Question from danidude88

Asked: 5 years ago

How to digivolve to mega?

Does digivolving digimon to mega needs some requirementlike finshing the tournement because almost all my digimon are level 30 and not 31?

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From: Med_Jai 5 years ago

To get a mega level digimon, digivolve your ultimate digimon when they reach level 31. If they max out at level 30 then you'll have to dna it with another digimon to raise its max level.

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Not, you only need your ultimate to be at lv 31. DNA again to make it reach 31.

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Some digimon can't digivolve to mega, but if they can, you raise their level up to 31, then do it.
But if you can't get it to EL 31, then DNA digivolve using this level equation:

Lower Level / 5 + Higher Level

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