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                                 Journey West


                             Saiyuki Journey West
                             For Sony Playstation
                               Card Game Guide
                            Version 1.11 21/11/2003
                    By Ng Kim Leong (
                                 ICQ 55261040

                       Copyright 2001-2003 Ng Kim Leong

  "Saiyuki Journey West" is (c) 1999 Koei Co. Ltd. (c) 2001 Koei Corporation

(( C O N T E N T ))

1 .  D i s c l a m e r
2 .  U p d a t e s
3 .  I n t r o d u c t i o n
4 .  C o n t r i b u t i o n

5 .  C a r d  G a m e  G u i d e
     A. Introduction
     B. How to play
     C. Combos
     D. Prizes
     E. Tricks

6 .  H o w  T o  C o n t a c t  M e
7 .  A s k e d  Q u e s t i o n s
8 .  C r e d i t s
9 .  A u t h o r ' s  n o t e s

(( 1 .  D I S C L A I M E R ))

     This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright 
Convention of 1976. It is for private and personal use only--it cannot be 
reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any form 
(written or otherwise). It is a free document that cannot be used in any sort 
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This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Darren Ng. All copyrights and 
trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned 
herein. This FAQ cannot be referenced, altered, or used by anybody (including 
webmasters, publishers, and magazine staff) without my express written 
permission. Remember, plagiarism is a crime and is punishable by law.

     The Copyright notice is being picked from Kao Megura's Super Street 
Fighter II X (Saturn) FAQ with his permission.

     Special thanks to him.

(( 2 .  U P D A T E S ))

[ Version 1.11 ]

- It was actually the final at V1.10... This version is to update some
  copyright information.

[ Version 1.10 ]

- Started my second FAQ!!!
- Added all the following sections into my FAQ:
  a) Disclaimer
  b) Updates
  c) Introduction
  d) Contribution
  e) Card game guide
  f) How to contact me
  g) Asked questions
  h) Credits
  i) Author's note
- Added the following sub-sections into "Card game guide" section:
  a) Introduction
  b) How to play
  c) Combos
  d) Prizes
  e) Tricks
- Made the ASCII logo with the lecture from Ignacio de Lucas, who's been
  helping me all along with my first walkthrough. Special Thanks to him.

(( 3 .  I N T R O D U C T I O N ))

     Saiyuki is a Strategy RPG game based on a popular myth in China. Like 
the genre of the game, you'll need strategy to beat the game. Unfortunately, 
it's not covered by this FAQ because there's already two great FAQ out there. 
This FAQ is made to cover a mini-game in Saiyuki. The name of the mini-game 
is Card Game.

(( 4 .  C O N T R I B U T I O N ))

     Well, did you notice if I missed something or is there any errors in the 
FAQ? Have a trick or tip to share? If you do, please kindly send it to me so 
that I can correct my FAQ. Please, please, pretty please... Your name and e-
mail address will be added into the "Credits" Section as a token of 
appreciation. Also, if you find any places confusing to you, please contact 
me too. If you didn't notice, my e-mail address and my ICQ number is

                           < >
                                 ICQ 55261040
                                 [Inferno II]

     Your contribution is greatly needed and appreciated. Thanks.

(( 5.  C A R D  G A M E  G U I D E ))

( A. Introduction )

     Card game is a mini-game in Saiyuki (Possibly the only one...). It's 
almost like "Black Jack" game. Just that you won't win if you get 21 in 
total, but lose. This game counts only your last digit (Ex: if you got 21, it 
counts as 1  ^^). The biggest number in this game is 9 and the smallest one 
is 0. But in some cases, 0 is the biggest. Please look at the "Combos" 
section for this one.

     In order to play this game, you'll need the currency of this game. To 
have the currency of this game, you'll need to exchange it. To exchange with, 
you'll need money. So this game is all about money  ^^ You'll get to play 
this mini-game once you've reached Chapter 2's Kucha town, which comes with 
the "Post". Post is a place where you can get jobs from and earn money, but 
that's another story.

     First of all, you'll need to exchange G for M, which is the currency for 
this mini-game. The rate is quite huge... You can exchange 100G with 1M!!! 
... Plus, the minimum bet is 10M, which makes a game worth 1000G! Whoa... 
that's expensive...

     You can only play this mini-game in these towns:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3
Port Town

     Remember, take a look at "Tricks" section before you play!! By following 
that trick, you can only spend 1000G and win the whole prizes!

( B. How to play )

     Well, there's no major rules here, since you can't cheat in Video Games, 
isn't it? NO! Again, please read the "Tricks" section for more details.

     Here's something about the layout of the "battlefield"...

+-Medal-+   +-----------------------------+
|  9990M|   |+--^^--+                     |
+-------+   ||  ^   |  ^      ^      ^    |
            ||  0M  |  0M     0M     0M   |
+--------+  ||  v   |  v      v      v    |
|        |  ||      |                     |
|  [  ]  |  || [  ] | [  ]   [  ]   [  ]  |
|        |  ||      |                     |
|  CARD  |  || CARD | CARD   CARD   CARD  |
|        |  ||      |                     |
|        |  |+------+                     |
+-Dealer-+  +-----------------------------+
            | Description                 |

CARD = A piece of card.
       - In the "Dealer" box is Dealer's pile, can't be bet.
       - In the other box is betable. MAX 50M per bet.

Medal = The amount of Medal you currently have. Bets will reduce this
        - MAX 9990M can be held at a time.

[  ] = The score you currently have.
       - Will be added when the second card comes.
       - There's no two digit score. All scores are based on the last number.
       - 9 as the biggest and 0 as the smallest. At times, 0 is the
         biggest. Refer to the "Combos" section for details.

0M = Your current bet.
     - 0 means you've not bet on this pile.
     - 50M as the MAX per pile you can bet.

A box with a smiley face = Your cursor. You can choose which pile to bet with
                           - Directional button Right and Left to move the
                             cursor from one pile to another.
                           - Directional button Up and Down to raise or
                             decrease bet.

Description = Self-explanatory.

     After finish betting, you'll need to press "X" to confirm. After 
confirming, you'll get a second card for each pile you bet (one at a time) 
and you can decide whether you want the third card or not. If you're not good 
at mathematics, the "[  ]" will show you and you can decide from there  ^^ 
After all your turn's done, it's the dealer's turn. Dealer will decide itself 
whether to get a third card or not, so don't worry  :)

     Upon finishing, winners will be decided. If you've won, you'll get the 
amount you've bet back doubled. If you lost, as usual, you'll lose your bet. 
In certain circumstances, you'll get your bet winnings doubled, tripled, or 
even 10x!! Please refer to the "Combos" section for this.

     After all is done, you can decide whether to play again or not. After 
reaching a certain amount of Medals, you can trade for prizes. For all the 
prizes available's description, please refer to the "Prizes" section.

( C. Combos )

     In this game, if you get s certain card, you'll have your winnings 
increased. These certain cards are called "Combo".

     First of all, you'll need to understand what kind of card is available.

| Character and Were-form |
| Character Name | Number | Were-form       | Number |
| Son Goku       | 0      | Giant Ape       | 9      |
| Chu Hakkai     | 4      | Raging Boar     | 5      |
| Shu Ryorin     | 2      | Bronze Dragon   | 7      |
| Sa Gojo        | 6      | River Lord      | 3      |
| Lady Kikka     | 8      | Butterfly Queen | 1      |
| Sanzo          | x0     +-----------------+--------+

     As you see, if a Character comes with a Were (Except Sanzo), it'll be 9. 
There's a combo for this.

| Guardian |
| Guardian Name | Number |
| Mother        | 10     |
| Warrior       | 10     |
| Luna          | 10     |
| Fool          | 10     |
| Cavalier      | 10     |

     As you see, all Guardian's number is 0. Well, a combo for this too.

     Here comes the long-awaited Combos list!!!

| Combos List |
| Combo Requirement              | Winnings | 
| Sanzo + CHAR + CHAR's WERE     | x10      | CHAR = Character
| Guardian + Guardian + Guardian | x5       | WERE = Were-form
| Guardian + CHAR + CHAR's WERE  | x3       | 
| CHAR + CHAR's WERE             | x2       | 

     You must follow the "Character and Were-form" Chart in order to archive 
these combos. If it doesn't follow the chart, it'll not be considered as a 

     I'm not sure under which circumstances will these combos apply... Like, 
must I have more score than the dealer in order to get the combos? What am I 
sure is that if you got 3 Guardians, which score is 0, you'll win the dealer 
without combo even if the dealer has score 9. Try to get these combos if and 
you'll be making big money, alright!  :)

     Also, be noted that each type of card has only one available. This 
means, if you're trying to get a CHAR + CHAR's WERE combo and you have Goku 
on a pile, make sure that you see all other piles to make sure that Great Ape 
is not out yet because you've only one Great Ape in a game.

     Lastly, if the dealer gets a combo, the dealer will normally swipe the 
whole game, except that you've got combos too.

( D. Prizes )

     These are the prizes that you can exchange for Medals. You can actually 
sell these prizes to make moneys too! But each prizes are available one each 


Stamina Helm        250M
A strong helmet but health potions are inhibited
Price 500G
DEF +24
Sanzo can't equip

Chaos Cap           400M
A strong priest's cap, restricts cure potions
Price 1000G
DEF +18
Only Sanzo can equip

Cursed Robe         500M
A strong robe but unlucky
Price 2000G
DEF +22
LCK -20
Only Sanzo can equip

Book of Life        700M
Scriptures that brings the blessings of Life
Price 4000G
Aid Life level growth

Soul of Dragon     1000M
Jewel containing the soul of the hero Yellow Dragon
Price No price
OFF +10
Only male can equip


Ailing Cap          350M
A strong priest's cap, restricts cure potions
Price 1000G
DEF +18
Only Sanzo can equip

Vampire Plate       500M
Armor that protects but also leeches HP
Price 3000G
DEF +30
Sanzo can't equip

Book of Earth       700M
Scripture that brings the blessings of Earth
Price 4000G
Aid Earth level growth

Book of Gold        700M
Scripture that brings the blessings of Gold
Price 6000G
Aid Gold level growth

Soul of Mulan      1500M
Jewels holding the soul of female General Mulan
Price No price
MD +20
Only female can equip

---Port Town---

Full Plate          500M
Extremely strong but unwieldy armour
Price 2000G
DEF +27
MOV -1
Sanzo can't equip

Trial Robe          700M
A robe that protects but also leeches MP
Price 2000G
DEF +26
Heal MP -8
Only Sanzo can equip

Book of Water      1000M
Scriptures that brings the blessings of Water
Price 6000G
Aid Water level growth

Book of Fire       1000M
Scriptures that brings the blessings of Fire
Price 8000G
Aid Fire level growth

Soul of the Swan   3000M
Jewel containing the soul of the White Swan
Price No price
Heal HP 30
Only female can equip

( E. Tricks )

     *Drum Rolls*

     Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Here comes the most awaited 
section, the Tricks section!!! You can really win easily with these tricks 
below with only 1000G to pay!!!

     Well, this is a trick that I found myself while playing the game... When 
I play... Blah blah blah... Blah blah blah...

     Cut the craps... Well, first, get access to the Card game, of course. 
Then, you'll need 10M. Buy them with your hard-earned 1000G. Then, get ready 
to win!!!

     First, get out and save.  ^^ I'm sure you know what to do next, but I'll 
continue... Then, re-enter the card game and just bet on one pile that looks 
like a winner. If you won, you'll end up with 20M, right? Then out, save, re-
enter and bet all the 20M on one pile! If you lose, simply re-load and try 
again until you won. Then, after you've repeated the process until you've 
more than 50M, bet 50M on one pile and others on other pile. Just repeat and 
repeat and you'll eventually get more than you've expected.

     Remember, save at each win, regardless how many you've won, and load at 
each lose, regardless how many you've lost!

     Well, I know that this trick is simple but many peoples don't figure 
this out! (Like my big brother, duh!) And I know too that this trick is slow 
too... But for the sake of your pocket, it's safer this way.

(( 6 .  H O W  T O  C O N T A C T  M E ))

          Well, my contacts are actually written above but I'll write it down 

                           < >
                                 ICQ 55261040
                                 [Inferno II]

     I accept only contributions, suggestion and errors regarding THIS 
walkthrough. I might be able to answer a few questions though... But I'm not 
good in answering. No stupid questions, please! All answerable questions will 
be posted below this, which is under "Asked Questions"

     I will ignore those with questions Which is not covered by this FAQ. 
Also, NO PERSONAL QUESTIONS  ;) Well, maybe if it's not THAT personal, I'll 
answer. Finally, PLEASE!!! No grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes 

     Contributors who contribute via e-mail will be replied to notify you 
that I received your contributions.

     You see, my English is not even near "average" in usage so don't send in 
hard-to-understand words, ok?  ^_^;

(( 7 .  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S ))

     There's no questions in the bank...

(( 8 .  C R E D I T S ))

---Special Thanks----------------------------------------------------
My parents
- For bringing me into this world  :)
- For buying me this Computer, that PS and also this game.
- For encouraging me in doing this walkthrough because it's my interest.

---Special Thanks----------------------------------------------------
Ignacio de Lucas (
- For guiding me on how to make the ASCII logo.
- He also helped me a lot in the previous FAQ.

---Special Thanks----------------------------------------------------
Kao Megura (
- For letting me use his Copyright notice again. That's twice...

- For making such a GREAT game!!!

GameFaqs (
- For posting this walkthrough.

And finally,
You (
- For reading this walkthrough.

(( 9.  A U T H O R ' S  N O T E S ))

     This FAQ is actually the second FAQ I've made. I made a FAQ about 
Eternal Eyes for Playstation before this.

     Final words in this FAQ:

Thank you for reading my FAQ!
Good Luck on beating that master of the table!

The last updated and this walkthrough, itself, can be obtained from these 
following sites as of at 21/11/2003:
1. GameFaqs (

Copyright 2001-2003 by Ng Kim Leong