Color Editing FAQ by Shin Starmie

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BY: Shin Starmie (

   You know the drill, Toonami faithful. If you wanna use it, ask me.
No modding it, period. No using without my permission, period. None
of that crap will be tolerated, period!!! It's that simple, people.
For further reference of viewing, it's Courier New, ten-point size,
72-74 chars. per line. KoF99 is (c) SNK (with the US version being (c)
SNK and Agetec), etc.

   Now, if you'll notice the title, you'd see that this is primarily
intended for the Playstation version of KoF99. However, this stuff may
very well be usable on the Neo Geo cart and Neo CD versions as well. That 
is, of course, assuming that the Neo versions even HAVE this
lil' bonus option. The Dreamcast one sure enough didn't, heeheeheehee!
   Anyway, IMO, this is a pretty friggin' fun mode. Let's hope Capcom
IS taking notes. Let's also hope they can include the color edit mode
in the Psx port of CvS Pro. And finally, let's hope they make accessin'
the edit colors a LOT easier than that crap the DC had!!! Now, with
that, there are some things you should be made aware of. So, let's
get ready to do some colorizing!!!

Colorful basics
   First and foremost: you ONLY get a measly T E N spots to save your
precious edits per memory card! Com'on, they could've made it take up
like two or three blocks to have more colors!
   Secondly, you ONLY get to set your edits to the square and triangle
buttons per colorized character. So that's like...not very much in the
way of room to be crazily creative.
   Third up, you CAN edit don't even have to earn him
to do it! (A glitch, maybe?)
   All colors are controlled by holding the corresponding button and
then pressing the d-pad left or right. Left decreases the number, and
right increases it. Annoyingly, there aren't even numbers. The scale
is indicated in units...think of the lifebar's appearance in Megaman
1-7. In all, there are 31 units of each color. But because they lean
diagonally, they're only really even at 31-31-31, 0-0-0, or 1-1-1.
Which is red, green, and blue, in that order.
   Red is controlled with d-pad + circle. To manipulate green, use
d-pad + X. D-pad + square is what controls blue. This MAY be pretty
different for the Japanese version, though. Anyone who has it can
get back to me on it!!! So, without further adieu...

It's Paintin' Time!
Note: There's ONE other thing: You can tell which controls what in a
      way: the first five "blocks" are usually for skin tones. The
      sixth is usually for the outline. Blocks seven to ten are
      typically for clothing, as are blocks 11-13. (Some people have
      extra details that are dealt with in those three blocks.) Blocks
      14 and 15 are typically for hair. Again, that varies from person
      to person.

Mai Shiranui
1.) Chun-Mai
background: 31-16-4 (to be referred to from now on as "bg")
(also, remember that the format of the numbers is red-green-blue!)
a. 26-24-17   f. 0-0-21    k. 31-16-4
b. 26-20-12   g. 2-4-24    l. 1-1-12
c. 25-15-7    h. 1-1-19    m. 0-0-16
d. 19-8-2     i. 31-16-4   n. 2-3-22
e. 0-0-0      j. 31-16-4   o. 0-0-1

notes: This is modeled somewhat after her "Chun-Li vs. Mai" intro in
       CvS1. Since skin tones are typically under one section of blocks
       to edit, there was NO way I could make Mai's thighs darker (to
       give the appearance of pantyhose, like Chun wears). Oh well!

2.) Pink Ranger Mai
bg: 17-0-23
a. 14-6-3   f. 31-11-31   k. 31-9-31
b. 14-6-3   g. 31-7-31    l. 31-10-31
c. 13-2-1   h. 31-4-31    m. 31-13-31
d. 13-2-1   i. 31-31-31   n. 0-0-0
e. 0-0-0    j. 31-31-31   o. 0-0-0

notes: My sweetheart's fave is the Pink Ranger, hence the pink outfit.
       The skin tones are close to being like my sweetheart's. This was
       basically a special Mai edit I made for her. Over the top, you
       say? Heh, you ain't seen nothing yet...

3.) Shadow Mai v.1
bg: 20-20-20
a. 0-0-0   f. 12-0-12   k. 10-0-10
b. 9-9-9   g. 8-0-8     l. 11-0-11
c. 7-7-7   h. 4-0-4     m. 14-0-14
d. 5-5-5   i. 31-31-0   n. 0-0-0
e. 0-0-0   j. 31-31-0   o. 0-0-0

notes: Okay, this is VERRRRY experimental. I haven't even tried this
       out yet, as I JUST now thought it up. I used Pink Mai's schemes
       as a base, and calculated based on how Shadow Lady looks. I'll
       make any necessary changes to this when I update this again.

1.) Shoto Ryou!
Bg: 0-8-0
a. 31-0-31   f. 4-0-0      k. 10-10-10
b. 18-3-6    g. 31-31-31   l. 0-0-0
c. 19-14-6   h. 28-28-28   m. 0-0-0
d. 19-8-0    i. 22-22-22   n. 0-0-0
e. 13-2-0    j. 14-14-14   o. 0-0-0

notes: This was ORIGNIALLY intended to be Ryuu, hence the white gi. I
       got kinda bored, and I liked how Pink Mai and Ghetto Yuri had
       turned out, so I tweaked some colors to base him on ME.

2.) Shoto Ryou 2
bg: 0-0-31
a. 0-0-0     f. 0-0-0     k. 4-0-4
b. 19-10-7   g. 31-0-31   l. 0-0-0
c. 21-7-9    h. 23-0-23   m. 22-0-0
d. 15-7-2    i. 19-0-19   n. 14-0-0
e. 6-0-0     j. 15-0-15   o. 9-0-0

notes: Guess who he's supposed to be now. NO HINT!!! You'll just have
       to try it out for yourselves.

3.) Shoto Ryou 3
bg: 0-0-0
a - e: default+2   j. 14-0-0    o. 6-6-0
f. 0-0-0           k. 10-0-0
g. 31-0-0          l. 22-22-0
h. 28-0-0          m. 15-15-0
i. 22-0-0          n. 11-11-0

notes: Again, if you can't guess, then you'll just have to try it and
       see. Frankly, I'd prefer it if you used colors g through k from
       Shoto 1 or Shoto 2 than this. (of course, if you LIKE red, then
       that's different.) Note that as with Shadow Mai, I had JUST now
       thought this one up, so I have yet to try it. (So do NOT be
       surprised if you see the section of blocks for clothing change
       to one of the above two in the next update!!!)

1.) Ghetto Yuri
bg: 9-9-9
a. 0-0-0    f. 0-0-0   k. 0-0-0
b. 13-9-4   g. 1-1-1   l. 17-4-1
c. 15-7-2   h. 2-2-2   m. 14-5-2
d. 14-4-1   i. 0-0-0   n. 11-2-0
e. 14-4-1   j. 0-0-0   o. 5-0-0

notes: This was my first edit. I'd darkened her skin tones up a bit
       from the original base of 19-10-7. She's wearing black Tims and
       a black cleavage-n-thighs-revealing dress. Try out her fw+Lk. >)

2.) Ghetto Yuri 2
bg: 31-5-31
a, f, k. 0-0-0
g-j. default colors, can do +2 or +3 to lighten if you want
b-e. same as Ghetto Yuri 1
l-o. same as Ghetto Yuri 1

notes: It's as it says. Of course, you can lighten up the skin tones
       by +2 or +3 if you want. (I've since done it, and this one looks
       pretty hot!) She's now wearing white shoes and a white dress,

To add next episode
-Any adjustments to those "experimental edits"
-The other edits that I didn't have: King, Leona, and whoever
-Any edits the fans send in!!!

That's it!!!


(c) 2002