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                                 Team Buddies
                                 Version: 2.5
                               Created: 27/06/01
                            Last Updated: 20/10/01
                              Written by Twilight
                         E-mail: tw1l1ght@hotmail.com
                                ICQ: 118986797

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Table of Contents
   i. Legal Information
  ii. Revision History
   1. Introduction
   2. Story
   3. Game Analysis
        3.1 - In-Depth Analysis: Team Command
        3.2 - In-Depth Analysis: Crates
   4. Walkthrough/Mission Guide
        4.1 - World 1, Central Park
        4.2 - World 2, Insane Plains
        4.3 - World 3, Dirtbox Desert
        4.4 - World 4, Droopy Wood
        4.5 - World 5, Chilling Fields
        4.6 - World 6, Ori-Mental Peaks
        4.7 - World 7, Rubber Jungle
        4.8 - World 8, Loon-A Moon
   5. Questions, Tips and Secrets
        5.1 - FAQs
        5.2 - Tricks and Codes
        5.3 - Tips and Strategies
   6. Miscellaneous
        6.1 - The Different Types of Buddies
        6.2 - Misc. Items
        6.3 - Vehicles
        6.4 - Unlocking, and the Different Modes of Play
        6.5 - Other Misc. Notes
   7. Final Words
        7.1 - Credits
        7.2 - Contact Information


  i. Legal Information

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  ii. Revision History

Version: 1.0     Date: 10/10/01
98% Complete       - First version
                   - Everything is done, except my review of the Ghost game.
                     (Read there for the details.)  Some people...

Comments: Well, considering I started this damn file in June, it's very late in
          coming.  However, everything of major importance is here.  The
          Walkthrough is done, everything is done, except my review of the
          Ghost game (again, read there for the details).
Version: 2.0     Date: 17/10/01
100% Complete      - Added my review of the Ghost game (well, not exactly a
                     game, but bah, whatever)
                   - Redone a few sections here and there
                   - Added a few alternative mission strategies.  If I get
                     anymore, I'm limiting them to one alternative strategy per
                     mission.  Thanks NeoVid!
                   - Various other changes were made to the FAQ
                   - All trailing spaces were removed
                   - Removed those bullet fingys, since I realised they look
                     different in different programs (well, Dallas stated it in
                     the FAQ Contributors board)
                   - Complete version; this FAQ is finished!

Comments: The Ghost review is up.  100% complete.  Oh yeah.  Anyway, I split a
          section up, merged a few things, and redone a bit more.  NeoVid also
          contributed a hell of a lot.  New alternative mission strategies were
          added.  I'll keep these to one per mission.  Complete version,
          although more revisions may come if more alternative mission
          strategies are contributed.  Oh, and on a completely off-topic note
          (haha, my FAQ, sue me), I found my hacky sack on the roof.  Half the
          dye has run off (some little prick threw it up there), but I can fix
          that problem, hopefully.  Hmm, well, as Gambit would say, laters!
Version: 2.5     Date: 20/10/01
100% Complete      - Minor changes

Comments: Honestly, that last update was rushed.  This version is just a little
          one, with minor changes (that were cut out of the last revision due
          to time constraints).  If anyone's interested, I'm getting a new
          hacky sack, since I can't redye my current one.  Meh.

  1. Introduction


Hey there, people.  This is Twilight's FAQ/Walkthrough for Team Buddies, a
colourful and funtastic strategy game created by Psygnosis.

About the Game

Team Buddies is a strategy game, where you control a squad of Buddies and make
war against other tribes.  Weapons, items and other soldiers are all created by
stacking crates and creating different combinations.  Buddies themselves look
like a mixture of Lego people and M&Ms.  The game is pretty rare; I've heard
only 50,000 copies of it were released worldwide.  While progressing through
the single player campaigns, you'll often unlock hidden features which can then
be used in multiplayer.  The game itself is very fun.  Colourful, but less
complicated then most RTS games, newbies to the genre will often find this game
very enjoying, as will many other average gamers and veterans.

About the FAQ

This FAQ was started in late June, but was scrapped around July.  In September,
however, I realised that it was pretty much finished, so I decided to finish it
off completely.  I changed the horrid format (it was extremely ugly, although
it seemed pretty cool at the time), redone a few sections, and just gave it a
final polish up (I am never doing that again, that's for sure).  Enjoy.

Contact Information

For ways of contacting me, see the final section of this FAQ.

  2. Story

Bright colours, flashing lights and all day partying.  This world belonged to a
friendly people called the 'Buddies'.  Peace was forever theirs, war and chaos
unknown terms.  One fateful day, however, a new moon eclipsed the sun, and
strange crates began to rain from the skies.  Curious, the Buddies ventured out
to inspect them.  One Buddie, without thinking, kicked open one of the crates.
Someone else came along and idly picked it up.  The people had never seen
weapons before, and the Buddie stuck his head into the barrel, trying to see
what was in it.  The Buddie holding the Bazooka found a switch on the strange
device, and pressed it down...

...Unfortunately for the Buddie with his head in the barrel, his friend had
just pulled the trigger, and only his smoking shoes were left...

Soon more weapons were pulled from the crates, and smoking shoes littered the
battlefield.  Later in the night, the Buddies split into tribes or 'colours'
and each began to build bases near the crate drop zones to hoard the deadly
cargo contained inside...

That is how the World of the Buddies was changed into a dark and confronting
land.  Chaos and carnage have broken out in the streets and gun-toting Buddies
are battling over these strange and dangerous crates.

But what was that new moon and where did these crates come from?  No-one knows,
and no-one cares.  Everyone is having a blast making war on each other, and no
one is bothering on details!


Buddies resemble Lego characters, and have no arms or legs.  They have shoes
and hands, and they look quite neat and cute.  In battle, however, they look
menacing, as they howl at your heels for fresh meat.  Mmm...  Meat. :)

  3. Game Analysis


D-Pad                - Move your Buddie, vehicle, etc.
[] (Square)          - Attack
                     - Pick up crates
                     - Throw crates
/\ (Triangle)        - Change to another Buddie on your team
O (Circle)           - Open crates
                     - Get in and out of vehicles
                     - Drop crates off of vehicles
                     - Walk
X                    - Jump
                     - Move your vehicle forward
                     - Keep your plane a lift
R1                   - Strafe/circle-strafe
                     - Vehicle movement button
R2                   - Use your binoculars to command your team
L1                   - Order and assign your Buddies via the binoculars
L2                   - Issue build orders to your team
Start                - Pause
Select               - Rotate the camera angle

VEHICLE MOVEMENT NOTE: R1, when used in conjunction with the D-Pad, does
                       different things in different vehicles.  In tanks, it
                       rotates the turret.  In planes, it allows you to roll
                       them.  Try it out with the different types of vehicles.

Crates and Battle Toys

The main focus of Team Buddies are 'crates', which when stacked on your
stacking pad produce battle toys.  These battle toys are what you supply and
equip your fledgling army with.  Crates can be found at set 'crate drop zones'.
To build, carry crates to your team's stacking pad (you can see it on the radar
as a grid), and stack them on each other.  Different combinations yield
different toys.  Also, the types of toys you can build varies from world to
world, and sometimes even level to level (in single player).

A more in-depth look of crates can be found in section 3.2 - In-Depth Analysis:

Single Player

The single player missions vary widely in Team Buddies.  Instead of the usual
'kick the crap out of everything' stuff*, you're given a range of objectives.
Another feature in single player is unlocking.  After completing a mission, you
will probably unlock a new feature for multiplayer.  A cool feature, if you ask
me.  Also, there are prime objectives, and sub-objectives.  To get the better
mark (and consequently unlock more), all objectives must be met.  You'll also
fight against bosses in single player.  In boss missions, you can't build
anything, and are limited to a single Buddie.

* Of course, for those 'old skool' people, there's still a load of 'kick the
  crap out of everything' stuff.

A full review of single player can be found in section 6.4 - Unlocking, and the
Different Modes of Play.


Multiplayer in Team Buddies is chaotic, furious, and a lot of fun.  By
unlocking features in single player, you can use them in multiplayer.  You
don't get much to start with, so you'll have to progress in single player.
There are many different games you can play in multiplayer.  You start with
Deathmatch only, but during the course of single player you'll unlock
Domination, Capture, Bomb-Ball and Ghost.  Team Buddies supports the Multi-Tap,
but not the Link-Cable.  The maximum teams allowed in multiplayer is four,
which can be AI teams, human teams, or a mixture of both.

A full review of multiplayer, and each of it's games, can be found in section
6.4 - Unlocking, and the Different Modes of Play.

Team Command

Team command plays a very vital role in the game.  Ordering your Buddies is
accomplished with simple (and effective) hot-keys.  Easy to learn, hard to
master.  Your team's AI is good to begin with, however if you learn team
command properly, it'll become lethal.

A more in-depth look of team command can be found in section 3.1 - In-Depth
Analysis: Team Command.


While progressing through single player, you will often be rewarded for jobs
well done by unlocking hidden features of the game.  These features range from
new games to new skins.  Although these features can only be unlocked in single
player, you can only use them for multiplayer.  If you want the most out of
multiplayer, you're going to have to beat single player.  Catchy gimmick, isn't

A full account of unlocking can be found in section 6.4 - Unlocking, and the
Different Modes of Play.

The Radar

In the top right-hand corner of the screen is the radar.  Make sure to keep an
eye on it to see what you're about to get yourself into.

Coloured Dots: Buddies/Domination objects
Grey Dots:     NPCs
White Dots:    Bosses
4x4 Grid:      Stacking pads
Arrows:        They point to the respective stacking pads

The Map

By accessing the Pause Menu (hit Start to pause the game) you can look at the
map.  Very useful.  Make sure to always use it when you need to get your

NOTE: The map is disabled in multiplayer.


You'll inevitably run into NPCs.  These can be identified on the radar as grey
dots.  Some are friendly (i.e. the monkies and Buddie Hood), while others are
hostile (i.e. the Buddies of the Foreign Legion).  NPCs include wildlife.  In
most cases, however, it's just preferable to avoid NPCs altogether.  Bears are
extremely tough, despite their appearances, and other sorts of wildlife can be
annoyances as well.


Power-ups can be found by destroying certain objects (ex. trees and bases).
Despite their meager appearances, power-ups can directly influence fights.  The
Shield is a major trump card in any battle, and other power-ups like Gun Frenzy
and Phreak aren't too bad either.

A full list of power-ups can be found in section 6.2 - Misc. Items.

Saving and Loading

To save your game, hit the O button while in the single player mission select.
From there, hit L1 and move over to the Memory Card icon.  Hit X and you'll be
asked if you would like to save (or if you would like to overwrite your current
data if there is already saved data on the Memory Card).  Move up to 'Yes' and
hit X.  Team Buddies requires 1 block to save.

Team Buddies automatically checks the Memory Card in Slot 1, and loads saved
data if any is stored.  If you forgot to put in your Memory Card when you
loaded up the game, you can also load data from the Options menu.

  3.1 - In-Depth Analysis: Team Command


There are various ways of controlling your squad of Buddies, and this part of
the guide lists them all.

NOTE: This is based on the assumption that you are using the default controls.

Switching Buddies

This one is simple.  Just hit the /\ button to switch between Buddies.

Making Your Other Buddies Build

Hitting the L2 button will select an item for your Buddies to build.  When
selected, you will see an image of the item to build come out of your stacking
pad and you will also an image at the top of your screen showing which item is
being built.  When you select this, a outline appears over your stacking pad
showing where the computer controlled Buddies will put their crates.  Always
put your crates on the outline, to make sure you get items faster and to avoid
getting the wrong things.

Last note, the only Buddies that will build are the ones that are assigned to
protect you, so if they are doing something else (like defending your base or
attacking the enemy base) they won't obey your build orders.  Buddies in
turrets or vehicles won't obey build orders, too, even if they are assigned to
protecting you.

Finally, if you hit and hold L2 you can issue a free build order.  When this is
issued your team will build what they need automatically, so you don't have to
keep issuing orders.  You will see a small world icon pop up at the top of the
screen when you issue a free build order.

And yes, only Buddies that are assigned to protect you will build these, too.

Ordering and Assigning Buddies

Hitting R2 will let you use your binoculars and let you look around a certain
distance.  When the targeting square moves over something you can order Buddies
on your team to interact with it by hitting the L1 button.  This does many
different things depending on what you have selected in the yellow square.  For
example, selecting an enemy base will cause a Buddie or Buddies to attack it,
while selecting your base will have them defend it.  Buddies will continue
doing this until either:

A. The target was destroyed
B. The Buddies die :)
C. You change to that Buddie*
D. You assign them to something else
E. You assign them to protect you

* If you change to a Buddie that was assigned to something, upon changing to
  another Buddie the last Buddie will resume protecting you (it's the default
  mode they're set to).

A small icon will also pop up near the object you have targeted after hitting
L1.  The object differs depending on what you are targeting.  For example, if
you choose to defend your base, you would get a small shield icon pop up by
your base.

L1 Effect List

Object                 Usage/Effect
Your Team's Base       The Buddie will protect it
An Enemy Base          The Buddie will attack it and try to destroy it
Destroyable Objects    The Buddie will destroy it
An Ally Buddie         The Buddie will follow it and protect it
An Enemy Buddie        The Buddie will try to destroy him
NPCs                   Variable
Red Crates             The Buddie will take it next to your team's stacking pad
Super Crates           The Buddie will take it next to your team's stacking pad
Megacrates             They break it open and collect the cargo
An Ally Vehicle        The Buddie will protect it
An Enemy Vehicle       The Buddie will try to destroy it
An Empty Vehicle       The Buddie will get inside the vehicle

NOTE 1: Hitting L1 when you have nothing targeted will result in you sending a
        Buddie to that location.

NOTE 2: If you hit L1 without targeting anything with the binoculars
        and you aren't to close to any of the above objects, you will order
        your Buddies to protect you.*  This is extremely useful, because it
        will make the Buddies journey with you wherever you go, attack enemies
        and protect you.  This is _very_ useful for ordering in any Buddies you
        may have left defending your base, or just to rally your team to you.
        In the Walkthrough, I'll refer to this tactic as 'bringing in the
        reinforcements' or 'rallying your squad' or something similar to that.
        Also, as I stated in the above tip, when Buddies are assigned to
        protect you they will also be able to build things.

NOTE 3: The amount of Buddies you send to do the task depends on the way you
        hit the L1 button.  Tap it once, and the closest ally Buddie to you
        will go off and perform the task.  If you hold it down until you see
        the small icon pop up, your whole team will go off and perform the
        task, except the Buddie you are controlling.  If you want them to
        follow you again, just hit L1 when you aren't too close to anything and
        one (or all) of your Buddies will cover you.

NOTE 4: When you give an order you can see who will perform it by watching your
        Buddies.  Whoever you send off to do the task will salute you.

* Targeting yourself (as in the Buddie you are currently controlling) with the
  binoculars and hitting L1 also works.

  3.2 - In-Depth Analysis: Crates


If you want to be good in Team Buddies, you're going to have to learn about
crates.  In Team Buddies, you build different items and such (called Battle
Toys) by stacking crates on your team's stacking pad.  This section covers some
general crate information, the different crates in the game, a general crate
stacking list, and other misc. tips about crates.

The Basics

First, to pick up a crate, press the [] button when you are next to one.  From
there, you can run with the crate or you can throw it.  You can't attack while
you are holding a crate.

Next, if you put that crate on your team's stacking pad (it's by your base) you
will see a little picture float out of the stacking pad, showing what you would
get if you opened the crate at that time.  To kick open crates, hit the O
button when you are next to it.

If you put another crate next to the first crate, they will merge, and make a
bigger crate.  Bigger crates generally give you better weapons etc., but take
longer to get.  When crates have merged, it is impossible to split them up
again, meaning the enemy can't steal the merged crate.  You cannot pick up
merged crates, either, but the special Ninja Buddie can use his sword to split
up merged crates, so watch out for him.

It may not seem like it, but other Buddies on your team can also be assigned to
help build things.  For more information on this, visit the section above.
Buddies will generally seek out the closest crates to them, too.

Super Crates enhance what you are building, and make it super.  Super Battle
Toys and Buddies are stronger, faster and better than a normal Battle Toy of
the same kind.  Super Crates are rarer than the common Red Crates, and you only
need to use one Super Crate to make whatever you are building super.

Stacking crates is an invaluable skill, so get good at it, fast!

The Different Types of Crates

Crate Type           Colour           Usage/Effect
Red Crate            Red              These crates are standard building crates
Super Crate          Blue             These crates turn battle toys 'super'
Megacrate            Grey             These crates contain powerful battle toys

You can find Red Crates and Super Crates at determined crate drop zones.
Sometimes there are different crate drop zones for Red Crates and Super Crates
separately, and sometimes there are crate drop zones for Red and Super Crates
together.  It all depends on the map.

Megacrates are special crates that look like 8x crates square.  They are
dropped into the map when something has happened (like stepping on switches,
after a certain amount of time has passed etc.).  They contain powerful
vehicles and sometimes other battle toys instead.  When a Megacrate is dropped
you will get a message at the bottom of your screen saying 'Megacrate dropped'
(unless playing in multiplayer, cause messages don't come up in multiplayer).
Sometimes you'll hear a weird sound, too (hard to explain, but you'll know when
you hear it).  Always try to get Megacrates; you don't have to use what you
find in them, but get them so at least your enemies can't!  (The enemy AI won't
use them though.  They'll break them open and then leave them alone.)

General Crate Stacking List

Crate Amount and Arrangement            Battle Toys Catergory
1x Crate Single                         Lite Weapons
2x Crates Flat                          Grenades
4x Crates Flat                          Heavy Weapons
2x Crates Vertical                      Buddies
4x Crates Vertical                      Different Buddies
8x Crates Square                        Vehicles

Since the battle toys differ from world to world (and sometimes level to level)
it's pretty impossible to make a specific list.  Well, anyway, you don't really
need one.  This one should do just fine.

Sometimes in the Walkthrough I may refer to an object by name (like if I say,
build a Bazooka) and other times I will refer to an object by definition (like
if I say, build a heavy weapon).  Just keep that in mind when reading the

You can also find more crate tips in section 5.3 - Tips and Strategies.  I
wanted to keep all of the tips in one large section, so take a look there.

  4. Walkthrough/Mission Guide

Ahhh, the part you have all been waiting for.  Here is the supreme Walkthrough
for Team Buddies!  Just a few quick words.

In the Walkthrough, if it says 'NOTE: Align Map', then do exactly that.  Check
the Map feature in the Pause Menu and align it with how the camera was set
when you began (use the Select button).  To check to see if you've done it
right, check the map again.  If it spins around at all, then you've done it
wrong.  Keep trying until you get it right.  If you don't do this, then the
directions I give in that mission won't be right.

Also, I highly suggest reading all of section 3. Game Analysis, as it has
valuable information that is helpful to know while reading this Walkthrough.
Finally, when I refer to a crate drop zone, that is a place where crates fall.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: It has recently been brought to my attention that you need to
                  complete a mission with all objectives met to unlock certain
                  things.  When referring to the Walkthrough, it will state
                  what you can unlock for each mission.  Please note that this
                  is what I unlocked with Gold Medals, as I beat every mission
                  with all objectives met.  If you don't unlock something after
                  beating a mission, but it says you can in the FAQ, make sure
                  you have completed every objective and received a Gold Medal.

NOTE: If you have prime objectives _and_ sub-objectives, you have to complete
      them both to get the better mark.  If you want to get the better mark,
      make sure you complete the sub-objectives before you complete all of the
      prime objectives.  Reason is, whenever all of the prime objectives are
      fulfilled, the mission ends.

  4.1 - World 1, Central Park

Mission Name: Battle Hill
Time Given: 10 minutes
Unlocks: Nothing

Prime Objectives: o Destroy the enemy team.

Sub-Objectives: None

Tips/Notes: o Now is a good time to get familiar with Team Buddies.  Don't be
              afraid to try out the basics of the game in this mission.

            o Blowing up the enemy base makes them unable to build anything.
              You may want to order your team to take out the enemy base before

            o From NeoVid: On Battle Hill, there's a Gatling hidden
                           in the lower-left corner of the map.

Strategy: Create two Infuntry and then have them create two Bazookas for
          themselves, and use the Super Crate on one of the Bazookas.  Now run
          south a little and you will find a Shotgun.  Take it.  Assign one
          Buddie to protect the base and take the other with you.  Make that
          Buddie attack a specific enemy Buddie with the binoculars and then
          help him kill him.  Repeat this with the next closest enemy Buddie.
          Finally, call in the Buddie you left guarding your base and finish
          the rest of them off.  Die, sux0rz!


Mission Name: On Yer Bike
Time Given: Infinite
Unlocks: o Capture Game
         o Hot Doggie Capture Map
         o Two extra VR missions

Prime Objectives: o Recover the bike and ride it back to your bike park.

Sub-Objectives: o Destroy the enemy team.

Tips/Notes: o In the lower right-hand corner is the closest Super Crate Drop
              Zone to your base.  You may want to build up a few Super
              Commandos or something.

            o Build up your team well before attacking.

Strategy: Start by making one Infuntry and then make your team create a
          Commando, while you go collect a Super Crate to make him super.  Then
          create four Bazookas.  Now, with the binoculars make your Commando
          attack the enemy base, and with your other two Buddies quickly run up
          the eastern edge of the map and circle around so you walk into the
          enemies base from the north.  It is much easier trying to win when
          the enemy Buddies are dead, so wipe them all out.  Once the enemy is
          defeated, shoot the Bike a few times to release it and then ride it
          back to the parking lot at your base.

          BTW, new VR missions were unlocked, so make sure to check them out.


Mission Name: That's Rubbish
Time Given: 7 minutes
Unlocks: o Domination Game
         o That's Rubbish Domination Map
         o Three extra VR missions

Prime Objectives: o Turn all 6 bins up the right way and cleanse the park of
                    those filthy bin-divers before the president arrives.

Sub-Objectives: o Collect the 10 scraps of rubbish to really impress.

Tips/Notes: o Take out the enemy team before trying to win.  You have to strike
              hard and fast.

            o Use the Map feature in the Pause Menu to easily find the rubbish.

Strategy: Create a Commando Buddie, and then order them to make an Infuntry.
          When he is done, order him to make a Bazooka for himself and then
          another for your last Infuntry.  Finally create a Bazooka for
          yourself and then go and attack the enemy team.  Hit hard and fast,
          and order one of your teammates to attack their base to distract
          them.  When they are dead and gone it's time to pick up the rubbish.
          Keep an eye out on coloured dots on the map.  If a bin is tipped over
          then it will be the colour of the enemy Buddie team.  If it is
          upright it'll be your team's colour.

          As for the scraps, most of them can be found in the city parts of the
          map.  You may have to rotate the map with the Select button a bit to
          find all of them, but remember to put it back to the way it was after
          you have found a scrap or a rubbish bin.

          Finally, if you destroy the enemy and then pick up all the Bins, the
          mission ends.  Sooo, destroy the enemy, pick up the Scraps and then
          pick up the Bins.

          BTW, new VR missions were unlocked, so make sure to check them out.


Mission Name: Bowwow Ker-Pow
Time given: 5 minutes
Unlocks: o In the Buff (Naked) Skin

Prime objectives: o Keep your base intact until the bomb-dog squad arrives.

Sub-objectives: o Wipe the enemy out.

Tips/Notes: o At 2 minutes left a Megacrate will be dropped in the southwestern
              part of the map in a pond.  It holds a Motorbike.

            o Build very fast and order your whole team to protect your base.

Strategy: You have to last for 5 minutes on this mission, and the first time I
          played Team Buddies this was one extremely difficult.  Anyway,
          quickly make an Infuntry, and then order him to make another.  While
          he is building the Infuntry, quickly run due north until you come to
          a pond.  Get the gun in the pond; it's a very strong weapon called a
          Gatling Gun, and will help you out TONS.

          After he has finished the Infuntry, order them to make a Bazooka for
          themselves, and then another Bazooka for the other Buddie.  Now
          finally make one last Infuntry and then quickly one last heavy weapon
          for him.  Quickly order everyone sto protect your base and then you,
          with the Gatling Gun, quickly run to the enemy's base.  Kill any dogs
          you meet, but watch your ammo.  When you arrive there, make mincemeat
          out of the enemy and break all their crates to get more ammo for your
          Gatling Gun.  When they're all gone run back to your base and help
          out your Infuntry with any stray dogs you may have missed.  There is
          also a Megacrate here containing a Motorbike, and it is useful for
          catching up with stray dogs.

  4.2 - World 2, Insane Plains

Mission Name: Country Vile
Time Given: Infinite
Unlocks: o Insane Plains Crate Contents

Prime Objectives: o Get the Tractor back to the Farmer and make sure that they
                    both stay in one piece.

                  o Annililate the culprits.

Sub-Objectives: o Destroy both enemy bases.

Tips/Notes: o When you give the Farmer his vehicle back, a Megacrate will be
              dropped in the northeastern corner of the map.  It contains some
              sort of rocket weapon (Gatling Guns are better, IMO).

            o A new crate drop zone will also activate, and the Farmer will
              help you collect the crates.

            o You'll find the Tractor in the southeastern corner of the map.
              It's guarded by a nasty bull, though.

            o Get the Farmer his Tractor back ASAP!  You don't get too many
              crates to begin with, and you only get more when he gets the

            o If you don't move quick enough, the enemy will sometimes get in
              the Tractor.  If this happens, you're screwed.  You'll have to
              restart the mission.  (Baka baka...)

Strategy: You only have limited crates at the start of this match.  Use these
          crates to make a Gatling Gun for your Buddie, another Infuntry, and
          then another Gatling Gun for him.  You have little time before being
          attacked by Yellow.  After you've built those, order your other
          Buddie to protect your base.  Cut southeast over the plain, and then
          over the water.  Watch out for Yellow, because they'll probably have
          a Buddie manning the turret.  You'll eventually reach a small range
          of hills.  Check the map and you'll see the vehicle.  If you ran into
          a bull, take it out with your Gatling Gun.

          Jump into the Tractor and ride it back to your base (the same way you
          came; straight over the water).  If you get attacked, order your
          other Buddie into protect you.  You now have two options: You can
          build up your team or you could grab the Megacrate.  I honestly think
          Gatling Guns are better, so I'd say screw it.  After you have a fully
          equipped team, order one to protect your base and then lead in your
          team against Yellow, cause they're the strongest.  Make sure to blow
          up their base, too.  Repeat with the last team and then, victory.


Mission Name: Quarrelsome Quarry
Time Given: 8 minutes
Unlocks: Quarrelsome Quarry Battle Map

Prime Objectives: o Liquidate anything that moves.

Sub-Objectives: None

Tips/Notes: o Super Crates can be found in the four corners of the map, beyond
              the river.

            o In the lower left-hand corner is the vehicle Incom. what talking
              about.  It sucks though, so I suggest leaving it there.  (It's a
              Golf Cart, if you're wondering.)

            o This is your standard Deathmatch game.  Use the same tactics you
              would in multiplayer.

            o If you can get yourself a Gatling Gun, wait on the mountain and
              pop Buddies as they come up.

Strategy: The easiest way to win this level is to build another Buddie, then
          two Gatling Guns.  From there, just stay on the mountain where the
          crates fall and pop any Buddie that tries to come up.  Break crates
          open for health and ammo, and you'll win in no time.  Sorry for the
          small amount of information, but in all honesty, the method I just
          described is the best I've come across. :)


Mission Name: Piggy in the Middle
Time Given: 8 minutes
Unlocks: o Pork Scratchin' Capture Map

Prime Objectives: o Make sure all 3 pigs are safely returned to the pen and
                    punish the guilty.

Sub-Objectives: o Destroy all enemy bases.

Tips/Notes: o You can find the pen in the middle of the map.

            o I heard that Megacrate sound once before.  I don't know what
              affected it, or what it contained, but it doesn't matter if you
              follow my strategy.

            o Follow the pig tracks to find the pigs.  Keep an eye out on the
              radar for them, too (they're grey dots).

            o Avoid going after the pigs until everything is dead.

Strategy: How I beat this mission is pretty...err...unique.  Build a Gatling
          Gun and break the rest of your starting crates for ammo and health.
          Now go and blow up your base (you heard right).  When it's destroyed,
          grab all the items AND MAKE SURE TO GRAB THE SHIELD!  Now quickly run
          north and take out the team there.  Break their crates for ammo and
          health, and then blow up their base, too.  (You may want to use the
          turrets to save ammo.)  MAKE SURE TO GRAB THE SHIELD!  You should see
          where I'm going with this, right?  Right.

          Now run east, and take out _that_ team.  Break their crates, blow up
          their base, blah blah blah.  Grab the shield, and run south.  Take
          out the final team (they're probably be the strongest you've faced
          thus far) and take out their base.  Now you'll have a few minutes to
          spare.  Quickly grab the pigs (they might have wandered a bit), and
          put them back in their pen.

Alternative Strategy: Piggy in the Middle: Build a Medic at the start, control
(From NeoVid)         him, and arm yourself with a Shotgun, leaving the other
                      buddie on Free Build.  Go to the center-top of the stage,
                      and you'll find the first pig, who you can rescue right
                      then.  Then go straight down, and in the smaller of the
                      two trees down there, you'll find a set of Rocket Boots.
                      If you use those, you can zoom into the enemy bases, and
                      grab both pigs before the enemies can react to you.
                      Also, there's a Flamejet hidden inside the windmill.


Mission Name: The Rong Brothers
Time Given: Infinite
Unlocks: o Bomb-Ball Game
         o Footie Loose Bomb-Ball Map

Prime Objectives: o Get all 5 generals home unscathed and protect the bus.

                  o Blow the Rong Brothers out of the sky!!

Sub-Objectives: None

Tips/Notes: o This is the first boss battle of the game.  In boss battles you
              can't build anything, and are limited to a single Buddie.

            o There are two ways to get the generals home safely.  One is to
              throw away the bombs that are dropped and let them get home
              themselves.  The other is to punch and stun them, pick them up
              and take them in.  Either works fine, but I prefer the latter.

            o After all the generals are home safely, a Megacrate will drop.
              Break it and then jump in the Plane!

            o There is a small crate drop zone a little south of your starting
              position.  Return here if you are nearly dead.

            o The bus is invincible, so don't risk yourself if you don't need

Strategy: The Rong Brothers are flying around, and they will constantly drop
          bombs.  It's your job to get the generals home safe, cause they have
          been out drinking (heheh).  Whenever a bomb is dropped that you think
          will endanger a general, quickly throw it away in the other
          direction.  After a general is safe, the bus will move on.  From
          where you start, run northeast until you meet up with the bus.  Just
          go with it until all the generals are home safe.  Then break open the
          Megacrate and jump in the Plane.  Now you get to have a little fun.
          Just fly around and shoot at the Rong Bros. when they get close.
          They can't fire back; all they do is try to evade you.  After
          shooting down those losers, the mission's over.  Congrats!

  4.3 - World 3, Dirtbox Desert

Mission Name: A-Nile-Ation
Time Given: 7 minutes
Unlocks: o Dirtbox Desert Crate Contents
         o A-Nile-Ation Domination Map

Prime Objectives: o Change the colour of the five sacred ankhs to your team

                  o Control the ankhs to have the most points at the end of 7

Sub-Objectives: o Destroy all enemy bases.

Tips/Notes: o At some point, a Megacrate will drop in the bottom right-hand
              corner of the map.  It contains a Super 4-Pack Rocket (Flame
              Throwers are good enough for me, but the gun is pretty powerful).

            o This is another Domination match, and as such is good pratice for

            o If you are having trouble locating the ankhs, keep an eye on the
              radar.  You'll find them as coloured dots (the colour depends on
              the team who is controlling them at the time).

Strategy: First off, build a Ninja (you'll learn to love these dudes).  After
          that, build two Flame Throwers (heavy weapons).  Switch to the Ninja
          and order your other Buddie to build what he wants.  For you and your
          Ninja, run around blowing the enemy bases to ashes.  Break crates for
          more ammo and continue on your manic path .  Sooner or later, your
          team will come into help (with a few kick ass tanks, probably).
          After that's finished go and secure all of the ankhs.  Hopefully, if
          you're consistent enough, you'll win.


Mission Name: Sphinx Jinx
Time Given: 7 minutes
Unlocks: o Sphinx Jinx Battle Map

Prime Objectives: o Spring a surpirse attack and wipe them all out - all of
                    them, before they get their mittens on the ankh.

Sub-Objectives: None

Tips/Notes: o You'll run into a few soldiers of the Foreign Legion mentioned in
              the briefing.  These NPCs will attack you, but hopefully the
              other Buddie teams will take care of them.  (You'll run into the
              Foreign Legion in a later mission.)

            o To the west of your base is a switch in the ground.  Stand on it
              and a Megacrate will be dropped on top of the pyramid.  It holds
              a Motorbike.  There is also another switch at the north of the
              map, around the middle area.  Stand on this one and another
              Megacrate will be dropped on top of the pyramid.  This Megacrate
              contains a Plane, which is very useful for gathering crates.

            o Make good use of the Homing Turrets you can find manning the

Strategy: With your starting crates, build a Flame Thrower and then run to the
          second Megacrate switch (see above if you haven't already).  Avoid
          conflict at the moment (if you can help yourself).  Grab the Plane
          and use it to fly crates back to your base.  After you have 6, build
          an Infuntry Buddie and a Flame Thrower for him.  Repeat this once
          more.  Now take a pick of a team, and wipe them out.  If they aren't
          home, shoot their base a little bit, and they'll come running.  After
          that, pick another.  You should control the Plane and use it to
          quickly move to the enemy team you have decided to destroy. :) Keep
          going until you've popped 'em all.


Mission Name: Camel Strain
Time Given: Infinite
Unlocks: o Flame Weapons Secret Crate Contents

Prime Objectives: o Escort the camels through the desert to the oasis bazaar.

Sub-Objectives: o Neutralise any resistance - the pop must flow!!

Tips/Notes: o You'll run into wildlife quite a bit.  Make sure to take them
              out, cause if you don't, the camels will come to a halt.  They
              will keep reappearing, however, and you'll never totally wipe
              them out.

            o When a camel makes it to the first oasis, a Megacrate will drop.
              This one holds a Plane, and it is dropped in the first oasis you
              come to.

            o You only have a limited amount of time to build, because you have
              to keep close to the camels.  Keep this in mind and build

            o If the camels stop, shoot them a little to get them moving again.

            o From NeoVid: On Camel Strain, if you jump on the camels, they'll
                           start moving without taking damage.
              Twilight: Awww, but then you don't get to spank 'em!

Strategy: You only have a very small amount of time to build if you want to
          keep with them camels.  I suggest first building a Ninja.  After
          he's completed, together build a Flame Thrower (for him) and then a
          lite weapon (for you).  Now switch to the Ninja and catch up to the
          camels.  Follow the tracks and ignore the wildlife for now.  When you
          reach the enemy base, jump over the wall (the Ninja will make it,
          trust me).  Pop them all, and if you need a little edge, there's a
          few turrets you can get into on the wall.

          Speaking of turrets, make sure to take out the Homing Turrets.
          They're very annoying, and they will shoot at the camels.  Once
          they're taken care of, return to the camels and take out the
          wildlife.  If the camels are no longer moving, give them a punch to
          move them along (ohhh, nice camel, spank that ass, hehehe).  Note
          that there are two oasis': one of them is up near the top of the map,
          and the other is near the bottom.  The bottom one is the 'real' one.


Name: Who-Ra
Time Given: Infinite
Unlocks: o English Football Skin

Prime Objectives: o Claim the Sacred Ankh of Who-Ra for your team.

Sub-Objectives: o Find the Staff of Ra.

Tips/Notes: o A few missions back, I told you that you would encounter the
              Foreign Legion again.  They're here, they're ALL here.

            o In the northwest corner of the map is a Motorbike.  You can use
              it to collect crates, but you really have no need for them in
              this mission.

            o After destroying both sphinxes, a Megacrate will drop nearby.
              This Megacrate holds the Staff of Ra (it says 'Ankh' but it's
              really the Staff), one of the strongest weapons in the game.

            o To get to the Sacred Ankh, destroy the obelisk near the Yellow
              base and step on the teleporter beneath.

            o Try to avoid conflict with the other Buddie team (Yellow) until
              you claim the Staff.  If you do, then they'll probably start
              fighting the Foreign Legion, and wipe a good number of them out.

            o You lack crates, so it's better if you go solo on this mission.

            o Beware of the Homing Turrets manning the walls of the Yellow

            o Avoid running north from your base on to the teleporters.  You'll
              end up in the midst of the Foreign Legion.

            o From NeoVid: On Who-Ra, if you throw that first crate you find
                           on to the teleporter, you can use it as a platform
                           to jump across to the other crates, which you can
                           throw to your pad.

            o From kupop: I was reading your stratagey for the who-ra level,
                          and I'd just like to point out something. in the
                          begining after you build a pocket rocket, you say to
                          jump on the tree and procede on foot. well, I found
                          it easier to just shoot the tree, cause it always
                          drops a jetpack power up (well, for me, atleast).
                          with the jet pack, the mission becomes MUCH easier.

Strategy: To start off, follow the footprints south and jump over the wall you
          get come to.  Grab the lone crate here, and return to your base.  Use
          it to build a Pocket Rocket (don't worry, you'll get a much better
          weapon shortly).  From there, follow the footprints south again until
          you come to the wall.  Jump on to it (not over) and then on to the
          tree.  Once you've made the jump to the next wall, jump off of it,
          and now it's time to get the Staff.

          Run northeast until you come to a sphinx.  The easiest way to destroy
          it is to jump on top of it and get the Foreign Legion's attention.
          They can't aim that well and only have a very small change of hitting
          you.  Stay on (it's not that easy, cause the sphinx will wobble
          around) and they'll eventually blow it up.  Quickly run north until
          you come to the next one and use the same tactic as before.  When
          that one's blown up, a Megacrate will drop.  Run southwest to find
          it, and grab the Staff of Ra, a very powerful weapon.

          Now things should be a snap.  Run around and pop every friggin'
          Buddie of the Foreign Legion for their annoyance in the past mission,
          and make sure to grab more ammo.  If you can't find any, destroy a
          few trees.  Once the Foreign Legion is gone, you have a choice.  You
          can either take out Yellow or ignore them altogether.  If you decide
          to take them out, make sure to destroy the Homing Turrets, too.
          Whatever you decide, destroy the obelisk by the Yellow base and step
          on the teleporter to end the mission.

  4.4 - World 4, Droopy Woods

Mission Name: Flock Rocking Bleats
Time Given: 7 minutes
Unlocks: Flock Rockin' Bleats Battle Map

Prime Objectives: o Eliminate the rebels

Sub-Objectives: None

Tips/Notes: o Super Crates can be found on the east and west riverbanks.  The
              closest ones to you are in the west.

            o There are two stone hills on this map, one in the east and the
              other in the west.  If you destroy the tree by one of these
              hills, a Megacrate will drop on the other.  Only Ninja's can jump
              high enough to get to the Megacrates.  The Megacrate that drops
              on the eastern hill holds a Armageddon Barrel and the Megacrate
              that falls on the western hill holds a Copter Gunship.

            o Make sure you take advantage of the Homing Turrets in the north
              and south, and the powerful Tyrant and Killer Tanks.

Strategy: First off, build a Ninja, and then two lite weapons for the both of
          you.  Switch to the Ninja and order your teammate to protect your
          base.  As the Ninja, head to the eastern stone hill and destroy the
          tree there.  Now run to the western stone hill, break open the
          Megacrate and collect the Copter Gunship.  Fly it somewhere safe and
          jump out.  Run back to the western stone hill (trust me) and destroy
          the tree there.  Run east and grab the newly dropped Megacrate, which
          contains the Armageddon Barrel.  To use the Armageddon Barrel, hit []
          and the fuse will start ticking down (it's 6 seconds or something).

          Run into the center of the crate drop zone, hit the [] button and
          watch everything die. :) Note that this will also sacrifice your
          Buddie, but is well worth it.  Ok, so now you're down to your last
          Buddie, right?  Build another Commando, then together build two heavy
          weapons, another two Commandos, and finally two more heavy weapons to
          fully equip your team.  When that's all completed, check the timer.
          If you think you have enough time, order your team to build a Tyrant
          Tank, go and grab the Copter Gunship and start bombing the rebels.
          If you don't have enough time, just lead your team in against the
          rebels on foot.


Name: Nursery Crimes
Time Given: Infinite
Unlocks: o Golf War Bomb-Ball Map

Prime Objectives: o Rescue Little Red Riding Hood from the Witch's house and
                    escort her to the safety of your base.

Sub-Objectives: o If you really care, rescue Bo Peep's sheep from the wolves
                  and herd them back to their pen.

Tips/Notes: o The Witch's house can be found at the northeast point of the map,
              but beware that you'll inevitably come into contact with the
              Yellow Buddie team.  Destroy the house and Little Red will come
              out.  She'll automatically follow you, but if she's shot she'll
              run all over the place.

            o Super Crates can be found in the lake.  Follow the river north to
              find them.

            o To find the sheep, follow the tracks.

            o To find the pen, follow the tracks backwards.

            o The sheep are invincible.  If you kill them, they'll reappear
              where you first found them, so don't worry about it too much.

            o Run at sheep from behind so they'll go where you want them to.

            o Spank them if they decide not to move.  From behind, remember.

            o If wolves get too close, punch them in the head and they'll run.

            o After saving the sheep, a Megacrate will drop on top of the
              waterfall.  To get to it, jump from the wall of the pen on to the
              nearby hills and edge your way to the east.  When you reach the
              end of the hills, jump for it.  This Megacrate holds a Multi Orb
              Gun.  It's extremely powerful, and more useful than a 4-Pack
              Rocket, so be sure to get it.

Strategy: In this level, you get to play the role of a shepherd.  Joy.  First
          things first, though.  Build a Cyborg (probably your first chance to
          use them), and use this guy against the tanks that Yellow will
          inevitably engage you with.  Now together build another two Commandos
          and then three 4-Pack Rockets.  To equip your last Buddie, follow the
          river south until you come upon a Flamejet.  On a side note, I would
          avoid vehicles here, since you'll have to drive quite a ways over
          rough terrain, and it'll probably get taken out by Yellow's Flame

          Now that you're fully equipped, it's time to herd the sheep!  Before
          you do, however, I would suggest ordering your whole team to protect
          your base so they don't interfere.  To find the sheep, follow the
          tracks south and then around the hills.  They're on the other side of
          the river.  Keep an eye out here, cause you may be attacked by an
          enemy tank.  If that happens, lead it back to your base (away from
          the sheep) and destroy it.  Back to the sheep.  Lead them north
          (follow the tracks backwards) and around the hills, giving them a few
          punches if they stop moving.  If you come across wolves, they die. :)

          When all three have been saved, go and grab the Megacrate (see above
          if you need directions).  From there, it's easy.  Go and wipe out
          Yellow (watch out for the Flame Turrets; use a Cyborg if you can),
          then save Little Red and lead her back to your base.  Thou art a hero
          (or something)!


Name: Camouflage Sabotage
Time Given: 5 minutes
Unlocks: o Droopy Wood Crate Contents

Prime Objectives: o Defend the secret research facilities for 5 minutes.

Sub-Objectives: o Save both facilities from destruction and you will be awarded
                  the highest honour in the regiment.

Tips/Notes: o You're seriously under-powered in this map.  In the span of 5
              seconds you'll be attacked by a TANK!  Yes, a tank.  Yellow
              attacks first, from the northeast, and then another tank will
              come in from the southwest.

            o Distraction is key.  Don't pull any heroics; you're here to stall
              the enemy while protecting the facilities and awaiting
              reinforcements.  Fight until you need health and run.  Fire on
              their bases to draw them away.  Do anything, but remember your

            o The Cyborg will be your best friend against the tanks.  Control
              him when you're going up against them, and use his electrical
              punch over and over and over.

            o You have no time to make heavy weapons here.  I suggest giving a
              lite weapon to the Commando you have chosen to use for the
              mission, and that's all; the most useful equipment can be found
              on the field.

            o I'm not positive, but it seems that the enemy tanks are more
              concerned with destroying your base rather than the facilities.
              Maybe you can use this to your advantage?

            o This mission is more or less a one man job.  Your AI allies will
              be wiped out very, very, soon.

            o Make sure to take advantage of the turrets surronding your base.
              Don't get in them immediately, but if you're on the run, jump in
              and give the enemy hell.

            o A Megacrate switch can be found to the direct left of your base.
              Jump on to the stone hill and run on the button.  The Megacrate
              will be dropped on a hill to the north.  It holds another Copter
              Gunship, which is good for firing on enemy bases.

            o There's an Armageddon Barrel on a small hill, a little to the
              southeast of your base.  Giving the mission, though, I wouldn't
              suggest using it.  The worst thing is that I've only ever been
              able to get it by jumping off of the Copter Gunship while in

Strategy: In the past hour that I've toyed around in this mission, I've come to
          one conclusion: I cannot give you a specific Walkthrough.  That's
          right, I can't.  The way I beat this mission is a combination of the
          above tips and notes, lots of fighting retreats, and massive abuse of
          the Copter Gunship.  I even lucked out a little when I found a brand
          spanking new tank by an enemy base.  I cannot give you a Walkthrough,
          but instead there are a LOT of tips.  See above for them (if you
          haven't already), and good luck.

Alternative Strategy: I don't have any good tips for Camo Sabotage either,
(From NeoVid)         except the one that seemed to work for me: Don't fight.
                      Just fly around in the Copter, drawing their attention to
                      you instead of the factories.


Mission Name: Ewe Fiend
Time Given: Infinite
Unlocks: o Running Lamb Capture Map

Prime Objectives: o Destroy the Wolf-Tank and its evil helmsman, Captain

Sub-Objectives: None

Tips/Notes: o There are various power-ups scattered around on the stone hills.
              To get to them, find a smaller hill or something else and then
              jump from there.  There are also teleporters in the craters at
              the foot of some hills.

            o Watch out for obvious signs of Anthrax's approach: sound without
              movement, sheep getting squashed, smoke coming out of the damaged

            o Those green poll things are teleport nodes.  If you destroy them,
              Anthrax won't be able to teleport.  You can also get Ammo Caches
              and health from them, so why pass 'em up?

            o Whenever a sheep is absorbed by the Wolf-Tank, it's life will be
              restored.  You can probably see why it's in your best interest to
              keep Anthrax away from the sheep, right?

            o There are a few crates by your starting position, for health and

            o There will be various Megacrates dropped into the map on to those
              stone hills, each containing a weapon more powerful than the
              last.  To get to the higher up ones, find a lower stone hill or
              something else and jump from there.  First off is a Cluster
              Grenade (northwest of your starting position), then a Supazooka
              (from the Cluster Grenade, run northeast along the river), then a
              Gatling Cannon (from the Supazooka, run east until you touch the
              hills and then go south), and finally a 4-Pack Rocket (run south
              from the Gatling Cannon and step on the teleporter).

            o Even after destroying the Wolf-Tank, you still have to tackle
              Anthrax.  Beware: He is equipped with a Multi Orb Gun.

            o From NeoVid: In Ewe Fiend, you can get Anthrax to blow himself up
                           with the Orb Gun.  Just lure him into the sheep, and
                           as soon as he fires with one of them in the way...

Strategy: This...(pauses for suspense)...is another boss level!  Put simply,
          you're up against the badass Captain Anthrax and the Wolf-Tank.
          Well, to start, run northwest until you come across the first
          Megacrate (it contains a Cluster Grenade).  Once equipped, run to the
          sheep and wait for the arrival of the Wolf-Tank.  When it becomes
          visible, shoot away with everything you've got, but make sure to
          dodge his fire, too.  He'll eventually go invisible again, and during
          this time blow up the teleport nodes, but just repeat this tactic
          when he reappears (you might want to go and grab the better guns when
          they become available; stick with the Gatling Cannon, though).

          In case you're the sensitive type who doesn't want to harm animals,
          don't worry, they come back to life (they're invincible, bwhahaha).
          Back to the mission.  Once you have destroyed the tank (might take a
          while, depending on how much sheep you let him get) you'll have to
          nail Anthrax.  Easier said than done, however, since his gun was made
          to kick your ass. :) The Gatling Cannon works wonders here, but hide
          behind the stone hills for cover (I'm serious, if his plasma shots
          hit you, you'll be annihilated) and return fire.  Sooner or later
          you'll win.  Sooner, hopefully. :)

  4.5 - World 5, Chilling Fields

Mission Name: Ice Scream
Time Given: 8 minutes
Unlocks: o Ice Scream Battle Map

Prime Objectives: o Litter the landscape with smoking boots.

Sub Objectives: None

Tips/Notes: o You can build Multi Orb Guns here (oh yeah!).  To build them,
              make a super heavy weapon.

            o There is a Flamejet to the northeast of your stacking pad.  It's
              on the hill.

            o Super Crates can be found in the center of the map, mingled with
              the Red Crates.

            o There are two Megacrates to get here.  To get them, run into the
              center of the map (near the main crate drop zone) and then run
              east or west.  Destroy the snowmen heads that you'll find, and a
              Megacrate will drop.  The eastern Megacrate holds another
              Flamejet, and the western one holds a Harrier (it's a very good

Strategy: After the past few missions, it's good to see a familar 'let's kick
          their ass' type one. ;) To begin, build a Ninja (you really want
          their speed here) and then switch to him.  Issue a free build order,
          and then go and grab the Flamejet on the hill (see above if you need
          directions).  After you've gotten that, I suggest going and grabbing
          the Harrier (again, see the tips if you don't know what I'm talking
          about).  Now you're buffed up and ready to own everything in sight
          (your other teammates will be pretty well equipped, too).

          When you're ready, order your team to build a tank, and then start
          destroying a team of your choice (I took Green).  Soon enough, you're
          team will show up, and with the combined firepower of the Harrier, a
          Medium Ice Tank, and a few Multi Orb Guns, nothing will stand in your
          way.  When the Harrier goes down (it's sadly inevitable, cause the AI
          _will_ shoot you out of the sky), it's time to put the Flamejet to
          the test.  Fun and simple.


Mission Name: Herdy Birdy
Time Given: 6 minutes
Unlocks: o VR Skin

Prime Objectives: o Guide the penguins back to the refuge of the south pole.

Sub-Objectives: o Smack the enemy up big time.

Tips/Notes: o This is, quite possibly, one of the hardest missions of the game.
              The penguins slip on the ice, have the attention span of a rock,
              and the durability of a pansy.

            o To get the penguins to follow you, move up to them and physically
              touch them.  Make sure that you've wiped out all of the enemies
              first, however, because you don't want them to follow you into a

            o Make sure you have totally, TOTALLY, wiped out the other Buddie
              teams before trying to lead the penguins.  One shot is all you
              need for the mission to be lost.

            o Constantly double back to check on the penguins.

            o Abuse the fact that, when fully frozen, a Buddie will pop when
              attacked by any weapon bar the Ice Gun.

            o Good luck.  You'll need it.

Strategy: Immediately make a Commando.  Quick.  Now make yourself an Ice Gun
          (lite weapon).  Trust me, you do not want to be running around with a
          Power Orb/Multi Orb Gun.  What you want to do is fire on enemies
          until they are fully frozen (they'll have some white mist coming off
          of them) and then get close enough that they'll pop themselves.  When
          that's done, issue a free build order and then run directly west of
          your base and destroy the Buddie team there (you want to be as quick
          as you can, before the enemy can make Stealthies).

          Now run southeast, and hunt down Yellow (it's always Yellow, isn't
          it?).  Make sure to take advantage of that Ice Turret.  Once Yellow
          is defeated, run back to your base (time is of the essence here).
          Your team will probably all be in tanks.  If you know this mission,
          you'll know tanks aren't helpful, so order them all to stay and
          protect your base.

          Quickly jump up and touch all of the penguins.  Now go slowly!  Run
          west, then south, winding your way through Yellow's base, and out
          through the southwest.  When (if) you make it, make sure all of the
          penguins get there, and that's it!  MAKE SURE TO SAVE YOUR GAME!!!


Mission Name: Sub-Zero Hero
Time Given: Infinite
Unlocks: o Chilling Fields Crate Contents

Prime Objectives: o Find the scientist, free him from his prison of ice and
                    bring him back to base.

Sub-Objectives: o Open a can of Whoop-Ass™ on your opponents.

Tips/Notes: o Madasalorri can be found on the massive hill over on the eastern
              part of the map.  To free him, blow up the ice, and he'll come

            o Avoid Stealthies here.  Stick with Ninja Buddies.

            o Remember, if you can freeze someone, then attack them with some
              other weapon (like, for example, the katana), they'll pop
              instantly.  Bad news is, it can happen to you.

            o There are turrets guarding the enemy bases.  You can't get in
              them, either.

Strategy: Before freeing the scientist, destroy the other Buddie teams.  It'll
          make things much easier.  First make a Ninja (it only costs two
          crates!) and together make another one.  Now order them to make a
          Multi Orb Gun for you (Super Crates can be found in the center of the
          map).  When that's completed, grab it and issue a free build order.
          Now you're a badass Ninja equipped with a badass gun.  Prepare to
          open up that can of Whoop-Ass.

          While your team is busy building, run to the outskirts of the lake in
          the center of the map and wait for enemy Buddies to arrive.  When
          they do, fire away (use the radar to aim).  A good shot with the
          Multi Orb Gun will leave them reeling.  Stealthies are a little
          harder.  Use the binoculars to watch the crates, and keep an eye out
          for invisible Stealthies picking them up.  All in all, it shouldn't
          be very hard.  When you're finished trashing them, go and get the
          scientist (his ice prison is guarded by a few polar bears, though)
          and lead him back to your base.


Mission Name: Kill 'Em 'N' Scarper
Time Given: Infinite
Unlocks: o Raggy Goo Goo Chopper Capture Map

Prime Objectives: o Make sure Dr. Madasalorri gets his disk back from the enemy
                    and protect him on his return to your base.

Sub-Objectives: None

Tips/Notes: o The factory can be found in the northwest corner of the map.

            o The closest crates can be found to the direct west of your base.

            o Like usual, destroy your enemies before attempting to beat the

            o There are many, many different turrets here.  Use your binoculars
              to keep an eye out.

            o Take your time after destroying the other Buddie teams.  If you
              rush around, you'll lose.

Strategy: Start by building a Cyborg (four crates vertical), then a lite weapon
          (for him), and finally a Multi Orb Gun (for you).  Avoid giving the
          Cyborg anything but a lite weapon, since his electrical punch will
          shatter frozen Buddies.  When you're finished, issue a Free Build
          Order and then run to the western base and destroy the Buddies there.
          After that, wander to the northeastern base and destroy _that_ team
          of Buddies.  Finally, escort the scientist to the factory (northwest
          corner of the map), but I suggest first destroying those two turrets.
          After retrieving the disk, return to your base.

  4.6 - World 6, Ori-Mental Peaks

Mission Name: Chocks Wa-Hey!
Time Given: 10 minutes
Unlocks: o Chocks Wa-Hey Battle Map
         o Ori-Mental Peaks Crate Contents

Prime Objectives: o Wipe out all the invaders.

Sub-Objectives: None

Tips/Notes: o To get the Megacrate containing the Stealth Bomber, you have to
              step on the four green switches.  One of them is south of your
              base, another is in the northeast corner of the map, another is
              in the southeast corner of the map, and the final one is in the
              southwest corner of the map.  The Megacrate will be droppped on
              your runway.

            o Supers can't use vehicles, remember, so make sure to have at
              least one Stealthy.

            o There are a few turrets scattered around.  You might want to get
              a Stealthy in there or something.

Strategy: First build a Super, switch to the Super and then issue a Free Build
          Order.  As the Super, go around and step on all of the Megacrate
          switches (see above if you need directions), and then return to your
          base.  Switch to the Stealthy, and order your Super to build another
          Stealthy.  When that is finished, issue another free build order and
          jump in the Stealth Bomber.

          Target an enemy team (I'd take the team directly east of you), and
          then bomb them.  Destroy any Supers first, and if you need them, call
          in your team to help.  Repeat this with the other two teams, and as
          long as you can hold on to the plane you'll win in no time (if you
          get shot down, jump in a turret).  The Super's laser eyes help
          immensely, too.


Mission Name: Chinese Burn
Time Given: Infinite
Unlocks: o Chinese Burn Domination Map

NOTE: Align Map.

Prime Objectives: o Light all 5 lanterns to get through the valley.
                  o Destroy the sentries.
Sub-Objectives: o Decimate the enemy bases.

Tips/Notes: o Destroy the enemy teams first.

            o After destroying them, destroy the bases.

            o Finally, light the lanterns.

            o You can find a Lightning Grenade (a cool and strong weapon) on
              one of the hills.

            o To get another Stealth Bomber, stand on the Megacrate switch on
              top of the waterfall hill, northeast from your base.  The
              Megacrate will drop right next to you.  You'll need the Stealth
              Bomber to get to one of the lanterns.

Strategy: Chinese Burn will most probably become a free-for-all at one of the
          bases.  You can't avoid it really, but you can prepare for it.  Start
          by building a Ninja, then together build another, and then (for each
          of you) three 4-Pack Missiles (heavy weapons).  Now build one more
          Commando, and then issue a free build order.  While the Commando is
          building himself a gun, order your Ninja squad to attack an enemy
          base and just start firing.  Soon more enemy teams will come over.
          During this time pull out to replenish your health and ammo.

          Rally your WHOLE team (your Commando has probably built a tank by
          now), and then move in for the kill.  After nuking them, obliterate
          their bases.  Finally, go around and light the lanterns (check the
          radar for coloured dots).  Remember to grab the Stealth Bomber so you
          can reach that high one.  Victory!


Mission Name: Return to Sender
Time Given: Infinite
Unlocks: o The Undead Skin

Prime Objectives: o Escort the scientist into the walled enemy base using the
                    special vehicle - but don't lose the vehicle before he's
                    had a ride.

Sub-Objectives: o Try to keep the special vehicle in one piece.

Tips/Notes: o The special vehicle (it's the Jeep) can be found by running
              northwest of your starting position until you come to a
              waterfall.  Run into it and you'll be transported on top of the
              hill where the Jeep is.

            o Do not engage in open combat!  You are not required to destroy
              Buddies in this mission, so don't do it!

            o Speed is key.  Move fast to get the Jeep, and then move faster to
              get the scientist.

            o Don't bother building anything.

            o Consult the map to check on your position, and possible routes.

Strategy: Screw building things here.  Immediately run northwest (move too slow
          and you're dead) until you come to the waterfall.  Run into it and
          jump in the Jeep.  Ride back to Madasalorri (use your binoculars to
          watch out for enemy Buddies and AVOID them).  There will probably be
          a Buddie or two trashing your base.  Ignore them and drive, dammit,
          drive!  Check the map to keep an eye on your position, and take the
          long routes through the mountains.  When you come to the walls, look
          out for the turret, and circle around the side.  You'll come to the
          entrance.  Drive in and touch their base, and you've won!


Mission Name: Mad Mechs
Time Given: Infinite
Unlocks: o Moon Goes Boom Bomb-Ball Map

Prime Objectives: o Take out that factory and destroy it's occupants.

Sub-Objectives: None

Tips/Notes: o Once destroying the factory and its turrets, it will blow up and
              you'll have to fight a mech (a big and proper mech).  This mech
              has a devastating lightning attack, but you have the power of the
              Copter Gunship!

            o There are four Megacrates switches in the four corners of the
              map.  When you step on the green switch, a Megacrate will drop
              and an inactive grey switch will become green.  These Megacrates
              will drop in the water in the closest corner to the switch.  The
              first Megacrate (southeast) contains a Pocket Missile Upgrade,
              the next Megacrate (southwest) contains a Scatter Bomb, the third
              Megacrate (northeast) contains a Super 4-Pack Missile, and the
              final Megacrate (northwest) contains a Copter Gunship.

            o Save the Copter Gunship until you have to fight the mech.

            o Destroy buildings and trees for Shields, Ammo Caches and other

Strategy: Before you even think about taking on the factory, you'll have to arm
          yourself.  Quickly run to the first Megacrate (see the above tips for
          directions), but make sure to dodge those missiles.  Avoid combat at
          this stage.  As quickly as possible, upgrade your weapon to the Super
          4-Pack Missile.  Once you've gotten that, destroy a building for a
          Shield power-up.  Now it's time to get your revenge!

          Run back to the factory (use the map if you need help), and start
          shooting the hell out of the turrets.  Once your invincibility starts
          to wane, run backwards a little (make sure you've locked on to a
          turret, so you can circle-strafe), and keep firing.  When all four
          turrets are destroyed, go and find another Shield power-up (an Ammo
          Cache is also a good idea), grab some health, and return to finish
          the factory off.  As soon as it's destroyed, RUN IMMEDIATELY TO THE

          After touching it, go north and grab the Copter Gunship.  Turn
          around, and start bombing the hell out of that mech dude.  Avoid
          getting too close, since his lightning attack is really painful.  If
          you get shot down, lock on to him (so you can circle-strafe) and get
          as far back as you can.  Keep firing, and watch the mech go down.

  4.7 - World 7, Rubber Jungle

Mission Name: Fumble in the Jungle
Time Given: Infinite
Unlocks: o Rubber Jungle Crate Contents
         o Men in Suits Skin

NOTE: Align Map.

Prime Objectives: o Recover the Stealth Harrier and eliminate any rivals that
                    have intercepted the distress call.

Sub-Objectives: o Keep the Stealth Harrier in one piece - it's no use as scrap!

Tips/Notes: o The Stealth Harrier can be found in the northwest corner of the
              map, but it is ringed by a moat of flame water.  To get to it,
              you have to use a Cyborg.  Watch out; it's guarded by turrets.

            o Turrets will be the major enemy here.  Key locations are
              protected, and sometimes the only thing to do is take them out.

            o The monkies are your friends.  They'll bring a lot of crates to
              an area southeast of your base.  Treat them with respect, and
              they'll help you out.

            o Get the Stealth Harrier ASAP!  Don't ask why; just do it.

Strategy: Use your initial four crates to build a Cyborg, switch to the Cyborg,
          and order your teammate to make you some grenades.  When those are
          completed, order him to protect your base and then circle around the
          mountains to the east of your base.  From there, run north a little,
          and take out one of those turrets.  Once there, wind your way through
          the mountains until you come to the edge of that pink water.  Run in
          (you'll get hit by the turrets, but try to make it to the plane), and
          then across to the island.  Jump in the Stealth Harrier and fly away
          to your base (it'll get heavily damaged, but it won't be destroyed).

          Dump the plane near your base, and run southeast a little until you
          come upon the monkies' crates.  Use these supplies to build another
          two Cyborgs, and if your initial Commando died, build another Cyborg.
          Now build heavy weapons for everyone, and a tank or two.  Take a
          single Cyborg, and order the rest of your team to protect your base.
          As the lone Buddie, destroy any turrets that would interfere with
          your attack on the other teams.  When their defences are down, lead
          your team in and wipe them all out.


Mission Name: Temple Tantrum
Time Given: 6 minutes
Unlocks: o Temple Tantrum Battle Map

Prime Objectives: o Flush the jungle of all enemy presence.

Sub-Objectives: None

Tips/Notes: o You're up against three teams here.  Pretty good odds, huh?

            o For an edge, make sure to use the Homing Turrets.

            o To get the Megacrate on this level, you have to stand on the four
              switches.  Every base has a switch next to it.  When you step on
              all of them, the Megacrate will be dropped in the northeastern
              corner of the map (in the water).  It holds a Krypto Light Gun,
              which is extremely powerful.  On a side note, I never got the
              'Megacrate dropped' message.  Odd...

            o Another Krypto Light Gun can be found in the southwest corner of
              the map.

Strategy: Don't bother building up a team, since you'll be hopelessly
          outnumbered.  Instead, go and grap the Krypto Light Gun (it can be
          found in the southeast part of the map) and just _destroy_ the enemy
          Buddies.  They won't have a chance, since they'll only be armed with
          lite weapons.  Break open crates for ammo, and just keep firing.
          Try to make sure the enemy doesn't get Supers (if they do, the Supers
          shouldn't pose too much of a threat, but try to avoid it).  Other
          than that, this mission is easy, and you should be able to win in
          under 2 minutes.


Mission Name: Inflammable Cannibals
Time Given: Infinite
Unlocks: o Slippery Pop-Shot Bomb-Ball Map

Prime Objectives: o Rescue the 6 hostages and guide them to the helpad next to
                    your base for immediate evacuation.

Sub-Objectives: o Destroy all enemy bases.

Tips/Notes: o The hostages can be found on top of the hills in the northeast
              and northwest corners of the map.  They're caged up, though, so
              you'll have to destroy the cages to free them (there is also a
              Homing Turret on the hill you can use).  Like everything else in
              this mission, they're guarded by nasty turrets (bah).

            o There are six 'must destroy' turrets in this mission.  They are
              the four manning the lion pit, and the two guarding the cages
              (one on each hill).

            o Avoid the lion pit in the center of the map.  If you wander in
              there, chances are you won't come out alive.

            o Destroy the enemy teams and their bases before trying to rescue
              the hostages.  You don't have too, but it does make things

            o After destroying the enemy teams and their bases, but before
              rescuing the hostages, make sure to take out those turrets
              guarding the cages.  Trust me on this one.

            o When bringing the hostages back, there is an easy way to
              transport them.  Use a Medic, and use the pump on them.  You'll
              heal them, but you'll also stun/daze them.  When they're stunned,
              you can carry them back to your base, and protect them with your
              back.  For this reason, it is recommended bring a single hostage
              back at a time.

            o When you have rescued three hostages, a Megacrate will drop in
              the center of the lion pit.  It contains a Stealth Bomber.

            o You can find a Thunderball near the turrets on the eastern edge
              of the map.  It's a weapon, but IMO Krypto Light Guns are better.

            o Take your time.

Strategy: This is another solo Buddie mission.  The suitable Buddie for
          Inflammable Cannibals is a Super Cyborg, equipped with a Krypto Light
          Gun.  Make these two items, then switch to the Cyborg and order the
          Medic to protect your base.  As the Cyborg, first destroy the enemy
          teams (they'll pose no threat whatsoever, believe me), then the four
          'must destroy' turrets (see the above tips for more details), and
          finally the enemy bases.  If you need health or ammo, break open
          crates.  When that's done, switch back to the Medic (or make another
          one if he was killed) and build a Krypto Light Gun for yourself.
          Order the Cyborg to protect your base.

          Now the important thing to remember is: Take your time!  Also, when
          you're bringing the hostages back, stick close to the wall of the
          lion pit (since the turrets are destroyed, and there are other
          turrets along the edges of the map).  Use the tactic I described in
          the tips above, and you should be fine.  Pump any lions that try to
          attack you and throw them away.  Other than that, you should be fine.


Mission Name: In for a Pound
Time Given: Infinite
Unlocks: o Virtual Brutality Domination Map

Prime Objectives: o It's you against everyone, but keep your eyes peeled for an

Sub-Objectives: None

Tips/Notes: o Like one of the past missions, you're up against three teams.
              However, this time there isn't any weapon of mass destruction to
              save you.

            o Invisibility is key here.  If it weren't for the fact that you
              controlled a Stealthy, this mission would be next to impossible.

            o There are a few trees along the north edge of the map.  These can
              be used to jump from hill to hill and collect the 4-Pack Missile
              (Krypto Light Guns are better, IMO), but destroy them and you'll
              find an Ammo Cache.

            o There is no point to building here.  Instead, take advantage of
              weapon stealing to get weaponry and ammo.

Strategy: Despite first impressions, this mission is beatable.  To begin, wait
          until your invisibility kicks in and then run north until you come to
          Yellow's stacking pad.  Wait here until they make a Krypto Light Gun
          and break it open.  Once they've opened it, snag it immediately.
          Heheh.  Now run to a stationary Cyborg and start stealing ammo off of
          him.  When you're maxed out, run to one of the corner bases (avoid
          the one in the middle, which was Yellow in my game) and start firing.
          As soon as enemy Buddies come, jump off of the hill and start running
          until you become invisible again.  Repeat this tactic until you
          destroy the base.

          Quickly grab the Shield power-up, and attack any Buddies of the base
          you just destroyed.  When it starts to fade, retreat and wait for
          your invisibility to return.  Do this to the next corner base,
          stealing ammo as you need it or grabbing an Ammo Cache.  When two of
          the three teams have been destroyed, go and max out your health and
          ammo (Super Crates can be found by the enemy bases).  Finally,
          destroy the middle base, grab the Shield, and pop any enemy Buddies
          that you can.  When the Shield is gone, use your invisibility and try
          to pick off Buddies seperated from the group.  Use caution when
          taking on the tanks, and good luck.

  4.8 - World 8, Loon-A Moon

Mission Name: Space City
Time Given: 6 minutes
Unlocks: o Space City Battle Map
         o Loon-A Moon Crate Contents

Prime Objectives: o Show no mercy, take no prisoners.

Sub-Objectives: None

Tips/Notes: o Destroy the Baddie bases first.  They can create Baddies so fast
              it isn't funny, so take out their bases first.

            o This is another solo mission.  The only way you'll be able to
              beat it is by circle-strafing, and taking advantage of the
              Ninja's evasive capacity.

            o Those green arrows by the bases shoot you in the direction
              they're pointing.  Make sure to use them.

            o Keep an eye on the radar.  You don't want to run into a squad of

Strategy: This is a very difficult mission (IMO anyway).  Quickly make a Pulse
          Rifle (heavy weapon), and then use the green arrow boost pad to go
          south.  Once there, make your way to the base and start trashing it.
          The Pulse Rifle only costs a single piece of ammo per shot, so you
          won't run out until much later on.  When it's destroyed, use the
          boost pad to get to another base (try to avoid the Baddies for now)
          and repeat until all are destroyed (break open crates for health and
          ammo).  Once that's done, try to pick off lone Baddies.  When they're
          all gone, you've won.  It seems simple, but in reality it isn't.

Alternative Strategy: Easy way to beat Space City: Destroy the towers in the
(From NeoVid)         corners of the map, ending with the one below your base.
                      Take that Shield, then go right into the center of the
                      lava, and you'll find a megacrate with a UFO.  It's no
                      problem to win after that.


Mission Name: Gang Star
Time Given: Infinite
Unlocks: o Dirty Space Funk Skin

Prime Objectives: o Destroy the 3 generators.
                  o Reap sweet revenge against the doctor for his betrayal.

Sub-Objectives o Waste any Baddie trash that you encounter.

Tips/Notes: o Like many of the past missions, this is a one man job.

            o Like many of the past missions, be prepared to lose.

            o Like usual, make damn sure to destroy the Baddies before trying
              to win.

            o After taking out the Baddies, make sure to dispose of the turrets
              manning the wall where the 'traitor' is.

            o After destroying the three generators, Madasalorri's force-field
              will go down.  Now all you have to do is destroy the control

            o Also after destroying the three generators, a Megacrate will drop
              (sorry, I can't remeber the location, and I don't want to check).
              This one contains a Flying Saucer (!).

Strategy: This...map...is...difficult...  At least to me.  To begin, quickly
          (and I mean quickly) build a Pulse Rifle.  Now run northwest until
          you come across this machine-like thing.  Destroy it (this is
          important) and grab the Shield.  Now run east, and start trashing a
          team of Baddies (take out one team at a time).  It'll be pretty tough
          work, but keep firing.  Once the Shield runs out, finish off the team
          you were concentrating on, or start firing on the other team.  Make
          sure to circle-strafe a lot.  It's really helpful.

          When the Baddies are taken care of, your next targets are the
          turrets.  Destroy all of them (ALL of them), and then the generators
          (they look like your old bases from the earlier worlds).  When
          they're destroyed, I suggest you go and grab the Flying Saucer (from
          the Megacrate) and mess around with it for a bit (learning how to
          control it will help out in later missions).  When you're done, trash
          the control panel where Madasalorri is and you've won.

Alternative Strategy: My method for Gang Star: with this way, the first 20
(From NeoVid)         seconds are the deciding part of the mission.  Quickly
                      toss crates over the ridge to your pad, and build a
                      Superbuddie.  Control him, and fly to one of the
                      generators with two turrets on the sides.  Just stand
                      next to the generator, and the turrets will destroy it in
                      seconds trying to hit you!  Grab the Shield, then go
                      destroy the closest Baddie base.  Then grab another
                      Shield, and destroy the team whose base it was.  Repeat
                      with the next generator, base and team, and the last
                      generator and the doctor will be no problem.  WARNING: if
                      you end up using a Cyborg on this mission, if the arrow
                      that says you can enter a vehicle appears on the Doc's
                      console, DON'T try to get in, the game will freeze.


Mission Name: Lava Palaver
Time Given: 8 minutes
Unlocks: Nothing

Prime Objectives: o Activate the teleporter and help the aliens escape before
                    the volcano erupts.

Sub-Objectives: None

Tips/Notes: o The power beacons can be found in the four corners of the map.
              There are also a few crates there.  You'll have to jump the lava,

            o Although it isn't mandatory, don't expect to win if you have
              Baddies trailing you.  Eliminate them ASAP!

            o Shield power-ups again play a very important part.  To find them,
              destroy those weird plant things.  The easiest one to find is in
              the northwest corner (it's the blue mushroom thing).

            o For every alien you have to rescue, you have to reset the power
              beacons.  For an easier start, try to set them first while
              fighting and retreating from the Baddies.

            o When you've rescued four Ikimen, a Megacrate will drop near your
              stacking pad.  It contains a Flying Saucer.

Strategy: Another difficult map.  Damn.  This time it's because of the timer.
          Anywho, since you can't build anything here, run southeast (jump the
          lava) to the crater in the side of the hill.  Don't run directly up
          it, since there's a teleporter at the foot of it (you don't want to
          use it yet).  Instead, jump up a little and run up it, so that you
          don't touch the teleporter.  Run west a little and grab the Pulse
          Rifle.  Prepare for the onslaught of Baddies.  Ignore them for now,
          jump off the hill, leap the lava, and run north.  From there, check
          the map to see where you are.  Look for a blue mushroom thing
          and run to it (it's near a building where an Ikiman is).

          Start firing at it, and if the Baddies catch up retreat and lead them
          away (use your time well, and start touching the power beacons).
          Anyway, return to it when you can and destroy it.  Grab the Shield
          power-up, turn to the Baddie hoard, and prepare to kick their ass.
          Pick a target, circle-strafe, destroy him, rinse and repeat.  When
          your invincibility begins to fade, it's time to find another Shield.
          Another mushroom/plant thing can be found in the northwest corner.
          Destroy it, and grab the new Shield.  Now return to finish off the

          That was easy.  Now it's hard.  If you haven't already, go and touch
          each of the power beacons, which will cause the teleport to activate.
          Now grab the nearest Ikiman and run him to the teleport.  To get up
          the top there, use the jump pad thing (it looks like a fan).  Dump
          the Ikiman in the portal, and start touching the beacons again.  To
          get to the Ikiman on top of the high hill, use the teleporter pad
          that you came across while getting your Pulse Rifle.  Note that you
          can't take Ikimen with you when using this teleporter.  Once you've
          rescued four, you can grab a Megacrate containing a Flying Saucer.
          Use this to get to the final Ikiman and send him home.


Mission Name: Bossa Nova
Time Given: Infinite
Unlocks: o Ghost Mode
         o Baddie Skins
         o Funky Crate Contents

Prime Objectives: o Destroy the Megamech.  If you can...

Sub-Objectives: None

Tips/Notes: o The Megamech will replenish its health when it gets low.  To do
              this, it'll return to the center of the map, on top of the raised
              building.  However, if you destroy the four generators up here,
              the Megamech won't be able to regenerate.  Your first priority is
              taking out those generators.

            o To get to the generators, run southwest from your starting
              postion, and leap from rock to rock until you make it to the
              green arrow boost pad (check the map to see it).  From there,
              touch the pad, and run into the teleporter (ignore the turrets).
              Now run east, touch the jump pad (it looks like a fan), and then
              the teleporter.  You'll appear near the generators.  Target one,
              take it out, and repeat.

            o When you're up there near the generators, the Megamech can and
              will leap up there, squash you, and carry you off into the
              northeast corner.  You can dodge its jumps, but you'll have to be
              pretty consistent.  When you get control of your Buddie again,
              immediately run northeast and destroy the green plants up there.
              The closest one contains a Shield.

            o After firing on the Megamech for a while, it'll collapse and spit
              out a whole lot of Baddies.  When this happens, run, since the
              Baddies can't be killed, and will often nail you with Laser

            o There are many, many Megacrates in this mission.  The closest can
              be found northwest of your starting position, on a rock in the
              lava.  This one contains a Laser Rifle.  After the Megamech spits
              out the Baddies for the first time, another will drop in the
              southeast (to get to it, use the jump pad).  This one contains a
              Pulse Rifle.  Finally, after destroying a generator, a Megacrate
              will drop (one for each).  These ones aren't important, except
              the last.  After destroying all four of the generators, run back
              to where you found the first Laser Rifle.  The Megacrate here
              contains a Flying Saucer.  Very important.

            o As soon as you can, upgrade from the Laser Rifle to the Pulse

            o There are four things you need to beat this mission: the Shield
              power-ups, the Ammo Cache power-ups, the Flying Saucer, and a
              decent weapon (I recommend the Pulse Rifle).

            o Power-ups (most importantly Shields and Ammo Caches) can be found
              by destroying the weird trees around here.  Destroy any trees you
              come across.

            o Good luck, buddy.

Strategy: There's no room for humor here.  As soon as you begin control, run
          northwest and grab the Laser Rifle in the Megacrate.  From here, leap
          the lava, run southwest, and destroy the blue tree thing.  Grab the
          Ammo Cache that comes out (important).  Now pause the game and look
          at the map.  Scroll east until you see two trees (one blue, one
          green).  Unpause the game and run to the them.  Destroy the green
          one, and then grab the Shield (super important).  Temporarily
          invincible, run back to your starting position and start firing on
          the Megamech.  When it collapses and spits out the Baddies, run south
          to the green boost pad (it's in the lava).

          Quickly touch the boost pad, and you'll get blasted to an area
          guarded by turrets.  Quickly touch the teleporter in the center
          (ignore the turrets), to get teleported away.  When you reappear, run
          to the jump pad (it looks like a fan), and then touch the teleporter
          you appear next to.  You'll get teleported to the four generators.
          By now, the Baddies would have reformed, but ignore them and start
          firing on a generator.  Soon, the Megamech will jump up there, squash
          you, and then carry you to the northeast corner.  If you destroy a
          generator, great, but if not, don't worry about it.  Either way, let
          the Megamech transport you to the northeast corner.

          Immediately pause the game, and look at the map.  See those two green
          trees up there in the corner?  You want to destroy the lower one (it
          has a Shield).  Unpause the game, and in a frantic sprint dash to the
          tree and start firing.  Quickly grab the Shield, and (ignoring the
          Megamech completely) run due south.  When you reach the lava
          waterfall, run southwest until you come to the crates.  Break these
          open for health and ammo (be quick), and then touch the jump pad
          here.  Grab the Megacrate up on the raised platform (it holds a
          Plasma Rifle), and then run northwest (you might want to destroy the
          trees).  Leap the lava, and you'll come to a familar sight.

          You'll be back by the turret guarded teleporter.  Ignore the turrets
          and jump up on to the platform.  Return to the generators and start
          trashing them again.  When the Megamech takes you back to the
          northeast corner, repeat the journey.  Keep going until you have
          destroyed all four of the generators.  Whew.  Everything from here on
          out should be easy.  Hopefully...

          Return to where you found the first Laser Rifle (top northwest
          corner) and break open the Megacrate here.  Jump in the Flying
          Saucer, turn around and charge at the Megamech.  Keep firing
          (unlimited ammo is sweet!), and it'll very shortly collapse and spit
          out its Baddies (the rate that it does this seems to have increased A
          LOT).  When it spits out the Baddies, retreat from them.  When they
          reform, fire at the Megamech again.  Keep repeating this tactic, and
          you'll win!  If you get shot down (which is highly unlikely), then
          you should still be fine.  Play it carefully, and most importantly,
          keep away from the Baddies and the turrets.

          Congratulations, you have just beaten Team Buddies, and I have just
          beaten the Walkthrough!  Go us!

  5. Questions, Tips and Secrets

  5.1 - FAQs

Q: My team is dumb, cause they don't do anything!  How do I get them to do
A: Look at section 3.1 - In-Depth Analysis: Team Command

Q: What's a Megacrate and how do I make one?
A: A Megacrate is a large grey crate containing powerful cargo.  You don't make
   one either; you find them.  They are sometimes on the map to begin with, but
   something usually has to happen (like you hit a switch, or after a certain
   amount of time has passed etc.) and then they will be dropped into the map.
   Yeah, and you can get them in multiplayer.

Q: I've heard of this game...  I think...  Does it go by any other names?
A: Ummm, good question.  I think it's also known as 'Leggit', and
   'Battle Buddies'.

Q: What're battle toys?
A: Battle toys is the term used to generalise the weapons, items and other
   stuff that you can find and build in Team Buddies.

Q: I skipped the information screen after World 1 that showed how to use the
   Medic's pump!  Now what?  Help!
A: Heh, you too huh?  Section 6.1 - The Different Types of Buddies has this
   information, for situations like this one.  I did this once, too. ;)

Q: How do I get to the ankh in Who-Ra?
A: There's an obelisk by the Yellow team's base.  Destroy it and then step on
   the teleporter beneath.

Q: Sometimes when I beat a mission, it says a load of stuff, like 'Insane
   Plains Crate Contents Unlocked'.  What's up with that?
A: These are unlockable features that you can use in multiplayer.

Q: Any more tips for Herdy Birdy?
A: Nope, sorry.  Everything I know about that hateful mission is included in
   the Walkthrough.  Make sure to take out the enemy first, and good luck.

Q: Are there _any_ online resources of this game?
A: Not really...  GameFAQs is the only place I've been able to find FAQs at,
   and the only place with half-decent information.

Q: Sometimes when I issue a build order, my AI teammates don't listen.  Why is
A: Because they're stupid?  I don't know.  Make sure they're assigned to
   protect you, and switch around to the other Buddies on your team.  That
   might help.

Q: Your Walkthrough says that, after beating a certain level, you unlock
   something.  I didn't, though!  Why?
A: Read the FAQ, dude.  Make sure that you've beaten the mission with all
   objectives met, and you get a gold medal.

Q: What's the best sort of Buddie?
A: There is no 'best', really.  They're all notable for some reason or another.
   My favourite, however, is the Cyborg.  I just think they're cool (and
   they're useful).

Q: What's the best sort of weapon?
A: Again, there aren't any 'bests', although quite a few notable ones.  The
   Gatling Cannon, Krypto Light Gun, Ankh and Plasma Cannon are all very good.

Q: What's the best sort of vehicle?
A: If you've read the last two FAQs, you'll know my answer: No 'bests'.  The
   mech thing is cool and powerful, the Flying Saucer is incredibly mobile and
   strong...  Tanks are cool, especially the powerful ones.  Any sort of
   stealth vehicle is nice (the most familar being the Stealth Bomber).  It
   really comes down to preference.

Q: Do you think there will be a Team Buddies 2?
A: I can't see it happening.  Team Buddies is pretty unheard of (I'd blame it
   on Psygnosis), and as good a game as it is, I just don't think it'll happen.
   Team Buddies didn't make very good sales.

  5.2 - Tricks, Codes and Secrets


-Dropping Weapons-
Tap O+[]
Although generally not too useful, it can be if you want to pick up some
grenades but are equipped with a Bazooka.


NOTE: Codes only affect single player, or multiplayer providing you're only
      playing against the computer.  They must also be activated for each
      successive level.

-All Levels Open Cheat-
Pause the game, then hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and tap /\, O, [], [].

-Level Win Cheat-
Pause the game, then hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and tap O, [], X, X.

-Finish Build Shape Cheat-
Pause the game, then hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and tap [], [], O, O.

-All Crates Build Like Super Crates Cheat-
Pause the game, then hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and tap O, X, X, O.

-Easy Gun Building Cheat-
Pause the game, then hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and tap O, O, X, X.

-Easy Buddie Building Cheat-
Pause the game, then hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and tap O, O, X, O.

-Special Weapon 1 Cheat-
Pause the game, then hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and tap /\, X, X, X.

-Special Weapon 2 Cheat-
Pause the game, then hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and tap X, X, X, /\.

-Heavy Weapon Cheat-
Pause the game, then hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and tap /\, X, [], [].

-Team Health Cheat-
Pause the game, then hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and tap /\, /\, X, X.

-Team Full Ammo Cheat-
Pause the game, then hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and tap X, X, /\, /\.

-Indestructible Base Cheat-
Pause the game, then hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and tap X, /\, /\, X.

-Health Cheat-
Pause the game, then hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and tap X, /\, [], O.

-Ammo Cheat-
Pause the game, then hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and tap O, [], /\, X.

-Free Jetpack Cheat-
Pause the game, then hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and tap [], [], /\, /\.

-Free Rocket Boots Cheat-
Pause the game, then hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and tap /\, [], [], /\.

-Big Guns Cheat-
Pause the game, then hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and tap /\, O, O, /\.

-Big Feet Cheat-
Pause the game, then hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and tap /\, [], [], X.


-Buddie Hood-
Credit for this secret goes to kupop, since he was the first one to find it.
If you still have your Team Buddies CD case, go and get it.  Look at the center
of the inside of the case, at the picture of all the Buddies.  The Commando is
in the middle, but look down a little, and a bit to the right.  Look at the
Buddie there with the orangy-red hood.  You can see him in the game.

In the mission Kill 'Em 'N' Scarper, run to the northeast corner, near the
crate drop zone.  There he is, the cute little guy with the hood. :) He's an
NPC.  Don't kill him, cause he's cool.  Again, full credit is given to kupop,
who informed the message board of this secret.

  5.3 - Tips and Strategies

General Tips

o Full control of your team is vital.  You _have_ to know how to organise them.
  If you don't know how to do this, read section 3.1 - In-Depth Analysis: Team
  Command.  The AI of your troops is good to start with, but it won't reach its
  full potential if your abilities can't complement it.

o Build fast.  If you wait too long, your enemies WILL invade.  And you'll
  either get utterly destroyed or weakened so much you'll lose from the timer
  running out.

o Always keep an eye out on the radar.  You can see many useful things on it,
  like where Buddies are retreating etc.

o If your base is destroyed, break open any crates you can.  You won't have
  need of them any longer, andEyou'll need the health and ammo that you can get
  out of them.  Don't forget to rampage through your opponents collection, too.

o Make sure to destroy those objects like trees, because you can get power-ups
  and sometimes even a weapon!

o Also, if your base is destroyed, act fast.  There isn't any point in waiting,
  as the longer you wait, the stronger your enemy will become (well, assuming
  his base is still intact).  Quickly grap a few power-ups, and hopefully a
  weapon or two scattered on the map.

o Learn about each of the Buddies.  Know their strengths and weaknesses, and
  make a note of which ones you can build in the current level.

o Trust your instincts.  In the worse case scenario, you'll lose the match.
  However, making these sort of mistakes will only make your instincts better.

o Play the VR missions.  No matter what, always, always play these missions at
  least once!  They can teach you the basics of Team Buddies much faster than
  any FAQ will be able to.

Crate and Building Tips

o Sometimes you can only find Super Crates away from your base.  Go exploring
  and secure a good supply of Super Crate.  If you can build up a good
  collection of super battle toys, prepare for a kickass experience.

o Buddies will generally go for the closest crates to them, which leads on to
  my next tip...

o If you have to run up a large hill to get crates, here's a tip.  Instead of
  running up the hill, running down the hill and then running up again, run up
  the hill and then throw crates off of it.  This way, your other Buddies will
  pick up the crates you have thrown off.  Watch out for enemy Buddies though;
  they might try to steal the crates you have thrown off.  While I was doing
  this I noticed another Buddie on my team start to do it too.  That shows you
  how good the AI is.

o Throw single crates off enemy stacking pads and then kick them open to
  disrupt building.  Remember though, you can't throw merged crates.

o Use the Ninja's katana to break up any merged enemy crates.  Now go break
  them. :)

o If you hit O to kick open crates that are not on a stacking pad, a little bit
  of life and ammo will pop out.  Break open enemies crates to cause building
  problems for them.

o When you damage an enemy enough that it starts to sweat, it'll run to the
  nearest crate supply and try to break them all for health.  Try to finish
  them before they break your team's precious crates.  The same goes for your
  Buddies, too.  Sometimes Buddies will even break Super Crates for more

o Build fast, before enemies decide to pay your base a visit.  It's near
  impossible to build when rockets are flying everywhere.  Believe me, I know.

o If you destroy an enemy's base, their stacking pad is also destroyed and they
  cannot build anymore.  Try to always damage an enemy bases, if not destroy

o When involved in a fight, never let an enemy get away.  They'll just start
  building again, and if you let it happen too much you'll probably lose.

o Always go looking for Megacrates when you see the Megacrate dropped message
  at the bottom of your screen (or hear that strange sound).  Even if you
  decide not to use what's in them, take them anyway, so your enemies can't.
  (The enemy AI doesn't use them.  They break them open and then leave them
  alone, so you don't have to worry about them.)

Battle Tips and Strategies

o Know what you intend to do before doing it.  In other words, set yourself
  goals.  You may want to destroy an enemy base, take down a powerful enemy
  Buddie, or you may want to wipe out everything.  Keep these goals reasonable!
  Don't set yourself the goal of mass destruction if your team is weak; play
  defensive for a while, instead.

o In multiplayer games, remember there can be more than two teams.  If you
  throw everything you have in a single strike, your base is still under threat
  of attack by another team.  So, read on to my next tip...

o Always (for the most part) have at least one Buddie guarding your base.  This
  is especially essential in multiplayer, where multiple teams are in the game
  at once.  If under attack, he can hopefully ward off enemies until the
  cavalry (you) arrives.

o When you hear (or learn) that two teams are clashing, lead your team to the
  outskirts of the battlefield and start spying on them with your binoculars.
  Once the battle is over, lead your team in to mop them all up (well, have one
  guarding your base).  Freebies rule!

o Explosions can kill you.  Don't bother giving a 4-Pack Rocket to a Buddie
  who is nearly dead.  He's as dangerous to himself as he is to the enemy.

o Those sentry turrets where you can climb in are extremely useful.  If you can
  get a yourself into a sentry tower that can fire on a heavily travelled area,
  you're set!

o Avoid taking on a tank with an Uzi.

o In an addition to the above tip: Don't play Rambo!  Effective, surgical
  strikes are better.  Also, set yourself reasonable goals (read the first

o Lead your team in through back paths, so you can avoid accidently meeting
  enemies.  Who knows, you may end up by an enemy base.

o Whenever your base is under fire, the radar will flash red.  Quickly get back
  to your base before it blows and take out the attackers.

o Order your team to concentrate on a single enemy Buddie, pop him, rinse and

o Grab power-ups for an advantage.  Combining fast firing weapons like the
  Gatling Gun with Gun Frenzy power-up is extremely good.  The Shield is a
  major factor of a fight, and make sure to always pick it up if you can.

o Always circle-strafe.  The AI does it, and every other player I've come
  across does it too.  Keep moving, or else you die.

o Strike fast.  If you can hit your enemies before they can get a few vehicles,
  they're at a major disadvantage.

Vehicle Tips and Strategies

o When you are in a vehicle, you cannot be hurt.  Instead, all attacks damage
  the vehicle you are in.  Get in vehicles ASAP if you need health, so you can
  get to some crates.  When vehicles have taken too much damage, they stop


  That vehicle's going to go ka-boom, and so will your Buddie.  Your Buddie
  will get quite heavily damaged, so get out when the vehicles aren't going
  anymore, which leads on to my next tip...

o If a vehicle's going to explode, drive it at enemies or their base.  This
  will damage whatever it's near quite a bit, and it's great for wearing
  enemies down.

o Vehicle's are strictly neutral.  Even though you may have built a vehicle, it
  can still be taken by enemies.  However, you can do the same to them.

o When enemies are attacking you with tanks, I find the best thing to do is
  keep strafing around them and trying to get behind them.  The AI is a little
  bit lacking in the vehicle department (or I'm damn good, heh heh), and
  sometimes they can't turn around fast enough to catch you.

o When you run over crates in a vehicle, you carry them.  Hitting O will drop
  them off.  This is great, because you can carry them without being slowed
  down and drop them off at your stacking pad.  There is a limit though, and
  that limit depends on the vehicle.  Try to get Super Crates, because
  sometimes they are faraway from your stacking pad, and using a vehicle to get
  them makes it quicker.

o Remember, if you run over Buddies, wildlife, whatever, you'll squish them.
  If you're confronted by a circle of armed Buddies, don't get scared!  Put
  your foot down and run them over! :) Use at your own risk against Cyborgs. :)

o To destroy automatic turrets, move out of their range and fire on them.
  They'll just wait for you to destroy them.

  6. Miscellaneous

  6.1 - The Different Types of Buddies


In Team Buddies, there is quite a large number of different soldiers.  Although
you won't have access to every one of them in a single match, it is still
important to learn each of their strengths and weaknesses for when you _do_
have access to them.

NOTE 1: I'm not reviewing Super Buddies that are created with Super Crates.
        Just remember that Super Buddies are stronger and faster than normal
        Buddies of the same type.

NOTE 2: If an ability has 'passive' written in parenthesis, that means said
        ability is automatically on.


Name: Infuntry
Recruited in: World 1
Close Combat Technique: A Standard Punch - As weak as they come.
Other Abilities: Nothing

Comments: Infuntry is the backbone to any Buddie army.  He may not be too
          special, but he is easy to build, loyal, and everything else that's
          good in a soldier.  Infuntry is useful for cannon fodder, too.


Name: Commando
Recruited in: World 1
Close Combat Technique: A Powerful Uppercut - Stronger than the punch.
Other Abilities: Super-strafe: An improved version of circle-strafing.  When an
                               Infuntry circle-strafes he has to slow down to
                               face the enemy.  A Commando doesn't have to.
Super-Strafing: Easy.  Just circle-strafe normally (hit and hold R1 while
                locked on to a target and move around).

Comments: A Commando is faster, stronger and smarter than an Infuntry soldier.
          They also have a powerful close combat technique, and can super-
          strafe.  Commandos are solid, powerful soldiers; think of them as
          version 2.0 Infuntry.


Name: Medic
Recruited in: World 2
Close Combat Technique: The Medic Pump - The result varies.
Other Abilities: Regen (passive): An ability where a Medic automatically heals
                                  their own wounds.
		     Health Assessment (passive): Medics can see Buddies' health
		                                  meters.  More useful than it
Using the Pump: Press and hold down the [] button when touching an enemy
                or NPC.

Comments: Well, they could have been better.  The biggest disappointment is
          that they can't use their pump on allies.  I know, I know, it says
          they can but I've never gotten it to work (neither has Vivi2k).  They
          can, however, use it on NPCs (gray dots on the radar).  Their other
          abilities are pretty cool.  Regen is just generally good, and the
          ability to assess damage on others by sight is very useful.  You can
          see how much health an enemy has left.


Name: Ninja
Recruited in: World 3
Close Combact Technique: The Katana Blade - It can be used to split merged
Other Abilities: High Speed Running (passive): The Ninja can run extremely far,
                                               extremely fast.
                 High Speed Jumping (passive): The Ninja can summersault higher
                                               than other Buddies.

Comments: These guys are cool.  They can handle nearly every job, as they move
          and jump extremely well, and they can also break merged crates.
          These are the guys to use when long distance running is needed.  The
          Ninja is a master of sabotage and scouting, and give him a heavy
          weapon and he's just plain nasty. :)


Name: Cyborg
Recruited in: World 4
Close Combact Technique: Electrical Punch - Strong, and it can stun much more
                                            effectively than other attacks.
Other Abilities: Enhanced Defence (passive): The Cyborg's armour can withstand
                                             a huge amount of damage, and is
                                             particularly resistant to fire.
                 Vehicle Resistance (passive): The Cyborg cannot be flattened
                                               by vehicles.
                 Buddie Squashing (passive): The Cyborg has the ability to jump
                                             on and squash other Buddies.
                 Damage Assessment (passive): Cyborgs can see machines' health
                                              metres.  Good when you're up
                                              against vehicles.

Comments: These are the guys to have against tanks, or for guarding your base.
          Build a couple of these and have them take care of any enemy
          vehicles, or set them on defence.  They are quite slow, however, so
          make sure you know where you're going to avoid losing time.  They
          also jump pretty poorly.


Name: Stealthy
Recruited in: World 5
Close Combact Technique: Weapon Stealing - As the Stealthy, you have the chance
                         to steal weaponry.  It doesn't remove your
                         invisibility, either, and you can do it while
                         invisible or not.  You can also steal ammo with it.
Other Abilities: Invisibility (passive): The Stealthy has the ability to become
                                         invisible.  While invisible, you can
                                         do anything you want to, but firing
                                         any weapons will immediately remove
                                         it.  Getting shot will also remove it,
                                         as will running in water.  It isn't
                                         total, either.
Weapon Stealing: When next to an enemy Buddie, hit [] a lot.  You can also
                 steal ammo.

Comments: Cool, but IMO not too useful.  They are pretty good for scouting (ok,
          they're the best for scouting), but other then that, I don't see any
          other reason to use them.  You can't fire weapons if you want to stay
          invisible, and that sucks.  Weapon stealing is cool, but not needed.


Name: Super
Recruited in: World 6
Close Combact Technique: Spin Punch - This punch can spin Buddies out of
Other Abilities: Gliding: Immensely cool, but flying is better.
                 Flying (Super Super Buddie only): Very cool, and rather
                                                   useful.  Good for escaping,
                                                   for getting over hills, and
                                                   for everything else.
                 Enhanced Defence (passive): Similar to the Cyborg, the Super
                                             Buddie has enhanced defence, but
                                             even better than the Cyborg!
                 Laser Eyes: The only form of weaponry available to Supers.
                             Not really strong, but it has unlimited ammo and
                             fires fast.
                 Detect Invisibility: Supers can see invisible Stealthies.  I'm
                                      not sure about invisible vehicles.

Gliding/Flying: Hit and hold the X button.

Comments: A very useful Buddie to have on your team.  A good close combat
          technique, good abilities, and they can fly!  Flying is a lot more
          useful than you may think it is, since you can easily get over hills
          and snag crates.  The only bad point is that they won't use weapons
          or drive vehicles, because they consider themselves too badass
          (imagine that!).  Make sure to upgrade them to Super Super Buddies so
          they can fly.  Supers kick ass.

  6.2 - Misc. Items


This section just contains a bit of information about the misc. items you can
find in Team Buddies.  Some power-ups only have a limited amount of charge
(Shield, for example) and you can only have one power-up in use at any one
time.  Picking up a power-up when another is in use will result in the new one
replacing the old one.

Item Chart

Item           Description                       Usage/Effect
Health         Red Hearts                        Replenishes life
Ammo           Pink and Yellow Bullets           Replenishes ammo
Ammo Cache     Three Yellow and Red Bullets      Maxes out your ammo at 500
Gun Frenzy     Three Yellow Arrows               Unlimited ammo
Pumped Up      Bright Pink Light-bulb            Replenishes all of your health
Rocket Boots   A Blue and Yellow Boot            Slide around extremely fast
Fishy          Grey and White Orb                Move extremely slowly
Phreak         Grey and White Orb                Move and fire 2x as fast
Shield         Grey Shield with a Blue Stripe    Invincibility
Jetpack        A Yellow Jetpack                  You can fly
Base Repair    A Grey Wrench                     Repairs your base
?              A Green ? Symbol                  Random power-up

? NOTE: The ? power-ups are the only power-ups available in multiplayer, and
        you won't find them in single player, too.

FISHY AND PHREAK NOTE: These items both look the same.  When you pick up a grey
                       and white orb, you will either get a Fishy power-up or a
                       Phreak power-up.  As far as I know, you can't get them
                       any other way (except via the ? in multiplayer).

  6.3 - Vehicles


Team Buddies is filled to the brim with various vehicles, ranging from tanks to
planes.  Like other battle toys, you can either build them by hand or find them
in Megacrates.  Depending on the world and sometimes the level, you can make
different vehicles by stacking eight crates to form a square cube.  This
section just contains the basics of making and using vehicles, as if you can
use them properly, you'll be at a big advantage.

The Basics

First off, you have to build or find a vehicle.  You can do either, but there
won't always be Megacrates.  So, stack eight crates and form a square cube.
Break it open and there's your vehicle.  Next, getting close to a vehicle will
make a little O symbol appear by it.  If you hit the O button at that time, you
will climb inside the vehicle.  You just have to be close enough for that O to
appear.  This is useful if you are running from enemy Buddies and you can
quickly get in the vehicle, on the run.

The D-Pad moves your vehicle.  Different vehicles use the D-Pad differently.
You'll have to experiment to learn how to control the different vehicles.
Sometimes, if you are controlling a tank, it might not drive straight.  To fix
this, use the R1 button to rotate the tank's turret so it is facing straight
ahead.  Or you could jump out and then in again to get it straight again, but
that may allow an enemy to jump in.

As I stated above, using the R1 button and the direction buttons you can rotate
a tank's turret.  This is great for turning fast to hit quick Buddies.  Just
make sure to set it back to let you drive straight again.

Most vehicles have in-built weapons.  The [] button fires them, and they don't
use any ammo.  The weapons vary from vehicle to vehicle, but they are normally
a cannon or rocket or something.  Other vehicles don't have an in-built weapon,
and so you have to use your Buddies' weapon.  These shots still take ammo, too.

You can also find more vehicle tips in section 5.3 - Tips and Strategies.  I
wanted to keep all of the tips in one large section, so take a look there.

  6.4 - Unlocking, and the Different Modes of Play


Team Buddies has many different modes of play.  There is the standard
Deathmatch option and other unique ones.  But first you have to unlock them...
Read on.


These unique modes won't come free.  They are locked, and to unlock them you
have to complete missions in single player, save them to a Memory Card and then
load the saved data.  Saved data loads automatically when you boot up Team
Buddies anyway, so just make sure to have your Memory Card with your Team
Buddies data in when you start the game up.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It has recently been brought to my attention that you need to
                complete a mission with all objectives met to unlock certain
                things.  When referring to the Walkthrough, it will state what
                you can unlock for each mission.  Please note that this is what
                I unlocked with Gold Medals, as I beat every mission with all
                objectives met.  If you don't unlock something after beating a
                mission, but it says you can in the FAQ, make sure you have
                completed every objective.

Now that you know how to unlock things, you may want to know what you can
unlock.  The Walkthrough has what you can unlock from each mission (if you can
unlock anything from that certain mission), so look there for specifics.

Unlockable Features

Feature             Usage/Effect
New Games           Allows you to play different modes/games in multiplayer
New Maps            Allows you to play those maps in multiplayer
New Crate Contents  Allows you to select different sets of battle toys to build
                    in multiplayer
New Skins           Changes the appearance of Buddies in multiplayer
New VR Missions     Allows you to practice new VR missions

Single Player

Many people don't like single player in most strategy games, and I don't blame
them.  In most strategy games, the main objective is to destroy the enemy.
Well in Team Buddies, you have a variety of different objectives in single
player.  First, you pick the colour of your team, and then you progress through
different 'worlds'.  After you have completed all of the missions in one world,
you can then go on to the next.  There are eight worlds in the game.  There are
many diverse objectives you must complete, and some of them are really fun.
Each world has its own set of battle toys to build, and victory won't come
easy.  In the game, there are 64 missions in total (!).

So what's the reward of playing single player?  Unlocking!  When you progress
through various missions, you may be awarded with special things for
multiplayer!  You may get a new map for multiplayer, or maybe even a new mode
of play (Domination etc.).  When you get something nifty in single player, you
just save your game and that's it!  When you load up Team Buddies, it
automatically loads the saved data in Memory Card Slot 1.  You can also load
your stuff from the Options Menu, if you forgot to put your Memory Card in when
you loaded up the game.

The main thing to be unlocked are crate contents.  These things are the sets of
battle toys you can build in multiplayer.  Extremely cool.  You can play a game
of Domination with World 2's battle toys, for example.

Single player alone is a solid game, and the rewards to get for multiplayer by
advancing through it make you want to go back and progress through those
worlds.  Try it out, and I can pretty much guarantee you that you won't be


There are many different games to play in multiplayer.  There is the standard
Deathmatch, and others that you have to unlock to get.  For more information on
unlocking, read up a little, and you'll find it.  Multiplayer is where most
strategy games shine, and Team Buddies is no exception.  You can either play
against the computer, against other people, or a mixture of both.

When playing solo against the computer everything looks the same it does in
single player.  You have the whole screen to yourself and it isn't split.  If
you play against other people, the screen is split in to two, with one part
being for one player and the other part being for the other.  If you have a
Mutli-tap, you can even play four player, and the screen is split into
quarters!  Alas, the awesome game of Team Buddies does not support the Link-
Cable.  A damn pity.  The Map feature in the Pause Menu isn't there, so you
can't use it.

Another unusual (but greatly appreciated) thing about multiplayer in general is
that the computer teams _will_ fight against themselves, and won't gang up on
you like in other strategy games.

o Deathmatch
  Unlocked by Completing: Nothing, you have it at the start of the game

  Ahh, Deathmatch is the standard game of destroying everything that isn't your
  team.  Command and Conquer!  Use strategies that you would use in a normal
  free-for-all, and use the honed tactics that you have developed in single
  player.  Build up your army with heavy weapons and vehicles, and then go and
  nuke the enemy.

  Don't forget the golden rule of Deathmatch:
  Frag anything that isn't you.  Quake III style.

o Domination
  Unlocked by Completing: That's Rubbish

  In Domination, you have to touch certain objects on the map, and then you'll
  turn them into your team's colour.  After a certain amount of time, your team
  will score a point (if they have an object under their command, however).
  Depending on the options set, the winner is the player with the most points
  when the time runs out, or the winner is the first player to reach a set
  amount of points.  Don't worry about your whole team dying; if it happens,
  another Buddie will just respawn.  Quite a cool little game, if you ask me.

o Capture
  Unlocked by Completing: On Yer Bike

  Capture is Team Buddies' form of Capture the Flag (CTF), except you capture
  animals.  By stunning them and then picking them up, you can bring them back
  to your pen and score points.  You get 10 points when you drop an enemy
  animal into your pen, 15 if your team's animal is also in.  Depending on the
  options set, the winner is the player with the most points when the time runs
  out, or the winner is the first player to reach a set amount of points.  Like
  Domination, you have unlimited lives, so don't worry about your whole team
  going down.  Pretty fun (especially with four human players).  In all honesty,
  though, I would have preferred a standard Capture the Flag.

o Bomb-Ball
  Unlocked by Completing: The Rong Brothers

  Bomb-Ball is _very_ fun.  You control a squad of three Buddies (they'll come
  back to life if they die, so don't worry about them) and a bomb drops at the
  center of the field.  You have to go grab that bomb and throw it between the
  enemy's posts.  Once thrown, the bomb's 3 second fuse is lit, so you have to
  get out very fast to avoid being toast (it doesn't matter that much, but
  there's quite a delay before your Buddies respawn).

  Each time you get the bomb between the posts, you score 1 point.  If it then
  goes off in thei goal area, you will score a bonus 5 points.  Depending on
  the options set, the winner is the player with the most points when the time
  runs out, or the winner is the first player to reach a set amount of points.
  The coolest thing is, weapons are still included!  You don't build them, but
  you can find them.  A very fun game.

o Ghost
  Unlocked by Completing: Bossa Nova

  I was mistaken.  Ghost isn't a new mode, exactly, but a new option that can
  be tacked on to Deathmatch.  When you play with Ghosts, once a team is
  completely wiped out, the final member will turn into a (have a guess) Ghost!
  Ghost Buddies are exactly that: they can float (similar to the Jetpack), are
  white, can turn invisible, but most importantly, take Buddie souls!


  Ok, let me explain.  When a Buddie dies, they leave their smoking shoes
  behind.  Ghosts, if they touch these shoes, can revert to their once-alive
  state, and become normal again.  Heh.  Kind of cool, appearing out of no-
  where to reap some souls.  Nasty. :)

  6.5 - Other Misc. Notes

o If you throw crates right next to your base (I haven't tried it on enemy
  bases) they disappear.  Werid, no?

o Lions can eat crates!

o You can actually blow up items with Time Bombs.  I haven't tried it with any
  other grenades.

o You take double damage when semi-frozen.  If you get hit while fully frozen
  (except by the Ice Gun and it's super counterpart), you'll instantly die
  (pop, that is).  This doesn't really matter though, unless you're playing
  with World 5's crate contents.

o Totally unrelated to the above note, I've once had a gun freeze on me.  I
  mean, the gun wouldn't fire, and I had a lot of ammo.  I eventually lost the
  match (it was single player, Battle Hill, if that means anything to you),
  because nothing I could do would let me fire again. :(

o I've heard on the message board that there were only 50,000 copies of Team
  Buddies produced.  Of course I can't confirm this, but it would make this
  game pretty rare, wouldn't it?

o You get different looking medals when you beat boss stages.

o The crates on Loon-A Moon look different to the crates on Buddie World.
  Cooler, too. :)

  7. Final Words

You've pretty much reached the end of this FAQ.  I hope it helped you.

  7.1 - Credits

o Psygnosis:
  For breaking away from the usual RTS genre and creating a very, very cool

o Jeff "CJayC" Veasey <GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com>:
  For accepting this FAQ (and my others) on to his wicked site, and for working
  extremely hard to keep GameFAQs running.  I mean, I'm not a fanboy or
  anything (haha, I know), but Jeff is quite possibly the best (in terms of
  coolness and other stuff) web-master around.  I also borrowed his sig (baka
  baka...).  Thanks. ;) His is the greatest site.  Legend.

o Anthony:
  For being generally cool and for being a good opponent to play against.

o Vivi2k:
  For answering my questions on the Team Buddies message board.  His answers
  helped in filling in the blanks.  Thanks, Vivi.  You cool. :)

o Deacon Swain:
  Another message board dude, he told me how to tango with the Megamech.  Yeah,
  I won (w00p).  Thanks, man.  I shall be awaiting your FAQ.

o BattleHunterNeo, vid20, zechs311 and kupop:
  The other regulars of the board (well, they post more than once).  Cool
  people, they are.  The board's so small, you know EVERYONE!  Heh.  Also,
  kupop was the one who found the Buddie Hood (for lack of a better name).
  Full credit is thrown his way.  He also told me about the Jetpack in Who-Ra.
  If you want to chat about (have a guess) Team Buddies, stop by the board once
  in a while.  I regularly hang out there, and there are other cool people like
  Vivi2k who are pretty happy to answer questions.

  While here: The J Man62, I think I judged too quickly (my bad).  You didn't
              do anything really reprehensible, and I don't think anyone really
              dislikes you.  Sorry for that comment beforehand.  Seeing you
              apologise shows that, well, you weren't as bad as you seemed.
              Again, sorry.  I mean that.  Oh, and don't leave the board.  In
              all honesty, no-one really wants you to go.  So stay. :)

o NeoVid:
  For his tips and alternative mission strategies.  Thanks for your massive
  contributions, dude.

o Gambit:
  Cause your cool.  If you're reading this though, YOU'LL NEVER GET ME TO ADMIT
  IT!  Heheh, anyway, why did I credit him?  Tell me and we'll both know. :)
  (M0o.)  Haha.  He calls me twit.  Yeah, I know. :)

o AstroBlue <FAQ Warp - http://members.aol.com/astroboyblue/resources.html>:
  The ASCII art at the top of this FAQ was made with his Line-Draw FAQ.  I
  decided the old one kinda sucked, so using his FAQ I designed a cooler one.

o My Red Notebook:
  I'd just like to give a little credit to my red notebook, that holds (nearly)
  all of the information in this FAQ.  It has tips, tricks, some other stuff,
  and more information besides (that would have been considered filler).  Don't
  you wish you had a hold of it, hmm? ;)

  For keeping me sane through the long hours of FAQ writing.  Especially my 20
  minute Aeris MIDI...

  *Starts whistling*


  *Starts crying*

  7.2 - Contact Information

|| Contact Details                                ||
|| >> E-mail: tw1l1ght@hotmail.com                ||
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Before sending in questions, tips, or any other information to contribute, it's
important to read these guidelines first.  Anyway, feel free to send in
information, tips, strategies, questions that ARE NOT answered in the FAQ,
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Also, there are two big things to remember.  One is that you are polite, the
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