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Missed frying pan utensil, can i get another?

I forgot to do a phone call to buy my frying pan utensil, now im at the whisk part of the TV shopping. Anyone know if I can get the frying pan after I get all the other utensils or if I can never make another recipe that includes it?

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Cloud789 answered:

After you are sold the Power Berry, the sales will loop allowing you to buy any utensils you missed. This should occur in 5 weeks from where you are now (if you just bought the whisk).

Unfortunately this is necessary to do when festivals occur on Saturdays, such as the Tomato Festival or the Music Festival during your first year. This can be avoided though using an exploit, explained by Sky Render in his FAQ:

"TV Shopping Exploit

You can still order items that are offered on festival Saturdays, due to
this exploit. Simply watch TV Shopping, play through the next 7 days
without watching the TV, checking the Inn's phone, resetting, or loading
from a save, and use the phone then. The game will not have cleared the
previous TV Shopping offer, and since it's Saturday, the phone will work.
You can also order the item for that day. Just go back home after ordering
the first item, watch TV Shopping, then return and order the second one.
On Tuesday (or Wednesday, if Tuesday is a festival), go outside twice, and
Zack will give you both utensils! Don't use this trick in Winter or
Summer; storms can kick up unexpectedly, and you won't be able to evade
them (let alone know that they're coming) if you do."
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monoxide22 answered:

Yeah once the show has gone through all the items you can buy it restarts from begining letting you grab the ones you may have missed
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unit_13 answered:

It`ll take a little time to have it but all you have to do is keep on buying ALL the stuffs thier selling and in the end anything you missed will be sold once again...
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popingpopcorn answered:

Cloud789's comment is too detailed, can u make your answer more like "Short"
anyway, where can i get a oven and Mixer, im not missed anything and the TV shopping was gone, sry i used this box for an question....T_T
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