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Asked: 5 years ago

How to get normal fishing rod?

How can i get the normal fishing rod?

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Fish 50 fishes and put them in your pond. The next day Greg will drop by and he'll give you a Fishing Pole, a better rod for fishing.

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Talk to Greg in the first year..
he will give to you freely
if he doesn't give you for the first time, talk to him tomorrow and tomorrow in the spring
good luck (^__^)

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In Sunday at 6 pm until 9 pm, you must go to the beach and go to fishing spot to talk with Greg, he will give you a fishing rod. After you cacth up 50 fish or you breed them. Greg will come to your farm and give you a fishing pole. that tools more useful than he gave first.

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saturday, first year.
greg is there 7 PM - 10 PM or 7 AM-10 AM.
talk to greg and you got fishing pole. ^^

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Thats Easy.
On Saturday or Sunday or Monday at ( 7:00 pm -- 10:00 pm) go to the beach and speak with Greg.

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