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              /  / /   / /  /  / /    /  /    / /   / / / ___/
             /  /__/  / /  /__/ /  __/  /__  / /___/ / / /_____
            /________/ /_______/  /_______/ /_______/ /_______/

            H A R V E S T  M O O N:  B A C K  T O  N A T U R E
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                            /   /    / /     / /
                           /   /    / /     / /
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    /  /\/\  \  /  __  \ |    \ |    \  _| |_  /  __  \ | \_\ | | /___
   /__/    \__\/__/  \__\|_|\__\|_|\__\|_____|/__/  \__\|_____| |_____|

                     *~HAREST MOON: BACK TO NATURE~*
                          *~A GUIDE TO MARRIAGE~*
                   Written By Mateui (
                                Version 1.2
                              (c)2001/2002 Mateui N.

                           **NEW! PLEASE READ!**

  If you have experienced any cut-scenes related to the 5 girls or to
your rivals that aren't listed in the Cut-Scenes Section than feel free
to e-mail me with DETAILED information of what happens in the scene,
any questions asked by the someone, what day and season it happened,
and what time. If you needed some requirement add that in too.

  For helping me with this guide I will add your name to the
Acknowledgements Section, along with what you contributed. THANKS!

I. C O P Y R I G H T  I N F O R M A T I O N

 This FAQ is Copyright Mateui N. 2001. No part of this FAQ may be
reproduced, either manually or in any way electronically without my
permission. It is for personal use only, and may not be used for
profit. If it is found that you have disobeyed any or all of these
things then I shall prosecute you to the full extent.

Now that that's out of the way lets get started!

  * This is a short guide to marriage for one of the coolest games on
the Psx Game Console, (Drum Roll, Please) Harvest Moon: Back to Nature!
This guide will take you through the various steps to marriage, and
which girl to choose, as well as some questions many of you may have
asked. This is also my first FAQ, and I hope you enjoy it. *

T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S:

I. Copyright Information
 1. Revision History
 2. The Story
 3. Why Marry?
 4. Who Should You Choose?
    	~4.1 Mary
   	~4.2 Elli
    	~4.3 Ann
    	~4.4 Karen
    	~4.5 Popuri
    5. Schedules
       ~5.1 Mary
 	~5.2 Elli
 	~5.3 Ann
 	~5.4 Karen
 	~5.5 Popuri
    6. Likes & Dislikes
    ~6.1 Mary
 	~6.2 Elli
 	~6.3 Ann
 	~6.4 Karen
 	~6.5 Popuri
    7. The Love Meter
    8. Your Rivals
    	~8.1 Grey
    	~8.2 The Doctor
      ~8.3 Cliff
   	~8.4 Rick
   	~8.5 Kai
    9. Cut-Scenes
      ~9.1 Mary
      ~9.2 Elli
      ~9.3 Ann
      ~9.4 Karen
      ~9.5 Popuri
   10. Festivals
      ~10.1 Spring
      ~10.2 Summer
      ~10.3 Fall
      ~10.4 Winter
   11. In Order To Get Married
   12. Pregnancy
   13. The Baby
   14. Other Fun Stuff to Do!
   15. Frequently Asked Questions
   16. Acknowledgements

1. R E V I S I O N  H I S T O R Y

Aug, 20th: Started the Guide To Marriage! Made the Table of Contents,
and started the Revision History.

Aug, 21st: Did the ASCII art for the Guide To Marriage.

Aug, 22nd: Did the Story, Why Marry?, and Who Should You Choose sections
of the FAQ. Also did everything up to section 9, the Cut-Scenes. Also
started doing the Festivals For Spring.

Aug, 23rd: Finally Finished! Wahoo!!! I will be probably giving updates
on this FAQ once in a while. Cause school is starting really soon. Bye!
Gotta Go Celebrate!

Sep, 3rd: I've been waiting for a while waiting to see if cJayc would
post my topic. I'm not sure that its ever going to see life in Gamefaqs
so I've excepted someone else's request to post my faq on their site.
I'll be still waiting, and improving this FAQ until it lives in
Gamefaqs. Until then I've got some more work to do.

Sep, 8th: School just started again, so I haven't had a lot of time to
update. I've updated the events section and I might be thinking of
adding events for the rivals. Anyway, I'm still waiting.

Sep, 22nd: I spell-checked and used the grammar check on this guide.
That's about it for now!

Sep, 23rd: I finally found out what was wrong with the ASCII Art at the
top of this guide. By mistake, the first two lines, which were screwed
up, were written in another font and another size! I'll send it in

Oct, 10th: Hello! Just dropping by with a new urdate! Added the "Other
Fun Stuff to Do" section with other fun things you can do with the
girls before and after you are married!

Oct, 11th: Yay! Finished the first section of "Other Fun Stuff to Do!"
I guess I'll be going now!

Mar, 13th, 2002: Wow! It's been a long time, hasn't it? I checked my
Mail-Box and added 3 more cut-scenes to the Guide, Be sure to look for
them in the MARY & GRAY , ANN & CLIFF, and KAREN & RICK Sections.

2. T H E  S T O R Y

  You were supposed to go on a long awaited vacation with your parents,
when your father had to cancel due to a business trip. Having no time
for you, your parents sent you off to your Grandpa's Farm. You've
played with the various animals, riding cows, chasing chickens, and
played with the children of the village. It was all boring, really.
Your grandfather had no time for you, being occupied with the farm's

  One morning, you decided to walk up the Mother's Hill, which was
located behind the farm. You went mid way up, when you decided to lay
down near the flowers growing, and enjoy the nature. You slowly fall
asleep. "Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na." You are awaken by some
sort of music.

  You look up. Oh, its just one of the village girls. She asks you a
question. "Do you always play alone?" she continues, "I like it here,
too. So I come here a lot to play alone" You become friends almost
instantly. You spend the rest of the day up at the top of Mother's
Hill, telling her stories about the city, and your adventures.

  She starts singing again. "Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na." And
as the sun sets, you decide to join in the singing too. It gets late so
the two of you decide to go home.

  A few weeks later, sadly, your parents come to pick you up from the
farm. A long time ago, you longed for this day to come; now you dread
it. You don't want to leave the farm, the villagers, or the animals. As
you are leaving you are stopped by the girl from the hill. She makes
you promise that you will come back some day. You leave.

  And now a decade has passed, your grandfather has died and you want
to become the rightful owner of the farm. The Mayor says you have 3
years to replenish the farm, and you don't want to break your promise,
searching for that girl of your dreams.

3. W H Y  M A R R Y ?

  Some of you may ask, Why Marry!? I want to be single! Well, to those
of you who ask that question, this section is totally for you! I'll
tell you all the benefits here.

1.	You Promised! Well, you didn't promise that you would marry her,
but you get the picture. One thing will lead to another, and soon
you'll be married. Besides she misses you and wants to spend the
rest of her life with that little boy she once knew.

2.	When you get to the farm, the mayor tells you that you have 3
years to restore the farm to a land of plenty. And in order to
stay you need a high enough percentage. To find out what your
percentage is press the start button. Right at the top you see the
name of your farm and next to it is your percentage. Percentage is
based on many things, so I list a few here:

-	You get 1% for each animal you have excluding your dog,
horse, and fish.

-	1% for each heart your dog has.

-	1% for each heart your horse has.

-	And, Yup, You've guessed it! 1% For each heart your wife

    So, if you marry, your percentage will be able to rise an extra
    10%, giving you a better chance of staying on the farm for
    longer than 3 years.

3.	Chasing the girl of your dreams is fun! It also allows you to get
to know the girl better, and gives you more of those beloved cut-

I've convinced you haven't I? Good. Read on to the next section to
see what girls are available.

4. W H O  S H O U L D  Y O U  C H O O S E ?

  In the village, there are presently 5 girls available for you. But,
who should you choose? This section will discuss the personality,
looks, and skills of each of the girls.

  It all depends on your tastes. After you marry one of the girls,
instead of helping on the farm, they stay at home and do, well..,
ummm, errrr.., NOTHING!

  I know, not that great, it's one of those things I want Natsume and
Victor Interactive to change in their future Harvest Moon games. But,
they still did a great job.

  Now that you know what great things the girls do after marriage
(cough, cough), you can just pick one of them, and live happily ever
after, well, not really.

  Without any further adieu, here are the Girls!

4.1  M A R Y

  Mary is a librarian. And for those of you who prefer looks over
brains, than skip Mary and check the others. But, for those of you
who like girls with personality, you can't lose with Mary!

  Being Kind and Generous Mary likes to help others and does it in a
polite manner. She has black hair, wears glasses, has a white shirt,
with a blue dress over it. She is almost always found in the library,
assisting those who come and read her father's books. Her birthday is
on the 20th of Winter, or on the 25th of Winter if your birthday is on
the 20th.

Occupation: Librarian
Personality: Appreciative, Kind, Generous
Bad Traits: None
Looks: Below-Average
Skills: Thinking

4.2  E L L I

  Elli is a mid-wife.(No, not a "middle wife! A Mid-Wife is someone
who delivers babies.) She works at the clinic and is there everyday,
except Wednesdays. Elli is very kind, although her parents have
passed away and she has to take care of her Grandmother, and little
brother, Stu.

  Surprisingly Elli is the only girl with short hair. Her hair is
brown, she wears a bow tie near her neck, and wears a blue dress. She
is very helpful to people, always asking what's wrong and aiding
people in the clinic. Her birthday is on the 16th of Spring, or on the
20th of Spring, if your Birthday is on the 16th.

Occupation: Mid-Wife
Personality: Kind, Helpful, Nice
Bad Traits: None that I could think of
Looks: Average
Skills: Medicine

4.3	A N N

  Ann is a tomboy. Her mother passed away, and she now helps her
father at the Inn. Although her father wants her to marry, she is
opposed, and wants to stay single. Don't worry though, she'll marry
you if she loves you.

  Ann has orange hair that's tied in a bow tie, and she wears blue
overalls. She is very nice and cheerful, helping people when they are
blue. Ann loves animals, and especially cooking. She almost always
wins the cooking festival, if not her father will win. Ann also
enjoys nature, every morning, weather permitting, she spends her time
standing at the goddess spring enjoying the cool mountain air.

Occupation: Helps at the Inn
Personality: Cheerful, Enthusiastic, and Hardworking
Bad Traits: Gets angry sometimes for small things
Looks: Average
Skills: Cooking, and Cleaning

4.4	K A R E N

  Karen is very mature when compared to the other girls. She doesn't
like anything her parents like and usually gets into arguments with
them. She is also afraid that her father's shop is not well equipped.
She likes to hang out at the beach with Rick, Kai, and Popuri during
the summer.

  Karen has brown hair with blonde highlights at the bangs. She wears
a vest, with shorts, and a belt. Although saying "Who are You, I'm
afraid I don't Know You" when you meet her, she gets nicer as you
change her heart rating (See Section 7. The Love Meter) saying things
like "If you ever need someone to talk to, you can talk to me". Karen
is an alcoholic, she loves wine and drinks it regularly.

Occupation: None
Personality: Mature, Easy Going, Care Free
Bad Traits: Gets Extremely Angry if given something she does not like
Looks: High Above Average
Skills: Dancing, and Singing

4.5  P O P U R I

  Popuri, one of my favorites! Although she is a crybaby sometimes,
and although she is practically mean to you when she doesn't know
you, Popuri is great once you get to know her. Her father is
presently not in the village, he has gone to find the desert flower,
to cure his wife, Popuri's mother, Lilia. Popuri has one brother
named Rick who helps out on their Poultry farm.

  Popuri has pink hair just like her mother, wears a red dress, and
has a headband. She becomes nicer and nicer the more you get to know
her, and loves almost everything excluding ores and such. Popuri is
also the easiest girl to marry, because every time you talk to her,
her heart rating goes up (See Section 7. The Love Meter) and all the
things she loves are picked from Mother Nature.

Occupation: None
Personality: Lovable, Carefree, Immature
Bad Traits: Cries A lot
Looks: Above Average
Skills: Umm.. Crying!

5.  S C H E D U L E S

Now that you know which girl you want to marry, you've got to know
where they are located. Here are the schedules for every girl.

(NOTE: On festival days the girls and everyone else cannot be found
anywhere, so don't waste your time looking for someone. You'll find
everyone at the festival.

5.1	M A R Y

  (Schedule Applies To Everyday Except Monday)

  8:00am  - 10:00am: In Her House (Locked)
  10:00am - 4:00pm:  In The Library
  4:00pm  - 6:00pm:  In The Library (locked)

(Note: On Monday, Mary is found in her House and later on Mother's
Hill with her family)

5.2	E L L I

  (Schedule Applies All days Except Wednesday)

  9:00am - 5:00pm: In The Clinic

  (Schedule Applies Wednesday)

  9:00am - 1:00pm: In Ellen's House
  1:00pm - 4:00pm: In The Supermarket
  4:30pm - 7:00pm: In Ellen's House

5.3  A N N

  7:30am -  10:00am: Near the Hot-Spring (On Rainy Days at Inn, Locked)
  11:00am - 10:00pm: At The Inn (Either Upstairs or Downstairs)

(Note: Ann is the easiest to find, due to the fact that she's in the
Inn practically all the time.)

5.4	K A R E N

  (Schedule Applies for Everyday Except Tuesday & Sunday)

8:00am - 10:00am: Outside the Supermarket near the mailbox
10:00am - 1:00pm: In her house (locked)
1:00pm - 6:00pm:  In the Supermarket
7:00pm - 10:00pm: At the Beach

 (Schedule Applies If Raining On Above Dates)

8:00am - 10:00am: In the Supermarket (instead of outside)

 (Schedule Applies For Tuesday & Sunday)

1:30pm - 4:00pm:  At The Hot-Spring (If raining, inside Gotz House)
8:00pm - 10:00pm: Inside the Inn

(Note: Karen is the hardest to Marry due to the large schedule. It's
hard to locate her sometimes)

5.5	P O P U R I

  (Schedule Applies To All Days Except Sundays)

7:30am - 10:00am: At the Hot-Spring
11:30am - 5:00pm: In Her House (The Poultry Farm)

  (Schedule Applies To Sunday Only)

   9:30am - 1pm: At The Church
1:30pm - 4:00pm: In Townsquare

  (Schedule Applies To Summer Only)

8:30am - 10:00am: At The Beach

6.  L I K E S  &  D I S L I K E S

  Now that you know where all the girls are located, in order to raise
their hearts (See Section 7. The Love Meter) You have to give them
gifts! Not just any gifts, but things they Love! Here is a pretty
complete list of Likes & Dislikes of each girl. Some of these things
are picked from Mother Nature, yet others require a Kitchen and
utensils to make. Give the Girl you are trying to Marry, mostly gifts
from the "love" section but things from the "like" section are okay
too. Don't forget their birthdays! Try to give them jewelry if you can
on their special day for best effects, but, if you didn't save some
ores from winter, give the girl something she loves.

  Only give a girl gifts she dislikes/hates only if you are
experimenting with the game or are trying to see their reactions to
various objects. Just remember, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!

6.1	M A R Y

LOVES: Bamboo Shoot, Blue Grass, Green Grass, Mushroom, Truffle, Poison
Mushroom, Pumpkin Pudding, Bamboo Rice, Tomato Juice, Relaxation Tea,
Vegetable Juice, Truffle Rice, Jewelry.

LIKES: Honey, Apple, Apple Jam, Flowers, Cake, Ice Cream, Ketchup,
Milk, Cheese, Wool, Mayonnaise, Jam Bun, Hot Milk, Wild Grapes, Cheese
Cake, Spinach, Boiled Eggs.

DISLIKES: Butter, Curry, Pickles, Fried Rice, Happy Eggplant.

HATES: Fish Food, Weeds, Chicken Feed, Fodder, Garbage, Lumber.

6.2  E L L I

LOVES: Moon Drop Flowers, Pink Cat Flowers, All Other Flowers, Orange
Cup, Jewelry.

LIKES: Relaxation Tea, Milk, Apple Pie, Apple Jam, Fish, Cookies, Blue
Grass, Ice cream, Grape Jam, Vegetable Juice, Cheese Cake, Pumpkin
Pudding, Grilled Fish, Stir Fry.

DISLIKES/HATES: Weeds, Garbage, Lumber

6.3  A N N

LOVES: Spa-Boiled Eggs, Ice Cream, Chocolate Cake, Cake, Mushroom Rice,
Bamboo Rice, Fried Rice, Curry, Salad, Sandwich, Grilled Fish, Cheese
Fondue, Apple Pie, Salad, Sushi, Rice Omelet, Jewelry.

LIKES: Popcorn, Cookies, Apple, Miso Soup, Pineapple, Sashimi,
Relaxation Tea, Tomato Juice, Raisin Bread, Scrambled Egg, Boiled Egg,
Pickles, Strawberry Jam, Pickled Turnips.

DISLIKES: Branches, Lumber, Small Fish, Medium Fish, Blue & Green

HATES: Ores, Weeds, Garbage, Chicken Feed, Fish Food, Fodder, Red

6.4  K A R E N

LOVES: Wine, Sashimi, Popcorn, Pizza, Truffle, Jewelry.

LIKES: Moon Drop Flowers, Other Flowers, Eggs, Spa-Boiled Eggs, Corn,
Cucumbers, Stir Fry, Salad, Cheese Fondue, Cheese, Pumpkins, Orangecup,
Eggplant, Miso Soup, Spinach.

DISLIKES: Cookies, Ores, Honey, Apples, Apple Jam, Grape Jam, Jam Bun,
Relaxation Tea, Weeds, Strawberry Milk, Raisin Bread, Mixed Latte.

HATES: Fodder, Fish Food, Chicken Feed, Cake, Ice Cream, Branches,
Lumber, Cooked Sweet Potatoes, Garbage.

6.5  P O P U R I

LOVES: Toy Flowers, Honey, Ice Cream, Boiled Eggs, Apple Jam, Apple
Pie, Hot Milk, Sandwich, Rice Omelet, Scrambled Eggs, Chocolate Cake,
Relaxation Tea, Spa-Boiled Eggs, Strawberry Milk, Jewelry.

LIKES: Magic Red Flowers, Tomato, Corn, Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Popcorn,
Grape Jam, Apple, Bamboo Rice, Orangecup, Pineapple, Vegetable Pancake,
Stew, Fried Noodles.

DISLIKES: Vegetable Juice, Vegetable Latte, Pizza, Pumpkin, Happy
Eggplant, Green Pepper, Cheese, Turnip, Tomato Juice.

HATE: Ores, Green & Blue Grass, Wine, Chicken Feed, Fish Feed, Fodder,
Branches, Garbage, Poisonous Mushroom.

7.  T H E  L O V E  M E T E R

  Ok, so you've given many gifts to the girl of your dreams. But how
can you tell if they like you or not? The answer is the "Love Meter!"
This little system determines at what stage your relationship is with
that girl. But where is the Love Meter located?

  To see the love meter of a desired girl you must first talk to her.
At the end of the sentence that she says should be a colored heart. It
might be black, or blue, or orange. What do these colors mean? Here's a
diagram of all the colors and what they mean.


(\/): This is a heart! (Duh!)


BLACK (\/): NEUTRAL.  If the girl has a black heart this means that she
       \/             is neutral. You have just met, in other terms.
                      She does not know you enough, so you must give
                      her about 25* gifts that she likes/loves to
                      change it.

PURPLE (\/): FRIENDS.  If the girl has a purple heart this means that
        \/             you have given her a set amount of gifts and she
                       is now a friend. Give her about 30-40* gifts
                       that she likes/loves and it will go up.

BLUE (\/): CLOSE FRIENDS.  If the girl has a blue heart this means that
      \/                   you are very close to her, you are like a
                           best friend. Give her about 40-50* gifts
                           that she likes/loves and it will go up.

GREEN (\/): SHE NOTICES YOU.  If the girl has a green heart this means
       \/                     that not only are you like a best friend
                              to her, she starts noticing you. Give her
                              about 50-60* gifts to bring the heart up
                              to the next level.

YELLOW (\/): SHE STARTS FLIRTING.  If a girl has a yellow heart this
        \/                         means that she's trying to tell you
                                   something like "I Like You" but in a
                                   concealing way. Give her about 60-
                                   70* more gifts to change the heart
                                   to the second last level.

ORANGE (\/): YOUR DATING!   You two are finally dating, after the long
        \/                  awaited time. (Well your not actually going
                            on dates in the game, but you get the idea)
                            Give her anywhere from 70-100* gifts that
                            she likes/loves to change her heart to the
                            LAST LEVEL!

RED (\/): SHE'S IN LOVE!    The girl is madly in love with you! She
     \/                     also wants to spend the rest of her life
                            with you, and awaits your question "Will
                            you Marry Me?"

*(These Numbers are approximate and may be greatly reduced if you have
  answered one of the girl's answers correctly.)

8.  Y O U R  R I V A L S

  Now you know everything about the girls, their schedules, what they
like, so you're just going to give them gifts and marry them with no
problem at all. Right? WRONG!

  Did I tell you that for every girl there is a rival who is also
trying to get her? So you better work fast or else the girl of your
dreams will be married to someone else.

  In this section I will give you information on each of the 5 rivals,
who they're trying to get, and their various histories.

8.1	G R A Y

  Gray is the grandson of Saibara the Blacksmith. He is from the city,
and hates the slow quiet atmosphere. Saibara has brought him to Mineral
Village to be an apprentice and learn the trait of blacksmithing. When
he's not working in Saibara's shop, he is found in the library reading
some books. He lives in one of rooms in the Inn.

  Because he visits the library often, his eye catches Mary, and so he
will be your rival if you are trying to get the affection of Mary. If
you're going for Mary, then make sure you do not become a good friend
of Gray, as this will speed up Gray's relationship with Mary.

Occupation: Apprentice at Blacksmithing.
Personality: Grumpy, Anti-Social, And Unappreciative.
Bad Traits: All of The Above.
Trying to Get: Mary

8.2	T H E  D O C T O R

  The doctor was originally from the city, but came to live and work in
the village as the doctor. He lives in the upstairs room of the clinic,
in the room next to Elli's. Since they both work, and practically live
together it is not surprise that The Doctor's eye is set on Elli.

  There's not much anything you can say about him, but that the only
thing he likes is Blue and Green Grass, due to their medicinal value.
But if you're going for Elli don't become good friends with him until
after your marriage with Elli.

Occupation: Doctor
Personality: Professional, Strict, and Helpful
Bad Traits: Also Anti-Social like Gray but to a lesser extent.
Trying to Get: Elli

8.3	C L I F F

  Cliff is desperately looking for work or else he'll have to leave the
village in year 2. He lives in the Inn, and usually goes to church to
have his sins forgotten, not that he does many bad things, but because
he is searching for guidance and a new way of life.

  Cliff likes things that normal people would like, honey for instance.
You shouldn't give him too many gifts as this will speed up the course
of marriage with him and Ann. If you decide to marry Ann you've got 2
choices about Cliff, either tell him about a job that you receive in
year 2 and have him stay, or if you want to be evil, don't tell him
about it and watch him leave the village.

Occupation: Picks Grapes, if you tell him about the job.
Personality: Appreciative, Hard Working, And Nice.
Bad Traits: None that I could think of.
Trying to Get: Ann

8.4	R I C K

  Rick is the son of Lillia and brother of Popuri. He works at the
Poultry Farm, helping his mother in delivering the Chickens and Chicken
Feed to your farm. He really hates Kai (See Section 8.5) and gets into
arguments about him with Karen. He'll marry her if you don't. Not only
does he get into arguments with Karen he also gets into a ton of
arguments with his sister Popuri.

  Rick is almost always found at the Poultry farm, sitting on the coach
near the fireplace, or at the bar at night, enjoy some wine, which
makes him a great couple with Karen.

Occupation: Helps his Mother on The Poultry Farm.
Personality: Likes to Argue, Hard Working, Generally Nice.
Bad Traits: Hates Various People ex: Kai, Argues A Lot!
Trying to Get: Karen

8.5	K A I

  Kai only visits the village in Summer, during the other seasons he
lives in the city. He is extremely athletic, almost always winning
Opening Day unless you beat him. He is carefree and has a shop only
open in Summer called "The Seaside Lodge" where he sells various food

  Being strong and Athletic, Popuri has recently fallen in love with
Kai and will leave with him during the 3rd to 4th year, if you don't tell
Rick about it. If you do she'll stay. So if you want Popuri, Kai is
generally a small threat, he only comes in the Summer, and by then
Popuri's heart rating will probably be blue or green if you're deciding
on marrying her.

Occupation: Owns "The Seaside Lodge" and runs it in Summer.
Personality: Carefree, Athletic, And Bold
Bad Traits: Likes To Boast About Himself and His Athletic Abilities.
Trying to Get: Popuri

9. C U T - S C E N E S

Cut-Scenes are events that happen once you trigger something. For
instance one example of a Cut-Scene would be when you first walk to the
Yodel Ranch and get the scene about the horse. Other cut-scenes
including various questions asked by villagers accompanied by various
answers to be chosen, chose of one them and your relationship will
change with that person, be it either better or for worse. But all the
cut-scenes located here are only those related to the girls or your
rivals or you with the girls. They will be divided into different
sections, each one corresponding with the girl of that section.


        Requirements: This means you need something to trigger the
                      Scene, and the thing you need what is listed
                      in this section "Requirements." Some examples
                      include having a certain heart color on a certain
                      girl or being friends with a certain boy.

                Time: Some events only happen during a certain time or
                      season, this section will tell you when the scene
                      will happen.

               Place: The location of the scene will be revealed here.

        What Happens: This tells you what happens during that scene.
                      For those of you who don't want to spoil the fun
                      don't read this section.

       (Note: The Names Of the Scenes Were All Made Up by Me)

9.1	M A R Y  &  G R A Y

1. ~Mary's Writing A Book~

Requirements: None
        Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm First Year Spring (Excluding Mondays)
       Place: Inside The Library
What Happens: You go inside the library to find Mary writing a book.
              You can say two things "What Are You Reading?" or
              "I'd Like to Read I Book." I really have no idea on what
               the right answer is, but go with your gut.

2. ~Mary's Question~

Requirements: Purple Heart with Mary
        Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm First Year Spring (Excluding Mondays)
       Place: Inside The Library
What Happens: You enter the library and Mary is standing near the
              Doorway she says hi and asks you why you're here. You
              have 2 choices: "Just Dropping By" or "I Came To Read a
              Book." Choose the read book option and your relationship
              will improve with Mary.

3. ~Mary & Gray Meet~

Requirements: None
        Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm First Year Spring
       Place: Rose Square
What Happens: You see Mary and Gray talking to each other. Mary asks
              him about his apprenticeship with Saibara and what he is
              looking for in the village. After noting his answer Mary
              tells him about her past and admits that she also hasn't
              found what she's looking for (hint hint..) She then

4. ~Mary Lets Gray Read A Book~

Requirements: Friends with Gray
        Time: 1:00pm - 6:00pm First Year Spring
       Place: In front of the Library
What Happens: Gray returns a book back to Mary, which she has let him
              borrow it. She asks him if he liked it and he says yes.
              He then thanks her. She says that she'll give him more
              books, but he interrupts saying thank you, not only for
              the book but for everything else. He then leaves.

5. ~Mary Lets You Read A Book~

Requirements: Blue Heart with Mary
        Time: First Year, Spring/Summer
       Place: Your House
What Happens: Mary comes to your house and hands you a book. She asks
              you to read it then leaves. Read the book by going to
              your rucksack and pressing triangle on the book. It's
              about a story that has to do with the tree and the power
              berry, only with a Woodcutter and a king. The next day go
              to the library and Mary will be waiting. She'll ask which
              character you liked, say the woodcutter and she'll be


9.2	E L L I  &  T H E  D O C T O R

1. ~Your Injury~

Requirements: None
        Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm Spring, Year 1(All Days Except Wednesday)
       Place: Inside The Clinic
What Happens: Once you enter the clinic you walk over to Elli. She says
              "You have a small cut, does it hurt?" You can say, "No
               pain at all" or "Excruciating." Pick Excruciating, even
               though it looks like the wrong answer, trust me. She
               will give you a bandage, keep it. Now exit the clinic
               and head left to Elli's house, If you're going in the
               right direction you should see Stu crying. He has fallen
               down. Now take out the Band-Aid and give it to him.
               He'll thank you, and Elli will come to see what's wrong.
               You'll have 2 choices after she asks you why you didn't
               Use the band-aid, "I was okay" or "Because I got it from
               you." I chose the one that "I got it from you", I'm not
               positively sure if that's the wrong answer but her
               relationship with me got stronger.

2. ~Newborn Baby~

Requirements: None
        Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm Spring, Year 1(All Days Except Wednesday)
       Place: Inside The Clinic
What Happens: You enter the clinic to find Elli talking about a newborn
              baby that had left the clinic earlier that day. She will
              say that she thinks that all babies are cute, and the
              doctor will tell her that if she ever has a baby than she
              should quit her job at the clinic, but Elli gets mad
              saying that no one else can help him at all like her.

3. ~Elli's Cough~

Requirements: None
        Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm Spring, Year 1(All Days Except Wednesday)
       Place: Inside The Clinic
What Happens: Elli and The Doctor are talking to each other in the
              lower left corner, when suddenly Elli coughs. The Doctor
              tells her that she should take a few days off and that he
              could take care of the clinic himself. Elli is extremely
              happy, blushing to the Doctor.

4. ~Question From Elli~

Requirements: None
        Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm Spring, Year 1(All Days Except Wednesday)
       Place: Outside The Clinic
What Happens: Elli is standing near the doorway of the clinic. You walk
              over to her. She asks you how your farm work is, you have
              3 choices this time: "Hard", "Fun", and "Tiring." Pick
"Fun"         and Elli will tell you that her work at the clinic
              also fun and your relationship with her will improve.

5. ~Sandwiches From Elli~

Requirements: Blue Heart on Elli
        Time: 12:00pm - 5:00pm Spring, Year 1
       Place: At Your Farm
What Happens: Elli will come to your farm. Go talk to her and she will
              Tell you that she's making sandwiches for Stu but doesn't
              know what kind of sandwich to give him. So, Elli will
              give you one sandwich each day, for 3 days, starting
              tomorrow. Be sure to stay on your farm for the next 3
              days, during the noon hour, and you'll get your sandwich.
              (Special Note: The sandwiches she gives you make you less


9.3	A N N  &  C L I F F

1. ~Question From Doug~

Requirements: None
        Time: 11:00am - 5:00pm Spring, Year 1
       Place: Inside the Inn
What Happens: Once you walk into the Inn you will be greeted by Ann
              accompanied with some cheerful music. Her father Doug,
              will ask you an important question if you have Ann in
              your mind for marrying. The question is "What do you
              think of my daughter Ann?" You have 2 choices: "Seems
              Cheerful" or "She's Cute" Pick "She's Cute" and your
              relationship will improve with BOTH Ann & Doug.

2. ~Inquiry About Cliff~

Requirements: None
        Time: 11:00am - 5:00pm Spring, Year 1
       Place: Inside The Inn (Upstairs)
What Happens: Once you get into the Inn, go UPSTAIRS! Or else you won't
              get the scene. What you see is Ann trying to flirt with
              Cliff, asking him questions about why is he in the
              village, and other questions until Cliff gets very
              annoyed and Ann becomes quiet.

3. ~Ann's Birthday Party!~

Requirements: Blue or Higher Heart on Ann
        Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm, Summer 17th
       Place: Inside The Inn
What Happens: In the beginning of summer, make sure to check your
              mailbox. If you are a good enough friend with Ann, then
              you will get an invitation to Ann's Birthday Party! Her
              birthday is on the 17th, so get her one or more wrapped
              gifts and get to the inn before 6 o'clock. Have a great

4. ~Ann Gives A Meal to the Pastor~

Requirements: None
        Time: 11:00am-1:00pm(around)
       Place: Inside the Church
What Happens: You'll go inside the church and then move out of the way.
              Ann will come in and see cliff. She tells him to wait
              there then go give the Pastor his meal. She'll ask Cliff
              to come home with her but, (Ha!) he says no and Ann goes


9.4	K A R E N  &  R I C K

1. ~Jeff Sells On Credit~

Requirements: None
        Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm Spring,Year 1(All Days Except Tue & Sun)
       Place: Inside The Supermarket
What Happens: You see the storeowner, Jeff, talking to the Doctor, the
              Doctor tells Jeff to put his charge on credit, Jeff looks
              Worried, the Doctor leaves. Sasha then comes out of the
              room and tells Jeff that he is such a pushover and goes
              to get the money from The Doctor. Next Duke comes in and
              decides to buy an item, he too asks for the charge to be
              put on his tab, Jeff agrees, although wanted not to,
              because he is scared of everyone. As Duke is exiting the
              shop he asks you a question. You have 2 choices:
              "Nothing" or "You Should Pay." Tell him that he should
              pay and Karen will come out of the door and collect the
              money from him. She then thanks you and introduces
              herself to you.

2. ~Rick & Karen Explore The Woods~

Requirements: None
        Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm Spring, Year 1
       Place: Outside The Church
What Happens: You see Rick & Karen talking about when they were
              celebrating the church when it was first built and how
              they used to explore the forest. They decide that they
              should go back to the woods and explore once again,
              like they did when they were kids. They leave.

3. ~Karen's Question~

Requirements: None
        Time: 1:30pm - 4:00pm Spring, Year 1
       Place: At The Hot Spring
What Happens: You stand near the river and Karen walks over to you and
              asks you what's troubling you. You get 3 answers this
              time: "Farm Work", "Love Sick", or "Nothing." Pick love
              sick and your relationship will go up.

4. ~Flowers From Karen~

Requirements: Blue Heart on Karen
        Time: 12:00pm - 5:00pm Spring, Year 1
       Place: At Your Farm
What Happens: Karen will come up to you and give you a pack of Moondrop
              flowers. Be sure to plant them in your farm, and when
              they grow Karen will come back and be extremely happy of
              the flowers she gave you.

5. ~Karen, The Dance Teacher~

Requirements: None
        Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm, Spring Year 2, Before the Spring
              Goddess Festival
       Place: At Your Farm
What Happens: Karen will come to your farm, and will ask you if you'd
              like to learn how to dance. Say yes, and you and Karen
              will begin dancing. The next day at the Spring Goddess
              Festival ask the girl of your dreams to dance with you.

6. ~Argument About Kai~

Requirements: None
        Time: 12:00pm-4:00pm
       Place: Outside the Poultry Farm
What Happens: You see Karen and Rick discussing Kai. Karen tells Rick
              that Kai's a person that he shouldn't worry about, but
              Rick gets mad and Karen, in her frustration, calls him a
              cad and goes off.(NOTE: Karen and Rick have not gotten
              very close yet, you still have some time to work on

7. ~Rick is Sad about Popuri~

Requirements: Married to Popuri
        Time: Any Time, Spring
       Place: Outside the Poultry Farm
What Happens: You will see Gotz and the Mayor standing around the
              Poultry farm. Gotz will be saying that he would like
              to purchase and egg, but the Mayor tells him that Rick
              hasn't been working much, ever since Popuri left, because
              he was missing her. Then Karen enters the scene and says
              that Popuri was the most important person in Rick's life.
              Rick says that Popuri wasn't, but that Karen was the most
              important. Karen is surprised and she goes into the
              Poultry farm and that she's going to work there with
              Rick. About 2 days later, Rick and Karen will come and
              invite Popuri and You to their wedding. On the day that
              they come, the wedding will occur. (NOTE: You will not be
              able to feed your animals that day, so consider hiring
              some harvest sprites a few days in advance)


9.5	P O P U R I  &  K A I

1. ~Popuri's & Rick's Argument~

Requirements: None
        Time: 11:30am - 5:00pm Spring, Year 1
       Place: At The Poultry Ranch
What Happens: You walk to the ranch and find Popuri & Rick arguing.
              Popuri gets so mad she runs away. You then go talk to
              Rick. He asks you to get Popuri to come back home, and
              tells you she went to the hot spring. Go there
              immediately and talk to Popuri, she'll start crying
              again, and you have 2 choices: "Its Over Now" or "My
              Sympathies." Pick my sympathies and you will spend some
              time with Popuri, she'll then stop crying and will
              introduce herself to you. She'll then leave.

2. ~Leaving Town?~

Requirements: None
        Time: 11:30am - 5:00pm Spring, Year 1
       Place: At The Poultry Ranch
What Happens: You walk toward the Poultry Ranch when Popuri comes to
              you looking upset. She tells you that life is boring here
              and that she wants to leave the village. You have 2
              choices: "Don't Go" or "That Would Be Fun." Pick that
              would be fun. Don't worry she won't actually leave the

3. ~Popuri's Egg

Requirements: At least a Blue Heart on Popuri
        Time: 12:00pm - 5:00pm, Summer(I think) Year 2
       Place: At Your Farm
What Happens: Popuri will come to your farm and will give you an egg.
              Whatever you do, DON'T eat it!!! Instead, put the egg
              into the incubator, and it will hatch in about 7 days.
              when it hatches make sure to name it "Popuri". Then next
              day or the same one if you're lucky, Popuri will come
              back to your farm, at around noon and ask to see the
              chick, after she sees that you named it after her she
              will be utterly delighted and you relationship with her
              will improve a lot!


10.  F E S T I V A L S

  Not only are there cut-scenes to raise a girl's heart there are also
festivals which may not only make her heart go up, but all the
villagers will like you more if you attend or even win some of them.
There are basically 3 types of Festivals

1.	Contest Festivals: These are festivals like "Opening Day" or the
                      "Tomato Festival." They are contests, or games
                      which will pit you against other villagers
                      competing for a prize, or name.
                      Other Examples Include: Cooking Festival,
                      Chicken Festival, Cow Festival, Sheep
                      Festival, Dog Race, and the Horse Race.

2.	Event Festivals: These are festivals that require no skill at all
                    and are there just for entertainment. Here are
                    all the Event Festivals: Music Festival, the
                    Harvest Festival (Even though you have to bring
                    Something) and the New Year's Party.

3.	Romantic Festivals: This Section is going to cover this type of
                       Festival as it improve the relationship with
                       a girl of your choice more effectively than
                       the other festivals. These festivals are
                       events where you will be either able to ask a
                       girl out to the festival or give her
                       something special, for a special occasion.

Ok, I'm going to explain to you, all the "Romantic Festivals" to
give you an idea of what's going to happen or what you should give
the girl of your dreams for a special occasion.

10.1	S P R I N G

1.	~New Years Day~

Day: Spring 1st
Time: 6:00pm
   Place: Town Square (For Dancing With Girls)
          The Inn (For Drinking & Adults)
What Happens: (Note: You can't attend this Year 1, because you were
               to busy unpacking your bags). Once you get to the
               Town Square, find the girl you are trying to marry
               and talk to her, and ask her out to dance. Or you can
               first talk to the other villagers, then ask the girl.

2.	~Goddess Festival~

Day: Spring 8th
Time: 10:00am
Place: Town Square
What Happens: (Note: You will probably not be able to go with a girl
               The first year, unless you can change their heart to
               purple by the 5th day of Spring) Talk to the girl that
               you are trying to marry and ask her to accompany you,
               on the 7th day of Spring, the day before the festival.
               If she accepts then she will pick you up on the 8th in
               the morning. Just finish your chores and go to the
               festival with her. After the dancing she will ask you
               if you want to go someplace quiet after the festival
               together. If you didn't ask anybody or no one
               accepted just go to the festival and enjoy the
               dancing girls.

3.	~Thanksgiving Festival~

Day: Spring 14th
Time: Whole Day
Place: No Specific Place
What Happens: This Festival is really hard to celebrate in year 1,
              As you do not have a kitchen yet and can't bake
              anything for someone. But once you get a kitchen, bake
              cookies or something else that is sweet to eat to all
              or some of the girls as it will raise their heart
              ratings greatly. Give them flowers in year 1.

10.2  S U M M E R

1.	~Fireworks Display~

Day: Summer 24th
Time: 6:00pm
Place: At The Beach
What Happens: At 6 go to the beach and speak to the girl that you're
              trying to marry. Ask to watch the fireworks with them.
              (Note: You can try to ask Kai to watch with you:)
              After talking to everyone else talk to the Mayor to
              Start the fireworks. You sit with the girl on the dock
              enjoying the view. After the show ends your girl will
              talk to you and will say that it's late and you go
              home to sleep.

(NOTE: Tomato Festival: Even though it's a Contest Festival in a way
it is a Romantic One. Whichever girl you are trying to marry talk to
her and she will ask you to join her team, say yes. This applies to
all the girls except Karen and Mary who do not participate in this
fun event. If you're trying to get either Mary or Karen then pick a
team of another girl to raise her relationship also. Just to tell
you, Ann's team and Popuri's team are the strongest teams, and
Elli's team is the weakest.)

10.3  F A L L

1. ~Moon Viewing Day~

Day: Fall 13th
Time: 6:00pm
Place: Peak of Mother's Hill
What Happens: As you walk to the peak of Mother's Hill, the girl that
              likes you the most will be waiting for you. If she is not
              the girl you are trying to marry, you might as well
              consider marrying her. What happens is that you watch
              the Harvest Moon rise above the peak and you talk to each
              other. Really romantic.

10.4	W I N T E R

1. ~Winter Thanksgiving~

Day: Winter 14th
Time: 6:00am, 8:00am, 10:00am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm.
Place: At Your Farm
What Happens: In this festival you get chocolate/cake depending on how
              you treated all the girls from the past seasons. One girl
              comes on each of the above times. But she will only come
              if she is above a black heart. If they have a purple or
              blue heart they will give you chocolate, if they are
              green or above you will get a cake from them. This
              festival is pretty useful as it will give you the
              ingredients needed for the Thanksgiving Festival where
              you have to give the girls something like chocolate
              cookies. Make sure you stay on your farm until all the
              girls have come, and make sure you keep at least 2 or 3
              girls at a purple or blue heart to receive chocolate.

2. ~Star Night Festival~

Day: Winter 24th
Time: 6:00pm
Place: At A Desired Girl's House
What Happens: On the 23rd talk to the girl which you want to marry and
              she will invite you to dinner with her family. The next
              day on the 24th at 6:00pm go to the girl's house and you
              will have a short scene with her and her family. Who
              knows, you might even be able to go star gazing together.
              This festival will not only raise the girl's heart rating
              but all of the people living in the household.

11.  I N  O R D E R  T O  G E T  M A R R I E D

  Ok, you've probably already got the girl's heart to red, but how do
you marry her? This section will give you all the requirements for

  Look at your house. Is it small? If it is then you need to upgrade it
to get a kitchen and a separate bedroom as well as some decorations
like the rug and flower vases. To upgrade you need to talk to the
woodcutter, Gotz, who lives behind your farm to the right, or down from
the hot spring. If you're getting confused with my directions just look
at the sign near the hot spring, and it should point you in the right

  When you talk to him he should say "What's Up" and a menu should pop
up saying Buy Lumber, and probably this: "Chicken House Upgrade" You
need lumber and money to get it and it will take three 3 days to build.
After you get the enlarged Hen House, talk to him again and you should
get the "1st House Extension" this will require lumber and money, will
add a kitchen to your house and will take 3 days to build.

  After that's done talk to him again and get the "Barn Upgrade" which
requires more lumber and more money. This will take 3 days to build and
will give you space for 10 cows and 10 sheep.

  Finally! Talk to Gotz again and he will give you the "2nd House
Extension" which requires lumber and money to build in three days. This
will give another room, the bedroom, complete with a fireplace, and 2
separate beds. That's the first requirement for marriage.

  The second requirement for marriage is to have a girl's heart at red.
She needs to love you in order to get married. And the 3rd requirement
is to buy the "Blue Feather" at the Supermarket for 1000g.

  Now that you have those 3 requirements, you need to propose! This is
what you do. Equip yourself with the triangle button, just like the
tools. Stand in front of the girl and press triangle, to give the Blue
Feather to her. If she accepts she should say something, and to check
for yourself, press triangle, and if the feather is gone she has

  Your wedding day will be exactly in 1 week, or more if a festival
occurs on the wedding day. To check the exact date, go to your house
and look at the calendar. There should be a "Heart" on a date, this is
your wedding day!!

 ~Requirements For Marriage~

1.	2nd House Extension
2.	A Girl With A Red Heart
3.	A Blue Feather

12.  P R E G N A N C Y

  Your wedding day has passed and now you're living together. You're
thinking about having a baby. But how do you get one?

 I know what you're thinking and no, that's not how you get a baby.
This is a family game, and do you think they would seriously add that?
No. This section will discuss how you can get your wife pregnant,
Harvest Moon style.

  To get your wife pregnant you need to give her gifts everyday and you
should get hints from her when she becomes pregnant. Examples include:

"I'm Hungry But I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything"
              "I feel Sick"

These are clues that your wife is pregnant. Once she is though she will
have a baby in about 2 seasons. When she starts getting nauseous
though, you should go to the clinic and they will announce that your
wife is pregnant. That's about it! It's fairly easy to get your wife

13.  T H E  B A B Y

After 2 season since pregnancy first began your wife will give birth.
You will be standing in the main room probably wife the mother of your
wife waiting for the baby. After some time you will be able to see your
wife and your new baby. You will be prompted to name him with your
wife. Just to tell you, all the babies will only be boys, so you can't
get a baby girl. For a season or two, your baby will be a newborn and
will stay only in the mother's arms. But after he will be able to crawl
and you'll be able to hold him (I think) There's not much that I know
about the baby yet, cause I just recently had mine.


(When He is First Born)

6:00am - 1:00pm: In Mother's Arms, Around Table
1:00pm - 6:00am: In Mother's Bed.

~Likes & Dislikes~

(You'll Only Be Able To Give Him Things After About a Season)

LOVES: Hot Milk, Strawberry Milk, Honey, Wild Grapes, Ice Cream,
Cheesecake, Noodles, Cake.

LIKES: Pineapple, Fruit Juice, Apple, Chocolate Cake, Yarn, Flowers,
Milk, Apple, Carrot, Omelet, Vegetable Juice, Mixed Juice, Tomato
Juice, Orange Cup.

DISLIKES: Ores, Wine, Lumber, Green Grass, Blue Grass, Chicken Feed,
Fodder, Garbage, Oil.

HATES: Fish Bones, Cookies, Pizza, Corn, Curry, Green Peppers,
Eggplant, Potato, Fish, Sashimi, Red Grass, Mushroom Rice, Cheese
Fondue, Cabbage, Onions, Truffle Rice, Butter, Cheese, Pickles.


14.  O T H E R  F U N  S T U F F  T O  D O !

  This is a new section designed to show you some stuff that you can do
when you're bored with your relationship with your girl. If you have
any suggestions for things that should go here, feel free to drop me a
call at my e-mail, listed at the top of this document.


This is a very funny one. You'll know when you've tried it!

  First of all, do you notice a very oval shape at the base of the
waterfall near the hot-spring, in front of the mine? This is a secret.
Here's what you do! Take one or more crops. (This includes wool, eggs,
vegetables, fruits) Now go to the area right behind the hot-spring
facing that oval shape. Take one of your crops and throw it into that
oval shape!

  If done correctly, the Spring Goddess will appear and thank you for
your offering. If she didn't show up, try throwing in a different spot!
Keep offering your crops to her and many things will happen.

  After you give the Goddess 5 crops, she will give you a powerberry.
After 10 she will ask you a question. The question will be: "Do you
have a sweetheart?" Answer "Yes" to her and soon you'll be in for a

  What happens is that the girl that likes you the most will come and
take a bath in the hopt-spring. Get in with her!! The next moments are
totally hilarious! But, I can't tell them, see for yourself!

This cut-scene will greatly improve the relationship with that girl! If
done before the Goddess Festival in the first year, it will be a
guaranteed success that she goes with you when asked.

But, there are some requirements! In order to appease the Goddess, it
MUST and I mean MUST be a nice, sunny day (Not raining!) and a regular
one too. (Not on Festivals!)

15.  F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S

Looking at the Harvest Moon: Back To Nature Message Board you see a lot
of different questions regarding marriage and other aspects that have
to do with it. I have compiled some questions together and have
answered them. If anybody has a question that's not answered in this
section then write me an e-mail (Top of File) with the Heading: HM
Question (FAQ). It's that easy. Now onto the questions!!!

Q: I Gave The Blue Feather to One Of The Girls But She Didn't Accept.
   What Am I Doing Wrong?

A: Well, is her heart at red? Some televisions have screwed up colors
   and confuse orange with red. If not, then make sure you have the 2nd
   house extension.

Q: I Love All The Girls! Can I Marry Them All?!

A: Unfortunately, No. You have to pick one girl and marry her. Or if
   You don't want to pick one, don't pick any at all and flirt with all
   of them, when they're married.

Q: I Heard That If You Don't Marry Anybody Aja Will Come Back In Year
   17 and Marry You, If You're Already Married She Will Marry Harris.

A: No One Knows For Sure Whether This Is True, But Most Presumably It
   Is A Rumor, And is False.

Q: After I Got Married and My Wife Prompted Me To Ask Her To Call Me
   By One Of The 3 Choices, I Picked One, And The Game went Black.

A: You must have the PAL version of Harvest Moon. The Game always
   Freezes After You Marry Someone. Either Go Back To The Store and
   Demand A Refund, or Send Your Game to this Address, which I don't
   Know. You can ask somebody for it on the Harvest Moon Message Board
   if you'd like.

16.  A C K N O W L E D G E M E N T S

Thanks To Everyone At The HM:BTN Message Board Who Helped Me Answer
Some Of My Questions When I was A Newbie.

Special Thanks Go Out To The People At The Message Board who Answered
The Poll, on the looks of the girls. They are:

~FuNkY cAt
~Sailor Aeris 14
~Satans Bride
~Dee Jay Hydra

Another Special Thanks Goes Out to the Contributors to The Cut-Scenes


And of course Jeff "CjayC" for making the best gaming website
available! Keep Up The Great Work!

~THE END! I Hope You've Liked It!~