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                          G L I T C H   F A Q 
                       Current Listed Glitches: 40
Version  : 1.3                      Title     : Harvest Moon: Back to Nature 
Author   : Hafiz Rahman             Developer : Victor Interactive 
E-Mail   : kuadrantiga(at) Publisher : Natsume Inc.
Website  :   Platform  : Sony PlayStation
Homeland : Indonesia                Version   : North American 
Date     : July 1, 2002             Best View : WordPad; 10 Pts.                   

The ASCII art title was meant for Back 'to' Nature, not Harvest Moon '2'. 
                   Just to avoid misunderstanding.

PlayStation is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is a registered trademark of Natsume Inc. All 
other copyrights are properties of their respective owners.
Copyright Protected, 2002. All parts of this faq may not be re-edited and or be
published without any permission from the author.
İ 2001-2002, Hafiz Rahman. All rights reserved.
|                           TABLE OF CONTENT                              |
1. Introduction and Version History
2. How to identify glitches! <new, read this!>
3. The Glitches
4. The Counterparts
5. The Trivia
6. The Credits

|                         INTRODUCTION and                                |
|                                VERSION HISTORY                          |  

Hi. If you wanna know the real glitches found here in Harvest Moon, because
you experienced it and you have a problem with it, or you just want to know 
what might happened to you when you do certain things, then go ahead, read
on the FAQ. Oh, and no, I don't make this as a classic-style FAQ like I did
in my general HM FAQ, because if I do that, there will be only one question
there. You know, 'Tell me all about glitches in Harvest Moon!' and that 
will already cover all of the contains of this FAQ.

Hey, maybe Natsume do read this FAQ, and they will know what's wrong with
their game. It's always nice to help, ain't it? Maybe this FAQ will give
us a better Harvest Moon in future. Or maybe I'm just dreaming ^_^

And I hope that you, anybody, will sent me some glitches that aren't listed 
here. Just because I haven't experienced them, doesn't mean they shouldn't 
have to be listed here. So, my address is <> if you 
want to sent them in, or if you want to ask about something, of course. As 
usual. Now read on the FAQ.
Version History
Version 1.3 July 1, 2002
- I've added a whole lot lame asides and stale jokes here and there.
  Because, uh, I thought that's kind of fit into our Glitch topic. No, I
  mean, because I'm bored.
- And so, I'M VERY SORRY if my lame asides hurt your feeling or something.
  Never meant to do so.
- Oh, and we've got 40 now!
- The trivia is done, is closed, is decided.
- There's this new "how to identify glitch" section, because of some
- The credits section, despite nobody reads them, has been updated.
- The disclaimer again was cut down. Because it made me sound like a jerk,
  in which kind of pointless because I already am.
- Oh, and now the <> is not officially mine. It is
  now owned by this Ayanami Rei. Or something resembles her. If you're
  into the sort of character, I think it pays a visit. As you can see she
  has made the place a whole lot more interesting than before.

Version 1.2 April 04, 2002
- Added some information on glitch #31 thanks to Neo Zero!
- Added some new information on glitch #11 and #18, thanks to Timmy
- Added a new glitch (#32) sent by <>. Thanks!
- Of course, glitch #33 is also there, I found (or realized) it recently.
- Added my website address, which is right at the very top of the page.
  Or here <> if you don't wanna scroll right up :)
- The disclaimer was way much more trimmed. Slim, and I like it.
- And the Introduction was too.
- Added the TRIVIA section, please check it out.
- Did some spellchecking and rewriting and such.  

Version 1.1 January 12, 2002
- The FAQ gets somewhat a lot response from people who had lot of different
  glitch problems. I DON'T, however, have the time to put them all from
  e-mail to this FAQ. Once I get the time to re-check my mailbox again, I
  might put them all in this place. Please forgive me.
- The layout was somewhat changed, some of the text was lined up and 
  had been rewritten from the original one.
- A lot of new glitches listed, and their source was added as well.
- The Counterparts section was built. It is the place to clean the 
  programmer's name out from their glitch mistakes :)
- Version History section was also built as well. You are here now. 

Version 1.0 July 9, 2001
- The first draft with only about 8 glitches listed.

|                        H O W  T O  I D E N T I F Y                      |
|                             G L I T C H E S                             |
Okay, kids. I've got enough e-mail in which I thought I shouldn't need to
receive if I ever to explain this thing. I don't know about you, but it's
kind of funny when people asked me whether this particular thing is a 
glitch or not; just because I write a Glitch FAQ at that. So here, some
brief clue for your glitch hunt:

1) If your game freezes and you can't continue your data even if you have
   smashed your console to the wall, then it's a glitch.
2) If any character suddenly have different / mixed-up faces and polygons,
   like a chicken head in place of your dear Elli's, then it's a glitch.
3) If you throw the dogball somewhere out of your reach, it is also a 
   glitch. But take note that this is a very TIRED glitch please don't
   send me another one.
4) If any character went crazy, like they're talking to you even though 
   they are NOT there, it is a glitch. Or maybe you just need some sleep.
5) Now, over all the above things, if your mind said it's weird then it's
   weird. Weirdness doesn't always make a glitch, but asking my 
   confirmation doesn't make as well.

Which conclude, my very simple thought about a glitch is when everything's
not going to way it should be. Just like that. If you just can't decide,
please, I don't think reading this whole FAQ will help as well. Thank you. 

|                           T H E                                         |
|                              G L I T C H E S                            |
Glitch #1: The Door Trap
Source: Self experience
 This is the most popular yet hated glitch in Harvest Moon. If somehow, you
bring your dog or hen in your hand and drop them right on the door (any
door), they might get stuck and you cannot get them back, because when you
press X you open the door instead of picking up the animal. The only thing
you can do is to wait, pray that your dog or hen will eventually find their
own way to free themself. Try whistling your dog, and try picking up them
from different place and angle, where you do not face the door. 
 This one happened to me when I was going to show my puppy to Cliff. Yup,
it get stuck in his room's door in Ann's house. Finally, I can pick it up
again after trying from different place. So this is the idea. After all,
this glitch is harmless and it is avoidable.
Glitch #2: The Bad Luck in Winter Thanksgiving Day
Source: Message Board
 I don't really think that it is a glitch, but this one is not supposed to
be happened. Somehow, if you're unlucky enough, you might experience a
snowstorm in Winter Thanksgiving Day. That means you cannot get out of
your house and you cannot get any chocolate from any girl.
 The only thing you can do is, again, wait. I mean, wait until the next
year. Or maybe, if your last saved game is at least two day before the
Winter Thanksgiving Day, you might want to load 'em back because the
weather is still possible to be changed. But if your last saved game is a
day before Winter Thanksgiving, then you can not change the weather.
 This one never happened to me, but it does happened to some people out
there, especially people in Message Board.
Glitch #3: Yet Another Bad Luck in Winter Thanksgiving Day
Source: Charry of Message Board
 This one is really weird, and rarely happened. Actually, only one person
reported that it was happened to her. It was happened in Winter Thanks, and
the girls of the game (who was supposed to give the chocolate) had purple
or better heart. But weirdly, none of the girls came to the farm. The
person waited until the day ends, but still, he got nothing.
 I really don't know why this happened and how to fix it. Maybe if you
load the game from the previous day, it will disappear, but I'm not sure.
But if you've tried everything and it is still happened, the only
conclusion is to use your GameShark.
 I never experienced this, but the one who reported this is Charry, a 
message board member, and she reported this quite long ago. So, Charry, if
you ever happen to read this, this is yours. Thanks.         
Glitch #4: The <whatever-you-COULD-put-in> Soup
Source: FAQ, Message Board
 Yes this is it. In the Harvest Festival, you can bring anything you'd like
to throw into the bowl. You can bring green peppers, tomatoes, hens, or
even your dog. So this one is for you who have raised your little puppy
nicely and then you want the villagers to taste it a little. As far as I
know (and as far as I experience), the dog won't be gone if you throw it
in. You can find it the next day in Rose Square, that strong doggie.
 There's no conclusion for this glitch since it is harmless. It is just
there for fun. Try it. And yes, I have tried it, and that's how I found
out that you'll see the dog back in Rose Square the next day. People don't
like its taste, I think. Oh, just like the dog soup, chicken soup won't
help as well.
Glitch #5: Fish Them Out and See What They Really Cook for You
Source: Self experience
 Hehehe, the title might sounds weird but since the glitch is also weird,
it won't be a big problem nonetheless. It is still happened in the Harvest
Festival. You can fish into the bowl there, if you're standing in the right
place on the ladder. Sometimes you will get small fish, but you will be
most likely to get fish bone. See what they really cook for you?        
 Again, there's no conclusion for this glitch. It is harmless, and fun!
Maybe Natsume really make this glitch, because you know, they are Serious
'Fun'. I have tried this and get some small fish. And if I'm not wrong, the
trash bin that is usually there in Rose Square was gone, so you can't throw
the fish bone into it.
Glitch #6: The Hot Spring Stairway's Guardian
Source: Self experience (and confirmation by Alex B!)
 It was happened in the stairway to the Hot Spring. And it was happened to
me couple month ago. It was morning and I was trying to take a little rest
in the spring after some works. Suddenly, I was stuck in the middle of
the stairway. I cannot move up to the spring, nor get back down to the
cross-road. It's just like something's guarding the way. All I can do is
moving RIGHT and LEFT, to the slope. But I can't move further, though. I
was so desperate there because I think the game got screwed up and I have
to reload again. So, all I did was keep moving right and left. And 
suddenly, when the day got dark, when I didn't really watch the game, the
glitch was gone and I was up there near the Hot Spring!
 No one seems to experience this but me. So all I can say is just be 
patient and keep on moving right or left until the glitch's gone. I'm
sorry, I don't know what really happened when the glitch's gone, but it is
gone at night time.
 I know, you might not believe in me, but this glitch is true, and please
don't you ever think that I write this just to fill in the FAQ. This one
is true. And of course, it is NOT (again, it is NOT) a real Guardian or
something. It is just titled that way, because I think it sounds cool.
Somebody had emailed me and tell me that there is NO Guardian, it is just
that I have stuck in some kind of slope or something. Yes, he was right.

Now, the confirmation:
   " Hi,
     I was reading Glitch number 7 and you said it didn't happen to
     anyone else. It happened to me. My sister told me to give Ann some
     bamboo shoots at 7:30am and I got stuck. But I could move forwards at 
     an angle. And When I tried I walked right through the cliff!!! "

See? Now anybody else sending me e-mails with "WHat GUarDIAN YoU StOOpiD
LIaR" as subject will happily join my innumerable list of blocked senders.

Glitch #7: He Ate the Ball?!
Source: John Wachowsky
 It was happened when the victim (^_^) threw his dogball to his dog. The 
dog caught it, and voila, the dogball disappeared! I don't know why this
happened nor the conclusion to get the ball back. All I knew is to wait for
Won to sell yet another ball. This was sent by John Wachowsky, so thanks!    
Glitch #8: DogBall goes Asexual Reproduction
Source: FAQ, Self experience
 This glitch is different, since it is very useful. You might have heard
this one, but in another name, which was the Dogball Duplication Trick. Put
your dog behind you and stand near a wall. Hold your dogball in your hand
and throw it up so it bounce off the wall. Make sure it falls right behind
you and in front of your dog. Now quickly turn around and pick up the ball
right when your dog is also picking it. Now you have two ball, in your hand
and in your dog's mouth! Now, isn't it an amoeba's self-dividing thingies?
 No, there's no conclusion for this one, since you won't need any. I have
tried this, and I think it is pretty nice. The only downside is, well, you
can read it down there in Glitch #24! 
Glitch #9: Bored Chicks
Source: Self experience
 Hey, get rid of that thinking in your head! This time I'm talking about
real chicken. Your chicken. You know, in some really rare times, your
chicken won't lay any egg even though you have fed them the day before. It
is not your fault, but I don't know why this happened neither. Perhaps,
they were just get bored after all. Keep on feeding them and tomorrow their
eggs will be back again.

[ In real world, some chicken farm had some kind of unwritten law, that's ]
[ "do not take all the eggs or else the hens won't lay any the next day"  ]
[ and maybe, just maybe, this has got something to do with this glitch.   ]
[ Maybe your chicken will always lay eggs if you don't take them all, or  ]
[ in reversal, will they never lay any egg when there is still their pre- ]
[ vious egg? I don't know, for this are just wild guesses...              ] 
Glitch #10: The Ghost of Popuri
[Information and title courtesy of krems]
Source: krems of Message Board
 Popuri was finally married with Kai. So then, she left the village
altogether with the guy. But then, in any festival, Popuri was still in the
village. And if you go upstairs in Lillia's house, Popuri is there! Have
you ever thought what really happened between Kai and Popuri? Heh, just
kidding. I guess this is just something missed by the programmer. I don't
know why Popuri is still in the village while she was supposed to be
somewhere in Denmark or Alexandria (or Zanarkand) with Kai.
Glitch #11: Ruined Weddings
Source: FAQ
 After you had your short wedding scene, your wife will ask you how will
she address you from now on. Whatever you chose, then the screen black out
and the game stopped. This is because you are playing the PAL version of
the game. In that version, the game always stopped when you marry someone.
So maybe it is time to return the game to get some refund or some new NTSC
 ...or maybe not. Timmy Petersson had informed me that in the newer PAL
versions of the game, this glitch is corrected. Thanks :)
Glitch #12: The Sleeping will Die, the Rest will just Live
Source: Alfan Mansur
 No, it's not about you. It is about your chicken. It is a nice glitchy
trick. Now, before I went too far, let's get going. If your chicken is
sick, and you don't have the medicine, then you have to buy it from Poultry
Farm, right? But then, what if the Poultry is closed? Your chicken would be
dead if you don't cure it at that day. So? Easy. Just keep on working and
do anything else but don't go get some sleep yet. Make it until 5 AM and go
into your chicken coop. Pick up your sick chicken and wait. Just wait until
5:50 AM and eventually the screen'll black out and you will be proceeded to
the next day. You will be in your house, still holding on your chicken. So
you have one day longer to get the medicine to cure it. Isn't it nice? Just
don't sleep to keep it alive. But eh, you can't pick up your cow or sheep,
so don't bother to do so...
Glitch #13: The Missing Watering Can
Source: E-mail
 Somebody had reported to me about this and sadly I can't remember who. The
glitch was that the person cannot find his watering can, anywhere.  So that 
I really don't know what happened or how to fix it. Perhaps the tool is
still at Saibara, or in the toolbox. But I really don't know.
Glitch #14: The Missing Horse
Source: Message Board
 Another glitch that has been reported a long while ago in Message Board,
that is the missing horse. The person lost his horse and he can't seems to
find it anywhere in his farm. All my (wild) guesses is that maybe he forgot
that Barley had took it back, or the horse had disappeared after it got
stuck in Gotz's work (maybe he is upgrading his farm at the time), or maybe
it is just a really strange unreasonable rumor.     
Glitch #15: The Lazy Sprites
Source: e-mail (?), additional confirmation by Zak Deardorff
 The report is that the person cannot ask the harvest sprites to do their
work. It was in winter and he/she talked to them many times, but they just
don't offer the job. I really don't know why this happened but I guess it 
is because all of the sprites had finished their work in farm not quite
long ago. I think the Harvest Sprites won't accept any job one or two day
after they finished their previous job, like they need to take a break or
something. But then I really don't know for sure, perhaps it is just yet
another strange glitch.

From Zak: "It's probally because their hearts are below 2 hearts." 

Glitch #16: The Dusk Teleports Me Up!
Source: Self experience
 Try it. Stay awake until 5.50 AM in the morning and just wait. Suddenly, 
the screen will get flashed and after a little while you will be in your
house, eating your breakfast like nothing's been happened. Not harmful,
just interesting to know.
Glitch #17: Trashes Over and Over Again
Source: Anang Iswahyudi
 Anang Iswahyudi has reported this glitch. I can't remember the details but
the point is that he went fishing day and night, another day and another
night, but then all he got is just trashes and trashes. All my guess is
that probably he threw up the trashes back to the water again once he
caught it, so then he caught it again and again. As far as I know we have
to put the trash into the trash bin in Rose Square, or into our basket once
we have it, so that it would help us to get better chance to caught some
fish. Perhaps we all should try it.
Glitch #18: People is Different, but this is Just Too Weird
Source: FAQ
 I mean, fine, people might have different tastes and so, like Saibara who
loves ore. But that's normal since he is a blacksmith after all. But have
you ever know (or realize) that a girl named May loves trashes you could
get from fishing? Or that Karen will not hate you if you give her food
fiasco? Maybe we could include the Sprites that loves flour for no reason
too. Of course it is NOT a glitch but it is just too weird and I really 
want to put it here for some reason ^_^.
 ...and then again, Timmy Petersson also informed that, at the very least,
once you are married with Popuri, she will even like you more for any
weeds you give her. Perhaps she is starting to be a vegetarian or 
something :)
 Here is the additional notes by "Rob Ledbetter":
 "looking at glitch #18, I got to thinking about the game's simulation
  element. Each person has his or her own personality, and it goes without
  saying that the occurances that happen in the game should clue you in as
  to what people are like. Since Karen is not that great a cook, it is no
  suprise that she would relate to your food fiasco. Also, Mary likes
  poison mushrooms, because she has that appreciation for learning, seeing
  the gross gift as a biological specimen. So, if you want to try to 
  predict how the people in the game might react to different gifts, think
  about how their experiences, their strengths and weaknesses. The
  correlation shows that the programmers gave human dynamics a lot of 
  thought, and the result is a core group of characters that have a 
  suprising amount of depth..."
Glitch #19: The Invisible Counter
Source: Self experience
 See, in the game, your character really do have some kind of Stamina 
Points or so. The Stamina determines how many times you could use your
tools or do some other works before you get fainted. At first you have 100
Stamina Points (or is it HP?) and for each Power Berry you ate you will
have 10 points more. It is TRUE although it doesn't seem to be shown to you
directly in the game. Of course it is not a direct glitch but it is some
kind of weakness of the game since it will be pretty nice if Natsume let us
know how many stamina points left, by giving us some kind of stamina points
counter (like they all have in any RPGs). So that we could plan what will
we do next and prevent the faint easier. There's also another invisible
counter, like how many fish you have sold. It is actually needed when 
you're going to catch the Sea Bream (where you have to sell 200 fish 
first). I think it will be better if we could just know how many fish we
have sold, so that we don't have to note them down manually on our own.

[ Or maybe, they were all really intended, y'know, for the sake of the ]
[ game's difficulty / challenge points...                              ]     
Glitch #20: The Discipline Pastor; Or is He?
Source: Self experience
 We all should know that in Music Festival, pastor Carter asked us to came
by to the church RIGHT SHARPLY at 6 PM. So then, following my curiousity or
just coincidence, I came by at about 6:30 PM or so. I thought the door
would just be locked or something, but weirdly I could get in and the
festival started as if nobody did came late ^_^. So my suggestion is don't
take his word seriously, he is a tolerate person anyway ^_^.
Glitch #21: Fooled by the Market
Source: E-mail (much, much of them)
 Many people had emailed me, telling that they are already shipped all the
crops needed to get the special crops, but the Supermarket doesn't seem to
sell the secret crops yet. I really don't know why it happened but I have
some thought and conclusion. Perhaps when you were fulfilled the
requirements, the season changes so that the Supermarket has to sold the
present season's seed, not the previous season where you get the secret
crops. Or if it isn't, then all you have to do is to WAIT until the next
season before the Supermarket starts to sell it. Hope this helps.
Glitch #22: DogBall Trouble Strikes Back
Source: E-mail
 Yet there is another trouble came from those little pinky round thing.
Somebody had emailed me saying that his horse was stuck to the dogball so
it couldn't walk anywhere. It is because he was coincidentally threw the
dogball right to the legs of his horse, and so it stucks. All I can suggest
is try to whistle your horse, perhaps you will help him out. Or throw
another dogball anywhere near your horse if you have it, since it will
make the first ball disappear. Or just wait until the Horse Fez came.
Hopefully your horse would be taken to the Race safely and came back 
freely again. However the most suggested way is to throw another dogball
which will also leads us to the next glitch...
Glitch #23: DogBall Wants to be Alone part 1
Source: Self experience
 Just like godzilla (if somehow you're interested), a single dogball don't
want another dogball nearby. Put a dogball on the floor, and get another
ball in hand. Throw it out nearby the first dogball and poof! The first
ball disappeared. Perhaps if you take some minutes to practice this trick
you will be able to get some extra money as a illusionist instead of just a
plain farmer -_^.
Glitch #24: DogBall Wants to be Alone part 2
Source: Self experience
 And also, if you put a dogball in your cabinet, you won't be able to put
another ball in the same space where you put your first ball in. You will
have to put the other ball into another space of the cabinet. See, a space
of cabinet could hold up to 99 flowers of the same kind, but why not the
ball? Nobody does know for sure.
Glitch #25: Unreal Animals
Source: Self experience
 See, I was trying to have some cute animals like rabbits and foxes as my
pets, so I bring them down into my house and keep it there. The bad thing
is that after I get out of my house, they are all disappeared.
 This is somewhat disappointing, at least for me, since this would be
pretty nice especially when your last pet has been eaten by the villagers
during the Harvest Festival {Just Kidding! Refer to Glitch #4!)
Glitch #26: Just Simple Thing Missed...
Source: Self experience
 If you're going to get some sleep by checking your diary and STILL holding
something (like basket or anything), you will still be able to sleep and
still holding that item at the next day when you're awaken. Well, actually
you can make use of it, refer to Glitch #12.
Glitch #27: Not a Glitch, but Interesting Nonetheless...
Source: Self Experience
 See if they really want to make this game as real as possible, then why
there is ALWAYS the same sound of a cutting knife continued with oven timer
when we cook different kind of meals? No matter what we cooked, Chocolate
Cake, Sashimi, Strawberry Milks, Boiled Eggs, why did the sound remains
the same? Chop, chop, chop, TING!
Glitch #28: Stuck in Gotz's Work
Source: Message Board
 So this shouldn't be #28, this is harmful but I just kinda missed it. This
glitch happened like this. If you ask Gotz to work on your farm, and your
animal was playing around his work, there are chances that it might get
lost forever inside the work (especially after the expansion finished). So
be careful there. Some people had a trouble losing their dog or horse
misteriously, I guess this is why.
Glitch #29: Confused Basket
Source: Message Board
 The explanation said that your basket could hold up to 30 crops in one 
time. How about non-crops item? For any sellable item (like honey, eggs),
the game will consider and group them as the crops too, so having 30 eggs
inside the basket will fill it up just like when you have 30 turnips or 15
turnips and 15 eggs.
 Now, how about non-sellable item, like trashes, can or fishbone? Well, you
can throw them in the basket, but they won't be considered as crops 
(because you can't get money from it), and no matter how much you throw 
them in, the basket will still be empty.
 You can make use of it for your fishing purpose. It seems like the game 
was designed so that if you throw thrashes you get from fishing back to the
water or on the ground, it will be harder for you to get fishes. But since
basket is DIFFERENT with ground or water, you can throw the thrash to the
basket, and it will help you very much in getting much bigger fish, espe-
cially on the beach.
Glitch #30: Festival is Our Day; Don't Bother Us
Source: Self
 I'll make it fast and straight. During festival, you cannot give anything
to anybody at place. The people are just programmed to say what they are
thinking about the festival, and they will completely ignore your effort.
So don't waste your time.

Glitch #31: No Time Zone
Source: Self, e-mail, including from "Neo Zero" 
 I believe this should be obvious for most of us, but tell me, isn't it
weird when the times moves so fast outside but completely frozen inside
a building or the cave? Maybe the programmer DID realize it and actually
mean to help us when they made this, but if they don't, man, they do missed
a huge shot glitch.
 Here's some addition from "Neo Zero":
 "Time stops completely inside buildings and the cave. It has actually
  always been this way with all the Harvest Moon games. This is actually
  the first one I've seen where time stops in the cave, though, it's 
  usually only inside buildings. This helps you pack a little more time 
  into your day, letting you slow down inside houses and such. =)"

Glitch #32: Presto, I'm a Magician!
Source: Nicolas
 Here's the glitch taken directly from his/her mail:        
 "here's another glitch for you. I exchanged a chicken that I was holding.
  when the exchange was done the chicken was still in my hands. When I set
  it on the ground the chicken disappeared. The official Harvest Moon
  disappearing chicken trick. I also found that sheep and cows disappear
  if you trade them to another farm on the day of their festivals before
  Barley brings them back the next day. The farm you trade them to has
  them on its inventory but when you go into the barn they're gone! If
  you don't feed your invisible livestock they will lose their hearts. 
  A way to get them back: send them to the festival again and wait until
  the next day. Barley will have brought them back visible again. it's a
  nice trick to not have such a crowded barn but you can't milk or shear
  them so it's not a profitable situation.

Glitch #33: Baby with Everstone
Source: Self
Err, the title won't ring any bell if you're not playing Pokemon. Everstone
is the stone that cancels the act of evolution. And so, in this game, why 
can't the baby just GROW? Have you got any idea how many helpless daddy
dying just to see their son WALKS? :)  

Glitch #34: The Basket will Haunt You
Source: ssmmarwaha
 Here goes, directly from the mail:

 " I finally bought the basket and I was very pleased with it. I took it 
   everywhere and fished with it. But one day, the dog ball came and I 
   accidentally threw it into the basket. Curses! I tried to empty it, but 
   nothing came out. I got angry at my basket and I took it to the 
   Why? Well, this was a long time ago. Maybe I wanted a refund? Anyway, I 
   set it down next to Jeff and left. Every time I went to the market,
   there it was, sitting next to Jeff. About a month later, it appeared 
   back at my farm!!! I have tried putting it in the mine, too, but it
   came back.
   Thanks for reading this!"

Glitch #35: ...and the Others that is not the Least Thing...
Source: "Tiger_18"
(Directly from e-mail, with my useless reply or some sort)

1. The Basket
   If you leave it outside during a hurricane or blizzard, it's still
   there and it doesn't move an inch.

Re: Yea, but so does your tree, your house, your mill, and not to mention
    your beehive.

2. The Doghouse
   Neat decoration, eh?

Re: Yea, and so does all the laser beam on FFVIII's Ragnarok, and all the
    polygons they make for FFX's airship.

3. Produce come when you get honey, the bottle is included?
   and...same thing with the milk can!

Re: Because, over all the other things, it's a village where a goddess
    could easily be summoned by a rotten cucumber!

4. Zack
   when he comes to get your produce... he zaps it [i mean, how'd he get
   everything there? do you see him carrying a sack?]

Re: Uh, something he learnt from the Avalanche? Or from the Power Ranger?

5. Greg
   the fisherman [i can't see him at night, just kiddin] he just stands at
   the dock, he doesnt fish at all

Re: Uh, did you realize whose shiny rod was that in your rucksack? :) 

6. Louis
   the bee researcher eh?... then why's he always in gotz's house?
   ain't he supposed to be researching?

Re: and, uh, ain't a farmer supposed to take care of the crops instead of
    messing with neighbors? :)

7. Oh here's something funny....
   [i dunno if this is a glitch but...]
   try raising the blue feather to Gray...
   he'll think you like him... hehe 

Re: Yea, the sort of thing you could expect from a person named ga.., I 
    mean, Gray. Oh, I forgot there are lots of kids here. So I would just
    say it's because Harvest Moon came from Japan.

8. Tree stumps and the stone near the bridge
   they regrow everyday =)

Re: Uh, that's..., well, good point :)

9. Legendary fish
   why doesn't he take the fish? he just throws it away
   and he grabs a photo-copied picture of the fish!
   [it's black and white! so it looks xeroxed]

Re: Because a good fisherman didn't fish to kill. They fish for the pride,
    which can simply be obtained from the body-print from the certain
    fish or some sort. No murder involved. </serious_fishing_gamer>

10. lil stones
    nothin can break them except your hammer

Re: and how about lil May? Not even a hammer- uh, yeah. There are
    kids around and stuff. Sorry.

11. Marry Ann and....
    if you marry her, enter the house at...let's say....12 and she'll ask
    you what you wanna eat [she won't cook anything!] and talk to her when
    she's infront of the fridge, she'll say she burned herself "again!"

Re: Luckily I didn't marry Ann, nor do I have the desire to, so I'll pass.

12. If you check the bridge, you'll see that the fall is frozen
then, when you go to the waterfall, it's still running

Re: Haha, that's supposed to be the Anti-Freezing Magical Harvest Goddess
    magic! Or rather, the programmer's "we want to let you people meet
    your oh-so-adored deity even in the coldness of winter" rant. Or

13. Pineapple is much more expensive than a gold ore

Re: Uh, when you can obtain infinite amount of gold inside the cave in
    your backyard with a little luck and some help from your ol' hoe, you 
    can't expect high value as much as when it comes to a faraway fruits
    grown for weeks with all the tears, bloods and daily watering. So I
    guess that makes sense.

Glitch #36: Er, what?
Source: IceTray87
  " One day in the Fall i put my basket down and it instantly turned into 
    a weed. The funny thing is, I can put sellable items in the weed and
    use it just like my basket. I can put it down, pick it up, dump it,
    everything. "

Re: Cool. But, hey, so that means all the things I keep on pulling out of
    my field gruesomely for years are actually baskets! And I paid Jeff
    truckloads for one instead! Oh, I'm gonna sue!

Glitch #37: Ah, the classic one
Source: Neo Bond
  " I just read your glitch faq about Harvest Moon: Back to Nature for
    Playstation and I'm reporting a glitch that happened to me. Everytime 
    I save the game, the next day my player is invisible and the game
    freezes. "

Re: Poor guy. If you wanna some new copy Natsume's e-mail is
Glitch #37: Apple?
Source: MacAuliffe
   " A glitch I repeatedly come across is,when you go to pick apples,the
     third one, or one closest to the back,always requires some moving
     around and repositioning before you can pluck it from the tree, this
     glitch costs a bit of time, something we don't have to spare in this
     game, you can always get it but it takes a bit of repositioning."

Re: Yea, definitely agree with you. I remember I had to reload my data for
    at least eighteen times in a row because each time my character woke
    up, he WASTED SOME VERY VALUABLE SECONDS by EATING sandwiches even 
    though he'll still be tired anyway in the afternoon!! 

    ...And there I just then remembered that there's still around two and
    a half years to go before the evaluation...
Glitch #38: Apple?
Source: Michelle Taylor
   " hi, i had alot of trouble when it came to feeding my poor starving
    chicken before i modified the hen house the food would just fall on
    the floor, there was an invisible barrier type thingy stopping me from
    putting the chicken feed in. i couldn't even get the message up when
    you look at the feed spots. i had to leave the hen house and come back
    in, hoping that it worked, it usually did. that's all ive had happen
    to me in my game."

Re: Uh, I suppose you really love your poor starving chicken, so why don't
    you join us, the proud owner of upgraded chicken coop? Believe me it
    won't cost as much as you thought before~! And feeding matters would
    never be that hard again!
    (uhm, just kidding :) Seriously, try to face it (the feed spot, not the
    matter) diagonally, hold your d-pad until you somehow get into it.

Glitch #39: Yowzer. A literally INVICIBLE marketer!
Source: Daniel Flores (actually, dANIEL fLORES, but I guess that's just
        another CAPS LOCK incident)
 " When I went into the grocery once, Jeff wasn't at the counter. And when 
   I tried to buy something his face showed up on the text box where it's
   supossed to be but Jeff wasn't in the room at all..."

Re: So, you must have that rumored special version, the one with eBAY 
    replacing the usual supermarket all of us have! Congratulations! 

Glitch #40: Who said the weatherman always right?
Source: Zak Deardorff
 " I found a hard-to-miss glitch every couch potato should see. On the
   30th of every month, say, Fall, it will say 'Here's tommorow's weather
   forecast! Crisp clear Fall day!' or something like that when tommorow
   is Winter! And once it said on the 30th of Spring, that tommorow was
   rainy, and I hate working in rain so I hired the sprites. And then the
   next morning, a hurricane came! So wierd!"

Re: Yep, unfortunately the couch potatoes at Natsume didn't have much time
    to pay enough attention to the memory-cycle of their game. Or
    something. Just wanted you to know that a couch potato isn't supposed
    to talk about techie stuff like VIDEO GAMES, that's all.  

|                    T H E                                                |
|                           C O U N T E R P A R T S                       |
Somehow, I feel quite bad since I've talked about the programmer's fault
about this game. Well, most of us felt like that too, right? So I guess 
here is the place to show that the programmer isn't that bad. This will be
the place where I will show you something that could be "glitchy" in the 
future but then discovered by the programmer and, guess what, they could 
avoid the mistakes! Cheers! Uhm, okay. I'll be calm...
Counterpart #1: You've Missed it? Check it Again!
Source: FAQ, Message Board, Self experience
 This is just about when you left your basket in any level of the mine. You
see, even if you forgot to bring it back, you still can have it back if you
go back to the exact level where you left it. Isn't it nice? The programmer
had give some extra memories in your data to remember that you have some-
thing left in the mine. It was quite a little thing, you know. I believe it
will be very bad if you lost your basket if you forgot to bring them back
and then you will have to spent more money to buy another one.
Counterpart #2: Lesson number one: Don't be such a Thief
Source: Khalifatullah W.W.
 See the Yodel Ranch's cow and that milker in your hand? Well, you can NOT
get any milk from them even if you tried too. And you won't get any wool
from their sheep either. My, isn't that smart? I mean, at first I just 
hoped that this could be a little nice getting-free-milk trick, but it
isn't. Big hand to Mr. Programmer.

Counterpart #3: Lesson number two: Things That You Hate is Probably Things
                That is Useful for You
Source: Message Board, Self experience
 Most people get mad when Won arrived again for the thousand time to offer
them his dogball. Now let's see. If you were the programmer of the game, 
and then you realize that the little pink dogball could just lost easily 
anywhere under or behind something, what would you do? You will do some-
thing so that the player could get another ball, right? That's what the 
programmer did. So I guess that's why the programmer 'told' Won to come
and come again to your home, in case you're in need for a new dogball at
the time. Isn't it nice? I hope you could just see the real heart of our 
programmer ^_^
Counterpart #4: Lesson number three: Use the Tools for Exactly what it was
                Made for    
Source: Self experience
 Hey, ever thought using your ax to your animals? No, don't you ever do
that because that might lower their happiness. Plus they will squeaks with
their funny sounds. So don't. Of course we have to say that it is smart 
that the programmer realizes that we might try to do _that_ kind of thing
so they gave us that response. However, I just want to add some little
things. We don't get any response even if we hacked away villagers with,
let's say, a Sickle. We can hack them away but nothing happened. How about,
instead of having no response, make the people say something before we do
that kind of thing so we were prevented from doing that. There are many
kids playing this game and I just feel something's wrong imagining the 
kids keep watering Elli or plowing Ann. So I guess it would be better if,
as an example, when I press Square to axe somebody, my action was canceled
and the person get mad at me. Of course, the person loses his friendship
points at me as well. So how about it, Mr. Programmer?

|                           T H E                                         |
|                              T R I V I A                                |
<that is, it's here for ol' time sake>

Some things that keeps bothering me, whether it would be a glitch or some-
thing like that, and I really need the help of you guys to check this out
for me:
1. What if you put your dog on the frozen lake in, like, the Winter 30th,
   and leave it there until Spring comes where the ice melts? Will your
   puppy get drowned, simply lost, or perhaps, weirdly floats above the
2. See no.1, just change the "dog/puppy" with "hens".
3. See no.1 and 2, just change the "on the frozen lake" with the "inside
   the winter mine".

!! - "Danjr"
!!   You do not lose your dog when leaving him on the lake through 
!!   winter! After winter he reappears on your farm next to his dog-
!!   house.
!! - "Tiger_18"
!!   if you put your hen in the frozen lake, it will come back to your
!!   coop and lose 1 heart [like when you leave it anywhere]
!! - "Sephiroth"
!!   the dog isn't floating in the water either is drowned in the water but
!!   is automatically transport to it's doghouse at the farm......

## Adore them, admire them. They're our Glitch Heroes! ##

|                           T H E                                         |
|                              C R E D I T S                              |
For this FAQ, I want to say thanks to:

1. Allah SWT, for everything. Everything.
2. Natsume, since this was their game. And their glitches of course.
   But not for their silly, slow, pointless, annoying service that is the
   Flash Animation on their page.
3. Charry, because the Yet Another Bad Luck in Winter Thanksgiving Day is
   her glitch.
4. John Wachowsky, because the He Ate the Ball?! is his glitch.
5. krems, for the Ghost of Popuri. Nice point, dude.
6. Mateui, because the Ruined Wedding was taken from his Marriage FAQ.
   Check his FAQ for a great way of marriage, it was great and complete!
7. Alfan Mansur, because he was the first one who found out the glitch #12.
8. Khalifatullah W.W., for the Counterpart #2. 
9. Anang Iswahyudi, the fisher-, I mean, trashman.
10. Nicolas, the magician. With some help of electronic gadgets known as
    "memory cards", he'll make your child's b-day unforgettable!
11. Timmy Petersson, presumably our dear European contributor.
12. Neo Zero. Hear him saying, "I'm a Harvest Moon hardcore haha!" j.k.:)
13. Rob Ledbetter. Ever tried, like, Japanese love-sims? Just thought 
    you'd enjoy that kind of depth they have to offer.
14. ssmarwaha, for that frightening reminder.
15. danjr, the lone warrior battling for such trivial matter that is
    trying to prove that a dog could SWIM! Ladies and gents, our hero!
    Thanx, for being the first one for the trivia and stuff.
16. tiger18, for taking the time for my stupid trivia, and for that
    particular glitch(es) number 35, which was easily the most fun part of
    my whole time for this work. Sorry for the stupid asides, really.
17. IceTray87. Never heard of basket<>weed exchange, but I won't make him
    more depressed as I realized that even an account as unique as IceTray
    has been taken by someone else first. Feel for you, man.
18. Neo Bond. Without yours, no glitchlist is complete. Here, take the 
19. MacAuliffe. Even though, it'll ruin all your well-arranged schedule to
    get find yourself some time to read this. J.k., pal.
20. Michelle Taylor. If even a starving polygons made her sad, I believe
    she'll give anything to be the leader of UNICEF. Go Michelle!
21. Zak Deardroff. For basically telling me that I'm a couch potato.
22. Sephiroth. The last warrior out of three. Like Zell Dincht!
    (no, I mean, of course, you're like Sephy and all. My mistake).
Oh, then again, if any of YOUR contribution isn't credited here, just as
CB! would say, ~blame the memory, but not the heart~

(or rather, blame toastyfrog! <> Yeah!)

~ End...