are no items
in here, so you can just go directly to the Vortex if you want. I had
a helluva time with the pillars because I kept trying to find some
secret method of hitting a certain trap and then bypassing another
ect., ect. and made it much more difficult on myself than it needed to


Go North through the main corridor of pillars to the second route East.
Take it all the way East and slightly North at a corner and you will
be at staircases. That's it, you're done! <grumble, I spent WAY too
much time in here, grumble>

The really cool thing about the Room of Seal is the demons. Every
single rumor demon in the game is in here! Even the Crazy Taxi and
Mussie who you couldn't get Analyze Data for are here. They also
no longer give up Event Items, but instead some really good stuff
like Somas and Awakens. The drop rate is fairly low though. They
aren't modified, so they are really easy to kill and give decent
EXP and yen. However, if anyone out there got hit by Prophecy in
the game (and if you didn't, you will now learn fear...) you know
to watch out for Kudan. Be sure to have a save before coming in
here or you will quite possibly have all of your persona reset to
Rank 1 as though you just summoned them! You also have to be on the
look-out for the Capes and their spell "Level Trap," which as I said
in Section C, will kill all of your Level 99 characters. I highly
suggest bringing Ellen and/or Nate here not only to gain EXP but to
prevent your entire party from being wiped out.

Once you are done fighting the Rumor demons, enter the Vortex of
Light and 1-B will now unlock. Be sure you don't want to come back
as the entire sub-dungeon of 1-A will lock after you step into the


F. 1-B : "Subway of Misfortune"

Items to Get :          Event/ Golden Butterfly
Encounter Type :        Random Battle
Enemies Encountered :   Lvl. 65 Nisroc (Hanged Man)
                        Lvl. 66 Robin Goodfellow (Lovers)
                        Lvl. 70 Picollus (Star)
Number of Floors :      1

Quick Route to Finish : None. It is a straight line.

Notes :

This is the smallest sub-dungeon in the EX Dungeon. It is basically
a straight line roughly the size of the long hallway in EX Seventh.
It has the Subway motif and music from the game proper. At the end
of the line, you will find your first butterfly, "Golden Butterfly."
It is an Event Item and does absolutely nothing for you right now.

Ver. 1.3 Note : Apparently, you don't meet any enemies until you
pick up the butterfly.

The reason I called this the "Subway of Misfortune" is partially
because of the subway motif and mostly because of the demons you'll
meet here. Every single demon that had Hula of Misfortune is here (3
in all). I think the designers were trying to play a cruel joke on
you about your money. Money is practically useless here! But if
you've got ten million yen and you get here and suddenly you have
3/4 of it gone (if you're not careful) you're going to blow your lid
(I know did). Regardless, don't freak out if you lose some cash (it's
all going away later anyway...).

There is nothing to do in here except get the Golden Butterfly and
worry about your money, so leave and head back to 2-C. Once again,

On a side note, it doesn't seem that you can get into 2-D, now or ever.
It's rather odd as it is the only room in the EX Seventh you don't
do something with. And the name "2-D" is lit up in the status screen
in the upper-left hand corner of the screen, indicating that it is
valid place to go. Hmmm..."It is a mystery..."


G. 2-B : "Persona Factory"

Items to Get :          None
Encounter Type :        Random Battle
Enemies Encountered :   Lvl. 29 Shaka (Hierophant)
                        Lvl. 38 Nata (Justice)
                        Lvl. 51 Izanami (Priestess)
                        Lvl. 65 Odin (Emperor)
                        Lvl. 69 Rangda (Magician)
                        Lvl. 73 Virocana (Sun)
                        Lvl. 78 Gaia (Empress)
Number of Floors :      1

Quick Route to Finish : 1. Go North and take the West route.
                        2. Take the conveyer belt South.
                        3. Take the conveyer belt West.
                        4. Go a little ways North then
                           all the way West.
                        5. Take the conveyer belt and go
                           all the way north the Control
                           Panel. Switch to pattern B.
                        6. Return along the belts the
                           same way you just came and take
                           the East route by the entrance.
                        7. Talk the first belt North and
                           go all the way East.
                        8. Take the belt south the Vortex
                           of Light.

Notes :

As you emerge from 2-C, you will find that the school is on
fire and that you have a 40 minute counter that is now counting
down. There really is no rush unless you want to fight demons. And
you can fight some pretty cool demons too. Everything is blocked by
fires now (including the Velvet Room and Trish's) except for the
Mysterious Door and 2-B. So go to 2-B, the "Persona Factory." No,
they don't manufacture personae here <har har>, but it has the Factory
motif and the only enemies that you will meet here are the persona
demons you could fight in the game proper. And each of them drop their
Material Card! The drop rate is significantly lower than anything
you've seen before and won't see again except for the last section.
That's the problem with the forty minute time limit: it could take
that long just to get a card or two. Of course, there is no real
reason to get any (as you ought to have much better personae by now),
but ones like Gaia and Virocana are still quite useful in case you
missed them (heck, Shaka still ain't bad either!).

The battles themselves aren't that difficult, but if you had problems
with the higher level ones (Gaia, Virocana, Odin) be careful because
they now appear in groups of 2-4. Exploit their weaknesses/strengths.

This dungeon is also straight forward (see a trend?) and you shouldn't
get lost in all of the conveyer belts. You can't access the eastern
side at first, but if you go to the western side, you'll find a Control
Panel to switch the direction of the belts so you can get the East
side. Just about the only thing over there is a Vortex of Light. Once
you step in it, this area is locked, so if you want to try for some
Material cards, now's your chance. Keep in mind that you still have
one more medium-sized area to do before the clock runs out. It might
be a good idea to come back here in another round of the EX Dungeon,
when you already know "the Truth of the Dream" and can bypass the
next area.

Once you are warped out by the Vortex of Light, you will find that
1-C is now open and 2-B is locked.


H. 1-C : "MASKISM Forest"

Items to Get :          None
Encounter Type :        Random Battle
Enemies Encountered :   Lvl. 73 Green Mask (Masquer)
                        Lvl. 75 Yellow Mask (Masquer)
                        Lvl. 76 Blue Mask (Masquer)
                        Lvl. 78 Red Mask (Masquer)
Number of Floors :      1 (but with 3 separate sections)

Quick Route to Finish : None. If you know the password, there is no
                        reason to come here.

Notes :

Inside 1-C you'll find you're in a forest similar to that of Mt.
Mifune (to get to the Sanitarium). If you've already noticed the
Mysterious Door, you know that you need a password, and this is
where to find it. In this small forest, there are six Jizo
Tablets. The first one will tell you that the "Truth of the Dream"
(what the Mysterious Door asks you expose) is eight Japanese
characters. Now, you have to search for the others and decipher
what Roman letter each character is supposed to represent.
To do this, you'll have to remember how some places you've been
to in the game are spelled (i.e. Rosa Candida, Padparcha, ect.).
Once you've figured it out, run over to the door and the timed
event will end. The solution to the Jizo Tablets is at the end
of this section.

One little thing about the layout: I found a secret path
which connects the two sections (it breaks up into two
short paths) but isn't shown on the map. It lead me to think
that there were more, but I can't seem to find one. Why didn't
they just put it on the map? Were they deliberately hiding it?
Or is it just an accident? Yet another little mystery for me
to fret about. Ver. 1.2 Note: Well, I thoroughly searched
the area and there aren't any more paths. Oh well.

The demons you meet in here are the Masks of the new Tarot
arcanum, Masquer. There's nothing real special about them,
except they can be really annoying if you're using a lot of
elemental spells which half of them will absorb or void. And
they usually put opposite ones together. Not only is each
member of "Maskism" (I love that, they make it sound like
a political/economic philosophy like communism or socialism)
associated with certain elements, but each one is associated
with a stat (TEC, AGI, ect.). They drop the Incenses that give
+2 to whatever stat they are, but very rarely. They also have
your only source of Incense cards in EX (in case you didn't
stock up; no ALL Incense Card though...).

Anyway, when you've got the password and are done beating up
some Maskist butt, head to the Mysterious Door and enter the
"Truth of the Dream." The door will unlock and you may go in.
The clock will only stop when you enter the room (and can't
come back here again). And this sub-dungeon will stay open
until you enter the Mysterious Door.


Each Japanese character represents one Roman letter. By figuring out
what each one is by a pseudo-fill in the blank game, you get :


The eight characters are written in hiragana, one of the two
Japanese "alphabets." Each hiragana letter is transliterated into
a one syllable sound. In Roman letters, the characters transliterate
to : yu, me, no, shi, yo, u, ta, i. Now, if you'll notice, the character
for "yo" is smaller than the rest. This means you combine it with "shi"
to get "sho." So, breaking it into a phrase, you get "yume no shoutai"
which literally means "the true nature of the dream" (what the
Mysterious Door asked for). I've tried entering this phrase into the
door, but nothing happens.


I. Midway Point

When you enter the Mysterious Door, you'll find yourself in the Velvet
Room. Igor will tell you something along the lines of that this
dungeon is a dream (he tells it better than I do...). He will also say
that you cannot use this room for a while, so do whatever prepping you
need to do for the second biggest sub-dungeon.

When you leave, you'll be on the third floor, with a large patch of
fire behind where the Velvet Room is. As has been warned, you are
stuck on the third floor for the rest of EX. Where 3-A should be,
you'll find Trish's Fountain. Down the hall, you'll see a big metal
plate blocking your way to the fourth floor. Past that, you will find
3-C is clear of flames and you cannot access 3-D. If you try to enter
3-D, it will tell you it is locked. But, if you go to the eastern
door, it will say "It's locked, HO!"...<hint-hint for later>. Since
you can't go anywhere else, go to 3-C.


J. 3-C : "Sumaru Castle Revisited"

Items to Get :          Incense of Life (x5)
                        Soma (x1)
Encounter Type :        Random Battle
Enemies Encountered :   Lvl. 18 Jack Frost (Lovers)
                        Lvl. 26 Jack O' Lantern (Lovers)
                        Lvl. 74 Adramelech (Hanged Man)
                        Lvl. 74 Jahi (Moon)
                        Lvl. 75 Tzitzimitl (Devil)
                        Lvl. 75 Valkyrie (Star)
                        Lvl. 76 Saji (Magician)
                        Lvl. 76 Kau (Temperance)
                        Lvl. 76 Uroboros (World)
                        Lvl. 77 Vasuki (Strength)
                        Lvl. 77 Cherub (Judgment)
                        Lvl. 79 Shub-Niggurath (Tower)
                        Lvl. 80 Alice (Lovers)
                        Lvl. 80 Ah Puch (Death)
                        Lvl. 81 Apaosha (Hermit)
                        Lvl. 82 Fenrir (Fortune)
                        Lvl. 84 Talos (Chariot)
Number of Floors :      4 (1F, 2F, 3F, 4F)

Quick Route to Finish : 1. Go straight North to Meteor Gate 1 and go
                           through it to the warp.
                        2. Go straight North and take the first route
                           West to Meteor Gate 3 and go through it to
                           the warp.
                        3. Go straight North to Meteor Gate 4 and go
                           through it to the warp.
                        4. Go straight North to Meteor Gate 5 and go
                           through it to the Vortex of Light.

Notes :

Now you are in one of the three large sub-dunegons of EX (1-A being
the largest, and one more coming up). It has the Sumaru Castle
motif and like Sumaru Castle, has a lot of winding passages and
dead ends. It isn't hard to navigate, but there are several traps
that will force you to back track quite a ways (one that makes you
drop two floors if you're not careful!). One of the first things you
should notice is the presence of big doors called "Meteor Gates."
If you go up to Meteor Gate 1, on the first floor, you'll be
introduced to the way-too-hyper Chupiler. He is guarding all of
the gates and won't let you pass unless you can answer all of the
questions in his Persona Quiz. Chances are you won't remember
most of what he asks you. To remind you, there are "Memory
Lithographs" scattered throughout the dungeon. The Lithographs are
kind of out of order, so you'll find a Lithograph for a question
you haven't even had yet before you find the one you need. There
are five questions in all and they are listed at the end of this
section with their answers.

Don't miss the Soma and five Incenses of Life in the first room!

In a big room on the second floor with Meteor Gate 2 and 3, there
is a somewhat secret door one the south-western wall. It leads to
a Memory Lithograph, but is easily missed if you don't check the
map and see the little green dash. Another odd feature is that
there is a single obligatory stairwell that leads nowhere except
back to a trap. I haven't found any other purpose to it and it
seems like a really odd if not pointless thing to put there.

Once you enter the Vortex of Light on 4F, you will be able to
access the Velvet Room again. Also, you will find a young man
standing in front of the metal plate in the hallway of EX
Seventh. To learn what to do with him, see the next section.
3-C will remain open for the rest of the dungeon, even after you
step into the Vortex of Light.

The demons in 3-C are a step up from the Angel Caves, but still
shouldn't be a problem. You do meet some interesting battles though.
First, you'll most likely meet a single Jack Frost, which in of
itself isn't that odd, except he is that he is key to the next
section. Get a contract with him and Jack O' Lantern as soon as you
meet him, to make things easier later. You'll also meet the nice little
doggy, Fenrir, who will give you unlimited ALL Incenses. Be sure
to get a contract with him to and get as many as you can to max your
stats. The last interesting demon you'll meet is Alice. Yes, she's
here and she is a rather common encounter. Unfortunately, she no
longer gives the high amount of EXP she once did, making her less
useful. You can, however, get her Material Card "Champion" if you
have the Carma ring. You can have the Material Card if you have
the persona Alice, but she won't give you more than one card.
Still, be sure to watch out for her spell Another Dimension if you
fight her; it can still take out most if not all of your party.

SOLUTIONS TO PERSONA QUIZ - <case is irrelevant>

Meteor Gate 1 : 31            Leads to 2F and progression

Meteor Gate 2 : Mizuno        Leads to 3F and a Lithograph

Meteor Gate 3 : Canned Crab   Leads to 3F and progression

Meteor Gate 4 : Mussie        Leads to 4F and progression

Meteor Gate 5 : 7             Leads to the Vortex of Light


K. Past Seventh

When you leave 3-C, a young student will be standing next to the metal
plate. In case you have forgotten what his face looked like, this is
a young Katsuya. He will tell you that he knows that this is the future
and that he can't return to the past because flames are blocking the
way to the place which caused the "time slip", 3-B. 3-B was Ms. Smith's
classroom, by the way. Anyway, you want to get into 3-B, but how? Go
back to the eastern door of 3-D and try to enter. "Someone (HO!)"
doesn't want you to come in and tells you to ask Jack O' Lantern for
help. Soooooo, go back to 3-C and ask him for info. He'll say that
his friend Jack Frost will put out certain types of fires.

What you need to do is to ask four Jack Frosts to put out the fire.
After you have gotten the info from Jack O' Lantern, a new option
will appear in the contract menu. Pick that option four times and
four Jack Frosts will appear in the hallway and try to put out the
fire (named Pih, Puh, Peh, and Pah, BTW :P). Once you have four,
go to the eastern door of 3-D again and the little guy will pop out
(well, you don't see him, the screen goes black) and help his
buddies put out the fire. When you do this, the young Katsuya will
disappear and you now have access to 3-B and Past Seventh.

Now, getting the Jack Frosts to appear isn't that cut and dry.
First, you have to meet them, which can be a pain. The distribution
of random enemies you encounter can vary anywhere from meeting a
Jack Frost every other battle to never meeting him. If you have
problems meeting either of the Jacks, use the "Save-Reload" trick.
Save your game and reload that data and the distribution of random
enemies will change. Quite a useful trick (thank you, whoever realized
it). Use it to meet Fenrir more often or to meet a certain demon in
Past 3-A more.

First, you need to get a contract with Jack O' Lantern. Use the
Maya + Ulala contact "Radiant Women, Unite!" Ask him for info. Now
you need to get Jack Frosts. Use the Ulala + Ellen contact "Horoscope
Reading" for that (in fact you might as well only bring Maya, Ulala,
and Ellen in your party, trust me). Make a contract and ask the first
one to "Put out the fire" and he will bounce along and go do it. The
second one, however, will ask you a series of simple questions. They
might be tricky, so if you don't want to waste the time trying to
find him again, you can find the answers at the end of this section.
The third one was the hardest, for me. You must ask him to put out the
fire, but as Pih will tell you in the hallway, Puh has a weak spot
for women and won't do it if men are there. I originally thought that
meant you had to use a female-only contact, but it really means that
you have to dump all of the guys in your party and only have girls
(Maya, Ulala, Ellen). The lustful little guy will agree to help. The
last one will ask some more questions, but they aren't trivia
questions. This guy is VERY LAZY! That's your big hint right there.
If you need help, see the answers at the end of this section. Once
you've got all four of them, go to the door and the last Jack Frost
(presumably named Poh) will help them out and the fire will be gone.
BUT...... when you go look at the door, you will see their hats on the
floor! Poor little things....they sacrificed themselves to let us
through. Head into Past Seventh.

When the fourth Jack Frost goes to put out the fire, the encounter
rate of Jack Frosts in 3-C will drop to 0.

Inside of 3-B is Past Seventh, a grainy black and white reflection
of EX Seventh. The only thing in Past Seventh is a teacher in front
of the metal plate and 3-A. Talk to the teacher (Maya Okamura) who
is lamenting the death of Mr. Kashihara. She will
refuse to take down the metal plate...unless you fork over some
cash. Choose to invest and she will TAKE ALL OF YOUR MONEY! Be
sure to stock up on any items you need from Trish before you do
this! Now she wants five million yen. Don't do what I first did
and sell all of your stuff to get the money! You will be able to
make all five million of it in Past 3-A. So, head over there.


Jack Frost #1 - He will go automatically.

Jack Frost #2 - Answer his questions : Eyes
                                       You can grab all

Jack Frost #3 - Ask him to put out the fire with only women in
                your party (you must use the Ellen + Ulala contact).

Jack Frost #4 - Answer his questions : I don't know
                                       I hate building snowmen
                                       I forgot

Jack Frost #5 - Go to the eastern door of 3-D and keep trying to
                open it.


L. Past 3-A : "Trial of Separation"

Items to Get :          Event/ White Butterfly
                        Tenshou Coin (x5)
Encounter Type :        Random Battle
Enemies Encountered :   Lvl. 81 Dark Alice (Lovers)
                        Lvl. 84 Black Mask (Masquer)
                        Lvl. 86 Shu (Devil)
                        Lvl. 88 Ahzi Dahaka (Strength)
                        Lvl. 89 Metal Guru (Hierophant)
                        Lvl. 90 Azazel (Hanged Man)
                        Lvl. 99 Yog-Sothoth (Fortune)
                        Lvl. 99 Angra Mainu (Tower)
Number of Floors :      1 (but with 3 separate sections)

Quick Route to Finish : You need to get the coins, but I'm not
                        going to direct you to each one. You must
                        basically run all over the place.

Notes :

Now you will be in the last sub-dungeon. It looks like Monado from
the game and is quite easy to navigate. All you have to do is run
down each of the lanes. None of them go very far and there are
there are relatively few dead ends.

The unique feature about this dungeon is that it forces you do go
through several "Gates" and give up party members to progress.
Eventually, it will be just Maya. While it makes things very
interesting, it also makes things very dangerous as the enemies
in here are much harder than the ones you've faced so far. Eventually,
you'll reach the Gate of Victory. Here you must defeat a sub-boss,
Yog-Sothoth, alone. He shouldn't be that hard, but he will take
a good chunk of your HP (for me, at Lvl. 99, it was about 300-150 per
attack). Attack with Megidollann every turn and use Mediarahan when
necessary. Each of you will attack one for one (it will basically be
Maya-Yog-Maya-Yog the whole battle) so don't let him hit you too much,
or you risk him hitting you hard (he once did 400 to me) and dying.
Heal when you need to. Once you beat him, he will become a random
enemy in Past 3-A. Also, past the Gate of Victory, down a side lane,
you will find the final butterfly, the White Butterfly.

Aside from the butterfly, the only items you will find in here are
five Tenshou coins, which if you recall, sell for one million yen.
Collect them all and sell them to Trish and you have Okamura's money.

The best thing about Past 3-A is that you will meet some of the coolest
demons in the game. You will see Ahzi-Dahaka and Shu, who you should
know from Monado. You can also meet Dark Alice from the Bomb Shelter,
Area 8 here pretty often. There are also five unique demons here :
Black Mask, Metal Guru, Azazel, Angra Mainu, and the previously
mentioned Yog-Sothoth. The Black Mask is basically the "Almighty"
elemental of the Masks and he drops STR Incenses and Cards. The Metal
Guru, whom you've already met, is here, along with his very cool
attack S.P. (which refills one of YOUR character's SP completely).
Azazel is special in that he is also a persona that you can summon.
In order to get his Material Card "Black Goat," you need to get him
to Persona-Talk with the Hanged Man personae Shax, Barbatos, and
Adaramelech. Finally, there is what I suppose is the ultimate random
encounter, Angra Mainu. He is a tough mother, and has the potentially
deadly spell Mephistopheles (you do NOT want to meet him when it is
just Maya, or you're as good as dead). The rewards of defeating him
are well worth it though, as he drops Item Breeders and gives 62,000
EXP as well as 60,000 yen. In fact, all of the demons here drop some
great loot here : Item Breeders, Awakens, Somas, and ALL Incenses.
However, the drop rate is low, so Police Gloves from the magazine
sweepstakes are a MUST if you want to go item hunting. Be sure to use
some of that insane amount of EXP to level up Nate and Ellen very
quickly (as well as top off the normal characters, if you haven't

When you get the Material Card "Black Goat" from Azazel, the encounter
rate of the Azazel demon in Past 3-A will drop to 0.

Past 3-A along with 3-C are the last two dungeons you can play around
with before you complete the Dungeon. You're probably in a rush to see
what is at the end on your first round, but I highly suggest coming
back here and playing with the battle system and personae on a
following round.

When you're ready, head back to Past Seventh and pay Okamura.


M. Fourth Floor : Chamber of Philemon

Now that you've paid Maya Okamura her five million yen, she will say
that the metal plate will be taken down, but that it will take some
time. But, since this is the past, return to the present and you will
find the staircase to the fourth floor open. As you approach the
staircase, you'll feel the all too familiar heartbeat and the screen
will flash black and white as it always has before bosses. The only
thing on the fourth floor is the door which formerly lead to the
clock tower and now leads to the Chamber of Philemon. As soon as you
enter it, you will begin the final boss battle. Be sure you are done
here and have prepared. Remember that Past 3-A and 3-C are still open.

===Endboss Data========================================================


Tarot : None (Boss)
Level : 100

HP : ? (30,000)
Elemental : None
Unknown Strong/Weak
STR : ??    At. :  ???
VIT : ??    Df. :  ???
TEC : ??    MAt. : ???
AGI : ??    MDf. : ???
LUC : ??

Personality : None
Comment :     True form symbolizing stagnant unconsciousness.
              Opposite of Nyar.
Item :        Normal - None
              Rare - None

Spells :      Armageddon R
              Type : None
              Effect : Annihilates all enemies. <He only uses it
              if you cast the fusion Armageddon on him.>

              Eternal White
              Type : Holy
              Effect : Huge damage to all enemies and heal self for
              total damage inflicted.

              Guard Punish
              Type : Unknown (Not Physical, Dark)
              Effect : Huge damage to all enemies

              Photon Cannon
              Type : Attack
              Effect : Large damage to all enemies

              Spectra Force
              Type : Varies
              Effect : Randomly casts Deadly Burn, Aquary Tide
              Twinkle Nebula, Anger of the Earth, Release Jail,
              Guardian Hammer, Nuclear Missile or Asteroid Bomb

              Transient Ripple
              Type : None
              Effect : Removes the effects of all positive effect
              spells cast on enemies (Kaja spells, Makarakarn,

Quotes :      Contact :               "Now give me your all!"
              Attempt Retreat :       "Believe in yourselves."
              Take Damage :           "Ugh! Good!"
              Attack :                "I know what you're doing!"
                                      "Dodge this!"
              Cast Armageddon R :     "Pull out, my friends!"
              Cast Eternal White :    "This might hurt!"
              Cast Guard Punish :     "Don't let your guard down!"
                                      "Withstand this!"
                                      "Well, then!"
              Cast Photon Cannon :    "I'm not going easy on you!"
              Cast Spectra Force :    "How's this?!"
              Cast Transient Ripple : "You're doing well!"
              Death :                 "Agh! Glorious!"
              Game Over :             "Unfortunately, you were this close."

Stat Notes :  1. Immune to all instant kill spells (including
                 Armageddon and Another Dimension).
              2. Immune to all status effects (except critical).
              3. Immune to Alpha Blaster and Omega Cluster.
              4. When critical, he begins to wobble unsteadily.
              5. Concerning his elemental affinities, I cannot
                 determine what they are, but I know what they are
                 not. He is not weak against or strong against any
                 one element(that I can find) and he is not strong
                 against all because he does not void holy and
                 dark spells, which the Strong : All elemental also
                 provides for.

===Endboss Strategy====================================================

Philemon is the probably the toughest fight in the game. He will hurt
you bad and he will go down slow and swinging. The EX Dungeon enemies
have been so easy so far that he might take you off guard.

Preparation is key. Your best defense and offense in the battle is
having high levels in the 90's, if not 99 (which shouldn't be a
problem in Past 3-A), high stats (again, 99 if possible), and the very
best personae. Don't worry about trying to exploit his weakness,
because I don't think he has one (not even Dark). Worry more about
how you want to stay alive and continually damage him, even if it
isn't for very much. And don't even bother trying to use Armageddon.
He is immune to it and as soon as you cast it, he will cast Armageddon
R (as in reflect) and annihilate you. It's probably best you can't
use it on him (I cheated last time and used it on Nyarlathotep); it
gives you a nice challenging fight.

I've come up with a pretty damn good strategy, if I do say so myself.

For your characters I suggest :

Weapons aren't really an issue as magic works better. Armor will help
out a lot with your defense and magic defense. I HIGHLY suggest having
four of them equipped with Hihi-Irokane armor from Padparcha or Bobby.
I like the Gorgeous armor for Ulala because of the high defense and
that it nulls critical hits (and Philemon often uses attack),but you
can only get one. Guzei armor is good, but he doesn't use physical
attack so much to make it worth losing the high magic defense you get
from Hihi-Irokane armor. For headgear, Windreader Helms for males
and Magical Hairpieces for females. For boots, Achilles Heel's for
males, if you have them, and Tengu's Clogs for everyone else. There
were some good boots in Padparcha, the Thule Greaves, but they were
also VERY expensive and I doubt many people got them, or more than one.
For accessories, I suggest using as many Adjustment Gears as you have,
since in this long battle, and you need to conserve SP. If you don't
have maxed stats, though, use some good modifiers like the All-Round
Earring or ones with good VIT or TEC bonuses.

For your personae I suggest :

Maya :    Satan
Ulala :   Alice
Katsuya : Vishnu
Baofu :   Lucifer
Tatsuya : Azazel

I highly suggest this setup, but you can of course use whatever you
are comfortable with. The main reason I like this is that 4 of them
(all except Satan) void holy (Azazel absorbs it), which is the
element of Philemon's worst attack, Eternal White. He will hit you
for more-than-huge damage and he will heal himself for the total
amount of damage inflicted. If you void/absorb it, he won't heal
himself (making your task a bit easier). Personae with Strong : All
void Holy and Dark, which is why I highly suggest using Vishnu,
Lucifer and Alice. Your biggest problem will be Satan, who takes
MAJOR damage from magic (he reflects physical and is weak against
magic). But, see my strategy below for how to remedy this.

I gave Mediarahan to Lucifer, as I believe it to be the most useful
spell you can add to a persona. You may not have, but I suggest
you do (either that or give him Makarakarn and let Alice use her
inherent Mediarahan).

Even though Katsuya and Tatsuya aren't highly compatible with their
personae, it is the best setup. Just give them Adjustment gear (I'd
give Baofu one too) and you should be fine.

Ok, fighting him. It's a going to be a long battle, as he has 30,000
HP, so you need a basic pattern to work with. This is the pattern
I suggest :

Katsuya : Vishnu  : Maha Agidyne (Fusion)
Tatsuya : Azazel  : Anger of the Earth (Fusion)
Maya    : Satan   : Asteroid Bomb (Fusion; Meteor Strike)
Ulala   : Alice   : Makarakarn
Baofu   : Lucifer : Mediarahan

With this setup, you hit him really hard with the fusion spell that
works best against him (Meteor Strike; Fire->Earth->Asteroid Bomb)
and you protect the person using Satan from magic attacks. Lastly,
you heal everybody completely from his other attacks (Spectra Force
and Guard Punish). You can skip Mediarahan if you don't need to heal
or move it forward if you really need to use it. Makarakarn (reflect
one magic attack done to one character) will keep Maya with Satan from
dying in one hit as well as reflect a good little chunk of damage back
at him (anywhere from 250-550). You're most likely going to have to
cast it every round though.

His attacks are pretty rough, notably Spectra Force and Guard Punish.
Spectra Force randomly casts a Special Magic spell, usually
elemental. The person with Azazel will absorb it, but everyone else
will take a good bit of damage. Guard Punish will hit some really
bad and not even scratch others. I have yet to find out how it
determines damage. All I know is that it is not Physical or Dark.
Hopefully neither of them will do 999 damage to you so you should
be able to stay alive by using Mediarahan.

Using this, everyone ought to stay alive, but things may go bad if
you aren't careful. Be sure to have revival items (Incense of Life,
Do or Die, Ball of Returning) if you need them. You may want to use
Silver Manishas or Tetraja (void one holy/dark attack); they work
really well. If you can, you may want to sneak in a couple of Kaja
spells, but be aware of his spell Transient Ripple which will void
them all (including Makarakarn). You are probably going to run out
of SP, so use one the Somas you must have by now; don't worry about
saving it, as you will load your next data from your last save, and
anything you use in this battle isn't taken into account.

And there you have it, my super-duper-muchacho strategy. Good luck and
Congratulations upon defeating him! Now you get your rank and you can
do it all over again!

I hope to add some more strategies. I'd mostly like to figure out good
ways of using Ellen and Nate, as well as their personae (Alfred,
Gabriel, and Michael) if possible.


IV. Analyze Demon Data

This is the complete Analyze Demon Data for the EX Dungeon. It is
arranged according to tarot and demon level (highest to lowest), as
seen in the in-game menu. Some other information is also added, such
as EXP given PER PARTY MEMBER (regardless of the number of people in
your party, this number is constant), yen given to party, and contact
quotes for demons who won't make contact with you.

For the contact methods, I have decided to make them consist
exclusively of methods involving Nate and Ellen. Where it is possible
to do so, BOTH Nate's and Ellen's contacts will be provided. There are,
however, several demons that have only one method or have none. If
none, I will provided an alternate contact method and mark it as not
using Nate or Ellen by putting "<<....>>" around it.


Level 76 - Saji

HP : 608
Earth Elemental
Reflect : Magic; Weak : Physical

STR : 56     At.  : 244        Spells :
VIT : 57     Df.  : 247        Freidyne           Dark Baptism
TEC : 72     MAt. : 204        Curse
AGI : 64     MDf. : 208
LUC : 66

Contact :     Joy - Ulala + Baofu + Ellen
              Interest - Ellen + Baofu + Ulala; Nate + Katsuya + Ulala
Personality : Blf. Chf. Wise
Comment :     Magician never before seen in mythology. Immune to
Item :        Normal - Item/Incense of Life
              Rare - None
EXP :         1,925
Yen :         5,320


Level 69 - Rangda

HP : ??? (1,500)
No Elemental
Reflect : Physical; Weak : Holy

STR : 53     At.  : 228        Spells :
VIT : 49     Df.  : 216        Megidola           Mudoonn
TEC : 71     MAt. : 197        Marin Karin        Scratch
AGI : 62     MDf. : 201
LUC : 52

Contact :     "Uwaaaaa!"
Personality : Wise
Comment :     Witch of Bali that represents evil. Holy beast Baron's
              eternal rival.
Item :        Normal - Mtl./Dancing Mask
              Rare - None
EXP :         1,567
Yen :         4,830


Level 51 - Izanami

HP : ??? (1500)
Water Elemental
Void : Water/Holy/Dark

STR : 33     At.  : 150        Spells :
VIT : 38     Df.  : 165        Marin Karin        Diamond Dust
TEC : 56     MAt. : 152        Deadly Needle
AGI : 45     MDf. : 159
LUC : 43

Contact :     "Come here!"
Personality : Wise
Comment :     Japan's legendary god of life. Gave birth to Japan and
              its gods.
Item :        Normal - Mtl./Path to Hades
              Rare - None
EXP :         887
Yen :         3,550


Level 78 - Gaia

HP : ??? (3,000)
Earth Elemental
Void : Earth/Holy/Dark

STR : 60     At.  : 258        Spells :
VIT : 74     Df.  : 300        Tetrakarn          Anger of the Earth
TEC : 68     MAt. : 198        Rain of Arrows
AGI : 63     MDf. : 207
LUC : 58

Contact :     "Hmph! Feel the earth's wrath!"
Personality : Arg. Blf.
Comment :     Greek goddess meaning "Earth". Conceived many children
              with Uranus.
Item :        Normal - Mtl./Cradle of Creation
              Rare - None
EXP :         2,028
Yen :         5,460


Level 65 - Odin

HP : ??? (2,000)
No Elemental
Void : Magic; Weak : Physical

STR : 52     At.  : 221        Spells :
VIT : 54     Df.  : 227        Mudoonn            Baptism by Thunder
TEC : 60     MAt. : 172        Death Bound
AGI : 55     MDf. : 177
LUC : 50

Contact :     "Deeeeeeeeeiii!"
Personality : Blf. Wise
Comment :     Father of the Norse Gods. Swallowed by Fenrir at
Item :        Normal - Mtl./Runic Monument
              Rare - None
EXP :         1,408
Yen :         4,550


Level 89 - Metal Guru

HP : ??? (2,200)
No Elemental
Void : Mind/Nerve; Weak : Lightning

STR : 76     At.  : 317        Spells :
VIT : 70     Df.  : 299        Deadly Burn        Nirvana
TEC : 72     MAt. : 215        Alluring Mazurka   S.P.
AGI : 65     MDf. : 215
LUC : 84

Contact :     "Uuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiira!"
Personality : Wise
Comment :     Leader known as Glamrocker. Took the 70's by storm.
Item :        Normal - Item/Seed of Escape
              Rare - None
EXP :         15,000
Yen :         65,500


Level 29 - Shaka

HP : 500
Earth Elemental
Strong : All

STR : 21     At.  :  92        Spells :
VIT : 22     Df.  :  95        Vile Thunderbolt   Nirvana
TEC : 32     MAt. :  87        Hypnotic Wave
AGI : 24     MDf. :  91
LUC : 28

Contact :     "You must apprehend!"
Personality : Wise
Comment :     Religious founder, Siddartha Gautama.
Item :        Normal - Mtl./Yuiga Dokuson
              Rare - None
EXP :         280
Yen :         2,030


Level 81 - Dark Alice

HP : 882
No Elemental
Void : Almighty/Holy/Dark/Mind/Nerve

STR : 60     At.  : 261        Spells :
VIT : 59     Df.  : 258        Nuclear Missile    Chaos Element
TEC : 76     MAt. : 216        Another Dimension
AGI : 73     MDf. : 219
LUC : 67

Contact :     "Nyaaaaah!"
Personality : Arg. Chf. Fool
Comment :     Mysterious punker girl.
Item :        Normal - Item/Item Breeder
              Rare - None
EXP :         10,000
Yen :         5,670


Level 80 - Alice

HP : 640
No Elemental
Strong : All

STR : 58     At.  : 254        Spells :
VIT : 59     Df.  : 257        Megidolaonn        Omega Cluster
TEC : 75     MAt. : 214        Another Dimension
AGI : 72     MDf. : 216
LUC : 67

Contact :     Joy - Ulala + Ellen + Baofu; Nate + Maya
              Interest - Ulala + Baofu + Nate
Personality : Arg. Chf. Fool
Comment :     Mysterious girl.
Item :        Normal - Spell/Annhilation Card
              Rare - None
EXP :         2,133
Yen :         5,600


Level 66 - Robin Goodfellow

HP : 528
Earth Elemental
Strong : Earth; Weak : Wind

STR : 54     At.  : 228        Spells :
VIT : 51     Df.  : 219        Maha Magdyne       Bersac
TEC : 52     MAt. : 156        Hula of Misfortune
AGI : 54     MDf. : 155
LUC : 42

Contact :     Joy - Ulala + Ellen; Baofu + Nate
              Interest - Ellen; Nate + Baofu
Personality : Chf. Fool
Comment :     English domestic fairy who does tricks. Helps with
              chores at night.
Item :        Normal - Item/Medicine
              Rare - Spell/Poisma Card
EXP :         1,452
Yen :         4,620


Level 62 - Pixie

HP : 496
Wind Elemental
Strong : Wind; Weak : Earth

STR : 47     At.  : 203        Spells :
VIT : 48     Df.  : 206        Garudyne           Diarahan
TEC : 59     MAt. : 167
AGI : 55     MDf. : 171
LUC : 50

Contact :     Joy - Ellen; Nate
              Interest - Katsuya + Ellen; Maya + Nate
Personality : Blf. Chf.
Comment :     English trickster fairy. Dances to music at night.
Item :        Normal - Item/Clean Salt
              Rare - None
EXP :         1,281
Yen :         4,340


Level 26 - Jack O' Lantern

HP : 208
Fire Elemental
Absorb : Fire; Weak : Water

STR : 18     At.  :  80        Spells :
VIT : 22     Df.  :  92        Maha Agi           Agilao
TEC : 19     MAt. :  58        Dormina
AGI : 25     MDf. :  58
LUC : 19

Contact :     Joy -
              Interest -
Personality : Blf. Chf. Fool
Comment :     English fire spirit, said to be a human reincarnate.
Item :        Normal - Spell/Agi Card
              Rare - Spell/Agilao Card
EXP :         225
Yen :         1,820


Level 18 - Jack Frost

HP : 144
Water Elemental
Void : Water; Absorb : Ice; Weak : Fire

STR : 15     At.  :  63        Spells :
VIT : 12     Df.  :  54        Bufu               Blizzard Breath
TEC : 15     MAt. :  44        Sonic Punch        (Atomic Bufula)
AGI : 18     MDf. :  43
LUC : 12

Contact :     Joy - Ulala + Ellen
              Interest -
Personality : Tmp. Fool
Comment :     Frost fairy made of snow and ice. Friendly and speaks
Item :        Normal - Spell/Bufu Card
              Rare - None
EXP :         108
Yen :         1,260


Level 84 - Talos

HP : 672
Earth Elemental
Void : Physical; Weak : Magic

STR : 78     At.  : 318        Spells :
VIT : 69     Df.  : 291        Brainshake         Viper Smash
TEC : 55     MAt. : 177        Megaton Press
AGI : 62     MDf. : 171
LUC : 70

Contact :     Joy - Maya + Nate
              Interest - Ellen
Personality : Tmp. Fool
Comment :     Living statue ordered by Zeus to protect the island of
Item :        Normal - Item/Awaken
              Rare - None
EXP :         2,325
Yen :         5,880


Level 88 - Ahzi Dahaka

HP : 954
Earth Elemental
Reflect : Earth; Weak : Wind

STR : 73     At.  : 307        Spells :
VIT : 76     Df.  : 316        Anger of the Earth Poisonous Scratch
TEC : 66     MAt. : 207        Megaton Press
AGI : 71     MDf. : 203
LUC : 65

Contact :     "I shall spread the Kegare!"
Personality : Tmp.
Comment :     Evil dragon and child of Angra Mainu. Uses 1000 spells.
Item :        Normal - Item/ALL Incense
              Rare - None
EXP :         9,500
Yen :         6,260


Level 77 - Vasuki

HP : 616
Water Elemental
Void : Water; Reflect : Ice; Weak : Fire

STR : 62     At.  : 263        Spells :
VIT : 70     Df.  : 287        Poison Breath      Blizzard Breath
TEC : 56     MAt. : 173        Paralyzing Breath
AGI : 60     MDf. : 175
LUC : 59

Contact :     Joy - Ulala + Baofu + Ellen
              Interest - Ellen + Baofu + Ulala
Personality : Blf. Wise
Comment :     Huge snake supporting the land. Used to stir the sea.
Item :        Normal - Item/Disguise Goods
              Rare - Item/Beyondite
EXP :         1,976
Yen :         5,390


Level 81 - Apaosha

HP : 648
Fire Elemental
Void : Fire/Holy/Dark

STR : 71     At.  : 294        Spells :
VIT : 61     Df.  : 264        Nuclear Missile    Whirlwind Blast
TEC : 61     MAt. : 186        Kamikaze Charge
AGI : 72     MDf. : 182
LUC : 58

Contact :     Joy - Ulala + Baofu + Ellen; Nate + Katsuya
              Interest - Ulala + Ellen + Baofu; Ulala + Baofu + Nate
Personality : Arg. Fool
Comment :     Demon of drought who was killed in battle with
Item :        Normal - Item/Crisis Powder
              Rare - None
EXP :         2,187
Yen :         6,480


Level 64 - Ratatosk

HP : 512
Earth Elemental
Strong : Earth; Weak : Wind

STR : 49     At.  : 211        Spells :
VIT : 50     Df.  : 214        Magdyne            Paralyzing Scratch
TEC : 48     MAt. : 147        Throw a Kiss
AGI : 58     MDf. : 145
LUC : 47

Contact :     Joy - Ulala + Ellen; Katsuya + Maya + Nate
              Interest - Ellen; Nate + Baofu
Personality : Arg. Fool
Comment :     A squirrel telling of Fresburg and Nidheg's slander in
              Celtic legends.
Item :        Normal - Item/Seed of Escape
              Rare - Spell/Magna Card
EXP :         1,365
Yen :         5,120


Level 99 - Yog-Sothoth

HP : ??? (2,000)
Unknown (No Elemental?)
(Absorb : Earth; Void : Physical)

STR : 75     At.  : 324        Spells :
VIT : 80     Df.  : 339        Asteroid Bomb      Turbid Mist
TEC : 72     MAt. : 223        Photon Cannon
AGI : 70     MDf. : 220
LUC : 99

Contact :     "Into the Light of Darkness!"
Personality : Blf.
Comment :     Cthulhu legends' "Outer Gods". Gate and key in chasm
              of time.
Item :        Normal - Item/Muscle Drink
              Rare - Item/Soma
EXP :         48,000
Yen :         30,000


Level 82 - Fenrir

HP : 656
Fire Elemental
Void : Fire/Holy/Dark

STR : 73     At.  : 301        Spells :
VIT : 62     Df.  : 268        Fire Breath        Paralyzing Bite
TEC : 57     MAt. : 179        Tackle             Violent Rage
AGI : 68     MDf. : 173
LUC : 67

Contact :     Joy - Ulala + Baofu + Ellen
              Interest - <<Katsuya + Ulala + Baofu>>
Personality : Arg. Tmp. Blf.
Comment :     Loki's son, a wolf who swallows Odin at Ragnarock.
Item :        Normal - Item/ALL Incense
              Rare - None
EXP :         2,241
Yen :         6,560


Level 38 - Nata

HP : 800
Wind Elemental
Void : Mind/Nerve; Weak : Lightning

STR : 40     At.  : 158        Spells :
VIT : 30     Df.  : 128        Taru Kaja          Sonic Punch
TEC : 27     MAt. :  85        Tackle
AGI : 39     MDf. :  82
LUC : 25

Contact :     "Feel the wrath of my Paopei!"
Personality : Blf. Wise
Comment :     Battle genius who fights with many Paopei.
Item :        Normal - Mtl./Paopei
              Rare - None
EXP :         481
Yen :         2,660

---HANGED MAN----------------------------------------------------------

Level 90 - Azazel

HP : 919
Earth Elemental
Absorb : Magic; Void : Mind/Nerve

STR : 75     At.  : 315        Spells :
VIT : 71     Df.  : 303        Hypnotic Wave      Guillotine Fake
TEC : 74     MAt. : 220        Level Trap
AGI : 72     MDf. : 220
LUC : 67

Contact :     "Enjoy 'Hell's Banquet' which is about to begin...
              He he he he..."
Personality : Blf.
Comment :     Wild, desert demon. Scapegoat of the Old Testament.
Item :        Normal - Item/Awaken
              Rare - Item/Item Breeder
EXP :         12,800
Yen :         6,300


Level 74 - Adramelech

HP : 592
No Elemental
Reflect : Dark; Weak : Holy

STR : 57     At.  : 245        Spells :
VIT : 55     Df.  : 239        Grydyne            Throw a Kiss
TEC : 66     MAt. : 191        Trial of Darkness
AGI : 64     MDf. : 192
LUC : 57

Contact :     Joy - <<Katsuya + Maya + Baofu>>
              Interest - Nate + Katsuya + Ulala
Personality : Tmp. Blf. Wise
Comment :     Scribe of hell and head executive of demons, seen as
              a peacock.
Item :        Normal - Spell/Gryva Card
              Rare - Spell/Pressure Card
EXP :         1,825
Yen :         5,180


Level 65 - Nisroc

HP : 520
Fire Elemental
Void : Fire; Reflect : Nuclear; Weak : Water

STR : 51     At.  : 218        Spells :
VIT : 50     Df.  : 215        Inferno            Hula of Misfortune
TEC : 55     MAt. : 162        Self Explosion
AGI : 53     MDf. : 162
LUC : 50

Contact :     Joy - <<Katsuya + Baofu + Maya>>
              Interest - Katsuya + Ellen + Baofu; Baofu + Nate
Personality : Tmp. Blf. Chf.
Comment :     Second-rank demon in hell. Beelzebub's cook.
Item :        Normal - Spell/Agi Card
              Rare - Spell/Agilao Card
EXP :         1,408
Yen :         4,550


Level 63 - Guzfan

HP : 608
Fire Elemental
Strong : Fire; Weak : Water

STR : 56     At.  : 231        Spells :
VIT : 57     Df.  : 234        Agidyne            Fire Breath
TEC : 48     MAt. : 146
AGI : 49     MDf. : 148
LUC : 53

Contact :     Joy - Katsuya + Ellen + Maya; Nate
              Interest - Katsuya + Ellen; Maya + Nate
Personality : Blf. Chf.
Comment :     Second-rank demon in hell who send air into hell's forge.
Item :        Normal - Item/Antidote
              Rare - None
EXP :         1,323
Yen :         4,410


Level 80 - Ah Puch

HP : 640
No Elemental
Reflect : Holy/Dark

STR : 66     At.  : 278        Spells :
VIT : 61     Df.  : 263        Mudoonn            Anger of the Earth
TEC : 71     MAt. : 206        Death Bound
AGI : 65     MDf. : 207
LUC : 60

Contact :     Joy - Ulala + Baofu + Nate
              Interest - Nate + Baofu
Personality : Glm. Wise
Comment :     Mayan god of death who rules Mitrel, the ninth level of
Item :        Normal - Spell/Megido Card
              Rare - Spell/Annhilation Card
EXP :         2,133
Yen :         5,600


Level 76 - Kau

HP : 608
Fire Elemental
Strong : Sword/Attack; Weak : Shot/Water/Earth; Void : Fire

STR : 62     At.  : 262        Spells :
VIT : 57     Df.  : 247        Fire Breath        Assault Dive
TEC : 59     MAt. : 178        Final Strike
AGI : 69     MDf. : 175
LUC : 56

Contact :     Joy - Ulala + Ellen + Baofu
              Interest - Ellen + Baofu + Ulala; Maya + Nate
Personality : Arg. Chf. Wise
Comment :     In Chinese legend, a three-legged bird who lives in the
Item :        Normal - Item/Bead of Flame
              Rare - Spell/Flame Card
EXP :         1,925
Yen :         5,320


Level 86 - Shu

HP : 999
No Elemental
Strong : All

STR : 72     At.  : 302        Spells :
VIT : 68     Df.  : 290        Deadly Burn        Death Bound
TEC : 69     MAt. : 206        Dark Baptism
AGI : 65     MDf. : 206
LUC : 69

Contact :     "You think you're the great Emperor?!"
Personality : Glm.
Comment :     War god who created 5 armies. Defeated by the emperor.
Item :        Normal - Item/Disguise Goods
              Rare - Item/Akashic Ring
EXP :         14,500
Yen :         6,020


Level 75 - Tzitzimitl

HP : 600
No Elemental
Void : Holy/Dark

STR : 58     At.  : 249        Spells :
VIT : 62     Df.  : 261        Magdyne            Diamond Dust
TEC : 64     MAt. : 188        Hypnotic Wave      Viper Smash
AGI : 56     MDf. : 191
LUC : 55

Contact :     Joy - Maya + Katsuya + Ellen; Maya + Katsuya + Nate
              Interest - Baofu + Nate
Personality : Wise
Comment :     Evil Aztec lord of darkness, the star who fights the
Item :        Normal - Item/Lucky Bag
              Rare - Spell/Ice Card
EXP :         1,875
Yen :         5,250


Level 62 - Poltergeist

HP : 496
No Elemental
Void : Dark; Weak : Holy

STR : 52     At.  : 218        Spells :
VIT : 53     Df.  : 221        Magna              Iluzone
TEC : 51     MAt. : 151        Self Explosion
AGI : 51     MDf. : 153
LUC : 52

Contact :     Joy - Baofu + Ulala + Ellen; Baofu + Ulala + Nate
              Interest - Ellen; Katsuya + Maya + Nate
Personality : Tmd. Glm. Fool
Comment :     Ghost who makes things float. It's name means "loud
Item :        Normal - Item/Medicine
              Rare - None
EXP :         1,281
Yen :         4,340


Level 61 - Ghost

HP : 488
No Elemental
Strong : All Physical except Sword; Weak : Sword/Holy

STR : 50     At.  : 211        Spells :
VIT : 50     Df.  : 211        Aquadyne           Dormina
TEC : 50     MAt. : 148
AGI : 56     MDf. : 150
LUC : 49

Contact :     Joy - Baofu + Ulala + Ellen; Maya + Nate + Katsuya
              Interest - Ellen; Nate + Katsuya + Ulala
Personality : Glm. Fool
Comment :     Spirit of the dead for those with regret in the world.
Item :        Normal - Item/Antidote
              Rare - None
EXP :         1,240
Yen :         4,270


Level 99 - Angra Mainu

HP : ??? (1800)
No Elemental
Strong : All

STR : 99     At.  396        Spells :
VIT : 73     Df.  318        Mephistopheles     Unperishable Black
TEC : 78     MAt. 225        Whirlwind Blast
AGI : 82     MDf. 231
LUC : 75

Contact :     "I feel the Kegare..."
Personality : Fool
Comment :     Counterpart of Ahura Mazda. A leader of demons.
Item :        Normal - Item Breeder
              Rare - None
EXP :         62,000
Yen :         60,000


Level 79 - Shub-Niggurath

HP : 632
No Elemental
Reflect : Magic; Weak : Physical

STR : 64     At.  : 271        Spells :
VIT : 66     Df.  : 277        Frei               Mudoonn
TEC : 61     MAt. : 185        Chaos Element      Possession
AGI : 59     MDf. : 185
LUC : 65

Contact :     Joy -  Ulala + Baofu + Ellen; Maya + Nate
              Interest - Maya + Ulala + Nate
Personality : Arg. Tmp. Fool
Comment :     Cthulhu legend's "Outer Gods". Black goat with a 1000
Item :        Normal - Item/Bead of Torment
              Rare - Spell/Torment Card
EXP :         2,080
Yen :         5,530


Level 61 - Slime

HP : 488
No Elemental
Strong : Dark; Weak : Holy

STR : 51     At.  : 214        Spells :
VIT : 51     Df.  : 214        Corrosive Fluid    Deadly Burn
TEC : 51     MAt. : 150
AGI : 51     MDf. : 152
LUC : 51

Contact :     Joy - Ulala + Ellen; Baofu + Nate
              Interest - Ellen; Nate + Baofu
Personality : Fool
Comment :     Liquid form of life with a strong digestive tract.
Item :        Normal - Item/Medicine
              Rare - None
EXP :         1,240
Yen :         4,270


Level 75 - Valkyrie

HP : 600
No Elemental
Strong : Physical; Weak : Magic

STR : 67     At.  : 276        Spells :
VIT : 56     Df.  : 243        Grydyne            Straight Slash
TEC : 58     MAt. : 176        Mighty Swing
AGI : 64     MDf. : 173
LUC : 54

Contact :     Joy - Ulala + Ellen
              Interest - Katsuya + Ulala + Ellen; Maya + Nate
Personality : Arg. Blf. Chf.
Comment :     In Norse myth, maidens carrying the souls of the dead
              to Valhalla.
Item :        Normal - Item/Gem
              Rare - Spell/Shockwave Card
EXP :         1,875
Yen :         5,250


Level 70 - Picollus

HP : 560
Water Elemental
Void : Water/Ice; Weak : Fire

STR : 53     At.  : 229        Spells :
VIT : 55     Df.  : 235        Aquadyne           Hula of Misfortune
TEC : 60     MAt. : 176        Possession
AGI : 57     MDf. : 177
LUC : 55

Contact :     Joy - <<Ulala + Katsuya>>
              Interest - Baofu + Nate
Personality : Tmp. Chf. Fool
Comment :     Devil of ancient Europe offered the heads of the dead.
Item :        Normal - Item/Seed of Escape
              Rare - Spell/Aques Card
EXP :         1,633
Yen :         4,900


Level 74 - Jahi

HP : 592
No Elemental
Strong : Magic; Weak : Physical

STR : 57     At.  : 245        Spells :
VIT : 54     Df.  : 236        Bufudyne           Zandyne
TEC : 60     MAt. : 193        Marin Karin        Whirlwind Blast
AGI : 57     MDf. : 194
LUC : 55

Contact :     Joy - Katsuya + Maya + Ellen; Ulala + Baofu + Nate
              Interest - Katsuya + Ellen; Nate + Maya
Personality : Arg. Glm. Wise
Comment :     Zoroastrian magic user who is said to be Angra Mainu's
Item :        Normal - Spell/Shockwave Card
              Rare - None
EXP :         1,825
Yen :         5,180


Level 63 - Nightmare

HP : 504
No Elemental
Strong : All Physical except Sword; Weak : Sword/Holy

STR : 52     At.  : 219        Spells :
VIT : 52     Df.  : 219        Invitation to Sleep Marvellous Dance
TEC : 53     MAt. : 156        Fata Morgana
AGI : 54     MDf. : 158
LUC : 53

Contact :     Joy - Baofu + Ulala + Ellen; Baofu + Ulala + Nate
              Interest - Ellen; Katsuya + Maya + Nate
Personality : Tmd. Glm. Fool
Comment :     Known as an ominous demon.
Item :        Normal - Item/Ball of Returning
              Rare - None
EXP :         1,323
Yen :         5,040


Level 73 - Virocana

HP : ??? (2,800)
Fire Elemental
Void : Fire/Holy/Dark

STR : 53     At.  : 229        Spells :
VIT : 55     Df.  : 238        Deadly Burn        Divine Judgment
TEC : 69     MAt. : 196        Magic Seal         Rain of Arrows
AGI : 62     MDf. : 199
LUC : 59

Contact :     "Go train some more!"
Personality : Blf. Chf. Wise
Comment :     God of heavens who is said to be the core.
Item :        Normal - Mtl./1000 Lotus Petals
              Rare - None
EXP :         1,776
Yen :         5,110


Level 77 - Cherub

HP : 616
Wind Elemental
Reflect : Holy; Weak : Dark

STR : 61     At.  : 260        Spells :
VIT : 61     Df.  : 260        Sama Recarm        Baptism of Thunder
TEC : 61     MAt. : 183        Alpha Blaster      Rain of Arrows
AGI : 61     MDf. : 182
LUC : 61

Contact :     Joy - Katsuya + Maya + Nate
              Interest - Ellen + Katsuya + Ulala; Katsuya + Ulala +Nate
Personality : Arg. Blf. Wise
Comment :     An angel representing intelligence. Has four wings and
              four arms.
Item :        Normal - Item/Incense of Life
              Rare - Spell/Divine Light Card
EXP :         1,976
Yen :         5,390


Level 73 - Throne

HP : 584
Fire Elemental
Void : Holy; Weak : Dark

STR : 58     At.  : 247        Spells :
VIT : 58     Df.  : 247        Maha Agidyne       Hamaonn
TEC : 58     MAt. : 174        Double Thrust
AGI : 58     MDf. : 174
LUC : 58

Contact :     Joy - Katsuya + Maya + Ellen
              Interest - Ellen + Katsuya + Ulala
Personality : Arg. Wise
Comment :     Ruler of will, angel of dignity and justice who cares
              for God's throne.
Item :        Normal - Item/Gem
              Rare - Spell/Agidyne Card
EXP :         1,776
Yen :         5,110


Level 72 - Dominion

HP : 576
Fire Elemental
Reflect : Holy; Weak : Dark

STR : 57     At.  : 243        Spells :
VIT : 57     Df.  : 243        Megido             Diarahan
TEC : 57     MAt. : 171        Heat Wave
AGI : 57     MDf. : 170
LUC : 57

Contact :     Joy - Ulala + Baofu + Ellen
              Interest - Katsuya + Baofu + Ellen
Personality : Arg. Tmp. Wise
Comment :     Master angel meaning control. Tasked with spreading
              God's word.
Item :        Normal - Item/Clean Salt
              Rare - None
EXP :         1,728
Yen :         5,040


Level 63 - Virtue

HP : 568
Water Elemental
Reflect : Holy; Weak : Dark

STR : 56     At.  : 239        Spells :
VIT : 56     Df.  : 239        Maha Aquadyne      Mahanma
TEC : 56     MAt. : 168        Recarm
AGI : 56     MDf. : 168
LUC : 56

Contact :     Joy - Ulala + Baofu + Ellen
              Interest - See Below
Personality : Arg. Tmp. Fool
Comment :     Strength angel meaning purity. Governs the miracles
              on earth.
Item :        Normal - Item/Ball of Returning
              Rare - None
EXP :         1,680
Yen :         4,990

Interest - I cannot find a contact method to illicit only interest from
Virtue, and it's not for lack of trying. If you need to make a Virtue
interested, use Maya to illicit Interest + Anger and then use Katsuya +
Ulala + Baofu to illicit Interest + Fear.


Level 70 - Power

HP : 560
Earth Elemental
Void : Holy; Weak : Dark

STR : 55     At.  : 235        Spells :
VIT : 55     Df.  : 235        Tetrakarn          Rock Fall
TEC : 55     MAt. : 166        Brain Shake
AGI : 55     MDf. : 164
LUC : 55

Contact :     Joy - <<Baofu + Ulala + Katsuya>>
              Interest - <<Katsuya + Ulala + Baofu>>
Personality : Arg. Tmp. Blf.
Comment :     The first angel created. Tasked to fight fallen angels.
Item :        Normal - Item/Clean Salt
              Rare - None
EXP :         1,633
Yen :         4,900


Level 69 - Principality

HP : 552
Earth Elemental
Void : Holy; Weak : Dark

STR : 54     At.  : 231        Spells :
VIT : 54     Df.  : 231        Heat Wave          Magnus
TEC : 54     MAt. : 163        Bufula             Mahanma
AGI : 54     MDf. : 162
LUC : 54

Contact :     Joy - Katsuya + Maya + Ellen
              Interest - Ellen + Katsuya + Ulala; Katsuya + Ulala+Nate
Personality : Arg. Blf. Wise
Comment :     A civil angle protecting religion and ruling cities on
              the earth.
Item :        Normal - Item/Chewing Soul
              Rare - Spell/Magnus Card
EXP :         1,587
Yen :         4,830


Level 68 - Archangel

HP : 544
Wind Elemental
Void : Holy; Weak : Dark

STR : 53     At.  : 227        Spells :
VIT : 53     Df.  : 227        Garula             Raku Kaja
TEC : 53     MAt. : 160        Straight Slash
AGI : 53     MDf. : 158
LUC : 53

Contact :     Joy - Maya + Ellen; Katsuya + Maya + Nate
              Interest - <<Maya + Ulala>>
Personality : Arg. Fool
Comment :     Despite a low ranking, an angel with the most important
Item :        Normal - Item/Clean Salt
              Rare - None
EXP :         1,541
Yen :         4,760


Level 67 - Angel

HP : 532
Water Elemental
Void : Holy; Weak : Dark

STR : 52     At.  : 223        Spells :
VIT : 52     Df.  : 223        Maha Aqua          Hama
TEC : 52     MAt. : 157        Dia
AGI : 52     MDf. : 156
LUC : 52

Contact :     Joy - Ellen + Ulala; Katsuya + Nate + Maya
              Interest - Maya + Ulala + Nate
Personality : Arg. Fool
Comment :     Angel tasked with watching and helping human life.
Item :        Normal - Spell/Dia Card
              Rare - None
EXP :         1,496
Yen :         4,690


Level 76 - Uroboros

HP : 608
Earth Elemental
Strong : Lightning/Nuclear/Ice; Weak : Strike/Attack

STR : 59     At.  : 253        Spells :
VIT : 66     Df.  : 274        Recarm Dora        Poison Breath
TEC : 61     MAt. : 182        Transfixion
AGI : 59     MDf. : 185
LUC : 58

Contact :     Joy - Ulala + Ellen + Baofu
              Interest - Ellen + Baofu + Ulala
Personality : Arg. Wise
Comment :     Symbol of eternity meaning "one eating." A worm of
              Greek lore.
Item :        Normal - Item/Seed of Escape
              Rare - Spell/Sacrifice Card
EXP :         1,925
Yen :         5,320


Level 63 - Kudan

HP : 504
No Elemental
Strong : Magic; Weak : Physical

STR : 46     At.  : 201        Spells :
VIT : 50     Df.  : 213        Diarama            High Pressure
TEC : 60     MAt. : 170        Circular Reasoning Prophecy
AGI : 52     MDf. : 175
LUC : 43

Contact :     "More...More, tell MORE rumors! Give me more life!"
Personality : Rumor Clone
Comment :     Monster that terrorized Japan. Said to die after
              predicting evil.
Item :        Normal - Item/Awaken
              Rare - None
EXP :         3,936
Yen :         13,200


Level 52 - Haunted Taxi

HP : 416
No Elemental
Void : Holy/Dark/Mind/Nerve; Weak : Lightning

STR : 40     At.  : 172        Spells :
VIT : 45     Df.  : 187        Tackle             Radical Powerslide
TEC : 37     MAt. : 115
AGI : 45     MDf. : 114
LUC : 40

Contact :     "This is the 'Wild Ride'. I will try my best, starting
              with the little things."
Personality : Steadily
Comment :     Rumored Ghost taxi. Is there meaning to the Kansai
Item :        Normal - Item/Crisis Powder
              Rare - None
EXP :         2,704
Yen :         12,000


Level 50 - 200 km/h Fogey

HP : 400
No Elemental
Void : Holy/Dark/Mind/Nerve

STR : 35     At.  : 155        Spells :
VIT : 33     Df.  : 144        Magdyne            Curse
TEC : 40     MAt. : 120        Lightning Strike
AGI : 56     MDf. : 116
LUC : 35

Contact :     "I'm the fastest runner in the world!"
Personality : Very Hasty
Comment :     Rumored old man running 200km/h. Who is he?
Item :        Normal - Item/Gem Ring
              Rare - None
EXP :         2,500
Yen :         7,000


Level 46 - Red Cape

HP : 368
No Elemental
Absorb : Fire/Nuclear; Weak : Water/Ice

STR : 29     At.  : 133        Spells :
VIT : 24     Df.  : 118        Taru Kaja          Inferno
TEC : 52     MAt. : 140        Heat Wave          Level Trap
AGI : 46     MDf. : 142
LUC : 32

Contact :     "Red is Good!"
Personality : "RED or BLUE?"
Comment :     Force between red or blue. If red, it cuts off your neck.
Item :        Normal - Item/Item Breeder
              Rare - None
EXP :         6,268
Yen :         9,000


Level 45 - Blue Cape

HP : 360
No Elemental
Absorb : Water/Ice; Weak : Fire/Nuclear

STR : 28     At.  : 129        Spells :
VIT : 24     Df.  : 117        Maka Kaja          Fear Torrent
TEC : 50     MAt. : 136        Heat Wave          Level Trap
AGI : 46     MDf. : 137
LUC : 31

Contact :     "Is Blue Good?"
Personality : "RED or BLUE?"
Comment :     Force between red or blue. If blue, it drains the body's
Item :        Normal - Item/Soma
              Rare - None
EXP :         2,100
Yen :         10,000


Level 41 - Mussie

HP : 328
No Elemental
Void : Mind/Nerve; Weak : Lightning

STR : 38     At.  : 135        Spells :
VIT : 43     Df.  : 170        Blizzard Breath    Photon Cannon
TEC : 25     MAt. :  82        Petrifying Glare
AGI : 31     MDf. :  83
LUC : 26

Contact :     "Ghaaaa!"
Personality : UMA
Comment :     Mystery monster. Is it a survivor of an extinct dinosaur
Item :        Normal - Item/Miracle Soda
              Rare - None
EXP :         1,680
Yen :         8,000


Level 37 - 100km/h Hag

HP : 296
No Elemental
Void : Holy/Dark/Mind/Nerve

STR : 24     At.  : 109        Spells :
VIT : 27     Df.  : 118        Fata Morgana       Retreat
TEC : 25     MAt. :  79        Lightning Strike
AGI : 45     MDf. :  75
LUC : 26

Contact :     "I'm the fastest runner around!"
Personality : Hasty
Comment :     Rumored old woman running 100km/h. Who is she?
Item :        Normal - Item/Seed of Escape
              Rare - None
EXP :         1,370
Yen :         7,500


Level 32 - Reiko Kashima

HP : 256
No Elemental
Void : Holy/Dark/Mind/Nerve

STR : 25     At.  : 107        Spells :
VIT : 23     Df.  : 101        Zandyne            Maha Mudo
TEC : 27     MAt. :  79        Curse              Dark Baptism
AGI : 29     MDf. :  78
LUC : 23

Contact :     "Ha ha ha..."
Personality : Bitch
Comment :     Woman who kills anyone that can't give the correct
Item :        Normal - Item/Yamatano Drink
              Rare - None
EXP :         1,024
Yen :         5,000


Level 29 - Tsuchinoko

HP : 232
No Elemental
Strong : Magic; Weak : Physical

STR : 20     At.  : 101        Spells :
VIT : 26     Df.  : 107        Parlyzing Bite     Violent Rage
TEC : 17     MAt. :  57        Bloodsuck          Retreat
AGI : 27     MDf. :  55
LUC : 21

Contact :     "Myu Myuu..."
Personality : UMA
Comment :     Wild, mysterious snake. It has a bloated stomach.
Item :        Normal - Item/Precious Egg
              Rare - None
EXP :         840
Yen :         4,000


Level 24 - Tek Tek

HP : 192
No Elemental
Void : Holy/Dark/Mind/Nerve

STR : 20     At.  :  84        Spells :
VIT : 17     Df.  :  75        Maha Garula        Devil's Smile
TEC : 20     MAt. :  59        Poisonous Scratch
AGI : 20     MDf. :  58
LUC : 18

Contact :     "Tek tek..."
Personality : Tek Tek?
Comment :     Ghost that says "Tek-Tek?"
Item :        Normal - Item/Muscle Drink
              Rare - None
EXP :         576
Yen :         2,500


Level 64 - Zombie Schoolgirl

HP : 512
No Elemental
Strong : Physical; Void : Dark; Weak : Fire/Holy

STR : 54     At.  : 226        Spells :
VIT : 53     Df.  : 223        Kamikaze Charge
TEC : 53     MAt. : 157
AGI : 54     MDf. : 158
LUC : 53

Contact :     "Down with the world! Burn to ashes!"
Personality : Stubborn
Comment :     Undead exchange student. Victim of a reckless country.
Item :        Normal - Item/Medicine
              Rare - None
EXP :         1,365
Yen :         448


Level 84 : Black Mask

HP : 772
No Elemental
Void : Mind/Nerve; Weak : Lightning

STR : 73     At.  : 303        Spells :
VIT : 68     Df.  : 288        Megidolaonn        Death Bound
TEC : 71     MAt. : 209
AGI : 69     MDf. : 211
LUC : 66

Contact :     "Hail Joker!!
               Hail Mask!!
               Long live the Masquerade!!"
Personality : MASKISM
Comment :     Masquerade member who still follows the leaderless
Item :        Normal - INC/STR Card
              Rare - Item/STR Incense
EXP :         6,000
Yen :         5,880


Level 78 - Red Mask

HP : 624
Fire Elemental
Void : Fire; Absorb : Nuclear; Weak : Water

STR : 73     At.  : 297        Spells :
VIT : 66     Df.  : 276        Inferno            Mighty Swing
TEC : 59     MAt. : 180
AGI : 62     MDf. : 180
LUC : 63

Contact :     "Hail Joker!!
               Hail Mask!!
               Long live the Masquerade!!"
Personality : MASKISM
Comment :     Masquerade member who still follows the leaderless
Item :        Normal - INC/AGI Card
              Rare - Item/AGI Incense
EXP :         2,028
Yen :         5,460


Level 76 : Blue Mask

HP : 608
Water Elemental
Void : Water; Absorb : Ice; Weak : Fire

STR : 58     At.  : 250        Spells :
VIT : 62     Df.  : 262        Fear Torrent       Mighty Swing
TEC : 71     MAt. : 202
AGI : 61     MDf. : 208
LUC : 63

Contact :     "Hail Joker!!
               Hail Mask!!
               Long live the Masquerade!!"
Personality : MASKISM
Comment :     Masquerade member who still follows the leaderless
Item :        Normal - INC/LUC Card
              Rare - Item/LUC Incense
EXP :         1,925
Yen :         5,320


Level 75 : Yellow Mask

HP : 600
Earth Elemental
Absorb : Lightning/Nuclear/Ice; Void : Earth; Weak : Wind

STR : 63     At.  : 264        Spells :
VIT : 68     Df.  : 279        Magma Drop         Straight Slash
TEC : 60     MAt. : 180
AGI : 58     MDf. : 184
LUC : 62

Contact :     "Hail Joker!!
               Hail Mask!!
               Long live the Masquerade!!"
Personality : MASKISM
Comment :     Masquerade member who still follows the leaderless
Item :        Normal - INC/TEC Card
              Rare - Item/TEC Incense
EXP :         3,750
Yen :         5,250


Level 73 : Green Mask

HP : 584
Wind Elemental
Void : Wind; Absorb : Lightning; Weak : Earth

STR : 59     At.  : 250        Spells :
VIT : 57     Df.  : 244        Senpu Jin          Straight Slash
TEC : 60     MAt. : 178
AGI : 69     MDf. : 178
LUC : 57

Contact :     "Hail Joker!!
               Hail Mask!!
               Long live the Masquerade!!"
Personality : MASKISM
Comment :     Masquerade member who still follows the leaderless
Item :        Normal - INC/VIT Card
              Rare - Item/VIT Incense
EXP :         1,776
Yen :         5,110


V. Extra Info


A. Complete Script of EX Dungeon

This is the script of the EX Dungeon. All dialogue that appears in the
game will be listed here, no matter how small. However, quotes not
part of the story appear in sections B and C following the script.

List of Scenes

1.  Velvet Room Intro
2.  "Desert Temple"
3.  "Green Run"
4.  "Zodiac Revisited"
5.  "Room of Seal"
6.  The Man with a Sword
7.  "Persona Factory"
8.  "MASKISM Forest"
9.  The Mysterious Door
10. "Sumaru Castle Revisited"
11. Helping Hands
12. The Past
13. "Trial of Separation"
14. The Chamber of Philemon

===1. Velvet Room Intro=============

Igor :     Welcome to the Velvet Room.

           This room is currently connected to an underdeveloped
           labyrinth created by our master, Master Philemon. Master
           Philemon intends to test your abilities once more through
           this labyrinth. First, find the "Vortex of Light" hidden
           within the labyrinth. That is the key to conquering this

           It is your choice as to who joins you.

           Now go...
           I am supporting you from the shadows.
           Yes, yes...Nameless and I have a humble gift for you.
           This is an alternate world away from the real world. There
           must be a time when you want to hear the voices of your
           friends. If you ask me, I can call these people using this
           evil phone. Please use it.
           And Nameless says that he can show you the memories of your
           heart. Ask him for details.

           Well then...
           I wish you good luck.

===2. "Desert Temple"===============

Philemon : Marvelous.
           I shall open a new path for you.
           Good luck.

===3. "Green Run"===================

Philemon : Wonderful.
           You have made it this far. But how will the next one be?
           From here on, you can only run forward. Of course, you will
           not be able to stop in the middle.

           Using the L/R buttons to change your viewpoints, I want you
           to escape this labyrinth in under 3 minutes. Of course
           failing won't be tolerated. When you are ready, open the
           door in back.
Philemon : I wish you luck.
Philemon : Splendid.
           I shall open a new path for you.
           Good luck.

===4. "Zodiac Revisited=============

Philemon : You have fought a great many foes before you came here. I
           am sure that none of them were easy. A person's heart tends
           to remember bitter memories more vividly. Those memories
           will hinder your way from here on. My other half will awaken
           all the bitterness of the battles...the struggles you have

           Now, go. Overcome the hardship of having limited places of
           recovering, and sever your accursed memories.
Philemon : Phenomenal.
           I shall open a new path for you.
           Good luck.

===5. "Room of Seal"================

Philemon : Fantastic.
           I shall open a new path for you.
           Good luck.

===6. The Man with a Sword==========

Man with : Quiet night... The harbor sleeps... In this house... my
a sword    lover... once lived ...(sigh)... My heart is empty ...Hmm?
Man with : Who are you?
a sword    I do not know who you are, but could you tell me...
           Where am I?
           WHO...am I...?
           Why am I carrying this sword...?
           I cannot remember...
           I came here for a reason...
           But I cannot remember... Why...?
           If there was only some kind of chance that I might regain
           my memory...Not having one's memory is a sad thing...
Man with : Huh? ... that is ... In Rakech!? T-That's right... That's
a sword    mine... It's just a little...But I'm starting to remember
           ... Gugu ... gugu ...

           I remember bits and pieces...I came here to do something. But
           as far as what that something was...?

           T-That's ... Black Lighter? I know that... That's mine...
           I'm remembering.. I'm remembering.. But who am I...? I still
           can't remember that ... Who am I ... Gugugu...

           Just a little more... Just a little more and I'll remember..

           !? T-That Knife is... T-That is mine... It's coming back to

           Gu gu gu gu gu gu ... guoooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Tatsuya :  Hyaha------!!!!
Sudou      I remember!! ... EVERYTHING!!
           Who I am, and what I'm supposed to do!!
           I can hear them... The...Voices!!
           Voices are telling me to burn this world to ashes...
           All will become ashes! ... Hyahya--!!

===7. "Persona Factory"=============

Philemon : I am impressed that you have made it this far.
           I shall open a new path for you.
           Good luck.

===8. "MASKISM Forest"==============

Jizo :     "The Truth of the Dream"
           written in Japanese is
           <8 hiragana letters : YU,ME,NO,SHO(N+YO),U,TA,I>

           Lu<I>ar <YU>a<N>ac<YO> <= Lunar Palace>
           Gatt<YO><I> Sus<ME><NO> <= Gatten Sushi>

           <YU>ad<YU>arc<ME>a <= Padparcha>
           <YO>b<TA><I>y <= Ebony>

           Ka<TA>r<NO> <= Kaori>
           Ka<U><YO>ya A<N><N><YO>y <= Kameya Alley>

           R<TA>sa Ca<I>d<NO>da <= Rosa Candida>
           G<TA><N>D <= GOLD>

===9. The Mysterious Door===========

Voice :    Expose the "The Truth of the Dream".
Beyond     <wrong answer> That...will not open the door to the dream.
Door       <correct answer> Marvelous. Now, please enter.
Igor :     Do you understand?...
           This labyrinth is another world that you know, yet it cannot
           exist. It is a false world where reality and fantasy mesh.
           But you should know a world that is very similar to this.
           It is a world which you experience within your sleep.

           Yes...It is a "dream"...

           This world created by Master Philemon can be called the
           "Relic of the Collective Unconsciousness". It resembles a

           What this means, I shall leave for you to decide. However,
           just as a dream has an end, this world also has a
           conclusion. This is the center of the Labyrinth. You have
           halfway to go. Good luck.

           Yes, yes, one final warning. Once you leave this room, you
           will not be able to use it for awhile. Leave with care.

===10. "Sumaru Castle Revisited"====

Chupiler : Do you want to pass the EXTRA DUNGEON!!!!!!????
           You wanna clear it!!!!!???
Maya :     Yes.
Chupiler : Er?
           You're not into it.
           Try it again.

           Do you want to pass the EXTRA DUNGEON!!!!!!????
           You wanna clear it!!!!!???
Maya :     Hell yeah!!
Chupiler : Do you wanna meet Master Philemon!!!!!!????
           You wanna meet him!!!!!???
Maya :     Hell yeah!!
Chupiler : Oh yeah!! What a voice!!
           You're all fired up!! I'm all fired up, too!!
           Yeeeeeeoooooow!! Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!

           Now, this dungeon is larger and harder than the dungeons
           of the story!! But you got all the way here!! Way too
           strong!!!! But it's even harder ahead. That's because to
           pass this dungeon, you need more than muscle power, you
           need brain power, too!! So, let's give it a try!!

           Chupiler's Persona Quiz!! If you don't get it right,
           you'll be stuck here forever!!

           Question 1!!!!!!!!!!!! How many times did Tatsuya Sudou
           say "Voices" during the story? Answer with a number!
Maya :     <wrong answer; 0 or 51 and up, 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20
           21-25, 26-30, 32-40, 41-45, 46-50, respectively>
Chupiler : Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! That's soooooo wrong. Think harder.

           It can't be that low. There should've been lots more.
           Try harder and remember!

           Hmmm, incorrect. It wasn't that low. Come on, think.

           Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Wrong. Hmmm, you're close now. But he
           said more.

           Oh, just missed the mark. Try a little higher.

           Damn, soooooo close! Just a bit more. Just a bit.

           You're close, but a bit too far.

           Brrr! Too bad. I understand you'd think he said it that many

           Ohhh, incorrect. You went too far. He didn't say it that many

Maya :     31
Chupiler : Ohhhhhhhhh!! You're right!! Yup, he said "voices" 31 times
           during the game! Twice in the sanitarium, 8 times on the
           blimp, and this is hard, 21 times during the Affinity
           Reading. For your information, he said it several times in
           this Extra Dungeon, but I said in the story, so it doesn't
           count. But still, you got mad memory skills to know that
           one! You're one crazy gamer!
           Well then, I'll open the gate for you!!
Chupiler : Question 2!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember the Editor-in-Chief of
           Kismet who hates Maya? What's her last name? C'mon!
Maya :     <wrong answer>
Chupiler : Brrrrr! Aw, man, that's not it. You already forgot?
           So did I. But let's think harder.
Maya :     Mizuno
Chupiler : Correct!! How'd you remember that!? Yep, Mizuno. That
           mean old hag who ruled with an iron fist. Why does she
           hate Maya so much? Is she jealous of Maya's
           popularity? Well, I'm glad that she didn't become a Joker.
           I'll unlock the door. You may now proceed!

Chupiler : Question 3!!!!!!!! Say it!! What is Maya's favorite food?
Maya :     <wrong answer>
Chupiler : Brrr!! Nooooooooo!! You're wrong! Hey hey hey! What sign
           is Maya? That's your big hint right there!
Maya :     Canned crab
Chupiler : That was a bit easy. Yeah! Canned crab! Maya loooooves
           them. But they barely talk about it in Eternal
           Punishment. You're pretty good!
           Open sesame! You may now proceed!
Chupiler : Question 4!!!!!!!! Did you beat the Rumor Demons at Mu
           Continent? One of them was the Haunted Taxi. What was
           the other one?
Maya :     <wrong answer>
Chupiler : Brrr! Wrong-O!!
           Think, Mu Continent, Mu Continent...
           Mabey it's already part of the answer...
Maya :     Mussie
Chupiler : Correct!! Mu Continent, so Mussie!! You know, Loch Ness,
           so Nessie. Simple, but helped didn't it?
           Let me unlock the door. You may now proceed.
Chupiler : Question 5!!!!!!!! There's flowers at Aoba Park, right?
           How many of them are there? Answer in numbers!
Maya :     <Wrong answer>
Chupiler : Absolutely incorrect!! Guess you didn't take the time to
           count, huh? But there's not that many. Just think calmly.
Maya :     7
Chupiler : Absolutely correct!! Yep, 7 in all. Blue, Yellow-Green,
           Red, Aqua-Blue, Yellow, and Orange and Purple...
           Did you answer which flower was compatible with the Purple
           flower? It's Blue, right? ...Wait a moment.. Was it...?

           W,Well... Anyways, you answered my question correctly, so
           I'll unlock the door. You may now proceed!
             <1, 1F>
Lithograph : VociesVoicesVoicesVociesVoicesVoicesVocies
of Memory    VociesVoicesVoicesVociesVoicesVoicesVocies

             <2, 2F>
             If you wish, I shall show you the nostalgic moment
             once more.
Eikichi :    You too...?
             I wonder where though...
             Do you like canned crab?

             <3, 3F>
             It was Red, Blue, and Yellow, but it also was
             Yellow-Green, Aqua-Blue, and Orange, thus it was

             <4, 2F>
             If you wish, I shall show you the nostalgic moment
             once more.
Security :   I was watching the back...when I saw a terrible monster
             Is that Mu Continent's master...Mussie!?

             <5, 3F>
             If you wish, I shall show you the nostalgic moment
             once more.
             Editor in Chief Mizuno
             <Coolest's Editor-in-Chief who hates Maya. An experienced
             woman who goes by the book. 30-something and still not
Philemon : You have made it this far. Excellent...
           I shall be waiting for you on the 4th floor. Come to me.

===11. Helping Hands================

Male     : Excuse me, can you tell me what year this is? How many years
Student    into the future is this place? Ah, please don't take this
           wrong. I'm sane and I'm not joking around either. How should
           I explain...

           I came to this world when I came out of room 3-B to go home.
           See this metal plate and how old it is? In the world I know
           of, this was just installed. That's how I figured out that
           this is the future. Probably something in 3-B is creating a
           time slip. But I can't return home because of the flames.

           Can't you do something about the flame with your powers? If
           you can't then your friend, no even a god or a demon would
           suffice! I don't have time to be in a place like this...
           Finals are coming up...Ugh...What am I supposed to do...

           Borrow the power of a demon...I said that out of
           desperation, but that may be a good id...
           Nah, what am I saying...
           It's locked, HO!

           You can't enter here, HO!

           There's no need to be here, HO!

Voice :    Uh......
Beyond     Who are you, HO?
Door       What do you want, HO?
           I don't like talking to people, HO! That's why I'm hiding,
           HO! Please leave me alone, HO!
           If you need help, ask Jack O' Lantern, HO!
Jack O' :  You-You! My friend "Jack Frost" can put out certain types
Lantern    of fires. HO!
           <IN HALLWAY>
Voice :    If you need help, ask the other Jack Frosts, HO! Walk around
Beyond     the dungeon and you'll meet them somewhere, HO!
Jack :     If that's the case, leave it to me, HO!
           <IN HALLWAY>
Pah :      That's still not enough, HO! I need more friends to
           extinguish the fire, HO!
Voice :    Huh!? My friend's putting out a fire, HO? B,but there's
Beyond     only one, HO! I'm shy, so I'll stay here, HO!
Door       Still trying to put out the fire, HO? But if there's only
           one of my friends, I don't want to go, HO!
Jack :     Hmm...What should I do, HO? I want to help, but I'm not in
Frost      the mood, HO... Hmmm, in that case, in that case...
           Pop Quiz!! Pop Quiz!!
           If you answer all my questions correctly, I'll help you,
           HO! So here we go, HO!!
           Eyes, ears, nose, mouth... Which one of these looks at Honey
           Bees, HO?
Maya :     Eyes
Jack :     That's correct, HO! Was it too easy, HO?
Frost      Neck, wrist, ankle... Which one can't you grab by yourself,
Maya :     You can grab all
Jack :     That's correct, HO! Was it too easy, HO? Huhhuhhuh...
Frost      The next one will be hard, HO!
           What insect is in the middle of a lobby?
Maya :     Bee
Jack :     Right answer, HO! A bee is in the middle of L-O-B-B-Y, HO!
Frost      The sun, moon, stars... Which on of them is largest, HO?
Maya :     Star
Jack :     Right answer, HO! There is a "super" star which is even
Frost      larger than the sun, HO!
           Snoring, turning over in bed, yawning, laughing... Which one
           do you usually do while sleeping, HO?
Maya :     Yawn
Jack :     Right answer, HO! Yawning is usually done while awake, HO!
Frost      You are pretty good, HO! I am very impressed, HO! I'll help
           put out the fire, HO!
           <IN HALLWAY>
Pah :      That's still not enough, HO! I need more friends to
           extinguish the fire, HO!
Pih :      Puh has a weak spot for women, HO! If you persuade him
           right, he'll lend us a hand, HO! Good luck, HO!
Voice :    Still trying to put out the fire, HO? But that's only
Beyond     two, HO! If there aren't more, I don't want to go, HO!
Jack :     You are all women, HO! Then I must help, HO!
           <IN HALLWAY>
Pah :      That's still not enough, HO! I need more friends to
           extinguish the fire, HO!
Pih :      HeeHo! I can't believe you persuaded Puh, HO! But we still
           need more help, HO!
Puh :      HeeHoHee! This fire can't be put out without more friends,
           HO! Do your best to and bring more friends, HO!
Voice :    Still trying to put out the fire, HO? But that's only three,
Beyond     HO! I'm still kinda shy, so I can't go, HO!
Jack :     Why do I have to do something like that, HO? What are you
Frost      to me, HO?!
Maya :     Don't know
Jack :     You don't know, HO?... You are very lazy, HO!... Just like
Frost      me, HO! By the way, do you like to build "snowmen"?
Maya :     I hate building snowmen
Jack :     Just as I thought, HO! You and I are both lazy, so we both
Frost      hate building snowmen, HO! So, what did you want me to do
           for you?
Maya :     I forgot
Jack :     HOHYAHYA!
Frost      You are SO lazy, HO! We have so much in common, HO!
           I remember what it was, HO!! You wanted me to put the fire
           out, HO. It's a bother, but I'll give it a try, HO!
           <IN HALLWAY>
Pah :      I need one more friend, HO! Please bring him here, HO!
Pih :      He's always left out, HO! He's always hiding somewhere by
           himself, HO!
Puh :      He's so shy that he won't come out on his own, HO! He's
           probably hiding somewhere, HO!
Peh :      I saw him go into the room by himself, HO! He's probably
           still hiding there, HO!
Voice :    Still trying to put out the fire, HO?
Beyond     HeeHo! Is everyone there already, HO? T, then, I'll go
Door       too, HO!
           <SCREEN GOES BLACK>
(Poh) :    Everyone! I'm coming, HO!
           <GIGGLING SOUNDS>
Maya :     ......
           <Maya felt a cool breeze.>

===12. The Past=====================

Female :   Mr. Kashihara... Dying before realizing your dream... I can
Teacher    feel your regret... I promise you that I will continue and
           complete your research!
Female :   Ah... Huh... Who are you?
Teacher    Huh? This metal plate? Oh...
           There was an accident on the upper level... It's dangerous,
           so we closed it off. It's for the students... And for me to
           separate from my weak self as well... What!? Remove this
           metal plate!? Weren't you listening to what I said? It was
           just installed! Forget it!!
           Ah... But wait... Let's see...
           Depending on the conditions, I'll think about it. I'm about
           to start research on a discovery that will change history.
           But for that, I need funds. If you're willing to invest some
           money, then I'll take this metal plate off for you. How does
           that sound?
Maya :     No
Female :   Is that so? Alright then!! Then I can't do anything about
Teacher    it. Forget we even had this conversation.
           Oh have you changed your mind?
Maya :     Yes
Female :   Really!? Then it's a done deal. Anyways, I'll take all the
Teacher    money you have as a partial contribution to the fund.
Maya :     ......!?
Female :   Then... The funds needed are... Narurato Stone's component
Teacher    analysis, geological research... plus a magnetic field
           analysis... Approximately five million yen. I know that's
           nothing for someone like you <heart>
           Have you prepared the money?
           Come on, give me five million yen.
           Oh, you don't have the money yet. It's okay, I'll wait
           for you here but, please hurry.

           Oh, wait a minute... 1...2...3... Hey, this isn't enough!
           Exactly five million yen. No less! I'll wait here, so hurry
           up and bring me the money.

           I can't believe you actually have that much money! It's

           Okay, as promised, I'll take the plate off for you. But,
           the workers already left, so it's going to take some time.
           Be patient.

===13. "Trial of Separation"========

Gate of :  I am the Gate of Separation. The sorrow of parting is the
Separation only thing that will open the gate. Dost thou wish to pass?
           Then, I shall not open. Begone!

           Then, present one to part momentarily.
           Pick the one to separate from.

           Your separation will be rewarded with the opening of this
           gate. Now, pass through.
Gate of :  I am the Gate of Detachment. Detachment is the only thing I
Detachment view as noble. Dost thou wish to pass?
           If thou hast no business here, then begone. This place is
           a battle ground for warriors with resolution engraved in
           their hearts!

           I only open for the sorrow of detachment. Now, choose the
           person that thou will detach from!!
           Pick one to detach from.

           Nuhahahaha!! I admire your resolution!! Thou hast the
           qualification to pass! Now, pass without hesitation!
Gate of :  I am the Gate of Parting. Throughout eternity, I witness
Parting    the moments of parting. Dost thou wish to pass?
           Then thou must have wandered into this place...
           Return, and do not come back. Dying will only bring thou

           Then, overcome your grief and perform the act of parting
           before me. If that is done, thou mayst pass.
           Pick one to part from.

           No matter when I see it, it is such a sad spectacle. But,
           it is also transient and beautiful. Now, proceed.
Gate of :  I call myself the Gate of Isolation. As the name infers, I
Isolation  watch isolation. Dost thou wish to pass?
           Well, well, that is a shame. I was hoping to see more
           isolation, but... Well, it cannot be helped.

           If thou wish for me to open, then just once, show
           me the way of isolation. Do not worry, it is only

           Hmmm... It is always this way, but everyone who is isolated
           here makes such a funny face. It is a complex feeling.
Gate of :  I am the Gate of Victory. I battle to the death with
Victory    warriors who arrive, and accumulate corpses around myself.
           Art thou here to pass me? Then art thou a warrior!
           My rival!! Muhahaha!! Tonight, I shall see fresh blood!!
Ulala :    Eh!? Me!? Hey, Maya, isn't that cold? Well... I guess
           it can't be helped... Alright, I'll be at the Velvet Room.
Katsuya :  Hmm... Under these circumstances, I guess it is necessary.
           I'll head back to the Velvet Room.
Baofu :    ... Oh well. Don't lose just because I'm not here, you
           hear me? I'll be back at the Velvet.
Nate :     U...Understood. Then I shall await everyone at the Velvet
Ellen :    It cannot be helped. Then I'll be at the Velvet Room. Please
           be careful.
Tatsuya :  You can't pass unless we do this. It can't be helped. I'll
           return to the Velvet.
Ulala :    There's only me... Oh well. Then, I'll be waiting at the
           Velvet Room.
Katsuya :  I am worried to let you go alone... But I must endure it.
           I'll be waiting in the Velvet Room.
Baofu :    You okay by yourself? Well, keep it so you don't kill
           yourself. I'll be at the Velvet.
Nate :     When in Rome, do as the Romans do... I shall entrust you
           with everything. I will return to the Velvet Room.
Ellen :    I'm the only one here... It can't be helped. I'll go back
           to the Velvet Room.
Tatsuya :  Maya..... Are you alright by yourself? Please don't push
           yourself. Then, I'll go back now.
           <UPON LEAVING PAST 3-A>
Voices of : Hmmm... Thou art leaving. Then we shall close our mouths.
the Gates

===14. The Chamber of Philemon======

             HEAR : HEARBEAT>
Maya :      <Maya can feel Philemon calling...>
Philemon : I'm impressed you made it here. You are the strongest I've
           ever seen. Now, give my your all, my friends.
Philemon : Thank you.
(as        You have shown me the limitless potential that people hold
butterfly) within themselves. Now, it is time to show that power to
           the other world in which you live.


B. Evil Phone Quotes

These are the words shown in the text box when you use the Evil Phone
in the Velvet Room. The voice actors look liberties in a few spots, but
this is how they appear written. They are unlocked according to what
rank is encoded into your End Game Data on your save file, with S
unlocking them all.

If one is not available and you attempt to use it, Igor says, "Hmmm...
Now who would that be?"

Just seeing the written words can't possibly do them justice, but they
are still hilarious.

===ADDRESS BOOK 1===============

Katsuya :  I'm not here right now. Please leave a long message, 'cause
           I can't trace your call if it's too short.

Ulala :    Ciaaao <heart> You a guy? Are ya, are ya?...
           If you're good looking leave a message <heart>...

Eikichi :  Hooooooooooooo!
           Making a confession to me, my adoring fan? I'm busy right
           now, sor-ry baby...

Lisa :     Aiya-- I can't reach the phone right now. Leave a message.

Baofu :    Sorry buddy, but I'm not here. I'll listen to you if feel
           like it, so leave a message.

===ADDRESS BOOK 2===============

Maya :     Let's speak positively!
           Your messages should be optimistic <heart>...

Jun :      I'm sorry, I'm not at home... If you want, please leave a
           message. B...B-Bye.

Ellen :    Hello! I am very sorry, but I cannot come to the phone.
           Please leave a message.

Tatsuya :  I'm busy right now...
           Please leave a message...

Guido :    I grow weary of speaking...
           Leave a message...
           Do not disappoint me...

===ADDRESS BOOK 3===============

Ginji :    Contact me through my agent. Unless you're a female.

Chizuru :  You've reached the Clairvoyance Hotline.
           I sense...
           ... You want to leave a message, yah?

Nyar- :    Fuhahahahahaha!
lathotep   If you've got something to say, I'll listen!! Speak your
           foolish gibberish!!

Nate :     What do you want?...
           "Art is lasting, time is fleeting".
           If you have a message, make it short.

Philemon : I am the one who exists between the lines of
           Are you able to give your name?

===ADDRESS BOOK 4===============

Sudou :    Hya--hahahaha---!!
           Talk to my voice mail!

Apollo :   I am thou, thou are I! The one from the sea of electrons!
           Necessity of the modern world, the extremely useful
           answering machine!

Captain :  Yo... Hel-loaf of bread!
Shimazu    I'm not here, so all you rotten punks leave a message!
           I'm countin' on ya!


C. EX Dungeon Persona-Talk

This section is for the dialogue of all Persona-Talk that is heard
in the EX Dungeon. Currently, I only have 10, but I am convinced that
there are more (notably with the demons Angra Mainu, Yog-Sothoth, Shu,
and Metal Guru and the EX-exclusive personae). I'll keep looking...
The effect of each P-Talk is stated after the dialogue.

"The echoes of the soul begin to stir..."

===PERSONA Michael with JUDGMENT DEMON=================================

Note : It seems that Michael will P-Talk with every Judgment demon,
but the dialogue is almost the same; only the first line is changed
and the number of cards received.

Michael : Cherub, ruler of knowledge...
          <Virtue, noble master of miracle...>
          <Principality, angel of the believers...>
          <My brethren, Archangel...>
          What are you doing here?...
          Have you forgotten your duties...

DEMON :   Absolutely not, Master Michael! I just...

Michael : Well then... I want to ask you a favor...  Can you be of help
          to these humans?

DEMON :   Understood. I will gladly follow any order by Master


===PERSONA Siva with DEMON Vasuki======================================

Siva :   Vasuki, the god's tool that stirs the sea. Long time no

Vasuki : YOU!!! Are you here to ridicule me again!? I won't forgive

Siva :   Calm down... The world exists because of you... Isn't that

Vasuki : It doesn't feel bad to be told that... Alright, Siva.


===PERSONA Tishtoriya with DEMON Apaosha===============================

Tishtoriya : You are Apaosha, the demon of droughts! I wasn't expecting
             to see you here... Now, prepare for a fair fight!

Apaosha :    Come to think of it... Last time we fought, you went
             crying to Ahura Mazdah and barely won after being offered
             so many sacrifices... And YOU are calling for a "fair
             Heh heh... Fine... Then, come on!


===PERSONA Shax with DEMON Azazel======================================

Shax :   Well, well, Lord Azazel...
         Nice to see you today...

Azazel : Sir Shax... Your words always smell of lies... Leaving that
         aside, you haven't shown your face for awhile...

Shax :   Ah, I'm very sorry, Lord Azazel! Uh... I've been having
         trouble because I was summoned by these humans...

Azazel : There's no need for an excuse... I have yet to see two of my
         followers... Leaving that aside...

         The ones who summoned you... Is that human of any use?

Shax :   Of course, they were able to summon a great demon like me.
         You can imagine who powerful they are!

Azazel : Though you are a liar, I must rely on you...
         I need a human whom I can use to clear my reputation...
         Sir Shax... Take care of those humans for awhile.

Shax :   As you wish, Lord Azazel...


===PERSONA Barbatos with DEMON Azazel==================================

Barbatos : Well, well, Lord Azazel...
           The last we met was when we hunted in my forest near the
           river bed...

Azazel :   Sir Barbatos... That was one THOUSAND year ago. You haven't
           shown your face for so long...

Barbatos : Was it? Well, I'm very sorry about that... Ever since I was
           summoned by this humans, my fate has been sealed...

Azazel :   Humans don't live for a THOUSAND years... Very well. I have
           yet to see one of my followers...

           The one who has summoned you... Is that human of any use?

Barbatos : Well, seeing that I have been summoned, their abilities are
           worthy of praise...

Azazel :   I am delighted to hear that... I need a human whom I can use
           to clear my reputation...
           Sir Barbatos... Take care of those humans for awhile.

Barbatos : As you wish, Lord Azazel...


===PERSONA Adramelech with DEMON Azazel================================

Adramelech : Isn't it Lord Azazel? Oh my, I wasn't expecting to see you
             in a place like this!

Azazel :     Lady Adramelech... You haven't shown up for some time...

Adramelech : I,I'm sorry, Lord Azazel... I was planning on showing up
             but I had been summoned by these humans...

Azazel :     There's no need for excuses... I didn't think you had also
             been summoned by this human...
             Hmmm... Hahahahaha... Interesting... Very well, then...
             It is better for you to use me as your Persona than Lady
             Adramelech... This is your destiny... You can't run from
             it... Hahahahahahah...

             You will be trapped by my power... Bring this to the
             Velvet Room... The Mtl./Black Goat...
             You MUST summon me...


===PERSONA Fariedone with DEMON Ahzi Dahaka===========================

Faridone :    You are the root of all sin, pain, and trouble, Dahaka...
              I did not expect to see you here...

Ahzi Dahaka : Heh heh heh... Long time no see, Fariedone...
              What's wrong? You look pale. You look as though
              you've seen a ghost... Did you think you had REALLY
              killed me?

Fariedone :   I shall finish you!

Ahzi Dahaka : It's no fun without a fight... For that, I have been
              waiting for years, living in disgrace...


===PERSONA Armati with DEMON Ahzi Dahaka===============================

Armati :      You are the evil dragon that spreads wickedness! I can't
              stand the hideous sight of you! I shall destroy you!

Ahzi Dahaka : Well, well, well... What a surprise... A slave of Ahura
              Mazda! Behold... my sorcery...


===PERSONA Armati with DEMON Angra Mainu===============================

Armati :      You are Angra Mainu! The king who revives the evil of the
              land! In the name of the Spenta Mainu, I shall destroy

Angra Mainu : The servant of the devout Ahura Mazda... You think that
              I am that weak of a king!? Prepare yourself!!


===PERSONA Amurtart with DEMON Angra Mainu=============================

Amurtart :    I have found you!! The root of all evil, the kind of
              demons, Angra Mainu! In the name of Spenta Mainu, I shall
              destroy you!

Angra Mainu : You think you can destroy me, Angra Mainu, with your
              paltry powers!?

Amurtart :    I am the immortal angel... Your powers cannot destroy me!
              Now, prepare yourself!



D. EX Dungeon-exclusive Event Items

1. Golden Butterfly : Filemon's emblem that represents the creative
   potential of the collective unconsciousness. (sic.)
   <Found : 1-B>

2. Black Butterfly : Nyralathotep's emblem that represents the
   destructive potential of the collective unconsciousness.
   <Found : 2-C, B3>

3. White Butterfly : Emblem that represents how human can be dyed
   into any color. (sic.)
   <Found : Past 3-A>

4. In Rakech : Book which claims that Sumaru City is the birthplace
   of Mayan civilization. It also talks about a young channeler...
   <Found : 2-C, 1F>

5. Black Lighter : Black lighter that has the initials T.S. engraved
   on it.
   <Found : 2-C, B1>

6. Knife : Blood stained knife.
   <Found : 2-C, B3>


VI. Conclusion


A. Version History

---Version 1.02---------------------

No content updates, I just changed my online handle and my contact info.

---Version 1.42---------------------

Not much of an update, really. It's painfully obvious to me that this guide
needs a complete overhaul, content and format wise. I'll get around to it
someday... For now, my email has changed to hyral@yetsirah.net and I have a
new website, Yetsirah.net.

---Version 1.41---------------------

Added my website and the Velvet Room to the list of places that may host this
guide. My email has also been changed to hyral@hyral.f2s.com.

---Version 1.4----------------------

Added more P-Talk. Removed Oracle of Maia and Belladonna quotes (can
now be found in my game walkthrough). Added new contact info
concerning the "variable" characters. Minor formatting changes.
Corrected stupid mistake in Jizo Tablet Solution. Put in a harsher
copyright notice.

---Version 1.3----------------------

Everything is as complete as possible. Added Maya alone and starter
persona rounds. Added two quirks in 2-A and 1-B. Added one new quote
from endboss. Still a few unresolved issues. Cleaned up the format a
bit. Unless I discover more P-Talk or find anything new (be it in the
EX Dungeon or in the game restart with an EX Dungeon save) this is the
final version.

---Version 1.2----------------------

Filled in rest of missing information. Fixed minor typos. Added missing
dialogue from Past 3-A and for the P-Talk. Removed Unresolved Issues.

---Version 1.1----------------------

Fixed a lot of errors and wrong information. Added missing info. Fixed
spelling and grammatical errors. Removed some Unresolved Issues.
Added 1/2 of the Nate and Ellen Contact methods. Added new P-Talk for
the Michael persona.

---Version 1.0----------------------

Almost complete. A few bits of information missing, a few things
unresolved, but basically 90-95% done. First released version.


B. Credits

Many thanks to Atlus and R&D 1 for developing and releasing
Persona 2 : Eternal Punishment in the States. Now give us Innocent Sin
and more MegaTen! <Not bloody likely...>

Thanks to dolies' website, Utopie's Game, for helping me find some of
the things I missed my second time around in the game.

Credit to Archaeopteryx for the information on summoning Azazel.

There are two people I need to give credit to, but I don't know who
they are : The person who first told me about the Fariedone Persona-
Talk with Ahzi Dahaka and the person who thought of the Save-Reload
trick for changing the distribution of enemies in dungeons. If anyone
knows who they are, please tell me! Both came from messages at
GameFaqs' Persona 2 : Eternal Punishment board.


C.   D i s c l a i m e r

Persona (tm) is a registered trademark and the property of Atlus USA and Atlus
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Any infringemint upon Atlus' rights is unintentional.

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