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Title: Takuma Faq (c)1-3-2000
Game: King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle
Platform: Neo Geo
Author: Minh Chi
Email: squallff896@aol.com

Hi there! This probably will not be a very good faq because I have to 
be frankly with you, I'm not good with Takuma. I'm writing this faq 
because my friend said there should be a Takuma faq. He's a pretty good 
Takuma player though, he probably doesn't need a faq. Anyway, here it 
is, hope you enjoy this faq.

Disclaimer: This faq was made to benefit people and not for making 
profit. So please do not sell this faq. You may use it only if you are 
not going to try and make a profit with this faq and with my permission 

OK, enough with the mumbo jumbo and on with the faq!

Here's a short outline of how this faq will progress:

I. Movelist
II. Striker
III. Strategy
IV. Combos
V. Conclusion & Reference

Here's the legend:

qcf-quarter circle forward
qcb-quarter circle back
dp-dragon punch motion
rdp-reverse dragon punch motion
hcf-half circle forward
hcb-half circle back
x2-do motion twice
db-down back
df-down forward
^-corner combo
charge-charge for 2 seconds (e.g. charge db means charge downback for 2 
*-super move or preferably called desperation move (DMs for short).
jump-jump forward
K-any kick button
P-any punch button
>-can be canceled in counter mode

I. Movelist

Far Standing

A-A far jab! Not comboable and does too little in damage. Use this 
sparingly as a poke.
B-A high kick! Looks nice but too weak and not comboable. Don't use 
this much.
C-A far punch! Now this is nice! The damage and range for this is good. 
Too bad its not comboable though.
D-A far kick! Has the same properties as far C. What I like about this 
though is that it moves you in a little.

Close Standing

A-A gut punch! Doesn't do much in damage but it's comboable! 
B-A knee. Same comment as close A.
C-Some punch. Definitely use this in your combos.
D-Some kick. Does decent damage but not comboable. I rather use C!


A-Low jab. Comboable but does too little in damage. But you can always 
chain hits.
B-A swift sweep. Hits low and comboable. Very nice. You can also chain 
a few more A/B after it.
C-Uppercut. Comboable and does very good damage. Since Takuma does not 
have any uppercut type moves, use this as air defense. This is your 
most reliable move you can use. So whenever your opponent is jumping 
in, use cC! Don't forget this!
D-Sweep. Comes out really fast and comboable. If you want your opponent 
down, this will do it!

Vertical Jump

A-Short range elbow! Never use this unless you want to commit suicide! 
B-Horizontal kick! Great for air to air combat! Only problem is that it 
does too little in damage.
C-45 degree punch. Not bad, has considerate range and damage.
D-Jump kick. Since you are jumping vertically, this doesn't serve much 

Horizontal Jump

A-same comment as vertical jump.
B-A knee! I highly do not recommend using this for your jump ins.
C-same as vertical jump. 
D-same as vertical jump. C and D are interchangeable and recommended 
for your jump ins.


CD-Knockdown attack. The ground CD doesn't have too much range so don't 
use it too often. The air CD is great for air to air combat. Has great 
air priority.
AB, any button-Slide attack. Doesn't have too much range but use it 
like any other character.

Special & Super Moves

Hisha Otoshi: Dan Tsubushi (b+A)-This move is fairly useless. It can 
destroy projectiles (not ground projectiles), but other than that, its 

Oni Guruma (f+A)-This little hook punch is very nice. It not only has 
anti air properties, it also has ground priorities. It is also 
comboable even when used alone. One important thing to know is that 
when it is used alone, it will cause a knockdown. When used after an 
attack (e.g. C, Oni Guruma ), your opponent won't get knockdown. That 
just mean connect with a projectile when there is no knockdown.

Kawara Wari (f+B)-This is an overhead move. Use this for high-low mind 
games. Note that if you use this after an attack, it will not be an 
overhead attack. This applies to every other character!

Keima Uchi: Oiuchi (df+B)-This ground punch not only hits low, it will 
also hit your opponent when they are down (only Takuma, Whip, Kyo-1 can 
do this). So any time your opponent is down, punch them with this to 
get an extra hit. Be careful though, your opponent may safe land!

>Ko'ou Ken (qcf+P)-This is a pretty standard projectile. Not much to 
say about this except that you should never use this when an opponent 
is running or when they are at jumping range! There is a high chance 
that they will slide or even worst jump in and attack you.

Shouran Kyaku (hcb+K)-This is a very good move. If your opponent is 
sliding in or if they are just sitting there and defending, use this on 
them. Be careful not to just randomly use it because it is very easy to 
escape it. All the opponent has to do is walk 1 step back or jump and 
that will stop you, leaving you open!

Hien Shippuu Kyaku (charge db, f+K)-To do Takuma's high damage combos, 
you'll need this! This is basically a juggling move. In my opinion, 
always use the D version because only the D version will let you 
juggle, and it has a quicker recovery time which will leave you 
unharmed even when your opponent block this. One other important point 
is that it is invulnerable to sweeps or any low attacks (except ground 
projectiles). So when opponents try to do repeated low hits, use this 
to counter them!

Zanretsu Ken (f,b,f+P)-The only use for this is as a combo ender after 
Hien Shippuu Kyaku (D version). Other than that, there is no other use 
for it!

Sanchin no Kata (d,d + P)-This move is used to charge up your super 
stock. What do I have to say, this move sucks! Reminds me of KoF '98 
Kensou's bun eating super. My suggestion is never use this move at all. 
If you use it, you're basically saying I'm a sitting duck, come and 
kick my ass! So if you are considering to commit suicide, go ahead and 
use it. For serious players, never use this!

>Mouko Burai Gan (qcb+P)-This move can be used as anti-air and a 
counter move. Right before the punch, Takuma has autoguard which give 
him the ability to counter. This will counter both air and mid attacks, 
but not low attacks. What I like about it though is that it leaves you 
unharmed when this move is blocked. Not bad!

*Ryuuko Ranbu (qcf,hcb+P)-Woo! This DM sure does a lot of damage. 
Whenever going for combos, use this if you have 1 stock. This also has 
anti-air properties, so if your opponent jumps in or back, use this and 
catch them out of the air. One quickie, never use this randomly or 
blindly. If your opponent blocks, you'll be left as a sitting duck, 
open to massive combos. So only use this if you know its going to hit, 
if your opponent is airborne, or in a combo.

*Haou Shikou Ken (f,b,hcf+P)-For any veteran Takuma players, what SNK 
has done to make this a super move will disappoint you. Oh well! It has 
the same properties as '98, just that it waste 1 stock. You can delay 
it by holding P. My suggestion for using this move successfully is use 
it only when your opponent is far away from you. Also don't use this 
when your opponent is running at you! Try mixing the delay time with 
the projectile speed (A version slow, C version fast) to get your 
opponent confused. Just remember you have control!

*Shin Kishin Geki (close qcfx2+P)-A close range unblockable super, very 
nice! Whenever you get close try dishing this out on them. To get 
close, try to trick them by sliding or jumping in and not attack. I 
suggest you only attempt this super only when you have no other choices 
to attack your opponent. So basically just use this on a defending 
opponent who keeps on blocking.

II. Striker

Takuma will jump in and use his Haoh Shikou Ken. Not too useful in my 
opinion. It can easily be avoided not to mention you can't follow after 
it even if it hits (which usually never happens). So don't use Takuma 
as your striker! Use someone else better such as Kim, Shin Kyo, Athena, 
Terry, or Robert.

III. Strategy

The strategy section is usually just things you should notice for 
certain incidents. Its basically a short section to teach you what to 
do and what not to do! Anyway, here it is!

-1 important thing to know is the importance of Oni Guruma (f+A). You 
can use this to catch opponents from the air (assuming that their jump 
kick is not strong), and in combos. Here's 1 way you can get an easy 2 
hits that does about 10% of damage. Just use Oni Guruma and follow with 
Keima Uchi: Oiuchi (df+B). Easy, isn't it! I suggest pulling off Oni 
Guruma as often as you can. If they block, just shoot them with a Ko'ou 
Ken (qcf+P). If it hits, do Keima Uchi: Oiuchi (df+B) for an easy 2 

-Notice that every move Takuma has (except for Oni Guruma), can be safe 
land (AB when knockdown). This causes problems when you are trying to 
follow up with Keima Uchi: Oiuchi (df+B). Here's what you do if they 
safe land. After a knockdown move, and when you try to follow with a 
ground punch and they safe land, go for a Shouran Kyaku (hcb+K), Kawara 
Wari (f+B), or Keima Uchi: Oiuchi (df+B). The will grab them if they 
just sit there after the safe land. Mix Kawara Wari (f+B) and Keima 
Uchi: Oiuchi (df+B) once in a while instead of using Shouran Kyaku 
(hcb+K). This is basically a high-low trick. The starting frames look 
about the same for these 2 attacks, so your opponent will definitely be 
confused. Even if blocked, you'll remain fairly safe!

-So what moves does Takuma has that are safe to use on a blocking 
opponent? Basically every move except for *Ryuuko Ranbu (qcf,hcb+P), 
Shouran Kyaku (hcb+K), Hien Shippuu Kyaku (charge db,f+B), and Zanretsu 
Ken (f,b,f+P) is safe to use. The 2 moves I recommend you use the most 
is Oni Guruma (f+A) and Hien Shippuu Kyaku (charge db,f+D).

-Takuma also has great high-low cheaps! Since Kawara Wari (f+B) and 
Keima Uchi: Oiuchi (df+B) has practically the same start animation, 
opponents won't be able to quickly react to it. So how do you use these 
2 moves? I personally find this great to use after a jump kick or on a 
waking opponent. So to use this, just jump kick then do either Kawara 
Wari (f+B) or Keima Uchi: Oiuchi (df+B). I suggest you use Kawara Wari 
(f+B) more often because most players tend to block low, not to mention 
it is more safe than using Keima Uchi: Oiuchi (df+B). You should also 
attempt to throw your opponent once in a while. Its cheap but its their 
fault they didn't cancel out! On a waking opponent, I suggest you use 
high-low cheap only if they don't have any stocks, or a grappler 
character. Only use this tactic on blocking opponents. You don't want 
to waste your good opportunities to do massive combos. One last 
suggestion is that you can replace Keima Uchi: Oiuchi (df+B) with just 
cD. Its a lot more safe!

-What I find about players after blocking Hien Shippuu Kyaku (charge 
db,f+D) is that they try to throw or combo you. But actually you can 
recover a lot faster before they can attack. After Hien Shippuu Kyaku 
(D version), do a cB/A, Oni Guruma (f+A), Keima Uchi: Oiuchi (df+B) (if 
opponent knockdown)/Ko'ou Ken (qcf+P) (if opponent blocks or there was 
no knockdown). Either way you come out safe. There is a chance they may 
throw you. As soon as you see the throw frame, immediately cancel out! 
Be careful with grappler characters, command throws cannot be canceled.

-A lot of players like to use excessive sweeps (including myself). They 
will go for a few cA/B, then cD. As soon as they go for the sweep, use 
Hien Shippuu Kyaku (charge db,f+D). Then you can follow with whatever 
you want. This works fairly well with characters with slow sweeps such 
as Kyo, Terry, K, etc. Notice that this requires crucial timing and 
prediction! But hey, even if they try to trick you by stopping, you can 
always escape with the strategy mentioned above! Watch out for 
grapplers and when your opponent has 1 stock of super!

-Takuma's high damage combos requires him to use Hien Shippuu Kyaku 
(charge db,f+D). Anytime your opponent tries to attack, charge db. If 
they screw up and leave themselves open, you can go for a cC, Hien 
Shippuu Kyaku (D version), or just Hien Shippuu Kyaku (D version) into 
any of his other moves (listed below in the combo section). I also 
would like to say you should charge db after jumping. If your opponent 
screws up and leave themselves open, you can do a jump C/D, cC, Hien 
Shippuu Kyaku (charge db,f+D), anything. Basically this strategy is to 
charge db during jumps and when defending, so when the opportunities 
comes you can always do a massive combo.

That's all the strategy I know! If you have some better ones or find 
that some of these don't work, go ahead and tell me. You'll receive 
credit for any contributions you put into this faq.

IV. Combos

The combos are self-explanatory so I won't go too in depth. Also note 
that not every combo is in here. The ones I put here are just the ones 
I use generally. The combos will be splitted into 3 categories: 1) 
beginners, 2) intermediate, 3) counter. Normally I make an advance 
category but I find Takuma to have fairly basic combos that don't reach 
up to the advance level (actually its because I'm kind of lazy).


1. jump C/D, sC, Ko'ou Ken (qcf+P)/Oni Guruma (f+A)
2. Oni Guruma (f+A), Keima Uchi: Oiuchi (df+B)


1. c/sB, c/sA, Oni Guruma (f+A), Ko'ou Ken (qcf+C)/Keima Uchi: Oiuchi 
(df+B) only in the case of knockdown.
2. jump C/D, s/cC, Oni Guruma (f+A), Ko'ou Ken (qcf+C)
3. jump C/D, cC, Hien Shippuu Kyaku (charge db,f+D), Ko'ou Ken 
(qcf+P)/Zanretsu Ken (f,b,f+C)/CD, Keima Uchi: Oiuchi (df+B) (note: you 
must start charging downback as soon as you jump; also Keima Uchi: 
Oiuchi may not be a valid follow up if your opponent safe land)
4. jump C/D, cC, Hien Shippuu Kyaku (charge db,f+D), Oni Guruma (f+A), 
Keima Uchi: Oiuchi (df+B) (note: you must start charging downback as 
soon as you jump)
5. jump C/D, s/cC, *Ryuuko Ranbu (qcf,hcb+P), Keima Uchi: Oiuchi (df+B) 
(note: Keima Uchi: Oiuchi will only hit if combo was done in the corner 
and if opponent does not safe land.)

Counter: (note: all combos here only work during counter mode)

1. Slide attack, Ko'ou Ken (qcf+C), *Ryuuko Ranbu (qcf,hcb+C)
2. Jump C/D, Ko'ou Ken (qcf+C), *Ryuuko Ranbu (qcf,hcb+C)
3. s/cC, Oni Guruma (f+A), Ko'ou Ken (qcf+C), *Ryuuko Ranbu (qcf,hcb+C)

You should get the pattern here with the counter combos. Basically just 
anything into (qcf+C), *Ryuuko Ranbu (qcf,hcb+C). If your opponent gets 
cornered, try to follow with Keima Uchi: Oiuchi (df+B). If distanced, 
use Ko'ou Ken (qcf+A), *Haou Shikou Ken(f,b,hcf+P).

V. Conclusion & Reference

Everything reaches an end and so does my Takuma faq. Well I guess the 
faq ends here. Hope you find this useful because that is what this faq 
is for. If you still have some questions on something or there is 
information that needs to be put in here, please tell me! I only write 
the faq so I don't know how much help this faq actually is. The only 
way I will know is through feedback from readers. 

Well, thank you all for reading my faq! Now to end it short, I like to 
take this time to give a quick shout out to my friends (eh, its a 
ritual, I guess). Hey, I got the Takuma faq that you needed. Hope you 
like it!


Author: Kao Megura
Website: www.gamefaqs.com
Comment: Same as all my other faqs, I borrowed the movelist names!

The End...