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========================= Saiyuki: Journey West =========
		              Secrets and Side Quests Guide

Written by: Payzmaykr
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Started: 6/30/04
Finished: N/A

1. Revision History
2. Introduction
3. Disclaimer
4. Secrets and Side Quests
	4.1- Chef's Paradise
	4.2- Gallant Ale
	4.3- Star Ore
	4.5- Emperor Summon
5. Secret Characters
	5.1- Kinrei & Ginrei 
	5.2- Reikan
	5.3- Genshi
	5.4- Taurus & Tessen
6. My Review
7. Credits

===================REVISION HISTORY==============/
Version 1.0
Started Walkthrough
Added table of contents and set up basics

Version 1.1
Wrote Section 4.1-4.2
Added extra information to 4.1

Version 1.2
Added more detailed information 
to the Introduction and Disclaimer
			Revision History started on
			June 30, 2004. Finished at
			a later, unknown date.

Welcome to my walkthrough for Saiyuki: Journey West. This is actually
 my second guide in general, and my second Saiyuki guide. Here, I will
 basically cover what you see in the table of contents, which mainly 
consists of five secrets and side quests that can be found or
 accomplished by starting at the beginning of the game and playing 
through. Some are worth the while, while some you could easily play
 without. Personally, 
I never got them the first few times I played through, but I seemed to
 do okay. If you are dependant on getting everything in the game, it is
 important that you have a good guide to follow, and I don't see that
 anyone's made a Secrets and Side Quests guide for Saiyuki 
yet that can be found on 

The four secrets/side quests are rather easily accomplished, and some
 of their requrements
are actually beneficial to building a strong party (the key to 
enjoying this game). Do as I say
to get there, and you should do fine. If you find something to not
 be clear in my guide, I made
a small section for this in my first guide, and you can check for
 additional information there. 
If you still need help, I recommend that you check the other guides
 written (which I used the 
first few times through), or you can just email me. Here is my guide, 
and I hope this hasn't
 bored you (enjoy)!

By reading this guide, you agree to apply the information gained to your 
save file in order to furthur your gameplay. This guide is written to help
 people who are stuck and is in no way made for profit. If you desire
 to use this guide on another site, email me exclusively at 
jhead816@yahoo for approval. The answer will most likely be yes, 
but I just have to check out the site and make sure it's a non-profit site.
 Don't forget,if I, the author of this guide, am not profiting from it, you
 should not either. 

If you see this guide on another site credited to anybody but 
"Payzmaykr," please inform me immediately. Not only is stealing a sin,
 but it is a crime. I will report it to your internet prividor, and they can
 and will shut down your internet service for means of using it for
neglegant deeds. Trust me, it's happened before, and it could happen 
again, just do the right thing and ask before you post it.

============SECRETS AND SIDE QUESTS==============/

Chef's Paradise is a spell used by Cho Hakkai. It is easily-obtainable,
 however, the preperations necessary and the outcome of the work 
make it even more worth it, especially if you use him in your party later
 in the game when the battles get more intense.

In order to get this, you need to get a certain number of recipes. The
 way you get them is by randomly visiting a certain place, whether it
 is a resturant or a shop, or whatever. Here are the recipes necessary
 to accomplis it.

   RECIPE ONE- Eggrolls
   Location- Yuimen Shop
   To get this recipe, simply enter the shop, and when you leave, 
   the owner will tell 
   you the recipe. Part one is now done. Easy huh?

   Location- Biku Dojo
   Go to the dojo to train up some, and Hakkai will smell something. 
He simply HAS to get this recipe, and persistant as he is, he gets it 
by just asking. : )

   Location- Kucha Smith
   Go to upgrade your weapons, and as usual, he smells something strong. 
    It's some   kind of food, no doubt, and beef at that. Get the recipe and 
     continue in the story.

 Location- Infidel City Chemist
 Hakkai's sensor goes off presistantly just as it has done in the past, 
 and he collects the recipe for a kind of Chinese Jelly. You are now 4/5
 of the way there. Now all you have to do is combine the four recipes..... 
 and you've got the spell!

	Go to the city of Tokhara, and enter the post. Do whatever 
you want to do here for the time being, and then be on your way. When 
you leave, the owner will stop you, and you see a scene. Afterwards, 
Cho Hakkai is now the owner of one of the most powerful spells in
 the game, CHEF'S PARADISE!


	If there is one item that you should be sure to get, it is the 
Gallant Ale. With a very meaningful purpose, of course, the Gallant Ale
 is considered one of the best items in the game.It is a potion that the 
male characters in the game can take, and it can only be used one time.
 Its effects raise your WAR status by 8. Don't forget, however, it is only
 to be taken by male charcters! "But eight points surely doesn't sound
 like much at all," you might be telling yourselves right now. I can assure
 you that in this game it makes all the difference in your status and 
how much damage you can deal. Just don't forget that it should be
 used on someone with dependable attack and good speed and range
 and stuff. In this case, I would recommend that you use it on Goku.
 He has some of the best attacking stats in the game, you just have
 to manipulate them so that they are at their full potential.

	Imagine a potion that makes you stronger. STRONGER.....
 How ever would we go about 
getting this? Surely it would be a great reward for somebody who is the 
strongest of them all, but how 
could we  become that strong, you might ask. Simple! By training in the 
dojos. As a veteran of this game, 
it is my professional opinion that you master each dojo that you come 
across. By doing so, you are sure to get
the Gallant Ale, and that happens to be the method of doing so. Simply
 beat the dojo master in the following
cities to recieve it. Mire River, Ko Lodge, Yuimen, Turfan, Biku, Infidel 
City, Kucha, Cherchen, Inns Town,
Tokhara, Pteron, Pine City, Frontier City, Midnight Tor, plus Port Town, 
and you will get it.


	Star Ore is a rare material that can only be found one time in
 the game, and it is not likely
that you will find it without the right information. It just so happens that I
 can help you with this task. You
should probably know what it is and what it does before you go out on
 some wild goose chase for some
item with a cool-sounding name. Basically what we're looking for here
 is forging material for your weapons.
It will increase your attack power to MAX, which increases the 
damage that you do when you attack someone.
It also gives you better attack range, which really comes in handy, 
especially for Goku or Hakkai. Okay, here's
how you can get it.

	STEP ONE- Go to Midnight Tor and go to the smith there.
 Have him upgrade your weapons to
level 5 (if you already did that, it's no problem, just keep reading here). 
Then have him upgrade them again,
althrough five is the highest level that you can reach. Now you are done. 
Head to the Chemist in Midnight Tor.

	STEP TWO- When you are in the Chemist's shop in
 Midnight Tor, a scene should have triggered,
so it seems. If one doesn't then keep going with the walkthrough. 
Now you need to go to Frontier City.

	STEP THREE- Once you get to Frontier City, go to 
the Chemist, like you did in the previous town.
Something should have happened to indicate that you are in the 
right place, and are doing stuff right, so keep going
on to the next place, which happens to be Port Town, the 
Port Town Post.
	STEP FOUR- In Port Town, go to the Post as soon
 as you get there. Something should happen to
trigger a fight with Ceylon. The fight is not hard, unless you
 haven't been training. Complete the fight and get the
star ore. Once you get it, you will probably want to use
 it immediately, so go to the Smith.


	Emperor is a summon that can be called to the 
battlefield by Sanzo, as he/she can do as his/her
ability replacing the ability to transform into a weremonster. 
This summon, however, is better than all of the rest.
It is so good, in fact, that it is hidden throughout the game in 
treasure chests and other places on the battlefield. 
There are many pieces of Emperor Equipment that you 
have to collect and keep (DON'T SELL THEM). They
are four peices of equipment, to be exact. They are the 
Emperor Band, Emperor Soul, Emperor Helmet, and 
Emperor Armor. Here are directions to getting the 
following items.

	Emperor Band- Battle 19
	Emperor Soul- Battle 27
	Emperor Helmet- Battle 9
	Emperor Armor- Battle 11

Also, you have to talk to the Chemist in Pine City and the
 person in the Port Town Dojo. When you talk to
them, they will say something about the equipment, and 
that will make it so you can find the items in upcoming battles.
Finally, once you are done with those things, go to Ice Peak 
and prepare for a battle. Once you win, you get Emperor.

==============SECRET CHARACTERS================/
Like many other games, this one features some characters that
 can only be found be accomplishing certain things.
In other words, they are "secret characters." I won't lie to you, 
some of them are good and some of them are not
as good as others, but surely one or two of them will find his 
or her way into your party after you try them all our 
for strength testing. Here they are and here is how to get them. 


Kinrei and Genrei are two girls that you stumble across a good
 ways into the game. They are not 100% secret, as
they usually join your party anyway, but they are certain
 characters that you can avoid having join your party. The 
only way you can get them to join you is basically to be strong.
 They both can transform into weremonsters, so you
know there's bound to be trouble before they join you.
 It turns out that the two of them got lost, and went in a cave
to be sheltered. In this cave, they found a gourd that they 
drank from. It unleashed the were side of them, and they were
going crazy bustin' stuff up and..... stuff. Being the 
super-powerful group of misfits that you are, your 
superhero sence will take over, and you will decide to 
save the day. First you come across one of them by
 herself in her giant gorilla-like
form. Take out her and her subordinates so she 
regains consciousness, then she tells you about her
 sister's and her problem. 
Enter the cave which she is coincidentally close to
 to fight her sister. After beating them and escorting
 them back to the nearest city, they ask to come with
 you, due to their monsterous powers. If I remember
 correctly, Goku protests, but
Sanzo just says "the more the merrier" and lets them join.

The two of them on the field serve their purpose, although
 it is a small one. They are weak in general, with low HP, DEF, and
WAR, that's just the tame side of the beast. Transform 
them into their monsterous (as I said earlier) gorilla-like forms to crash
da' club from across the battlefield. The only downside
 is that only one person can transfor at one time.


Reikan is a very feminine dude sent after Ryorin by her dad.
 Her was her chosen suitor, and having decided that he..... 
sucks, she took off without him. Later on in the game, this
 dude will follow after you. He fights you from time to time,
and even with Goku's help, Ryorin manages to evade his
 persistancy. He attacks you along with monsters of all things,
as I figured someone of his temper might be more inclined
 to cast a rainbow spell or hit you with a parasol. Reikan is 
water elemental, like Gojo, but in my opinion, he is not as
 good. His magical skills are pretty good, and he was a two-
square attack that holds its own in the Saiyuki world
 (which more than outclasses some of the attacks by teammates in
the party). 

Reikan has the ability to transform into a giant turtle as 
his Were Form, and it is actually a good form to take in  battles
that you bring him on. His attacks are somewhat differnet 
from Gojos under the grounds that Gojo attacks from a range
doing moderate damage and sometimes status effects, 
and Reikan attacks from generally closer ranges to do amazingly-
strong water and ice based attacks that can take out a
 character in just one hit, especially if you weakened them up a bit
beforehand.One attack in general, I believe has the
 ability to freeze you, and once you're frozen, he can just attack you 
to win. The way I remember all of this is because 
of the fight that you have to do before you get him in your party. You
have to fight him one more time with his hordes 
of monsters (which are rather easy to take out), and then you have to 
cross a bridge and fight him with your characters. 
It is best to hit him from a range than to hit from far away.

Reikan's attack power and defense are moderate, but can easily be
 overcome by Gojo, Goku, and Hakkai. His magic
isn't bad, but it's nothing that Gojo himself can't do, he looks rather 
fruity, and don't forget the countless times that he
tried to kill you for "kidnapping" Ryorin.


Genshi is an old, weird dude who lives up in a sort of mountain
 retreat place. He has a special fruit tree that can heal 
certain things, and it comes into play later on in the game. 
Once you find him, Hakkai reveals that Genshi was his master
before he left on his quest, and they made a 10,000 dollar 
bet whether or not Hakkai will learn the ways of the world. 
When you meet him, you find out that Genshi still hasn't 
forgotten about their bet, and it's time to see if Hakkai
 has proved himself worthy or not after having traveled 
with you. He will challenge you to a fight, but the fight
 happens to be against some grunts and that tree! But it's
 no normal tree, it's the old man's Were Form. 
The fight shouldn't be too much for you
if you have already been trying to get the Gallant Ale 
by fighting in the Dojos.

Genshi fights with some kind of stick, like Sanzo. His attack
 power is not remarkable, and neither is his defense, but 
as most of the fighters in this game do, he has his strong points.
 Not being a physical person, you discover that he's skilled
with using magical spells. He is wood-elemental, as is Sanzo. 
As you should already know, he takes the form of a giant tree
in battle when he transforms into his Were Form. He is truly 
a secret character, and should not be left behind while on your
journey to India. After all, you ARE going from China to 
India on foot, might as well bring along as many people as possible.

Taurus & Tessen

Taurus and Tessen play a big role in this story. I will try to not spoil
 anything  about them, because they are what we know
in the literary world as "Dynamic Characters." I will, however,
 tell you this much. Taurus (the dude) and Goku had beef about
500 years ago before Goku went "ape ****" and took on Buddah.
Taurus's wife, Tessen is mostly in charge of taking care
of their son, Kid Pyro. He takes after his mother, being fire-elemental, 
even though Taurus is Earth-elemental. He fights with
what looks like a barbell, and his strengths are power, defense, and HP. 
Where he lags behind are in the speed, range, and 
magic departments. His wife, on the other hand, is just a regular fighter. 
There's nothing too special about her, she just gets 
regular attack, defense, HP, magic, speed, and range. She is a fire user, 
as I already said, and she will introduce some new
fire magic on the party earlier in a point in the game where you but heads 
with her.

Taurus seems to have a thing for monks like Sanzo. Well, it's not a 
sexual thing, you see, he already has a wife, but he wants
to EAT him/her after you beat up his minions. He also things it
 will give him eternal life or power or something like that. That's
a greedy thing to do, and it's up to you whether or not he pays the 
price. Taurus turns into a giant bull when he goes into Were-
Form, and Tessen takes the shape on a giant humanoid scorpion. 
Taurus features dangerous power, and Tessen can poison 
the enemy. You have to fight them both in both forms, although
 if you tran they shouldn't be that much to handle.

=====================MY REVIEW================\
Here is my review for Saiyuki: Journey West that can be viewed either
 here, or on

Review by Payzmaykr
Reviewer's Score: 9/10

Saiyuki: Journey West is a really good, solid game for the Playstation.
 It is unique in its own way, and I would recommend
 you buy it, especially if you like Final Fantasy Tactics. In Saiyuki, you 
can transform into a 'Were-form', which is a powered 
up form of a character. (If you are in a hurry, the Flaws and
 High-points are at the bottom.) 

Story: 10/10 
Saiyuki has a very good story, which is one reason that I kept on playing 
(aside from the other good features.)The main 
character's name is Sanzo, who is a monk. It starts off with a young 
boy/girl (you can choose) name Sanzo who has a dream 
at his/her monastery about the goddess entrusting him or her with
 a Holy Staff to take from China to India. After starting the 
journey (for now on, I will say 'he' or 'his' because Sanzo was
 a man in the legend), Sanzo is accompanied with Son Gokuu, 
who is where Dragon Ball Z got its main character from. Gokuu 
was entrapped in a stone because he invaded heaven looking
 for a good fight. He met his match when he made it to Buddha.
 He is then freed by Sanzo. 

Music: 10/10 
The music in Saiuki is great. It is Asian music with a great blend
 of harmony between the different instruments. You will be
 treated to a happy tune that is really pleasant and catchy if you 
choose to play Saiyuki. 

Gameplay: 10/10 
The gameplay is a well-thought and challenging (at times) element 
that makes this game what it truly is. Saiyuki is a 
strategy-RPG game. If you are a fan of Strategy-RPG games, especially
 Final Fantasy Tactics (as I mentioned above), 
then you will like this game. Many times, you will be challenged to rescue 
someone or unleash Hell on someone at the top 
of a mountain. Like most other Strategy-RPG's, you have a limit to how
 far you can move. When in doubt, just transform into
 your Ware-form and whoop up on your enemies. You should always
 keep many healing items with you, because sometimes,
 you are forced to fight many battles without a resting break. 

High-Points: 10/10 (Like I would give the High Points less) 
High points of Saiyuki are mainly the features of the battle system. 
One of them is the Abililty to transform into a form of a 
big, powerful monster. That is called a ''Were-Form''. The Were-Forms
 have their own special moves. Along with Were-Forms, 
you can also get many characters. They are often people who you 
wouldn't expect. Saiyuki's music was so good that I've got 
to put it in here, again. 

Flaws: 1/10 
Saiyuki has some flaws, as do all games that I can think of, but Saiyuki
 has hard flaws. For example, you sometimes have to fight several
 different numbers of battles in a row. You sometimes also have to 
fend for yourself in unfair fights where you are 
outnumbered. One battle in particular is a battle with all of the
 bosses that you have beaten(yikes), but they have boulders 
coming at you, sometimes which can be used for your advantage 
you dis-advantage. 

Overall, I think that Saiyuki: Journey West is a good game
 that is very worthy of researching. It is recognized my many
 people, although I think it is underrated. 


Credits go out for the hosts and verteran users of, 
as well as the moderating 
staff  (wink wink).

Here's to Goryus and Syusup for writing the first to walkthroughs
 published on Gamefaqs 
for Saiyuki: Journey West. They are the ones that I personally used.

Thanks again to CJayC and Gamefaqs for posting my review and 
walkthrough (with this one, too).
I say that last part hopefully, and not doubtfully. 

Thanks to Koei for making this game and turning me on to the 
strategy RPG genera. Hey, you guys
should make another one! (I asked the guy who works at 
Electronics Boutique if they are, but he got
all snoody and said they weren't because it sucked. Don't
 worry, though, that dude is a loser. **mumble
mumble ** last time you accuse me of stealing you 
nerdy &^%@# **).