FAQ/Walkthrough by Kamui

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Version 1.1

Copyright: 1986, 2001 Konami & KCE Tokyo
Sony Playstation (Japan and US versions)
Made by Kamui
E-mail: leo@inw.psi.br


1 - Introduction
2 - Updates
3 - Game options and controls
4 - Original VS Arrange mode
5 - Mini-walkthrough
6 - Bestiary / Weapons
7 - Extras / Secrets
8 - Miscellaneous info
9 - Legal information / Thanks / Contact info

1     -  -  INTRODUCTION

        Caslevania Chronicle: Akumajou Dracula is a remake of the 
1993 Akumajou Dracula (known in the US as the Castlevania series) 
released for the Sharp X68000, a personal computer like the MSX 
that was only available in Japan. The basic premise of being a 
vampire hunter armed with a whip to destroy Count Dracula on his 
castle created one of the finest creations in the videogame 
history. Now the Castlevania series is regarded as being one of the 
most popular franchises of the videogame history.
        Fans of the Castlevania series start to known the 
existence of this game when a single picture of a "new" 
Castlevania game on the Playstation system spread on the 
Internet, back on the beginning on the year 2000. But the news 
was taken as a rumor because it was a single and tiny picture of 
the game plus Konami didn't confirm nor denial the existence of 
this game. Later that year, the game community became very 
surprised when KCET announced that they want to do a remake of a 
Castlevania game that was released on a personal computer called 
        The Castlevania Chronicle is intended to be a series to 
re-release Castlevania games that was released on consoles that 
didn't have commercial success and became unavailable to most 
consumers. 2 games (for me, thought) falls in this category: 
Akumajou Dracula on the X68000 (this game) and Dracula X: Rondo 
of Blood that was released on the NEC PC-Engine SUPER CD. 
Unfortunately, the debate continues when games like Castlevania: 
Bloodlines and the Castlevania games on the Nintendo 64 should 
enter the Castlevania Chronicle series.

2     -  -  UPDATES

        Version 1.1 - Added some information that the readers 
send to me. 
        Version 1.0 - Fixed some things. Added the interview 
with the producer. January 30, 2004.
        Version 0.9 - Mostly correction and the first part of 
the video interview (US version). January 12, 2003.
        Version 0.8 - September 13, 2001. Comments about the 
tragic day of 11/7. Some corrections were being made.
        Version 0.7 - The first release. Some little things that 
I forgot to add will come (eventually...^_^) on future releases.
        Project start - June 2001


        A) Game options
        After the CG intro, some modes will appear for you:


ORIGINAL MODE - Plays the original mode
ARRANGE MODE - Plays the arrange mode
OPTION - Customize the game:
    SE - OFF / ON (default : ON)
                      MAX PLAYERS : 1 3 5 (default : 3)
                      Time limit : On Off ( default : on)
    (Only US and Euro version)
    SPECIAL OPTIONS - Illustrations
                      Interview with producer

        1 - Sound Emulation - When you choose the Original mode, 
a screen will display telling you to choose the sound emulation 
for the game.
        You can choose to hear the game on 3 different sound 
cards that the Akumajou Dracula supports. 
           X68000 - Low quality, and fewer instruments used. 
           LA - Medium quality. 
           GS - High quality, almost red-book audio (default)
        Remember that the arranges for the BGM, also changes 
depending of the card that you choose. The arrange of the X6800 
and LA tracks are very similar, but the GS arrange is very 
different from the others. And so if you only chooses the GS, 
you will be missing cool arranges of the music. Press the O 
button to select a sound card. 
        2 - Opening - And so the opening of the original game 
will begin. After the opening a screen will appear.

GAME START - Starts the game
SOUND MODE - It is a sound test mode, you can hear the tracks 
for the game in here.

        3 - Character registration - After choosing the GAME 
START, a character registration screen will appear: you will 
have to register a name to go on. There are 3 slots to insert a 
name. On each slot, a record of the stage that you are and the 
number of continues that you used so far are created.
            name         stage

PLAYER-1  SIMON.B.         28    16 
   NAME ENTRY - Insert a name
   NAME DELETE - Delete a name
    Trigger Flip NORMAL
        Only one option is available:
        GAME START

        A character registration like the original mode is 
required to go on. After that the game will begin.

        D) Controls and commands.

        CONTROLS - A simple, NES-like, 2 buttons interface is 
used for this game. There is a jump button and an attack button. 
Pressing UP + attack throws/use the equipped weapon.
        This game doesn't have a way to configure the controls 
for the game at will, instead it will have two main 
configurations of the buttons, that you can choose on the 
character registration screen:
        Trigger flip Normal -   X button - jump
                                O and Square buttons - uses whip
        Trigger flip Reverse -  Square button - jump
                                X and O buttons - uses whip
        And also you can enable and disable the buttons select 
and start buttons. This controls is only valid when the START / 

        Start - Pauses the game
        Start + Select - Soft boot

        COMMANDS - The first Castlevania game starts with a very 
simple configuration for the commands. Since then, new moves and 
actions where added to the vampire hunters. Four actions are 
constantly added and removed from the games.
        1 - Ability to change the direction of the jump in mid-
        2 - Ability to whip on vertical and diagonal positions
        3 - Ability to climb a stairs from mid-air jumping
        4 - Item crash
        Hardcore and purists fans denials completely the 
utilization of this 'new' moves, and debates on the perfect 
system on the Castlevania is been discussed to exhaustion (do 
NOT try to mention a certain Richter Belmont of Symphony of the 
night and his super moves like infinite jumping, running and 
such in this discussions if you want to be alive to play the 
next Castlevania....). /
       And so this game has the follow features:

       Simon has the capability to change the direction of the 
jump on mid-air and uses the whip in diagonal and vertical 
positions, but climb the stairs on mid-air jumping and the item 
crash is not possible in this game, also don't have a special 
buttons to throw the weapon. And so this game plays more like 
the older games on the NES that the SNES counterparts (mostly 
Dracula X).


        Castlevania Chronicle: Akumajou Dracula comes with 2 
main modes: Original and Arrange. The original mode is meant to 
be a faithful emulation of the X68000 and the arrange version be 
an "upgrade" of the original mode. But when you play the game, 
you realize that one version it is much similar to the other 
(!!!!), but there is some differences between the arrange and 
the original mode that I've find out. If anyone finds more 
differences between the two modes, send me a mail, that you be 
fully credited. The differences is based when you played the 
original mode first:
        Things that you will notice before you play: 
        1 - The arrange mode has options that the original mode 
does not have, like change the difficulty settings and the 
number of remaining lives available.
        2 - There is no option to change the sound emulation 
like the original mode.
        3 - There is no opening for the arrange mode - It leaves 
you wondering why Konami didn't put the opening CG here since 
the CG is a recreation of the opening of the original mode.
        4 - The screen for the Game start is the same as the 
main menu mode and there is no sound mode option in the arrange 
        Things that you will notice briefly (5 minutes):
        1 - The sprite for Simon Belmont change radically - It 
is like another character overall. The brown sprite from the 
original mode was changed for a darker, more menacing version. 
He also carries a sword in his sprite. That makes sense since in 
the pre-stage intro (the one that shows Simon in front of 
Castlevania and uses his whip) Simon actually carries a sword. 
But the frames of animation are the same from the original mode. 
Ken told me that the character was remade to look with the 
character design created by Ayami Kojima (that also made the 
character designs for Symphony of the night). But the sprite 
looks very different from the Simon Belmont from the NES and of 
the SNES games. 
        2 - The BGM is a (badly) remixed version of the original 
        3 - Not that much has changed anyway (^_^).
        Things that you will notice on some time (30 minutes):
        1 - The map that you see when you clear a stage has a 
different design.
        2 - The arrange mode is WAY too easy compared to the 
original mode. Even on the Hard setting the arrange mode is 
easier than the original mode.

        Things that you will notice when you beat the game:
        1 - The arrange mode has a CG ending that is completely 
different from the original ending (incredible similar to the 
ending CG of Castlevania: SOTN) 
        2 - The credits for the game includes the original staff 
and the remake staff, also has some B&W photos of the original 
        3 - The game doesn't start again on the first stage like 
the original mode, and so you cannot play the EXTREME difficulty 
setting that the second game on the original mode has.
        4 - The time attack mode and ranking.

        Things that you will notice after trying to see the 
differences between the modes:   
        - The intro animation before the first stage is changed. 
Now Simon has a red hair and dark clothing, to match with the 
new sprite, and when he does the use whip animation, you can see 
clearly the sword in his belt, that appears in the original 
mode, but is very hard to see.
        - The effects used on the arrange mode are different 
that the original mode (watch closely the effect of the zombies 
exploding and the candles exploding on the first stage).
        - Some sound effects are different, like the sound when 
you are falling from a high place.
        - The first boss has a trail effect on his attack, which 
the original mode doesn't have.
        - And so, the huge bat that appears on the last stage, 
before Dracula also have this trail effect on them. 
        - When the wood boat is hit on the end of the second 
stage, Simon slip more easily on the original mode than the 
arrange mode.
        - I may be wrong, but I think that the herb item, the 
invincibility jar and the II and III items appears more 
frequently when you defeats enemies on the arrange mode.
        - The Dracula sprite is also different, just like Simon 
Belmont (again, to match the character design by Ayami Kojima).
        - The name of one of the staff members is different on 
the arrange ending. The original mode says as Hideo "Axelay" 
Ueda, the arrange says Hideo "Axe" Ueda. (Weird.......)
        - You don't have a reason to register the name of your 
character in the arrange mode, like the original mode. See the 
ending of the original mode to know what I am talking about.
        - If you can choose buy this game with only one mode, 
the original mode is the mode to choose. Harder difficult 
setting, better music, better opening and better ending. Almost 
everything. Unfortunately the arrange mode has very few 
modifications (save the Simon sprite) and some of the remix 
songs still hurts my ears.   

        This was planned for the first release of this FAQ, but 
now this section is DOA, because a game like this doesn't need a 
walkthrough. But if you need help on a specific part, send me a 


        A ) Bestiary
        First boss  - HUGE BAT. 

        Typical first boss, just use your whip on it and run for 
cover when it charges or when the tiny bats appears.     
        Second boss - DRAGON SKELETON.

        The dragon skeleton is an easy boss, just be careful to 
not being hit on mid-air and fall of the wood boat.
        Third boss - MAGICIAN

        He has 3 main attacks: 3 knifes that almost never hits 
you, the magic that can drains your hearts, and the summon 
spirit when his health is low (-50%HP) that is almost a certain 
hit because is hard to dodge. When you attack him he will 
disappear and reappear somewhere else on the screen, he can show 
up close to you or far away, but vulnerable for attacks. If 
you're lucky, he will always be close to you and so, he will die 
        Fourth boss - MEDUSA

        You can corner her throwing the holy water and using 
your whip but medusa's attacks has good range, so keep a safe 
distance if your health is low.
        Fifth boss - WEREWOLF / NAKED LADY

        Tricky. This boss is very fast and can attack you 
without you noticing it; the best strategy is to counterattack 
after he throws an object. If you are quick enough, you can 
destroy the stone that he throws at you. The axe is the best 
weapon, but the whip is the best attack method, so don't rely 
too much on the axe.
        Sixth boss - MIRROR REFLECTION

        This can be tough. You reflection can use the same 
techniques and weapons that you are carrying, but he can be 
easily destroyed with this strategy: go to the battle carrying 
the weapon knife or cross and starts the battle close-ranged.  
As soon as he begins his attacks, crouch and start to use the 
whip, the reflection probably won't crouch back and 
counterattack, he just keeps using the whip and the knife or the 
cross (that doesn't hit you if you're crouched) and so victory 
is yours, but remember that this only happens when you are 
equipped with any weapon but the axe. Sometimes this don't work 
on the hard setting of the arrange mode and the extreme 
difficulty of the original mode.
        Seventh boss - DEATH

        If you are carrying the cross as your weapon, this 
battle is easy: just hit the death with the cross, that will 
slow it down and attack it non-stop with the whip when he is at 
range, but if you are without the cross, you are in serious 
trouble because he moves quickly and his attacks are also fast.
        Final boss - DRACULA

        Dracula has 2 main forms (and 2 health bars to boot): 
one as a normal Dracula, which will shoot fireballs on your 
direction (3 when his health is good, and 5 when his health is 
low). The best strategy is to know your positioning: if you are 
too close to where Dracula will appear, just dodge or destroy 
the fireballs, trying to hit his head (his only weak point), but 
if you are at a good distance, launch the cross to hit 2 times 
and hit his head. And so, you will decapitate the monster, but 
it will transform in a huge demon!!!. The whip does only takes a 
half life, and the demon shoots huge fireballs, and so try to 
slow it down using the whip and using the cross, and so you will 
prevail (one day, perhaps.....) and see the ending. 
        B) Weapons 
        KNIFE - Consumes 1 heart

        The knife is the weakest weapon available. This weapon 
will disappear after hits a target, but it's only advantage that 
is a fast weapon.

        AXE - Consumes 1 heart

        The axe has a good range and has a parabola trajectory, 
so it is useful to hit places above your head. The axe will 
destroy all targets in range and is strong. Some of the 
items/candles of this game only can be reached with the axe.

        HOLY CROSS - Consumes 1 heart.

        The most useful weapon in this game, and perhaps, on all 
the Castlevania games. The cross has a boomerang trajectory (but 
only horizontally). It can destroy all targets in range, and can 
hit the same target twice. (In fact, it is so useful that it 
should consume more hearts than only one....., just kidding 

        HOLY WATER - Consumes 1 heart

        The holy water has a short range and is slow, but can 
hit a target several times until the effect runs out, it has a 
descending trajectory, so is good weapon to hit a ground enemy 
or a slow enemy.

        CLOCK - Consumes 5 hearts.

        The clock can stop the time for a few seconds, where the 
enemies became paralyzed, but this don't work on some bosses. 
The clock also don't work to stop the time counter of the time 
attack mode (I know that you think of it too....)

        HERB - Consumes 10 hearts.

        The exclusive weapon/item in this game is the herb. It 
can regain 8 points of your health when used. But this item can 
be only acquired when a defeated monster drops it, so is the 
most difficult weapon (?) to find.
        C ) Items 
        HEARTS - The most common item available, their purpose 
is to make Simon can use his weapon of choice. There are 2 sizes 
of heart. Little hearts worth 1 heart each, and huge hearts 
worth 5 hearts. Can be found on candles and defeated enemies.
        WHIP - This item will transform your whip. You start 
with a weak whip. Taking the whip item you will get a chain 
whip. Taking another item the chain whip will have extra range. 
Can be found on candles and defeated enemies.
        MONEY BAGS - The money bags adds points to the score. 
The money bags can be orange (100 points), blue (400 points) and 
white (700 points). Can be found on the candles, walls and 
defeated enemies.
        CRUXIFIX - This item can eliminate all enemies on 
screen. Can be found on candles and defeated enemies.
        CHICKEN - The chicken can restore half of your energy. 
Just deal with the bad taste of it (Of course, turkeys that are 
found inside walls doesn't taste that good....^_^)
        IVINCIBILITY JAR - The invincibility jar can make you 
invincible for a few seconds. Mostly find on defeated enemies.
        II - With this item, you can throw 2 weapons at once. If 
you change the weapon, you will lose this item. Found on 
candles, walls and defeated enemies.
        III - With this item, you can throw 3 weapons at once, 
but this item can be found only if you already had an II item. 
If you change the weapon, you will lose this item. Found on 
candles, walls and defeated enemies.  
        CROWN / SPECIAL MONEY BAG  / IDOL HEAD - The hidden 
treasures is a secret item that added points to your score, but 
there location is well hidden and the way to obtain it is quite 
different than the other ordinary items, so you will have to 
search well to find them. The special money bag worth 1000 
points, the crown worth 2000 points and the idol head worth 4000 
        1-UP - It gives you an extra life.

7    -  -   EXTRA / SECRETS
        A ) Time attack / Ranking
        To open the time attack mode, just beat the game on the 
arrange mode. When you choose the arrange mode again the time 
attack and ranking will be there. 
        The difference of the time attack is that you can start 
in any stage that you like. You will already with full whip and 
every weapon that you will find out, there will be an extra III 
bonus. For you obtain a time on the time attack you will have to 
pass all the stage and the boss without dying. If you die, you 
will return to the select stage screen.
        The ranking is for see your 10 best times on each stage.

        B) Extreme difficulty
        To play on the extreme difficulty, beat the game on the 
original mode. After the ending credits, the game will start 
again. Soon enough you will realize that every hit causes 
massive damage and the enemies are smarter and faster. A true 
test to Castlevania fans.
        C) Extra options
        On the main menu, press up, up, down, down, left, right, 
left, right, X and O.
        2 options will appear: Date and display mode.
        Date: you can set the date that you are but the game 
doesn't track real time, so it must be for some secret. Mail me 
if you know the purpose of the date. Change the parameters with 
the R1 and L1. The date displayed on the initial screen is the 
release date of this game. 
        (NOTE: The only possible reason I can think of this 
option is to know how much time that you expend playing this 
game. But for this each time that you will turn off the game, 
you must manually save the game and do some math....until 
someone finds a secret date that will cause some real effect)
        Display mode - Normal / Trim 
        Normal - The display that shows the health is 
transparent, so details are more visible. This is the default 
        Trim  - The display turns opaque, and some stuff high on 
the screen that is hard to see.
        D) Hidden treasures locations
        Note: I believe I don't find all the hidden treasures of 
this game, so if you know others locations, do not hesitate to 
send a mail.
        Block 1: 
        - On the first section (stage 01), before entering the 
castle, wait the bridge falls down and crouch on the first block 
before the bridge.
        - On the underground part of the stage (stage 02), 
before the stairs that lead up to the castle, is a small 
platform, from this point, break a rock on the upper platform 
and descend for the rocks that are underwater, crouch on the 
first block and a crown will appear.
        Block 2
        - On the first section of this stage (stage 04), after 
the falling rocks there will be a platform, so you must fall on 
the space between the platform and the third falling rock. And 
so you must crouch in the middle gap. 
        Block 3
        - On the first section of the stage, there will be a 
platform with 2 stone archers shooting at opposite sides (stage 
07), climb on this platform, and step on the first block, a bag 
will appear on the floor below.
        - In the stage 9, right before the boss, there is a 
stairs and a corridor below the stairs. Go there, and get close 
to the wall. Crouch there to reveal a crown in the upper stairs. 
        Block 4
        - On the second section of this stage (stage 11), after 
climbing the Athena statue, there is a corridor with a 
depression in the ground with an enemy, kill that enemy. I don't 
know exactly what to do, but if you search right on this 
depression, an idol head will appear.
        Block 5
        - On the second section of this stage (stage 14), after 
jumping the pendulum, there will be some connected platforms 
that when you step in it the other side will arise. So you must 
crouch on the second platform that you step in to reveal a 
hidden crown. But be careful, if you stay still on the platform, 
it will collapse. Bingo, you're dead.
        Block 6
        - In the first section (stage 16), you are descending, 
after the last (fourth) sword skeleton, climb down the stairs 
and stay on this platform, before you descend even more there is 
a platform that leads to nowhere, if you move there a special 
money bag will appear on the platform upstairs. So, move 
quickly, climb the stairs and grab it before the bag disappears.

        Block 7

        - In the section, after defeating the Frankenstein, 
climb the stairs. Move to the right edge and jump to the right. 
An idol head will appear. 

        Block 8
        - In the stage 22, after you climb the first stairs, 
jump on the side of the door that you came in, an idol head will 
appear on the floor below.



      A ) Game information ( Japan version )
      NAME: Castlevania Chronicle: Akumajou Dracula (VX236-
J1/SLPM 86754) 
      PUBLISHER : Konami
      DEVELOPER : Konami / KCET
      RELEASE DATE : May 24, 2001
      PRICE : 5800 yen
      B ) FAQ section
      Q : The code for the extra options is wrong.... can't use 
it at all.
      A : Read carefully. The final part of the code is X and O, 
not O and X. I have problems too, to realize that because this 
is NOT the original and famous Konami code (that works with 
Contra, Jackal, Life force and X other games), because the 
original Konami code was the second button and the first button 
on early games. (B then A, O then X and goes on) and so the code 
really works.
      Q :  The emulation of the X68000 is perfect? 
      A :  Dunno, because I never played the original system. 
But I think that is almost perfect. The only graphics complain 
in the PS version is a tearing effect on the background, that is 
pretty visible on the second stage, so I don't know that this 
glitch has also on the X68000. There is also a little slowdown 
when the screen if full of sprites, as the fountain screen on 
the third stage. And, of course, it has loading times.

      Q :  This game really worth it? Is a bit expensive for 
just a remake with a few modifications.
      A :  Yeah, I know. If you are a true Castlevania fan, you 
must buy it now. It has everything that makes the Castlevania 
legacy great (great gameplay, great music, killer level design) 
and worth the price. But if is your first Castlevania game, or 
just played Symphony of the night / the N64 Castlevania games, 
perhaps this game isn't the best way to show what Castlevania is 
really about. On the store that I bought this game, the people 
that only played Symphony of the night do not wanted to buy this 
game at all.
           The American and European version of Castlevania 
Chronicles is much cheaper than the Japanese version. And if the 
reports that CC US/Euro version comes with the video interview 
and the gallery mode that the CC JAP lacks are correct, there is 
a much better deal....Oh, well...... 

    C)   American / European version
        Konami of America has released Castlevania Chronicles. 
Is basically the same game with translated text, but with extras 
not found on the JAP version. I managed to get the American 
version for a few minutes but I not played that much. But enough 
to see the video interview and get the deal with the game.

    D)   Video Interview (INCOMPLETE) 

        One of the most interesting extra ever of a game is the 
video interview with the game producer Koji "IGA" Igarashi that 
is exclusive to the US/EURO versions only. It comes with the 
background of the producer and very interesting questions about 
the Castlevania series and the "future" of new remakes. For you 
that only have the JAP version (like me.....) there is the full 
        Note: The entire interview is in Japanese with English 
subtitles. The questions appear on a FMV background and Koji 
Igarashi responds it on a room with a projection screen with 
Castlevania Chronicles behind them. The producer looks like he 
is a very young man (~27 years).

        Question -  Could you please give us some background on 
the projects you've worked in the past?
        Producer IGA -  The major work of mine would be 
directing and programming of Castlevania: Symphony of the night. 
As for others games, I've written some game scenarios for 
Tokimeki Memorial.
        Question 2 - Do you have a personal favorite Castlevania 
        Producer - Personally speaking, I love Castlevania 3: 
Dracula Curse's. Another game that I like is Dracula X: Chi No 
Rondo, which was only released on Japan.
        Question - Why choose this particular title to revival 
on the PS one?
        IGA - The original game was only sold in Japan and was 
only on PC. There weren't that many that owned a PC, you know. 
Many fans want a Playstation version. So, a lot of requests were 
made by Playstation owners to convert this game. Moreover, this 
game has a great reputation. I've played the original game in 
starting of the project and still, it's quite a lot of fun to 
play. I wanted to do something about the situation where one of 
the greatest games cannot be played by gamers, especially fans 
outside Japan.
        Question - Because this title hasn't been released in US 
until now, can you give us a little background info on the games 
story and the structure?
        IGA - This is the first "remake version" from the old 
Castlevania series. The story itself wasn't really that dramatic 
but Simon, who is a descendant of the Belmont family, used a 
sacred whip to destroy Count Dracula. A very simple story, which 
fans all know.
        This game is much more controllable compared to the 
original one. For example, you can change the start up of the 
jump; whip down while you jump and more. The game control has 
been upgraded which I believe that the game itself turned out to 
be very fun to play with. 
        Question 5 - Are you planning more Castlevania remakes? 
If so, can you tell us which classic titles you will be re-
visiting next?
        IGA - Yes, some future plans are in my head right now, 
but wherever or not I can carry on this plans is up to your 
support. Please encourage us to make that dream come true. By 
the way, the game that I am planning at the moment may be hinted 
somewhere towards in this interview. 
        Question 6 - What do you think it is about the 
Castlevania series that still endears so many fans around the 
        IGA - I'm sure that is due it's great gameplay and deep 
storyline. Also, the graphics and sound quality are always the 
best, which endear a lot of fans.

        Question 7 - We heard that you're current working on a 
new Castlevania game. When can we expect to see it?
        IGA - The release date to any new game in not confirmed 
yet. We are now making the very basic foundations of the game, 
as we are just now brainstorming the game plans. Please do look 
forward to the next game because it's going to be astonishing.
        Question 8 - Which Konami team is working on the game, 
and have they worked on the previous Castlevania titles?
        IGA - I've gathered excellent staff for this upcoming 
game. Not only we have staff from Symphony of the, but also from 
Akumajo Dracula X: Chi no Rondo. I would say this is the most 
talented team we ever assembled for a Castlevania game!!. 
        Question 9 - Symphony of the night took the series into 
a new direction, with a vastly different game structure. As much 
as we loved that game, we've always wondered, what was the 
reason behind the change?
        IGA - The major reason why I came to re-change the 
Castlevania concept was due to it's longevity. Users spend so 
much money on a product and I simply wished if they could enjoy 
the game much longer. SO, I came to think about this in Symphony 
of the night.
        Previous Castlevania games were meant to be made as "one 
direction" type of games. I decided to not follow this type, but 
rather something with more exploration. That's one of the major 
        Also, if you're not enough good as a gamer, you not 
could see the ending; that simply means that not everyone could 
enjoy the game fully. To allow everybody could see the ending, I 
made the choice to implements power-ups levels so that any gamer 
could play the game thoroughly with the impression that they 
beat the game and gain a cash-back feeling.
        Videogames are more expensive that any amusement; If you 
ask players to pay for some expensive stuff, why not make 
something worthwhile enough for gamers to keep and play 

    E)  What's missing ?
        I don't intend add anything on this FAQ right now, 
besides grammar corrections and syntax. Any other suggestions 
are really welcome.
    F)  Next project / Released FAQ's.

        Serei Hata Rayblade (PS) - 30% completed
        Black/Matrix Cross (PS) - 20% completed 
        Generation of Chaos (PS2) - 10% completed
        Black/Matrix 2, Shaman King - Spirit of Shaman, Samurai Deeper 
Kyo, Psychometrer Eiji, Cyberorg, Racing Lagoon, Digital Holmes, Maken 
Shao, Project Minerva Professional, Makai Tensei, Guardian Angel, Beat 
Mania 6 + core mix. 
        Mail me if you have any interest on these titles  
      - Others released FAQ's
        Akumajou Dracula - Castlevania Chronicle FAQ (PS)
        Biohazard Complete Disk FAQ (PS)
        Card Captor Sakura - Clow Card Magic FAQ / Walkthrough (PS)
        Houshinengi FAQ / Walkthrough (PS)
        Kaikan Phrase Datenshi Kourin FAQ / Walkthrough (PS)
        Tales of Destiny (demo) FAQ / Walkthrough (PS)
        Tales of Destiny 2 Title FAQ (PS)
        PUMP IT UP: the season evolution FAQ (ARCADE)
        PUMP IT UP: extra FAQ (ARCADE)
        Unlimited SaGa FAQ / Walkthrough (PS2)


        A) Legal Information
        This document is (C)?2001, 2004 Leonardo Lugarinho, All 
rights reserved. Castlevania Chronicle: Akumajou Dracula is (C) 
1986, 2001 Konami, All rights reserved. Others trademarks is 
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        B) Thanks
        Many thanks to:
        My family
        My friends
        Ric Carnahan - For writing the script of the interview.
        00m FB(BC)2 - For some secrets items that he found in 
the game, like the 1-UP and the crown on the block 7.  
        All microbiology freaks out there...
        Konami and KCE Tokyo         
        C) Contact info 
        Questions, comments, suggestions....feel free to send me 
an E-mail to (leo@inw.psi.br) with Castlevania as subject.