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Asked: 5 years ago

Can i have other DIgimon except my 1st digimon ?

I ' ve a patamon. And i want to have other digimon form this.So , how can i get other digimon.I try to send gift.But it has only heart above that digimon.But how can i get it ? (sorry if my english not well , But pls help :( )

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From: Ice_Potato 5 years ago

Yes, you need gifts to befriend digimons. Since you've joined the Blue Falcon Team (Data types) and I assume you haven't progressed that far from the storyline, the only digimon(s) you can catch at the moment are Data types.

Buy appropriate gifts. The bigger the heart, the better the chance you capture it. IIRC there are three heart sizes(s,m,l) but a large size heart does not mean you'll capture the digimon 100%. You won't notice this in the beginning since you'll be capturing a bunch of Rookies and Champions anyway.

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Well, you are on the right track.
in order to catch digimon, u need to send gifts
the more gifts you send, the bigger the heart gets, increasing the chances of it joining you
so try to buy more gifts and shoot multiple gifts at the digimon before you fight it
also, save before you try
that way if it doesnt join, u can reload and try again instead of wasting money
Also, only the last digimon you defeat will join you if you are facing 2 or 3 digimon at once

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thank for both of your answer.I'll try it :)
thank you very much :D.

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