Striker FAQ by PHwang

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King of Fighters 99
Striker FAQ
January 19, 2000
by: Patrick Hwang
Table of Contents
-Striker System
-Ratings Guide
-Striker Rankings
-Mook Rankings
     3.00  Well i finally got some time to update.  Whole Faq will be 
reformatted.  The game has been out for over 5 months now, it may seem like the 
guide is obsolete.  Maybe it is.  So this may just be the last update.  Take a 
look, many changes in place.          
     2.03  Finally had time to update. Seen most of the strikers and now im 
going to rate them and give my opinions on them.  More detailed descriptions of 
the strikers too.
     1.02  Played some more, saw some more. ill be adding opinions and ratings 
soon too.
     1.01  well i havent updated even tho i know some more. well now i have the 
time.  ill probably go play this weekend...and get beaten down hehehe. hey no 
FAQs for kof99, comon guys i need it so i stand a chance j/k okay well thanx for 
those people (or person) that sent me emails on strikers. i still have a 
question? do stikers so different things in different situations? i swear i saw 
Terry do his high-angle geyers DM instead of the  power gayser... hmm...maybe im 
seeing things.
     1.00: just played Kof99 today.  Gave a general rundown and opinion on the 
striker system.  Listed the moves that the striker performs for the very few 
characters that I know.  Complete version will be out as soon as i see them all.  
Striker System
     Time for another King of Fighters tournament.  This year, instead of the 
usual 3 person teams, 4 people are selected.  This time, the fouth guy is 
designated as the "striker."  To summon your striker, press B and C and the same 
time, your striker will come out.  You start out with 3 uses of the striker and 
gain one more every time your character is KOed.  That means, at max, you can 
get 5 strikers on your last character.  When you summon each striker you get a 
split second of invincibility, use this to your advantage.  Each striker has 
different properties and i will try to elaborate on these in my FAQ.
     *: poor striker, has little or no use
     **: decent striker, has its uses, but very limited
     ***: average striker, good but not great
     ****: very good striker, one to consider using
     *****: excellent striker
* Obviously the striker ratings are a reflection of my opinion. so what you may 
consider awesome may not be in my book. Of course, I am basing my rankings from 
my observations and experince.  At the end of the guide i will post the rankings 
given by the Geibun Mooks No. 226 The King of Fighters 99 Perfect Manual.
Striker Rankings 
-Japan Team
Ranking: **
K' will do one of two things depending on your opponents position.  If your 
opponent is close, he will jump in with a flying kcik and do a slide attack that 
looks like his teleport move.  If the opponent is close enough the jump kick and 
slide will score a two hit combo.  If the opponent is farther, or in the air, I 
believe, K' will do his jump kick and then his flaming uppercut.  I think it 
deserves a one star only, but i supposse it has its uses.  Overall a poor 
striker because there really is not much you can do with him.
Ranking: **
Maxima flys in about where your oppoennt is and attempts to grab you.  If he 
hits, he will hold you up for a limited time. NOTE: Maxima does no damage and 
the opponent is considered in the air while being held by Maxima.  It's success 
rate isn't too great and thus it gets a low ranking.  I can see this striker 
coming a mile away
Ranking: **
Much like his teammate Maxima, Benimaru jumps to your opponent and performs his 
Elec-Trigger DM.  While he is shocking the opponent you get a free open shot to 
combo, DM or whatever you will.  NOTE: unlike Maxima, Beni grounds your 
opponent.  Another mediocre striker.
Ranking:  ***
I like this striker.  Shingo runs in, head first, then tries to grab onto your 
legs. If successful, he holds on allowing a freebie hit.  This striker has a 
delayed timing move.  Its hard to explain this but you can use this to your 
advantage.  This means when you summon Shingo, he will not come out immediately.  
This is best used if you can get your opponent in the middle of his move.  For 
example,  Kyo just hit you with a standing C at the same time you summoned the 
striker, as Kyo is recovering from the move, Shingo will run out and grab Kyo.  
I like to "run" into moves, that is the only way i can get shingo to work.  
Experiment with yourself to see how good he is.  Thats the way i use him because 
he isn't a great striker, you can see him coming far away.  NOTE:  The initial 
attack by Shingo will do damage, I have killed someone with block damage :)
-Fatal Fury Team
Terry Bogard
Ranking:  *****
Terry is an above average striker IMO.  He does one of two things and he is the 
anti-air and anti-jump in striker.  If your opponent is close, he well perform 
the High angle gayser DM, this version is so-so.  The other version comes out if 
your opponent is further away or jumping in.  Terry comes in and performs the 
Power Gayser DM.  This is quite fast and you can tack on a free juggle while 
they are in the air.  There are some combos with the Terry Striker, im not going 
to elaborate on these, if you want striker combos please refer to Gunsmith's FAQ 
also located at 
Andy Bogard
Ranking: *** 1/2
I dont like giving partial stars but this one seems to fit the category.  He 
isnt a 4 star striker but hes better than 3.  Andy charges in with his Zan Ei 
Ken move.  It doesnt go full screen but it is very quick to come out. Again, you 
get a free juggle hit. I'd use him but there are better strikers out there...
Joe Higashi
Ranking: *
Joe, Joe, Joe.  I really think is one sucks.  Anyway, he will come in with this 
TNT punches, RB style.  If it connects he will continue to punch and then 
perform the uppercut finish.  Why is this striker bad?  1. It has horrible 
range.  2. If your opponent does get hit by the punches, it is not guarnteed 
that he will be hit by all.  Many a times the opponent will be hit out out if.  
On the flip side, if the opponent is hit, you can cross up and hit him from the 
back essentially hitting him into Joe.  Again, very limited = very poor
Mai Shiranui
Ranking: **
The bouncy ninja will come in FAST and perform her Real Bout DM (sorry no name, 
the one where she goes straight up).  Your opponent must be close and grounded.  
If your opponent is not within range, then she will just out and taunt only.  If 
your opponent is in the air, Mai will hit only once and that's it.  This striker 
best utilizes the instant invincibility when you summon her.  Time it so that 
you avoid the opponents attack and she will come in and hit your opponent.  If 
your opponent is hit, she will continue to hit him up into the air.  While the 
opponent is traveling upwards, you can hit him for additional hits.  You cannont 
however after Mai finishes hitting your opponent and he is traveling back down.  
-Art of Fighting Team
Ranking: ****
Ryo is a good striker.  He will jump in and throw an air fireball that travels @ 
a 45 degree angle.  The angle at which the fireball travels makes it hard for 
the opponent to avoid this move.  I can't tell you how many times i've seen 
people hit by the fireball when they try to jump over it.  You can combo with 
this move and it can also hit downed opponents.  Ralf can utilize this.  Again 
refer to Gunsmith's FAQ.
Ranking: ***
Robert is another delayed striker.  Robert will jump in and perform his Dance of 
Mayhem DM (the one where he combos like crazy).  It's slow and it doesnt travel 
the whole screen.  But it is powerful, the opponent is hit by it, then he is 
left open for anything.  You can hit the opponent while he is being beat down by 
Robert or you can wait to juggle him after Robert has hit him up with his "blade 
kick" move and the end of the combo.  Just make sure you dont push the opponent 
out of Robert's "combo," trust me, i've done that.
Ranking:  *****
Okay im going to give Yuri 5 starts b/c she is pretty awesome.  Everyone here is 
playing with Yuri, truthfully im getting tired of her.  Yuri jumps in and 
performs three Yuri Super Uppers, three uppercuts in other words.  She's fast 
and thus best utilizes the split second invincibility.  If not in range, Yuri 
will just taunt and raise your super bar.  Otherwise she will juggle you with 
her move.  Why 5 starts?  Because you get to do anything you want with the 
opponent and you get a lot of time to do it! The juggling takes a while so you 
can plan your next attack.  BTW, i believe most DM's can connect after this 
Ranking: *
Takuma comes in with his Mr. Karate mask on and performs a giant Haoh Sho Koh 
Ken. That's all he does.  I have yet to see what else you can do with him
-Ikari Team
Ranking: ***
Ralf flys in with his angled bombing punch, charges, and performs his Galactica 
Phantom DM.  The bombing punch is fast so you can use the invincibility to get 
some breathing room from your opponent.  His Galactica Phantom CAN be blocked, 
and if hit will send the opponent spinning high in the air for a free juggle. 
NOTE:  while the oppoennt is coming down, you can hit him and he will instantly 
become grounded.  Its hard to describe you have to see it for yourself.  Ill 
explain.  I hit the opponent with the Galactica Phantom and while opponent was 
flying back down upside down, i performed Clark's close C buffered into the 
Backbreaker.  Now if a reg opponent was in the air, he will be hit once and fall 
down.  Well, when i hit the flying opponent, he instantly appeared right side up 
and grounded.  The C hit twice and grabbed the opponent. Again, hard to 
visualize, you have to do it yourself.
Ranking:  ****
Personally i dont think this striker is that great, and i'd rather be using 
Clark than for a striker.  Anyway he is fairly good.  He will fly in with a 
jumping CD kick and grab the opponent.  If successful, he will turnaround and 
throw the opponent upwards and into the corner, again for a freebie hit.  If the 
opponent is in the right distance, the kick and grab will combo.  BTW, the jump 
kick is very fast.  
Ranking:  *****
Awesome striker nuff said.  Leona runs in and plants a bomb on your opponent.  
If the opponent gets hit, the bombo goes off, launching him into the air for a 
free juggle.  If the opponent blocks, Leona will continue to run forward, 
somewhat keeping your opponent there, allowing you a chance to cross up.  THe 
beauty of this striker? you can "catch" your opponent. If you opponent jumps in 
with an attack, summon Leona, You will be hit by the attack but Leona will no 
become unblockable and hit the opponent, the opponent will be bombed and juggled 
upwards, and you know the drill.  Very good and very annoying.  There are some 
other strikers that can do this too but Leona is by far the best.  Three uses = 
5 stars
Ranking:  *
Whip striker is pretty poor.  If the opponent is close she will jump in and 
perform the boomerang move.  Unfortunately it will only hit for the first part 
so your opponent will only be hit away.  If your opponent is farther, she will 
come out and whip like crazy a la her Forward + A command move, covers great 
range but thats all, cant combo.  Boo hoo what a poor striker
-Psycho Soldier Team
Ranking: ***
Athena jumps in and after a split second performs her Shining Craystal Bit SDM 
and gives you back a sliver of live.  While she activates the SDM, she will 
knock the opponent back.  Best used for turtling.  I've seen people save all of 
her for the last guy and just turtle and use her to gain life very 
boring.  The striker is too passive for me to like.
Sie Kensou
Ranking: *
Sie will jump in with his air move which can hit the oppoennt back.  Then he 
will eat his meat bao and give you back some life.  Um...i haven't figured out 
the exact properties of this striker because sometimes he will give life and 
sometimes not. He really is useless, if you want to get life back, use Athena.  
He is waaay to cheap to be using him as a striker.  Easy infinite anyone?
Ranking: **
I'd like to think of Chin like a time bomb.  He will come out and sit there.  If 
your opponent is close he will perform his DP move.  If your opponent is far he 
will just sit there, after a while, he will perform the DP move.  I have to say 
his striker isn't all that great but it annoys me greatly.  again another so-so 
Ranking: ***
Bao runs in with a head butt, charges up, and throws a large psycho ball.  
Better than Takuma's IMO because if the fireball hits, it will launch the 
opponent high into the air for a free juggle a la Ralf striker
-Girlz Team
Ranking: ****
Good striker, King slide kicks in and then her Silent Slash DM.  Upon finishing 
you can juggle. Or you can actually keep hitting the oppoent while King is doing 
the striker because apparently it will not push the opponent out.  Interesting. 
Again check out Gunsmith's FAQ for some monster combos.  Only problem with this 
stiker is that is has little range and is slow in coming out.
Blue Mary
Ranking: **
Mary will slide in and then perform her M. Spider move.  Another so-so move 
because it is so slow.  I've seen the slide hit and the second part, the spider 
miss so its not guaranteed.  Truthfully i'd rather be using her.
Kasumi Todo
Ranking:  ****
Kasumi will jump in with a flying kick, and taunt the opponent.  The taunt will 
lower the opponents super bar. If the opponent is hit by her finger(?!) or hits 
her, kasumi will counter and throw the opponent into the corner.  If close 
enough, the flying kick and counter throw will combo.  Little range but a very 
good striker overall.  It can do three(!) things, very unappreciated striker.
Xiang Fei
Ranking:  *
This striker should actually get a half-star.  It's really that bad.  Comes in 
and taunts.  That's it!?!? It does however lower the super bar significantly, 
about 1 stock plus.  But still, if you want that, you'd be better off using 
Kasumi.  Deserves the most useless striker award, keep away.
-Korea Team
Ranking: **** 3/4
Great striker overall.  Fast, comes in at a 45 degree angle.  Kim will jump in 
and perform the angled flying kick.  If hit, he'll kick you twice, second hit 
will launch opponent into the ari, for yep, a freebie juggle.  I like this 
because it "covers" the air.  Lets say if someone is right over you.  Leona or 
Terry striker will most likely not be albe to hit the opponent.  But kim on the 
other hand can because he comes down.  Just an ovservation.  NOTE:  Kim will 
launch you stright up and not forewards like most strikers.  Just so you can 
plan ahead...
Ranking  ****
Chang literally drops in on you!  He will fly in with that belly bomb DM.  If he 
hit you he will then land on you for two hits.  But, if he misses, he will 
bounce on the ground.  Watch out! because that second bounce he can still hit 
you with his head(!)  Pretty good striker,  i always see my opponents run away 
from him when i summon him. hahalol
Ranking:  *** 1/2
Choi will jump in and do his upwards tornado move.  This move will catch your 
opponent and do MASSIVE damage to the opponent AND allow you to juggle.  Watch 
out though, like the move, it will not always catch 100% and your opponent maybe 
knocked away.  If you can trap your opponent in the corner and sandwich him the 
choi will get the full hits in.  Trust me this is huge damage, just kick back 
and laugh.  Too bad the range is poor on this.  If however, the opponent is not 
near choi, he will just taunt and do his little ballerina dance.  BUT, unlike 
other strikers that taunt, if you are able to hit or "push" your opponent into 
choi, he will then do the move. heheh :)  Good but not great
Ranking: ***
I love this guy.  The striker, however, is not so great.  Like others, he can do 
one of two things.  If close he will do the D, U + A spining kick move that Kim 
used to have.  If far Juhn will perform his jumping kick (d, d + B mode, then up 
+ C) Not too fond of using him as a striker.
-Edit Characters
Kyo-1, Kyo-2
Ranking: **
Both clones have the same striker.  They will come in with the R.E.D. Kick.  If 
opponent is hit, Kyo Klone will then taunt.  If blocked or missed, then they 
will do the double kick move.  (qcf +B, B)  I CANNOT seem to have it juggle 
after it.  Pretty useless overall.  But then again, they are clones.
-Hidden Characters
Kyo Kusanagi
Ranking: **** 1/2
Shin Kyo, as i would like to call him.  Overall a good striker.  He will come in 
and perform his Serpent Wave SDM.  It will hit the opponent for multiple hits if 
connected and you can also cross them up.  Can't really see anything wrong with 
this striker.  
Iori Yagami
Ranking: *****
Iori will come in and throw a quick purple fireball.  If the opponent is hit, he 
will be stunned or "frozen" for a split second.  If not, a purple puddle is 
formed.  If the opponent is hit by the puddle, then he is stunned.  If the 
opponent lands in the puddle, he will be juggled.  "Five stars? I can't get this 
striker to work!" you say.  Well its an "expert" striker.  The fireball itself 
is pretty useless.  But if you can somehow get the opponent to land into the 
puddle (i.e summon when coming down) thats where the beauty is. By landing into 
the puddle, the opponent will be juggled about 4 times, each time doing some 
damage and allowing you, the player a chance to get free juggle hits in.  Once 
someone used Iori.  Upon summoning him and throwing the fireball, i jumped 
backwards into the corner and "accidently" landed into the fireball. It turned 
into a puddle and since i was low on life it juggled me to death while the other 
guy stood there and watched.  Takes some practice and timing to get down.  
Again, check out Gunsmith's FAQ for some crazy combos for this striker.
Mook Rankings
     Geibun Mooks No. 226 The King of Fighters '99 Perfect Manual
This is the numerical rankings given my the mook.  10 being the best, 1 the 
worst.  I will list them from best to worst.
-Clark      9
-Kim        9
-Shingo     7
-Kasumi     7
-Terry      7
-Chang      7
-Yuri       7
-Ralf       7
-(Shin) Kyo 7
-Leona      6
-Blue Mary  6
-Maxima     6
-Robert     6
-Athena     6
-Bao        5
-Benimaru   5
-Andy       5
-Joe        5
-Mai        5
-Ryo        5
-King       5
-Takuma     5
-Whip       4
-Chin       4
-Sie        4
-Juhn       4
-Kyo-1      4
-Kyo-2      4
-Iori       4
-Choi       3
-K'         3
-Xiang Fei  2
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-Cedric Tan
Various info on strikers
-Peter Kim
Always an excellent source of information
Again for feeback and tidbits
-Geibun Mooks No. 226 The King of Fighters 99 Perfect Manual
-Gamest Mook Vol. 195 The King of FIghters 99 Graphical Manual
-Everyone for reading my Faqs
-And of course, myself
Patrick Hwang
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