Comic Book FAQ by Lapin Kulta

Updated: 10/30/01 | Printable Version

Spiderman 2 Comic Book guide (complete!)

Author: Bas Veerman
nickname: Lapin Kulta

Use this guide in addition to the FAQ
written by Romy N Junio. This guide is merely used to
you to the secret comic books, which are fun, but very
difficult to collect. If you wish to incorporate this
text into another, larger faq on the Spiderman 2 game,
do so with the mentioning of my name. I spent a lot of
time verifying these locations, and writing them down.

[Enter the Webhead]
All levels: yank the three crates on the rooftop with
four crates, to get comic number 3, Ultimate Spiderman
Easy: Climb the second crane, and on the cab you'll
find comic number 22, Spectacular Spiderman #197

[Burglary interrupted]
Kid mode: Pick up the trashcan in the center area, to
find comic number 18, Web of Spiderman #100
Normal: On the rooftop next to the building you finish
the level on, you can find comic number 4, Amazing
Spiderman, vol 2, #13

[Rooftops by night]
Hard: After finishing off all of the thugs and machine
guns, return to the bridge to pick up comic number 9,
Amazing Spiderman vol 2, #29

[Warehouse 66]
Easy: Pick up the drum next to the big door through
which you entered, to discover comic number 15, Peter
Parker, Spiderman #85

[Spidey vs. Shocker]
Hard: inside the flames, very difficult to see, is
comic number 13, Amazing Spiderman #13

[Hangar 18]
Kid mode: pick up the crate on the left side of the
hangar, to find comic number 17, Peter Parker:
Spiderman #92

[Crash Flight]
Normal: inside the first hangar, where you start, look
under the big net with the barrels. Next to the
barrels, you'll find comic number 16, Peter Parker:
Spiderman #90

[To catch a thief]
All levels: On a ledge at the back of the third
building of the level, is comic number 21, Amazing
Spiderman #185

[In Darkest Night]
Easy: After punching out the first guard, walk over to
the garage doors to find comic number 20, Spectacular
Spiderman #20

[Heart of darkness]
Normal: Use all of the seven levers in the game.
Instead of going through door number 7, go to door
number three and behind the train you'll find comic
number 6, Peter Parker: Spiderman vol 2, #22

All levels: under the photocopy machine in the first
hostage room, you'll find comic number 7, Amazing
Spiderman #21
Hard: After solving the elevator puzzle, return to the
first room with the elevators. There, you'll find
comic number 27, Spectacular Spiderman #220

[Spidey vs Hammerhead]
Hard: Jump on the bar, and pick up the closed sign
there. Do this three times, and a comic should pop
out. This is comic number 19, Amazing Spiderman #114

[Spidey in the machine]
Easy: Finish the boiler puzzle, then climb up the ramp
in the boiler room. There, you'll discover comic
number 10, Amazing Spiderman vol 2 #30
Kid: After finishing both laser grid puzzles, return
to the air vents. On the spot where the health icon
is, you'll now be able to get comic number 25, Amazing
Spiderman Annual, #21

[Mission: Spidey]
Normal: After finishing all of the puzzles, return to
the very first bridge to pick up comic number 26,
Amazing Spiderman, Annual #21, alternate version.
Hard: Underneath the first bridge, is a small alcove
inside the central column. Inside, you can get comic
number 8, Spider-man #25

[Downward Spiral]
Normal: Think of this level in four parts, each
separated by those jaw-doors. In the third part, skip
the buttons, and climb up as far as you can.
Underneath the doors, which do not open, is a small
ledge where you can find comic number 32, Amazing
Spiderman #341.

[Spidey vs Lizard]
Hard: Finish the serum puzzle, but skip the first
canister of serum, and run directly towards the third
room of the lab. Be quick, and you'll find comic
number 12, Amazing Spiderman #44

[Aces High]
Hard: on a ledge on the back of the first building you
start on, you'll be able to get comic number 14,
Spectacular Spiderman #66
Normal: Behind the tower with four guns (you can't
miss it), on the bridge towards the other building, is
comic number 31, Amazing Spiderman #425
Easy: Go the the last tower with a red tracking laser
on it (its the one without turrets). On a ledge on the
back of it, is comic number 24, Amazing Spiderman #217

[Spidey vs Sandman again]
All levels: On top of the crane, which is on top of
the building under construction, is comic number 2,
Amazing Spiderman #4
Easy: pick up the portable toilet, and underneath
you'll discover comic number 5, Peter Parker:
Spiderman, vol 2, #16

[Konnichiwa, Spider-san]
Easy: Behind the Buddha statue is comic number 23,
Amazing Spiderman, vol 2, 2001 annual.

[Rock of Ages]
Easy: On the car sticking out of the wall, near the
top, you'll see comic number 30, Amazing Spiderman
Normal: Inside the dino picture, on the Ice Age level,
you'll find comic number 28, Spectacular Spiderman

[Spidey vs Electro]
Normal: On the earth, which is very difficult to get
to, you'll find comic number 1, Amazing Spiderman #9

[Top of the World]
Kid mode: behind the large antenna, you'll be able to
pick up comic number 11, Spider-man #38
Hard: after the antenna has fallen down, be very
careful and climb on the fallen part. Balancing above
certain death, you'll be able to find comic number 29,
Peter Parker: Spiderman vol 2, #2