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---------------------------------Clark Guide by Gunsmith v 1.3

This version of the guide is only for KOF '99

There is another version at which 
can be used for Clark in practically any KOF..
theoretically of course...

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Printed 17th September 1999 Gunsmith, Wu-Tech Corp. UK. 1999
3rd Edition printed 2nd Oct 1999

Update! You can follow [Dwn Dwn + C] with [QCF + A/C]!!! 
Thanks to cegit!

Update 14th May '00: Check Strategies section.  Added simple
and very successful pattern... and updated that again for 
advanced opponents grrrr


          - Ground based Attack
          - Anti Air Attack
          - Anti- Anti Attack
          - Desperation Moves
        =-Appendix A (Ref)
        =-Appendix B (Credits)


Clark Steel (*0).  The mercenary from Brazil, born in the United
States.  A heavily muscled man in combat trousers and a vest
with a cap and sunglasses to hide his ever cool expression.

Clark Steel-------------------------"Anta, senaka ga susuketeruze."-
---------------------------------------"I'll make your back dirty!"-
Place of Birth : America
Fighting Style : Army-Training + Heidern Assasination Skill
Age            : 34
DOB            : 7th May
Blood Type     : A
Height         : 187 cm
Weight         : 105 kg
Hobby          : Guns Collection
Best sport     : Wrestling  -Heh Heh you bet ;)
Favourite Food : Oatmeal
Important Thing: His Sunglasses
Hated Thing    : Slugs
Endquote       : "I had fun.  For about 5 seconds.  A new low."

Nageppanashi German            : Bk / Fwd + C when close
Fisherman Buster               : Bk / Fwd + D when close
Death Lake Drive               : In air, any dir. but u + C / D
Stomping                       : Fwd + B
Gatling Attack                 : Hold Bk 1 sec then Fwd + P
                                 -can follow with Napalm Stretch
Napalm Stretch                 : DP + P
Frankensteiner                 : DP + K
Flashing Elbow                 : after Napalm Stretch,
                                 Frankensteiner or SAB: QCF + P
Mount Tackle                   : HCF + P (blockable- so use in combo)
                                 -Follow with:
                                  Rolling Cradle: Down Down + K
                                  Clark Lift: Down Down + A
                                  Super Lift: Down Down + C
                                   >--Super Lift only --> QCF + A/C
Super Argentina BackBreaker    : HCF + K (throw)
DM: Ultra Argentina BackBreaker: near foe then HCBx2 + P
DM: Running Three              : HCFx2 + K
Striker                        : grabs opponent and throws into air
                                (yes you can juggle!)

Beginner's Guide:

Do HCF+D when opponent is close.  Throw out stand D and Low D

Advanced Guide:


-----------------------------------------Ground Based Attacks:
Listed in order of importance.

Stand D (Far): High Priority, fast and snubs many other pokes.
It's also good for making hoppers think twice, when used just
as they start jumping (or even if they hop back).  Remember
its range hits opponents who are just about to jump or land...
Use to scare opponents into blocking, so you can start to apply
Clark's mind games (see "Strategies" section).  The Stand D
is so fast that even if you miss with it and someone rolls/
dodges (not dodge attack) past it you can simply normal throw
them [Fwd +D].

Stand C (far):  New for '99.  Shorter range and a little bit 
faster.  Just noticed it has some damn good priority too!
Use in alteration for the stand D.  

Stand C (Close): HIGH Priority move used for combo starters. 
You can use this on a waking up opponent without fear, 
unless your opponent has good timing and an autoguarded DP 
Note: If you time this attack early, you will hit the waking
opponent with the second hit and NOT be able to combo.
Wherever you connect with the first hit of the Stand C, you 
can combo with HCF + D.

HCF + D: Clark's throw.  It's range is approximately the same as
his stand A.  If his stand A can connect, so can the throw.  Note
that the range increases when used as a counter- ie: used a
millisecond after the opponent tries to attack.  In '98 
(not definetely sure in '99) if the opponent starts a ground
ticking combo (which you're blocking) which links PROPERLY
the CPU will block for you the remaining hits.  However, if you 
can anticipate the ticking will end in a badly timed combo and
the opponent will still be in range, execute HCF+D WHILE 
blocking- in fact, do it even if you're getting hit.  The 
amount of times people have done a low B which hits me and
then all they hear is "ORIYA!"... of course this isn't guaranteed.
Just try it out on poorly skilled opponents for some fun.

QCF + C(Flash Elbow):  Used after [HCF+D]- the timing is as the
opponent hits Clark's shoulders.  However if you time it as
the opponent hits the floor you will miss and the opponent
will get up after you.  If done after a succession of well
timed hits, the opponent will simply expect to be hit.  This
is when you simply do [HCF+D] or if you have a stock, 
[HCBx 2 + A/C] or [HCFx2 + B/D] (if you see the opponent 
has realised what's going on) as you get up from the missed 
Flash Elbow.
This works effectively as a wake up counter.  This is based
upon the idea that the opponent simply stands there like
a dumb idiot waiting for the flash elbow.  When you miss
the flash elbow, the opponent is fully able to combo you,
so use sparingly.

DP + D: The counter move of Clark's arsenal.  It will counter
pretty much anything.  It has a split second startup in which
opponents can throw Clark, but otherwise its a guaranteed
throw.  Use when you think your opponent is going to attack
you with something other than a throw.

QCF + A/C: These moves only work if an opponent tries to attack
at the last second as they see this move coming.  In '98,
it was better as Clark was silent and simply ran with his
standard animation.  In '99, he puts his hands up and makes a
noise (as if it wasn't obvious enough already).  
If opponents sees this move coming, they can hit you with a 
variety of attacks.  However, if they try something at the 
last second, as Clark is about to touch them, then they will 
get hit and Clark can apply either of his follow-ups.
'99's version has the added bonus of being able to grab
opponents who are about to land/take off.  Heh Heh.  If
you can anticipate well enough, I think this is it's best
use.  BTW, use Dwn Dwn + C as a follow up.  It's best
because it leaves the opponent close to you :) AND it's the
only follow up that you can follow up with QCF + A/C!

Hld Bk 1 sec, Fwd + A/C: The Gatling Punch returns.  I use
it combos and one more tactic.  Run forward and Dodge past 
your opponent so that you have a little space (so you 
don't get thrown), all the time keeping the joystick held
forward.  Then simply press Back (which is now forward
as you have turned around).  Clark will do the Gatling
Punch and you can combo DP + A/C, QCF + A/C...

HCF x 2 + B/D: I almost never use this.  When I do, it's by
mistake from a low B combo.  However Clark's feet are 
invincbible.  He will run over sweeps THAT TOUCH HIS FEET.
Anything else above his shoes will smack Clark.  Of
course, that doesn't even include clever people giving him a 
boot to the head or a hop in combo.
Note: I've done this move as a wake up, and Joe did HCF + B.
The Slash Kick went right through Clark and Joe ate the DM.
Hmmm could well be more use to this DM.  I've tried using 
it after the missed Flash Elbow to some degree of success,
but the last time I used it, I got punched in the face
by Bao....

+---------------------------------------Ducking Based Attacks:

Low B: Used to start combo from a mind game or when someone's
poking you and you think they're going to do an overhead.
In '98, you could block and hammer on the button, allowing you
to block things like flying kicks and low B, A chains while
your attack would be executed at the next available time
ie: when the opponent walks, jumps, moves after poking.
PS. In 99, you can only combo low B into HCF + B/D.
However, I once did low B, HCF x2 + B but I can't confirm
it combos...

Low D: Fat chunky sweep.  It seems quite slow to me, but it
doesn't stop people trying to walk over it or jump past it...
High Priority.

Low A/ Low C:
I simply don't use these attacks apart from the fact that
I'll apply them randomly in a safe situation just to
hopefully confuse/scare the opponent.


Clark doesn't have an instant high priority Anti-Air attack,
which proves his downfall when attacked by an offensive hopper
eg. Kyo... but you can try with these....

Jump A: Fast + High priority so this is the attack to use in
the air if you're not sure what the opponent is going to do.

Stand D: If you can walk backwards so they land in front of
you not on top of you, then you can use this effectively.
Time it as they are about to land.

Jump D: It's almost instant and aims upwards.  High Priority.
BUT you have to use from a hop's distance.  You want the
opponent to be higher in the air for most effective use.
When pinned in the corner, it's not fast enough to use against
a fast jumper like Kyo.

Jump C: If you hop at the same time as the opponent from a
hop or jump and anticpate you will meet at the same height
in the air this is the move to use.

Stand A: You've got to be close.  If you're very close
and have no time to jump, use this.  Chancy but at least
you'll get a counter hit and not get comboed.  It's better
than blocking the hit- as this gives the opponent time
to breathe and try their own mind games.

DP+ D: Use at the last second against air attacks that
will just miss your face.  Note that its slow and
only works if the opponent wants to poke after landing
from their air attack.  If they do an empty hop and hop
again or simply hop back you are open to attack.  Also,
hoppers with high priority air attacks will leave you
no time to effect the [DP+D] - you'll just get hit.

DP+ C: If some idiot makes an obvious high jump with time to
spare, hit them with this to make them think twice about
doing something so stupid.  You could have hit them with
Jump D, but this has more style (and damage).  Of course,
apply the Flash Elbow... then start (yes you've guessed it)
Clark's mind games.  The move is actually "sticky".  If
an opponent jumps after you have, they STILL get hit!
Clarkification: Use [DP + C] to hit jumpers NOT hoppers.
Well that's how I use it.  I've seen it used like
an instant and deep anti-air attack but I can't
figure out how to do this properly.  It can hit
hoppers at the top height of their "hop" but every time
I use at such I get kicked in the face.  Oh well
back to the drawing board.

]-------------------------------------------------Air attacks:

Use Jump D when certain to get a combo.
Otherwise stick with Jump A. It's safer...
Jump CD is powerful but slow.  With a Counter MSG
on a walking opponent, you can connect a QCF + A/C.

[-------------------------------------------Anti Anti Attacks:

Jump A:  You want to hit the opponent a millisecond
after they try to counter attack you.

EG: Yuri wants to use Low C to counter you from the air.
If she does Low C as you are at the peak of your jump
you have to do yours just after- however when you land
you can't combo.
If Yuri does her Low C at the last second and you
will hit deep with the jump A, then you can get a counter
and combo.
You can avoid the first scenario by jumping on
a waking opponent slightly late.  Trying to hop or
jump against a standing opponent will incur the
first scenario.

Jump CD: It's slow but it will knock out pretty much
anything and get a counter against DP attacks.
Just remember against Jumping opponents you want to
be higher at the time of contact.

Stand C: HIGH Priority move.  Use without fear and
even if you know you're going to get hit by a DP.
Why?  Because there's a chance they will try again
next time so you block instead and counter...

0-------------------------------------------Desperation Moves:

HCB HCB + A/C :  The only DM of Clark's arsenal of er... 2
DMs that you want to use.   When you have a stock and have
time (eg: on a waking opponent or when you're blocking an
opponent's attack that has eons of recovery time or just
find yourself standing in front of someone who's just
executed a Haoshikoken and rolled past it...) combo the
Standing C with this DM by performing [HCB + C, HCB + C].
You can perform the low B, low A/Stand A, HCBx2 + A
combo with the same shortcut.
You can still apply the running DM method by executing thus:
[HCB Fwd Fwd HCB + A/C].  Clark will run forward and do
the DM.  However most veterans won't fall for this and
simply jump.   You want to catch opponents as they
BEGIN to attack...
You'd be suprised how many opponents get irked by a
walking Clark.  Perform the same technique at close
range by simply [HCB, Fwd (to walk a step forward)
HCB + A/C]...
Also remember that this DM is a grab.  If you perform
this just after an opponent BEGINS an attack, it's
range increases and it will grab anyone in it's path.
Yes you can grab Ryoku Ranbus etc.


[Stand C, HCF + D, QCF + A]
Your standard combo which you will see a lot of...

[Jump A/C/D, Stand C, Hold Back for 1 sec then Fwd + C, 
DP + C, QCF + C]

Jump Attack, Stand C (1 hit), Gatling Punch, Napalm Stretch 
with a Flash Elbow to end.

Of course the above combo (*10) is actually performed by
holding Back on the joystick before anything else so when
you execute the stand C, you simply press Forward + C to
execute the Gatling Punch.

Counter Mode:
Jump A, Stand C (1 hit), Hld Bk 1 sec, Fwd + C, HCBx2 + P

You have to be very quick with this combo.  The HCBx2 
connects after the first hit of the Gatling Punch.  
Of course, I'm not fast enough to do it under pressure!

(----------------Strategies/ Mind Games----------------------)

You can replace HCF + B/D with HCF + A/C or HCB HCB + A/C.
Obviously, every opponent is different so mix up techniques to
your best judgement.  Good Luck!
Apparently you can combo C, HCFx2 + B/D.  Damned if I can 
figure out how to execute this one... looks like my 
hands are too slow :(

Poke with C, D.  Let's consider the psychology of the 
average opponent.

-When you hit the opponent twice in a row with either C or D,
 the opponent will try to jump.  Prepare a anti air attack.

-After blocking a jump attack that is aimed at your head but 
 not close enough for a combo, you will generally find 
 yourself in sweep range.  Instead of blocking the sweep, 
 hop A and combo.  A good example of such an opponent is Ralf.

In Counter Mode, you can combo Clark's Dodge Attack into 
HCF + B/D or HCB x2 + A/C.  So all you have to do is 
anticipate an attack or poke!  Good luck...

You can try this on some slow witted opponents:
Hop/Jump D which misses and as you land HCBx2 + P or HCF + K

-----------------------------------------------------Anti Air:

On a high jumper, do Jump A/D then run forward;

Jump D ----> C, HCF + D, QCF + A
       ----> Low B, Low A, HCF + D, QCF + A
       ----> DP + D, QCF + A
       ----> Pause - then HCF + D or DP + D

Thesis:  The first option, the opponent tries to
counter.  The second option, the opponent tries to block
high.  The third option is for opponents who block.

-------------------------------------------On Waking Opponent:

Stand a pace back.  You are still in range for Clark's
Stand C and any of his throws.

Stand C, HCF + D, QCF + A.
If the opponent blocks you are pushed back safely out
of range for any immediate counter.

Low D:
No real use apart from making the opponent want to
block low next time he gets up... so then you do
something else, like...

DP + D: Hohoho.  Some people call this move cheap.
Well, that's tough.  People say all kinds of things-
WHEN THEY LOSE.  Anyway, use this a split second
after they fully get up.

Do nothing:  Believe me, it works.  At that range
you're safe to do anything you want.  What you want
is for the opponent to freak out and try to poke.
That's when you do any of the above.

Jump and hop A into combo as they get up.
Now if you're facing an opponent who does not
have a instant anti air attack (eg: Kyo DP + A)
then mix this tactic with an empty hop, HCF + D
or empty hop, low B into combo or even
empty hop into normal throw (Fwd C/D).
Note you have to convince the opponent you have
the timing to hit them exactly as they get
up, so tag them with some hop A, Stand Cs
(even if blocked).  Then you have a much
better chance of catching them with an empty 

----------------------------Standing Close to waking opponent:

Keep that Stand C handy.  You're at more risk
here.  But you can try this below.

Low B, Low A (optional), HCF+ D, QCF + A.
Use at the last moment if you think your opponent will
block high.  They will if you keep using the Stand C.
Don't forget to duck at the last second as they
are getting up to apply the combo.

Low B, Low A (not combo), pause, HCBx2 + A
If your opponent thinks you've messed up and tries to poke,
you'll catch them with the DM.

------------------------------------------Offensive Counters:
Remember you can use these against another grappler...

Situation 1: Opponent lands an air attack that you block.
 -[HCF + D]  If they aimed for your head they can't combo.
             If they jump again upon landing, you're open
             to combo.  If they aimed for your belt, 
             BLOCK; the only way you can HCF + B/D is 
             if they badly time a follow up attack.
             Eg: Terry jumps in with a Jump D aiming at
             your belt (you're stand blocking).  If you
             try to HCF+B/D and Terry correctly times
             a stand C as if it were a combo, you will
             get hit.  

Situation 2: Opponent stands over you, waiting for you
             to get up.
 -[HCF + D]  If they jump again then you're open to combo-
 -[DP + C]   however you can do this instead heheheh...

Situation 3: Kyo/Iori/K etc (like who?) is hopping at you
             repeatedly in the corner.
 -[Panic?]   This is your chance for credit in this faq.
             The only thing I can think of is get a
             lucky stand/ hop back A.  If you have
             a stock and less than half energy use a
             CD counter.  Push the barstards back and
             get those mind games in order!!!

Situation 4: Ralf wants to play "tag knuckle"
 -[Stand D]  Heheh.  Ralf does have recovery after
             a missed [Stand C far] so walk forward
             and let him taste boot.  After a (blocked)
             jump A and a low B, the average Ralf
             will attempt a low C.  You can time a
             run forward, [close C, HCF + D] which
             will counter and connect BUT DAMN you
             have to be brave!

Situation 5: Hmmm anything else?

=EASY PATTERN====================================EASY PATTERN=

This is so effective anyone can learn it.
The key Clark's jump CD.  Simply do it early until you knock
the opponent over.  They will almost definetly have to block
after getting smacked two times (and because it's a CD, 
they get knocked over, letting you jump CD again).

THEN choose one of the following:
(note, average opponents try to counter two times in a row
 before giving up and blocking so attack twice with the same

 - Frankensteiner (DP + D)
 - Walk forward, then Stand C, HCF+D
 - Walk forward, HCF + D
 - HCBx2 + C (time it to grab as they finish their block stun)
 - Jump CD again
 - Empty hop HCF + D/ HCBx2 + C

 (after fighting the same opponent, do not do the same attack
  2 times in a row but simply mix it up)

 These tactics work best in the corner, as you don't even 
 have to walk forward and your opponent will sh*t his pants!
 :) Remember to practise so after you press Stand C, let the
 stick/pad return to neutral position so you can do HCF+D,
 after walking forward- otherwise you'll end up doing 
 Fwd, HCF+D, which will execute DP+D...

 You may see some clever chuck dodge forward or even dodge
 attack as you land from the CD.  Let them eat cake, er, I 
 mean DP+ D mofo!  If it's a simple dodge then you can 
 normal throw.

 If you see some very clever opponent who decides to jump 
 straight up after the CD (or any mind game set up), then 
 forget the waiting/walking and simply do STAND C 
Shortcut Control:
 DP + P/K
 can be executed thus:
 Fwd, (neutral), Dwn-Fwd + P/K

Clarks flies in with a CD and then does HCF + D.
His range is limited to half of (your side) the screen.
As far as I'm concerned, Clark serves his Ikari Team mates 
very well, as each can combo a DM when he throws the 
opponent at them.  

Frankly, I'm not using Clark as a Striker...

Clark's close B:
After a flash elbow you may notice that Clark is in range
to his Close B (knee) - but it doesn't connect.  If you 
can fool the opponent into blocking it, you can time the
Close B to miss and buffer into HCF + B/D which will 


Anti Air : To counter an attack from the air
Anti - Anti :  To counter a counter-move
Poke : To attack the opponent with an intent to harass
       rather than combo...
Snub : To outprioritise another move.
Empty Hop : To hop and not attack from the air.

-----------------------Appendix A-----------------------------

(*10) Punny mentioned this combo on the KOF-ML.
(*1)  Gamest Mook 195: The King of Fighters 1999
      Shinseisha 1999 Japan
(*0)  Clark Steel, The King of Fighters and any other
      characters from that game mentioned are copyright
      1994,1995,1996,1997,1998,1999 SNK Corporation.

-----------------------Appendix B----------------------------

Gunsmith : :  Author
quang    :  For getting confused by the mind games

You can now send in mails to give me advice.  The
Credits section is now OPEN! :)

End transmission---------------------------------------------