Likes/Dislikes FAQ by MeoTwister

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Harvest Moon Character Likes and Dislikes FAQ

MeoTwister, aka Gabriel Ang
Version 1.0
(C) 2001


1.  Intro
2.  Chracters and their likes/dislikes
    a.  The Guys
    b.  The Girls
3.  My Observations
4.  Legal Stuff
5.  Credits


This is a FAQ written for those who need help in finding out what to 
give those rather picky villagers in Natsume's Harvest Moon: Back To 
Nature(C).  This is my first FAQ, so bear with me OK ^_^
Back To Nature is an excellent game that blends RPG elements to good o'l 
fashioned farming, so those who don't own this game yet and want to 
experience being on the ranch, better get a copy now!  

I made this FAQ out of my own game experience and what the guys and gals 
of the Boards said, so I know there's a lot more missing, so please E-
Mail me if I missed out on a few.

Please use this FAQ, cause it was HARD trying to see everything they 
like and hate!

Characters and their likes/dislikes and Birthdays

a.  The Guys

1.  Rick (Fall 22)
Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, wine, Bodigizer
Hates: Sweet Potatoes

2.  Barley (Spring 17)
Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, Rice balls
Hates: wine, Cheese

3.  Saibara (Spring 11)
Likes: Any ore (except junk ore i think...), Bamboo shoots
Hates: bread

4.  Jeff (Winter 29)
Likes: Apples, Bamboo Shoots, Flowers
Hates: Wine, ore

5.  Duke (Winter 15)
Likes: Wine
Hates: Curry, ore

6.  Gray (Winter 6)
Likes: Ore (like Saibara)
Hates: Green Peppers

7.  Doctor (Fall 17)
Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, wine
Hates: Ore

8.  Pastor Carter (Fall 20)
Likes: Most crops (I gave him some and he was happy, haven't tried 
others yet...), wine
Hates: All grasses

9.  Basil (Summer 11)
Likes: flowers, mushrooms
Hates: ore, fish

10.  Won (Winter 19)
Likes: fish
Hates: still looking for it...

11.  Gotz (Fall 2)
Likes: Oil
Hates:  still looking for it...

12.  Greg (Spring 29)
Likes: Big fish
Hates: oil

13.  Kai (Summer 22)
Likes: Bread, Flour
Hates: Bamboo Shoots

14.  Doug (Winter 11)
Likes: Wine, Bamboo Shoots
Hates: ore

15.  Cliff (Spring 6)
Likes: Spa-boiled eggs
Hates: ore, bodigizer

16.  Zack (Summer 29)
Likes: Big Fish
Hates: Flour

17.  Louis (Spring 2)
Likes: Honey
Hates: oil, flour

18.  Thomas (Summer 25)
Likes: wine, Spa-boiled eggs
Hates: ore

19.  Kano (Winter 2)
Likes: Wine
Hates: still looking for it...

20.  Harris (Summer 4)
Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, wine
Hates: ore

21.  The Harvest Sprites (Not sure if their male...)
Likes: Flour
Hates: not sure, but when I gave them weeds, they had some ! and some ? 
in the dialogue box.  Somebody tell me if it's good or bad.

22. Stu (Fall 5)
Likes: wild grapes
Hates: carrots


b.  The Girls

1.  Popuri (Summer 3)
Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, flowers, cake
Hates: ore(i think...)

2.  Lillia (Spring 19)
Likes: bodigizer
Hates: wine

3.  May (Winter 26)
Likes: fished-out-trash (really!)
Hates: Spa-boiled eggs

4.  Sasha (Spring 30)
Likes: Chocolate
Hates: eggs

5.  Manna (Fall 11)
Likes: honey
Hates: ore

6.  Anna (Fall 23)
Likes: Flowers, cookies
Hates: Spa-boiled eggs

7.  Karen (Fall 15)
Likes: wine, Moon Drop Flower, truffles
Hates: the other flowers

8.  Mary (Winter 20)
Likes: Mushroom (poisonus one also), grasses, flowers
Hates: still looking for it...

9.  Elli (Spring 16)
Likes: all flowers
Hates: ore

10.  Ellen (Winter 13)
Likes: Wool, apples, Spa-boiled eggs
Hates: ore

11.  Ann (Summer 17)
Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, Bamboo shoots, flowers
Hates: ore

My Observations

Most of the middle age men like wine, so you might want to give them 
some.  But, at 300g a pop, might not be too good for your wallet...

A lot of them like Spa-boiled eggs.  So pick up maybe 3 or more eggs, 
toss them in the Hot Springs to boil them, and pass them around the 

Most of the girls you can marry like flowers.  It's the cheapest way to 
get them to like you, since you can pick some near Gotz's house and the 
base of mother's hill (except winter).

Except Gray and Saibara, almost all hate ores, so better avoid 
accidentaly giving the villagers ores.

They seem to like it better when you gift-wrap their favorites and give 
it to them on their birthday.

Legal Stuff

This FAQ was made by Gabriel Ang (MeoTwister5) and is protected by 
international law.  Any attampts to reproduce, copy-paste, etc without 
my consent is entirely ILLEGAL!  If you want to post this on your site 
or put in a magazine, please E-mail me to tell me, and acknowledge 
credit where it's due.

Harvest Moon:Back To Nature was made by Natsume of Japan, and 
copyrighted.  Reproduction, pirating, public presentation and copying of 
this game is illegal.


1.  Thanks to my brother, iMaGurlHunteR (yes, the one at the RI boards) 
for teaching me how to do ASCII art.

2.  The guys and gals at the Harvest Moon:BTN boards, whose posts helped 
me do this.  So if you posted anything related to this, that's you!  
Thank Ya!

3.  GameFaqs for being THE LARGEST site to find Game help, and for 
hosting this FAQ.

4.  Natsume for making such a great game!