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         [   T h e  K i n g  O f  F i g h t e r s  ' 9 9   ]
                          TEAM G GUIDE  

                           TERRY BOGARD 


What the hell is this?

Getting confused with all the moves to remember and the countless
combos to try?  Keep fluffing your moves because your thinking
of another character?  Too much for your brain?  Here's a tip.
Stick with one team.  Here's mine.  Learn my tactics and then
you can beat me (oops).

This is my guide to my most used characters when I want to win.
Don't give me that crap about playing for fun, I PLAY FOR FUN TO WIN!
heheh! Aint that rite m00nrun? *snigger*

*Robert was added just to alleviate the boredom of winning*
(that's a joke within a joke)
*Chang was added because I wanted to add some weight to this guide.

-1. version history
--2.  fighting
---3.  Crap
----4.  Crap
-----5.  Bio
------6.  Credits


It's a big fat mess.  But if you can read, you'll learn
something, at least, even if it's only one tactic.
So far, only Terry has been started.
I thought about but (Ha ha) I ripped out stuff from my faq
to make this a more "complete" faq on "Team G".
Don't forget the important stuff is right near the top, all the 
bio crap is at the bottom.

 [2. C U T  T H E  C R A P  G E T  T O  T H E  P O I N T----------]

This section is for you advanced players who just want to know
the tactics.  Everyone else, head down to the bottom and 
read all the glossaries and terminology before proceeding.

 -What's new for Terry in KOF '99?

Terry has four new moves (one of them actually old taken from 
the fatal fury game series).  Let's quickly go through how
to actually use them.

 -Hammer Punch [Fwd + A]
 Finally, after 5 years, Terry gets an overhead attack.  

 -Round Wave [QCF + C]
 This hits low.  So if an opponent is standing and blocking,
 they get hit in the shins.

 -Power Drive [DP + A]
 Instant and invincible start up.  Use it against totally new 
 opponents.  Once it has connected against a blocked opponent,
 do it again.  You may get countered but the aim is to fool
 the opponent into thinking that you like using this move.
 The thing is, you don't.  You like to use the move below...
 -Power Shoot [DP + B]
 Instant and invincible start up AND it's an overhead.  
 I believe inbetween the time Terry spins around and does
 the actual kick he is vulnerable, but to this day, all
 my opponents just sit and watch... and get hit.  

 When you chain an overhead attack, it loses it's property.
 HOWEVER, if you chain a string of moves and lose physical 
 contact with the opponent, the overhead REGAINS its property.
 The best example?  Simple.

 Get your opponent on the floor and attack as he wakes up 
  [Stand C, Fwd A, DP + B]
 After Terry does the [Fwd + A] he spins around before
 doing the kick.  Here you will notice he stops touching
 the opponent... so guess what happens? 

 Shall we... mix it up?

Fallen Opponents--------------------------------------

There are  ways to approach a fallen opponent.

 -Pace back and forth in front of waking opponent.
 -Run so you're physically touching the waking 
  opponent and STILL running.  This is intimidating
  and heck, takes guts to do, in my humble opinion.
 -Stand directly in front, touching waking opponent.

Do remember that an opponent's waking animation is
not concurrent to their attack capability.
After the opponent falls, their back hits the floor
once (twice if after a CD or DM).  There follows
animation of getting up.  After the first frame,
the opponent can attack!  This is when you attack.
When you have convinced the opponent you are a 
kill happy puppy (especially using high priority
Stand D), they will block.  Once you have an 
opponent blocking, you have the advantage.  You 
must seize this chance to win the game.  
Dammit, practise.  If you have obvious bad timing
and can't do combos, your opponent will not
be intimidated.  Terry doesn't have hard combos
to do.  Don't try to do hard combos in matches
if you can't!  Stick with what works.  When
opponents see that you can do what you want Terry
to do, it makes a difference.  When it gets to
high level play, KOF becomes purely psychological.
It falls down to provoking the opponent to make 
a mistake.

 -How do I scare my opponent into sitting down?
 Use [QCF + C] in blocked combos and alone by itself.  
 -How do I scare my opponent into standing up? 
 Use [Fwd + A] in blocked combos and alone by itself.

The great thing about mixing up high and low attacks
is that the average opponent will respond to getting
hit by opposite blocking.  If they get hit by an 
overhead or rather see one coming, they stand up.
So Terry takes this advantage thus:

Do [Fwd + A] as they get up.  If they block, heck even
if they get hit, do [QCF + C].  Chances are they're
standing up.  So, they get hit.  And pissed off.
They start screaming at the controls or something. :)

 -What combos shall I use when I know the opponent
  will be blocking standing up?
 [Low B, Low A, Dwn Fwd C ---> Whatever DM is easier]
 [                        ---> HCF + B, DP + D      ]
 [                        ---> QCB + A              ]

 -How do I scare my opponent into trying to attack me
  as they get up? 
 Walk in and throw.  Do this early in the match.
 This leads us to the dummy section.

 -I know they're going to throw me or attack me as
  they get up with a higher priority move!
 SO WHAT?  That's what [Back + A+B] is for.  Dodge
 then combo their ass.  Or throw them.  Or if you're
 really scared [Back + A+B] and cancel with [QCF + A]
 or [QCB + A]

 -How do I cause them to get simultaneously confused, 
  pissed off and on the verge of tears?
 Jump and land in front of them as they get up and
 throw.  This only works if they are blocking so don't
 forget to mix this with actual jump in [low B] combos, 
 and [jump D] combos even if they block.  You have to 
 get the timing spot on -you'll know when because the
 perfect timing is when you're about to land and there 
 is no time for the opponent to think whether to block 
 high or low or to even attack!

Dummy Section-----------------------------------------

 Throws are escapable but if the opponent doesn't see
 it coming, there's very little time to throw off.

Just Do iT!
 -Blocking opponents
   [Jump D] and vary combo.  Use the overhead mix tactics
   as explained above.  Don't wait for them to get wise.

   [Jump D] then walk in and throw.  The next time you do 
   it, it should be blatantly obvious.  You may find
   if you do any walking you're opponent will mash buttons
   attempting to do combos.  This is exactly what you want
   so you may not even have to try and walk in and throw
   just walk in.  Here's the reason.  Terry has HIGH
   priority on his [stand C] and even more on his [stand D].
   [Jump D], walk forward for a millisecond then perform
   a [Stand C or D] combo.  Just do it.  If you mess up,
   you blow the routine.  Get it so they get hit.  If you
   do hit them, it intimidates them to block, so next time
   you THROW them.   What?  Cheap?  Hey throws can be 
   pushed off.  If they're not fast enough, that's their

Running Commentary from average round-----------------

Round start.
On average, KOF players will do 1 of 3 things.

 1. Stand still.
 2. Walk back.
 3. Jump Forward with CD.

The safest option, of course, is [2].  However, if
you look at the versus screen before the match,
think.  Has the opponent got a fast and high
priority air CD?  Is it Ralf?  Is it a charging
character like Robert?  

If they have a fast CD air attack, stand still.
If they don't but always do the same thing,
jump with B.  You then have the advantage.

If they are going to stand still, walk fwd and 
press [Stand B].  This will press them into 
the standoff situation (covered later).

If they walk back, _walk_ after them!

Yes, there are other strategies involved.
It depends on character.  I may or may not
go into these....later.


Use these 2 tactics intermittently.

1. Stand B to aggrivate.  When the tip of the 
   Stand B hits, you can do [QCB + A] safely
   and recover in time.  Don't repeat this
   ad infinitum or they'll try to dodge attack.

2. Sit down.  Use your [Low D] which cancels
   into [Fwd + A] and [QCF + C].  This will
   keep you near and maintain the pressure.
   Proceed to sit down and just tap buttons.
   Very rarely do [QCF + A].

--->The aim of this is to get the opponent to


  [Dwn Fwd C] Rising Upper
  Aint what it used to be.  It's lost priority
  over the years but still works to at least
  trade hits, even sometimes against Jump CDs
  If you trade hits, this encourages your 
  opponent to try again which leads us to...
  [Hld Dwn, then Up + C]  Rising Tackle
  It's not totally invincible but damn good
  enough.  Note I use C version.  Why use A
  version?  I only use Rising Tackle when 
  I know it's going to hit.  There is no
  airblocking in KOF.

  [Jump CD] 
  Use when you know they're going to try
  the same.  Remember that hoppers get knocked
  out by _jumpers_.  Note that while it's fast
  it's not THAT fast.  

  [Jump C]
  High Priority for air combat

  [Jump B]
  Faster against CDs.  Use if you and the 
  opponent jump at the exact same time.

  Power Geyser is pretty damn good too!


 Power Geyser has invincible start up.

-Terry is an overpowered barstard.  He always has been, but, damn
 it, he's the hero of Garou Densetsu!  What do you want- an
 average character with faults for a hero?  Didn't think so...

 [APPENDIX A: GLOSSARY--------------------------------------------]
                     --Game Control--

In a Neo Geo format,
The buttons are arranged like thus:

A            = light punch
B            = light kick
C            = hard punch
D            = hard kick
Start        = Taunt

                   --FAQ Terminology--

Q            = Quarter
H            = Half
C            = Circle
F            = Forward
B            = Back 
UF           = Up-Forward
UB           = Up-Back
Fwd          = Forward
Bk           = Back
DP           = Dragon Punch Motion (Fwd, Dwn, Dwn Fwd)
RPD          = Reverse DP

Special      = generally speaking, a fighting move that takes 
               energy off opponent even if blocked and requires 
               a input on the joystick and button.

DM           = Desperation Move.  The last ditch, last resort move!  
               Summon all your strength for one last try to blow 
               away the opposition!  Well, that's how it used to 
               be...  *reminisces Fatal Fury II - sigh*

SDM          = Super Desperation Move

Lag          = Delay Time

Foe          = Your opponent, like P2 or whatever

(A) Move     = Press a button and your character performs a move.

Command Move = Press a button and joystick direction (eg Fwd) and
               some characters do another move.

Buffer       = Use a movement that doesn't execute a move but 
               saves the input in preparation for the next.

Juggle       = As an opponent is thrown into the air from a hit,
               you can hit them again.

Wake up      = As you are getting up from being knocked over.

Charge       = Keep direction or button held down 

CM           = Counter Mode

AM           = Armour Mode

@CR          = Put opponent in corner

@NCR         = Put opponent a pace away from corner 
               (so striker can hit)

x i          = repeat infintely

ne?          = Japanese for "surely?" or "right?".  I say it all
               the time and don't even notice.  

 [APPENDIX C: G A M E  S Y S T E M--------------------------------]

(facing right)

Running Dash         : Fwd Fwd

Back Step            : Back Back

Hop                  : Bk-Up or Up or Up-Fwd instantly

Medium Jump          : When running : Bk-Up or Up or Up-Fwd.
                       From standing: Bk Down + Bk-Up or Up 
                       or Up-Fwd.

Jump                 : Hold Bk-Up or Up or Up-Fwd.

Guard Cancel         : when blocking AB or foward/ backward AB
                       (needs 1 power guage stock)

Throw Forward        : When close, Bk/Fwd + C

Throw Backward       : When close, Bk/Fwd + D

Throw off            : At the instant of being thrown, Bk or Fwd +
                       any button.  Note that multihit throws such
                       as Joe's D throw and Bao's C throw cannot 
                       be thrown off.

Heavy Attack         : C+D

Guard Cancel Blow off: when blocking C+D(need 1 power guage stock)

Guard Crush          : In general, block 13 hits in succession and 
                       your guard breaks!  If you can time it, you 
                       can get a free combo!

Tech Roll            : A+B when landing after being hit.  You 
                       cannot Tech Roll some particular moves...

Mid-Air block        : Bk-Up or Bk or Bk-Dwn when performing up 
                       /backward jump

Slide Dodge (+Attack): forward/ backward + A+B 
                       (if fwd + any button to attack)
                       (NOTE: The slide backwards will automatically
                        force you forward again BUT you can stop
                        this with a special move)

Striker System       : B+C

Counter Mode Activate: A+B+C (need 3 power guage stocks)

Armor Mode Activate  : B+C+D (need 3 power guage stocks)

              --System Info: The CM and AM modes--

 -Counter Mode:

You need 3 stocks for this.  In this mode, you can do DM/SDM 
(depending on red energy bar) ad infinitum (Some DMs come out
quicker than others, these are the ones you can combo with)
Skilled players will prefer to use this mode in combos, as you can
combo certain special moves into SDMs;eg:Terry QCF+A into QCFx2+B...
Counter Mode lasts for approx 18 seconds.
After that you can't charge stock for about 10 seconds.

 -Armor Mode:

You need 3 stocks for this.  In this mode, when you get hit you don't
get "damaged"- you don't get the animation and recovery time that you
would normally.  You still lose energy though.  The real bonus is you
won't suffer any tick damage from blocked specials in this mode.
Note: You do get pushed back when you get hit so you can't try
stupid stuff like walking through a fat combo to get in a throw-
you will lose too much energy to compensate.
Armour mode lasts for approx. 9 seconds.
After that you can't charge stock for about 10 seconds.

 -Slide Dodge/ Attack:

This is the combined Advanced and Extra Mode of KOF '98.
If you press A+B + Back, you slide back but then hop forward
automatically (You cannot Dodge Attack).  You can cancel the 
hop forward by performing a special move.
In counter mode you can combo a special move with dodge attack.
If you press A+B while blocking you will cancel guard and slide
forward/backward (costs 1 stock)
In counter mode you can combo a Command attack with dodge attack.

 -Striker System:

Press B+C to call out your striker.  You are invincible for the
second that you call out the striker.
You will taunt and then the striker appears, so forget about using
them as part of a combo.  However you can use them as combo starters
as some will hold the opponent or set up a juggle!  

More on this in each teams section.

Note: Some Strikers do more than one action depending on the 
      opponent's actions...


The return of the red flashing energy! Woohoo!  You need
1 stock to execute a DM.  Well, if you have 1/7 energy left, when
you do DM it will be SDM.  Actually this is proving to be quite
annoying; With 1 stock Terry can do some serious SDM damage if
he can connect with a Stand C (arguably the easiest combo
starter in the game)


Every time you do a special move or block attacks, your bar
fills up.  Once it is full, it empties and an icon appears
next to indicate a stock.  You can build up to three.
However, Stocks DO NOT transfer to the next player.  So you may
as well use them like crazy if you are about to die.

 -Character Selection:

The sequence is now secret to your opponent.  The characters
are listed according to buttons A B C D respectively.
Press the buttons in the order you want to play the characters.
If you want to reveal your character order, hold start while
selecting characters.

 -Color Selection: 

Hit B when selecting characters.  Only two colours available
this year :(

 -Selecting Winpose:

Hold the corresponding button as soon as you've defeated your
opponent.  This works for Timeout win also.

                   --Control Shortcuts--

The shorcut control system still exists in '99.

 DP + P/K
 can be executed thus:
 Fwd, (neutral), Dwn-Fwd + P/K
 P + QCF + P
 can be executed thus:
 Fwd, Dwn-Fwd + P (hold P), Fwd
 P + QCFx2 + P 
 can be executed thus:
 QCF, Down, Down Forward + P (hold P), Fwd
  - The same method applies with HCF combos 

 Low B, Low A, QCFx2 + A
 can be exectued thus: 
 Dwn + B, QCF + A, QCF + A

 can be executed thus:
 QCF, Down-Forward, Down, Down-Back + P (hold P), Back

Where there is no special move designated for a movement
EG: HCB will not do anything for Clark
use it to buffer a combo.
EG: HCB + P, HCB + P (Clark)
will execute
P, HCBx2 + P 

When you hold a button, no special moves can be performed
and you cannot run.  However, it allows you to buffer moves.
Eg Clark
Hold A, HCF + C, (let go A), HCF + D
will execute: 
 C, HCFx2 + D

 HCF etc
 can be executed thus:
 Back, Dwn, Fwd (only good for keyboard users o_O)
 note this doesn't work for QCF.

 Low x, x, QCFx2 DM/SDM
 Eg Ryo
 Do Dwn B, QCF + A, QCF + A

In counter mode, motions which overlap DMs are effective.
 Eg Terry:  
 QCF + A, QCF + B will do: Power Wave, High Angle Geyser.

While running, you can charge for a move.
 Eg Leona
 Fwd Fwd, Hold Down Fwd, then press Up + P when you want
 to execute Moonslasher.

 [4. P R O L O G U E  S T O R Y-----------------------------------]

Invitation cards were sent to fighters all over the world.
A new King of Fighters tournament would be held.
However, there was no grand media attention like last year
The fighters wondered who was behind this years organisation?
There was a new rule in the regulations:  Striker Match!
Many couldn't conceal their bewilderment at this.  It had
never been done before...
Heidern felt suspicious and sends Ralf, to investigate the
organisation behind the tournament.
Benimaru is invited to KOF as a member of a special team: his
team members include two names he had never heard before;
K' and Maxima.... though Beni is perplexed as he had
never heard of these names in the grapple field, he boldly

What is the Striker match?
Is there something hidden in the tournament?
Various mysteries are conceived, and so the saga continues...

 [5. M O V E L I S T S--------------------------------------------]
                        Fatal Fury Team

When Terry received the Invitation he found Joe.  They were both
surprised about that 4-members team up regulation this year and
they were worrying about that when suddenly a idea came into their
Terry Bogard-------------------------------------------------------|

Place of Birth : America
Fighting Style : Jeff style + Street Fighting
Age            : 24
DOB            : 15th March
Blood Type     : O
Height         : 182 cm
Weight         : 82 kg
Hobby          : Video Games and Trolling
Best sport     : Basketball
Favourite Food : Junk Food
Important Thing: Jeff Bogard's Gloves
Hated Thing    : Slugs
Winpose A      : Throws off cap "Okay!"
Winpose B      : Tips cap "Good Luck!"
Winpose C      : Stands with fist upraised.  Monkey comes out
                 and jumps up and down on his shoulder.  After
                 three jumps, Terry pats the monkey.  
Colour A       : Red, White and Blue
Colour B       : Blue and White
Seiyuu         : Satoshi Hashimoto
Enquote        : "That's what makes a legend!"
Enquote (jap)  : "Spare me the sour grapes!"
                 "Stay Cool!"

Grasping Upper          : Bk / Fwd + C when close
Buster Throw            : Bk / Fwd + D when close
Hammer Punch            : Fwd + A (overhead)
Rising Upper            : Dwn-Fwd + C
Burn Kunckle            : QCB + P
Power Wave              : QCF + A
Round Wave              : QCF + C (Hits low)
Rising Tackle           : Hold Down 1 sec then Up + P
Crack Shoot             : QCB + K
Power Charge            : HCF + K
Power Dunk              : DP + K during Power Charge
Power Drive             : DP + P
Power Shoot             : DP + K
DM: Power Geyser        : QCB,Dwn-Back, Fwd + P
                          note: I can do it by QCB, Fwd + P
DM: High Angle Geyser   : QCFx2 + K
Striker                 : If close: High Angle Geyser (instant)
                          If not: "Dunk Geyser" (Power Geyser)


[Round Start]
Does two punches.

[Round Entry]
Does some shuffling then does Dodge Attack saying "Ha!"

[QCF + A]
"Power Wave!"

[QCF + C]
"Round Wave!"

[QCB + P]
"Bare Knuckle!"

[QCB + K]
"Crack Shoot!"

[Hld Dwn, Up + P]
"Rising Tackle!"

"Power Geyser!"

[QCFx2 + K]
"Overheat Geyser!"


-Trolling is a form of fishing in which you trail the line behind a 
 slow-moving boat.  It's very popular for catching large, 
 ocean-going fish like marlin, wahoo, and tuna...
  (from Asako Hisamatsu)

-Shortcut Power Geyser??: HCFx2 + P  (It's weird...)

-The monkey has appeared in various episodes of Terry's stage in 
 the Fatal Fury and KOF series inc FF3, KOF 95... I don't want to 
 hear any jokes about spanking the monkey.  He pats the monkey,
 nothing more...

-High Angle Geyser/Hawaii Angle Geyser: The latter is the official
 english name for the move.  What Terry actually says is debatable.
 I've checked the soundtrack and it still sounds like 
 "Oh my Shit...Geyser!!!" but this may be a joke started by Gamest
 magazine in '97.

o-Terry-----------------------------------------Interesting Combos-o

Most Damaging Standing non DM Combo:
Stand C (2 hit), Dwn-Fwd C, HCF + D, DP + D
Most Damaging Standing DM Combo:
Stand D (1 hit), Fwd A, QCFx2 + D
Most Damaging Standing SDM Combo:
Stand D (1 hit), Dwn Fwd C, QCFx2 + D

Note with the SDM-- does 70% damage.  But if your opponent is in
the corner, they won't take all hits.

 -Call King Striker.  QCB + B, QCB + B, Power Geyser SDM


 [9. V E R S U S  I N T R O D U C T I O N S-----------------------]

*The pics are available from the Mook at the website*

-Terry vs Mary
Terry greets Mary by taking off his cap and bowing.  Mary 
says "Let's fight Terry!"

-Andy vs Terry
Terry says "Are you ready?" while Andy shakes a limp wrist

-Joe vs Terry
Terry says "Are you ready?" while Joe cracks his knuckles

 [10. C O L O U R  T E A M S--------------------------------------]

                     [=Blue and White==]
                      -       Kyo 1 (A)
                      -      Shingo (A)
                      -       Terry (B)
                      -        Yuri (A)
                      -      Kensou (A)
                      -        King (B)
                      -      Kasumi (A)
                      -        Juhn (A)
                      -    Shin Kyo (A)

 [11. C P U  G U I D E--------------------------------------------]

 - Terry 
 Power Wave, Round Wave, Crack Shoot.... yawn.

Defeating Krizalid:

Form 1:

Terry      With the right timing, Terry's [QCF +A] causes
           Terry to duck the fireball and hit Krizalid!

 -Anyone:  This works better with characters who have a long 
           heavy-attack during the jump (like Athena and Yuri) 
           or have a long Middle jump (like Athena and Bao). You
           just have to be a little away from Krizalid and do a 
           Middle Jump forward to him with a heavy-attack; he'll 
           fall on the ground, so you Middle Jump back and Middle 
           Jump forward + CD again when he's up. If it doesn't 
           work in the first time, don't worry, because he's dumb 
           and won't defend many times. A good time to start doing 
           this is the time before he executes his Negative Anguish: 
           your player will jump the shot and hit him. This way 
           sometimes works for defeating his second form, you 
           Middle jump forward while he's doing his Typhoon Rage. 
           But you have to be very precise, or he will do his 
           uppercut, or hold you with his legs or anything else.

Form 2:

 -Anyone:  When near Kryzalid, do crouching light kick/light kick.
           Kryzalid will roll forward.  Anticipating this, you can 
           perform combos on him... 

 [13. S T O R Y  S P O I L E R S + E N D I N G S------------------]

 Fatal Fury Team (Terry) updated by Gun
Everyone runs, except for Terry. He just stands there. 
A big fat hunk of rock slams him. 
Andy, Mai and Joe stand on the cliff
Mai "Where's Terry?  Could he?"
Joe "What a tough guy like that? never...."
Andy "Terry..."  
Andy grimaces then looks sad.  On the floor is
one of Terry's gloves.. all crumpled up.

Credits.  Pic of Mai and Andy walking in a busy
city in normal clothes (Andy looks pissed off and
Mai looks worried).
Pic of Joe punching up his bag.
Then after credits.  A Fat Guy gets knocked out.
The Terry cap flies into the air. 
A kid picks up the cap.  The kid's name is Andy.

Andy: Hey you're really cool! *hands the cap over*
Terry: Eat your veggies and you can be like me!

 Mai Shiranui
*FF Team standing on the cliff*
Joe   : Phew that was close!
Terry : What a fate...
Andy  : Whatver, let's get out of here.
Mai   : Not so fast!  You remember your promise?
*Mai points to Wedding Dress in her hand*
*Andy shocked with Terry and Joe laughing*
Andy  : What! I was just... You can wait, can't you?
Terry : Ha Ha!
Joe   : Ha Ha!
*Andy running from the scene*
*Mai running after him*
*Mai falls over*
*Andy comes back*
*Credits end*
*A hand grabs Andy*
Andy  : ! Hey! You sneak!
*Mai was faking*
Mai   : Ha Ha Andy, now you're mine!

 [14. N E O  G E O  C D-------------------------------------------]

 -The Neogeo CD version of KOF'99 has some extras not found in the
  Rom version including 4 galleries: 
  Rough Sketches, Illustrations, Win Poses and Unused Arts.

[Omake Teams]
 -The Belly Button Flasher Team :
 Blue Mary, Benimaru, Athena & Leona

 -The New & Old Team : 
 Iori, Kyo, K', Shingo

 -The 3 Loads Team :

 -The Kamikaze Killer Team :

 -The Awesome Hairstyle Team :

 -The Hatters team :
 Terry, Clark, Bao, Choi

 -Garou Densetsu all stars team :
 Same as above (but instead use Garou Densetsu team)

 [15. C R E D I T S-----------------------------------------------]

                   Posted Updates

updated here:

The newest addition is put here with all rough notes etc.

The presentable editions can always be found here.
http://www.gamefaqs.com -Thanks to Jeff!

 [Copyright(c) by Gunsmith 1999 Unpublished and Unprofited Work.]
 [Neo Geo, The King of Fighters, Garou Densetsu, Fatal Fury, and]
 [all characters are copyright of SNK Corp. 1994,95,96,97,98,99,]
 [and Y2K.  This FAQ is for informational purposes only.        ]
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